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Andhra Pradesh had made some dras tic modifications in English syllabus as well as in Question Paper pattern However change is constant it is not a big constraint for the students to secure 10 grade points in the Examination Thorough preparation meticulous planning acquisition of sufficient knowledge in grammar certainly enriches their performance in the examination Now if we analyse the


VIII,II A K v u , , 2410 JJ2017, 2017, Gateway to Grade Points 10. It is a known fact that S S C Board of, Andhra Pradesh had made some dras . tic modifications in English syllabus as,well as in Question Paper pattern However. Preparation of Paper II, Paper II is completely text independent con . sisting of Unseen Passages and information, Budget the time .
Read Part A thoroughly and answer the, transfer in the form of a Table Pie chart questions . change is constant it is not a big constraint for, the students to secure 10 grade points in the Tree diagram Every detail covered in the Text Book. Examination Thorough preparation meticulous Reading Observation and Analytical skills are should be understood and practised . planning acquisition of sufficient knowledge in tested where as in Letter Writing Formal . grammar certainly enriches their performance in Practise Grammar part . Informal and in News Report the Writing, the examination Now if we analyse the pattern skills are analysed keeping in view of the for Budget the time and manage it wisely so. S S C English is segregated as Paper I and mat that is to be followed that haste does not spoil Paper. Paper II covering the Parts A and B related to Presentation . textual aspects and text independent areas Students should be logical enough to guess. respectively the right and meaningful order of any given As the majority of the Question Paper is. story In Grammar students should have a objective type never miss the serial order. Paper I grip over Antonyms Synonyms Spellings of the answering . Part A Reading Comprehension 15 Marks Idioms Phrasal Verbs One Word. Divide allotted time as per the sections , Creative Writing 10 Marks Substitutes etc to score full marks . Answers should be brief and up to the, Part B Grammar 15 Marks Referring to a dictionary is mandatory for.
Regarding Creative Writing students should point . every student so that they can be aware of, Preparation of Paper I have a good command over the language and every new vocabulary and its correct spelling Answers should be logical and should. should know the correct sequence of details of Thorough practise in the relevant Grammar explain only what is asked . Paper I is totally textual based It is advised to the first three units This would help them when topics will help the students to excel . read the text book thoroughly covering all A they write a Conversation Description Diary Express the thoughts clearly and use rich. B and C Reading units Students should be Entry Script for Speech Be aware of the Tips for flair in English vocabulary . well versed with the speaker of the content themes mentioned in the Text Book . Converse in English Use good and relevant quotes and phras . and the context of all the units The answers, Gain awareness of current affairs too so that Choose a topic and discuss it in English es in Creative Writing Section . should be short and relevant to the topic , you can write on the most recent incidents Make a habit of talking in English and write Attempt the question paper in a. Learn to understand figures of speech pre Good presentation of the answer will always down difficult words in your Text Book lessons sequence . scribed in the curriculum Simile Metaphor be rewarded with the best marks and understand their meanings . and Personification Students should have a Don t try to write lengthy answers . good knowledge in the textual grammar given Paper II Test your grammar with the aid of any gram . at the end of every unit Having proficiency in mar book Neat and legible hand writing leaving. Part A Reading Comprehension 15 Marks Do not ignore to note the meaning of any space between the answers and underlin . Voice Direct and Indirect Speech Relative, and Adverbial Clauses Phrases etc would Creative Writing 10 Marks word from the lessons Always refer to a dic ing value points has a positive impact on. be an added advantage Part B Vocabulary 15 Marks tionary and make friends with it the evaluator . PAPER I 2 Read the following lines 2 Where should the seed of achievement be Now answer the following questions . sown according to Napoleon Hill 1 Who used to shake hands with their hearts . 2 1 2 M , 3 What is important to achieve a purpose .
PART A Example 1, 2 What does empty pockets suggest . Answers Answers, 1 Read the following passage After spending a leisurely Sunday at home the 1 The motivation to succeed comes 1 People once upon a time. 3 1 3 M very thought of returning to work on Monday is 2 The mind 3 Burning desire 2 Status of a person. Example 1 tiring Lethargy creeps in if the holiday continues. over an extended period That is how I felt when Example 2 Example 2. His disability came without any medical expla I was preparing to return to my place of work. But believe me son , nation a rare occurrence called Phocomelia after spending six months at home . and Nick and his parents spent many years ask I want to be what I used to be. The Journey , ing why this cruel trick would happen to them when I was like you I want. Now answer the following questions , My mother was a nurse and she did everything to unlearn all these muting things .
1 Which day he spent at home , right during pregnancy but she still blamed her Most of all I want to relearn. self he said Attitude is Altitude 2 How many months did he spend at home . How to laugh for my laugh in the mirror, Now answer the following questions Answers 1 A Sunday 2 Six Months shows only my teeth like a snake s bare. Example 2 Setbacks are inevitable in life A setback can fangs Once Upon a Time . 1 Who is the person suffering from the disabil , act as a driving force and also teach us humility Now answer the following questions . ity I protested How could I allow my old father to In grief you will find courage and faith to over . 2 What is his mother carry my trunk What would people think What 1 Who is I in the stanza . come the setback We need to learn to become, 3 What is the name of the disease of rare would they say But I failed to dissuade him It 2 How does his laugh appear in the mirror . victors not victims Fear and doubt short circuit, occurrence was decided that father would carry the chest the mind Every Success Story Answers.
Answers The Journey Now answer the following questions 1 A father Narrator . Now answer the following questions 2 Like a snake s bare fangs. 1 Nick 2 Nurse 3 Phocomelia 1 What are inevitable in life . 1 Who does I refer to in the passage , 2 How do we overcome the setback 5 Read the passage 3 1 3 M . Example 2 2 What was decided in the end , 3 What are the two factors that short circuit the. Nick s father was a computer programmer Answers mind Example 1. and accountant and he taught his little son how 1 Young man Answers Later he worked very hard and focused on. to type with his toe at just 6 years old His mum 2 It was decided that father would carry the one thing never bothering about his personal. 1 Setbacks 2 With courage and faith, invented a special plastic device that meant he chest 3 Fear and doubt life of comforts He shared his wealth with oth . could hold a pen and pencil ers He never used the help of any caste com . Attitude is Altitude 3 Read the following lines 4 Read the following stanza munity or political connections to go up in life . 3 1 3 M 2 1 2 M I Will Do It , Now answer the following questions . Example 1 Now answer the following questions ,1 What was Nick s father Example 1.
