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The winner of the salt water tackle bag and 200 00 cash was none other than our own DRFA member Phil Kamienieki Phil was present at the Hemlock Free Fishing Seminar where the drawing was held and collected his prize that night The winner of the fresh water tackle bag and 200 00 cash was Charles McGill Charles was not present at the Hemlock Seminar when we called him he indicated that he


Page Two The River News, easily a shark can bite through a General Business February 2019 Meeting. steel hook and leader in Some details of club tournament. approximately 10 seconds Minutes,schedule were discussed due to. So when people ask if I fished and some logistic concerns and The February 27 2019 meeting of. I answered not really It s because conflicts with other events at the DRFA was held at the Silver. picking up a few reef fish was certain ramps Mike Nucero will Lake Nature Center with 18. pretty easy landing a sizable shark follow up on the details The final members in attendance Vice. off a dock in 3 foot of water and tournament schedule will be posted President Mike Nucero called the. returning it to swim away is really on the club website and in meeting to order at 7 10 pm. fishing in the Florida Keys subsequent club newsletters Minutes from the previous month s. John Pedrick reported on the meeting were read and approved. John Pedrick,possibility of getting the club Treasury. insurance from a different local There was no Treasury report. January 2019 Meeting insurance agency Selective,Minutes Membership. Insurance for a savings over last,year s cost As of the end of February we had.
The January 30 2019 meeting of 67 members for 2019 Members. the DRFA was held at the Silver Joe Newton reported on the success. can renew by mail using a form, Lake Nature Center with 20 of the club s efforts at the Edison. printed from the club website or, members in attendance President Show and the Fishermen s Flea. can sign up at the March meeting, John called the meeting to order at Market in Warminster PA Joe also. reported on the opportunity to Youth Activities,7 15 pm Minutes from the. previous month s meeting were exhibit at the new Philadelphia Chick Bay reported that he spoke. read and approved Fishing Show taking over for the with the treasurer of the. old show formerly held at the Oaks Pennsylvania Yacht Club and is. Expo Center That show runs from scheduled to get in touch with the. As of December 30 2018 the February 22 through February 24 president to work out the details of. treasury balance was 6 959 20 and That is one more opportunity to sell participation for the Youth. as of January 30 2019 it was tickets before the Hemlock Show Tournament. 7 241 14 on March 8 Trustees, Membership John Pedrick encouraged members There was no trustee s report.
As of the end of February the club to ask potential new supporting. General Business, had 58 paid members for 2019 business members for their support. of the club In addition to their Joe Newton reported on the. Youth Activities, publicity in the club newsletter and Philadelphia Fishing Show. The club needed to reserve the participation It was about half the. anticipated July 13 date for the on the club website supporting. business members are allowed to size of previous outdoor shows at. Youth Fishing Derby with the Oaks Expo Center but was well. Pennsylvania Yacht Club designate any two anglers to. participate in any club tournaments attended The club made 1 386. John Pedrick reported that Silver from that show selling raffle. Lake wanted to hold their family Members watched and listened to. tickets there at no cost for the,the opening segments of the. fishing day on Saturday April 20 club s exhibit booth Joe thanked. from 10 am until 2 pm at Silver WHYY video and podcast on. the members who helped out at the, Lake Because running that event Reviving The Delaware. show especially Dave Russell and, helps the club defer the cost of our There were no fishing reports Pete Marcolina for working hard on.
meeting room John agreed that we The 50 50 drawing for 29 was the ticket sales. would provide the manpower for won by Gregg Southrey you know The South Jersey Bass Club. that event the good looking brother Association SJBCA was. Trustees The meeting was adjourned at 8 10 sponsoring their annual fisherman s. There was no trustee s report pm flea market on Saturday March 2nd. in Millville NJ Mike announced,that there would be another. fisherman s flea market at the,Visit Our Website www drfishermen com. Page Three The River News, Sergeantsville NJ firehouse on walleye and caught one on jerk Sportsman s Center in Bordentown. Sunday March 17 bait plus hooked and lost NJ and into a room crowded with. something big boxes shelving mismatched chairs,The 2019 SCBCA Bass Bowl will. The 50 50 drawing for 40 was and a bunch of guys older than me. be held at Conowingo on the,won by Bob Jack That was my first experience with.
Susquehanna River,the Delaware River Fishermen s,After Rick ironed out a few. Mike received the Byram and Association and little did I know. technical difficulties the members, Bull s Island tournament permits what I was in for in the coming. watched and listened to the three, but was still waiting for the years Stay with me now there s a. segments of the WHYY Podcast on, Neshaminy ramp permit moral to this story somewhere. Reviving the Delaware,down the line, Discussion took place about the The meeting was adjourned at 8 10.
