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the right track toward success at Spruce Meadows Trade Show studies have shown that 80 of show attendees success depends largely on the collective


Table of Contents,I Show Planning 3,1 Planning and promotion 3. 2 Staffing your booth 3,3 Participation at the event 4. 4 Show service provider 7,5 Expected booth display standards 7. 6 Promotion and awareness 8,7 Exhibitor services 9. 8 Propane inspection 10,9 Customs broker 10,10 Move in move out 11.
11 Communications 11,12 Pre show shipping 11,II Post Show 12. 13 Follow up execution 12,14 Event evaluation 12,15 Post show shipping 13. III Contact information 13,16 Spruce Meadows Staff 13. 17 Other contacts 14, We sincerely hope that this brief guide to successful exhibiting will help put you and your company on. the right track toward success at Spruce Meadows It is our firm belief that exhibit opportunities are the. most cost effective vehicles available to companies competing in today s marketplace and with the. proper planning your company will make the most of its investment in our services Please call us. anytime to discuss the events,Spruce Meadows Exhibit Team.
I Show Planning,1 Planning and promotion, Advanced planning is a key tool in getting the word out about your participation at Spruce Meadows. Not only will you alert existing and prospective customers to be on the lookout for your exhibit ahead. of time but you will also establish yourself as a major player in the industry Pre Show promotions can. significantly enhance the final results of your exhibit efforts by increasing the number of visitors who. will seek you out at Spruce Meadows, 1 1 Complimentary Passes Spruce Meadows provides complimentary visitor passes to all exhibitors. registered for events International Christmas Market n a These passes save your customers time and. money and increase the likelihood of them visiting your booth Energetic use of these passes is perhaps. the most important and effective promotion device to draw attention to your exhibit They can be. distributed through,Direct mailings to customers,Your sales representatives and distributors. Your stores and retail outlets,Promotional mailings and customer newsletters. Other unique methods your company decides upon, 1 2 Direct Mail Direct mail can not only become an effective awareness tool for your participation at.
Spruce Meadows but it should also be consistently and repeatedly applied to generate. commitments to your product after the event That is why it is so important to plan your direct mail. campaign well in advance Your Pre Show direct mail effort is designed to create interest and. excitement about your company and your products Your Post Show direct mail effort is designed. to motivate buying decisions and deliver sales Don t wait until the event is over to develop the. second phase of your direct mail campaign It should be ready to roll the day the event closes. Telemarketing Extend a personal invitation to visit your display and follow up with. complimentary passes to encourage attendance, Advertise Advertise your participation at Spruce Meadows Advertise in the Tournament Guide. and take advantage of any web site advertising available. 2 Staffing your booth, You want the best salespeople you have working your booth An extension of this rule is that a Spruce. Meadows event is not a place for sales training The atmosphere is noisy crowded intimidating and. highly charged hardly conducive for training You want your booth staff to be ready for action to. take advantage of every opportunity to reach your objective. There are many things to consider when choosing your sales show staff. Salespeople should have a good personality and excellent customer service skills. The staff should be technically knowledgeable,They must be product knowledgeable. The sales staff must make it easy for the customer to stop and talk. All sales staff must have a good attitude about trade shows and the role that they play in the. company s marketing strategy, Booth staffers must feel responsible for the quality of the customer s time in the exhibit. Staffers should be punctual arriving on time ready to work staying for the entire shift and. returning from breaks promptly, Utilizing proper welcoming qualifying presenting and closing skills is critical to the.
successful company s participation at Spruce Meadows. The staffer should commit quickly for follow up action whatever that might be assure the. customer that follow up action will be taken and thank the customer for visiting the booth. 3 Participation at the Event, Once you get to the event there are three primary ingredients to a successful well managed trade. show experience They can be broken up as follows,3 1 Move in move out. The first step toward a smooth move in move out process is to READ THE EXHIBITOR MANUAL. and read it carefully The most common exhibitor mistake is to put this thick stack of papers aside. for later but later never comes and important details will be overlooked If you have any questions. after reading the manual call the Show Manager immediately for clarifications Most importantly. you should, order all services prior to the deadlines Keep in mind anything ordered on the floor will cost. more See point 4 below Order everything you need in the correct size color and. quantities, have as much work as possible done on your exhibit before it is packed or shipped. number and label your crates and boxes according to contents for easy move in and set up. provide special instructions for your electrical requirements. arrive at the venue early to see your booth location and find the Information Desk. confirm revise or initiate orders for rentals and services that you will require. obtain exhibitor information for yourself and your personnel. 3 2 Correct boothmanship, Trade Show studies have shown that 80 of show attendees remember MORE about the.
