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craft a handmade batch of soap from start to finish You will take home your 6 8 bar batch of soap ready to gift away or use for yourself There is a materials fee of 15 payable to the instructor in class Stillwater Area High School C115 Instructor Ann Marie Zeimetz 4004 1 Wed6 8 pm Sep 26 1 session 35 person 4004 2 Sat9 11 am


Adult Programs General Information,JOIN THE Community PAC members. GENERAL INFORMATION,Create It 4 6 Advisory Council 42 have access to. Let the Music Play 7 Facility Use 42, Keep it Moving 8 12 Class Locations 43 Indoor walking track. Money Sense 13 14 General Information 50 Cardio equipment. Just for You 14 16 Registration Form 51,Weights and strength equipment. Adult Basic Education 17, Home and Garden 18 On the cover PONYACTIVITYCENTER Gym spaces.
Professional Growth 18 19 Just Breathe 14, Get Techie 20 How to reduce stress and ignite Adult membership starts at. Age Well 20 21 your energy,just 10 month for,Adults with Disabilities 22. Home Basics 18 track access only and,Money saving repair tips. Youth Programs 20 month for full access,Secondary Opportunities 23 A Tisket A Tasket 5. Weave a homemade basket,Athletics and Fitness 24 25.
No initiation fee,Aquatics 26 27 Family Time 33, Community Fitness Activities 27 Pottery sign language No long term commitment. Elementary Opportunities 28 31 gymnastics and more. 2 Adventure Club 31 Health care reimbursements,Youth Theatre 32 may apply including Silver and. Family Fun 33 Office Hours Fit Silver Sneakers BlueCross. Monday through Friday BlueShield of MN Health Partners. Early Childhood 8 a m 4 p m Medica UCare and Sanford. Special Events 34 35 The office will be closed on, Preschool Classes 36 37 PAC members that register for qualifying. September 3, Semester Classes 38 40 community education fitness classes. November 22 and 23, Screening 41 can apply their participation to their.
monthly fitness requirements for health,care reimbursement This symbol. Contact Us identifies qualifying classes,General Community Education 651 351 8300. Central Service Building 1875 S Greeley St Stillwater MN 55082 If your student receives. Email stillwatercommed stillwaterschools org stillwaterschools org CE free or reduced fee. lunch your student may, Early Childhood Adult Basic Education and qualify for a discounted. English Learner Programs 651 351 4000 PAC membership Questions Email. Early Childhood Family Center 1111 Holcombe St S Stillwater MN 55082 Learn more at us at pac stillwaterschools org or call. Email ECFC stillwaterschools org stillwaterschools org ECFC stillwaterschools org PAC 651 351 8036. GENERAL INFORMATION,Here s a sampling of,our latest offerings. PAC Monthly Member Rates, Track Only Youth Senior Citizen Adult 2 Adults Family 6 Glasswork.
Paperweight, All ages Age 12 21 Age 62 Age 22 61 Living in same Living in same. household household, District 10 person 10 15 20 30 40 7 Line Dance Country. Resident 20 family,Daily Rate 3 3 5,8 Bone Building. Strength Mobility, Must be at least 14 years old to use equipment Children under age 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Visit our website at stillwaterschools org PAC for non resident rates. 10 Personal Training,School Year PAC Hours, Days Hours Walking Track Cardio Room Weight Room Gyms.
Financial Strategies,Strength for Women,Mon Fri 5 30 7 30 a m. School Day,Limited access during school day,Scheduled programming only. 13 Parents Kids and,Money Matters, 7 40 a m 2 10 p m Check online schedule Check online schedule. Visit stillwaterschools org CE,After School CLOSED due to student activities. Meditation for,2 10 4 30 p m Beginners,Evening OPEN OPEN OPEN Limited access.
4 30 9 30 p m Check online schedule,Sat Sun 7 a m 7 p m OPEN OPEN OPEN Limited access. Check online schedule,19 Job Search Series,Questions Call the PAC at 651 351 8036. Register online at stillwaterschools org PAC or go to the PAC to get a membership. 33 Pickleball Family Fun,CREATE IT Crock Pot Cooking. ADULT PROGRAMS Create It,Are you using the Crock Pot to its full. Explore your creative side potential Learn more about Crock Pot. cooking as you discover tips recipe,conversions how to prepare meats as.
well as an easy side dish that will make,you look like a champ You will prepare. NEW Four Famous Ethnic,stuffed peppers to take home to cook. Supply fee 3 pepper payable at class, Add international flair to your baking Please indicate the number of peppers. repertoire Learn to create the rolled you would like and if you would like. Norwegian cookie Krumkake anise hamburger black bean or both. flavored Italian Pizzelles the chewy,District 622 John Glenn Middle School. almond Swedish Sandbakkelse baked in,Instructor Gina Carlson.
tiny tins to resemble tarts and Rosettes, the Scandinavian delicacy Expect 1563 1 Thu 6 30 9 pm. Nov 1 1 session 25 person Fresh Spring Rolls,great recipes plus the many tips and. techniques that will make your baking a Meet the owner of Bambu Restaurant. success A 13 food fee payable in class NEW Czech Kolaches in Maplewood as she shares the secret. Please bring containers to take your Czechoslovakian immigrants brought to making fresh spring rolls one of. creations safely home their passion and recipes for Kolaches to the restaurant s best sellers Although. 4 considered simple spring rolls can be, NEW Fall Favorites District 622 John Glenn Middle School the Midwest as early as the 1860 s Learn. Instructor Laurel Severson to make these national pastries from start challenging to perfect and it takes. Apples pumpkins and squash Oh my, to finish Taste the different variations a zen like balance to make them. Cook a complete meal appetizer entree 1562 1 Mon 6 9 pm. Nov 26 1 session 25 person that you made while in class Plan to memorable Once you learn you will. with side and dessert all featuring fall, take home an assortment to share with be able to pass on Yin s lovely elegant.