Shad Tournament weigh in I had seen a note at the end of Joe. scheduled for the Yardley Park and Kasper s outdoor column in the. Ride parking lot Due to Trenton Times announcing the. From A2Z monthly meeting I had only a,construction the size of that lot has. been drastically reduced After,Looking Back On limited knowledge of fishing. multiple alternatives were 20 Years Of DRFA clubs through my neighbor who. was a member of the Mercer, discussed it was decided to hold Fishing Wisdom County Bass Club back then and I. the weigh in at the lot across the, Has it really been 20 years already didn t want to get into anything too. street from the Trenton Ramp, Actually 22 years this May if I expensive or high pressure.
Environmental Reports remember correctly,But since I had recently upgraded. Frank Beck provided an article Seems like it was just last week from a canoe to a 15 deep V. announcing that The Delaware that I made my way up the narrow aluminum rowboat with a 9 9 HP. River Basin Restoration Program back stairwell at the now defunct. was awarded 6 million in 2019 for, restoring habitat for fish and 2019 DRFA Tournament Schedule. wildlife species keeping the All DRFA Club tournaments are free There are no club fees however. watershed clean and healthy ramp launch and or parking fees may apply There will be a voluntary. expanding recreational access and 10 00 pool with a 100 payout to pool participants for the three heaviest. providing job opportunities More pool fish 60 30 and 10 at tournament s end and open to dues. on that award is available on The paying DRFA members only Members accrue points for the Angler of the. River Reporter website Year competition based on their finish in the nine regular club events New. https riverreporter com outdoors members may register on the morning of an event before check in time. outdoors stories delaware river except for the Shad Tournament Weigh in is at the time specified Late. basin restoration program gets 6 entries will not count. million funding Always check the DRFA Web site or the Tournament Hotline 267 934. Fishing Reports 2148 the night before the event to learn about any possible rescheduling. or relocation due to water or weather conditions,Rick Mawson and Joe Newton. reported on a trip to Tullytown Date Event Location Time. Cove two weeks before the 3 30 Bass Curtin s Marina NJ 7 am to 1pm. meeting Water temps ranged from 4 27 Shad Yardley Park Ride 2 pm Weigh in. 39 to 43 degrees but the trip,5 04 Bank Tourn Neshaminy Marina PA 6 am to 12 pm. yielded only on 15 bass on a,5 18 Catfish Frankford Arsenal PA 6 am to 1 pm.
swimbait Mike Nucero reported, catching three bass up to 2 5 lbs on 6 22 Bass Gloucester City NJ 6 am to 12 pm. blade baits Scott McDonough went 7 13 Youth Derby Pennsylvania Yacht Club 8 am to 1 pm. that same weekend to the lake 7 20 Catfish Gloucester City NJ 6 am to 12 pm. inside of Biles Island on Saturday 8 04 Bass Neshaminy Marina PA 6 am to 12 pm. and had seven bass on sexy shad 8 24 Catfish Curtin s Marina NJ 6 am to 12 pm. Keitech swimbaits The next day he 9 14 Bass Byram Access NJ 7 am to 1 pm. went north on the river to fish for 10 12 Bass Bull s Island NJ 7 am to 1 pm. Visit Our Website www drfishermen com,Page Four The River News. prop outboard and had started Lambertville with Lou Jaros who his tournament winning bass on a. exploring the Delaware River out showed me his honey hole and his Senko no less that came after I. of the Trenton Ramp I figured that custom modified Rapala lure that invited him to come fish my spot. I would attend a meeting see what really worked I even managed to during one of the largemouth. it was all about and if it wasn t too pry some details out of Sam Shiels tournaments. expensive maybe give it a year to who used to intimidate me with his Even though I tended to fish. learn a little something standard in the river reply to tournaments with my old fishing. Well that was before I had adopted where he caught his biggest fish buddy Jim Pocetti once he and his. my watch what you wish for you You didn t need to ask on what son joined the club I still managed. just might get it philosophy and because you knew it was going to to get out with others on the. before I knew it I was helping a be on a fly Delaware and on the Susquehanna. new volunteer editor fill The River But my life changing moment including former club president. News with 8 pages of fishing came when I had an open seat for a Steve Raulfs and former AOTY. reports tournament coverage and September smallmouth tournament winner Dave Milburn I made it to. more every month Within another and was introduced to Curt Kirby the SJBCA Bass Bowl one year to. year I was editing the newsletter who showed up at the ramp that catch my largest weighed in. single handedly And within 5 morning without a boat That was largemouth and win the lunker. years I had held just about every the beginning of my addiction as a pool I came up with an idea for a. title function in the club except river smallie angler which would youth fishing tournament in the. Treasurer which Matt never eventually take me as far north on rain up at the Byram ramp where I. relinquished you see