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They are Aug 28 Sept 11 2015 and Mar 25 April 8 2016 Monthly themes have proved very popular and turn out for them has been good We have some very interesting themes for 2016 and you should look them over NOW so you have an idea what is in store for the upcoming year Rumors are not true that we will have a modeling with fish theme


We have received new meeting dates through August 2016 There are a few glitches this time. around Oct 10 2010 and Aug 27 2016 are Saturday meetings May 2016 we will not have the. library and will meet elsewhere TBD at a later date Two sets of meetings will be 2 weeks apart. They are Aug 28 Sept 11 2015 and Mar 25 April 8 2016. Monthly themes have proved very popular and turn out for them has been good We have some. very interesting themes for 2016 and you should look them over NOW so you have an idea what. is in store for the upcoming year Rumors are not true that we will have a modeling with fish theme. PLEASE NOTE a few themes have been moved Notably Land of Lincoln to JAN 2016. Aug 28 Multi color schemes,Sept 11 your latest finished model. Oct 10 Stripe Nite SATURDAY MEETING, Nov 13 TWINS Anything x 2 same type models twin booms engines etc. Dec 12 Holiday Party, Jan 29 Land of Lincoln ANYTHING Lincoln Nebraska O K anything ILLINOIS. Feb 26 Meteor Showers ex Comets Starfire Shooting Star. Mar 25 Boat Nite Ships Subs Aircraft on floats, Apr 8 Knife Fight X3 Stiletto Sabres Cutlass car or plane Le Sabre etc. May TBA Republic Nite, Jun 3 Night Nite Skynight Night fighters Black Ops Secret hush hush.
July 8 Innovators Anything history changing ex Wright Bros Spirit of St Louis. Aug 27 D Day Armor SATURDAY meeting,Sept ODD ball weapons. Nov Radial engines post WW II,DEC TBA Holiday Party. infantry in a breakthrough through strong,points like pillboxes trenches and other. Notes by Paul Gasiorowski fortifications Consequently the French. Multi color schemes generals had these tanks spread out to the. Turnout for the meeting was 9 members point that they couldn t counter the massed. Carl G Mark M Charlie S Paul G armor formations of inferior German tanks. Norris G Mike H Steve K Frank R Jim The Germans got to send a lot of cool. B Lee L and son pictures home with them standing next to. Next month s theme was to have been these monsters look mom See what I. anything Illinois but Norris pushed it back got the top of the track was almost as tall. till January so we can have a better idea of as a man. the themes that are available Per the, TICK he is to send out a list of ideas that Mike Hanlon. may inspire members as to various subjects Ju 87 Stuka Hasegawa 1 48. they might like to do in keeping with the The model was built OOB of the box Eagle. theme Strike decals were used He indicated it was, Also FYI and I forgot to mention it the a complicated build.
Library changed our hours from 7 30 to 9 00 Sea Hurricane Airfix 1 48. PM which was posted outside the rooms I The kit was built OOB He indicated it was. guess they want our butts out of there on another complicated build but went. time since we do have the habit of over together well He used Aeromaster Decals. staying our time The type was used on the HMS, The THEME for next month is a model I Indomitable launched in March 1940 and. just finished It is only two weeks away saw combat till the end of the war Mike said. There was no demo for this month s there were several options in the kit which. meeting 7 models were available for Show might indicate another version of the Sea. Tell Hurricane might be forthcoming,Steve Kumamoto Jim Bachelder. Char B1 Tank Revell 1 72 P 47D Razor back Tamiya Built the kit. Steve had no idea what the type was till OOB using Eduard Photo Etch Parts and. Lee s son gave us some specifics about the Eagle Strike decals for the 353rd Fighter. tank It hand a 73mm turret gun and an group He added a fuel tank. auxiliary 377mm gun According to the Additional Maj Frederick H LeFebre 351st. conversations going on it was considered a Fighter Squadron P 47D 1 RE 42 7906. better tank than a German equivalent Steve YJ L Chief Wahoo. liked the model because of the paint, scheme and he did a super job with the Charlie Scardon. camo IJN Zuiho Hasegawa 1 700, Char B1 Tank Revell 1 72 Steve had no 2nd Place at the NATIONALS 2015. idea what the type was till Lee s son gave He scratch built the flight deck and added. us some specifics about the tank It hand a other details to the carrier I was amazed at. 73mm turret gun and an auxiliary 377mm the radio antennas sticking out from the. gun According to the conversations going flight deck in several places All this was. on it was considered a better tank than a bent photo etch talk about tedious work. German equivalent Steve liked the model The paint job was superb. because of the paint scheme and he did a,super job with the camo Paul Gasiorowski.
