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Walt Maerki decorated war hero was a TP legend By Susan Abernethy Frank August Terrace Park Council Meeting During the August Village Council meeting Life Squad Chief John Maggard urged residents to join the emergency medical technical EMT class starting this fall The course has no cost but there is necessary paper work for Cincinnati State The Life Squad needs residents to help by


Boy Scout Troop 286 attends Village Views welcomes reader. Memories of Childhood in,Camp Friedlander,continued from page 1. mail Signed letters to the editor,must be received by 9 p m on Terrace Park. Thursday September 9th Please, which stands for challenging outdoor new scouts during the day and at limit length to 350 words Letters Bicycle riding and going home for. personal experience It was really cool mealtime We also wanted to say a big over 350 words will be published as. to be 30 feet in the air on the high ropes thanks to our scoutmaster Mr Dennis submitted subject to space avail lunch top list in TPHS survey. course and to zip line all the way down Kokoruda for all of his help planning ability All signed letters will be By Sue Porter. We all wanted to send out a big our camp experience We hope to go printed as submitted however. thanks to all the parents who either to summer camp again next year with minor editing for grammatical and In the waning days of their Terrace was hilarious and they tried to do it. stayed the night with us or helped the the support of the community typographical errors may by neces Park Elementary School experience again with water but it didn t work. sary Content will not be edited sixth graders from the class of 2010 Memories of special times spent with. Any questions should be directed reflected on what s so great about friends were shared by more than a. to the editor See below growing up in this community And handful of students One of the. then at the invitation of the Terrace things I loved in Terrace Park was the. Park Historical Society 50 students look on my BFF s best friend forev. put pencils to paper and shared their er s face when she came into her sur. Who to contact thoughts for posterity prise b day party that I organized for. Managing Editor A whopping 20 percent wrote her wrote Grace Gerred It made. Chandi Findley 576 0595 about the simple joys of riding a bicy me feel so good for her. Business Manager cle beneath the canopy of Terrace For Anna Schwartz the school s. Advertisement Park s tree lined streets Victor bowling party with students from. Gerri Kennedy 831 2388 Schmithorst said It just feels great Mariemont created a lasting memory. Distribution Coordinator with the wind blowing Liz Gatch We got to know each other a lot. Extra copies Roe Pitstick Spencer Kincaid Jeffrey more and we got to practice our. Leslie Jones 831 2643 Timmers Chlo Baker and Louise bowling she said. Calendar Audrey Zenezini recalled the fun Rachel Schmithorst wrote about. Hester Sullivan 576 9969 they ve had riding to school and to the food and fun games at the par. Layout Ann Englehart play dates at friends homes Stanton ties that preceded class breaks Molly. Nick Walter l and Jack Findley paddled furiously to win the rafting race at Camp Sports Editor Lon Stirsman Field the Village Green Drackett Moehring commented on being able. Friedlander Congratulations to the entire troop for their hard work and inginuity Proofreader Betsy Porst Field swim club or as Jacob to hang out and play with my friends. in creating the winning if slightly less bouyant than expected vessel Photographer Ellie Pohlman Maloney put it We can ride our all day. Typist Leslie Jones bikes everywhere Jesse Glaser men Bailey Vianello described it this. tioned games of bike tag Gabe way My favorite memory has just. Where to send Koreman and Hadley George recalled got to be getting together with my. Village Views P O Box 212 a favorite trip the one to school at friends or heading down to the Terrace. ATTENTION MARIEMONT HIGH SCHOOL FANS, Terrace Park OH 45174 If possi summer s end to discover the name of Park Recreation and Swim Club We. PLEASE JOIN THE MARIEMONT HIGH SCHOOL, ble the staff prefers to receive con their new teachers will get together and head down just.
ALUMNI ASSOCIATION FOR THE 3rd ANNUAL tributions by e mail at tpvil Rory McGoff also enjoyed the two or three of us or maybe six or 12. lageviews fuse net Please submit freedom of mobility but added with of us It doesn t matter it is just fun to. HOMECOMING, articles as Microsoft WORD or no worries of getting harmed On the be hanging out with an awesome. TALIGATE PARTY, jpg format Please put your topic of security Mac Nelson wrote group of kids. name and date on submitted disks My favorite memory of TP is being Will Ciolino has fond memories. Photographs and disks will not be able to run around the town and not of summer days with friends at the. returned The deadline is Thursday being in any danger Terrace Park is pool basketball and tennis courts For. ON OCTOBER 1ST FROM 5 7 30PM COME HANG OUT WITH YOUR OLD September 9th at 9 p m incredibly safe Cole Stautberg it s going to the vil. CLASSMATES AND ENJOY THE HOMECOMNG PARADE AT THE GRASSY. KNOLL BETWEEN HIAWATHA AND REMBOLD, It s also according to Sam lage green for a football game Eli. FOOD WILL BE AVAILABLE, Barter a community of nice people Koreman said he especially likes. Advertisements for Village and friends who live nearby going to the village green on a cool. Views may be placed in a variety Spencer Stutenroth Sadie spring day I love how you will. MARIEMONT VS INDIAN HILL, of sizes A business card size DeCamp and three other classmates always pass a friend on the way there.
