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4 9 DC Store Inward Delivery Structure 8 4 10 Bookings and Delivery of Stock 9 4 11 Unloading of Vehicles at Distribution Centre 10 4 12 Penalties 11 4 13 Faulty Goods 12 4 14 Return Policy 12 4 15 Carriers 12 4 16 Occupational Health and Safety 13 4 17 Dangerous Hazardous Goods 13 5 0 Apparel Requirements 13 5 1 Fashion Bags and Hangers 13 5 2 Hangers 13 5 3 Source of Supply Contact


TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE,1 0 Introduction 3,2 0 Harris Scarfe Contacts 3. 2 1 Distribution centre Logistics Freight Agreements 3. 2 2 Merchandise Agreements Orders 3,3 0 Commercial Trading Terms 3. 4 0 Delivery Standards 4,4 1 Delivery Terms 4,4 2 Electronic Data Interchange EDI 4. 4 3 Catalogue Promotional and Establishment Orders 5. 4 4 Paperwork 5,4 5 Delivery Docket 5,4 6 Packing and Loading Standards 6. 4 7 Correct Labeling 7,4 8 Pallet Transfer 7,4 9 DC Store Inward Delivery Structure 8.
4 10 Bookings and Delivery of Stock 9, 4 11 Unloading of Vehicles at Distribution Centre 10. 4 12 Penalties 11,4 13 Faulty Goods 12,4 14 Return Policy 12. 4 15 Carriers 12,4 16 Occupational Health and Safety 13. 4 17 Dangerous Hazardous Goods 13,5 0 Apparel Requirements 13. 5 1 Fashion Bags and Hangers 13,5 2 Hangers 13, 5 3 Source of Supply Contact Details for Hangers 14.
5 4 Order Numbers and Quantities 17,5 5 Hanger Quantities 17. 6 0 Price Labeling Standards 17,7 0 Contacts and Addresses 18. 7 1 Head Office Contacts 18,7 2 Harris Scarfe Store Addresses 18. 1 0 INTRODUCTION, Harris Scarfe Australia Pty Ltd look forward to working with you to. maximise efficiency across the total supply chain for the benefit of. our respective businesses and delivering the needs of our end. customers the retail shopper, The following Terms and Conditions are the framework upon which.
Harris Scarfe Australia Pty Ltd ABN 83 095 018 803 and its. Vendors continue to build valuable and profitable partnerships. These Terms and Conditions are based on the premise that an. electronic order will be provided by Harris Scarfe to the. Vendor and the Vendor providing a single timely accurate. delivery against that purchase order, These are the standard Trading Terms and Conditions of Harris. Scarfe Australia Pty Ltd which cannot be varied,2 0 HARRIS SCARFE CONTACTS. The relevant Harris Scarfe Logistics and Buying personnel are. available for any further information or clarification on the. Distribution Centre Direct to Store procedures,2 1 Sunshine Distribution centre 2037. Distribution Centre reception 03 8326 8900 key contacts include. Distribution Centre Manager,Distribution Planning Manager. Northern Distribution Centre 5001,Distribution centre reception 02 8882 1655.
Brisbane Distribution Centre 9001,Distribution Centre Reception 07 3151 5608. 2 2 Merchandise Agreements Purchase Orders, Melbourne buying office reception 03 9863 2200 key contacts include. General Manager Buying Apparel,General Manager Buying Home. 3 0 COMMERCIAL TRADING TERMS,HARRIS SCARFE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD. Other than merchandise supplied under Made To Order Vendor. Refill Customer Order Systems and Customer Direct Order. Fulfillment this PPG sets out the terms on which you supply. Harris Scarfe with merchandise By accepting a purchase order. from Harris Scarfe you agree to the Terms and Conditions in this. PPG and for future purchase orders until such time Harris Scarfe. advise you of a change in the terms of purchase, We are Harris Scarfe Australia Pty Ltd ABN 83 095 018 803.
