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Fanuc 0i M or Fanuc 18 MC Control Revised July 26 2004 Manual No M 377B Litho in U S A Part No M B 0009500 0377 October 2002 NOTICE Damage resulting from misuse negligence or accident is not covered by the HardingeMachineWarranty Information in this manual is subject to change without notice This manual covers the programming of Hardinge VMC Series II Vertical Machining Centers


Damage resulting from misuse negligence or accident is not covered by the. Hardinge Machine Warranty, Information in this manual is subject to change without notice. This manual covers the programming of Hardinge VMC Series II Vertical. Machining Centers equipped with the Hardinge Fanuc System II Fanuc. 0i M or Fanuc 18 MC Control, In no event will Hardinge Inc be responsible for indirect or consequential. damage resulting from the use or application of the information in this manual. Reproduction of this manual in whole or in part without written permission. of Hardinge Inc is prohibited,CONVENTIONS USED IN THIS MANUAL. Warnings must be followed carefully to avoid the possibility of personal injury. or damage to the machine tooling or workpiece, Cautions must be followed carefully to avoid the possibility of damage to the. machine tooling or workpiece,Notes contain supplemental information.
Hardinge Inc,One Hardinge Drive,P O Box 1507,Elmira New York 14902 1507 USA. www hardinge com,2002 Hardinge Inc M 377B, READ COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE OPERATING OR. PROGRAMMING HARDINGE VMC SERIES II VERTICAL MACHINING CENTERS. Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA Hazard Communica. tion Standard 1910 1200 effective September 23 1987 and various state em. ployee right to know laws require that information regarding chemicals used. with this machine be supplied to you The list of chemicals appears in manual. SP 134 the Material Safety Data Sheets MSDS Refer to the applicable sec. tion of the MSDS supplied with your machine when handling storing or dis. posing of chemicals Store MSDS of other chemicals used with this machine in. the same packet with manual SP 134,HARDINGE SAFETY RECOMMENDATIONS. Your Hardinge machine is designed and built for maximum ease and safety of operation. Since some previously accepted shop practices may not reflect current safety regulations and. procedures they should be re examined to insure compliance with the current safety and health. Hardinge Inc recommends that all shop supervisors maintenance personnel and machine. tool operators be advised of the importance of safe maintenance setup and operation of all. equipment Our recommendations are described below READ THESE SAFETY RECOMMEN. DATIONS BEFORE PROCEEDING ANY FURTHER, READ THE APPROPRIATE MANUAL OR INSTRUCTIONS before attempting operation. programming or maintenance of the machine Make certain that you understand all in. structions, DON T ALLOW the operation or repair of equipment by untrained personnel.
CONSULT YOUR SUPERVISOR when in doubt as to the correct way to do a job. WEAR SAFETY GLASSES AND PROPER FOOT PROTECTION at all times Wear a res. pirator helmet gloves and ear muffs or plugs when necessary. DON T OPERATE EQUIPMENT unless proper maintenance has been regularly per. formed and the equipment is known to be in good working order. WARNING and INSTRUCTION TAGS are mounted on the machine for your safety and in. formation Do not remove them, DON T ALTER THE MACHINE to bypass any interlock overload disconnect switch or. other safety devices, DON T OPERATE ANY MACHINE while wearing rings watches jewelry loose clothing. or neckties Long hair must be contained by a net or shop cap for safety. MAKE CERTAIN that the equipment is properly grounded Consult and comply with the. National Electric Code and all local codes, DISCONNECT MAIN ELECTRICAL POWER before attempting repair or maintenance. DON T OPERATE EQUIPMENT if unusual or excessive heat noise smoke or vibration. occurs Report any excessive or unusual conditions as well as any damaged parts to your. supervisor, ALLOW ONLY AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL to have access to enclosures containing. electrical equipment, DON T REACH into any control or power case area unless electrical power is OFF.