harvest ingredients You will go home, family friends or to freeze You will leave recipe and technique to your family and. with a recipe book full of additional, with many recipes tips and techniques to friends Make four spring rolls plus take. recipes not covered in class Bring a, master these Old World delicacies Better home a bottle of the amazing Bambu. dishtowel and a container for leftovers, than the bakery A 13 food fee payable Peanut Sauce. Register today See pages 50 51,Food cost of 12 payable to the.
instructor at the time of class in class Bring containers for leftovers Bambu Restaurant. District 622 John Glenn Middle School Instructor Yin Thong. District 622 John Glenn Middle School,Instructor Laurel Severson 1540 1 Tue 6 7 30 pm. Instructor Susan Vance,Sep 25 1 session 25 person,1564 1 Sat 9 am 1 pm. 1547 1 Wed 6 30 8 30 pm,Oct 27 1 session 29 person 1540 2 Tue 6 7 30 pm. Oct 10 1 session 25 person,Oct 16 1 session 25 person. 1540 3 Tue 6 7 30 pm, Questions Call Community Education at 651 351 8300 Nov 13 1 session 25 person.
1540 4 Tue 6 7 30 pm, Check class availability online 24 hours a day at stillwater ce feepay com Dec 18 1 session 25 person. Beginning Soap Making,ADULT PROGRAMS Create It, NEW Needle Felted NEW Bicycle Basket NEW Storage Basket. Learn to make soap using the hot process Ornament This is a fun and The storage. method We will be using slow cookers to Tis this season for making gifts for useful project for basket is a. craft a handmade batch of soap from start loved ones Celebrate your holiday by those who love large multi. to finish You will take home your 6 8 bar creating the handmade wool ornament the outdoors purpose basket. batch of soap ready to gift away or use perfect for embellishing your home Enjoy weaving with leather. for yourself There is a materials fee of decorating your tree or even attach your own basket bushel handles. 15 payable to the instructor in class a pin to create a one of kind brooch to attach to your Completed. Stillwater Area High School C115 Beginners are welcome All tools and bike Completed basket is 5 x10 basket has a 13 square base 18. Instructor Ann Marie Zeimetz supplies included with 7 5 sides handles are riveted round top and 9 sides All materials. 4004 1 Wed 6 8 pm leather strapping Color accents will be except finishing stain will be provided. Stillwater Area High School PAC G113, Sep 26 1 session 35 person available All materials except finishing to complete this project A 44 supply. Instructor Textile Center staff, stain will be provided to complete this fee is due to the instructor at the class. 4004 2 Sat 9 11 am 4118 1 Thu 6 8 pm,Dec 6 1 session 35 person.
project A 38 supply fee is due to the Feel free to bring a snack for this longer. Sep 29 1 session 35 person,instructor at the class session. Stillwater Area High School C115 Stillwater Area High School C115. NEW Making Felted Wool NEW Shibori Dyeing and Instructor Dani Kling Instructor Dani Kling. Slippers Textile Center Tour,4114 1 Sat 9 am 1 pm 4116 1 Sat 9 am 2 pm. In this class you will learn about how Explore the Japanese dyeing Sep 22 1 session 20 person Nov 10 1 session 25 person. to select and felt shrink your beloved technique of shibori the precursor. but old wool sweaters You will create to contemporary tie dye to make a 5. vibrant silk scarf tea towel or wine gift NEW Primitive Hearth NEW Wine Bottle Tote. a custom pattern to fit your foot,bag Learn about the history of color. Basket Basket,Materials will be provided for you to cut. out one pair of slippers and one set of and how different tools and shaping The primitive This adorable. fleece lining Participants will learn how methods create stunning patterns and hearth basket will basket has a divider. to hand sew the slippers using a blanket designs in the fabric Use tools in our use a new weaving woven up the. stitch We will also discuss how to sew state of the art Dye Lab to apply colors technique called center to separate. the slippers on a sewing machine if you and complete your unique creation stair step side to two bottles It s. desire to do so at home A 10 supply Experience includes a tour of the form the sloping perfect for dinner. fee is payable to the instructor at class textile center during the drying phase design of the sides Completed basket parties or holiday. Afterwards visit the artisan holiday is 10 x18 5 with 7 5 sides and 3 5 gift giving Completed basket is 5 x10. Stillwater Area High School D206, ends The handle is hardwood market with 8 sides handles are 14 Market.
Visit stillwater ce feepay com,shop or explore the area for some great. Instructor Sheryl Grover, eats and treats Transportation not D All materials except finishing stain D All materials except finishing stain. 4051 1 Mon 6 8 30 pm will be provided to complete this will be provided to complete this. Nov 5 1 session 25 person, project A 42 supply fee is due to the project A 34 supply fee is due to the. Textile Center,instructor at the class instructor at the class. 3000 University Ave SE Minneapolis, Instructor Textile Center staff Stillwater Area High School C115 Stillwater Area High School C115.