2x4 is only 24 per month A cherish the memory of simply going he wrote Colton England is a village. GO WARRIORS, classified ad is 5 to Village resi home for lunch At most schools you green fan too I love just going there. dents only Payment must accom don t get to do that said Madi and meeting all of my friends. pany ad Call Business Manager Andrus For Sarah Bell it s an escape United Dairy Farmers is another. Gerri Kennedy 831 2388 for adi The cafeteria food is gross and it is favorite destination for this class. tional rates Village Views wel very loud and annoying she wrote Mikey Barrett likes to stop by on the. comes your business The boys are the annoying part way home from swimming Colin. Commented Lindsay Harden I ve Theye prefers starting at UDF and. never liked sitting in a cafeteria continuing on to the gazebo on the. But for Danny Woodruff a cafete village green Will Hobart and Conner. ria incident in first grade is a joyful Davis just like going to UDF in the. memory My friends made me laugh company of friends. September 9th deadline so hard at lunch milk shot out my Adam Smith has enjoyed feeling. The June deadline for Village nose I remember that I was drink carefree being able to play at the. Views is September 9th All ing strawberry milk We thought it continued on page 4. camera ready ads and articles,must be submitted by 9 p m. All Advertisements go to,Gerri Kennedy at 152 Wrenwood. All articles go to Chandi,Findley 427 Terrace Place or. tpvillageviews fuse net Questions,Call Chandi Findley at 576 0595.
Village Views welcomes readers,to submit articles promotions. awards school activities engage,ments weddings births things. you think people would like to,know and read about. Leaving the Village Sub,scriptions are available for. 18 50 per year To subscribe call,Gerri Kennedy 831 2388.
July council highlights Village Calendar 2010,Terrace Park Council Meeting. Vivian Krueger AUGUST 6 Festival on the Green Begins immediately after. the Parade 1pm, The first order of business was the egorize permits back to the 1990s 25 BACK TO SCHOOL. swearing in of James A Pruitt as Mayor Gohman reminded resi 7 TP Garden Club Gardners Party at the home of. Sergeant for the Terrace Park Police dents to check with Building Official 27 MJHS Back to School Dance 6 p m 8 30 p m Ogle Annett 212 Oxford Wear a decorated hat Guests. Sergeant Pruitt has been on the force Bill Fiedler if remodeling home welcome Please RSVP to Linda Rockaway at 965 8660. for 12 years Son Gregory and Mrs improvement construction projects SEPTEMBER. Puritt stood with Police Chief are planned 8 Kindervelt 76 Fall Kick Off Meeting 7 30 p m. Hayhow while Mayor Jay Gohman New zoning Parking ordinance 4 Annual Labor Day Weekend Community Garage social time 8 p m meeting time Are you interested. administered the oath Councilman Tom Tepe Planning Sale 7am Noon at the Log Cabin on Elm Famous in having fun while raising funds for a good cause. Martin Marietta and Zoning thanked Lee Cole David throughout the East Side of Cincinnati for really great Please join the women of Kindervelt 76 as we begin. Mayor Gohman reported that Moyer and committee for all of the stuff Come shop till you drop our year Check bulletin boards in early September for. appeals have been filed with the work that went into the Phase 2 zon location Contact Kate Hudson with questions hud. Hamilton County Common Pleas ing updates and for their work on the 5 Third Annual Bulldog 5K Run Walk Registration son kathryn gmail com. Court against Martin Marietta to stop parking ordinance The Parking Begins at 7 45am Race begins at 9am at the Gazebo. the Anderson mine He thanked Ordinance with regard to the Village Come run walk crawl or just cheer people on 14 TP Village Council Meeting 7 30 p m at the. neighbors Newtown Indian Hill and Right of Way concerns was brought to Community Building. CABOOM for their help to stop this the first reading 6 Labor Day NO SCHOOL. blight and burden to our area Councilman Lee Cole Rules 6 Annual Labor Day Parade Begins at 10am partici SAVE THE DATE Terrace Park Anti blasting. Village Solicitor Robert Malloy Law Phase 2 of the zoning code pants line up behind the elementary school at 9 30 fundraiser the fight isn t over October 23 3 11. said there is significant information to updates advanced to the 3rd reading Dance to the Marching Bands Catch Candy Wave to Want to help Contact Hester Sullivan hestersulli. tell the court about the Martin Marietta and it will be official in 30 days A TP VIP s van me com. mine Motions will be filed in August redlined copy is available on the. School contractor bids Village website or