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The innovative modular design of the PULSAR system lets you select the capabilities you need today and expand as your testing requirements change With its 150 VA current amplifier module PULSAR produces the higher compliance voltage necessary to test even high impedance relays easily PULSAR can be operated manually by a


ELECTRICAL TEST EQUIPMENT AND MEASURING INSTRUMENTS. What kind of testing do you have to do, AVO is the premier provider of electrical test equipment and measuring. instruments for electrical power applications Our brand names are. known worldwide for high quality,advanced design and field proven. durability,AVO s product offering spans 28,distinct product groups with over HOW TO ORDER. 1 000 products The incomparable, To place an order or obtain assistance contact your local. scope and coverage of our product line makes us a leader in helping a. AVO representative or any sales office, diverse group of companies improve operating efficiency.
These include United States Tel 1 800 723 2861, Electric Utilities Electrical Apparatus Manufacturers Fax 1 214 333 3533. Heavy Industrials Electrical Testing Service Companies. Government Facilities Engineering and Construction Companies Canada Tel 1 800 567 2686. Telecommunications Electrical Contractors Fax 1 416 298 0848. Manufacturing and Customer Support on a Global Scale Dover England Tel 44 1304 502 101. MULTI AMP BIDDLE and MEGGER products are manufactured at sites in Fax 44 1304 207 342. Dallas Texas Valley Forge Pennsylvania and Dover England Sales and. technical support offices are also maintained across the U S and Canada. Paris France Tel 331 43 023 754, as well as other sites around the world Through a global network of Fax 331 43 021 624. several hundred sales representatives product literature and user Bahrain Tel Fax 973 780891. manuals in seven languages and product software with multilingual. display the emphasis is on AVO International Mexico City Tel 52 5255 3387. Fax 52 5255 4230,Setting the Standard in Engineering Excellence. AVO International is an engineering driven company with a reputation for Bangkok Thailand Tel 662 722 8330. designing and building unique high quality test instruments Our world Fax 662 722 8329. class technical capability is repeatedly demonstrated through our creation. and sponsorship of numerous Technical Seminars Conferences and. Product Forums We also maintain an impressive staff of over 40. application engineers to provide knowledgeable technical field support. Continuing technical education is also paramount We offer an extensive. series of free technical publications additional valuable information via. our website www avointl com and a world renowned professional. Electrical Training Institute, Automatic Relay Test Equipment 4 Clampmeters and Multimeters 17. Relay Test Software 5 Ground Resistance Testers 18. Manual Relay Test Equipment 6 7 Cable Fault Locators Power 19 21. Multifunction Measuring Instrument 7 Cable Fault Locators Communications 22. Oil Testers 8 Transformer Test Sets 23, Circuit Breaker Test Equipment 9 Power Factor C DF Test Equipment 24.
Battery Testing 10 Recloser Test Equipment 25, Watthour Meter Test Equipment 11 Test Switches and Terminal Blocks 25. Premium 5 kV Insulation Testers 12 Low Resistance Ohmmeters 25. Standard 5 kV Insulation Testers 13 High Voltage Test Equipment 26. 1 kV Insulation Testers 14 15 Partial Discharge Detection Systems 26. Hi Pot Testers 15 Technical Training Services 27,Structured Wiring Testers 16. WHAT S INSIDE,What a Great Way to Test a Relay, Read how the new AVTS Advanced Visual Test Software can help you test any protective relay. faster easier and more effectively AVTS was created to test protective relays found in generating. transmission and distribution substations The software is a major advancement and the most. flexible ever conceived for relay testing See page 5 for more information. The Standard in the Industry Just Got Even Better, The new BIDDLE Three Phase TTR with its simple menu driven operation aids in identifying. shorted coils open circuits incorrect connections internal faults and tap changer defects in load. tap changers or standard transformers See page 23 for details. Power Factor C DF Testing Made Easier, Learn why the BIDDLE DELTA 2000 C DF Test Set is fast becoming known for its portability.
ease of use and proven performance time and again in the field See page 24 for details. New Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter, The new MEGGER DLRO 10 is the smallest lightest quickest 10A micro ohmmeter available. today See more about this new instrument on page 25. AUTOMATIC RELAY TEST EQUIPMENT,NEW Universal Protective Relay Test System. MULTI AMP Hand Held Controller MULTI AMP PULSAR,Complete three phase relay test system. Modular design for easy customization,and portability. 2 year warranty,The innovative modular design of the PULSAR.
system lets you select the capabilities you need,today and expand as your testing requirements. change With its 150 VA current amplifier module,PULSAR produces the higher compliance voltage. necessary to test even high impedance relays,easily PULSAR can be operated manually by a. hand held controller or combined with the AVTS,software package for automated steady state. dynamic and transient testing,Eliminate the need to use the front control panel.