even way the Delaware as Narrowsburg NY learned from another frequent. back then Matt and Eileen liked to and west to various points along the tournament winner Bill Cox who. go on vacation Susquehanna River Seeing how I was fishing with his grandson And. Because finding 8 pages of content had limited myself to the deeper I organized the first DRFA Raft. for the then monthly newsletter parts of the Byram pool he asked Trip up above Port Jervis with guys. was sometimes a challenge when I me Isn t there any whitewater like Dave Wermuth Frank Beck. made my round of phone calls to a around here I acknowledged that Jim Pocetti Ed Evans Frank. half dozen tackle shops for fishing there was but that I had never gone Spewock Tex Schroeder and. reports I took every morsel they above the lower tailout of it His perhaps a couple others whose. had to offer in an attempt to fill the reply was short and memorable as names escape me. pages Some of it paid off he all but shouted Get out of the Whether it was a quiet trip with just. immediately Some of those pool Within about 10 minutes I one other angler or a rowdy van. contacts paid off down the road was as far up into the tumbling full of guys driving up to New. like getting a free shuttle for my water at the base of Prahl s Island York State I learned valuable. kayak up above the Lackawaxen as far as the output of my 9 9 lessons like. area from one of my tackle shop outboard could take me We. Wash your hands after putting,contacts there anchored there and were casting. on sunscreen,into the fastest water I had ever,But the biggest value of the club. fished on the river at that point What a spider jig is and how to. was getting to fish with multiple fish it,when Curt caught a 14 smallie on.
guys and to learn a little something, a Berkley Power Leech and I was How to find an ambush point to. from each one Then president, hooked on river smallie fishing fish on the outgoing tide. John Strada became my biggest,role model as he invited me. every bit as much as that poor fish How to catch my first shad. multiple times to fish the tidal river As for the tidal river I kept even though I m still not very. foreign to me at that point from attending the tournaments listening good at it. the back of his boat We didn t to the chatter at the weigh ins and How to use a monofilament loop. always catch a ton of fish but I eventually getting up enough nerve to remove a hook embedded in. started to learn the structure and the to ask a few questions Some of the my leg. rhythm of the tides and seasons answers were very vague but How to gain confidence in new. Soon I was pre fishing before enough people were gracious baits to load my livewell and. every tournament and fishing every enough to share their experience empty my wallet. one of our seven events I got some and I was willing to pass it along in. return Just ask Frank Beck about And what a sexy shad is. experience wading up above,Visit Our Website www drfishermen com. Page Five The River News, The moral of the story is you can we ll have 75 extra postings on the You can download a copy of this.
get as much out of the DRFA as club forum and there certainly has flyer from our website. you are willing to put into it A to be something for each of us to drfishermen com of you can pick. case in point is the Fishing Report learn in all of that And don t tell one up at the March 27 meeting. section on the club website Other me that not one of you has ever This is a great opportunity to enjoy. than a few guys it doesn t get looked for a shad report from a nice dinner out with your family. much love these days We had Grumman Bob Kuntz so we all and or friends and also help your. more participation in it back in the already owe at least one in payback fishing club to show young. day when I had to receive hand or more accurately pay it children the joys of fishing. written phoned in or emailed forward, reports and post them to the There will also be an opportunity to. In the meantime we don t even win some prizes,website manually using HTML. have to wait to go fishing to learn,code So download a copy of this flyer or. All you need to do is ask I might,better yet attend the March. Back when I actually used to fish be a little rusty on my tidal. meeting meet fellow members, the Delaware more than once a largemouth skills but I can pick up a flyer and help us to.
year I tried to post every trip I took probably help you a bit with my continue our youth activities. good bad or so so And for as non tidal smallie experience For. much as I posted I felt I got every now though I ll leave you with the Hope to see you at our meeting and. bit as much back from other traditional advice from Steve at the Texas Roadhouse on. members on the website at Raulfs old President s Notes Wednesday April17. meetings after tournaments or on Check your drag and set the. recreational trips hook,Think about it seriously We all. have fun at the meetings and after,tournaments busting chops Why. not have as much fun sharing,fishing info both ways It doesn t. have to have GPS coordinates but,important info like water temps. clarity turbidity can make a,difference on whether another club.