salespeople manning the booth than the booths themselves This statistic tells us one thing your. success depends largely on the collective talent product knowledge and energy level of your sales. FIRST of all every exhibitor should distribute an on site manual that includes the following information to. A staff schedule of who will be working the booth on a daily and hourly basis. A staff schedule of pre show and daily wrap up meetings. Where they will be staying, A map showing the exhibit venue and your booth location. A diagram of your booth layout and booth number,A list of products being displayed. A product pricing structure,Explanation of pre show advertising and promotion. Objectives and goals to be met at the event,Sales goals and rewards for success. SECOND as you think about staff motivation also consider how to avoid burnout Here are some tips. Schedule an hour break after a staffing period of two or three hours. Check the event schedule and anticipate peak traffic times Let some staffers go on a break. during slow periods, Drink plenty of fluids Most venues are very dry and dehydration can feel like fatigue.
Eat and drink sensibly it affects not just your physical well being but your mental attitude. Know your limits and take time to rest when needed. Avoid using a canned pitch This will numb your brain and your listening skills Instead ask a. few good qualifying questions listen to the answers and base your demonstration on what. you ve heard,3 3 Selling techniques, The art of selling at any event is how well you can communicate and or demonstrate your product or. service so that visitors to your booth can relate understand and respond to your presentation. Remember selling at any event is very different than selling in a store or on a telephone It is much. more intimidating Even the strongest salesperson can have trouble selling at open events Booth staff. should be knowledgeable friendly and approachable not aggressive Your ability to ASK QUESTIONS. at the event and distinguish between a customer wanting to purchase and a visitor just looking will. determine the degree of success you will achieve Your job will be to sell the customer on the benefits. of your product and your company in a minimum amount of time to determine the visitors need. desire and budget, There are acceptable and decidedly unacceptable behaviours For example it is not acceptable to sit It. is expected that very early in the conversation you find out exactly what the customer needs. You must look better and act better than your competition This is not the time to offend because you. won t have the time to recover The following suggestions will help you differentiate yourself from. your competition,Don t leave your booth unattended be available. Use good nonverbal communication, Don t offend no eating drinking or chewing gum in your booth. Make a positive impression dress upscale to your audience Keep your clothes neat. Be actively involved with your booth visitor take responsibility for engaging the. attendee in conversation,Smile and make good eye contact.
The event environment is public and every motion and gesture no matter how slight is a public one By. consciously sending warm confident and positive signals at all times you are telling attendees that you. are someone worth knowing,The Four S s of selling at any event. Stop Them Your first contact with a customer is often made through a simple greeting and good eye. contact There are many polite and enthusiastic ways to greet prospects and introduce them to the. features and benefits of your product or service, Speak to Them and Listen After you have gained the customers attention with an interesting open. ended question and attentively listened for the answer identify the customers needs Ask the customer. to talk about themselves through questions which require more than a yes or no response Listen. carefully to their answers and begin to develop your method and words to describe your benefits to. satisfy their needs Be careful not to appear solicitous apply extreme courtesy and most importantly. listen If your product should satisfy their needs move to the next step in your plan Otherwise. politely and briefly summarize your sales presentation and thank the prospect for their interest. Set Up an Appointment By listening carefully and responding with polite and enthusiastic questions. you re ready to make your targeted presentation You can describe your product s benefits verbally. with a demonstration through sales and prospect interaction or any of the many other sales. techniques which have been successful for your sales staff. Sell Them Restate or summarize your product s prime advantages to the customer and have an. acknowledged agreement with them If appropriate ask for the order or gain agreement and. commitment to the action you want them to take If you still don t achieve their commitment explore. through polite and enthusiastic questioning what is needed to satisfy the customers needs. Remember if you have properly recognized the customers needs your failure to gain their agreement. may mean they still have an objection for you to overcome Since their needs and your advantages are. unchanged keep on selling until you get their commitment to do what you have asked them to do. Lastly remember these do s and don ts when you are staffing your booth. Be enthusiastic,Smile The first impression is always the last. Be carefully groomed,Use prospect s name,Know your competition. Keep moving in the booth,Be on time for your shift.