of a PULSAR relay test set, Dynamic testing capabilities without a computer High Power Test System. Stores and recalls up to 32 pre set test files MULTI AMP HPTS 95. The MULTI AMP Hand Held Controller HHC 1 unit is a Performs steady state dynamic. lightweight controller designed to remotely control a PULSAR s and transient tests. front panel functions and to enhance its manual relay testing Up to 5 kVA per phase current amplifier. capability modules, It physically separates the user from the PULSAR Relay Test Controlled by field proven MULTI AMP. System and allows closer observation of the device under test AVTSTM PulseVectorTM and PulseMonitorTM. It is able to save and recall up to 32 pre set files based on software. particular test parameters Model HPTS 95 is designed for shop or laboratory. Circle 1 testing and evaluation of all types of protective relays. It includes the MULTI AMP PULSAR system, configured with three voltage modules three current. interface modules a timer module and three high, power current amplifier modules These features offer. the capability to simulate the most extreme fault,conditions in relays.
Timer Control Monitor Unit,MULTI AMP TCM 915S Multi Port GPS. Fifteen voltage wet or dry inputs AVO GPS 6500,Nine output contacts Time accuracy down. Stand alone capability to 100 ns, This versatile instrument is designed as a sequence of events Six field selectable. recorder It is capable of monitoring time inputs and the user outputs. is able to conditionally control outputs to simulate circuit Synchronize tests. breaker reclose and carrier control operation in a real time. of two or more, environment The TCM 915S may also be used as a stand. PULSAR test systems, alone instrument to monitor and measure operating times of The GPS 6500 is a GPS satellite receiver system specifically designed for use by electric utilities and.
up to fifteen device inputs In addition stimuli can be large industrials for providing precise time reference to the Universal Time Coordinated clock When. provided by the nine output contacts of the operation test A installed in an electrical substation or a power generation facility the system provides critical. key feature of this unit is the ability to save and reload information to help determine if the protection scheme for a transmission line is operating correctly. programmed test sequences The TCM 915S can be quickly Circle 5. set up for a defined configuration allowing the test to be. completed in the least amount of time,RELAY TEST SOFTWARE. When used in conjunction with the appropriate MULTI AMP Relay Test Set AVO International s. relay test software programs will greatly facilitate any relay testing you perform. NEW PulseRamp PulseVector, AVTSTM Advanced Visual Test Software Test virtually any impedance relay Performs steady state and dynamic testing. AVO International s Advanced Visual Test Software AVTS provides characteristic Simple point and click operation. enhanced features including Click on Fault feature provides point and Control of test equipment from PC. Graphical menus and toolbars of functional elements click testing of impedance characteristic. PulseRamp feature provides dynamic testing The MULTI AMP PulseVector Relay test software has the. for ease of use, of impedance relays ability to easily perform steady state and dynamic tests on. Building block approach to test development, No computer programming skills are required virtually all protective relays This Microsoft Windows. elements are inserted onto a workbench area of, compatible software program graphically displays voltage.
the display and connected graphically to mimic the PulseRamp is a Microsoft Windows compatible user. intended test current frequency and phase angle relationships applied to. friendly control and display software package The software the device under test by the MULTI AMP PULSAR Universal. Standard programming language approach for test is designed to operate with the MULTI AMP PULSAR. module development is also supported Protective Relay Test System PulseVector allows the user to. Universal Test System and provides simple click and drag establish voltage current and phase relationships and. Barcode option for identifying equipment and or operation The dynamic test window shows the operating. retrieving test procedures and results via a barcode precisely define the prefault fault breaker trip and reclose. characteristic s of the relay the present test point and durations. screen the phasor representation of the outputs while the test is in. Import of ASPEN Relay Database tables Circle 8, progress A single operating characteristic or all operating. Support for user defined custom reports, characteristics of the relay may be displayed in one. Advanced COMTRADE File processing and Digital,complex impedance plane. Fault Recorder DFR viewing and playback,capabilities Circle 7. The new AVTS software package is the culmination of over 16 RELAY ASSISTANT. years of computerized relay testing experience This advanced. application software is specifically designed to take full advantage Evaluate numerical relays by running simulations. of today s sophisticated 32 bit computer operating system of faults or replaying previously. technology Windows 95 and Windows NT and the inherent. generated captured fault waveforms,Automatically processes test results and provides.
flexibility of AVO s PULSAR Universal Test System AVTS has. a Pass Fail assessment, advanced functionality and can be used to conduct complete. Store test results create and print a test report, acceptance testing on virtually any protective relay It has the. Convert and replay native DFR files EMTP ATP, ability to create customized reports using Crystal Reports and files IEEE COMTRADE MATLAB binary data files. programming is designed for minimal to advanced programming and ASCII text files. levels Most tests can be built graphically without the use of. traditional programming Relay Assistant is a new Windows 95 98 software. Circle 6 developed in cooperation with Test Laboratories International. Inc TLI It is designed to perform design evaluation testing. of impedance relays Relay Assistant operates in conjunction. with the MULTI AMP PULSAR Universal Test Set Up to two. PULSAR test sets can be used simultaneously enabling. back to back transient relay testing TLI I O Box replaying. hardware is also available for use with high power amplifiers. MANUAL RELAY TEST EQUIPMENT,Universal Protective Relay Test Set. MULTI AMP SR 90,All digital metering,Memory ammeter.