Office Please call Hester Sullivan 576 9959 email hestersullivan me com with calendar. If there are any Village contrac Trees and memorial plaques information or check us out on the web www terracepark com calendar. tors who want to bid on the Councilman Jeff Krueger. Mariemont School building project Buildings and Grounds reported that. August Terrace Park Council Meeting,continued from page 1. committee of Chief Hayhow Laurie pletion ODOT will put the Median vehicles are purchased. Baird and Councilman Mark Porst Project out for bid Oct 21st Beautification committee. School safety and street report Muennich expects the project to be Village resident Lorrie Hill of the. Police Chief Gerald Hayhow completed by next summer He is Terrace Park Historical Society asked. Street Commissioner reminded resi pleased that OKI applied for govern that the Council consider accepting. dents that school starts August 25th ment funds and Terrace Park s share memorial gifts and suggested the for. Safety is so important around the will drop from 145K to 120K The mation of a beautification committee. school Do not make U Turns or park path walkway along Indian Hill Rd is Reminders. the wrong direction around the school costing 7 000 less than expected Remember that our police provide. There will be a driver training in thanks to Chief Hayhow s bid work a wonderful service of checking. service for our officers Morton Salt Two resolutions were passed for tree homes while Villagers are on vaca. James A Pruitt l being sworn in by Mayor Jay Gohman Pruitt a 12 year veter will provide our winter road salt with and stump removal along the pathway tion Call the Village office or check. an of the Terrace Park Police Department is now a sergeant only a 54 cent per ton price increase for work to begin the website Please do not place signs. Building permits Public Safety and billboards on Village property or. call Mike Hilton the Memorial Tree plaque has been Bill Fiedler building official Councilman Stefan Olson Public Village right of ways Call Building. Vacation check ordered A program will soon be in reported that on average 2 to 3 build Safety passed a resolution to fund the Official Bill Fiedler if home remodel. Our police department offers the place for Village residents to honor ing permits have been requested purchase of two custom digital In ing or improvement construction proj. service of checking a resident s home family and friends by purchasing a new weekly He is going through the Cruiser Video resolution systems in ects are planned. while on vacation The form is on the Village tree Please water your trees archives to build a library of past the amount of 9 627 40 These will The meeting continued in. website and may be dropped off at the during the mid summer dry periods building permits A new house on Elm be installed in current Village Police Executive session on personnel and. Village Office Residents should call the Village Office is in process vehicles and are moveable if newer pending litigation. Sidewalk repair and leaf pickup to reach Terrace Park Arborist Randy Building and grounds report. Police Chief Gerald Hayhow Haller concerning tree questions Councilman Jeff Krueger. reported that sidewalk issues are Wooster Pike Indian Hill walking Buildings and Grounds reported that. being repaired and the Terrace Park,Maintenance Crew will be around to. Councilman Jim Muennich,the Memorial Tree plaque is finished.
and will be hung in the Community,VV deadline,fill in stump holes Looking ahead to. leaf season alternatives for the failing,Public Works reported that the. Wooster Pike curb and catch basin,House A program is now in place for. Village and former residents to honor,September 9th. leaf machines are being investigated project is close to completion Jim is family and friends by purchasing a. Building waiting to hear from ODOT on the new Village tree The donation is 300. Bill Fiedler Building Official start of the Median Project A new to the Terrace Park Tree Fund. reported that building permits are pathway along Indian Hill Rd is being Residents may pick from the tree. picking up and he is answering lots of planned This path will be similar to inventory for the Spring and Fall. calls about complying with building the Denison Wrenwood path for plantings. codes Realtors are contacting him walkers and bikers Please water your trees during the. about previous permit work on older Councilman Stefan Olson Public mid summer dry periods Please do. Village homes Bill is working to cat Safety had no report NOT water the new trees with the. green and brown bags,Krueger reported that the Garden.