member ventures out And if you Texas Roadhouse,feel confident enough to share. types of baits rigging color Fundraiser, patterns etc go for it You can The DRFA is holding a fundraiser. even just pass along the same type event at the Texas Roadhouse. of advice we all heard from Tim Restaurant 1545 Street Road. Baumann who spoke at one of our Bensalem on Wednesday April 17. meetings You can use any color from 4pm to 10pm to raise funds. spinnerbait you want as long as for our youth events The DRFA. it s white will receive 10 of your total food,purchase just bring a copy of the. So I m asking everyone to make,flyer below and present it when you. the effort to post at least one make your purchase Take out food. fishing report this Spring one this and Gift certificates also qualify for. Summer and one this Fall If we the 10,have 25 active members do that.
Visit Our Website www drfishermen com,Page Six The River News. 2019 DRFA million people depend on the great strongly worded letter from. Delaware River for drinking water lawyers at CLF Earthjustice and. Tournament Season NRDC certainly helped too,In 2016 Congress passed a bill that. Begins This Month led to the creation of the restoration Unfortunately the river herring and. The 2019 DRFA tournament begins program The goal is to conserve shad catch caps have not been. with a bass tournament on March and restore habitat for fish and adjusted down and will not. 30 Hopefully this year unlike last other wildlife improve water incentivize bycatch avoidance as. year the weather will cooperate quality reduce flood damage and they should That is an issue that. with us and we will be able to have provide recreational activities will need to be addressed with the. this tournament Last year was the 2020 2021 catch limits. The 6 million will go into a, first time we scheduled a conservation fund overseen by the ASMFC approved a new action. tournament this early in the season U S Fish and Wildlife Service and that aims to protect spawning. and the weather did not cooperate the National Fish and Wildlife herring Currently dynamic. The tournament will be held out of Foundation to support spawning closures are used to. Curtin s Marina in Burlington NJ environmental and conservation reduce the likelihood that the. beginning at 7 am This year we organizations through a series of industry catches spawning fish and. look forward to good weather and a grants for conservation projects through this Addendum that. little cooperation from the bass The restoration projects will program will be expanded to more. address those needs herring management areas Public. comment on this will begin in a,The government restoration. few weeks and go through April 3,program is separate from the.
with written comments and,Delaware River Watershed. Initiative a partnership of, conservation organizations also Atlantic menhaden was also. working to protect the basin and discussed by ASMFC last week. funded largely privately by 100 The menhaden board voted to. million in grants from the William postpone indefinitely taking any. Penn Foundation However action against Virginia for not. 6 Million for Delaware organizations hope to use money implementing a cap on the. River Restoration from both programs as part of menhaden fishery in Chesapeake. conservation projects Bay Although the cap has not been. A recently created federal program reached in recent years it does set a. to protect the vast Delaware River trend for states to go out of. watershed will receive 6 million Herring Alliance compliance with few consequences. this year as part of a sweeping bill On the bright side the board. We have a few short updates on, signed by President Donald Trump reaffirmed their commitment to. herring and menhaden actions that, to fund federal agencies and avoid ecosystem based catch limits and. occurred last week Mostly good, a partial government shutdown plans to review the Bay Cap issue.
news But of course there is more, The Delaware River Basin that can be done with those are finalized likely. Restoration Program received 5 sometime in 2020,NOAA has finalized a 2019 catch. million in funding in its initial year Thanks for your support as. limit for Atlantic herring We are,2018 The 1 million increase this always. pleased with the final result,year in the Interior Department. NOAA reversed a proposed rule,budget is a good sign say those.
and lowered the catch limit with,involved in watershed conservation. this final rule The Council had,voted in September for a lower. The basin commonly referred to as herring catch limit for 2019 using. a watershed comprises 12 500 the new control rule from. square miles of land in Amendment 8 When NOAA, Pennsylvania New Jersey New proposed a higher limit at the end. York and Delaware that ultimately of 2018 the Council stuck to their. drain into the river either directly or original request and re affirmed. through tributaries About 15 their support for a lower number A. Visit Our Website www drfishermen com,Page Seven The River News. DRFA Bass Tournament,Saturday March 30 7 am to 1 pm.