1 Who worked hard and didn t bother about, 2 What did he teach Nick The motivation to succeed comes from the There was a time indeed comforts . 3 What device did his mother invent burning desire to achieve a purpose Napoleon. They used to shake hands with their hearts 2 How did he share his wealth . Hill wrote Whatever the mind of man can con , Answers ceive and believe the mind can achieve But that s gone son 3 What was the speciality about his life . 1 Nick s father was a computer programmer Every Success Story Now they shake hands without hearts Answers. and accountant Now answer the following questions While their left hands search 1 Narayana Murthy 2 With others. 2 He taught how to type with his toe 1 What happens if one has the burning desire My empty pockets 3 He never used any caste community or. 3 His mother invented a special plastic device to achieve a purpose Once Upon A Time political connections to go up in life . 24 J 2017 A K v u III, Q No 5 Example 2 7 Read the following carefully 5 M Example 2 had enough money to pay the fee Coming to. hostel I will eat only one meal a day and man , He became a pioneer of India s software Write a conversation between two friends. Example 1 age How do I convince dad for it He says he. industry and started the Information Technology regarding dignity of labour . has to take care of the entire family I don t want. wave Today he has become an icon of simplic Answer to study in Mysore I want to go to Chennai and. ity uncompromising quality and fairness apart, Raju I know that look You are in some pursue IIT God please do some miracle and.
from being a philanthropist He really believes in, the motto powered by intellect and driven by sort of trouble land me in the IIT I beg of you All my friends. values I Will Do It Ravi Yes I want somebody to carry my who scored less than me are planning to join the. luggage But now there is nobody IIT But I inspite of getting a good score am. Now answer the following questions here unable to make it Let me find out if there is any. 1 Who became a pioneer of India s software Raju Why can t you carry your luggage institute or government that offers any scholar . industry Ravi You know I shun physical labour ships . 2 Identify the word from the passage which Raju Why I just want to see myself in the IIT . means devoting wealth or service for the, Ravi I am educated I am a government. love of mankind Example 2, employee ,3 What is his motto . I want to join IIT Raju So what Mobile phone has become a toy in the. Answers Ravi If I carry luggage the world will, His father stopped reading the newspaper hands of the young and the old alike You. 1 Narayana Murthy He lifted his head looked at the boy and said laugh at me have learnt from the statistics given by the. 2 Philanthropist with a heavy voice Raju Self help is the best help traffic police that the danger posed by the. 3 Powered by intellect and driven by values Now write a possible conversation between Ravi I will be belittled I will lose my use of mobile while driving has not become. Murthy and his father dignity down inspite of the measures taken by the. 6 Read the following lines Raju It is a false prestige Realise the. Answer police Give a factual description pointing. 2 1 2 M importance of dignity of labour, Father See Murthy I am very out the dangers encountered in using mobile.
Example 1 Ravi Thank you for your suggestion phones while driving . happy you qualified the, You horrible beast a voice screamed angrily OR . entrance test , How dare you run away How dare you make Answer. Murthy Thank you dad , me walk about in the middle of the night trying to. Father I m definitely proud of you, Description Some years ago the mobile phone was con . find you Be careful one of these days I ll kill, my boy but I m sure you sidered to be a thing of luxury and a commodity.
you Now go home Example 1, know our financial position for the rich Very few people perhaps one. The Brave Potter , Murthy But father I ve got a very Describe the thoughts of Murthy after his among thousands could be seen talking on a. Now answer the following questions good rank It is a much bet father refused to send him to IIT mobile phone But now mobile phones have. 1 Who talked to whom in the passage ter rank compared to my become so common that hardly anybody takes. 2 What was the mood of the speaker friend notice of them They can be seen in the hands. Answers Father I know but I have a big of the young and the old alike Even school . family to take care of You going boys and girls can be seen carrying. 1 A potter talked to the tiger beast are not the only child I. mobile phones in their hands Often we see,2 Angry mood have . people using their mobile while driving But this, Example 2 Murthy Father why can t we take. is more often disobeyed than obeyed The sta , an education loan .
On the afternoon of that day a potter had tistics provided by the traffic police clearly show. Father Well my boy it is not that, arrived home after a hard day s work He was that the danger posed by the people The mobile. easy We don t have any, tired and thirsty He had asked his wife for some users themselves will have to realize the difficul . security to produce , palm wine The Brave Potter ties and dangers they cause not only to others. Murthy I ll repay it later once I get a, but also themselves Using mobiles while driving. Now answer the following questions job , Answer is very dangerous To do so causes many seri .
1 Who was tired and thirsty Father That s anyway going to cost. Murthy with tears in his eyes Oh how I ous accidents The mobile users must follow. 2 What did he ask his wife a lot my boy You are a sen . wish to join IIT My dearest dream is shattered traffic rules and regulations and those break the. sible child and I expect you, Answers to understand our con today How hard I worked for it but all in vain Is law should be given a deterrent punishment so. 1 The potter 2 Some palm wine straints there no scope for me at all to join IIT I wish we that it can serve as a lesson for others . Story Is Also A Story Of Great Failures ,8 Read the following carefully 5 M . Example, In the lesson Attitude Is Altitude a girl at traf . You have been asked to give a motivational, speech to encourage the slow learners in your. school Prepare a script for speech , Grammar Vocabulary.
fic lights looked at Nick Vujicic but was terrified Answer. to see him do the 360 degree spin She had no DIRECT INDIRECT SPEECH. Good morning ,idea about it , Respected teachers and my dear friends DIRECT SPEECH INDIRECT SPEECH. Now imagine you are the girl at the signal and, Today I stand before you to throw light on a few 1 Present Simple is am are 1 Past Simple was were . make a diary entry about your experience , successful people we have read about in news 2 Past Continuous was were ing . 2 Present Continuous is are am ing , Answer papers and magazines . 3 Present Perfect has have V3 3 Past Perfect had V3 . January 24 2017 Friends When we look at such successful. 4 Present Perfect Continuous 4 Past Perfect Continuous had been ing . people we wish we too were successful like, God I can t believe what I saw today The has have been ing .
them We think they are quite lucky to be suc , guy was so handsome but how could he turn 5 Simple Past was were 5 Past Simple Past Perfect was were had V3 . cessful but do you know that they are success ,round like a spinning top I have never seen. ful because of their failures 6 Past Continuous was were ing 6 Past Perfect Continuous had been ing . such a thing before How could he do it He, rotated himself at such speed I couldn t make Friends the moment we see a bulb we think 7 Past Perfect had V3 7 Past Perfect had V3 . out anything of what was happening Is he vam of Thomas Alva Edison Do you know that he was 8 Past Perfect Continuous had been 8 Past Perfect Continuous had been . pire or did he play a trick on me What if he is a partially deaf and his teacher refused to teach him ing will shall can may ing would should could might had to . vampire Should I tell it to others and inform the when he was very young and called him stupid . police about him No that would be a too hasty Well think of Colonel Sanders at the age of 11 Yesterday The day before . Changes to be noted , step I don t even know him Should I follow him 65 he started selling his mother s recipe of mak Previous day. and find out the reality about him or should I ing chicken Friends if you had to go door to DIRECT INDIRECT 12 Here by There by. simply forget it My heart missed a beat and my door to sell your product how many doors would 1 This That Examples . hands and legs became numb I drove at jet you knock May be 10 20 or 50 We would def 2 These Those. speed to reach home I dare not encounter him initely give up the effort after it But do you know 1 D S He said I have many problems . again I wish the incident doesn t haunt me and 3 Here There. that he knocked more than a thousand doors ID S He said that he had many problems . pray not to get nightmares God Please be with 4 Now Then. and today he stands here for his effort 2 D S I am reporting her words she said . me 5 This In that way, Friends through these examples I only try to ID S She said that she was reporting her.