4034 1 Fri 10 30 am 12 30 pm Instructor Dani Kling Instructor Dani Kling. Nov 9 1 session 55 person 4115 1 Sat 9 am 1 pm 4117 1 Sat 9 am 1 pm. Oct 20 1 session 20 person Dec 8 1 session 20 person. ADULT PROGRAMS Create It,NEW Art Workshop Using NEW Glasswork. Alcohol Ink Technique Fundamentals,Go with the flow the alcohol ink Paperweight. flow Discover this vibrant creative art Experience glass blowing Working. medium that is gaining popularity with with the staff at Vandalia Glassworks. artists of all levels Learn techniques that you will design and create a solid. you can use on paper metal plastic paperweight that is unique to you. and glass for a unique outcome every The paperweight is the most fun. time You will be working with yupo and forgiving piece for first time. papers and tiles during the workshop glass blowers You will learn the. A materials fee of 5 is payable to the fundamentals of glasswork including. instructor at class The ink is acid free gathering coloring shaping and. fade resistant and fast drying but wear transferring the piece off the pipe All. clothes that you do not mind getting materials are included in the class fee. NEW Canvas au Latte Vandalia Glassworks, District 622 Gladstone Center Glowing Globes Instructor Bryce Borkhuis. Instructor Julie Schroeder 4032 1 Sat 10 am 1 pm,Wake up and discover your inner. 4030 1 Fri 10 am 12 30 pm Sep 15 1 session 59 person. artist Paint along with the instructor,Oct 12 1 session 35 person.
as she guides you step by step from,NEW Watercolor Pouring 4032 2 Sat 10 am 1 pm. 6 Workshop a blank canvas 16X20 to a finished Nov 17 1 session 59 person. rendition of glowing globes No,Add a more luminous spontaneous and. experience needed just come and have,fluid effect to your painting with the. fun with acrylics using intense colors,pouring technique You will complete. for the background while achieving a,two paintings as you learn how to.
translucent effect for the globes Coffee,define shapes by blocking them out with. provided Materials fee of 3 is payable,masking fluid in various stages of the. to the instructor in class,pouring Be amazed at how the color. of each poured layer becomes more District 622 Gladstone Center. Register today See pages 50 51, intense than the layer preceding it The Instructor Julie Schroeder. instructor will demonstrate two scenes 4031 1 Fri 9 am 12 30 pm. Dec 14 1 session 35 person,which you may recreate or you can.
chose any subject or scene you wish,just bring photo references Materials. fee of 5 is payable to instructor at, workshop Supply list is available online Questions Call Community Education at 651 351 8300. May end early on 2nd day,District 622 Gladstone Center. Instructor Julie Schroeder,Check class availability online 24 hours a day at. 4033 1 Thu Fri 9 am 3 pm stillwater ce feepay com,Nov 1 2 2 sessions 69 person.
LET THE MUSIC PLAY Chords are Key for Guitar,ADULT PROGRAMS Let the Music Play. Do you have a guitar sitting in your, Move to the rhythm of the beat closet that you have never learned to. play There is no need to take private,lessons in just a few hours you can. learn enough to give you years of,musical enjoyment This crash course. NEW Beginner Social NEW Line Dance Country,will teach you some basic chords and.
Dancing Classics,get you playing along with your favorite. If you wish you knew how to dance Enjoy an hour of dancing that is fun songs right away Bring your acoustic. so you could get on the floor with easy to learn and doesn t require a guitar Fee includes an online book and. confidence then this is the perfect partner Slappin Leather Honky Stomp online instructional video. course for you Learn to dance real steps and Tush Push are three classics that will. District 622 John Glenn Middle School, in sync with your partner and to current have you Boot Scootin in no time No. Instructor Eric Carannza, and classic songs played at weddings partner needed. parties and most social events Practice 4006 1 Mon 7 9 pm. Lily Lake Elementary Gymnasium Nov 12 1 session 59 person. easy to learn steps in waltz swing Instructor Monica Mohn. foxtrot hustle and polka Come with or,2557 1 Tue 7 30 8 30 pm. without a partner pricing is per person Nov 20 1 session 20 person. Stillwater Area High School Gymnasium,Auxiliary Old Wrestling NEW Chords are Key for.
NEW Women s Barbershop Piano 7,Instructor Deanna Constantine. Singing In just a few hours you can learn,2518 1 Sat 5 6 30 pm. Sep 22 Oct 13 4 sessions 55 person Ladies let your star shine Come and enough secrets of the trade to give you. join us and discover the joy of singing years of musical enjoyment How do. 4 part a cappella women s barbershop we do it While regular piano teachers. NEW Thriller Line Dance harmony No prior experience is needed teach note reading piano professionals. Halloween is here and it s time for the and ability to read music is not required use chords And you can learn all the. Zombies to come out to dance to Our group is comprised of women from chords you ll need to play any song in. this classic Michael Jackson song If you all walks of life and degrees of musical this one session Any song any style. are thrilled by the moves in Thriller knowledge and experience We will any key If you can find middle C and. then this workshop is for you This fun teach you some songs and introduce you know the meaning of Every Good Boy. Visit stillwater ce feepay com, line dance is a great easy version of to the art of women s barbershop At the Does Fine you already know enough. the classic moves that inspired us all end of these sessions you are invited to to enroll in this workshop Fee includes. You will be dancing the night away No participate in our Christmas performance an online book and online video. partner needed to show off what you have learned instruction. Lily Lake Elementary Gymnasium Redeemer Lutheran Church District 622 John Glenn Middle School. Instructor Monica Mohn Instructor Sweet Adelaines Instructor Arnie St Hilaire. 2570 1 Wed 6 30 7 30 pm 4043 1 Tue 7 9 30 pm 4001 1 Mon 6 30 9 30 pm. Oct 3 1 session 20 person Oct 9 Nov 20 7 sessions 20 person Oct 15 1 session 59 person. KEEP IT MOVING Yoga Tone Candlelight Yoga Tone,ADULT PROGRAMS Keep it Moving. This class will move slowly through This class will be a combination of. Be active and get fit traditional yoga poses and stretches. with an emphasis on slow breathing,many styles of yoga including Hatha.