Keep the booth clean,Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Know the locations of the restrooms and restaurants. Sell the company rather than the product,Establish a team atmosphere. Sit or read in the booth,Eat or drink in the booth. Chew gum in the booth,Cluster two or more booth mates. Ignore prospects,Talk on the phone other than for event business.
Talk with other booth personnel unless business related. 4 Show Service Provider, Spruce Meadows works with Superior Show Services www superiorshow com to provide all exhibitor. booth needs, Your booth fee includes the following display services. 1 8 decorated table,2 chairs per exhibit,1 standard exhibit sign 1 high x 8 wide. One 1000 Watt 110 VAC duplex electrical outlet,Daily aisle cleaning. Alternative table sizes are available at no charge If you wish to change your table size please indicate on. the Superior Show Services forms which are provided through our web site and return them directly to. Superior Show Service 14 days prior to show dates Note There is a 20 00 fee for the removal or. changes in table size during move in, If you require additional electricity display services or other show services please contact Superior.
Show Service Inc directly at,Superior Show Service. 8599 111 Street,Fort Saskatchewan,AB T8L 3V1,Tel 780 992 0404. Fax 780 992 4449,Toll free 1 888 417 4449,Email info superiorshow com. To ensure prompt service Superior Show Service information and forms MUST be sent directly to. Superior Show Service NOT Spruce Meadows,5 Expected Booth Display Standards. Objects displays featured in the booth space should not exceed 8 in height. Handouts of promotional material or products are strictly prohibited outside the confines of. your exhibit space, Perimeter booths are permitted to exceed 8 feet in height provided the display is finished on all.
Island booths signs cannot exceed 8 feet in height. Contests free draws raffles or the sale of tickets is not permitted. Any signage displayed within the booth must be professionally produced Absolutely no. handwritten signage will be allowed,Spruce Meadows Management reserves the right to. veto any signage within or around the booth,For more information please read the Terms of. Conditions posted on our website or printed on the. back of a Space Application Form, Spruce Meadows has a very strict rule with regards to sight. lines within all venues Exhibitors are not permitted to block. in any way sight lines along aisles Any exhibitor, disrespecting this rule will be asked to remove all product. displayed in this area,National Tournaments,6 Promotion Awareness.
The Spruce Meadows tournaments attract close to 400 000 on site visitors each summer This. impressive and world leading attendance number pales in comparison to the millions world wide who. watch the action on television More than 200 pages of editorial coverage is also realized over the. competitive season To complement this Spruce Meadows participates in a number of paid and. partnered advertising and promotion initiatives using a variety of mediums. 6 1 International Television is an instrumental driver for world wide awareness However with more. than 400 media accreditations issued annually the on site presence of the major news wire. services and the Spruce Meadows story are sure to reach fans around the world The Spruce. Meadows Television footprint reaches nearly 100 countries around the world A host of networks. and distribution channels carry 130 hours of production originating from Spruce Meadows These. networks include the likes of CBC Rogers Sportsnet CTV SKY Sports Fox Sports Net Fox Sports. International and Eurosport, 6 2 National National newspaper coverage advertising and promotion are paramount to the nation. wide awareness and recognition that Spruce Meadows enjoys Shaw Media the National Post Sun. Media and the Globe Mail all factor into the national media plan The plan includes additional. editorial and advertising initiatives designed to draw attention to Spruce Meadows Tournaments. and to the programs being carried on CBC and Rogers Sportsnet. 