Units 1 and 2 work independently, This multi purpose two piece test set quickly and accurately calibrates. performs acceptance testing and troubleshoots the most popular solid state. and electromechanical relays In addition the SR 90 can be used for testing. small molded case circuit breakers testing motor overload relays and timing. circuit breakers These manually operated units work separately to test simple. relays or can be interconnected to provide four simultaneous outputs for more. complex relays, Universal Relay Protective Test Set Secondary Injection Test Set AVO has a team of over 40. MULTI AMP SR 98 MULTI AMP SITS 120 application engineers with an. Advanced phase shift capability 0 to 359 9 allows the Digital metering includes memory ammeter average industry experience in. unit to continuously adjust the phase angle relationship Timer has independent start and stop gates excess of 16 years Our team. between the voltage and current allowing difficult values Interface provided for EPS 1000A PVS 1000 will work with you to determine. like reach maximum angle of torque and closing angles Phase Shifters the best equipment to meet your. to be easily tested needs and make sure the, Digital signal processor technology Output current The SITS 120 incorporates high current and AC DC voltage output. capability digital instrumentation and unique features for testing equipment continues to perform. and voltage sinewaves are generated digitally above expectation You will have. Serial and parallel printer ports provide interface to protective relays small molded case circuit breakers motor. PC or printer overload relays and timing applications A phase shifter interface a winning experience with our. Large easy to read LCD display with five different allows the SITS 120 to be used with the new EPS 1000A support team. language options PVS 1000 Phase Shifters for testing complex relays. The SR 98 is a multipurpose lightweight field portable test set. capable of testing a wide variety of electromechanical solid state. and microprocessor based protective relays small molded case circuit To provide enhanced capability to. breakers motor overload relays and similar protective devices The your manual relay testing AVO offers. SR 98 incorporates a large easy to read LCD display which shows AC. additional manual relay test sets, and DC Amperes and AC and DC Volts in both seconds and cycles. Depending on the test selected other values may be displayed described on the following page. MANUAL RELAY TEST EQUIPMENT, Electronic Phase Shifter Electronic Phase Shifter Dynamic Frequency Relay Test Set.
and Dynamic Frequency MULTI AMP EPS 1000A MULTI AMP FTS 1000. Relay Test Set Full graphic screen display Dynamic frequency generator. MULTI AMP PVS 1000 Selectable voltage output Programmable output voltage. Full graphic display Field portable Variable frequency output 10 500 Hz. Single phase input three phase output, Variable frequency output 10 500 Hz The FTS 1000 combines a programmable voltage output and. The EPS 1000A provides multi phase voltage output and. a dynamic frequency output for testing a variety of both. The PVS 1000 provides a multi phase shiftable output from easy to use phase angle control during relay testing By. voltage and frequency sensitive relays The programmable. a single phase input source When combined with an SR 98 combining the EPS 1000A with the MULTI AMP SR 98. variable frequency output provides automatic frequency. or SITS 120 the PVS 1000 will test the most complex SITS 120 or other current source the operator can quickly. ramping for dynamic frequency testing capability With an. relays The unit graphically displays outputs as phasor and easily test the most complex relays The unit displays all. output range of 10 to 500 Hz power aircraft and military. quantities In addition the programmable variable frequency phasor quantities simultaneously. frequency devices may be tested, output provides automatic frequency ramping for dynamic Circle 14. frequency testing capability,MULTIFUNCTION MEASURING INSTRUMENT. Power MultimeterTM,MULTI AMP PMM 1, Simultaneous measurement and display of all three phase system parameters. Accurate phase angle measurement at low current levels. Versatile menu driven instrument with a built in timer and data logging. Microsoft Excel workbook to display data in spreadsheet form. The MULTI AMP Power MultiMeter PMM 1 version 2 0 is a next generation multifunction. instrument for measuring AC voltage AC primary and secondary current power reactive power. power factor phase angle and frequency of a single or three phase electrical system. The PMM 1 is an ideal instrument for use in general electrical systems maintenance in electrical. machine repairs in protective relay testing or in monitoring power at the electrical service. Combined with a voltage or current source the PMM 1 also becomes an excellent. tool for testing and calibrating virtually any type of protective relay. The portable PMM 1 allows current measurements to be made without disconnecting. the current wires through the use of clamp type current transformers Measured. quantities can be printed to an external printer or downloaded to a PC for further. The PMM 1 features a large easy to read and use LCD display screen. OIL TESTERS,Karl Fischer Test Set,MEGGER KF2000,Small lightweight and rugged.