Core Flow Vinyasa and Hot Yoga, This is a great class for beginner and poses Emphasis is placed on balance. experienced Yogis who want a more strength and releasing stress through. relaxed and calming class Bring a yoga movement Some experience with yoga. mat and a water bottle is recommended but not required Bring. NEW Bone Building NEW Pilates Reformer for,a yoga mat and a water bottle. Strength Mobility Beginners Stillwater Area High School Media Center. Instructor Renee Combs Stillwater Area High School Media Center. Increase your strength and improve The Pilates Reformer is a safe and. 2504 1 Wed 6 7 pm Instructor Renee Combs, your balance all while developing better effective method that includes a wide. Nov 14 Dec 19 5 sessions 55 person 2505 1 Tue 6 30 7 30 pm. movement skills Reduce your risk of variety of exercises to promote length. No Class 11 21 Sep 11 Oct 30 8 sessions 85 person, injury by learning proper form and strength flexibility and balance Each. technique in this fun and well paced movement serves a function and. foundational class attention to detail helps to avoid injury T ai Chi Chuan R I P P E D Total Body. Uncommon Age Studio Improved posture and coordination is T ai Chi Ch uan is an ancient Chinese Workout. Instructor Marty Larson achieved in Pilates through purposeful mind body practice to improve health Designed for all fitness levels this. and targeted movements of mind and body through relaxation. 2640 1 Thu 10 15 11 15 am program encompasses all aspects. Sep 20 Nov 8 8 sessions 132 person Uncommon Age Studio and body movement This class is based of physical fitness in a class setting. Instructor Marty Larson on traditional teachings passed down resistance interval power plyometrics. 2605 1 Tue Thu 11 30 am 12 30 pm from teacher to student through an and endurance The workout changes. NEW Defying Aging with Sep 18 Oct 25 10 sessions 315 person established lineage Each class will start every 6 9 minutes allowing every. Strength Mobility No Class 10 16 10 18 with warm ups and energy moving muscle group to get a quick yet. and Intelligence exercises During the course you will effective workout Students should. Wouldn t it be great if there was a learn a short T ai Chi Ch uan form bring a light and medium set of hand. NEW Gentle Yoga, secret to staying strong and active at comprised of various postures At the weights a yoga mat and water bottle.
every age What if you could reverse Discover balance in your body and completion of the course you will Get ready for an intense full body. the effects of injury or inactivity mind through gentle movements yoga have a foundation of the principles and workout to get your day off to a great. to continue doing what you love postures breathing exercises and deep practices of Classical T ai Chi Ch uan start. Register today See pages 50 51, Learn how the secret formula of relaxation This is a great class for. Early Childhood Family Center Gymnasium Pony Activity Center Auxiliary Gym. neuroplasticity and movement theory beginners or those wanting a gentle. Instructor John Feely Instructor Angie Ryan, integrates your body s regenerative approach to yoga Wear comfortable. clothing and bring a water bottle yoga 2644 1 Mon 6 30 7 30 pm 2502 1 Tue Thur 5 30 6 20 am. powers with skills used by athletes to Oct 1 Nov 19 8 sessions 80 person. mat AND a blanket or towel Sep 18 Oct 11 8 sessions 80 person. develop performance and maximum, fitness at every age PAC Gymnastics Gym 2644 2 Mon 6 30 7 30 pm 2502 2 Tue Thur 5 30 6 20 am. Instructor Sheryl Grover Nov 26 Jan 28 8 sessions 80 person Oct 23 Nov 15 8 sessions 80 person. Uncommon Age Studio No Class 12 24 12 31,Instructor Marty Larson 2625 1 Mon 12 45 1 30 pm. 2502 3 Tue Thur 5 30 6 20 am, 2634 1 Sat 10 11 30 am Oct 1 Nov 5 6 sessions 60 person Nov 27 Dec 20 8 sessions 80 person.
Sep 29 1 session 35 person, Zumba Fitness Zumba GOLD Zumba GOLD Toning STRONG by Zumba. ADULT PROGRAMS Keep it Moving, Zumba is a total workout combining This class is for active older adults who Zumba GOLD Toning blends the This class combines body weight. all elements of fitness cardio muscle are looking for a modified Zumba Zumba party you love at a slower muscle conditioning cardio and. conditioning balance and flexibility class that recreates the original moves pace with a redefining total body plyometric training moves synced to. Boost your energy and get a serious at a lower intensity The design of workout using Zumba Toning Sticks to original music that has been specifically. dose of awesome each time you leave the class introduces easy to follow shake up those muscles Class is tailored designed to match every single move. class Wear comfortable clothing and Zumba choreography that focuses for active older adults who want to Every squat every lunge every burpee. shoes and bring a water bottle on balance range of motion and focus on muscle conditioning and light is driven by the music helping you. Stillwater Area High School Gymnasium coordination Come ready to sweat and weight activity Walk in ready to have a make it to that last rep You will burn. Auxiliary Old Wrestling to leave empowered and strong Wear blast and tone up leave exhilarated and calories while toning arms legs abs and. Instructor Sara Thompson comfortable clothing and shoes and empowered glutes Join us for this explosive class. bring a water bottle Oak Land Middle School Gymnasium Bring a mat and water bottle. 2603 1 Mon 6 6 55 pm, Sep 10 Oct 15 6 sessions 60 person Stillwater Area High School Auxiliary Gym Instructor Sara Thompson Oak Land Middle School Gymnasium. Instructor Sara Thompson 2701 1 Sat 8 30 9 15 am Instructor Sara Thompson. 2603 2 Wed 6 6 55 pm, 2604 1 Wed 9 40 10 25 am Sep 15 Oct 27 7 sessions 70 person 2568 1 Sat 9 30 10 25 am. Sep 12 Oct 10 5 sessions 50 person, Sep 12 Oct 31 8 sessions 80 person Sep 15 Oct 27 7 sessions 70 person.
