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good thing it does or we would not be instructable sic in our advancing years p 6 This advertisement switches what Fowels states and shows us the opposite as we look at the scene where the mom is at the same table with her son as she is about to shoot up her son with heroin That scene is horrifying and makes the audience question her


THE POWER OF ADVERTISEMENTS 2, In this media literary analysis essay there are two different ads which express two. different emotions emotional transfer and fear This compares both of them by looking at how. an advertisement can express different feelings towards their audience with their words music. the way they act or the way it was shot and how it still manages to grab the reader s attention. differently Thai Life Insurance produced an ad showing how a man in his thirties helps the same. people and others who cross his way each day we can see how he makes an impact in other. people s lives for example by helping the little girl get an education Meanwhile in the second. ad The Precinct Studios made their audience think the mom is taking good care of her son. especially since we can see that they are well dressed and that it looks like they live in an upper. middle class home but shows the opposite and compares heroin to fast food Advertisements. will make us feel because they know how to grab their audience s attention by manipulating and. getting them by using emotional transfer and fear based on how they present their work. Keywords Media Analysis Advertisements fast food drugs education addiction. emotional transfer fear happiness helping and receiving. THE POWER OF ADVERTISEMENTS 3,The Power of Advertisements. Today many companies are trying to sell their products all over the world through. technology such as computers cellphones television radios billboards and more. Advertisements make us feel a particular way because they know how to grab their audience s. attention by manipulating and getting them by using emotions based on how they present their. work Advertisements can be dangerous in our society today since they can create some negative. emotions and manipulate us to buy a product or idea when we aren t thinking more into depth. but just making decisions based on our emotions In both a Thai Life Insurance ad and a Precinct. Studios public service announcement emotional transfer is used to get viewers to buy into either. a good or bad feeling about the products they are presenting By doing this our emotions. become what are being bought and sold leading us away from making decisions based on. thoughtfulness and logic, The video ad for Thai Life Insurance 2014 has six different scenes set in an urban area. A man in his thirties is wearing a white long sleeve button up shirt black slacks and a black. backpack walking along the sidewalk He notices a pipe leaking and grabs the nearest flower pot. to help revive the plant He then sees a lady in her fifties struggling to push her vendor cart so he. runs towards her to help The man gives a homeless dog his piece of chicken as the dog places. his paw on his thigh The ad shows a man who is cooking in a muscle shirt that shakes his head. with disagreement In the next scene he stops to read the ladies and little girls cardboard sign. that says For Education He reaches for his brown wallet and takes two pink dollar bills that. are worth a hundred dollars and places it into the girls cup The little girl bows her head to thank. him but a man in his sunglass shop shakes his head with disagreement as he is holding a. newspaper They then show how he places some bananas on someone s apartment door which. THE POWER OF ADVERTISEMENTS 4, ends up being an old lady around her eighties who opens her door and spots the bananas that are. on her doorknob The narrator asks What does he get in return for doing this every day Thai. Life Insurance 2014 As they show the next day repeating something unusual happens The. man walks towards the lady and her daughter looking down at his wallet taking the money out of. his wallet He looks up and does not see her in her usual spot and turns to look at the mom Then. the little girl screams Mom They both turn around and see that she s in a school uniform The. narrator says What he does receive are emotions Thai Life Insurance 2014 It s the third. day and once again they repeat his day and the narrator says Receives what money can t buy. Thai Life Insurance 2014 They then show the little girl showing her mom how to count with. her hands with excitement In the end the screen turns blue and has white letters in Thai it read. Thai Life Insurance Believe in Good Thai Life Insurance 2014. This ad shows us the power of kindness and how to give and receive without. expecting anything in return We understand how generous this man is toward everyone he. comes across no matter what his circumstances are because it s something that is coming from. his heart We can also see how people s facial expression and moods change as he does these. things but also how this advertisement shows how we would like our world to be We never. know the impact we have on a person s life by simply being kind In the end they say Thai Life. Insurance Believe in Good implying that their insurance will take good care of them and make. their members their lives better In Lopez s 2004 Advertising Analysis we can see how. emotional transfer is used in this advertisement through. the process of generating emotions to transfer them to a product For example a Coke ad. shows happy beautiful people but tells us nothing about the product The point is to. THE POWER OF ADVERTISEMENTS 5, make you feel good and to transfer that feeling to the brand or product This is the.
number one and most important process of media manipulation p 2. Thai Life Insurance uses this in the music they play and the happiness and tenderness in the. scenes but also through our desire of a better world This leads us to assume that the company. also believes in and supports those ideas We experience the happy emotions watching this ad. and we whether consciously or unconsciously associate that with the company We transfer our. happy emotions to this company, Another ad done by Precinct Studios uses the same techniques but in the opposite way. In this public services announcement by The Precinct Studios 2011 the scene was shot in a. quiet suspenseful dark dining room The dining room looks spotless as we see the shadow of. someone s legs on the wood floor The shadows slowly disappear and we see the person s legs. wearing brown boots that look like Uggs The camera slowly turns toward the dining room. where a boy around five years old with dirty blond hair wearing a navy blue shirt is sitting with. his left hand on his head thinking while coloring in his coloring book A lady with short black. hair wearing a sky blue sweater and a white shirt underneath pulls the chair out to sit down with. her him This makes their audience assume she is his mom since they are the only ones in that. scene and she is also caring a bag like she is bringing him some fast food to eat She holds a. brown paper lunch bag and places it on the table with her left hand She opens the bag with a. serious look on her face takes out a spoon and lays it on the table and we hear it bang The. camera points towards the round wooden table where she also takes out aluminum foil and a. syringe with an orange cap on it At this point we realize she s getting out heroin to shoot up. They then show the kid scribbling with force with a red crayon as he is sticking out his tongue in. concentration The lady opens the aluminum foil packet Then the camera turns toward the little. THE POWER OF ADVERTISEMENTS 6, boy scribbling extra loud with frustration his mom who is heating the spoon with the lighter. grabs a black band ties it on his arm grabs the needle and places a napkin like a bib on her son. Her son looks at her they both reach forward grab a burger and take a bite The screen then. turns black and has white words that say,You wouldn t inject your children with junk. So why are you feeding it to them,Childhood Obesity. Break the habit The Precinct Studios 2011, At the end of The Precinct Studios 2011 ad they make their audience feel anxious as.