DON T TOUCH ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT when hands are wet or when standing on a. wet surface, REPLACE BLOWN FUSES with fuses of the same size and type as originally furnished. ASCERTAIN AND CORRECT the cause of any shutdown before restarting the machine. KEEP THE AREA AROUND THE MACHINE well lighted and dry. KEEP CHEMICALS AND FLAMMABLE MATERIAL away from operating equipment. HAVE THE CORRECT TYPE OF FIRE EXTINGUISHER handy when machining combus. tible material and keep the chips clear of the work area. DON T USE a toxic or flammable substance as a solvent cleaner or coolant. INSPECT ALL SAFETY DEVICES AND GUARDS to make certain that they are in good. condition and are functioning properly, MAKE CERTAIN THAT PROPER GUARDS are in place and that all doors and covers are. in place and secured before starting a machining cycle. DON T OPEN GUARDS while any machine component is in motion Make certain that all. people in the area are clear of the machine when opening the guard door. MAKE SURE that all spindle tools and any tool holding devices are properly mounted. MAKE SURE that fixture plates and all other table mounted work holding devices are. properly mounted, MAKE CERTAIN that all tooling is secured either in the tool magazine or spindle before. starting the machine, DON T USE worn or defective hand tools Use the proper size and type tool for the job be. ing performed, USE CAUTION around exposed mechanisms and tooling especially when setting up Be.
careful of sharp edges on tools, USE ONLY a soft faced hammer on table work holding devices and fixtures. MAKE CERTAIN that all tool mounting surfaces are clean before mounting tools. DON T USE worn or broken tooling on the machine, INSPECT ALL WORK HOLDING DEVICES daily to make certain that they are in good. operating condition Replace any defective devices before operating the machine. ANY ATTACHMENT TOOL OR MACHINE MODIFICATION obtained from any source. other than Hardinge Inc must be reviewed by a qualified safety engineer before installa. USE MAXIMUM ALLOWABLE gripping pressure on work holding devices Consider the. weight shape and balance of the tooling,DON T EXCEED the rated capacity of the machine. DON T LEAVE tools workpieces or other loose items where they can come in contact. with a moving component of the machine, REMOVE ANY LOOSE PARTS OR TOOLS from the work area before operating the ma. chine Always clear the machine and work area of tools and parts especially after work. has been completed by maintenance personnel, REMOVE SPINDLE WRENCHES before starting the machine.
CHECK THE SETUP TOOLING AND SECURE THE WORKPIECE if the machine has. been turned OFF for any length of time, CHECK THE LUBRICATION AND COOLANT LEVELS and the status of control indicator. lights before operating the machine, KNOW where all EMERGENCY STOP push buttons are located. MAKE CERTAIN THAT PROPER FUNCTIONS are programmed and that all controls are. set in the desired modes before pressing the Cycle Start push button. DRY CYCLE a new setup to check for programming errors. DON T ADJUST tooling workpiece or coolant hoses while the machine is running. KEEP CLEAR of any pinch point and any potentially hazardous situation. DON T LEAVE the machine unattended while it is operating. M 377B iii, DON T REMOVE OR LOAD workpieces while any part of the machine is in motion. BE CAREFUL of sharp edges when handling newly machined workpieces. DON T CHECK the finish or dimension of a workpiece near a running spindle or moving. DON T ATTEMPT to brake or slow the machine with hands or any makeshift device. DON T REMOVE CHIPS with hands Make certain that all machine movement has. stopped and then use a hook or similar device to remove chips and shavings. DON T CLEAN the machine with an air hose, KEEP TOTE PANS a safe distance from machine Don t overfill the tote pans. Unless otherwise noted all operating and maintenance procedures are to be performed. by one person To avoid injury to yourself and others be sure that all personnel are clear. of the machine when opening or closing the coolant guard door and any access covers. FOR YOUR PROTECTION WORK SAFELY,CHAPTER 1 PART PROGRAM LANGUAGE.
Programming the Control 1 1,Introduction 1 1,Legal Characters Excluding Macro Language 1 1. Data Word Format Charts 1 2,English Mode 1 2,Metric Mode 1 4. Special Programming Characters 1 6,Programming Format 1 6. Programming Sequence 1 7,Tape Programming Sequence 1 7. Keyboard Programming Sequence 1 7,Program Number 1 8.
