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the heritage foundation 2009 annual report Building an America where Freedom Opportunity Prosperity and Civil Society Flourish


Our Mission,To formulate and promote conservative public. policies based on the principles of free enterprise. limited government individual freedom traditional,American values and a strong national defense. Board of Trustees Senior Management, Thomas A Saunders III Chairman Edwin J Feulner Ph D President. Richard M Scaife Vice Chairman Phillip N Truluck Executive Vice President. J Frederic Rench Secretary Stuart M Butler Ph D Vice President. Meg Allen Becky Norton Dunlop Vice President,Douglas F Allison John P Fogarty Vice President. Larry P Arnn Ph D Michael G Franc Vice President, The Hon Belden Bell Michael M Gonzalez Vice President.
Midge Decter Kim R Holmes Ph D Vice President, Edwin J Feulner Ph D Edwin Meese III Reagan Fellow. Steve Forbes Ted E Schelenski Vice President,Robert J Herbold Michael Spiller Vice President. Todd W Herrick John Von Kannon Vice President and Treasurer. Jerry Hume Genevieve Wood Vice President,Kay Coles James Robert E Russell Jr Counselor. Lee Klinetobe,The Hon J William Middendorf II,Honorary Chairman and Trustee Emeritus. Abby Moffat David R Brown M D,Nersi Nazari Ph D Honorary Trustees.
Robert Pennington Kathryn Davis,William E Simon Jr The Hon Frank Shakespeare. Brian Tracy, Phillip N Truluck Patron of The Heritage Foundation. Barb Van Andel Gaby The Right Honourable The Baroness Thatcher LG. Marion G Wells PC OM FRS, As a non profit 501 c 3 organization we rely on the financial contributions of the general public individuals foundations and. corporations We accept no government funds and perform no contract work We welcome your support. The Heritage Foundation n 214 Massachusetts Avenue N E n Washington D C 20002 n 202 546 4400 n heritage org. th e heritage fou n dat i o n 2 0 0 9 a n n ua l r e p ort. Building an America where,Opportunity,Prosperity and. Civil Society,Message from the Chairman and the President.
Photo Newscom, Sept 12 2009 Hundreds of thousands converge on the grounds of the Capitol for a massive Tea Party The grassroots movement shares. Heritage s desire to build an America where freedom opportunity prosperity and civil society flourish. Getting Hope and Change Right, Hope and change Seldom have so few words generated so much anticipation And so much. irony The 2008 campaign slogan became the Left s battle cry at the dawn of 2009 But by year s. end many of their troops were dispirited Instead hope was stirring through the growing and. energized ranks of conservatives And change Well that takes a little more telling. B arack Obama signaled the kind of,change liberals had in mind in 2001. while serving in the Illinois Senate The,and use their majority to go on a trans. formational rampage Federal spending,exploded General Motors became Gov.
greater regulatory control of banks and,investment firms. Internationally our president kept, Constitution he said had deep flaws ernment Motors Financial institutions apologizing for America while bow. He faulted the Supreme Court as well fell under federal control Budget deficits ing before dictators As North Korea. because it didn t break free from the once measured in billions skyrocketed test fired missiles and Iran raced to. essential constraints that were placed by into trillions An economic stimulus build nukes and the missiles to deliver. the Founding Fathers in the Constitu package morphed into history s biggest them we scaled back on ballistic missile. tion Just before the 2008 election he pork grab and a jobless one at that defense The Administration down. proclaimed We are five days away from Yet Washington wanted still more graded the war on terrorism to overseas. fundamentally transforming the United power a government run health sys contingency operations and reclassified. States of America tem a cap and trade energy scheme terrorism as man caused disasters We. Congressional leadership too was that would send utility bills through the insulted the British and jilted our Polish. eager to cast aside essential constraints roof and kill off millions of jobs even and Czech allies while chumming it up. Leadership for America The Heritage Foundation 1,In Memoriam. with the likes of Ahmadinejad Assad Initially drawing hundreds of. and Chavez participants and then thousands by, It was change indeed But not July 4 the crowds numbered in the tens. the kind of change most Americans of thousands The spontaneous pro. Photo Newscom, wanted Predictably it triggered a tests hit a new level on Sept 12 when.