6 Ago Before, OR say that all the great and successful people words . 7 Today That day, were many times dejected and did also become 3 D S A student said I have been trying to. Example a laughing stock People don t appreciate us 8 To night That night speak in English for two years . unless we prove ourselves 9 Tomorrow The next day ID S A student said that he had been try . You have read about the lives of so many suc , cessful people in the lesson Every Success So always try and never give up 10 Last night The night before ing to speak in English for two years . IV A K v u 24 J 2017, PART B, 1 a was b is c are d were 5 a execute b executing Answers. 2 a on b in c at d over c executed d executes 1 As the roads were not good he preferred. 3 a None b A c an d The Answers less luggage ,9 Editing a passage.
1 1 4 a which b who c they d some 2 If you don t want to come again you may not. 5 , 2 2 , 2 M 1 a 2 c 3 d 4 b 5 c, 5 a They b There c Where d Here attend the class . Example 1 Answers 11 Combine the following sentences using . 14 Combine sentences with Since When , which who 1 M . 1 b 2 a 3 d 4 a 5 b 1 M , The Christian monks of Greece who lived. thousands of years before a were the people Example 1 Example 1. who travelled in baskets They wanted a quiet Example 2. and peaceful place in that b they could pray I lent her a book It was very valuable He wanted to stay at home for some more. days He wanted to apply for leave Since , and study So they build c their monasteries on Example 2. top of all rocks at a place called Meteora These Example 2. monasteries attracted Greek philosophers Hamilton had been bitten by a shark She The boy was about to come down the stairs . poets and painters beside d the deeply religion taught Nick surfing Then it crumbled down When . e people Answers Answers, a b c d e 1 I lent her a book which was very valuable 1 Since he wanted to stay at home for some.
Answers 2 Hamilton who had been bitten by a shark more days he wanted to apply for leave . a ago b which c built taught Nick surfing 2 When the boy was about to come down the. d besides e religious stairs it crumbled down , 12 Combine the following sentences using . which who 1 M 15 Fill in the blank with correct com . Example 2, pound prepositional phrase from, Citizenship is a relationship among a a Example 1 the given options . Though the expert doctors did not tell him 1, person and his country The country is giving b The meeting was held in the town hall 2 . 2 1 M , anything right then Stephen Hawking under . him opportunities for self development In turn it It was a great success . stood that there was 1 wrong with himself , demands certainly c duties A d ideal citizen Example 1.
The doctors felt certain that he 2 survive Example 2. does his duty firstly e 1 I finished my project work several days . more than two or three years They did not give Napoleon won the French honor . a b c d e him any medicine since his disease was 3 the dead line . He died at St Helena a instead of b ahead of c inspire of. Answers The disease is medically termed ALS short for. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis How would Answers 2 Sravani goes to school Yamuna daily . a between b gives c certain, something like this happen to me Stephen felt Ex 1 The meeting which was held in the town a according to b inspite of c along with. d An e first sad after 4 to know of his illness which was hall was a great success Answers. 10 Read the following paragraph and fill in affecting his muscles and nerves in different Ex 2 Napoleon who won the French honor. organs For a few days he used to have bad 1 ahead of 2 along with. the blanks with the correct options given died at St Helena. against the number of blanks dreams like getting 5 Example 2. 13 Combine the sentences with as if , 1 1 1 a something b anything 1 Madhu got a good job his abilities and. 5 , 2 2 2 M , 1 M , c nothing d everything skills . Example 1 2 a won t b would have not Example 1 a in addition to b instead of c by means of. c would not d will haven t The roads were not good He preferred less lug 2 his poverty he completed his Ph D in. Hyderabad 1 a big city There is gage as , 3 a curing b cured English . heavy traffic 2 its roads 3 ,buses cars and other vehicles release gases .
c curable d incurable Example 2 a In place of b For the sake of. 4 a came b coming You may not attend the class You don t want to c Inspite of. 4 pollute the air 5 are, several industries in and around Hyderabad c come d comes come again if Answers 1 by means of 2 Inspite of. Grammar Vocabulary, 16 Fill in the blanks with suitable forms 19 Choose a right phrase from the given text . of the verbs in the brackets 1 1 M , 2 , 2 1 M , Example 1 7 On cloud nine very happy . Example 1 Your friend is going on a trip to Delhi What Ex Rahul is on cloud nine since he got a. 1 He Pass his examination in 2013 would you say to him good job . 2 Raju meet his friend yesterday Example 2 8 Donkey s years doing something for a. Answers 1 passed 2 met The auto driver gave you your lost certificates long time . What would you say to him Ex I have been teaching grammar for. Example 2, donkey s years , 1 I live in Hyderabad for 10 years Answers Ex 1 Have a good time. 9 Feather in one s cap the achievement of,2 I see the film Gandhi Ex 2 Thank you very much.
which one can be proud of , Answers 1 have been living 2 have seen 20 Identify the appropriate function that Ex Bahubali s recent success is a feather. the given expression performs in Rajamouli s cap . 17 Giving advice or suggestion based on 1, 2 , 2 1 M . 10 Risk life and limb in danger of death or, the given content 1 M serious injury . Example 1, Example 1 IDIOMS Ex Don t risk your life and limb in reality. 1 Would you mind holding this bag just for a shows . Your friend is cutting a tree Advise him not to minute 1 Let the cat out of the bag reveal a secret . cut the tree Ex Rekha had let the cat out of the bag 11 Birds of a feather flock together similar in. a a request b an order, Example 2 regarding our surprise party many ways so spend time together .
c a suggestion d an advice, Your uncle smokes a lot Ask him to give up 2 Grease one s palm bribe somebody Ex Sunil and Sandeep are sports enthu . 2 A girl to her friend I am very sorry I have, smoking Ex Srikant usually greases one s palm to siasts and are often found together . lost your camera , Answers get his work done So our friends usually speak of them. a suggestion b permission, as birds of a feather flock together . Ex 1 You should not cut trees they help us c apology d request 3 Lose heart be discouraged . Ex 2 It s high time you gave up smoking Ex Venu lost his heart when he failed in 12 Beyond wildest dreams better than you. Answers 1 A request 2 Apology imagined for , his final examination.