X Y and Z Axes 1 8,Decimal Point Programming 1 9,Data Word Descriptions 1 10. O Word 1 10,N Word 1 10,G Word 1 10,G00 Positioning 1 11. G01 Linear Interpolation 1 11,G02 Circular Interpolation Clockwise Arc 1 12. G03 Circular Interpolation Counterclockwise Arc 1 12. G04 Dwell 1 13,G09 Exact Stop 1 13,G10 Data Setting Mode ON 1 14. G11 Data Setting Mode OFF 1 14,G12 Circular Pocket Milling Clockwise Motion 1 14.
G13 Circular Pocket Milling Counterclockwise Motion 1 14. G15 Polar Coordinate Programming OFF 1 14,G16 Polar Coordinate Programming ON 1 15. G17 XY Plane Selection 1 15,G18 XZ Plane Selection 1 15. G19 YZ Plane Selection 1 15,G20 Inch Data Input 1 15. G21 Metric Data Input 1 16,G22 Stored Stroke Limits ON 1 16. G23 Stored Stroke Limits OFF 1 16,G27 Reference Position Return Check 1 16.
G28 Return to Reference Position 1 17,G29 Return from Reference Position 1 17. G30 Return to Tool Change Position 1 17,G31 Skip Function 1 17. G39 Corner Offset Circular Interpolation 1 18,G40 Tool Diameter Compensation Cancel 1 18. G41 Tool Diameter Compensation Active Tool Left of Part 1 18. G42 Tool Diameter Compensation Active Tool Right of Part 1 18. G43 Tool Length Compensation Active 1 19,G49 Tool Length Compensation Cancel 1 19. G50 Scaling Mode OFF 1 19,G51 Scaling Mode ON 1 19.
G52 Local Coordinate System 1 19, G54 G59 Standard Work Coordinate Systems G54 Default 1 19. G54 P Additional Work Coordinate Systems 1 20,G60 Single Direction Positioning 1 20. G61 Exact Stop Mode 1 20,G62 Automatic Corner Override 1 21. G63 Tapping Mode 1 21,G64 Cutting Mode 1 21,G65 Non Modal Macro Program Call 1 22. G66 Modal Macro Program Call 1 22,G67 Modal Macro Program Call Cancel 1 22.
G68 Coordinate Rotation 1 23,G69 Coordinate Rotation Cancel 1 23. G71 Rectangular Pocket Milling Clockwise Motion 1 24. G72 Rectangular Pocket Milling Counterclockwise Motion 1 24. G73 High Speed Peck Drilling Cycle 1 24,G74 Left Hand Tapping Cycle 1 24. G76 Fine Boring Cycle 1 24,G80 Cycle Cancel 1 25,G81 Drilling Cycle 1 25. G82 Drilling Cycle 1 25,G83 Peck Drilling Cycle 1 25. G84 Right Hand Tapping Cycle 1 25,G85 Boring Cycle 1 26.
G86 Boring Cycle 1 26,G87 Back Boring Cycle 1 26,G88 Boring Cycle with Manual Retract 1 26. G89 Boring Cycle 1 26,G90 Absolute Positioning Mode 1 27. G91 Incremental Positioning Mode 1 27, G92 Coordinate Shift Constant Surface Speed RPM Limit 1 27. G94 Inches Millimeter Per Minute Feedrate 1 27, G95 Inches Millimeter Per Revolution Feedrate 1 28. G96 Constant Surface Speed 1 28,G97 Direct RPM Programming 1 28.
G98 Return to Initial Point in Cycle 1 28,G99 Return to R Point in Cycle 1 28. X Word 1 29,Absolute Positioning 1 29,Incremental Positioning 1 29. Dwell Command 1 29,Y Word 1 30,Absolute Positioning 1 30. Incremental Positioning 1 31,Z Word 1 32,Absolute Positioning 1 32. Incremental Positioning 1 32,I Word 1 33,J Word 1 33.