Club has received many compliments,for their flowerboxes on the Elm. Terrace Park Arborist Randy,Haller and Krueger are plotting a dig. ital map of Ash Bore positive and neg,ative trees that have been felled. Rugby and Stanton have the most pos,itive Ash Bore infestations From. Save The Date, 1 1 2007 to date the ash tree popula The Terrace Park Historical in 2008 was a sell out that attracted.
tion has decreased from 14 to 12 Society will host its second house tour visitors from as far north as Dayton. However the 2 have been replaced Sunday Oct 17 Co chairs Barbara and south as Louisville and through. by better suited species Jane England left and Mary out Greater Cincinnati In preparation. Parking ordinance Arkeilpane have arranged for five for the tour TPHS is creating The. Councilman Jim Muennich read Terrace Park houses dating back to the Terrace Park Worker Bees A. the second and emergency reading of early 1800s to be open to the public Neighbor to Neighbor Referral. the Parking Ordinance which passed from 1 to 5 p m Tickets for The Directory for release that day To rec. Public works report White House Tour will go on sale ommend people or companies whose. Councilman Muennich Public Sept 6 at the community s annual services you have found invaluable. Works reported that the Wooster Pike Labor Day festivities on the Village contact TPHS online at info tphis. curb catch basin and the traffic light Green The society s first house tour toricalsociety org. signal poles projects are close to com,Neighbor to Neighbor. Memories of childhood in Terrace Park CINCINNATI CENTER FOR. continued from page 2 IMPROVED COMMUNICATION INC, green or walk to a friend s or escape at go far into the tournament and some parison When I first moved here provides a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic services. the nature preserve and just be able to times win it from Kentucky people were more for individuals with communication disorders and. language based learning problems, do what I want Two of Wyatt s teammates share lively and more welcoming. Affiliated occupational therapy services through Cincinnati. Opening day at the swim club is his sentiments John Fening recalled a Alexis went on to praise her teach. Occupational Therapy Institute COTI, top rated for Rachel Munschauer and home game that was tied 24 24 in the ers at the elementary school who were. Robby Neugent but Isabella Bernardini second overtime when Wyatt passed pretty fun and amused us as they. considers any day at the pool in the the ball to him and he swished a taught Zach Keith mentioned his Discover a practice which offers. company of friends a day to remember three pointer to win the game Nick enjoyment of the hot chocolate served. The first Sunday in December Kauffman cherishes his memory of to school crossing guards who d. comprehensive speech language, when village residents place luminar that basketball championship worked in freezing temperatures Leah and language based learning services.
ia along walkways is a special memo Jamie Westmeyer learned the Dupr Nina Morgan and Luke throughout the Greater Cincinnati area. ry for Madeline Falknor while Ty value of school sports after moving Higginbotham wrote about the sixth. Bucher s thoughts turn to the commu into the village My favorite memory grade trip to Camp Kern Luke. nity s Memorial Day parade and in Terrace Park is playing sports with declared it awesome Nina liked Central Intake Number 513 771 7655. throwing candy to bystanders from all my friends from school My old spending time days and nights with Certified FastForWord Provider. Coach Vianello s truck school didn t have a school team her friends and Leah said I met many. Sports related memories are top Three other newcomers rate their new people there and got to have a fun Sharon K Collins MS CCC S LP Two Convenient Locations. of mind for Wyatt Peterman who arrival in Terrace Park as fondest time with people I already know Owner Director Blue Ash Site Mariemont Site. 4440 Carver Woods Drive Mariemont Exec Bldg, wrote about playing basketball for the memories I met tons of friends the With that thought our elementary 513 771 0149 fax Cincinnati OH 45242 3814 West Street Ste 321. Terrace Park Bulldogs My team and first day said Patrick Kelly I will school s class of 2010 moves on to www ccicinc com Cincinnati OH 45227. I would either be undefeated or have a never forget that first day Wrote middle school in Mariemont And if. great record he said At the end of Abby Takas When I first moved they ever forget what made growing. every season there would be an end here I got to meet my nice neighbors up in Terrace Park special they can. of the year tournament that we would ride my bike to school and so much contact the Terrace Park Historical. enter We would play our hardest and more Alexis Jarjosa did a bit of com Society for a copy of their essays. SonRise Church moves to new home,Submitted by Dan McManus. A modern church facility designed to Terrace Park was formerly known as McKnight Group which specializes. attract a wide variety of people the Friarhurst Retreat Center With in church construction the new build. through its doors to experience God s construction complete in August the ing includes a 450 seat auditorium. purpose for their lives opens to the new structure will have worship that can convert to gymnasium space. public for services at 10 a m on Sept social and recreational facilities The an atrium with a coffee house caf. 12 2010 followed by an open house vision of the church leadership was to fireplace and Wi Fi conference meet. at 3 p m provide a state of the art facility that ing space a full kitchen nursery and. In May 2007 SonRise Church can be used throughout the week to preschool classrooms and patio space. purchased 16 1 acres on Wooster Pike address the community needs in a way for outdoor gatherings Plans also. for its future worship and ministry that traditional church structures include walking trails throughout the. center The acreage located off of sometimes cannot wooded acreage. U S Hwy 50 between Mariemont and Built and designed by The We are excited to have found a. location that is centrally located for,many of the communities that our. church reaches out and ministers to,Our desire is to use this facility as a. Private Voice Lessons,tool to help people take their next.