18 Change the sentence into a polite request Example 2 Ex Last year s rainfall was beyond our. 4 At sixes and sevens a state of confusion , 1 M 1 We d better stay in our garden today wildest dreams . Ex Seema was at sixes and sevens, Example 1 a Giving an order b Giving advice when she had to select her dress for 13 Dressed up to the nines wearing smart or. You to the teacher I want to leave the class c Showing an advice the party glamorous clothes . room d Expressing an opinion 5 Bite the bullet to accept something Ex Actors often dress up to the nines in. Example 2 2 He may take your advice unpleasant public functions . You to a stranger at the post office Give me a Giving permission b Giving advice Ex Rahul had to bite the bullet for his 14 Turn a decay ear refuse to listen to some . your pen c Expressing possibility unruly behaviour body . Answers Ex 1 Would you permit me to leave d Making a suggestion 6 Once in a blue moon happen very rarely Ex Our boss turned a decay ear to our. the class room please Ex He attends the classes once in a blue request for changing the venue of the. Answers 1 Expressing an opinion, Ex 2 Could you please lend me your pen moon meeting . 2 Expressing possibility, 24 J 2017 A K v u V, PAPER II Example 2. Grammar Vocabulary, PART A Read the following tree diagram carefully .
Phrasal Verbs, 1 Example 1 Literature 1 Knock down to hit someone or some . Study the table carefully and answer the thing, questions given under it 5 1 5 M Definition of Literature Mirror of life Refletion of life Criticism of Life 2 Turn up to appear or show. S No Name of the Percentage 3 Drop off to fall asleep to leave or fall. Quiz programme of viewers Branches of Literature 4 Set on to attack. 1 Spell B Quiz 45 5 Call for to shout, 2 The Hindu Quiz 60 6 Give in to admit defeat. 3 General Knowledge Quiz 55 Poetry Drama Novel Short Story 7 Rained out cancelled because of rain . 4 Sports Quiz 50 8 Break out to escape from resistant . Close to life Little, Answer the following questions Comedy Tragedy scope 9 Break with to cease to be friendly with . Comedy Tragedy 10 Break into to enter suddenly and. a What does this table show , forcibly, b What is the most popular Quiz pro .
gramme 11 Act on act according to, Historical Psychological Realistic Scientific Regional 12 Break down fail. c What is the percentage of viewers watch , ing General Knowledge Quiz 13 Break up end. Now answer the following questions , a 50 b 60 c 55 d 58 14 Call on go to visit. a How do you define literature , d How many Quiz programmes are shown 15 Cut off stop. b What are the main branches of literature , here 16 Draw on depend.
c Which branch of literature has maximum, a 4 b 3 c 2 d 1 number of sub branches 17 Fall out quarrel. e The percentage of viewers watching Spell i Poetry ii Drama iii Novel 18 Get around circulate. B Quiz programme is, d Comedy comes under 19 Get away escape. a Less than all other Quiz programmes , i Poetry ii Drama iii Short story 20 Get off leave. b More than all other Quiz programmes Answers, e Choose the correct statement based on the 21 Give up abandon. Answers information given in the Tree Diagram a Literature is the mirror of life the reflec 22 Hang around near. a The table gives information about the i There are four kinds of novels tion of life and criticism of life 23 Hang on hold. popularity of T V Quiz programmes ii Poetry is imaginative and non realistic b Poetry Drama Novel and Short story 24 Hold off keep away. b The Hindu Quiz iii Comedy and Tragedy are two wings of c iii d ii e iii. Drama 25 Hold up delay, c c d a e a, Example 2 Answers 1 At first the weather was good .
2 Read the following story carefully 5 M , 1 It is 10 feet long 4 After sometime the weather turned bad . Read the following passage 3 The captain tore off his turban . Example 1 2 It has those colours so that it can match. Tigers live in different parts of Asia and the colour of the forest grass and shad 2 We swam to a narrow strip of land . One day while a sage was going through a, Siberia The tiger and the lion are the biggest ows of trees during summer . jungle he saw two rams fighting each other Example 2. animals in the cat family and the great Bengal 3 c 4 c 5 c. Even though both were wounded and blood tiger is bigger than the lion Tigers are powerful The human population has been expanding. was oozing out from their heads and bodies and strong animals A male tiger is about 10 feet 3 Read the following passage carefully . they did not stop fighting and rammed at each and now destroying the very land upon which. long Its coat is yellow and black If you think 5 1 5 M . other we live Nearly six tonne of carbon dioxide is. about it you will soon know why its coat has, released by people into the air annually As a. At the same time a hungry jackal was pass those colours The long forest grass dries to a Example 1 result of our activities the atmospheric concen . ing by when he saw all the blood he started lick yellow colour in summer and the trees throw. Before a year after my fifth voyage I was tration of this heat trapping gas has risen to. ing the blood from the ground without caring for dark shadows on the ground When the tiger. on my sixth voyage the longest of all my voy more than thirty percent Life on earth depends. the fighting rams moves through the forest and through the long. ages As we set sail we had a calm sea After on carbon dioxide to regulate the temperature of. Watching all this the sage thought to him grass to the river bank his coat is almost the. same colour as the grass and the shadows some days the weather grew bad and huge our planet If carbon dioxide is released in. self This jackal is a fool as it has become, around him The tiger has strong teeth and waves threatened to drown us excess it creates a heat trapping blanket over. greedy by the smell of blood If he comes, claws When the tiger walks it pulls in its claws One afternoon the captain of the ship looked the atmosphere .
between the fighting rams it will get rammed, and get hurt himself because it wants to keep them sharp troubled In desperation he tore off his turban Since carbon dioxide contributes to global. and paced the deck He told us that the ship was warming the increase in population makes the. No sooner had the sage thought of it the, out of control and soon the ship would crash into problem worse Trees take up carbon dioxide. jackal craving for more blood came nearer to the, fighting rams and got caught in the middle of a high rocky mountain That would mean that we and give us oxygen But we are cutting the tress. their fight would all be dead As he had said in a quarter of for our purposes So there is a massive rise in. an hour our ship did crash into a huge mountain green house gases Hence population explosion. Both the rams rammed into him by mistake , and the ship was in smithers Good luck and is the fundamental factor that has led to global. He got hit on his head and fell down and dead, God s blessings saved all aboard We swam to a warming .
because he was severely wounded , narrow strip of land at the foot of the mountain Now arrange the following jumbled sen . Now answer the following questions We soon recovered some food and goods from tences in a sequential and meaningful order . 1 What did the sage see as he was passing the shipwreck but it was not heartening news at. 1 Trees absorb carbon dioxide which we, through the jungle all We were caught between a high steep. Now answer the following questions breathe out , mountain and a raging sea . 2 How was the jackal tempted as he saw the 2 Excess of carbon dioxide is responsible for. fighting animals 1 Why is a male tiger considered to be big We had divided the food equally amongst. global warming , 2 Why does the tiger s skin have yellow and ourselves but we knew the food wouldn t last. 3 As a result of the fight the 3 We are deforesting because we use trees for. black colours long My companions were worried and hope . a two rams were killed our homes etc , 3 The tiger and the lion are considered to be the less but I kept heart I went to the seashore.
b blood flowed out everyday and gathered whatever swept over 4 Global warming increases as the population. biggest animals in the cat family because , c rams rammed each other from our wrecked ship to the shore Once when increases . a The Bengal Tiger is bigger than the lion , 4 Looking at the blood I explored the mountains I discovered hoards of 5 Much of the carbon dioxide is released by. b All the other members of the cat family, a the jackal felt happy diamonds rubies and pearls I gathered some of people annually . are bigger than them , b the sage fell down them and kept in a safe place thinking of selling. c All other animals are smaller than them Answer, c the jackal started licking the blood them if I got out of the situation .