K Word 1 33,C Word 1 33,R Word 1 33,P Word 1 34,Q Word 1 34. D Word 1 34,H Word 1 35,F Word 1 35,S Word 1 36,T Word 1 36. M Word 1 37,M00 Program Stop 1 37,M01 Optional Stop 1 37. M02 End of Program 1 37,M03 Spindle Forward 1 37,M04 Spindle Reverse 1 37. M05 Spindle Stop 1 38,M06 Automatic Tool Change 1 38.
M08 Coolant Pump ON 1 38,M09 Coolant Pump OFF 1 38. M10 Rotary Table Brake ON Option 1 38,M11 Rotary Table Brake OFF Option 1 38. M13 Spindle Forward Coolant ON 1 38,M14 Spindle Reverse Coolant ON 1 39. M15 Spindle Stop Coolant OFF 1 39,M16 Air Blast OFF 1 39. M17 Air Blast ON 1 39,M19 Spindle Orient 1 39,M20 Spindle Orient Cancel 1 39.
M21 X Axis Mirror Image ON 1 40,M22 Y Axis Mirror Image ON 1 40. M23 Mirror Image Cancel 1 40,M24 Work Light ON 1 40. M25 Work Light OFF 1 40,M29 Rigid Tapping Mode 1 40. M30 End of Program 1 40, M41 Spindle Low Gear High Torque Machine Only 1 40. M42 Spindle High Gear High Torque Machine Only 1 40. M48 Enable Feedrate and Spindle Override 1 40,M49 Disable Feedrate and Spindle Override 1 40.
M51 Chip Coolant ON 1 41,M52 Chip Coolant OFF 1 41. M53 Thru Spindle Coolant ON Option 1 41,M54 Thru Spindle Coolant OFF Option 1 41. M68 Chip Conveyor ON 1 41,M69 Chip Conveyor OFF 1 41. M71 Tool Magazine 1 Home 1 41,M72 Tool Magazine 1 Extend 1 41. M73 Tool Magazine 1 Spindle Tool Clamp 1 41,M74 Tool Magazine 1 Spindle Tool Unclamp 1 42.
M75 Search Spindle Tool Number Magazine 1 1 42,M76 Activate Tool Change Mode Magazine 1 1 42. M77 Cancel Tool Change Mode Magazine 1 1 42,M80 Automatic Power OFF Active 1 42. M 377B vii,M81 Tool Magazine 2 Home Option 1 42,M82 Tool Magazine 2 Extend Option 1 43. M83 Tool Magazine 2 Spindle Tool Clamp Option 1 43. M84 Tool Magazine 2 Spindle Tool Unclamp Option 1 43. M85 Search Spindle Tool Number Magazine 2 1 43,M86 Activate Tool Change Mode Magazine 2 1 43. M87 Cancel Tool Change Mode Magazine 2 1 44,M98 Subprogram Call 1 44.
M99 Subprogram End 1 44, M100 Circular Pocket Milling Clockwise Motion 1 44. M101 Circular Pocket Milling Counterclockwise Motion 1 44. M102 Rectangular Pocket Milling Clockwise Motion 1 45. M103 Rectangular Pocket Milling Counterclockwise Motion 1 45. Program Format 1 46,CHAPTER 2 TOOL COMPENSATION,Introduction 2 1. Tool Offset Definitions 2 1,Tool Diameter Offset 2 1. Tool Length Offset 2 1,Tool Compensation Codes 2 2. Plane Selection 2 2,Activating Tool Compensation 2 3.
Programming Comparison 2 5, Entering and Exiting the Workpiece with Tool Compensation Active 2 6. Switching G41 G42 Code 2 7, Tool Moved Away from the Workpiece with Tool Compensation Active 2 8. Canceling Tool Compensation 2 8,Tool Diameter Compensation Programming Rules 2 8. CHAPTER 3 LINEAR AND CIRCULAR INTERPOLATION,Feedrate 3 1. Absolute and Incremental Programming 3 1,Absolute 3 1.
Incremental 3 1,Interpolation 3 2,Linear Interpolation 3 2. Insert Chamfer or Corner Radius 3 2,Insert Chamfer 3 2. Insert Corner Radius 3 2, Alarm Messages for Insert Chamfer Insert Corner Radius 3 3. Circular Interpolation 3 5,G02 Clockwise Arc CW 3 5. G03 Counterclockwise Arc CCW 3 5,Plane Selection 3 6.