Curtin s Marina 501 E Pearl St Burlington NJ, Rte 130 N to High St Turn Left 130 S to high St Turn right. Proceed to Pearl St turn right cross creek to Marina on left. DRFA Shad Tournament,Saturday April 27 2 pm Weigh in. Mercer County Ramp Overflow Parking lot Trenton NJ. Rte 29 South thru tunnel to Lamberton Road Exit go 0 5 miles to ramp on righ. DRFA Bank Only Tournament,Saturday May 4 6 am to 12 pm. Check in Weigh in at Neshaminy State Marina Parking Lot Croydon PA. I 95 to Street Rd East on Street Rd to State Rd Turn left past Neshaminy Creek to. Traffic light Cedar Ave turn right to River Rd right to 4th Ave left to marina. This is a Multi Species Bank Tournament NO BOATS,DRFA Catfish Tournament. Saturday May 18 6 am 12 pm,Frankford Arsenal Ramp Philadelphia PA.
Off Tacony Street Philadelphia Pa just south of the Tacony Palmyra Bridge. All participants Must wear a PFD while the Gas engine is running. Failure to wear a PFD will result in a warning on the 1st offense and disqualification on subsequent offenses. All participants must check in during the hour preceding start time. There is no entry fee however ramp launch and or parking fees may apply There is a voluntary 10 00 Pool. Only paid members of the D R F A and qualifying family members may participate and weigh in fish The most. recent membership list will be present at weigh in. Only 1 legal fish of the specified species per person will be weighed The heaviest fish will determine the winner. All fish must be alive at weigh in except the Shad Bank Tournaments all fish will be released after weigh in. or disposed of in a legal manner, In the event of a tie in weight the longest fish will determine the winner. The fish must have been caught on that day during the hours of the tournament. The fishing area will be limited to the part of the Delaware River and its tributaries that can be reached by boat from. the Starting Access Ramp Shore fishing is permitted. Weigh in is at scheduled end time Those arriving late for weigh in will not be permitted to weigh in fish. Only legal fishing methods of the States of New Jersey and Pennsylvania may be used. Live Bait is permitted, The tournament judge will have final say in all disputes. Tournament Hotline 267 934 2148 Tournament Coordinator Mike Nucero 267 357 1799. PRIZES 100 payout on day of tournament, All anglers weighing in fish no matter where they place will accumulate points towards the. Dave Bryant Memorial Angler of the Year Contest, Qualifying family members can only participate if a Family Membership has been purchased Qualifying family members include any member of the immediate. family residing at that home and any immediate children or Grandchildren up to the age of 16 also qualify no matter where they live. Visit Our Website www drfishermen com,The Delaware River Fishermen s Association.
P O Box 4739,Philadelphia PA 19134,MARCH APRIL 2019 ISSUE. PRESIDENT S MESSAGE,TEXAS ROADHOUSE FUNDRAISER,TOURNAMENT INFORMATION. Also Visit our Web site,www drfishermen com, THE RIVER NEWS is the bimonthly newsletter of the Delaware River Fishermen s Association The DRFA typically meets. the last Wednesday of each month 7 00 pm at the Silver Lake Nature Center 1306 Bath Road Bristol PA. All interested sportsmen and women are invited to attend and join the organization. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SUPPORTING BUSINESS MEMBERS, Silver Lake Nature Center 1306 Bath Road Bristol PA 235 acres of woods lakes marshes meadows 4 5 miles of trails. The Ike Foundation 625 N Main Street Elmer NJ 08318 Our mission is to get more kids fishing and in the outdoors. Phila Boat Supply 8900 State Road Phila PA 19136 215 332 5117 We carry a full line of new used boats motors parts. The Fegley Law Firm 301 Oxford Valley Rd Suite 402A Yardley PA 215 493 8287 Business Employment Personal Injury law. The Continental Tavern 2 North Main St Yardley PA 215 493 9191 Family Dining Catering 9 draught beers. Complete Computer Services PC Sales and Service Repairs in your home or office 267 235 8144. H L Live Bait and Tackle 78 East Bridge St Morrisville PA 215 295 1400 a large variety of fresh live bait. Tow Boat US 32 Kirkwood Circle Brigantine NJ 08203 Delaware River Service Package Available 609 517 2822. White Oak Ice Co 350 State Road Bensalem PA 19020 Self Service Crushed Ice Blocks of Ice 215 639 1080. Gasper Contracting Where your home ideas become reality Philadelphia Montgomery Bucks Counties 215 805 7360. Mc Keown s Automotive Services 2525 Street Road Bensalem Pa 19020 215 639 4887 State Inspection Emissions. Clayton Hunting Fishing 660 Easton Rd Horsham PA 215 672 6060 for all your hunting fishing archery firearm needs. D S Boat Sales Inc 100 Main St Tullytown PA 215 949 2100 family owned marina located in a beautiful cove in Tullytown Pa. Associate Members,South Jersey Bass Club Association.
Delaware Riverkeeper Network,Mid Atlantic Youth Anglers Outdoors Program.

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