4 The tiger can be considered a animal 4 Global warming increases as the population. 5 Licking the blood the jackal Now arrange the following sentences in a. a clever and intelligent sequential and meaningful order increases . a craved for ram s meat b powerful and strong 1 At first the weather was good 5 Much of the carbon dioxide is released by. b was crushed by the two rams and dead c colourful and long people annually . c ran away hurt between the rams 2 We swam to a narrow strip of land . 5 Choose the correct one among the three 3 We are deforesting because we use trees for. 3 The captain tore off his turban , Answers statements basing on the information given our homes etc . 4 After sometime the weather turned bad , 1 The sage saw two rams fighting a Bengal tigers are as big as a lion 1 Trees absorb carbon dioxide which we. 5 The sixth voyage was the longest of all , 2 The jackal was strongly attracted by the smell b All tigers are about 10 feet long breathe out . c Tigers claws remain sharp because they Answer, of the blood 2 Excess of carbon dioxide is responsible for. are hidden 5 The sixth voyage was the longest of all global warming . 3 b 4 c 5 b, VI A K v u 24 J 2017, S S C exams I ll try my best to score 10 G Ps .
4 Letter Writing Informal Example 2 Informal , Our juniors performed skits dances and Grammar Vocabulary. 5 M Write a letter to your friend describing how sang songs There was a special song for class. you celebrated Children s Day in your X students which elated us . Example 1, school I received prizes from both the chief guests . Answer the Sarpanch of our village and the Chairman. 16 26 12 c SMC of our school , Canal Road It was a great day I enjoyed it a lot How. Visakhapatnam about you Let me know how you celebrated. your day , November 16th 2016 , Looking forward for your reply . Dear Rupesh , Your loving friend, We celebrated Children s Day grandly in our.
school It was a memorable event which came Dheeraj. up with many surprises It is a special one as it, is my last Children s Day celebration in school I Address on the envelope Articles. enjoyed the importance of being in X this year Indefinite Article a an . To, Many competitions were conducted I won Rupesh 1 Before a singular countable noun . prizes in elocution and basketball You know Ex Tomatoes cost Rs 20 a kilo . D NO 3 5 10 M G Road , Our Prime Minister has launched a clean what the Chairman SMC of our school. Ongole A rose is a beautiful flower , ing programme named Swachch Bharath He announced special incentives for the class X. students who would score 10 out of 10 G Ps in Prakasam District An elephant is a big animal . believed that cleanliness is next to Godliness , 2 Before names of professions .
He advised all the people to conduct cleaning, campaigns in their surroundings Ex Surya is a doctor . Letter Writing Formal 5M Example 2 Sharada is an architect . Write a letter to your friend about the, need and importance of Clean India Example 1 Write a letter to the Editor about water shortage Ramu is an accountant . Answer 3 Before numerical expression quantities , Answer There are frequent thefts in your village . town People are losing many valuable things From January 24 2017 Ex Did you order a hundred chains for. Flat No 652 , such as gold and money from their houses Prasad our college . Brindavan Towers , Write a letter to the Sub Inspector of Police 24 1 Masjid street Sheela faced a lot of trouble to reach her.
Road No 10 of your area describing the thefts and urging Mylavaram home in the rain . Brodipet Guntur him to have police patrolling at night To 4 Before Mr Mrs when he she is a. 24th January 2017 Answer The Editor stranger , Dear Preethi 24 01 2017 The Hindu Vijayawada Ex A Mr Srinivas came to meet father . From , I am fine and hope this letter finds you in Rohit Sir A Miss Shanthi is waiting outside . pink It is a long time since I received a letter 16 Gandhinagar Sub Water Shortage 5 Before Abbreviations . from you What are the things with you I Eluru Through the columns of your esteemed Ex He is an M L A and a man of princi . have been preparing well for the forthcoming To ples. daily we the residents of Mylavaram wish to, examinations very well In this letter I would The Sub Inspector of Police draw the attention of authorities to the severe She is an L L B lawyer . like to write to you about the need and impor Town Police Station III water shortage that we have been experiencing . tance of Clean India Definite Article The , Subject Frequent thefts in our locality Since the summer has set in as usual we. As we know our Prime Minister Narendra Request to intensify night patrolling get water only 30 minutes a day The amount of 1 With nouns which are specific unique . Modi launched the Swachch Bharat Clean Sir water supply is not sufficient musical instruments a part of the human. India on 2 October 2014 at Rajghat New Ours is a newly formed colony with scat body . The civic authorities often send tankers in, Delhi Clean India is a national level cam tered houses The frequent thefts in our colony order to provide temporary supply But the sup The sun the pyramids the North pole .
paign run by the Indian Government to cover are causing a lot of worry On 6th of this month ply is so inadequate that we residents capture the Charminar the flute the heart . all the backward statutory towns to make the house of an assistant engineer was looted tankers forcibly Such a situation leads to vio . when the inmates went to Bengaluru The same the weather the Pacific . them clean The concept of Swachch Bharat lence Sometimes the police have to be sum . night some thieves entered the house of a 2 With nouns used as an example of a. Clean India is to provide sanitation facilities moned to control the situation . retired teacher Similar type of incident took class . to every family including toilets solid and liq place last week also Though the problems prevail both in sum . uid waste disposal systems village cleanli mer and winter it becomes acute in summer The camel in the ship of the desert . So we humbly request you to intensify night, ness and safe and adequate drinking water patrolling We are also ready to help you in night We urge the administration to offer proper infra The lion in the king of the jungle . supply I think the Clean India campaign is a patrolling structural planning to solve the problem 3 Before an adjective clause . much needed one to our villages as well as Thanking you sir Thanking you The blind are very active . towns and cities We gained freedom under Yours faithfully Yours truly. We have to help the poor , the leadership of Gandhiji but his dream of Rohit Prasad. clean India is still unfulfilled According to, Gandhiji Sanitation is more important than 5 Write a news report on bus accident tak 50 km from Chamba Answer. independence I feel that cleanliness is most ing ideas from the following hints 5 M On the same day in the other accident a Vuyuuru . important for physical well being and a pick up van carrying employees of a private November 15 2016. healthy environment It is essential for every Example 1 company executing a hydro power project fell The Children s Day celebrations in Sadhana. one to learn about cleanliness hygiene and into a gorge 65 km from Chamba killing nine Public School took place on a grand note The. Shimla January 20 bus skidded Chamba, sanitation The clean surroundings will make people on the spot celebrations began at 9 a m in the school. district 10 killed villagers 25 injured , ours a prosperous country I really appreciate Example 2 premises Various competitions like throw ball .