6 3 Regional Spruce Meadows dedicates significant resources each year for tournament advertising. These programs focus on the major daily and regional weekly newspapers The advertising and. promotions cycle typically runs two weeks prior and throughout the course of the respective. tournaments Electronic programs television and radio run on a similar cycle with an emphasis on. highly rated times This coverage equates to the evening news on television and morning drive on. radio It is a Spruce Meadows practice to relate and buy with the electronic media market leaders in. our key customer areas, 6 4 Tournament Show Guides A Tournament Guide is printed for each tournament and is distributed. to the public as they arrive on site This useful publication provides information on all the activities. taking place at the tournament including a listing of every exhibitor This promotional opportunity. is available to you at no cost providing we receive your application at least six weeks prior to the. tournament Exhibitors will also have the opportunity to purchase advertising in the Tournament. Guides and or on relevant pages of the Spruce Meadows website You will be contacted by the. Advertising Coordinator regarding advertising in the Tournament Guides. 6 5 Event Passes For each of the three major tournaments Spruce Meadows produces promotional. family passes 10 value We encourage you to distribute these passes to your clients and at other. events that you attend in order to maximize attendance at the tournaments and traffic through the. show halls For the International Christmas Market we will be producing a promotional pass with a. 2 00 off admission coupon which Christmas Market exhibitors are encouraged to distribute in. order to promote the event NOTE Promotional passes will be distributed approximately six weeks. prior to each show,7 Exhibitor Services,7 1 Exhibit Show Office. The Show Office is located inside the main entrance of the Equi Plex The office is open 1 hour before. and hour after all shows Upon arrival please register at the Show Office to receive your arrival. information This will include your parking passes n a for International Christmas Market exhibitor. passes a current exhibits layout and schedule of events. 7 2 Exhibit Venue Access, EXHIBITORS ARE ALLOWED ACCESS ONE HOUR PRIOR TO SHOW OPENING ONLY Only exhibitors with. the relevant exhibitor pass will be allowed entry into the venue s For security reasons no access into. the exhibit area s will be granted until one hour prior to show times Likewise exhibitors will be asked. to leave the exhibit area hour after the show closes each evening. 7 3 Security, Although Spruce Meadows cannot be held responsible for vendors booths or product security is.
provided by Spruce Meadows during closed hours, Exhibitors are to remain in their exhibit area until the public has left the building. Please cover or pack away small items when exhibit areas are closed. There will be no security on the last day of each event after 10 00 a m. Please remove all valuables from your exhibit immediately following the closing of the show. Exhibitors are responsible for arranging their own insurance coverage. Following the close of the first weekend of the Christmas Market there will be 24 hour security in. place until opening of move in of the third weekend security will not be in place during exhibit hours of. the second weekend Exhibitors are responsible for securing their products and exhibit area. 7 4 Exhibitor Passes, Exhibitor passes will be provided for exhibit personnel only For security purposes passes must be worn. at all times while exhibiting at Spruce Meadows and must be worn to enter exhibit areas one hour prior. to show opening Three passes will be issued to each 10 x10 exhibition space booked if extra passes are. required they can be purchased at 5 00 badge Badges may be interchanged between personnel. within your exhibit team,7 5 Exhibitor Washrooms, Washrooms reserved for the exclusive use of exhibitors are located outside the west door of the Riding. Hall north end of Equi plex during the Masters The code required to gain entrance to these. washrooms will be in your Arrival Information available upon check in at the Exhibits Office We request. your cooperation in not giving this access code to anyone who is not an exhibitor or working at an. 7 6 Exhibitor Parking, Exhibitor parking during the events is in Lot 8 n a for International Christmas Market Your parking. passes will be included in your Arrival Information available upon registration at the Exhibits Office. Exhibitor Parking for the Christmas Market will either be in the area North of the Equi Plex or Lot 9. depending on the exhibit hall in which you are exhibiting. 7 7 Exhibitor Booth Staffing, Exhibitors must be on time and have their booth open and ready when the trade fair is open to the.