Anna Padgett steps towards Jesus Christ comment, Master of Music in Voice Performance ed Jeff Arington lead pastor of. from San Francisco Conservatory of Music SonRise Church. 30 minute lesson for 20 The SonRise Church family invites. you to check us out on Sept 12th,Home phone 513 340 4926. E mail maryannapadgett gmail com,We d love your,I DECLUTTER stories. Our next deadline, Believe me I ve seen worse than yours is September 9th. Janice Ash at 9 p m,513 821 9493,www i declutter com janice i declutter com.
JAMES R BELL,Attorney At Law,ATTENTION Home Owners If You Have A. Plumbing Problem Don t Panic How To Get a, Top Talent Plumber To Show Up On Time So You 271 6554. Don t Waste Time,Call FORSEE PLUMBING CO INC,Estate Administration. 513 271 6720 for your appointment window,Wills and Trusts. Family Law,As a Terrace Park resident present this ad and.
Business and Real Estate,you will receive 10 off the 39 service call fee. Robert Forsee Jr President State License 16160 105 6700 Chestnut Street. Mariemont Ohio 45227,Master Card and Visa Accepted. Labor Day Garage Sale feeds INSIGHT SERVICE RESULTS Classified. shift to thrift trend Sanibel Rental,Summer never ends in our little. By Tricia DiMichele piece of paradise 1300 sq ft 2. BR 2BA den lanai internet DVD s, In today s tougher economy there is a the other TPer s who have stumbled 77 steps from the beach See. trend called shift to thrift just cre out of bed at an early hour to catch the CRS ABR www VRBO com 96791 513 919 1770. ative language to say we are more care best deals SENIOR SALES VICE PRESIDENT. ful about what we spend our money on So whether you re a return cus. OFFICE 513 527 3060 Fripp Island, What better way to be thrifty than to tomer or a Labor Day Garage Sale vir.
HOME 513 248 1453 South Carolina, visit the Annual Labor Day Garage gin be sure to come down to this. VM 513 483 4001,Vacation house for rent 3BR 3BA, Sale on Saturday September 4 from 7 year s sale to see how much you can on the golf course near the ocean. a m to noon at the Log Cabin get for how little ogleannett realtor com Ideal for a great family getaway. You ll be guaranteed to find some Donations will be taken at the www TeamAnnett com Call Rick 248 2051. really great stuff at really low prices Log Cabin each Saturday through. You may have to hunt for it but that s the last Saturday in August Please Santa Rosa Beach Fla. just part of the fun Just as much part look around one last time and see if Vacation cottage for rent on 30 A. of the whole garage sale experience is you have any unwanted treasures to walk to beach shopping dining 3. the opportunity to socialize with all donate 3908 Miami Ave BR 2 1 2 BA 2 comm pools near. Destin Visit the Web site at,Cincinnati OH 45227 3830. www VRBO com 72773,Baby Grand Piano,For sale Yamaha 1992 5 3 Baby. Grand Piano with bench walnut,stain Model GH1B excellent.
condition recently tuned 7 900, We welcome your articles and calendar submissions Call 616 8272 831 5285. Please send all articles and jpgs to Chandi Findley at Terrace Park Rental. tpvillageviews fuse net Please send all calendar House for rent 2BR 2 full BA 2. Baby Sitter submissions to Hester Sullivan at hestersullivan me com. car attached garage Call Bill 513,Need a reliable,experienced. Please contact,baby sitter,Lon Stirsman if you have an idea for. Retired U S Army officer retired U S Special Agent. a sports related article, Call Isabel Lewis stirz fuse net seeks a position as a tutor life coach chauffeur for VV deadline. MHS 9th grader boys in the 4th grade to freshman in high school. References upon request September 9th,Call Al Singler 831 5932.
600 5593 or email singleralan yahoo com,s 9EARS XPERIENCE s ESIGN UILD 2EMODEL. Call Us Today,513 272 5400, 7667 Wooster Pike Cincinnati OH 45227 www fletcherhomes com. What s Happening at the Mariemont Library,in September. Book Sale Mariemont Library is,hosting its first Friends of the Library. 4 years Bring the little ones to sto,ries songs and dance as they learn.
dog and practice your reading skills, Thursday September 2 1 at 5 p m to MacMillan Graphics. book sale Friday Sept 17 and about the library 6 p m Registration suggested. Saturday Sept 18 Come on out and Pre school Storytime is Create A Stuffed Creature. support your library We need volun Wednesdays at 1 30 p m Join Miss Design and sew a felt critter that. teers to help with the sale If you are Katheryn for stories and crafts Ages you stuff and decorate Thursday. interested please call the branch at,369 4467 or stop by the branch. Library Babies is the first Friday,Special Needs Story Time. Special needs children and their par,September 2 at 4 p m Ages 12 to 18. Shared Reading Early literacy,skills are proven indicators of chil.