Mr Modi for his launching the nation wide third accident mini truck accident a pick basket ball kabaddi essay writing rangoli etc. cleanliness campaign Swachch Bharat on up van fell into the valley were held at various sections and students were. the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi s birth Answer allowed to participate in any three competitions . anniversary Now I want to know about your All the students participated enthusiastically in. Ten killed in Himachal Accident, views on Clean India I am awaiting your the activities At around 1 p m the students were. Shimla January 20 called for lunch Sumptuous lunch was served to. reply , Ten people were killed and 25 injured when the students on the special occasion All the stu . My best wishes to your parents a private bus skidded off the road and fell into a dents were seated in their respective classrooms. Yours lovingly gorge in Himachal Pradesh s Chamba district and had lunch together At 4 p m all gathered in. Monday morning police said This is the third the school auditorium where the cultural pro . Deepika , major road accident in Chamba district in less Children s day was celebrated in your grammes and prize distribution took place . than a month The accident took place in Koti vil school Your village Sarpanch was the chief. The village Sarpanch was invited as the, Address on the envelope lage about 22 km from Chamba town where it guest Winners in different competitions. chief guest The Chairman SMC of our school, was headed to Superintendent of Police received prizes from both the Sarpanch and.
To also graced the occasion Prizes were distrib , Madhusudhan told Indian Aeronautical Services the Chairman SMC of your school Your. uted to the students by both the guests after, K Preethi over phone from the spot He said the injured Headmaster announced special incentives to. their speeches The Headmaster announced, D o Rama Raju were admitted to the zonal hospital some 450 class X students who will get 10 out of 10. special incentives to class X students who, km from state capital Shimla The dead were G Ps in S S C Examinations 2017 Later . H No 202 A Nehru Street would get 10 out of 10 G Ps in the S S C exam . mainly men and belonged to nearby villages class IX students presented cultural pro inations The announcement was followed by. Near Municipal Park grammes on the occasion , Last month 32 members of a marriage cultural programmes like skit dances etc by.
Vijayawada party were killed when their mini truck rolled into Write a news report on the Children s class IX students The programme ended at. a 500 m deep gorge near Sherpur village some Day celebrations in your school around 8 p m on a happy note . 10 J 2017, 24 J 2017 A K v u VII, PART B, Finally my father came up with a solution Finally we reached Dirang The bus from 10 Complete the words with correct. b Don t worry I myself will see you off at Tawang had not yet reached Dirang and so we. Dirang had sometime in hand We entered a tea shop. suffixes given in brackets , 1, 6 Read the paragraph and write the syn I protested c How could I allow my old and sat b face facing each other Father 2 . 2 1 M , onyms of the underlined words choosing father to carry my trunk What would people c appearance appeared d tiring . from the words given in the box think What would they say But I failed to tired Example 1. 1 dissuade d him It was decided that father Answers. 4 , 2 2 M would carry the chest a hardly b facing. Example 1 Answers c appeared d tired, a pleasing b answer.
fond of hard work habituated vigour Example 2, c objected d divert. young age Our area being isolated was a com , 7 Read the paragraph and write the plete completely unaffected by the War But. antonyms of the underlined words soon India was forced to b join joining . On the whole the small society of Rameswaram, 1 the Allied Forces and something like a state of. 4 , 2 2 M emergency was c declare declared The, was very rigid in terms of the a segrega sion . tion of different social groups However my sci , first casualty came in the form of the d .
Example 1 ence teacher Sivasubramania Iyer though an. suspend suspension of the train halt at, orthodox Brahmin with a very conservative wife . My father protested a Give me an old pair Rameswaram station . was something of a b reb al el , You don t have to spend money on new shoes I Answers. couldn t convince b him to buy a new pair a b , a completely b join. Reluctantly c I gave him the hunting boots I was Answers a segregation b rebel. c declared d suspension, wearing I then took out my pair of leather shoes. from the trunk and noticed my father s face light Example 2. 9 Complete the spelling of the words, ing up with contentment d Suddenly he looked Shabhyatav Sankar contains a immort.
with ea ia ou ae , at me and said Take care Write to us 1 le al Tagore s The last three films of Ray. Answers 2 1 M , 2 Ganashatru Shakha Proshakha and Agantuk . My father would not like to see me carrying, a agreed b dissuade the b anal agy ogy becomes clear . a trunk on my back and would be very hurt if I Example 1. c willingly d discontent a b ,did so I concluded that it would be better to let. him carry it Father was used to a carrying lug Example 2 I gave him the can of wine He a p red Answers. gage anyway He was stronger and more skilled himself a mug and handed me the can He. We were walking up a narrow a hilly road a immortal b analogy. b than me in these matters I had never got drank all of it at one go He then arranged the. and neither of us uttered a word as if we were, used to physical labour c having stayed in hos belt that was attached to the trunk carefully on 11 Find the wrongly spelt word and write.
strangers b who spoke different c languages I, tels right from my childhood So in spite of my his b foreh d So this was the picture My. did not know what was going on in his mind From its correct spelling . youth and strength d I was physically useless father carrying my luggage on his back and me 1. time to time it crossed my mind that it was 2 , Answers improper d for me to let father carry the luggage following him with a tiny bag in my hand 2 1 M . a habituated b capable Answers a b Example 1, c hard work d vigour Answers. a broad wide b acquaintance a suden erupted provision princely. Example 2 c same common d proper a Poured b Forehead b suspention naturally century inherited. Answer pleasing pride divert 8 Fill in the blanks with the right form of Example 2 Answers. objected concluded the words given in brackets a sudden b suspension. 1 Complete the spelling of the words with ea , 4 . 2 2 M ia ou ae io Example 2, After all I was a government officer and the.
My father Jainulabdeen had neither much a systems confronted emminent perturbed. idea of people seeing me carry my own luggage, Example 1 formal a educat n nor much b w lth . was not at all amusing a Otherwise for a b optimism permision district hesitant. a b Answers, young man like me it should not have been an We rested at two places on the way and had. issue to carry a 20 kilo chest on my back our tiffin but we a hard hardly talked Answers a education b wealth a imminent b permission. 12 Arrange the following words under 2 Language and custom binomial 14 Match the following one word substitutes Example 2. 3 Come across phr v with their meanings 1, correct headings 1 4 Look after phr v 4 . 2 2 M Part A Part B, 8 , 4 2 M , Answers 1 Manuscript A something designed to. Example 1 Example 1 teach people some, 1 Leaps and bounds binomial in big leaps .
Part A Part B moral, Market Cloth Seed Train Real estate business is expanding in leaps. and bounds 2 Dictum B a position for which no, 1 Rendezvous A a person who. Area Shop Newspaper salary is paid, 2 Language and custom binomial related lan abstains from taking. alcohol 3 Verbose C a life history written by, Answer guage and culture Savitri is a perfect Telugu. oneself, Places Things girl in language and custom 2 Stopover B a person who.
brings out new 4 Didactic D using more words, Market Cloth 3 Come across phr v meet by chance I came. books than needed, across an old friend while going to market . Shop Seed E a statement that, 4 Look after phr v Parents should look after 3 Publisher C a short stay. Area Train expresses something, their children between two places. Station Newspaper in one s journey people believe is true. Example 2 and is to be followed, 4 Trilogy D a meeting place.
