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105 Bell D J Hoare M and Dunhill P 1983 The formation of protein precipitates and their centrifugal recovery Advances in biochemical engineering


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technique for suction control Geotechnical and Geological Engineering 26. Blume H P Br mmer G W Fleige H Horn R Kandeler E K gel Knabner I. Wilke B M et al 2015 Scheffer Schachtschabel soil science London. Bohn H L Strawn D G and O Connor G A 2015 Soil chemistry UK John Wiley. Borchard G Mueller C Capelle M A H and Arvinte T 2010 Stabilized protein. formulations and use thereof U S patent application no 13 505 491. Switzerland Therapeomic Ag, Bowen W R and Doneva T A 2000 Atomic force microscopy studies of. membranes effect of surface roughness on double layer interactions and. particle adhesion Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 229 2 544 549. Bowen W R Hilal N Lovitt R W and Wright C J 1999 Characterisation of. membrane surfaces direct measurement of biological adhesion using an atomic. force microscope Journal of Membrane Science 154 2 205 212. Bowen W R and Mohammad A W 1998 Characterization and prediction of. nanofiltration membrane performance a general assessment Chemical. Engineering Research and Design 76 8 885 893, Brandt T and Wiese F 2004 Physical and chemical characteristics of different. polyethersulfone membranes In Polyethersulfone membranes for multiple. clinical applications Vol 138 Basel Karger Publishers. Brown G 1953 The dioctahedral analogue of vermiculite Clay Minerals. Bulletin 2 10 64 69, BS 1377 2 1990 Soils for civil engineering purposes Part 2 classification tests. British Standard Institution, BS 1377 3 1990 Methods of test for soils for civil engineering purposes Chemical. and electro chemical tests, BS 4359 1 1996 Determination of the specific surface area of powders.
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