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Cabinet S1 Small Card Reader Attachment D1 Card Reader E1 Copy Card Sets Document Tray J1 Power Supply Kit Q1 Barcode Printing Kit B1 FL Cassette AF1 Stamp Ink Cartridge C1 Staple Cartridge J1 GPR 18 BlackToner 1 800 OK CANON www usa canon com Canon U S A Inc One Canon PBSL FMWJMMF 11 747


Wo r kg r o u p S o lu t i o ns,INTRODUCING THE CANON. imageRUNNER 2022 2018,RUN Smarter and More Productively. With the Canon imageRUNNER 2022 2018 models even smaller. workgroups can afford the sophisticated document production. features needed for success These devices combine the smart. multifunction capabilities that your business needs today while. growing with you into the future through expandable functionality. Capable of producing up to 1200 x 1200 dpi output at speeds of up. to 22 and 18 pages per minute letter respectively these compact. yet powerful systems deliver the benefits of digital copying net. work printing color scanning and optional fax features Plus flex. ible paper handling and finishing options can help you save time. space and document production costs, With the Canon imageRUNNER 2022 2018 devices the ability to. work smarter is well within your reach,CANON imageRUNNER 2022 2018 DEVICES. The Ultimate in Workgroup Productivity, INTELLIGENT COMMUNICATIONS AND PRINTING COMPACT DESIGN UNCOMPROMISING PERFORMANCE.
Go beyond the features of basic single function devices to Sacrificing productivity for a compact design is unnecessary. empower users with the smart color scanning network with the imageRUNNER 2022 2018 devices These systems. printing and optional faxing capabilities of the Canon are powered by Canon s imageCHIP Lite architecture and offer. imageRUNNER 2022 2018 models you a choice of paper handling and finishing options to best. suit your needs,POWERFUL ADMINISTRATION AND SECURITY. Even with their advanced features these imageRUNNER models INTUITIVE OPERATION WITHOUT COMPLICATION. couldn t be easier to administer with simplified tools for man Whether a beginner or an advanced user these Canon. aging device access and helping to protect the security of your imageRUNNER devices are so easy to use and include. confidential information electronic documentation to help facilitate operation. Feature imageRUNNER 2022 2018,Copy Standard,Print Standard Canon UFR II LT Optional PCL. Fax Optional,Color Scanning Standard,Document Feeder Optional. Duplexing Optional,Designed With Workgroups in Mind. Compact Design Uncompromising Performance,SPACE SAVING DESIGN.
The imageRUNNER 2022 2018 models have a small footprint so consumption of three watts or less when in Standby mode. you can conserve valuable office space This engineering High yielding supplies and consumables help keep operating. achievement is accomplished through the short vertical paper costs and downtime to a minimum. path that can deliver fast first print out times of less than seven. seconds and the Accelerated Paper Feeding Method for full pro PAPER HANDLING AND FINISHING. ductivity when printing duplexed documents The imageRUNNER 2022 2018 models come standard with. paper capacities of 500 and 250 sheets respectively and an. POWERFUL SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE 80 sheet stack bypass tray For greater capacity additional. Built upon Canon s imageCHIP Concurrent Hyper Intelligent cassette options can be added for a five way feeding system. Platform Lite architecture the imageRUNNER 2022 2018 of up to 1 080 sheets Media sizes of up to 11 x 17 can be. devices have been designed with fast multifunction processing handled in all paper trays. and full concurrency The architecture includes a powerful. processor and 128MB of RAM expandable to 256MB to provide A 250 sheet internal output tray is standard on both models. the resources needed to simultaneously handle the workflows and provides collating grouping and rotating capabilities. of multiple users while maintaining the rated speed Additional output capacity can be obtained with the Inner. 2 Way Tray option which adds a second 100 sheet output. The imageRUNNER 2022 2018 devices use Canon s RAPID destination to the internal tray An internal finisher option. Fusing System which combines a durable film medium and a is also available This can staple up to 50 sheets per set and. ceramic heater to quickly fuse toner to paper The RAPID Fusing collate group and offset up to 770 sheets of paper For addi. System delivers virtually zero waiting time between jobs for tional sorting capabilities a second internal tray can be added. nonstop productivity fast warm up times and reduced energy to the internal finisher. Paper Supply Inner 2 Way E1 Finisher U2 with Additional Tray. Duplex printing requires the optional Duplex Unit B1. Intelligent Scanning and Printing,Enhance Your Digital World. COLOR SCANNING SUPER FAST FAXING, The imageRUNNER 2022 2018 models quickly create copies and When configured with the Super G3 Fax Boards and fax panel. electronic versions of your original documents Individual pages options the imageRUNNER 2022 2018 devices can handle all. can be easily scanned from the platen glass or achieve higher your inbound and outbound faxing needs Users have access to. productivity with the optional 50 sheet Duplexing Automatic one touch speed dial keys a high capacity Address Book and. Document Feeder for higher volumes of even double sided origi a host of memory features that expedite your work Canon s fax. nals Documents up to 11 x 17 can be scanned in color or black driver also allows users to fax documents from their desktop. and white at resolutions up to 600 x 600 dpi These files then computer for greater productivity. can be imported into TWAIN compliant applications on the. desktop through Canon s Color Network ScanGear software NETWORK AND DIRECT PRINTING. With standard USB 2 0 and 10 100Base TX Ethernet interfaces. the imageRUNNER 2022 2018 systems are easy to use network. printers Accessed through consistent and intuitively designed. print drivers each device can produce high quality output at up. to 1200 x 1200 dpi with the UFR II LT print controller General. office environments that print Microsoft Office documents will. benefit from Canon s proprietary UFR II LT technology which is. optimized to facilitate high speed printing by utilizing the user s. desktop computer for data processing Additional support for. PCL 5e 6 Page Description Languages is available as an option. Duplexing Automatic Document Feeder With support for IPv6 these devices are ready to meet your. future network infrastructure requirements,UFR II LT Print Driver. UFR II LT only Requires 256MB RAM,Powerful Administration and Security. Achieve Complete Control,USER AUTHENTICATION DEVICE AND NETWORK SECURITY.