massive backlash several hundred thousands marched. on Capitol Hill There they called on, Robert Novak The Spirit of America Congress Stop spending money you. 1931 2009 The backlash began in February in the don t have Stop saddling our grand. President s own back yard On the floor children with debt Start acting like. of the Chicago Board of Trade CNBC responsible adults. analyst Rick Santelli loosed a rant For many it was their first political. heard round the world If you read our protest It confirmed Tocqueville s obser. Founding Fathers people like Ben vation that when roused to action Amer. jamin Franklin and Jefferson what icans unite in voluntary associations Like. Photo Chas Geer, we re doing in this country now is mak no other people on Earth Americans will. ing them roll over in their graves Amid join causes for common purposes. applause from the floor Santelli went House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Jack Kemp on to spark a bonfire We re thinking tried to dismiss the protesters brand. 1935 2009 of having a Chicago Tea Party in July ing them first as insurance company. he said All you capitalists that want to hirelings later as dupes of the rich. show up to Lake Michigan I m gonna But the polls told a different story The. start organizing American people are rejecting the Left s. Soon the Internet crackled with radical agenda, plans for rallies evoking the spirit of Consider findings of the Pew Re. the 1773 Boston Tea Party Within search Center Its polls ask for a word. Photo Newscom, weeks Tea Parties were popping up in that describes President Obama In. cities and towns across America One February the most common words were. Internet site listed more than 600 Tea change and intelligent Just two months. Irving Kristol Party organizations from Jasper Ga later change was no longer in the top 10. 1920 2009 to Cottage Grove Ore from Brenda and socialist stood at number 3. Ariz to Concord N H More importantly 41 percent of. 2 The Heritage Foundation 2009 Annual Report,Photo Teter Alunans Victims of Communism Memorial.
Photo Captured Moments Photography, Dr David Brown left accepts the Clare Boothe Luce Award Heritage Distinguished Fellow Edwin Meese III displays the Reagan. Heritage s highest honor from Edwin Feulner at a ceremony in Truman Medal of Freedom bestowed on him in June Celebrating. Oklahoma City Brown served as chairman of Heritage s Board from with him are Roger Ream left president of The Fund for American. 1997 2009 Studies and TFAS Chairman Randal C Teague. Americans identified themselves as con Founders principles And The Heritage. servative on the issues of taxes govern Foundation gladly provided them The. ment spending and business regulation core goal of our ongoing Leadership for The Heritage Foundation Board of Trustees. only 12 percent called themselves liberal America campaign is to help the Amer from left Abby Moffat Todd W Herrick. And polls showed independent voters ican people rediscover and revive the Steve Forbes Kay Coles James Brian Tracy. moving en masse toward conservatism first principles of liberty Throughout Richard M Scaife Vice Chairman David. R Brown Trustee Emeritus Marion G, In October for the first time since Presi 2009 we reached out as never before Wells Nersi Nazari Thomas A Saunders. dent Obama took office a majority of engaging Americans in civic action and III Chairman J William Middendorf II. Americans said our country was on the inviting them to join our cause Edwin J Feulner Jerry Hume Phillip N. wrong track The response has been amazing Truluck J Frederic Rench Secretary Barb. As Americans recoiled from the On Jan 1 2009 our member Van Andel Gaby Larry P Arnn Douglas. F Allison Lee Klinetobe Midge Decter, Left s agenda they earnestly sought ship stood at 400 000 At year s end Belden Bell Robert J Herbold Meg Allen. viable alternatives effective conserva we numbered 582 000 a 45 percent Robert Pennington Not pictured William. tive policy solutions that uphold the increase We are now many times over E Simon Jr. Photo Frasierphoto com,Leadership for America The Heritage Foundation 3. Photo www DavidHills net, Heritage Foundation Senior Management from left top row Michael Spiller Vice President John Von Kannon Vice President and Treasurer.