Char B1 bis 47mm gun in the turret and a KC 10A Extender Hasegawa 1 200. 75mm gun in gun hull Superior to most,tanks of the day it was designed to support. This model was purchased from Bill,Soppet s stash Paul s been in the 1 144. scale mode for some time with USAF KC,135 707 derivatives Built the model OOB. It was a pretty straight forward build no,seams at the wing root The landing gear. was well thought out the bogies could be,assembled separately to make sure all the.
wheels hit the ground Paul used Model,Master Acrylics with a Tamika Primer as. the base coat He finds that the Acryl paint,won t lift when using Tamika tape to use for. demarcations,P51 D Academy 1 72,The model was built out of the box using. some photo etch seatbelts in the cockpit,The model represents Old Crow flown by. Bud Anderson This was an easy build that,went together well It used the Malcolm.
canopy There were option for 3 other,aircraft marking and the 2 different. canopies Model Master Acryl paints were,used The only issue was that the Invasion. stripes white were somewhat transparent,over the olive drab paint. Congratulations To,Charles Scardon,IJN Zuiho Hasegawa 1 700. Aircraft Carriers 1 401 and smaller,2nd place at the 2015 IPMS National.
Convention Charles is very photogenic,don t you think. Notes by The,The theme for September was Your,Latest Finished Model The theme. intentionally selected as a no brainer,so the members could take a bit of a. breather and catch up on other projects,and themes coming u in the next several. The show and tell was a bit light A total,Frank Ress.
of five members presented those in,GMC 6x6 Hasegawa 1 72 Scale. attendance with five subjects As luck,Frank says it s a nice kit for the scale and. would have it the s camera vintage There is no cab interior or. malfunctioned as well The end result engine Good texture on canvas tops. was 2 images in all Fortunately getting Stake bed includes bench seats for an. those models back either on or before option Model paints used were all Model. the October meeting worked out for all Master Acrylics The paint lightened a bit. but one model for the canvas to simulate fading,Glenn Estry. U Boat 511 Nichimo 1 200 scale,Sliced hull bottom to make it appear as it. is surfacing Mounted to wood filled with,Acrylic Glazing Medium for water.
Mike Hanlon,Spitfire I Tamiya 1 48th scale,Italeri Paint and Xtra Decals. Sea Hurricane I Airfix 1 48th Scale,Tamiya paints AeroMaster Decals. Built out of the box using Testors and,Floquil paints for weathering. Mark Murray,Chieftain Mk 5 Tank Tamiya 1 35th Scale. the engines instructions not very clear,Kawanishi Type 97 Trumpeter 1 144.
Notes by Paul Gasiorowski and the,Kit went together will Hardest part was. Theme Stripe Nite which is not quite,the frames of the cockpit side blister. accurate as the meeting was held on a,and rear blister frames Really small in. Saturday afternoon on Oct 10 There,1 144 scale Used Micro Mark Mask to. was also a program for the meeting,fill in the windows Worked out well.
making Water with Charlie,12 modelers in attendance including. John Koziol John Koziol Sr Charlie,Scardon Dan Paulien Mike Hanlon. Lee Lygiros Paul Gasiorowski Carl,Geiger Mark Murray Norris Graser. The Christmas party date and place was,announced Discussion for doing a. display at the Butch O Hare show Nov 7,by Dan Paulien.
Models for show n tell Paul Gasiorowski,F 82 Twin Mustang Revell 1 48. Model under construction Good fit Will,be finished as a night fighter with radar. A 90 Orlyonok Zveda 1 144,Russian ground effect vehicle part boat. part airplane Different kit to build not,finished decals need to be applied. Thinking about building a base for it,Would like to see some photos of what.
the water would look like under it Not a,bad kit Fit problems on the intakes to. model AK479 Aluminum,P 47 Razorback Tamiya 1 48 Markings. for this O D plane are The Witch from,Thundercals T 48 002 Tamiya Acrylic. for O D Nuetral Gray,Norris Graser,Thundercals T48004 1 48 Decal set. New decal set 2 Decal sheets Lots of,profiles detailed instructions full page.
aircraft and group history notes 5 different,P 47s total of 8 options All 318th FG. Pineapple Air Force Nice decals set Only,500 sets left. Mike Hanlon,Spitifre Tamiya kit 1 48,Nice kit to assemble mike used. XtraDECALS and Italeri paints,P 47 Tamiya 1 48 DAN L BOONE. 333rd FS 318thFG from new Thundercals,decal release T 48 004 Used a new.
metallic paint called Extreme Metal,Avaialble in several shades For this. Carl Geiger Mark Murray, B 25G Hasegawa 1 72nd scale Nike Hercules Missile Revell 1 40One. Markings for DOLLY 1st Air Combat of the original scale box kits model. Group CBI WW II made to fit the box Mark indicated it. had a lot of flash rough fit and a REAL,rivet monster. Mark is building the Nike for the January,2016 theme Land of Lincoln There were. several Nike Ajax and Zeus sites in and,around the Chicago area during the mid.
50 s through the mid 60 s,John Koziol,B 17 and a couple of cast metal engines. B 17G HK 1 32 scale Zero Bandai 1 24,scale Replicated and cast in solid nickel. chrome Scratch built and cast nickel Zero,Frank Ress. P 51B Mustang Monogram 1 72 It was,a great kit for it s day If the panel lines. were recessed it would be as good as,any current kit Name was IOWA.
