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NYC Health Fair Planning Guide o ffers practical information and strategies to help make your event a success City of New York agencies are extremely diverse so we encourage you to insert your own ideas modifications and agency personality into your planning in order to best meet the needs of your workforce If you have questions regarding your health f air or if you want to share a


Table of Contents,Planning 3,Frequently Used Vendors 4. Vendor Info Sheet 6,Promoting Your Health Fair 7,Evaluating Your Event 8. Health Fair Resources 9,WorkWell NYC Health Fair Planning Guide 2. Careful planning is important for hosting an informative and well attended health fair As you. prepare for your agency s health fair ask yourself the questions below. PREPARATION, Have you picked a good time to host your health fair. Lunchtime is often a convenient time for employees to attend a health fair Consider when your agency s. employees take breaks and schedule your health fair around those times. Is the space accessible for everyone, Try to book a space or room on the first floor if possible If your event will be held on a higher floor make.
sure it can be accessed via an elevator or ramp Try to space tables far enough apart so that someone with. a wheelchair can easily pass through,Do you have all necessary supplies. Make sure you have all the supplies you need such as tables chairs decorations giveaways speakers. signage etc Leave ample time for set up and consider having materials delivered in advance if possible. Do you have sufficient help, Assemble a volunteer health fair committee and assign clearly defined tasks and timelines to each member. WorkWell NYC Ambassadors and Champions may be able to assist with setting up supporting the event. and cleaning up If you don t know if your agency has Ambassadors and Champions send an email to. workwell olr nyc gov,WORKING WITH VENDORS, Have you invited vendors whose services are aligned with City employee benefits. If you are inviting local health care providers make sure their services are covered by City of New York. employee insurance plans Note The majority of City employees are covered by EmblemHealth. Do you know your vendors needs, Make sure you know exactly what each vendor needs in terms of space electricity Internet access and. storage and create a floor plan with these needs in mind Try to spread out tables or activities that might. be popular to ease congestion,Are you sending out reminders to vendors.
Send calendar invites and reminders out to confirmed vendors upon confirmation and again at least one. week out and the day before the event,PROMOTION AND PARTICIPATION. Have you included fun activities to keep employees engaged. Interactive hands on activities like chair massages line dancing cooking demos or stretch breaks can help. draw in a crowd Raffling off prizes or having giveaways available can also help attract employees to your. event If your agency s budget allows for it you may want to offer healthy drinks and snacks. Have you created next steps for at risk participants. If you invite a vendor to offer health screenings blood pressure blood glucose BMI etc make sure to. they have a plan in place for employees whose results indicate they need additional care. WorkWell NYC Health Fair Planning Guide 3,Frequently Used Vendors. From employee resource groups to agency softball teams to farm shares you may already have. some health related activities to showcase at your health fair In order to make your health fair. robust and well rounded you may also want to invite some external vendors The companies. agencies and programs listed below can send representatives to health fairs across the City free. of charge Please reach out to the contacts listed for more information. Vendor Offerings Contact,WorkWell NYC can support your health fair in 3. distinct ways,1 Attend as a general vendor where we provide. information and resources about wellness,programs for City employees.
2 Coordinate flu shot clinics September workwell olr nyc gov. November and Know Your Numbers health,screenings,3 Offer lectures and coaching demos on topics. such as nutrition and getting started on your,fitness journey. Escape offers free quit smoking counseling and Mark Bansfield. nicotine replacement medications to all NYC MBansfie health nyc gov. Employees and members of their household,The Employee Assistance Program EAP provides. Claire Cammarata,information about their counseling and referral. eap olr nyc gov, services to help City employees and their families.
212 306 7660,address personal and professional concerns. Thrive NYC is a citywide initiative to promote, mental health for all New Yorkers Thrive NYC can Gagan Kaur. provide information and resources about mental GKaur thrive nyc gov. well being and services,The NYC Deferred Compensation Program DCP. provides information about different programs to,shong olr nyc gov. help eligible employees with financial planning and. 212 306 5050,saving for retirement, The NYC Health Benefits provides information and Sang Hong.
resources about the health insurance plans shong olr nyc gov. available to City employees 212 306 7392,WorkWell NYC Health Fair Planning Guide 4. Vendor Offerings Contact, EmblemHealth provides information about its Gary Scarmato. health insurance plans available to City employees GScarmato EmblemHealth com. MetroPlus provides information about its health Carlos Santiago. insurance plans available to City employees Santic metroplus org. The City and its Unions have partnered with WW,Carly Joos. formerly known as Weight Watchers to subsidize,Strategic Engagement. the cost of membership for City employees WW,Coordinator.
can attend your health fair to discuss and promote. Carly joos ww com,the WW program,The NYPD Community Affairs Department aims to. help NYC employees and residents stay safe,communityaffairs nypd org. Bureau officers can share information and,646 610 5323. resources about ways to help employees prevent,crime and stay safe. Affiliated Physicians can provide on site, convenient preventative healthcare screenings to Clinic Request Form.