Michael G Franc Vice President John P Fogarty Vice President Ted E Schelenski Vice President middle row Becky Norton Dunlop Vice. President Michael M Gonzalez Vice President Genevieve Wood Vice President Edwin Meese III Reagan Fellow bottom row Phillip N. Truluck Executive Vice President Edwin J Feulner President Stuart M Butler Vice President Kim R Holmes Vice President Not pictured. Robert E Russell Jr Counselor, the most broadly supported think tank service as Chairman of our Board of servatism and a respected intellectual. in America Trustees David Brown stepped down leader for several generations of conser. Our operating revenues grew as We are grateful he remains with us vatives. well up 13 percent over 2008 And that as Honorary Chairman and Trustee We also celebrated some well. during an abysmal economy Emeritus The Board named a new deserved honors David Brown re. Equally gratifying more people Chairman Me Tom Saunders and ceived our Clare Boothe Luce Award. than ever sought out our views Visi welcomed three new trustees Meg Al Heritage s highest honor The Victims. tors to Heritage org jumped 42 percent len Abby Moffat and Robert Penning of Communism Memorial Foundation. averaging nearly 1 2 million visits per ton Our Senior Management team awarded Ed Meese our Ronald Reagan. month More than 140 000 subscribed welcomed two new members Mike Distinguished Fellow the Truman. to our daily e letter Morning Bell The Gonzalez Vice President of Commu Reagan Medal of Freedom. ranks of our Facebook friends swelled nications and John Fogarty Vice Presi We even changed our appearance. to over 100 000 while 35 000 followed dent of Development a bit refurbishing Lehrman Audito. our every move on Twitter With sadness but deep gratitude rium giving our Web site a complete. Lawmakers on Capitol Hill request we bid final farewell to some old friends makeover and hosting our first ever art. ed and received over 125 private and colleagues Among them were exhibit the Gulag Collection The lat. analyses of their bills from our Center Trustee Holly Coors Ambassador ter presented 50 paintings by Ukrainian. for Data Analysis More than 85 political Harvey Feldman Distinguished Fellow artist Nikolai Getman memorializing. candidates came to us for issue briefings in China Policy at Heritage Robert his years of sorrow and suffering in a. and it wasn t even an election year Novak an extraordinary reporter and Soviet gulag. conservative columnist Jack Kemp the And we made tremendous progress. Leadership for America pioneering supply sider who came to restoring and expanding the burnt out. Heritage also marked institutional epitomize bleeding heart conservatism building we acquired last year at 227. changes during 2009 After 17 years of and Irving Kristol architect of neocon Pennsylvania Ave SE Soon that facility. 4 The Heritage Foundation 2009 Annual Report,Photo Chas Geer. The summer 2009 interns gather in Allison Foyer with Heritage President Ed Feulner and staff of our Young Leaders Program More than 340. top students competed for the 67 summer slots available. complete with meeting rooms and office federal spending Heritage answered the fast stronger than ever because of. space will give Heritage an outpost on call speaking out for freedom and the you Thank you for all you do to make. the other side of Capitol Hill just blocks rule of law Details of those battles and Heritage an institutional leader We are. from the House office buildings more await you in this report grateful for your generosity inspired by. Yes 2009 was a remarkable year The fight to protect our nation s your dedication and humbled by your. Liberals expected to cakewalk America founding principles from progressive trust in us We pledge to remain worthy. into collectivism chanting Yes we incursions has begun in earnest We of it. can But the American people rose up can t foretell outcomes but of this you Sincerely. moved right and replied emphatically may be certain Wherever the battle. No you won t lines are drawn The Heritage Founda, And every time the Left tried tion will be in the vanguard And we will. to advance its agenda on scores of remain faithful to the First Principles Thomas A Saunders III Chairman. fronts Heritage was there leading that made America a beacon of true. the fight for freedom On health care hope to all the earth. reform on national security policy on In 2010 we will remain stead Edwin J Feulner President. Thomas A Edwin J Feulner,Photo Frasierphoto com,Photo Frasierphoto com. Saunders III has been,was elected President of,as Heritage s The Heritage.
Chairman of the Foundation,Board in April since 1977. Leadership for America The Heritage Foundation 5,Empowering Patients not Politicians. Bathed in March sunshine and surrounded by liberal congressional leaders President Obama. proclaimed The stars are aligned for health care reform Moreover he declared the deed. would be done before Congress adjourned for August recess. B ut come July the deadline slipped,to this year And with Novem. ber s stunning defeat of liberal gu,health care was headed in precisely the. wrong direction,Throughout the year Heritage, bernatorial candidates in the Obama delivered a steady stream of rigorous.
strongholds of Virginia and New original research and clear eyed analysis. Jersey all bets were off Senate Major that exposed the harsh realities buried in. ity Leader Harry Reid announced he the 1 000 plus page House bill and the. was not going to be bound by any 2 000 plus page Senate proposal. timelines and eager beaver reformer Systematically repeatedly. Chuck Schumer the senior senator Heritage experts exposed the false. from New York abruptly decided promises of liberal reformers and the. that the most important thing is to dangerous consequences of putting. Photo Newscom, get it done right not quickly government in charge of health care. The Massachusetts Miracle financing and delivery, brought the Obamacare juggernaut to a Take the Administration s mantra. Local protesters make their views known, screeching stop But it s not as though outside a public forum on health reform. If you like your current coverage you, progressive lawmakers hadn t been hosted by Sen Claire McCaskill D Mo at can keep it Heritage commissioned. One in Five,warned their bold effort to remake on College.