Battery operated,Mains operated for laboratory use. Measures moisture content in a variety of,materials including insulating oil. Easy to use,Accurate results quickly,Measures moisture in parts per million. micrograms or percent,Portable Oil Test Set,MEGGER OTS 60SX Automatic Oil Test Sets. Lightweight portable unit for field use for the Laboratory. Suitable for all oil breakdown testing to 60 kV MEGGER OTS AF 2 Series. Automatic 1 minute timer for easy withstand Fully automatic microprocessor controlled. testing operation,15 preprogrammed test standards plus five.
The OTS 60SX is a lightweight semi automatic oil dielectric custom tests. strength test set The instrument is suitable for field use and Integrated printer and RS 232 port. is powered from a range of line voltages The maximum 60. kV output allows tests to be performed on oil from a wide The OTS AF 2 Series of automatic oil test sets OTS 60 AF 2. variety of electrical apparatus including transformers circuit 60 kV OTS 80 AF 2 80 kV OTS 100 AF 2 100 kV. breakers and other equipment provides a maximum test voltage for each application. Circle 17 Perfect for laboratory use the test sets are fully automatic. The operator simply loads the sample in the test vessel and. The MEGGER KF2000 Karl Fischer test set uses Karl Fischer. selects the required test, coulometric titrimetry to determine the moisture content of a. variety of materials in liquid gel or powder form The. KF2000 is powered by rechargeable batteries to bring true. portability to the testing technique allowing testing to be. done in the field with ease Decisions may be made instantly. Oil Test Set Calibration Meter without waiting for results from laboratory testing A test is. MEGGER FOSTERTM OTS VCM100 completed in less than 2 minutes and involves the use of a. Performs a quick check of high voltage output small sample of the material to be tested Unlike some. Tests up to 100 kV at an accuracy of 3 instruments that require a fresh charge of chemicals for each. Easy to read mirror arc display with tolerance test the KF2000 titration chemicals will complete many tests. bands before replacement is needed thus reducing costs. The OTS VCM100 is a calibration meter suitable for verifying Circle 21. Automatic Portable Oil Test Set the calibration of oil test sets The meter will enable the high. MEGGER OTS 60PB voltage output to be checked traceable to national standards. Fully automatic operation The calibration meter fits in the oil test set chamber in place of. Internal rechargeable battery a standard vessel The design ensures the load to the. RS 232 output transformer is similar to the load during an oil dielectric View a variety. Optional printer kit available strength test, Note This meter can only be used with the OTS AF 2 Series. of product applications, The OTS 60PB is designed specifically to determine the. dielectric strength of insulating oils Its fully automatic Circle 20 and articles on line. operation reduces the chance of operator error Recall of www avointl com. individual test breakdown voltages automatic averaging of. results and calculation of standard deviation are available. Manual calculations are eliminated,CIRCUIT BREAKER TEST EQUIPMENT. Circuit Breaker Test Sets,MULTI AMP Models DDA 1600 DDA 3000 and DDA 6000.
Digital signal processing technology,Variable firing angle and pulse duration. Compliant with NEMA AB 4 test guidelines, DDA test sets incorporate the DDA 1 Digital Data Acquisition Instrumentation and Control System providing increased control. of output current and high accuracy metering of the breaker under test Universal in application the DDA test sets will test. virtually all low voltage molded case and metal clad direct acting ac circuit breakers rated up to1600 through 6000 ampere. frame size The test sets also may be used for other high current applications such as verifying the ratio of current. transformers testing thermal or magnetic motor overload relays and performing heat runs or primary injection testing of. high voltage breakers and their associated protective relays. Circuit Breaker and Overload Relay Test Sets,MULTI AMP Models CB 845 and MS 2. Circuit Breaker Test Set,MULTI AMP PS 9116 PS 9130. and PS 9160 The CB 845 consists of a control unit and a high. current output unit and can provide instantaneous, Provides automatic control of the test set current up to 5000 amperes through a 5000.