2701 2 Sat 8 30 9 15 am, 2603 3 Mon 6 6 55 pm Nov 3 Dec 15 6 sessions 60 person. 2604 2 Fri 9 40 10 25 am 2568 2 Sat 9 30 10 25 am,Oct 22 Dec 17 9 sessions 90 person No Class 11 24. Sep 14 Nov 2 8 sessions 80 person Nov 3 Dec 15 6 sessions 60 person. No Class 11 24,2603 4 Wed 6 6 55 pm 2604 3 Wed 9 40 10 25 am. Oct 24 Dec 19 8 sessions 80 person 9,Nov 7 Dec 12 6 sessions 60 person. No Class 10 31, 2604 4 Fri 9 40 10 25 am Adult Strength Conditioning Boot Camp.
Nov 9 Dec 14 6 sessions 60 person, Zumba Fitness Ready to get serious about your health and physical fitness Join our adult. Multi Day strength and conditioning program Guided by a certified personal trainer this. The Multi Day option will register you, Zumba GOLD boot camp will give you that extra push to reach your goals Register now to. for both Monday and Wednesday Multi Day work with others like you and form a new support system to motivate you to live. evenings The Multi Day option will register you for a healthier more active lifestyle. Stillwater Area High School Auxiliary Gym BOTH Wednesday and Friday mornings. EVENING Class MORNING Class, Instructor Sara Thompson Stillwater Area High School Auxiliary Gym Pony Activity Center Weight Room Pony Activity Center Weight Room. 2600 1 Mon Wed 6 6 55 pm,Visit stillwater ce feepay com. Instructor Sara Thompson Instructor Chad Bischoff Instructors Deb VanKlei Paula Harrison. Sep 10 Oct 15 11 sessions 89 person 2700 1 Wed Fri 9 40 10 25 am. 942 1 Mon Wed 5 30 6 30 pm 941 1 Tue Thu 5 30 6 30 am. Sep 12 Nov 2 16 sessions 130 person, 2600 2 Mon Wed 6 6 55 pm Sep 10 Oct 10 10 sessions 65 person Sep 11 Oct 11 10 sessions 65 person.
Oct 22 Dec 19 17 sessions 135 person 2700 2 Wed Fri 9 40 10 25 am. No Class 10 31 942 2 Mon Wed 5 30 6 30 pm 941 2 Tue Thu 5 30 6 30 am. Nov 7 Dec 14 12 sessions 99 person, Oct 22 Nov 21 9 sessions 59 person Oct 23 Nov 20 9 sessions 59 person. No Class 10 31,941 3 Tue Thu 5 30 6 30 am, Check class availability online 24 hours a day at 942 3 Mon Wed 5 30 6 30 pm Nov 27 Dec 20 8 sessions 55 person. Nov 26 Dec 19 8 sessions 55 person,stillwater ce feepay com. ADULT PROGRAMS Keep it Moving, NEW Personal Training Adult Athletics and Recreation. Get started on the road to feeling and looking better with on on one personal. training You will use training equipment and work under the guidance of a Pickleball League. certified fitness professional Individualized or small groups 2 3 people support. along with health education will help you become more dedicated to your health Join the fun This four week league is for competitive pickleball players Participants. will be matched with a group of four people and play three round robin games up to. Pony Activity Center 11 or 15 win by 2 each day the league meets Court assignment will rank your play. Instructor CE Personal Training Staff, on your winning percentage the ratio of points won to total points possible so that.
each week you are playing with individuals that have accumulated a similar number. Level 1 of points The last week we will use those rankings to determine a champion of the. Beginners should choose this level to work on functional fitness which is league The champion will receive a Pony Pickleball League T Shirt Participants must. designed to help you move better and begin to build strength and endurance commit to playing all games unless injury or an emergency occurs in which case a sub. for your everyday activities is required No refund for the league once play has started. 2705 1 Individual 2705 1SG Small Group, 2 5 3 0 skill level 3 5 4 0 skill level 3 0 3 5 4 0 skill level. Level 2 Pony Activity Center Pony Activity Center Pony Activity Center. Choose this level if you wish to move beyond Functional Fitness and take Gym 8 Gym 8 Gym 5 8. the next steps to improving your health and fitness lifestyle You will set goals Tuesday 9 05 10 25 am Tuesday 10 30 am 12 pm Saturday 8 9 30 am. and be pushed to a higher level of accountability within your individual or small 4 sessions 25 person 4 sessions 25 person 4 sessions 30 person. group workouts If you need guidance on preventing injury while improving. 10 937 1 Sep 4 25 937 4 Sep 4 25 937 7 Sep 8 29, your strength and endurance this is the personal training level for you. 2706 1 Individual 2706 1SG Small Group 937 2 Oct 2 23 937 5 Oct 2 23 937 8 Oct 13 Nov 3. 937 3 Nov 13 Dec 11 937 6 Nov 13 Dec 11,No session Nov 20 No session Nov 20. Choose this level if you are an active adult looking for a boost to your current. workout need new innovative workouts or are ready to take your workout to the. next level but are not sure how You will set goals and be more accountable within. your individual or small group workouts Training for an upcoming event This. Register today See pages 50 51, session will help get you there with positive encouragement and a competitive drive. 2707 1 Individual 2707 1SG Small Group, Individual Pricing Small Group Pricing Per Person 2 or 3.