Example 2 F a hand written document, 1 Right away idiom E one who believes in. Scholarly Insight Reputation Display 2 On the dot idiom God Answers. Complication Unassuming 3 Go about phr v F a group of three films. Ex 1 1 D 2 C 3 B 4 F, 4 Broke down phr v with the same char . Reassurance Fascinating Ex 2 1 F 2 E 3 D 4 A, Answers acters or subject. Answer 1 Right away idiom Immediately, Prefixes Suffixes. 1 Insight Scholarly, I congratulated my friend over the phone right.
away on hearing about his success , Grammar Vocabulary Cause Reason base source. Diversity Modify alter vary, 2 Display Reputation 2 On the dot idiom Exactly on time SYNONYMS Dreadful Frightful afraid alarming. 3 Reassurance Complication He had an interview at 9 am He was there on Despondency Chagrin disappointment . Abbreviate Abridge shorten, the dot despair, 4 Unassuming Fascinating Ability Skill talent. 3 Go about phr v Tackle Earnest Serious ardent, Abnormal Irregular unusual unnatural. 13 Use the following language expressions You are not going about in the right way to Eat Dine feed devour. Banishment Exile expatriation, in sentences of your own find a solution Eccentric Odd singular peculiar.
1 Burgeon Growth sprouting germination, 4 , 2 2 M 4 Broke down phr v Lost control of feelings Fatality Lethality deadliness ferality. Bruise Injure hurt damage wound Folly Stupidity simpleton. and started crying , Example 1 Callous Hard cruel indifferent Formidable Imposing alarming frightful. When we gave her the bad news she broke, 1 Leaps and bounds binomial down and cried Calumny Defamation slander Gaiety Joyousness hilarity jollity. VIII A K v u 24 J 2017, SSC PUBLIC EXAMS 2017 MODEL PAPER. Then the housewife immediately pulled the My father was carrying my trunk . PAPER I end of her sari and tucked it in at the waist and. 13 Combine the sentences with as if , swabbed the entire house and decorated the.
PART A 1M, floor with muggulu designs The young man. promptly praised her work You are dexterous at I heard fathers voice . 1 Read the following passage , swabbing the floor Do you have a pair of old shoes . 3 1 3M, The challenges in our lives are there to Now answer the following questions 14 Combine sentences with Since for . strengthen our convictions They are not there to a How did the housewife clean and decorate 1M. run us over said Nick In 1990 Nick won the the house I worked hard . OR , Australian Young Citizen of the Year award for b How did her husband praise her I got the first rank . b You have read the lesson What Is My, his bravery and perseverance 15 Fill in the blank with correct compound.
6 Read the following passage Name You came to understand that there is. Now answer the following questions male domination over the females prepositional phrase from the given. 2 1 2M, a How do the challenges in our lives help us Prepare a speech on Women are not options . He was short He was sharp He was the, b Which award did Nick win in 1990 brightest boy in his class His seniors used to Slaves 1. c What did he win the award for , 2 2 1 M, ask him to solve their difficulties in Science He. 2 Read the following passage could have gone unnoticed in a crowd but once PART B A The whole world would laugh me . 2 1 2M you asked him a question related to Physics or upon at . 9 Edit the following passage correcting the B The authorities are looking the complaint. All success stories are stories of great fail Maths there was a spark in his eyes He could. ures The only difference is that every time they grasp theories of Science faster than the speed underlined parts into through . 1 1, failed they bounced back This is called failing of light 5 2 2 2 M. 16 Fill in the blanks with suitable forms of, forward rather than backward You learn and Now answer the following questions It is not easy to define exactly what is mean.
move forward Learn from your failure and keep, the verbs in the brackets . a Why do you think Murthy would have gone a by disabled person There are different kinds 1. moving unnoticed of disabilities ranging from slight disability on 2 2 1 M. Now answer the following questions b severe disability Generally a disabled per Her father already sleep before she . b What were Murthy s subjects of interest , a How does the speaker call success stories son is one which c suffers from some type of come to her house . b What is the massage of this passage 7 Read the following passage 5M defect under d the body It may be physical 17 Giving advice or suggestion based on the. a You know that in the lesson Dear and e mental ,3 Read the following Poem given content 1M. 3 1 3M Departed II Mr Abel decided to abandon a b . Your friend has been losing weight recently , his two daughters Amelia and Elizabeth and c d e . There was a time indeed Tell her that she should see a doctor . wanted to marry Mrs John Shorrocks who 10 Read the following paragraphs and fill. They used to shake hands with their hearts kept a restaurant 18 Changing a sentence into a polite. But that s gone son in the blanks with the correct options request 1M. Now they shake hands without hearts Now write a possible conversation among given against the number of blanks . You to your friend pass the book , daughters sons in law and his grand 1 1.
While their left hands search 5 2 M, daughter Victoria . 2 2 19 Choosing a right phrase from the given, My empty pockets Success in life depends 1 on good. OR , text 1M, Now answer the following questions health Keep your body 2 Make 3 Your friend has invited you for his birthday. a How did people shake hands in the past b In the lesson The Dear Departed II Mr Abel strong 4 the game and to do it in every. recollects how he was ill treated by his two function What would you say to accept it . b Why do left hands search empty pockets sense of the word Avoid anything that will take. daughters Imagine Mrs Slater realizes her a All the best b By all means. now away your 5 , mistake and regrets She requests Mr Abel to c Keep it up d With pleasure. c What is the theme of this stanza 1 a most b large. forgive her and assures to take care of him , 4 Read the following Poem c largely d at large 20 Identifying the appropriate function that.
Write 10 12 sentences on how she assures to, 2 1 2M take care of him The description should 2 a nice b beautiful the given expression performs . 1, I want to be what I used to be reflect the following c fat d healthy 2 2 1 M. When I was like you I want How she ill treated him 3 a you b yourself A I think this shirt is rather expensive . To unlearn all these muting things How much he loved her c yours d you all a Making a statement. Most of all I want to relearn How she plans to take care of him in future 4 a to play b playing b Expressing an opinion. How to laugh for my laugh in the mirror 8 a In the lesson What is My Name Sarada c played d will play c Giving advice. Shows only my teeth like a snake s bare finally finds her certificates and her paint 5 a strong b strength d Making a complaint. fangs ing album Her disturbed mind finally finds c strongly d weakly. B Wasn t it very kind of you , Now answer the following questions peace and she is happy That night she is 11 Change the following sentences into a. elated and writes a diary entry noting her a Exclaiming b Congratulating. a What was his pleasant memory simple sentence 1M. emotions 5M c Thanking d Complaining, b What is his agony We played well We won the match . 5 Read the following passage Now imagine you are Sarada and write a 12 Change the following sentence into. 3 1 3M diary entry What Is My Name passive voice 1M Answers in page no X. Antonyms, Grammar Vocabulary 1 , 2 , Angry, Arrive.