We and us include our employees and agents,You are the vendor of merchandise to us. 4 0 DELIVERY STANDARDS,DELIVERY AND PACKAGING STANDARDS. This section describes the terms to vendors of delivery of each. purchase order to Harris Scarfe It details timing of delivery. paperwork packing and stacking method labelling and price ticketing. All deliveries must comply with the following terms Failure to comply. will lead to rejection of stock from the distribution centre or a fine. as stated in PENALTIES section,4 1 DELIVERY TERMS,Delivery Status Reporting. Each vendor must keep the respective buyers bookings logistics and. administration team updated with weekly delivery status report on all. outstanding orders,Each delivery must be in full,Delivery Date. Delivery into the Distribution Centre is as outlined by the due date. on the purchase order All bookings deliveries after this date will. not be accepted without approval from DC management. 4 2 ELECTRONIC DATA INTERCHANGE EDI, Detailed information on Electronic Data Interchange EDI is available.
on the Harris Scarfe website,http www harrisscarfe com au about us vendors. Refer to section on EDI Information, 4 3 CATALOGUE PROMOTIONAL AND ESTABLISHMENT ORDERS. A major component of the Harris Scarfe business is comprised of. special events such as catalogue sale or other promotional. advertisement sales, It is imperative that our vendors deliver the catalogue orders as per. the delivery dates Any variation s or non supply of merchandise. costs Harris Scarfe both in losses or revenue and dissatisfied. customers If non delivery of special event catalogue stock is. anticipated it must be advised to the appropriate Buyer four weeks. prior to the order delivery date and failure to do so will result in. penalty costs to the vendor This is calculated as 5 of the purchase. order value for electrical goods and 10 of the purchase order value. for all other goods, YOU MUST NOT ACCEPT ANY ORDER FROM HARRIS SCARFE UNLESS YOU HAVE THE. ABILITY TO DELIVER THE MERCHANDISE BY THE DELIVERY DATE SPECIFIED. 4 4 PAPERWORK, For EDI ASN compliant vendors no delivery dockets are required with.
the purchase order delivery into the DC The vendor carrier s connote. and pallet transfer slip is required, Vendors to provide the following documents for each shipment to the. Distribution Centre, A single consignment note for each Purchase Order being received. into the DC and pallet transfer slip is required, Consignment note to specify the number of cartons and pallets by. purchase order and the total number of cartons and pallets in. that delivery, Completed pallet transfer slip s to specify the number of. pallets to be transferred to the Harris Scarfe pallet account. 4 5 DELIVERY DOCKET, The delivery docket must detail by item by store the quantities being.
delivered or be accompanied by packing lists for each store. Failure to provide a delivery docket will result in the delivery being. rejected without prior consultation with vendors unless authorisation. has been given by the Distribution Centre Manager for acceptance into. Distribution centre, For Direct to Store delivery there must be a delivery docket for each. All tax invoices must be forwarded to Accounts Payable in the Adelaide. Head Office Tax Invoices must comply with the Australian Taxation. Office ATO guidelines, For Distribution Centre Non ASN deliveries and all Direct to Store. deliveries a delivery docket is required to be separate from product. to enable presentation to the Distribution centre and or receiving. dock prior to unloading, A delivery docket must accompany all non ASN deliveries A connote. must accompany every invoice and MUST NOT BE ATTACHED TO CARTONS or. BAGS Merchandise will not be accepted with documentation attached to. cartons or bags The delivery docket and connote must be given at. receiving office dock upon arrival and must clearly show the number. of items e g 1 pallet and 3 cartons,The delivery docket must show the following. Purchase order number,Model item no and quantity on each line item.