Digital memory ammeter, Rugged and tests a wide range of circuit breakers Digital multi range timer. ampere circuit breaker It is suitable for a wide, Test results printout capability Lightweight and portable. variety of applications including molded case circuit. Each PS test set incorporates a Model PLC 2000 Prime Logic Controls It breakers thermal magnetic or solid state motor Thousands of MS 2 test sets are used around the world by. provides automatic control of the high current test set and storing and overload relays and other overcurrent protective utilities industrials and electrical service organizations It. printing of test data With built in automatic test controls the PS test devices verifies the proper operation of thermal magnetic or solid. set will test almost all low voltage molded case and metal clad direct Circle 24 state overload relays molded case circuit breakers and. acting ac circuit breakers rated up to1600 through 6000 ampere frame ground fault trip devices The solid state output initiate. size The test sets also may be used for other high current applications circuit eliminates the need for contact maintenance This. such as verifying the ratio of current transformers testing thermal or instrument weighs only 33 pounds yet is tough enough to. magnetic motors overload relays and performing heat runs or primary withstand daily plant or field use. injection testing of high voltage breakers and their associated protective Circle 25. BATTERY TESTING,BIDDLE EBITE BITE2 Battery Impedance Testers. Measures internal impedance an internal ohmic test dc terminal voltage and intercell connection resistance. to determine the condition of stationary lead acid and NiCad batteries. Also measures AC ripple current to help determine overall battery system health. Four wire measurements to achieve the highest possible accuracy. EBITE model includes a built in printer to leave test records at the site. The EBITE and BITE2 allow you to quickly and precisely perform a series of measurements without taking the battery system off line. Compare that to load cycle testing that requires substantial downtime and repeated discharges. These units allow you to perform quickly on line measurements of cell impedance dc terminal voltage and intercell connection. resistance With a test time of 20 seconds per cell a 60 cell string can be measured and evaluated in less than 20 minutes. a 192 cell UPS string can be measured in less than 1 1 2 hours. The EBITE incorporates a built in printer which graphs cell impedance measurements allowing you to make immediate decisions. regarding the condition of each cell,Circle 26 BITE2. BIDDLE C BITE,Compact Battery Condition Tester,Instantaneously checks the condition of lead acid.
and NiCad cells up to about 500 Ah,Measures AC resistance direct intercell. connection resistance and dc terminal voltage, Includes Pass Warning Fail LEDs and audible Its compact size makes the C BITE ideal for distributed power OSP. alarm telecom sites railroad signal and communications small UPS. NEW IMPROVED installations etc Performs measurements on line to avoid risks. Up to 99 comparator values can be stored, BIDDLE MBITE Miniature Battery for easy baseline value storage associated with off line testing It stores up to 210 sets of readings. Impedance Test Set Compact and light weight enough to be worn in up to eight tests to speed testing Capable of printing or. Determines condition of lead acid and NiCad around the neck weighs only 1 6 lbs 0 72 kg downloading test results to a PC The printout provides statistics. batteries on line Custom Lead Sets available graphs and plots to aid service technicians in determining whether. Measures internal impedance an internal Large LCD screen to replace batteries. ohmic test dc terminal voltage and intercell Circle 28. connection resistance,Four wire measurements to achieve the highest. possible accuracy NEW BITE Accessories, Includes built in printer to leave a record at the.
site Rope CT,Probe Extensions, The MBITE is a lightweight compact test instrument that Digital Hydrometer. helps determine the state of health of stationary lead acid Bar Code Wand. and NiCad batteries The MBITE identifies weak cells loose Miniature CT. intercell connectors to allow you to make immediate Custom Lead Sets. decisions about the ability of the string to support a load. when needed AVO International offers a wide array of accessories to enhance the. capabilities of the BITE battery product line Accessories include. Ideal for distributed power Regens MTSOs and wireless. Probe Extensions to reach cabinetized and racked BIDDLE. telecom installations railroad signal and communications Battery Ground Fault Tracer. battery terminals, emergency lighting systems SCADA systems battery mfg RopeCTTM to measure applied current in larger battery. plants etc The Battery Ground Fault Tracer simplifies fault tracing by. systems with multiple intercell connectors and large. identifying fault characteristic resistive and capacitive. Circle 27 innertie cabling, Digital Hydrometer for fast and accurate specific magnitudes Ground faults in ungrounded DC battery. gravity measurements includes memory systems are easily located Designed to operate effectively. Custom Lead Sets for emergency lighting in high electrical noise environments. AMP Burndy connector lead sets dual point for Circle 30. measuring batteries off line,WATTHOUR METER TEST EQUIPMENT. Automatic True Three phase Watthour Meter Test Systems. MULTI AMP OPTIMA,Universal Meter Test Jacks,MULTI AMP UTJ 99.
Accepts all common socket meters,Plug in modules simplify connection. Ideal for field testing, The UTJ 99 easily tests all common S base meter forms at. the meter service installation It features an interface. module that simplifies test hookup by eliminating external. potential jumpers The UTJ 99 is safe to operate no live. parts or conductive metal are exposed,Quick action socket opens automatically. Easy to set up optics System operates in reflect infrared LCD and through hole detect modes. Database compatible Test results can be stored in a database. Built in energy standards eliminates down time when the calibration standards need to be calibrated. Rugged construction suitable for mobile meter testing if desired. FREE installation by a factory trained technician U S Locations Only Portable Watthour Standard. The family of MULTI AMP Optima Watthour Meter Test Systems are all true three phase fully automatic test sets Included with MULTI AMP MA 10. each Optima is our powerful new Version 3 6 software which now allows the user to perform quick verification of the Optima Displays energy in watthours. standard against an RM 10 or RM 11 without doing full calibration Each Optima includes the Smart Eye II which consistently Lightest portable standard available. reads electronic meters with two flags per revolution Totally autoranging inputs. The MA 10 watthour standards are totally autoranging on the. Models for on site testing of panel mounted and bottom connected potential input current input and auxiliary power input The. meters without disturbing the installation are also available three summing current inputs can be used to perform closed. link testing Models with VARhour and Qhour capabilities are. available for testing multi function solid state meters. Spare Parts Accessories Repairs Extended Product Warranty Education and Training. and Calibration AVO believes in the quality and reliability of AVO operates the leading hands on electrical. AVO maintains an inventory of spare parts our products and we want you to be just as maintenance and safety training school in the. and accessories in order to ensure equipment comfortable with your purchase Therefore industry The AVO Training Institute provides. sent in for service is returned as quickly as we offer up to a three year warranty on hundreds of different classes available to you. possible Our service team provides many of our most popular products To worldwide Classes are an affordable and. calibration certification and repair services at continue to provide you with the security of effective way to increase employee. most of our locations and metrology services a product warranty we also offer an knowledge productivity and safety in the. that meet both national and international additional extended warranty program workplace. PREMIUM 5 kV INSULATION TESTERS,MEGGER S1 5010,Top of the line premium specification 5 kV tester. Automatic test sequences,PC control and display option.