1 session 50 1 session 40, 5 session package 47 each 235 5 session package 37 each 185. 10 session package 45 each 450 10 session package 35 each 350. Personal Training times will vary based on PAC hours and availability. Upon registration your name will be provided to the personal trainer who will. contact you to schedule the first appointment of your chosen training package. Adult 3 on 3,ADULT PROGRAMS Keep it Moving, Basketball League Open Gyms Basketball Volleyball and Pickleball Adult Open Pickleball. Six weeks of competitive half court, There are 3 ways to pay for open gym participation in basketball volleyball Pickleball is a paddle sport created. basketball Each date you will play, and pickleball for all ages and skill levels The rules. two teams for 25 minutes running,are simple and the game is easy for.
time The end of the league will have 1 Purchase a monthly PAC membership this will entitle you to participate in any beginners to learn but can develop. championship round games Each open gym section of any sport and may apply for healthcare reimbursement into a quick fast paced competitive. team can have a six person roster Call, 2 Set up a recurring 10 monthly open gym membership per course section for game for experienced players. your own fouls The home team must, basketball volleyball and or pickleball There is a 1 registration fee assessed Participants will form their own teams. provide a score keeper for the game, to a credit debit card when you sign up for this option Withdrawal from the to play against others New players. Pony Activity Center Gyms membership program before the section ends will require a 30 day notice are always welcome Pickleballs are. 913 1 Sunday 8 10 am provided You will need to provide. 3 5 daily walk in fee or 3 senior citizens fee,Sep 16 Nov 4 8 sessions 80 team your own paddles. Pony Activity Center Gyms, Adult Co Ed Basketball Open Gyms 930 1 Sunday 3 6 pm.
Sep 2 Dec 30 15 sessions, Adult Basketball Play is competitive fun and a great workout for all levels of play No session Dec 2 9 16. Teams will be formed at the gym to play pick up basketball This is not a league New. players always welcome Court assignments subject to change based on gym needs 930 2 Monday 11 am 1 30 pm. Sep 10 Dec 31 16 sessions, Pony Activity Center Gyms Oak Land Middle School Gym No session Dec 24 11. 910 1 Wed 6 30 8 30 pm 910 2 Sat 9 11 am,930 3 Wed 11 am 1 30 pm. Sep 5 Dec 26 16 sessions Nov 3 Dec 29 9 sessions,Sep 5 Dec 26 17 sessions. No session Oct 17,930 4 Friday 11 am 1 30 pm,Sep 7 Dec 28 15 sessions.
Adult Recreation Adult Volleyball Open,Girls Women Open No session Nov 16 23. Volleyball League,Basketball Gyms, The league encourages fun recreation 930 5 Tuesday 7 15 9 15 pm. Lace up and play basketball This open Participate in fun and competitive Sep 11 Dec 18 14 sessions. and exercise There will be 8 regular, gym is for middle school through high volleyball matches Teams will be No session Nov 6. season matches with scores and, school girls and adult women who formed at the gym This is not a. standings recorded for an end of the,Visit stillwater ce feepay com.
have played basketball and want to league Participants will call the games Stillwater Area High School Gym. season championship round of games 930 6 Wednesday 6 30 8 30 pm. play competitive basketball of varying as there are no officials New players. There are no officials for this league Sep 12 Dec 26 15 sessions. levels against other females Teams will always welcome. each team will call the game Matches No session Oct 17. be organized at the gym and rotated Stillwater Middle School Gym. are played on Tuesday evenings at the,based on winning teams Players will. Pony Activity Center 920 1 Thursday 7 15 9 15 pm, be expected to call their own fouls Sep 6 Dec 20 13 sessions Questions. Pony Activity Center Gyms, Pony Activity Center Gyms No session Oct 25 Nov 8 22. 920 2 Tuesday 7 15 pm Call Community Education, Oct 9 Dec 4 8 sessions 175 team 912 1 Sunday 12 1 30 pm. No session Nov 6 Oct 7 Nov 11 6 sessions at 651 351 8300. Beginner Pickleball Lessons Intermediate Pickleball. ADULT PROGRAMS Keep it Moving,The beginner course will introduce Lessons.
pickleball rules body positioning Improve your pickleball technique shots. footwork drills and game strategy Drills and game strategy The intermediate. and strategy will focus on serve return lessons will drill spin serves drop shots. dinks and lobs The last 30 minutes and footwork with an emphasis on. of the course will be organized play winning doubles strategy The last 30. Participants should bring their own minutes will be organized play with. paddle or borrow one from the PAC coaching, Pony Activity Center Gym 8 Pony Activity Center Gym 8. Head Instructor Stephen Blythe Head Instructor Stephen Blythe. 931 1 M W F 8 9 30 am 932 1 M W F 9 30 11 am, Sep 17 26 5 sessions 55 person Sep 17 26 5 sessions 55 person. 931 2 M W F 8 9 30 am 932 2 M W F 9 30 11 am Adult Advanced Pickleball. Oct 22 31 5 sessions 55 person Oct 22 31 5 sessions 55 person Clinic Rating Pickleball Court. Stillwater Area High School Gym 4 Stillwater Area High School Gym 4 Hone your Pickleball skills this summer Reservation. Head Instructor Michael Lammer Head Instructor Michael Lammer at this clinic designed to teach 3 0 4 0 Rent a pickleball court for an. 931 3 Wed 6 7 30 pm 932 3 Wed 7 30 9 pm, pickleball players advanced skills Clinic hour or more Pickleballs and net. Sep 5 26 4 sessions 44 person Sep 5 26 4 sessions 44 person will focus on why dinkers can beat are provided All participants in. 12 bangers how the drop shot improves the pickleball rental group must. your game using a cut or top spin be PAC members or purchase a. Pickleball Skills and Drills return learning three spin serves and daily pass Each reservation must. Have you learned the basics of the punch shot for winners as well as be made online and cancellations. pickleball and want to improve your knowing when to lob place shots down must be received at least 48. shots Pickleball Skills and Drills for the middle and when to be patient hours in advance to avoid a. beginners will provide you practice or attack during the dink game Clinic 5 cancellation fee 12 per. on your serve return serve dink includes active participation through hour per pickleball court Dates. smash and drop shots This class is drills and live play breakdown followed and times of rental availability. Register today See pages 50 51, for someone that already knows the by skill ratings in accordance with USA will be posted online at. basic rules of the game and scoring Pickleball Association standards stillwaterschools org pickleball. but would like to improve their shots Stillwater Area High School Gyms 3 4. through repetition Pony Activity Center Gym,Instructors Michael Lammer and Patrick Lammer.