of the month at 10 30 a m This is a,great opportunity to introduce your. ent caregiver share a reading adven,ture in a fun and safe environment. dren s future success in school Learn,a fun method of reading books with. Under One Roof, baby to books songs and fingerplay Thursday July 8 at 10 30 a m Please your young child in a way that encour. Ages birth to 18 months call Miss Katheryn at 369 4467 if you ages the development of these skills. Movers and Shakers meet are interested Attendees will receive a gift bag with. Wednesdays at 10 30 a m Ages 1 to Tales to Tails Read to a therapy books for children. Cincinnati During the Civil,War The Cincinnati Museum Center.
describes events in Cincinnati during,the Civil War Monday September 13. at 6 30 p m,Mariemont Book Club,September s book is The Zookeeper s. Wife by Diane Ackerman Copies will Park 50 TechneCenter 2002 Ford Circle Milford. 513 248 2121 techgra com,be available at the branch Thursday. September 23 6 45 p m,The Mariemont Library is located. at 3810 Pocahontas Ave 369 4467 It,is open Monday Tuesday and.
SELLING A HOME BUYING A HOME Thursday noon to 8 p m and. Wednesday Friday and Saturday 10,EXCELLENCE EXPERIENCE. Your Resident Realtor a m to 6 p m,Deborah Renick,Whittelsey SRS. The Village Views will gladly,OFFICE 513 561 5800,VM 513 527 3238 print your article or letter to. CELL 513 254 7733,the editor No submissions will,dwhittelsey comey com. be returned including photo,graphs so please send copies or.
electronic files For contact,information see page two. Please send your submissions to,comey com Brokering Fine Homes Since 1946. tpvillageviews fuse net,VA C AT I O N H O M E S R E L O C AT I N G. Please don t send files larger,50 OFF NEW PATIENT EXAM. DRAKE T TOLLEFSON D D S Got changes,614 WOOSTER PIKE.
TERRACE PARK Information for the 2010 2011 Terrace Park Directory. 513 683 8600 Please contact is being assembled Please submit all. Lon Stirsman if you have an idea for, changes corrections additions using the yellow card in. a sports related article, DTTOLLEFSONDDS COM stirz fuse net an old directory or contact Laura Colston. at lcolston cinci rr com,Worship With Us,Summer Sunday Services. 7 45am Holy Eucharist Rite I with Hymns,10am Family Eucharist. Nursery Care For Children Up To 4,Please welcome our new rector.
and newest Terrace Park resident,The Rev Darren Elin. a a a 000 a, Don t hesitate to call 9 1 1 Walt Maerki decorated war. Did you know that if you have an,emergency and call 9 1 1 your neigh. fidential manner,9 We are state licensed,State passed the National Registry. Exam participated in ambulance runs hero was a TP legend. bors might be the ones to respond We are all licensed as Emergency with nearby departments and complet continued from page 1. Terrace Park is wonderfully unique as Medical Technicians EMT s in the ed many required hours of hands on. our emergency medical and fire serv state of Ohio We have the same experience in local hospital emer family his friends and his sales peo. ices are staffed by highly trained resi license as any other EMT you may run gency departments ple He was tough and fun a man s. dent volunteers into at a hospital or outside Terrace 6 And we never stop training man He was a great father to Chrissy. Here are some facts you may not Park the only difference is that we Our continuing education is ongo me and Terrace Park He was the best. know about your Terrace Park choose to be unpaid volunteers Any ing Twice per month we reinforce friend I have ever had. Emergency Medical Services of us could work in a full time capaci skills and review protocols for the Copies of these awards article. 10 We are volunteers and neigh ty anywhere that EMT s are hired AED Automatic External and medals can be seen in the TPHS. bors we care 8 It s free for the patient Defibrillator intubation placing a Archive. You can bet that we truly care Yes it is more on this below tube to ensure breathing CPR and What a tribute And of course. Why This is our way of giving back 7 We are well trained other trauma and medical care Our this dear father had to name the prop. to our community We volunteer our We have completed the EMT continuing education classes meet all erty he developed after his kids When. time to serve you in a caring and con licensing course through Cincinnati state requirements and exceed many asked about Kent and Kris Lane. other area departments in frequency Kent s reply was My Aunt Anna. and scope Glover maiden name Anna Maerki, 5 It s free for you Grandpa Maerki s sister owned that.