Jefferson Medicaid in Hillsboro Mo the Lewin Group a nationally re. The House passed health bill would extend Medicaid eligibility to all adults earning up to 150. of the poverty level That s 62 1 million adults almost 21 percent of our entire population. One in Five on Medicaid, Percentage of Population Eligible for Medicaid Under Proposed Federal Legislation. Percentage of Population Eligible for Medicaid Under. The House passed Proposed Federal Legislation,health bill would. extend Medicaid,eligibility to all adults,earning up to 150. of the poverty level,That s 62 1 million,adults almost 21. percent of our entire,population,Key 10 to 15,15 1 to 20.
20 1 to 35,6 The Heritage Foundation 2009 Annual Report. Lorem ipsum dolor sit,amet consectetuer,adipiscing elit sed. diam nonummy nibh,euismod tincidunt ut,laoreet dolore magna Heritage Vice. aliquam erat volutpat President Stuart,Ut wisi enim ad Butler testifies. minim veniam quis before the Senate,nostrud exerci tation Finance Committee.
ullamcorper suscipit on affordable,lobortis nisl ut aliquip market based. ex ea commodo health reforms that,Photo Spencer Anderson. consequat can expand health,coverage far more,efficiently than. government run, nowned independent health research new statistical model that generated Predictably the Finance Commit. organization to analyze exactly how much interest from lawmakers Several tee bill was a public option in co op. the House version of Obamacare members of Congress intent on devel clothing So once again Heritage. would affect those already insured oping cost effective reforms relied on experts fired off a series of papers ex. Their conclusion 85 million fewer our new analytical tools to evaluate and plaining that while true health care co. Americans would have employer based refine their own proposals Our rigor operatives should be encouraged in the. coverage and many would end up in a ous research informed virtually all of private sector a government managed. government run plan the practical conservative alternatives to cooperative would only create the same. We brought the message of the the Left s big government solutions problems as other government run. Lewin study even closer to home with Intellectual ammunition from health systems. our own state by state analysis of how Heritage also figured prominently in We exposed other flaws in both. Again and again members of Congress cited Heritage research in floor. speeches and newspaper articles At congressional town hall meetings. protesters asked informed questions based on our findings. many people would lose private cover the national debate Again and again the House and Senate bills Like the. age and wind up in government run members of Congress cited Heritage fact that cutting billions of dollars. programs To the consternation of research in floor speeches and news from the Medicare Advantage program. the Left the dynamite findings were paper articles When congressional would result in millions of seniors no. cited repeatedly from major media proponents of Obamacare held town longer enrolled in this popular cover. such as The Wall Street Journal and hall meetings in their home districts age And the fact that the proposed. The Washington Post to local outlets protesters used our research to ask Medicaid expansions would cost state. like the Minneapolis Star Tribune and questions for which proponents had no and federal taxpayers billions So much. Montana s Big Sky Business Journal satisfactory answers for reform not costing a penny more. Throughout the yearlong debate Unable to buffalo the public Other Heritage research focused. Heritage competed head to head about the virtues of a public option on the host of new taxes strewn. with government agencies in analyz Senate liberals dug into their bag of throughout the proposals including. ing health proposals Experts in our rhetorical tricks and came up with a the House bill s new surtax on the. Center for Data Analysis rolled out a co op alternative rich Our analysts identified how. Leadership for America The Heritage Foundation 7,False Promises of.