Breakdown of item quantities per store per purchase order. 4 6 PACKING AND LOADING STANDARDS, The following packaging and loading standards are designed to. Maximise the occupational health and safety of all staff involved. in the supply chain, Aid efficient materials handling at all stages of the supply. Contribute to a reduction in the volume of industrial waste. created by transit packaging,Protect merchandise during transit and handling. Carton Standards Must Comply with Australian Standards. CARTON QUALITY, Deliveries must be made in new cartons preferably manufactured from. recycled products Second hand cartons create a potential health. hazard for staff handling the carton and for the contents of the. carton HARRIS SCARFE DISTRIBUTION CENTRE AND OR STORES WILL NOT. ACCCEPT DELIVERIES IN SECOND HAND CARTONS,CARTON STRENGTH.
All outer cartons must be of sufficient strength to support and. protect the merchandise whilst in the supply chain from point of. manufacture to point of sale Sufficient packing material must be. used to protect the merchandise during transit All deliveries in. damaged cartons will be rejected at the distribution centre and or. STRAPPING AND STAPLES, Metal or plastic strapping and large metal staples are not acceptable. in any form on deliveries to the distribution centre and or stores. A delivery received with metal or plastic strapping or metal staples. will be rejected at point of delivery,CARTON SIZE AND WEIGHT. All carton measurements must be designed to efficient safe and stable. stacking and handling Carton width and length must be a multiple of. the width and length of a standard pallet Unless a carton only. contains a single unit deliveries in cartons will be rejected if they. exceed the MAXIMUM limits, Maximum carton weight 16kgs minimum carton weight 1 kgs. Maximum carton dimensions,o Length 800 mm,o Height 600 mm. o Width 500 mm,Minimum carton dimensions,o Length 140 mm.
o Height 5 mm,o Width 90 mm, Packing of Cartons for Harris Scarfe s Cross Dock DC s. It is each supplier s responsibility to pack cross dock orders into as. few conveyable cartons as possible Loose products and small inners. for a single destination store should be packed into larger cartons. where possible These large cartons should then be labelled with the. appropriate single SCM containing the SSCC that has been created by. the scan packing of all items that are in the carton. All mixed cartons must be clearly marked mixed carton to assist. stores on receipt from the Cross Dock DC,4 7 Correct Labelling. Carton Labelling, Any single product outer cartons or inner cartons should have. appropriate labelling of their contents i e product code description. and quantity This is as per normal commercial practice and is. required to assist our stores in processing the goods. Carton SSCC Labels, Vendors must apply a SSCC label to all cartons packages delivered to. Harris Scarfe Distribution Centre, Any merchandise delivered to Harris Scarfe Distribution Centre without.
a SSCC label on all the packages cartons will be rejected The. vendor will be responsible for any additional cost incurred by Harris. Scarfe to sort through such deliveries Harris Scarfe will charge the. vendor for those costs incurred The only exception is suppliers. utilising Store Ready Pallet SSCC s, SSCC labels are not required for delivery direct to Harris Scarfe. stores at this time, For more detailed information on SSCC label standards refer the SSCC. label specifications for cartons and hanging fashion bags available on. http www harrisscarfe com au about us vendors, Refer to the link SSCC Label Standards and also Supplier SSCC. Labeling Guidelines under EDI Information and Supply Chain. Placement of Carton SSCC Labels, The label must be placed on one of the longest sides of each carton. except for Flat Pack cartons where it must be placed on the top. right side of the carton, The right hand end of the SSCC barcode must be no less than 19mm from.
the vertical edge of the carton, The bottom of the SSCC barcode must be no less than 32mm from the. base of the carton, For further information and more detailed guidance go to. http www harrisscarfe com au about us vendors,Refer as above. Store Ready Pallet SSCC s, Suppliers who regularly receive orders of sufficient volume per store. should have the ability to pack using store ready pallet SSCC s. Guidelines are, Contents of the pallet must be for one purchase order only.