City of New York employees, The FDNY Community Affairs Department can Captain Timothy Smith. share information and resources about fire safety timothy smith fdny nyc gov. and prevention 718 999 1107,CancerCare is the leading national organization. Kristine Fuangtharnthip,providing free professional support services and. kristinef cancercare org,information to help people manage the emotional. 212 712 8908,practical and financial challenges of cancer.
WorkWell NYC Health Fair Planning Guide 5,Vendor Info Sheet. Sending details about the event to vendors ahead of time can help everyone stay. organized You may want to create a vendor info sheet to share with vendors. when you request their attendance at your event, Consider including the following information or use the sample sheet on page 12. Agency name and address,Date and time of health fair. Room floor, Directions for entering the building ex bring government ID enter through. northwest entrance etc,Health fair point person s email and phone number.
Contact information and address where vendors can ship any materials in advance. make sure to include department bureau floor if applicable. Expected number of attendees, Nearby train stations and parking options if applicable. Schedule and logistics for the day of,WorkWell NYC Health Fair Planning Guide 6. Promoting Your Health Fair, Once you ve booked your event space secured vendors and planned activities. for the day it s time to promote the event, Start promoting your health fair at least one month in advance using a variety of. promotion strategies,o Email blasts,o Intranet postings.
o Flyers and posters in highly visible areas such as near printing stations in. break rooms near refrigerators on bulletin boards near elevators time. clocks and building entrances,o Meeting announcements. o Newsletters,o Word of mouth, Get creative Mix up your messaging as the event gets closer perhaps highlighting. a different activity or screening opportunity each week. Leadership support can help encourage employees to attend events Ask. committee members and managers to show their support by mentioning the. health fair at meetings,WorkWell NYC Health Fair Planning Guide 7. Evaluating Your Event, Tracking attendance and feedback is important because it can help you plan for. future fairs provides valuable insight into your employees interests and can. even help you build the case for developing additional wellness programs. Have a sign in sheet at the door in order to track the number of people who. attended and collect email addresses for follow up. Consider asking employees to fill out a short one page survey on their way out of. the fair or create an online survey to send out within the week following the event. You can use the survey template on page 12 or create your own The survey. should be anonymous so employees feel comfortable sharing their opinions You. may want to ask questions about, o Convenience was the fair easy to attend Is there a better time or date for.
future fairs, o Satisfaction did employees enjoy the fair What did they like or not like. o Education did employees learn anything new, o Motivation why did employees decide to come to the health fair. o Health behavior change Do employees intend to change any health behaviors. as a result of the fair, o Include blank space for feedback employees may have concerns or interests. you didn t consider, Get feedback from your vendors Consider sending a thank you note along with a. brief survey These individuals likely attend many health fairs each year so they. may have valuable insight,WorkWell NYC Health Fair Planning Guide 8.
Health Fair Resources,WorkWell NYC Health Fair Planning Guide 9. Health Fair Sign In Sheet,Agency Location Today s Date. Print Name Work Email Department Notes,WorkWell NYC Health Fair Planning Guide 10. Health Fair Vendor Info Sheet,Agency name and address. Date and time of health fair,Room floor, Directions for entering the building ex bring government ID northwest.
entrance etc,Health fair point person s email and phone number. Contact information and address where vendors can ship any materials in. advance make sure to include department bureau floor if applicable. Expected number of attendees, Nearby train stations and parking options if applicable. Schedule and logistics for the day of,WorkWell NYC Health Fair Planning Guide 11. Health Fair Participant Survey, 1 Was today s health fair easy for you to attend circle your answer. 2 Is there a better time or date if the health fair were to take place again. YES NO if yes describe when,3 Were you satisfied with today s health fair.
Extremely satisfied,Somewhat satisfied,Somewhat dissatisfied. Extremely dissatisfied, 4 Did you learn anything new today If you did please describe briefly. 5 Do you intend to change any health behaviors as a result of the fair YES NO. If yes what do you plan to change, 6 Do you have any additional comments or feedback about today s health fair.

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