Automatic Corner Override 3 7,Helical Interpolation 3 7. Sample Part Program Structure 3 8,Programming Notes for Circular Interpolation 3 9. Circular Interpolation Parameter Definitions 3 10,viii M 377B. CHAPTER 4 WORK COORDINATE SYSTEMS,Introduction 4 1. Zero Return Reference Home 4 2,X Y and Z Axes 4 2,Rectangular Coordinates 4 3.
Coordinate System Displays 4 3,Standard Programmable Work Coordinate Systems 4 4. Additional Programmable Work Coordinate Systems 4 6. To Store Coordinate System Data from a Program 4 6. G52 Local Coordinate System 4 7,Introduction 4 7,Activating G52 4 7. Restrictions 4 7,Canceling G52 4 8,G92 Absolute Coordinate Shift 4 9. G92 Programming Notes 4 9,Polar Coordinates 4 10,G Codes 4 10. Plane Selection 4 10,Positioning Modes 4 10,Absolute Positioning 4 10.
Incremental Positioning 4 10,Polar Coordinate Programming Examples 4 11. Sample Program Segment for a Bolt Circle 4 12,CHAPTER 5 TOOL SELECTION AND OFFSETS. Automatic Tool Changer 5 1,Commanding Tool Changes 5 1. Tool Magazine 5 1,M06 Command 5 2,Drum Tool Magazine 5 2. Swing Arm Tool Magazine 5 2,Suggested Programming Format 5 3.
Tool Offsets 5 5,Tool Length Offsets H Word 5 5,Tool Diameter Offsets D Word 5 6. To Store Tool Offsets from the Part Program 5 7,Activating Tool Offsets 5 8. Canceling Tool Offsets 5 8,CHAPTER 6 STANDARD MILLING. Introduction 6 1,G90 G91 Programming 6 1,Compensation Factors 6 1. Tool Compensation 6 1,G41 Cutter Left of Workpiece 6 1.
G42 Cutter Right of Workpiece 6 1,Tool Offset Compensation 6 2. Length Compensation 6 2,Diameter Compensation 6 2,Programming Example 6 2. Sample Program Segment 6 4,CHAPTER 7 POCKET MILLING. Introduction 7 1,Pocket Milling G Codes 7 1,Pocket Milling M Codes 7 2. Tool Offsets for Pocket Milling 7 3,Tool Offset Memory B 7 3.
Tool Offset Memory C Option 7 3,Circular Pocket Milling 7 4. Rough Pocket 7 4,Programming Formats 7 4,Data Word Definitions 7 4. Sample Program Segment 7 5,Single Finish Pass 7 6,Programming Formats 7 6. Data Word Definitions 7 6,Sample Program Segment 7 7. Rectangular Pocket Milling 7 8,Rough Pocket 7 8,Programming Formats 7 8.
Data Word Definitions 7 8,Sample Program Segment 7 9. CHAPTER 8 DRILLING CYCLES,Introduction 8 1,G90 G91 Programming 8 1. G98 G99 Programming 8 1,Canceling Drilling Cycles 8 2. Peck Drilling Cycles 8 2,Data Words 8 2,Formats 8 2. Definitions 8 2,Sample Program Segment 8 3,Tool Movement in the G73 Cycle 8 4.
Tool Movement in the G83 Cycle 8 5,Single Pass Drilling Cycles 8 6. Data Words 8 6,Formats 8 6,Definitions 8 6,Sample Program Segment 8 7. Drilling Multiple Holes 8 9,Sample Program Segment 8 9. Program Notes 8 10,CHAPTER 9 BORING CYCLES,Introduction 9 1. G90 G91 Programming 9 1,G98 G99 Programming 9 1,Canceling Boring Cycles 9 2.