they think she is going to inject her son with heroin but also feel relief as the mom and son. finally bite into their burgers However it also leaves them questioning themselves especially if. they are a parent, According to Fowels 1996 in Advertising s Fifteen Basic Appeals he states. The opposite of the need to nurture is the need to be nurtured to be protected shielded. guided We may be loath to admit it but the child lingers on inside every adult and a. good thing it does or we would not be instructable sic in our advancing years p 6. This advertisement switches what Fowels states and shows us the opposite as we look at the. scene where the mom is at the same table with her son as she is about to shoot up her son with. heroin That scene is horrifying and makes the audience question her We can see why they. would do this as we finish looking at the video and know that she is not drugging her son as they. bite into the burger but then realize what they are trying to express They compare the most. addictive drug heroin to fast food This ad is focusing on all the parents who are feeding their. children fast food instead of making them a healthy homemade cooked meal and saying they. THE POWER OF ADVERTISEMENTS 7, are doing the same harm as if they had given them drugs This advertisement does make the. audience think about how much damage they are doing and they may rethink it This is another. example of emotional transfer except in this case the emotions are negative and fearful Even if. we don t buy into such a drastic comparison by making us imagine the parent shooting a kid up. with heroin we carry that negative association with us As they say there are some things you. can t unsee The group has transferred the negative emotion to us in terms of feeding kids fast. Our society views the Thai Life Insurance advertisement as an ideal of how we should. treat people but also shows how we should appreciate everything we have and be grateful we are. able to go to school because not everyone around the world has the same free privileges. Meanwhile the second ad implies we need to make better choices for our children because fast. food can cause the same harm as any addictive drug It is an ad that is surprising with its. negative emotions and images According to Davis 1992. we see almost no advertisements and few new stories that shed negative light on. corporations or businesses This is not to suggest that all of these organizations are bad It. is worth nothing however that most corporate images appear in ads purchased or stories. placed by the businesses themselves so it s hardly surprising that the messages we hear. are relentlessly positive Myth 6 para 15, Some companies try to trick us into paying for things we don t need They use psychology. against us by exploiting our vulnerability to different types of happy emotions and ideals The. fast food ad also does this but by reversing the idea how it shouldn t be Both advertisements. express some common purpose The first ad uses emotional transfer of happiness and the second. advertisement uses that of fear about which Lopez 2004 says Fear messages are directed at. THE POWER OF ADVERTISEMENTS 8, our insecurities This is a very common technique and extra attention is required to resist these. messages p 2 We should be cautious about the advertisements we watch or read so we won t. get tricked into believing or buying what they are trying to pitch just through emotional transfer. Sometimes advertisements like the two described here buy us with their imagery and give us. both negative and positive effects In the first advertisement they buy us with the music they play. in the background the story they tell and our emotions this is very problematic After we finish. watching advertisements are we really looking beyond their story and research the company or. are we just doing it based on our emotions For example the end of the Thai Life Insurance. 2014 ad made us feel happy as we saw the little girl in her school uniform but is Thai Life. Insurance really as giving as the character they show in the ad More importantly does that. ideal behavior come to mind as people in Thailand shop for insurance Do buyers consciously. or not choose an insurance company that implies they are good and generous without knowing. Meanwhile other advertisements such as The Precinct Studios 2011 help us see the. danger of fast food by expressing how addictive it by comparing it to heroin This is grabbing. parents attention who are feeding their children fast food without realizing the side effects such. as obesity Using these negative emotions also moves us to buy into their idea Choosing to use. heroin one of the most dreaded drugs and imply it s being given to a small child is horrifying. By associating that dreadful image with fast food our emotions are once again subtly and. subversively tied to the product, Advertisers know how to draw their audiences into their products using different.
techniques and while their messages may be inspiring or a worthy cause as consumers we need. to be aware of how they are pulling on our emotions so that we make sure and draw our own. THE POWER OF ADVERTISEMENTS 9, conclusions about companies and products Through emotional transfer we can easily be pulled. into the emotion either positive or negative and fail to do our research and make our own. decisions That is one of the strongest powers of advertising. THE POWER OF ADVERTISEMENTS 10,References, Davis J F 1989 1992 Power of images Creating myths of our time Retrieved from Center. for Media Literacy website http www medialit org reading room power images. creating myths our time, Fowels J 1996 Advertising s fifteen basic appeals Retrieved from kelli dot ninja website. http kelli ninja 1301 e3 Fowels Advertisings Fifteen Basic Appeals pdf. Lopez A 2004 Advertising analysis Retrieved from Alcohol Literacy Challenge website. http www medialiteracy net pdfs hooks pdf, Thai Life Insurance Advertisement 2014 April 18 Best advertisement ever winner of best. ad 2014 Video File Retrieved from https youtu be K9vFWA1rnWc. The Precinct Studios Advertisement 2011 April 23 Fast food and children Powerful. advertisement Video File Retrieved from https youtu be 0K3F 53Sn34.

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