Contents of the pallet must be for one end destination store. Scanned contents of the single pallet SSCC must match what is. physically on the pallet exactly, Individual carton SSCC s should not be used on store ready. Suppliers scan packers must provide a separate label DC Note. Store Ready Pallet SSCC Do Not Break Down Prefer A4 size for. this label, Store ready pallet can consist of one product or multiple. products if on the one order and for the one store. Max height Store ready pallet 1 8 M preferred minimum height. is 1 4 M high, Pallet to be stable and regular and well wrapped and capped for. our stores, Suppliers should have the flexibility to pack orders using store. ready pallets where suitable and pack using carton SSCC s where. the volume doesn t warrant a store ready pallet, When suppliers book the order into the DC for delivery they.
should notate how many store ready pallets are on the order. refer separate revised DC booking format, For further information and more detailed guidance go to. http www harrisscarfe com au about us vendors, Refer to the link Store Ready Pallet Guidelines Cross Dock. Departmental Labelling, All suppliers are to label all loose cartons with the appropriate. departmental label sticker Where suppliers are supplying store ready. pallets then only the pallet needs to be labelled with the. departmental sticker, The departmental sticker should not be used where the carton is the. actual retail selling unit, For further information refer http www harrisscarfe com au about us vendors.
Refer to the link HS Departmental Labelling Requirements. Weight Labelling, To improve the safety of team members in the handling of merchandise. the following labelling standards should be used where practical by. suppliers delivering merchandise to Harris Scarfe, The aim is to minimise weight related workplace injuries and improve. workplace safety by making people aware of how to handle heavy or. bulky packages, Where suppliers are utilising similar but different labelling. standards e g International weight labelling standards then this may. be accepted if approved by the Harris Scarfe Buyer. Weight Text Symbol,Classification,Bulky Caution Bulky. Consider two person lift,or mechanical aid,17 35 kgs Caution Bulky.
Consider two person lift,or mechanical aid,36 50 kgs Caution Bulky. Team lift or mechanical,aid required,51 kgs Caution Bulky. Team lift or mechanical,aid required, Note that the Bulky icon will apply to all items measuring 0 13 cubic. meters or greater in size and weighing less than 17kgs Where products. are bulky but weigh 17kgs or more the appropriate Heavy weight icons. should be used in place of the Bulky icon, The size of the labels varies according to the size of the merchandise. Suggested sizes are,50 x 45 MM,80 x 70 MM,110x 95 MM.
Refer to http www harrisscarfe com au about us vendors. Refer to Weight Labelling Icons link,4 8 PALLET TRANSFER. On delivery of the purchase order to the Distribution Centre a DC. Pallet Transfer Docket PTD will be actioned by Harris Scarfe. Harris Scarfe preferred pallet vendors are CHEP and LOSCAM. A pallet docket will allow the vendor to transfer pallets. CHEP LOSCAM pallets only at the effective date shown on the. docket to Harris Scarfe, There is a maximum period of three months after the authorised. transfer date for vendor to action the transfer Any vendor who. fails to transfer the pallets within three 3 months must. contact the Distribution Centre Manager for approval to have the. transfer actioned However all costs incurred by Harris Scarfe. will be passed on to the vendor, The effective transfer date will be one 30 days after initial. receipt by Harris Scarfe, It is the responsibility of the vendor to ensure that their. carrier complies with these guidelines, If a transfer docket is not provided or incorrect a MD missing.
docket form is supplied internally and issued to the driver for. future reference, It is the vendors carriers responsibility to provide the CHEP or. LOSCAM Pallet Docket on delivery of goods to the distribution. NO pallets will be exchanged at the distribution centres. On a purchase order for a direct to store delivery to a Harris. Scarfe store a CHEP or LOSCAM Pallet may be exchanged at the. time of delivery, For direct to store deliveries stock may be received on a safe. plain non returnable pallet i e Not a CHEP LOSCAM pallet. No Pallet Transfer for CHEP or LOSCAM will be approved for Direct. to Store Deliveries,PLAIN NON HIRE PALLETS, These will only be accepted at Harris Scarfe s absolute discretion. where the pallets meet Australian Standards are safe to handle and. are non returnable,PALLET HEIGHT, Standard pallet TI HI for the Distribution centre and or Stores is. up to 1 8 metres in height All pallets should be packed with heavy. cartons on the bottom and no cartons over 16kg stacked over 1 6M high. PALLET HEIGHTS ARE SET TO MEET SAFE HANDLING REQUIREMENTS AND ANY. COSTS INCURRED BY HARRIS SCARFE TO REPACK FAULTY PALLETS DELIVERED TO. HARRIS SCARFE BY A VENDOR OR THEIR CARRIER WILL BE PASSED ON TO THE. PALLET WRAPPING, All palletised merchandise will be secured and stabilised with shrink.