Administrators of imageRUNNER 2022 2018 devices can limit The imageRUNNER 2022 2018 models include features to help. access to each function and enforce volume ceilings or output you guard against unauthorized access to the device These. totals through Department ID mode which supports up to 1 000 include the capabilities to disable individual network service. accounts When Department ID mode is enabled users must be ports limit access to specific IP MAC addresses and ranges. authenticated on the device s control panel prior to operation and disable usage of the USB port or access to the fax driver. An optional Card Reader System helps to manage usage through from the desktop As an aid to preventing errors when sending. the use of intelligent cards granting users access after the cor faxes administrators can specify that all fax numbers must. rect card and password have been entered at the device be confirmed upon entry prior to transmission. COMPREHENSIVE DEVICE MANAGEMENT, Whether you re supporting a single system or a fleet of net. worked devices Canon s imageWARE Enterprise Management. Console EMC simplifies and centralizes device installation. and management through a Web browser,Card Reader System. imageWARE Enterprise Management Console,User Friendly. Intuitive Operation Without Complication,EASY TO USE INTERFACE REMOTE ACCESS VIA THE WEB. The imageRUNNER 2022 2018 devices feature a control panel Canon s Remote UI User Interface utility provides the ability. consisting of hard keys and an easy to read dual line LCD to access the imageRUNNER 2022 2018 devices through a Web. Display both of which provide enhanced simplicity and usabili browser from any computer on the network From the utility. ty in performing operations at the device From the desktop users can check the status of the device track the progress of. intuitively designed print drivers give point and click access current jobs monitor paper and toner levels and administer. to a range of image paper and finishing features the Address Book. ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTATION, Control Panel Regardless of your experience level the functions of the Canon.
imageRUNNER 2022 2018 models are highly intuitive An easy. Operation Guide provides step by step instructions on how to. operate the device s main functions Documentation is CD. based and features search tools to find answers quickly. and easily,Document Tray J1,Cassette Feeding Platen Cover. Finisher U2,imageRUNNER,Cassette Feeding 2022 2018. Module P1 Main Unit,Additional Finisher Tray C1,Inner 2 Way Tray E2. Cabinet R1 Cabinet S1,MAIN UNIT Print Specifications Finisher U2. Type Digital Multifunction Imaging System, CPU Canon Customer Processor Shared Number of Trays One Second Tray Optional.