On board results storage,Heavy duty dual power supply line power or. rechargeable battery,User defined test procedures, The S1 5010 is our top of the line premium insulation tester for advanced insulation resistance diagnostic testing. of all types of electrical equipment The instrument performs automatic tests enabling consistent operation. without operator input plus it stores results and can be operated from a PC Flexible power supply options and. portable construction allow the instrument to be used in a variety of applications It is particularly suitable for. analyzing insulation of large machines HV generators and cables. MEGGER S1 5001,Timer control and variable test voltage. Insulation tests to 5 T,Rugged field tester weatherproof case. The S1 5001 is an advanced 5 kV insulation tester featuring a higher test current capability allowing users with heavier. duty capacitive applications to test faster A large analog digital LCD shows resistance values up to 5 T and includes. a timer and other test information The output current of up to 5 mA decreases test time by charging capacitive loads. quickly Test voltages and test times can be pre programmed allowing automatic safe operation A high level of safety. is provided by locking test leads an automatic discharge circuit and high voltage warnings on the display. MEGGER S1 5005,Automated diagnostic testing,Insulation resistance to 5 T.
Heavy duty current for capacitive tests,Rugged field tested weatherproof case. The S1 5005 is an automatic 5 kV insulation tester with a high output current and real time RS232 download Several. diagnostic insulation test procedures are pre programmed to allow automatic safe operation A large analog digital LCD. shows resistance values up to 5 T and incorporates a timer and other test information The output current of up to 5. mA decreases test time by charging capacitive loads quickly Test voltages and times can also be selected over a wide. range of values allowing automatic operation Locking test leads automatic discharge circuit and high voltage warning. displays provide increased safety for the end user. NEW Electronic Dielectric Analyzer,MEGGER EDA, Maximizes the life of medium and high voltage rotating machines. Reduces maintenance downtime, PC controlled for ease of use and automatic data collection storage and processing. The MEGGER EDA Electronic Dielectric Analyzer enables predictive maintenance of rotating machines to be carried. out quickly and easily with detection of deterioration within multi layer solid insulation The EDA saves up to 80 of. the time normally required to identify problems such as contamination surface or internal moisture ageing. delamination and partial discharge Intended for use on critical HV and MV rotating machines where an unforeseen. fault would lead to a high cost failure or halting of a process the EDA can help eliminate unplanned downtime and. maintenance costs can be drastically reduced,STANDARD 5 kV INSULATION TESTERS. MEGGER BM11D 5 kV The MEGGER BM11D 5 kV insulation tester is the base model of a family of. Insulation Tester instruments that offer more capability than any other 5 kV insulation resistance tester. on the market today The digital analog display combines the diagnostic capabilities of. Four selectable test voltages, 500 1000 2500 5000 Vdc pointer observation with the fixed accuracy of digital readout Instrument accuracy is.