Council meeting The patient is not charged more property for years. broadcast schedule on this below For those years as you may. 4 Young elderly medical needs remember she let Virgil Fender. Want to see the action but missed the meeting Cable or an accident we ve got you covered Walt and Willie Maerki in 1946 father of Jerry and Don Fender grow. 4 broadcasts the most recent Terrace Park Village We are trained to care for all ages corn on the land which they sold by. Council meetings throughout the month at the following from infants to the elderly and all He was involved in sports with driving around Terrace Park knocking. times Mondays at 5 30 p m Thursdays at 10 30 p m medical situations including medical me and the rest of Terrace Park since Ion doors and delivering it from the tail. and Saturdays at 7 30 p m and trauma was in grade school gate of there station wagon. 3 More Help Dad actually played football Virgil was married to Rosemary. Along with 29 Terrace Park volun baseball and basketball with us Fender maiden name Rosemary. teer EMT s additional help is available through high school in the gym out Maerki daughter of Butch Maerki. if needed We have a 24 7 contract side the gym and at the Terrace Park brother of Anna Glover and Grandpa. with nearby paramedics In fact by recreation area where he helped me Walt Maerki Senior. prior agreement on certain runs car build the basketball court and back Mom and Dad wanted to build on. diac overdose allergic reactions etc boards and baskets that lasted years that property for years and finally got. paramedics from a nearby department I thought the Terrace Park Aunt Anna to sell it to them Dad. are automatically dispatched by the 9 Milford Newtown and Mariemont became the big developer and put in. 1 1 operator They generally arrive kids were at our home because of me two streets and built four or five hous. right behind the Terrace Park ambu but they came because of Dad es including the one for him and Mom. lance Likewise we offer mutual aid Dad never missed any of at 1 Kent Circle. support to nearby departments such as Chrissy s or my athletic events unless Dad named the two streets Kris. Milford Mariemont Miami Township he was out of town Lane and Kent Circle after Chrissy. and others Dad was a heroic figure all the and me Why Kris because the TP. 2 Don t go it alone just call time Village was giving him grief about. Don t hesitate to call 9 1 1 We ve He was a highly decorated naming them after his kids. heard of stories of residents driving Navy dive bomber pilot in World War Smiles and laughter accompanied. themselves to hospitals with broken II Chrissy has his medals and arti the Maerki s in life Growing up in TP. A MAID 4 YOU bones or illnesses and babysitters call cles in the 40s and 50s would have lost. ing parents home instead of 9 1 1 This He flew every kind of plane something if the Maerki s had not. Residential commercial cleaning is not only dangerous but can waste imaginable and finished his Navy been a part of it Walt died a very big. Insured bonded Visit valuable time EMT s can assess and reserves flying jets man in size but also in heart and. www amaid4you com or call assist in making decisions about the He often buzzed Terrace Park love This war hero was also a hero in. 919 0750 520 3906 need for hospital transport We don t life And his beautiful wife was. especially the athletic field if we were, always transport but we can provide there with his squadron of dive always at his side. immediate care Remember we actual bombers or fighters from Navy Base. ly want you to use us Don t debate it Port Columbus. 1 The number one thing you may Mrs Kipp reported him to the. not know about your local EMS It is Civil Air Patrol. FREE for the patient He was also disciplined for fly. It is a misconception that you will ing under the Golden Gate Bridge. be charged for use of Terrace Park s while in the service. emergency services Costs for our He owned All Aces Flying Club. emergency services are built into your at Lunken Airport where fledgling. resident taxes You will not receive pilots shared the use of planes. another bill from us for services ren Dad taught many of Cincinnati s. dered This is just another reason to private pilots to fly especially the. call us when you need to medical community, Being an all volunteer organiza He always owned airplanes and. tion makes this possible Most depart took us on many journeys throughout. ments must bill for runs Terrace Park the country, has been able to avoid this so far and I owned a Citation II jet and we. will continue to do so as long as we would put Dad in the Captain s seat at. have enough volunteer participation age 70 to have a real pilot show us. So a somewhat counter intuitive how to do it, message from your Emergency Dad was the best complete man. Medical Services Please call us I have ever known He loved life his Willie and Walt Maerki in 2004. VV deadline,September 9th,Terrace Park Sports, Recreational baseball hits homerun with Mariemont Track and Field.