stretch wrapping that is wrapped to the pallet Packaging must be. robust and taut fully protecting the cartons and sell packs All. forms of packaging assembled using tape and or glue must be sealed. to withstand the rigours of manual picking and automated movement and. transfer Pallets must have all boards affixed in the standard. positions The pallet boards underneath are crucial to maintaining. OH S Standards when warehousing the merchandise within the. Distribution centre, Deliveries by vendors carriers who top load and or split order. delivery will be rejected at the point of receipt at the distribution. centre and or Stores for non compliance with the Harris Scarfe order. terms and conditions ALL deliveries must be in original packaging. pallet consignment as original distributed by the Vendor. OVER ONE CUBIC METRE 1m CONSIGNMENTS, Other than furniture and hanging fashions any delivery for a single. store order greater than one cubic metre in volume or 10 cartons must. be palletised capable of being mechanically loaded and or unloaded. Where more than one order is packed on a pallet up to 1 8 metres high. each order must be placed on separate pallets up to 1 8 metres high. 4 9 DISTRIBUTION CENTRE INWARD DELIVERY STRUCTURE, All purchase order deliveries into the distribution centre must fall. within a delivery time window booking Vendors or their carriers are. required to make a delivery time window booking prior to attempting. the delivery Vehicles that arrive without a delivery time window. booking will be rejected until a booking is lodged. All orders placed for Delivery to the Distribution Centre must be. delivered to the Distribution Centre and not delivered direct to. Harris Scarfe stores without the written approval of Harris Scarfe. DISTRIBUTION CENTRE DELIVERY DETAILS,Harris Scarfe Distribution Centre 2037. Warehouse No 4,10 16 Judge Street,VICTORIA 3020,Reception 61 3 8326 8900.
Receiving 61 3 8326 8903,Facsimile 61 3 8326 8999,Harris Scarfe Distribution Centre 5001. Site 5001 Northern DC,Cnr Eucalyptus Dr and Honeycombe Drive. EASTERN CREEK NSW 2766,Phone 02 8882 1655,Harris Scarfe Distribution Centre 9001. Building 1A 301 Orchard Road,RICHLANDS QLD 4076,Phone 07 3151 5608. Only authorised vendor s orders will be accepted at Distribution. centres Unauthorised vendors who attempt to deliver to Distribution. centre will be rejected,4 10 BOOKINGS DELIVERY OF STOCK.
STORE DELIVERY DETAILS, Non authorised vendors will deliver stock direct to stores as per. store listing,DIRECT TO STORE DELIVERIES, Receipt of merchandise by Harris Scarfe retail stores must be. delivered between the hours of 8 00am to 4 00pm Monday to Friday and. is subject to change as decided by the Harris Scarfe Store Manager. Advance arrangements must be made with the relevant Store Manager for. any deliveries outside these hours, DELIVERY BOOKINGS VIA EMAIL Distribution Centre ONLY. Distribution Centre deliveries are required to be booked in prior to. delivery The booking office will take bookings via email only. EDI Accredited vendors must have an ASN in HS systems before a booking. window will be given,The Bookings email addresses are. bookings harrisscarfe com au, Bookings must be made at least 24 hours in advance of delivery date.