BEAUT It was all painted except for,the Stars and Bars tail codes cowl. lettering A vacuum form canopy was,used a scratch built rear mirror Frank. received a Silver Medal at the 2013,Butch O Hare show. In addition to show n tell Charlie,Scardon did a hands on demo on how. he makes water for his ship dioramas,For this process Charlie uses Dental.
buff stone which can be bought in some,hobby shops that deal in HO guage. trains Or if you know dental people,like the 2 technicians or dentist who are. members of McK you have an,alternate source It s a harder material. than plaster and a bit less porous,Working time is usually about 20. minutes give or take Charlie will,show his painting technique for water at.
the November meeting,Looks like Charlie can work in the prep. dept of any dental lab Good program,NT 43A Call Sign RAT 55. B 737 Airfix 1 144 A04178A,By Paul Gasiorowski, The basis for this aircraft was a photograph of a highly modified B 737 sent to me by the. TICK Along with the photograph was an overview of what the function of this airplane. was Nobody knows exactly where RAT 55 lives or precisely what technology it uses to. accomplish its mission but it is sure an exotic looking beast It s modified B 737 200. whose life started as a T 43A navigational trainer It was recovered from the bone yard. around the turn of the century and sent to the Lockheed Skunk Works It made its first. flight on March 21 2001 The current thought it may have its roots dating back to the. origin of stealth technology itself More information can be found at. http foxtrotalpha jalopnik com the worlds most secretive 737 com. It s been around for 15 years yet very few photographs of it exist It seems to frequent. the incredibly desolate Tonopah Test and Training Range airport It also has been. reported that its home could be AREA 51, Since I could not find a model of a B737 200 I decided to use Airfix s Boeing 737 kit no. A04178A as the starting point Prior to starting the kit I mulled over on how to add the 19. foot by 6 foot diameter radomes to the front and rear of the airplane I had a few ideas. but decided to start building the fuselage and keep pondering what I could use for the. Since most of the windows on the RAT were blocked out and the kit had all open. windows in the fuselages halves To eliminate the windows I added some thick styrene. to the inside of the body I secured these pieces with super glue and let in dry overnight. I had to make sure the styrene would not flex when I went to fill in the windows Some. weight was added to the nose prior to closing the body up Also At this time all the. cargo luggage doors were cemented in and filled with putty since RAT did not have. these doors as far as I could tell I marked out the windows that are visible on the RAT. and filled in the others with Squadron White Putty Letting it dry over night I used more. putty to fill in some of the shrinkage spots The next couple of hours required some. sanding of the seams on the fuselage and to smooth out the putty in the windows I. worked on this a couple of times to make sure the filled in windows would not be visible. In between these steps the wings and engines were built Not many instructions on the. painting of the engines and nacelles The fan blades were painted silver the inside of. the nacelles were painted Gloss White enamel, The wheel assemblies were built next and painted the appropriate colors white for the.
inside of the doors the struts silver and the tires with flat black and silver hubs I did not. attach the nose gear doors or the main gear doors till everything was finished In 144. there is not enough plasticto attach these pieces without the possibility of them getting. knocked off somewhere else in the building process of the model So they would be. added at the end of the construction process, Now the fuselage was ready for the radomes on the front and rear of the plane For the. front radome I used a missile or bomb from my spares box that had the right shape and. diameter I measured the diameter and then cut off the appropriate length from the front. of the airplane I started with a smaller cutoff diameter and sanded it down carefully until. it matches the missile diameter The back radome had a taper going back to the. fuselage which presented a problem After mulling this over and looking through my. spares box I could not find anything that would work Next was a trip to Hobby Lobby to. get a piece of dowel rod the right diameter Looking at the pictures in the article I started. sanding the back edge of the dowel to a taper Since there was only about 7mm width of. plastic at the back end of the plane to attach the radome this was going to be a. problem The problem would there be enough plastic to hold it the radome if I secured it. with only super glue Eureka a solution popped into my head Most B737 s had the. exhaust for the APU at the tail I drilled out the dowel rod to 4mm and the tail to 4mm. and inserted the brass rod and then used epoxy to secure the radome to the fuselage. Before attaching this piece I had to find a round piece to put on the end of the radome I. used a piece of plastic from a Sharpie end to take care of this and attached it with epoxy. The reason I used epoxy I wasn t sure if the plastic from the Sharpie would be. compatible with super glue, With most of the major pieces done I painted the sub assemblies with Tamiya White. Surface Primer I lightly sanded the pieces with some 6000 grit film to take out any slight. imperfections I then filled in any obvious imperfections with more putty and sanded. them again I gave it another light coat of Surface Primer Once I was satisfied with what. I had I used Model Master Semi Gloss White Acryl 4701 to apply several light coats to. cover the airplane I let it sit for a day or two and came back and gave it several mist. coats of Testors Gloss White from a spray can This gave it a good gloss service to start.

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