Many of President Obama s promises,about his approach to health reform. were too good to be true Here are just,six debunked by Heritage analysts in. n If you like your health insurance,you can keep it Fact Imposing. an employer mandate or creating,a new government run health plan. would change or dissolve exist,ing private coverage for millions of.
n Obamacare will be fully paid for,and not add to the deficit Fact. The 10 year price tag for various,versions ranged from 900 billion. to 2 5 trillion and that s with taxes,Photo Chas Geer. starting years before the benefits,n Obamacare will save the typical. Sen Jim DeMint R S C describes draft legislation to offer every family a tax credit to. family 2 500 Fact The bills actu buy health insurance part of his comprehensive proposal to Stop America s Slide into. ally increase total health care spend Socialism at a July presentation at Heritage. ing Many Americans especially, the young and healthy would face these taxes would hurt small business invention to experiment with new.
higher health care costs not lower owners and otherwise discourage job ways to expand coverage and make it. n Middle class Americans making creation and economic growth affordable. 250 000 or less won t see The American public got it A And we worked to make those ex. their taxes go up Fact The severe recession is no time to impose periments succeed We convened a trail. personal mandate higher taxes on new taxes But many lawmakers re blazing health reform conference for. investment income new taxes on fused to listen policymakers from the Southern states. insurance plans medical devices By year s end the House and Sen to review best practices of state health. and pharmaceuticals all would ate had narrowly approved two pro reform and how to adapt them to meet. increase taxes for many middle class foundly dysfunctional bills Heritage needs peculiar to the region The pro. families and businesses analyses identified and explained the gram featured Mississippi Gov Haley. n Obamacare isn t a government, grave pitfalls and false promises in each Barbour a hands on health reformer. takeover Fact The Left s proposals, Conservative lawmakers seized upon and drew high level officials from Texas. would concentrate decisions over, this information to help rebut and resist to Georgia. health care financing and delivery,the effort We also worked with Westerners. in the hands of Washington bu, These same lawmakers insisted interested in market based reform Af.
reaucrats and politicians That s a, that there must be a better way to ex ter months of consultation with Heri. government takeover, pand coverage to all Americans and tage experts Utah policymakers en. many of them turned to Heritage for acted an impressive package of health. n All health care negotiations will, recommendations on how to do it We reforms And we continue working. be broadcast on C SPAN Fact, responded by developing alternative with lawmakers elsewhere to develop. Virtually all of the House and Senate, reform proposals to increase consum innovative responsible health policy.
bills were hashed out in closed, ers options for affordable insurance and recommendations for their states. door meetings The result ugly, leave medical decision making to them Throughout the year Heritage. and costly back room deals to gain, and their physicians not government proved to be an indispensable leader. support for Obamacare, In accordance with the core prin informing lawmakers and the general. For information on the right way to reform ciple of federalism we also urged Con public of the ill effects arising from. health care in America please visit Heritage s gress to drop its grandiose centralized government managed health care and. www fixhealthcarepolicy com approach to health reform and instead the benefits of pursuing market based. free the states those laboratories of consumer driven health systems. 8 The Heritage Foundation 2009 Annual Report,Fighting for our Fighting Forces.
In 2009 Congress spent as never before with one disturbing exception national defense. tion urging defense spending sufficient,to meet our core needs More than. 115 000 Americans signed on,By the time Newt Gingrich de. livered the closing address the month,long educational campaign had raised. awareness throughout the nation and,on Capitol Hill Indeed it prompted. House Minority Whip Eric Cantor and,Sen Kay Bailey Hutchison to join a.
new coalition of lawmakers pledged to,seek an adequate defense budget. The Softening of Resolve,As the Left retrenched on defense. Scene from 33 Minutes Heritage s feature length documentary on missile defense. spending so it downplayed the,seriousness of the war on terror Here. the first cutbacks were semantic The, ust weeks after taking office Presi Bob Graham who head the congres administration banned the phrase global. dent Obama ordered the Joint Chiefs sional Commission on the Prevention war on terrorism replacing it with. to cut the Pentagon s budget by at of Weapons of Mass Destruction Pro overseas contingency operation Acts of. least 10 percent Key programs went on liferation and Terrorism terror became man caused disasters. the chopping block including missile As an adjunct to the lecture series Substantive strategy shifts followed. defense new fighter jets and the next Heritage sponsored an online peti Big stick deterrence was eschewed in. generation of weapons, As the cuts fell Heritage experts North Korea s missiles move within.
stressed that by any reasonable, measure maintaining a robust defense striking distance. requires an annual budget of at least Current range. Russia 3 000 6 000,4 percent of gross domestic product Arctic Ocean. That s about half of what we spent,throughout the 40 year Cold War Ab. sent a firm commitment to defense even China,this level of spending will be increasingly. Alaska Canada,vulnerable to crowd out by soaring en.
titlement costs,To raise awareness of our growing,defense deficit Heritage designated Sea U S. June as Protect America Month host,North Pacific, ing a series of lectures mapping out Korea 1993 range. 1998 range,1 250 miles Ocean,the dangers of penny wise policies. that threaten to hollow out our na North Korea s ballistic missiles have increased their. tion s military range five fold since 1990 When Pyongyang perfects a. Mitt Romney delivered the kick third stage for its Taepodong 2 the missiles could reach. off lecture Other speakers included Air anywhere in North America in about 33 minutes. Force Chief of Staff Norton Schwartz,and former senators Jim Talent and. Leadership for America The Heritage Foundation 9,Photo Chas Geer.