Imaging System Laser Dry Electrostatic Transfer,Memory Shared with Main Unit Tray Capacity. Developing System Dry Single Component Projection 128MB RAM Std Single Tray 770 Sheets Letter Statement R. Fixing System RAPID Fusing System 256MB RAM Opt 380 Sheets Legal Letter R 11 x 17. Image Server Memory PDL Support UFR II LT Std With Additional Finisher. Std Max 128MB 256MB RAM PCL 5e 6 Opt Tray C1 200 Sheets Each Tray. First Copy Out Time 6 9 Seconds from Platen Glass Standard Interfaces 10 100Base TX RJ 45 Letter Statement R. Warm Up Time One Second or Less from Sleep Mode Hi Speed USB 2 0 150 Sheets Each Tray. 14 Seconds or Less from Main Multiple Copies 1 to 999 Legal Letter R 11 x 17. Power Off Network Operating Systems Novell NetWare v 5 1 6 6 5 Staple Position Size. Copy Speed Print Speed Windows 98 Me 2000 XP Windows Top Left Corner 11 x 17 Landscape Legal. 2022 Up to 22 ppm Letter Server 2003 Windows Vista Landscape Letter Letter R. 2018 Up to 18 ppm Letter Apple Macintosh OS X or Higher Top Right Corner 11 x 17 Portrait Legal Portrait. Maximum Original Size 11 x 17 Max Stapling Capacity Up to 30 Sheets All Sizes. OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES Attachable Accessories Optional Additional Finisher Tray C1. Maximum Copy Size 11 x 17, Minimum Copy Size 3 3 4 x 5 7 8 Duplexing Automatic Document Feeder P2 Super G3 Fax Board AA1. Acceptable Originals Sheets Books and 3 Dimensional Paper Capacity 50 Sheets Applicable Line Public Switched Telephone. Items Up to 4 3 8 lb Letter Letter R Statement Network PSTN Facsimile Network. Multiple Copies 1 to 99 Acceptable Original Size Statement to 11 x 17 Connection Lines One. Maximum Copy Reservation Five jobs Acceptable Paper Weights 10 lb to 32 lb Bond One Sheet Address Book 500 Destinations. Scan Resolution Up to 600 x 600 dpi 14 lb to 28 lb Bond Multiple Sheets. Sending Original Sizes Statement to 11 x 17, Copy Resolution Enhanced Up to 1200 x 600 dpi Document Scanning Speed 20 Sheets Minute Letter B W. Recording Printing Sizes Statement to 11 x 17, Print Resolution Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi Cassette Feeding Module Q1. Halftone 256 Levels,Paper Capacity 2 x 250 Sheet Cassette.
Automatic Trayless Additional Supplies and Accessories. Acceptable Paper Size 11 x 17 Legal Letter Additional Finisher Tray C1 Document Tray J1. Duplexing Optional, Letter R Statement Basic Card Set Power Supply Kit Q1. Magnification 20 to 200 In 1 Increments, Acceptable Paper Weight 17 lb to 24 lb Bond Braille Label Lit A1 Barcode Printing Kit B1. Preset Reduction 50 64 73 78,Cabinet R1 Large FL Cassette AF1. Preset Enlargement 121 129 200 Cassette Feeding Module P1 Cabinet S1 Small Stamp Ink Cartridge C1. Exposure Control Automatic or Manual 9 Levels Paper Capacity 1 x 250 Sheet Cassette Card Reader Attachment D1 Staple Cartridge J1. Standard Paper Capacity Acceptable Paper Size 11 x 17 Legal Letter Letter R Card Reader E1 GPR 18 Black Toner. 2022 2 x 250 80 Bypass Statement Copy Card Sets, Total 580 Sheets Acceptable Paper Weight 17 lb to 24 lb Bond. 2018 1 x 250 80 Bypass Dimensions H x W x D 4 5 8 x 22 7 8 x 22 3 8. Total 330 Sheets Standard configuration of imageRUNNER 2022 shown. Weight Approx 13 lb the imageRUNNER 2018 ships standard with one. Maximum Paper Capacity 4 x 250 80 Bypass, Total 1 080 Sheets Inner 2 Way Tray E2 paper cassette.
Option for imageRUNNER 2018 only, Acceptable Paper Weight 17 lb to 24 lb Bond Cassette Number of Trays Two. At room temperature of 200C 680F, 17 lb to 32 lb Bond Bypass Acceptable Paper Size Statement to 11 x 17. UFR II LT only Requires 256MB RAM,Dimensions H x W x D Tray Capacity. 2022 29 3 4 x 24 1 2 x 26 5 8 Upper Output Tray 100 Sheets Letter. 2018 26 1 2 x 24 1 2 x 26 5 8 50 Sheets Other Sizes. Weight Lower Output Tray 250 Sheets Letter,2022 116 lb 100 Sheets Other Sizes. 2018 103 lb,Power Requirements 120V AC 60Hz 4 6A,Power Consumption 1 425kW Max.
Toner Yield 8 300 at 6 Coverage,1 800 OK CANON,www usa canon com. As an ENERGY STAR Partner Canon U S A Inc has determined that these products meet the. ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency ENERGY STAR and the ENERGY STAR mark are regis. tered U S marks Novell and NetWare are registered trademarks of Novell Inc in the United States Canon U S A Inc. and other countries Windows and Windows Vista are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. in the United States and or other countries Apple and Macintosh are trademarks of Apple Computer One Canon PBSL. Inc CANON IMAGERUNNER and the SUPER G3 and GENUINE logos are registered trademarks of. Canon Inc in the United States and may also be registered trademarks or trademarks in other coun FMWJMMF 11747. tries IMAGEANYWARE is a trademark of Canon All referenced product names and other marks are. trademarks of their respective owners,Machines shown with optional accessories. Specifications and availability subject to change without notice. 201 Canon U S A Inc All rights reserved,01212RA 2022 2018 PDF IH.

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