Insulation resistance measurement sensitivity based on a percent of reading not percent of scale which allows for trend analysis. to 1 T analog Keypad controls combine easy operation with rugged portability and a lock down TEST. Digital clock displays test time 0 60 minutes button makes extended tests such as the polarization index test easier It is powered. by a rechargeable battery The BM11D offers an increased measurement range to 500. G digital 1 T analog for long term preventive maintenance testing and. catastrophic change testing, MEGGER BM21 5 kV The MEGGER BM21 5 kV insulation tester is the mid range model of this family of. Insulation Tester 5 kV insulation testers This unit includes all the features and capabilities of the. Variable voltage selection from 25 5000 Vdc in BM11D plus a number of additional features for enhanced testing The BM21 offers. 25 V increments an increased measurement range to 5 T digital 1 T analog for long term. Insulation resistance measurement sensitivity to preventive maintenance testing and catastrophic change testing It also displays. 5 T digital readings of leakage current to below 1 nA and capacitance to 10 F It has three. Integral timer automatically controls the additional features that set it apart Test voltage is adjustable in increments of 25 V. duration of the test over the entire range making it virtually a continuously adjustable tester A built in. Burn feature helps locate the breakdown faults timer can be set to terminate the test at a specific interval with final readings retained. A burn setting allows the continued delivery of current after breakdown to facilitate. fault location, MEGGER BM25 5 kV The MEGGER BM25 5 kV insulation tester is the top of the line in the 5 kV family. Insulation Tester This unit includes all of the advanced features and capabilities of the BM21 plus. automated testing and an RS232 port Three industry standard test procedures are. Variable voltage selection from, 25 5000 Vdc in 25 V increments preprogrammed and can be run automatically at the mere touch of the keypad. Insulation resistance measurement control These test procedures include Polarization Index PI and Step Voltage and. sensitivity to 5 T digital the newly developed Dielectric Discharge test that can be used to detect a bad layer. Three preprogrammed tests step voltage in multilayer insulation Like the BM21 the BM25 offers an increased measurement. polarization index dielectric discharge range to 5 T digital 1 T analog for long term preventive maintenance testing. automate the test process and catastrophic change testing. Integral timer automatically controls the Circle 40. duration of the test,Burn feature allows the locating of. breakdown faults,RS232 download capability, MEGGER MJ15 and BM15 The MEGGER MJ15 and BM15 are compact rugged analog.
Analog Insulation Testers insulation testers with large easy to read scales ideal for careful. Four selectable test voltages 500 1000 observation of insulation performance during an extended test Four. 2500 5000 Vdc test voltages up to 5000 V 500 1000 2500 5000 V permit. Dual power supply option measurement to 20 000 M There is a warning of external voltage. Lock down TEST push button option for while the stored test charge is safely discharged and monitored on a. extended tests voltmeter scale to 600 V AC or DC A bezel allows a scale plate. Pass band overlays for rapid GO NO GO overlay to be added then marked for trend monitoring with pass fail. testing and analysis bands for go no go testing simplifying the procedure for less. Automatic discharge of item under test experienced users. 1 kV INSULATION TESTERS,NEW Premium Hand held Insulation Testers. BMM Series Multi MEGGERS,Insulation measurement to 200 G. Up to 5 test voltages 50V 1000V to address the widest range of applications. Complete Multimeter capability including,Voltage measurement. Current measurement,Frequency measurement,k measurement range. mV transducer range for measuring other parameters such as temperature. 200 mA continuity range,Leakage current measurement mA.
Capacitance measurement,Selectable locking test button. Data storage and downloading,Data logging capability. 3 year warranty, The MEGGER BMM Series Multi MEGGERS are a versatile new range of hand held insulation The BMM Series Multi MEGGERS are rugged and easy to use The instruments have a designer. testers designed to extend the capability of insulation testers beyond anything available on the crafted ABS case with integral handgrips and a custom designed LCD with wide viewing angle. market today featuring Megger s patented analog arc and digital displays Elastomeric softkeys and an easy to. In addition to extremely high sensitive insulation resistance measurements 200 G these grip rotary control provide simple range selection A power saving backlight ensures good visibility. instruments offer complete multimeter testing capability and the ability to view the insulation in dimly lit areas All models are designed to meet the requirements of IP54 for protection. measurement in terms of leakage current mA The top of the range models also include data against ingress of dust and water. storage and download capability The end user can now carry a single instrument to the test site Circle 42. rather than multiple instruments, MEGGER BM400 2 Series MEGGER BM80 2 Analog Digital. Analog Digital Insulation Insulation Tester Multimeter. Tester Multimeter Five test voltages from 50 to 1 000 Vdc. Test voltages from 250 to 1 000 Vdc Insulation resistance measurement to 200 G. Complete set of digital multimeter functions 200 000 M. Automatic discharge of item under test Complete set of digital multimeter functions. Optional remote switch test probe RS232 port Automatic discharge of item under test. and current clamp accessories Optional remote switch test probe RS232 port. Designed to IEC1010 1 safety standards and current clamp accessories. Designed to IEC1010 1 safety standards, The MEGGER BM400 2 Series of autoranging insulation and.