public A Spruce Meadows representative will open any booths that are unattended at time of opening. Late arrivals and early closings of booths will be noted on file such infractions will jeopardize future. participation at Spruce Meadows Trade Fairs,8 Propane Inspection. Any exhibitor using propane in their booth will be required to have the equipment available for. inspection prior to the event the time and place to be determined by Spruce Meadows The cost of the. inspection will be shared among exhibitors,9 Customs Broker. Individuals are required to declare with the Canadian Customs authorities all goods that they may be. forwarding or carrying into Canada whether they be of a personal or commercial nature There are many. regulations that cover the importation of goods into Canada The most important of these are the. marking and labelling of clothing and household goods It is important to research commodities. imported as there are several restrictions on goods imported into Canada All customs clearances can be. completed by either the individual exhibitor or through the services offered of the official customs. Kari Arthur,Business Development,World Wide Logistics. Div of World Wide Customs Brokers Ltd,Telephone 403 291 2543. Fax 403 291 0361, Goods being imported into Canada can be divided into two categories display goods and goods.
intended for sale,9 1 Display Booths and Display Goods Not for Sale. This covers goods intended for display only and not for resale They would include display booths. stands tables backdrops decorations tents and other housings when they form part of the entire. display Display goods may be entered on a Temporary Admission Permit or on an ATA Carnet No. payment of duty and taxes would be required however customs may request the posting of a bond to. ensure the goods are exported from Canada,9 2 Goods Intended for Sale. Goods which are imported for the express purpose of sale to the public are subject to Canadian duties. and taxes These duties and taxes are made payable at time of importation However since 1998. Canada Customs has bonded the Spruce Meadows facility for the Masters Tournament This enables. the Exhibitor to clear goods onto the Spruce Meadows site without full payment of duty and taxes At. the end of the show duty and taxes are paid on all goods sold By implementing this procedure outlays. of cash at time of import are alleviated,10 Move in Move out. Please note the dates and times of move in for each event are provided in your welcome email During. move in you will be able to drive directly to the door nearest to your exhibit space Please unload your. products and displays as quickly as possible and park your vehicle in one of the Exhibitor parking lots to. allow other exhibitors access Large items including trailers must be moved in prior to the events All. trailers will be moved into the appropriate locations under the guidance of Spruce Meadows and. assistance of Superior Show Service No vehicles may remain on site during events or have access once. events have begun Move out will commence when the show closes on the Sunday of each event. Products must not be removed from the exhibit areas until this time. 11 Communications, Phone Lines Many exhibitors find that having a credit card or debit card machine makes it easier for. their customers to make purchases Most exhibitors have converted to Mobile Moneris or POS systems. This eliminates the need for the TELUS deposit installation and monthly rental fees Please contact your. financial institution or http www moneris com for more information. Wireless Internet Service Spruce Meadows has Wireless Internet Service available for all of the events. The fee for this service is included in your space application fee Wi Fi codes can be obtained from the. Exhibits Office in the Equi Plex during move in,12 Pre show shipping.
Pre Show Shipments The following guidelines apply to all pre show shipments Please advice Shipping. and Receiving in advance of shipments 403 974 4546 Please note that all shipments to Spruce. Meadows must be freight pre paid Ensure that your shipment is correctly consigned to your Company. and booth number s care of shipping and receiving at Spruce Meadows Shipments sent C O D WILL. NOT be accepted Please ensure that all shipment fees duties customs fees and G S T are also pre. paid Note these fees will not be paid by Spruce Meadows which could result in a receiving delay Pre. show crate storage is available for out of town exhibitors outside a 100 km radius from Spruce. Meadows only Please address all pre show shipments to your company name include a contact name. telephone number and your booth number care of Spruce Meadows at the following address. YOUR EXHIBIT NAME and YOUR COMPA NY NAME,Booth Number and Tournament. c o Spruce Meadows Shipping Receiving,18011 Spruce Meadows Way SW. Calgary AB Canada T2J 5G5,II Post Show,13 Follow Up Execution. Unfortunately many exhibitors lose additional sales opportunities because they fail to follow up leads. and contacts Before each event you should develop a coordinated sales lead plan Several points for a. good lead follow up program are as follows, Set a realistic goal for the number of leads you plan to collect during the event. Plan your lead follow up system ahead of the event It should be ready to roll as soon as the. event ends, Design or use a lead collecting system that makes recording and retrieval easy Remember to.