, , Pleased, Depart, PREPOSITIONS We set out at dawn on March 15 3 Asset Liability. The postman brought this in the morning 4 Blunt Sharp. 1 By With, 4 In Into 5 Boom Slump, By The doer of an action . In State of rest or being inside something 6 Bold Timid. With The instrument with which the, action is done Into Movement to the inside of something 7 Covert Overt. 7 Between Among 8 Continue Terminate, Ex He was killed by his servant Ex He is in bed . Between Middle of two it may be two 9 Contract Expand. He was killed with an axe He fell into the well persons or things . 2 In At 10 Dense Sparse, 5 On Upon Among More than two persons or things .
In Large places countries district large 11 Delay Fast. On Things at rest Ex A small table was lying between the. cities etc 12 Debit Credit, Upon Things in motion two benches . At Small places like villages small 13 End Beginning. Ex He sat on a chair Unity should be maintained among. towns etc 14 Evil Good, people , Ex He lives at Tandur in Andhra Pradesh He jumped upon his horse 15 Empty Full. 8 Since For, But his brother lives in New Delhi 6 In Within 16 Fair Foul. Since Point of time, 3 On In At In At the end of a certain period 17 Final Initial. For Period of time, At Exact point of time Within Before the end of a certain period 18 Futility Utility.
Ex I have been teaching in this school, On Point of time days and dates Ex The space ship will reach the moon in since 2000 19 Great Small. In A period of time three days I have been teaching in this school for 20 Glory Shame. Ex I shall be there at 4 P M on Friday The loan will be repaid within a year four years 21 Growth Decay. 24 J 2017 A K v u IX, SSC PUBLIC EXAMS 2017 MODEL PAPER. 5 Read the following 5M, PAPER II, talked Finally we reached Dirang The bus from. a Use the notes given below and write a Tawang had not yet reached Dirang and so we. bio sketch of Dr Naresh Trehan had sometime in hand We entered a tea shop. PART A and sat b face facing each other , Father c appearance appeared d . Birth August 12 1946, 1 Read the following tree diagram carefully 5M tiring tired .
1977 M B B S K G Medical College 9 Complete the spelling of the words with. Pollution Lucknow U P India ea ia ou ae 1, 2 2 1 M. 1977 Diplomate American Board of, Surgery U S A I gave him the can of wine He a p red. Air Water Sound himself a mug and handed me the can He. 1979 Diplomate American Board of drank all of it at one go He then arranged the. Cardiothoracic Surgery U S A belt that was attached to the trunk carefully on. After completing training held his b foreh d So this was the picture My. Causes Effects Causes Effects Causes Effects, important academic and clinical father carrying my luggage on his back and me. positions at the New York following him with a tiny bag in my hand . Vehicles Factories Industries Sickness Planes Hearing a b . affected 1988 Returned to India started, Oil drums loud 10 Complete the words with correct suffix . Escorts Heart Institute and, spills speakers es given in brackets .
Plants Lungs Marine life crackers Research Centre successfully 1. affected performed over 48 000 open 2 2 1 M, affected. heart surgeries My parents were a tru ely ly , Now answer the following questions c jumped out of the bed and opened the proud of me It was through me that they had. door 1991 Personal surgeon to the President, 1 What are the causes of sound pollution earned a greater degree of b admire . of India, 2 How many types of pollutions are there 5 Choose the correct statement among the 3 sion tion and respect from the villagers My. What are they based on the information given Dream project Medanta The father would not like to see me carrying a trunk. a Harry was sleeping in the ground floor Medicity a 1500 bed hospital 45 on my back and would be very hurt if I did so . 3 Water is polluted by , operating theatres over 20 super a b .
a drums b oil spills c vehicles , specialties , 4 Which pollution affects marine life b Harry knew there was a baby in the 11 Find the wrongly spelt word and write. a air b sound c water bundle 2007 He is giving post doctoral training its correct spelling . of international standard to 30 1, 5 Choose the correct one among the three c Harry was so surprised to hear the cry 2 2 1 M. surgeons at a point of time The, statements based on the information given from the bundle he dropped a Simultaneously disuade conscience . training is of 3 years duration , a Sound pollution affect one s lungs 3 Read the following passages carefully suggest. Over 20 surgeons have already, b factories produce so much noise that 5M b Extravagence cosy business pocket.
lungs are affected been trained so far , India has come a long way since the 12 Arrange the following words under cor . c Crackers affect our hearing Bengal Famine of 1943 The food situation in rect headings . 2 Read the following passage 5M India once characterized by chronic shortages OR 1. 8 4 2 M, Fire Fire and the spectrum of famines has changed dra . The shouts reached Harry who was sleep matically over the years From being the biggest b Write a story using the following hints Super duper itsy bitsy hip hop tip top . ing in a room on the top floor of his uncle s recipient of PL 480 during the 1950 and 1960s hurly burly zig zag . A slave runs away from his cruel master a, India today is relatively self sufficient in food. house He sat up and looked around with wide lion in the forest crying in pain the slave takes tick tack helter skelter . open eyes Did he have a bad dream or did he grain at the levels of incomes and prices In fact out a thorn from his foot a few months later the. it has marginal surpluses The General Alliterative Rhyming. really hear those shouts He sniffed hard and slave caught by his master s men ordered to. smelt smoke There really was a fire There was Agreement on Tariffs and Trade GATT has be thrown before a hungry lion the lion rushes 1 1 . no time to lose he had to get out of the house been signed with India as one of the signatories at him licks his feet remembers his old kind . under which all countries will have gradually 2 2 . immediately He jumped out of the bed and ness the slave and the lion set at liberty . opened the door Smoke was every where open up their agricultural sectors It is therefore 3 3 . Harry ran without knowing where he was going ,for he could not see clearly because of the thick. neither feasible nor desirable to keep India s, food grain sector insulated from world markets PART B 4 4 .
smoke But he saw flames all around him and Now arrange the following jumbled sentences 13 Use the following language expressions. the wooden floor was hot under his bare feet in a sequential and meaningful order 6 Read the paragraph and write the syn in sentences of your own . onyms of the underlined words 1, Harry was frightened He saw an open door 1 Once there were chronic food shortages 4 2 2 M. and ran into the room he was groping his way and famines 1 1 See off phr v . 4 2 2 M, towards the window so that he could jump out 2 The General Agreement on Tariffs and 2 On the dot phr v . My father would not like to see me carrying, when he felt something soft It looked like a bun Trade under which all the countries should 3 Muster up confidence idiom . a trunk on my back and would be very hurt if I, dle of clothes Harry picked it up to protect his open up their agricultural sector has been 4 Bonafide foreign expression . did so I concluded that it would be better to let. face from the smoke and the heat Just then the signed him carry it Father was used to a carrying lug 14 Match the following one word substi . floor gave way and he fell to the floor below 3 Now India is relatively self sufficient in food gage anyway He was stronger and more skilled tutes with their meanings .

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