continuity testers provides simplicity of use in a hand held The MEGGER BM80 2 autoranging insulation and continuity. instrument designed to IEC1010 1 safety standards The tester provides simplicity of use in a hand held instrument. models within this series offer test voltages from 250 1 000 designed to IEC1010 1 safety standards This instrument offers. Vdc and insulation resistance measurement to 10 G on the analog five test voltages 50 100 250 500 and 1 000 Vdc to cover. scale In addition to their exceptional insulation testing capabilities these new models the widest range of potential applications including low voltage telecommunications cable. offer excellent multimeter capabilities two instruments in one These instruments and extraordinary insulation resistance measurement to 200 G on the digital scale In. feature AVO s patented digital logarithmic arc analog display for enhanced addition to its exceptional insulation testing capabilities this model offers excellent. measurement sensitivity The BM400 2 Series offers an extra resistance range at 5 V multimeter capabilities two instruments in one This instrument features AVO s patented. to 99 9 k digital 10 M analog and includes a continuity tone The instrument s digital logarithmic arc analog display for enhanced measurement sensitivity The BM80 2. voltmeter mode digitally measures to 600 V both AC and DC voltage without offers an extra resistance range at 5 V to 99 9 k digital 10 M analog and includes. switching and offers both 50 V and 500 V analog ranges a continuity tone The instrument s voltmeter mode digitally measures to 600 V both AC. Circle 43 and DC voltage without switching and offers both 50 V and 500 V analog ranges. FOR EXTENSIVE INSULATION TEST APPLICATION INFORMATION WWW AVOINTL COM. 1 kV INSULATION TESTERS,MEGGER BM220 Series Major MEGGER. and BM120 Series Hand Held Insulation Resistance,Insulation Testers Testers. Insulation resistance measurement to 999 M Multiple test voltages for spot. Continuity range measures down to 0 01 and step voltage testing. Automatic discharge of item under test 50 500 Vdc or 100 1000 Vdc. Guard terminal to eliminate, The MEGGER BM220 Series and BM120 Series of battery surface leakage current. powered hand held insulation and continuity testers provide Multiple power source models. simplicity of use in hand held instruments designed to available. IEC1010 1 safety standards They automatically discharge the Automatic discharge of item. item under test and include an automatic power down after 5 under test. minutes of inactivity to preserve battery life These. instruments will produce rated test voltages into a 1 mA load Major MEGGER Insulation Resistance Testers are the recognized standard for 1 kV. thereby ensuring full test voltage is applied to the item under or less insulation resistance testing in the industry The Major MEGGERS have proven. test The models within the BM220 Series offer various test so reliable and popular that they have been reintroduced With circuitry upgraded to. voltages between 250 and 1000 Vdc and insulation complement the familiar design these instruments provide excellent test voltage. resistance measurement to 999 M on both a digital and regulation direct measurement readout and an external guard terminal to eliminate. patented logarithmic analog arc display The models within surface leakage current from the measurement The guard terminal diverts the surface. the BM120 Series offer a single test voltage of either 500 or leakage current away from the instrument s measuring circuit preventing it from. 1000 Vdc and insulation resistance measurement to 999 influencing readings The Major MEGGER family includes instruments to meet all. M requirements including multiple power sources and both a digital and extended range. HI POT TESTERS,BIDDLE AC and AC DC MEGGER MHP1 and MHP2. Field Hi Pot Testers AC and AC DC,Production Line,Rapid production line testing to Hi Pot Testers.
latest UL standards, Automatic failure shutdown with Rapid production line testing. visual and audible warnings to latest UL standards. Zero start reset in event of failure Test voltage starts at zero. One second or continuous testing crossing eliminating trips. caused by charging spikes, BIDDLE AC and AC DC Field Hi Pot Testers Visual and audible test fail indication with automatic. are rugged field portable instruments used discharge of the specimen under test. to test the dielectric strength of electrical Three test modes Breakdown only Breakdown or Trip Trip only. insulation and ground circuit continuity of Optional remote control unit allows remote start and stop. three wire appliances and other devices They are designed for safety and ease of. operation and readily adapt to development maintenance or production testing The MEGGER MHP1 3 kV ac and MHP2 3 kV ac 4 kV dc Production Hi Pot Testers are used to. These instruments are supplied with 4 ft removable probes and incorporate all the test the dielectric strength of electrical insulation and ground circuit continuity of three wire appliances. latest features for dielectric withstand testing and meet UL requirements for and other devices in the field or at the end of a production line Both instruments meet the UL 120. testing Test voltage is continuously adjustable from zero to full output with a k requirement They are designed for safety and ease of operation They can be purchased with. zero start interlock The leakage current trip level may be adjusted from 0 3 12 several optional accessories including a remote Start Stop switch flash test probe 120 k resistor. mA by a front panel knob All high voltage connections are recessed to prevent and warning beacons These compact portable instruments incorporate all the latest features for. accidental contact with high voltage During testing high voltage will automatically dielectric withstand testing have been designed in accordance with IEC1010 safety requirements for. shut down within 50 ms of arcing or exceeding the preset trip level Visual and Installation Category II use and meet UL requirements for such testing The MHP1 and MHP2 offer. audible alarms alert the operator upon failure three selectable test modes Breakdown only Breakdown or Trip and Trip only Test voltage is. continuously adjustable from zero to full output and starts at zero crossing eliminating trips caused by. spikes that often occur at the start of a test Transient free voltage output ensures stable test voltage. The leakage current trip level may be adjusted from 0 3 10 mA Visual and audible alarms alert the. operator upon failure and the test specimen is automatically discharged.

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