Course 938 12 hour, Pony Activity Center Gym 8 935 1 Sat 9 45 am 12 45 pm. Head Instructor Stephen Blythe Sep 15 1 session 30 person. 934 1 Tue 12 1 pm,Sep 18 Oct 16 5 sessions 50 person. Nov 13 Dec18 5 sessions,Pickleball Family Fun, No session Nov 20 Class for parent and child see page 33. MONEY SENSE,ADULT PROGRAMS Money Sense,NEW Financial Strategies NEW Keeping the Cabin. for Women Business or Farm in, Manage your money and become fiscally fit What makes women s financial issues.
unique Times have changed but it s,the Family,Who will pay the taxes What if one. still important to do all you can to save family uses it more How can I ensure. and protect your income Whether or my children receive equal inheritance. NEW Parents Kids and not you have any financial challenges What effect will estate taxes have. Money Matters learn about your options when it comes Get the answers to these and other. Teach your kids to save share budget to protecting your financial future questions and learn how to keep the. and spend money responsibly Bring Disclosures Thrivent Financial and cabin farm or property in the family. your child for a fun and special its representatives and employees without driving the family apart An. interactive lesson they can bet their cannot provide legal accounting or additional family member may attend at. savings on Every child that participates tax advice or services Work with your no additional charge. will get a free piggy bank Children ages Thrivent Financial representative and. District 622 Gladstone Center, 6 10 are invited with a parent at no as appropriate your attorney and tax. Instructor Randy Rheault Steve Ledin, additional cost professional for additional information. 1026 1 Tue 6 30 8 pm, Stillwater Area High School D106 Stillwater Area High School PAC G113 Oct 23 1 session 15 person. Instructor Sabrina Fay Instructors Terri Ferrise Tracy Berglund. 1026 2 Thu 10 11 30 am,1025 1 Sat 10 11 30 am 1037 1 Mon 6 30 7 45 pm.
Managing Auto Insurance Nov 15 1 session 15 person. Nov 10 1 session 20 pair Oct 8 1 session 15 person. Costs of auto insurance are rising and Why You Can t Trust Your NEW So You Are the. it is difficult to know what company Trust Executor or Trustee. to select Learn the coverage options Now What,Do you know what the most oversold. premium rating factors and strategy Executor trustee power of attorney. and misunderstood legal product is on, for lowering costs For one night guardian what are the responsibilities. the market today A revocable or living, you will be an agent for a fictitious and liabilities of those who are granted. trust In this class you will learn the, insurance company and have an these legal titles This class is invaluable. benefits of a revocable trust and if it is, opportunity to explore true examples for those trying to decide whom to.
a right for you You will also learn the, of incidences and claims the insurance appoint as well as those who have been. Minnesota laws regarding the revocable, policy contract common gaps and asked to take one of these legal roles. Visit stillwater ce feepay com,trust and explore other options Bring. misconceptions How you select, your questions leave with answers District 622 Gladstone Center. coverage can ultimately affect your,Instructor Steve Ledin Randy Rheault.
lifestyle Additional family member can District 622 Gladstone Center. Instructors Steve Ledin Randy Rheault 1105 1 Tue 6 30 8 pm. attend at no cost,Oct 9 1 session 15 person, Stillwater Area High School PAC G113 1035 1 Tue 6 30 8 pm. Dec 4 1 session 15 person,Instructor Claude Cybulski 1105 2 Thu 10 11 30 am. Oct 11 1 session 15 person,1044 1 Thu 6 30 8 pm 1035 2 Thu 10 11 30 am. Sep 13 1 session 15 person Dec 6 1 session 15 person. The Basics of Estate Planning,JUST FOR YOU Breathing to Reduce Stress. ADULT PROGRAMS Just for You, Learn how to get the help you need and Ignite Your Energy.
with your medical and financial affairs,We will discuss how to ensure your. Enrich your mind and learn something new This short course will remind you to. breathe every day We will breathe with, children grandchildren or other heirs purpose and you will discover breathing. are taken care of in the most effective to ignite energy and give you a lift. and least expensive way Subjects will Healthy Through the Holidays when you need it You will be taught. include durable power of attorney with Essential Oils mudras which are hand holds that. guardianship wills probate trusts life allow us to release stress exponentially. Do the holidays bring you more stress, estate deeds joint ownership medical Through your breath connect to your. additional worry and extra chaos, assistance and taxes The class will spirit body and energy systems while. Would it be more enjoyable if you were, cover the basic planning choices and is learning to release relax and be free.
to sleep better reduce stress and stay,appropriate for young parents seniors. healthy What if you had beautiful Early Childhood Family Center Classroom 1A. and everyone in between A family, simple gifts to share customized for Instructor Claire Kohout. member may attend at no additional, each individual Essential oils to the 2531 1 Tue 6 30 7 30 pm. rescue During this class we will explore Oct 2 1 session 25 person. Stillwater Area High School E117 the vast therapeutic benefits that. Instructor Christopher Stanton Essential Oils What s all the essential oils can provide for you and. 1014 1 Tue 7 8 30 pm Hype your family during the holidays At the NEW Chakras Intensive. Oct 2 1 session 20 person end of class you can mix your own Workshop. Are you curious about those crazy, 14 things called essential oils Join us as we custom blend of essential oils to take In this intensive class you will learn. Understanding How to Gift explore the many benefits that essential home with you There is a 5 supply fee the detailed information about each. oils can provide for you and your payable to the instructor at class chakra or energy center in your body. Your Money, family During this class you will learn Stillwater Area High School PAC G113 This journey will include supportive.