General Descriptions 9 2,Orientation Angle 9 3,Parameter Definitions 9 3. Establishing the Offset Axis and Direction 9 4,G76 Fine Boring Cycle 9 5. Data Words 9 5,Formats 9 5,Definitions 9 5,Tool Movement in the G76 Cycle 9 7. Sample Program Segment 9 8,G85 Boring Cycle 9 9,Data Words 9 9. Formats 9 9,Definitions 9 9,Tool Movement in the G85 Cycle 9 10.
Sample Program Segment 9 11,G86 Boring Cycle 9 12,Data Words 9 12. Formats 9 12,Definitions 9 12,Tool Movement in the G86 Cycle 9 13. Sample Program Segment 9 14,G87 Boring Cycle 9 15,Data Words 9 15. Formats 9 15,Definitions 9 15,Tool Movement in the G87 Cycle 9 17. Sample Program Segment 9 18,G88 Boring Cycle 9 19,Data Words 9 19.
Formats 9 19,Definitions 9 19,Tool Movement in the G88 Cycle 9 20. Sample Program Segment 9 21,G89 Boring Cycle 9 22,Data Words 9 22. Formats 9 22,Definitions 9 22,Tool Movement in the G89 Cycle 9 23. Sample Program Segment 9 24,Boring Multiple Holes 9 25. Sample Program Segment 9 25,Sample Program Notes 9 26.
Revised May 7 2003,CHAPTER 10 TAPPING CYCLES,Introduction 10 1. Tapping Modes 10 1,Conventional Tapping 10 1,Rigid Tapping 10 1. Tapping Feedrate 10 2,G90 G91 Programming 10 2,G98 G99 Programming 10 3. Canceling Tapping Cycles 10 3,Single Pass Tapping Cycles 10 4. Data Words 10 4,Formats 10 4,Definitions 10 4,Sample Program Segment 10 5.
Tapping Multiple Holes 10 6,Sample Program Segment 10 6. Program Notes 10 7,CHAPTER 11 TOOL LIFE MANAGEMENT. General Information 11 1,Introduction 11 1,Tool Life Measurement Units 11 1. Number of Parts 11 1,Amount of Machining Time 11 1. General Program Description 11 2,Tool Life Management Program 11 3.
Program Format 11 3,Inputting New Data 11 3,Updating Existing Data 11 3. Deleting Existing Data 11 4,Data Word Definitions 11 4. P Word Tool Group Number 11 4,L Word Tool Life Value Data Word 11 5. T Word Tool Number 11 5,H Word Tool Length Offset 11 5. D Word Tool Diameter Offset 11 5,Programming Notes 11 5.
Sample Tool Life Management Program Inputting New Data 11 6. Data Block Definitions 11 6,Part Program 11 7,Tool Commands 11 7. Combining Tool Commands 11 8, Sample Part Program Structure using Combined Tool Commands 11 8. xii M 377B,CHAPTER 12 OPTIONS AND MISCELLANEOUS FEATURES. Inch Metric Mode 12 1,Establishing Inch Metric Mode 12 1. Subprograms 12 2,Subprogram Call 12 3,G96 Constant Surface Speed 12 4.
Introduction 12 4,Programming Format 12 5,Data Word Definitions 12 5. Scaling Mode 12 6,Types of Scaling 12 6,Uniform Scaling 12 6. Independent Scaling 12 8,Examples 12 8,Scale Factors for Magnification 12 8. Scale Factors for Reduction 12 8,Mirror Imaging 12 9. Example 12 9,Scaling Mode Notes 12 11,Macro Programs 12 12.
Non Modal Macro Call 12 12,Modal Macro Call 12 12,Macro Call Format 12 12. Single Direction Positioning G60 12 13,Introduction 12 13. Determining Direction and Distance 12 13, Machines Equipped with Hardinge Fanuc System II Control 12 13. Direction 12 13,Distance 12 14, Machines Equipped with Fanuc 0i M or Fanuc 18 MC Control 12 15. Direction 12 15,Distance 12 15,Examples 12 16,Sample Positioning 12 16.
Programming Notes 12 17,Programming the 4th Axis Option 12 18. Introduction 12 18,Formulas 12 18,Description of Sample Operation 12 18. Sample Part Calculations 12 18,Sample Program 12 19.

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