Delivery of stock, At the point of delivery all connotes and delivery dockets must to be. presented to the receiving office at Distribution centres and must not. be attached to cartons pallets,All merchandise must be palletised as follows. Cartons must be secured on the pallet and must fit within the. pallet boundaries, The maximum height of the pallet is 1 8 m including the pallet. All cartons must be labelled according to our label standards and. a minimum of six 6 cartons must be positioned with the SSCC. label facing the outside of the pallet, There must be one order per pallet except for small consignments. if multiple small orders are on a pallet then the pallet must be. clearly labelled with all order numbers, There must be one store per order number per pallet volume.
permitting,All pallets must be shrink wrapped to the pallet. Clear shrink wrap of pallets is preferred,4 11 UNLOADING OF VEHICLES AT DISTRIBUTION CENTRE. Harris Scarfe prefers vehicles trucks delivering to distribution. centre to be SIDE LOADED ALL DRIVERS MUST WEAR A HI VISIBILITY. SAFETY VEST SIGN THE VISITOR S BOOK UPON ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE AND. FOLLOW AND OBEY THE SITE TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT PLAN WHILE ON THE HARRIS. SCARFE SITE,PART OF MULTIPLE DELIVERIES MINIMUM DELIVERIES. Split deliveries will be rejected at the point of receipt into the. Distribution centres Stores In extreme circumstances subject to. prior authorisation by the Distribution Centre Manager split. deliveries may be accepted The balance of the order must be. delivered into the distribution centre Stores prior to the due date. REASONS FOR REJECTION OF DELIVERIES, A delivery will be rejected at the point of receipt at the. distribution centre and or stores for any of the following reasons. No purchase order number incorrect purchase order number or. store destination quoted on the delivery docket connote SSCC. The delivery is attempted outside the booking window. Duplicate delivery or cancelled purchase order Late purchase. orders are automatically cancelled, Significant damage to outer cartons bags and or packaging.
Packaging pallet loading or pallet TI HI specifications not. met Receiving personnel are at anytime authorised to reject any. pallets deemed unsafe, Non compliance with Dangerous Goods Code of Practice i e the. non supply of Materials Safety Data Specification MSDS sheet. and Emergency Procedure Guide EPG, The delivery is made to the incorrect delivery address. The merchandise is not as ordered and no written permission from. Harris Scarfe for variation to the purchase order, The merchandise does not conform to the standards outlined in the. Harris Scarfe PPG, The merchandise does not conform to the standards outlined in the. Harris Scarfe purchase order terms and conditions of the. commercial trading terms of the supply of merchandise. Multiple purchase orders on the same pallet with no segregation. Where there is no vendor distribution centre Cross Dock Rebate. agreement in place, No delivery booking emailed and booking not confirmed.
Delivery arriving outside of the booked assigned timeslot. Delivery dockets attached to cartons,More than 10 loose cartons not palletised. Pallets are over 1 8 metres high inclusive of the pallet itself. A delivery received with metal or plastic strapping or metal. staples will be rejected at point of delivery, Delivering more pallets than booked without prior notice. Delivery drivers not delivering in a courteous and professional. manner any discourtesy or abusive behaviour may be grounds for. rejection of the delivery without notice, When the distribution centres and or store reject a delivery no. prior consultation with or advice to the vendor will be given The. connote will not be signed The controls or returns will be the joint. responsibility of the carrier and vendor removing Harris Scarfe from. involvement All distribution freight storage and rework costs for. rejected deliveries are the responsibility of the vendor. 4 12 PENALTIES, Deliveries that do not comply with the standards are subject to. rejection and or penalties Where an Ullage Agreement exists between. Harris Scarfe and the vendor penalties listed in the agreement take. precedence, Vendors will receive a courtesy call e mail for deliveries with.
first non compliances This will highlight the non compliance and the. action for future deliveries, Penalties will be imposed for each non compliant purchase order The. penalty will be deducted off the payment to the vendor. Occurrence of non Charge,compliance level,First 250 AUD.

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