prioritize and sort leads for easy follow up, Set deadlines for all follow up activities and brief all staff on the importance of meeting. deadlines and their individual roles in the project. Set up a system to record and review the results of your follow up program. Set a date for the final review, Most importantly make sure your staff follows through on all leads inquiries and requests for. information as quickly as possible Customers react most favourably when sales leads are promptly. followed You should have contacted all of your leads within two weeks after the event with at least a. thank you or follow up letter and or a telephone call. According to the Trade Show Bureau The majority of Trade Show sales take place within 11 months. after the Show,14 Event evaluation, Analyze your immediate results You should review the results immediately after the event and. compare them with the goals that were set If your primary goal was to make sales at the event. count the sales If lead collecting was the primary goal you should have a stack of lead cards or. printouts Compare the number of leads with the goals you set in different categories. Analyze your costs and results in comparison with your goals At some period weeks or. months after the event depending on your sales cycle you should be able to bring together all of. your costs and the full results to date from the event These are tabulated against your goals. and budget for each item In addition to comparing the results with your goals you should be. able to come up with statistics which will indicate to you how successful the event was for your. company By comparing results with non show sales costs you will have a good yardstick by. which to measure your current performance and that of future shows For example. Number of sales calls required to close a show lead. Cost of obtaining each lead or sale at the event,Cost of each sale made as a result of the event. Compare these results with your non show costs of everyday business activities such as. Number of regular sales calls required to make a sale. Cost of obtaining a sales lead through advertising or other forms of. promotions such as direct mail print or electronic media. Cost of each sale made as a result of non Show activities. Prepare a final report Now is the time to bring together all of your information It should. be summarized in one final report that will act as a guideline for the planning of future. shows setting goals and determining which shows are effective and which shows you. should pass up,Your report should assess the following.
1 The overall reaction of customers staff and others to your exhibit highlighting. strengths and weaknesses, 2 Recommendations for extra training new approaches etc should all be included. 3 Make a comparison of actual costs to budget, 4 Compare actual results to corporate and individual goals. 15 Post show shipping, Post show crate storage is available for out of town exhibitors for a maximum of 5 working days. following each event Please advise our Shipping Receiving Department of your post show shipping. arrangements prior to move out All post show shipments must be pre paid You will be charged storage. fees of 1 00 per pound week for any items left on Spruce Meadows property after the closing day of. the event Out of town exhibitors will be charged storage fees if their items are not picked up after five. III Contact Information,16 Spruce Meadows Staff,Nickola Hughes 403 974 4249. Manager Exhibits nickola hughes sprucemeadows com,Lisa Murphy 403 974 4263.
Coordinator Exhibit Sales lisa murphy sprucemeadows com. Peter Dahl 403 369 9785, Manager Exhibit Operations peter dahl sprucemeadows com. Shipping Receiving 403 974 4546, Spruce Meadows Exhibits Office During Event 403 974 5863. Spruce Meadows Exhibits Fax 403 974 4266,Spruce Meadows Main Switchboard 403 974 4200. 17 Other contacts,Show Services Contractor,Mr Chris Sisson T 780 992 0404. Superior Show Service Inc F 780 992 0406,8599 111 Street Toll Free 1 888 417 4449.
Fort Saskatchewan AB T8L 3V1,Customs Broker, Kari Arthur Business Development Telephone 403 291 2543. World Wide Logistics Fax 403 291 0361,Divison of World Wide Customs Brokers Ltd. Unit 125 2808 Hopewell Place NE Calgary AB T1Y 7J7. www worldwidecustoms com,Travel Information, Spruce Meadows is located on the south side of Calgary approximately two kilometres west of Highway. 2 on Spruce Meadows Trail Highway 22x To make travel bookings please contact. Ana Viteri,Maritime Travel,Calgary AB T2E 5T2,www maritimetravel com. Telephone 403 292 7484,Fax 403 250 8731,E mail aviteri maritimetravel ca.

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