Photo Chas Geer, Mackenzie Eaglen Heritage research fellow for national security. Sen Mark Begich D Alaska discusses the need for missile defense studies introduces Lt Gen Charles E Stenner Jr commander of. in a July presentation hosted by Heritage President Ed Feulner left the Air Force Reserve. favor of soft diplomatic charm Naively, officials tried to negotiate with self Confronting the Nuclear Threat. proclaimed enemies including the,rogue regime in Tehran. There s nothing wrong with di,plomacy of course In fact Heritage. worked hard to form a Public Diplo Retired Air Force. macy Network group policy organiza Lt Gen Henry, tions that are now pressing Congress to Trey Obering a.
former director of,exercise oversight over the Administra. the Missile Defense, tion s more questionable diplomatic ini Agency discusses. tiatives We also helped lawmakers form the nuclear strike. a new caucus of members dedicated to capabilities of. effective Public Diplomacy and Strategic America s enemies. in 33 Minutes,Communications, But diplomacy can accomplish A cutting edge documentary exposed a real inconvenient truth in 2009. only so much and Heritage continually America s near total vulnerability to missile attack. warned the Administration against over On Feb 11 Heritage s first ever feature length film 33 Minutes Protecting. reliance on peace through palaver All America in the New Missile Age premiered at the Motion Picture Association. too soon our concerns were validated of America Theater in Washington D C Thanks to the generosity of William. In September the Administration boast S Edgerly the high definition production features on location segments from. ed of a breakthrough development around the globe interviews with world leaders and exclusive footage from the. Iran had agreed to ship most of its ura Missile Defense Agency. nium to other countries for enrichment The one hour movie reveals a frightening truth that a missile launched. thereby reducing its capacity to develop anywhere in the world by terrorists or a rogue state could strike the U S within. nuclear weapons But seven days later 33 minutes of lift off It documents the need for multilayered missile defense. Iran backed out Faster than you can say North Korean nukes Heritage proliferated DVD. As Heritage expert James Carafano copies and screening guides to all corners of the country Several members of. wrote in his weekly newspaper column Congress used them to conduct town hall meetings And scores of Heritage. All the Administration managed to members and allied groups hosted neighborhood screenings in school gyms. accomplish was to offer unearned le church halls public libraries and private living rooms. gitimacy to the Iranian government Our Community Committees hosted large gatherings in hotels museums. treating the radical regime as a responsi and movie theaters These events also featured lively Q A sessions with. ble partner Meanwhile the U S allowed Heritage experts such as Edwin Meese Kim Holmes James Carafano Jim. Tehran to buy more time for developing Talent and Peter Brookes. their weapons program By year s end 33 Minutes had reached an audience of 45 000 thanks to. On missile defense President more than 500 screenings in 47 states Many left determined to spread the. Obama unilaterally reneged on the 2008 truth about missile defense even further in 2010. agreement to build 10 interceptor sites,10 The Heritage Foundation 2009 Annual Report. Identifying America s Long Term, in Poland and deploy missile defense Security Needs.