younger crowd League Champions, By Todd Steele and Matt Lundeberg Mariemont High School boasts sever the CHL pole vault champion. al Track Field Cincinnati Hills Congratulations also go to the fol. The Terrace Park baseball season has League CHL champions Check out lowing who qualified for Division II. come to an end for this year and as some of their accomplishments dur Regionals Tim Kuck in the 800 meter. always all of our teams were compet ing the 2010 season run Johnny Wirthlin in both the 100. itive in each of our age groups We 800 Meter Run Tim Kuck won and 200 meter dashes the boys 4 x. had more than 160 kids play baseball the league title in the 800 meter run 100 relay team of Johnny Wirthlin. this year in the Knothole League 4 x 100 Sprint Relay The relay Mikey Wirthlin Kaleb Iles and Mike. Each of our 14 teams ended the year team of Johnny Wirthlin Mikey Davis and the boys 4 x 800 relay. either at or near the top of their divi Wirthlin Kaleb Iles Mike Davis team of Garrett Welch Brian Austin. sion standings Griffin Donnelly and Garrett Welch Tim Kuck Reed Gerberick and Ben. Our program this year started won the league championship in the Gorman Congratulations to Tim. with three Tee Ball teams Our coach 4x100 relay Kuck who went on to place 11th in the. es were Brian Bortz Shawn Crowley Pole Vault Emmie Stehling was Division II Statewide competition. and Topper Tepe The kids learned the,basic skills of the game and how we in. Terrace Park always display good,sportsmanship The season came to a. very special end with the Tee Ball All,Star Game hosted by Susie and Neil. Bortz at their private field of team faces off against the other The about what it takes to make the base. dreams diamond in Indian Hill A games are always hard fought and ball program successful and hopefully. special thanks to Thom Brennaman down to the wire but it is great to see were able to build on the strong foun. who announced the game for all the both teams back to being buddies dation which Phillip Maloney crafted. fans and to the Bortz family for open after the game see attached picture over many years Matt and Todd wel. ing up their home and pool for the end Mark Kennedy and Jeff Arrington come any and all feedback so please. of season party once again coached our fifth grade don t hesitate to contact us at. Todd Tritsch and Tom Cox were boys and both teams dominated their tprcbaseball yahoo com at any time. the head coaches for our first grade divisions Mark s group ended the There are many people to thank. teams Both teams enjoyed hitting the season 12 2 and Arrington s team was for making sure the ball diamonds are. pitches thrown by their coaches well 7 4 When the boys are coached by mowed the fields lined and the. the one s that weren t in the dirt and such great athletes as these two head equipment is working to support our Photograph by Steve Spooner of MariemontStuff com. started to really understand how the coaches it is no wonder they both program A special thank you to 4 x 100 Sprint Relay from left to right Kaleb Iles Mikey Wirthlin Johnny. game should be played have great fun playing the game and Mark Schmidt who kept the fields in Wirthlin Mike Davis Not pictured alternates Griffin Donnelly and Garrett Welch. John Mysogland and Tim always seem to win more than their great condition especially given the. Peterman coached the two teams we fair share amount of rain we had this year and. had for second grade Once again The last team we had this year to all the umpires who called the balls. this group of kids won their division was coached by Tiger Nelson for our and strikes this year Also a thank you. and really played well in the end of sixth grade boys This team had to Molly Steele for organizing all the. season tournament another wonderful season and is now uniforms for each team If there are. The Terrace Park third graders ready to compete at the highest levels any additional uniforms out there. had two teams this year and were in middle school next year please drop them off on the front. head coached by Jon Dimichele and We as a community should take porch at 211 Terrace Place. Chuck Ciolino The kids do all the the time to thank each of these head Finally a huge thank you to all. Please contact, pitching at this level so many of the coaches and all of their assistant the parents and grandparents who Lon Stirsman if you have an idea for.
games hinge on the ability to throw coaches and others that volunteered supported their children s participa a sports related article. strikes which happily our kids were their time talents and passion for tion in Terrace Park baseball this year. stirz fuse net, able to do teaching the game of baseball to our We realize the games can be long and. The fourth grade teams once youth Baseball has such a strong tra the weather unpredictable so thank. again led their divisions with Brian dition in America and especially here you for supporting your child s base. Holliday s team going undefeated and in Cincinnati that it is great for our ball development and their love of. Matt Lundeberg s team losing just two recreational program to be so strong the game Please note these VV changes. games This is the first year of real year after year The next deadline is September 9th by 9 p m. baseball with steals dropped third This was the first year for Todd See you next season For articles please contact Chandi Findley at. strikes and all the rules of major Steele and Matt Lundeberg to be tpvillageviews fuse net For calendar submissions please. contact Hester Sullivan at hestersullivan me com For ads. league baseball The ultimate game Commissioner s of the TPRC Baseball Todd Steele and Matt Lundeberg. please contact Gerri Kennedy at 831 2388, each year is when one Terrace Park program We learned a great deal TPRC Baseball Commissioners. Village Views Non Profit Organization,P O Box 212 U S Postage. Terrace Park Ohio 45174 PAID,Terrace Park Ohio,Permit No 22.

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