If you would like to gift your assets to experiences such as guided meditation. the foundation of essential oil education Instructor Katie Gruba. a family members or an organization connection to your authentic self. to begin using them to support your 2548 1 Mon 7 9 pm. there is a proper way to do it We will empowerment to set and hold. family s health and improve your Nov 5 1 session 25 person. discuss pros and cons of gifting your boundaries and finding passion in your. wellness for chemical free cleaning, money including the who what when relationships A nourishing lunch will. cooking emotional aromatherapy and,where and why of gifting We will also. Register today See pages 50 51, more This is a customized class to be provided on Saturday We will be. cover how to leverage your gift tax learning about each specific chakra. ensure that your questions your needs, deductible rules and how to control how it works and how it can be. and your interests are getting answered, the gift after death You will gather a compromised or restored for optimum.
You will have an opportunity to mix, better understanding of how to properly health and wellness Attend both dates. your own custom blend of essential,control your monetary gift. oils to take home with you This is a 5 Online Certificate Stillwater Area High School Media Center. District 622 Gladstone Center supply fee payable to the instructor at Courses Instructor Claire Kohout. Instructors Steve Ledin Randy Rheault class Now Available 2553 1. 2 sessions,219 person, 1036 1 Tue 6 30 8 pm Stillwater Area High School PAC G113. Oct 2 1 session 15 person Nov 3 Sat 9 am 6 pm,Instructor Katie Gruba See page 22 for more. 2547 1 Tue 7 9 pm,information,1036 2 Thu 10 11 30 am.
Oct 4 1 session 15 person Sep 25 1 session 25 person. Meditation for Finding Self Control How to Write Publish and. ADULT PROGRAMS Just for You,Beginners Responses to Sell Your E Book. This is an experiential class that walks Children s Emotional The e book phenomenon is good. you through several forms or ways and Physical Outbursts news for authors E books are easier. to meditate so you can choose what Children s negative behaviors can be to produce and can be more profitable. works for you in your life There will be downright frustrating and overwhelming than print books Authors are able to. movement and stillness in this class so When children lose control emotionally or publish their work make it visible to. please dress comfortably Bring a yoga physically many times we end up reacting a worldwide audience and attract the. mat and pillow or use one that the negatively which may only increase the attention of an agent or traditional. instructor will bring along There will be undesirable behavior Deep down we publisher Topics include royalty rates. an hour for lunch so bring your own or know we need to teach the child how to costs processes formats promotion. you may wish to go out to a location react differently in the future but how sales and the latest in e reader devices. nearby do we do this Come for a discussion on software and technology. Stillwater Area High School Media Center the different Stages of Control children Stillwater Area High School PAC G113. Claire Kohout go through when emotionally stressed Instructor Sybil Smith. 2558 1 Sat 10 30 AM 4 pm and what we can do to help teach our 4009 1 Mon 6 30 8 30 pm. Oct 27 1 session 95 person children how to find greater self control Nov 19 1 session 25 person. Organize Your Photos,Stillwater Area High School D206. Print Digital, Stop the Bleed Instructor Jenny Hanlon Congratulations You ve. NEW Organize your photos to make sure,3507 1 Thu 6 30 8 pm Written a Book Now What. Stop the Bleed is a national awareness, Nov 8 1 session 30 person your precious memories don t get 15.
campaign intended to encourage 45 couple A revolution is taking place in the misplaced Learn about a system to. bystanders to become trained equipped publishing industry and the traditional organize every printed photo digital. and empowered to help in bleeding gatekeepers are no longer in control photo and your memorabilia Learn. emergencies This course was created by NEW The Adoption Option Authors are now able to produce a about scanning for slides movies prints. the American College of Surgeons and November is National Adoption Month professional quality book for fewer out backing up cloud storage scanners. The Committee on Trauma focused on Have you ever considered expanding of pocket expenses and take advantage We will also demonstrate easy ways. teaching individuals how to respond to your family through adoption but don t of new ways to sell their books to to repair old photos You ll leave with. bleeding emergencies in order to prevent know how to get started Join the staff a worldwide audience Learn about a plan for a system that allows you to. bleeding deaths This bystander training from local Evolve Adoption Family every stage of the publishing process access every photo you own in literally. will empower you to feel confident in Services to learn more about International creation publication distribution and seconds Optional materials including. knowing the signs of life threatening adoption domestic infant adoption and marketing sales using time honored. Visit stillwater ce feepay com,the Power Sort box will be available. bleeding and then teaches the correct foster care opportunities available to traditional and cutting edge strategies for purchase at the class. technique to Stop the Bleed until help you This meeting will allow you to ask. Stillwater Area High School E105 Stillwater Area High School PAC G113. arrives An additional adult may attend questions and get you connected to the. Instructor Sybil Smith Instructor Kathy Povolny, with each enrollment right resources Additional family member. 4077 1 Mon 6 30 8 30 pm 4002 1 Wed 7 9 pm, Stillwater Area High School D206 may attend at no extra charge Oct 22 1 session 25 person Oct 10 1 session 20 person. Instructor Taylor Winkel Stillwater Area High School PAC G113. 2665 1 Tue 6 7 pm Instructor Evolve Adoption Family Services. Sep 18 1 session 20 person 1048 Mon 7 8 pm Check class availability online 24 hours a day at. Nov 12 1 session 15 person,stillwater ce feepay com.

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