radar in the Czech Republic The pact Heritage declared June. was essential to protect our Eastern Eu Protect America Month. ropean allies from the growing threat of But our series of lectures. nuclear attack from Iran panel discussions and, Heritage experts Baker Spring and policy briefs on national. Mackenzie Eaglen argued forcefully security proved so popular. that the decision runs contrary to U S we extended the month to. strategic interests and will undermine six weeks, security commitments to America s al Mitt Romney kicked off. Photos Chas Geer, lies And we pressed that message with the program with a June. numerous screenings of 33 Minutes 1 lecture at Washington s. Protecting America in the New Missile U S Navy Memorial His. Age The one hour documentary makes address The Care of Former Massachusetts Governor and presidential candidate. a powerful case for deploying missile Mitt Romney kicks off Protect America Month with a June 1. Freedom identified,speech at the Navy Memorial, defense shields to protect Americans a wide range of global. and our allies from nuclear attack threats from radical jihadism to rising authoritarian states and the countermeasures. In August on screen narrator James needed including a robust military. Jay Carafano director of Heritage s Al The series final address Newt Gingrich s July 20 speech on preparing for known. lison Center for Foreign Policy Studies and yet to emerge threats packed Allison Auditorium and drew a Webcast viewing. previewed the movie at the annual con audience of 9 000 more. vention of the American Legion The Other speakers included Air Force Chief of Staff Norton Schwartz former CIA. clip and his presentation brought Deputy Director John McLaughlin best selling author Brad Thor and former senators. down the house Scores of legionnaires Robert Graham and Jim Talent the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Commission. signed up to air the documentary at lo on the Prevention of WMD Proliferation and Terrorism. cal posts and state conferences To spark public involvement in the debate Heritage posted an online petition. Heritage Community Commit calling for a significant boost in defense funding including missile defense It. tees also hosted numerous screenings garnered over 115 000 signatures from all 50 states. as did dozens of allied organizations In September Heritage focused a spotlight on homeland security challenges host. All told 33 Minutes received more than ing a five day Homeland Security University lecture series In addition to Heritage. 500 screenings reaching audiences in 47 experts featured speakers included Frances Fragos Townsend a former Special As. states and the District of Columbia sistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism and Paul McHale. a former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense. Heritage Recommendations More than 150 people,Adopted attended the week long.
For years Heritage criticized the series and hundreds. Quadrennial Defense Review QDR more watched online at. process as being inordinately expensive heritage org. and time consuming Worse it largely,Newt Gingrich former. rubber stamps the preconceived agenda House Speaker and. of a single official the secretary of member of the U S. defense Our recommended solution Commission on National. establish an independent National De Security 21st Century. closes Protect America,fense Panel to review the QDR assess. Month with a July speech, ing both its strategy findings and the at Heritage. secretary s assumptions,With the National Defense Au. thorization Act of 2009 our recom appointed Eaglen s colleague Heritage ministration merged the staffs of the. mendation became law Mackenzie Distinguished Fellow Jim Talent to National Security Council and the. Eaglen a defense analyst at the Wash serve on the independent panel Homeland Security Council a key. ington based Heritage Foundation Even the White House took recommendation of the Homeland. led the call for creation of an alternative to heart our recommendations to Security 3 0 report published jointly. U S defense strategy study Defense streamline the nation s homeland by Heritage and the Center for Strate. News noted In December Congress security apparatus In May the Ad gic and International Studies. Leadership for America The Heritage Foundation 11,Photo iStock com.
The path to abundant affordable energy is through the free market The biggest obstacle is needlessly restrictive regulation and the. pernicious influence of government subsidies,Injecting Sanity in an. Alarmist dominated Debate, At the opening of the 111th Congress liberal leaders vowed to ram through a ruinous cap. and trade climate bill in the first 100 days That slam dunk quickly turned into a titanic. five month long battle,U ltimately the 1 000 plus page. Waxman Markey bill squeaked,through the House on June 26 But. the half of it Heritage s Center for,Data Analysis CDA ran an econo.
metric analysis of Waxman Markey,how much Waxman Markey would. cost each congressional district in,economic productivity jobs and. just barely The razor thin 219 212 that exposed a host of damages the personal income Lawmakers cited. approval coupled with public out multi trillion dollar plan would in our research in countless floor. cry over the bill s cost significantly flict upon the American economy speeches and in columns appearing. dimmed prospects for Senate passage We broke down the costs in terms back home in their home newspapers. The bill fully merited all the everyone could relate to how much Syndicated columnists such as David. opposition it encountered Cap and more they would have to pay for gaso Limbaugh and Cal Thomas helped. trade is in fact a massive cap and line electricity and consumer goods spread the word Dozens of editorial. tax scheme As Candidate Obama Even members of Congress got the writers also cited Heritage research in. had admitted during the campaign picture and many got increasingly condemning the bill. Under my plan of a cap and trade nervous about the bill Capitol Hill turned to us for. system electricity rates would That was only the start authoritative analyses The House. necessarily skyrocket Subsequent Heritage research drilled Energy and Commerce Commit. But soaring utility rates weren t down to the state level showing tee sought testimony from CDA.

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