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SLEEP HYGIENE TREATMENT OF INSOMNIA Before I get started on helping you improve your quality of sleep I would like to provide you with some quick facts about sleep Research has shown that on average we only require 7 5 hours of sleep to feel rested Two thirds of the population will require between 6 5 8 5 hours to feel rested A minority of people feel fine after 4 hours of sleep


snack do housework read something boring with low intensity light Do not perform. challenging or engaging activity Do not expose yourself to any bright source of light. e g turning on the lights opening the fridge watching television playing on the. computer Light sends a message to your brain that it is morning and time to wake. Stay up as long as you wish and then return to the bedroom only when you feel. sleepy Remember that the goal is to associate your bed with falling asleep. quickly If you are in bed more than about ten minutes without falling asleep and. you have not gotten up you are not following this prescription. If you still cannot fall asleep after 10 15 minutes repeat the previous. instructions i e get out of bed Do this as often as is necessary throughout. A word of caution about television and the computer. Many people fall asleep with the TV on in their room Watching TV before bedtime. is generally a bad idea when someone has problems falling asleep Not only are. you exposing yourself to a bright source of light but television is a very engaging. medium that tends to keep people up It is recommended that the television not be. in your bedroom As soon as you feel sleepy the TV should be turned off and you. should proceed to your bedroom, The same advice generally holds for playing on the computer before bedtime. Some people find that the radio helps them go to sleep Since radio is a less. engaging medium than TV this is probably a good idea as long as the volume is. not too high, We do not want you to become a clock watcher so turn your clock around or cover. it This means you just have to estimate times, Set your alarm and get up at the same time every morning regardless of how much. sleep you got during the night Get up at the same time even on weekends This will. help your body acquire a consistent sleep rhythm, Do not use your bed for anything except sleep that is do not read watch TV talk on. the phone eat or worry in bed Sexual activity is the only exception to this rule On. such occasions the instructions are to be followed afterward when you intend to go. to sleep The goal is to associate your bed with only two activities sleep and sex. both pleasurable,Do not nap during the day, Sleep only as much as you need to feel refreshed Lingering in bed for long periods.
of time can actually hinder attempts to sleep,Danny Gagnon PhD Psychologist 514 605 7610. www montrealcbtpsychologist com,Some important Do s and Don ts. Make your sleep environment comfortable If your mattress is uncomfortable do. something to improve it Avoid being too hot or cold Have the room well. ventilated with fresh air Keep noise to a minimum Cover any light sources that. may be bothersome and that may keep you from falling asleep. Do not exercise in the 2 hour period before bedtime Exercise earlier in the day. can help you to feel more relaxed and ready for sleep at night However. exercising right before you go to sleep could actually have a negative influence. While exercising our metabolic rate increases which is a state that is. incompatible with sleep Chances are that your body will need to wind down and. relax before you can fall asleep, Do not drink caffeinated beverages e g coffee some teas Coca Cola Pepsi. within six hours of bedtime Drink decaffeinated versions of these if you must. Caffeinated beverages have a stimulative effect e g heart rate and energy. levels increase which is a state that is incompatible with sleep In addition. caffeinated beverages have a diuretic effect so you will waken often to pass. urine Treats such as chocolate cocoa products or products with a high sugar. content may also have a stimulative effect depending on the individual. Avoid alcohol and smoking in the 2 hour period before bedtime Alcohol. interferes with sleep in three ways 1 it is a diuretic so you will waken often to. pass urine 2 it is a sedative Although this may help you fall asleep initially you. will wake up often when the effect wears off and 3 alcohol may also interfere. with the deep sleep part of the sleep cycle so you will feel less rested. Establish relaxing pre sleep rituals or habits such as having a warm bath or. eating a light snack Do not go to bed hungry but avoid large meals. Be aware that sleeping pills provide only temporary relief Use them only under. your doctor s orders,Do worries interfere with your quality of sleep. If you have followed the above suggestions and you still have trouble falling. asleep do you tend to worry in bed Worrying makes us anxious which is a state that. is not conducive to sleep e g anxiety increases heart rate metabolism If you tend to. worry and it keeps you awake it is important that you start to develop the attitude that. Nighttime is for sleep and not for worry, If you catch yourself worrying tell yourself Now is not the time to worry Now is.
the time to rest and let go of the worry At night problems may feel overwhelming and. unsolvable which will make you feel anxious which is a feeling that is in direct opposite. Danny Gagnon PhD Psychologist 514 605 7610,www montrealcbtpsychologist com. to feeling rested It is better to focus on problems during the day If your mind gets. redirected back to the worry don t get agitated or angry at yourself or give too much. importance to the fact that your mind wandered back to the worry If you do these. things you will probably get anxious which again makes it impossible to get to sleep. Simply redirect your mind back to focusing on sleeping If you worry you can jot down. worries a few minutes before going to bed or you can keep a pad and paper next to. your bed to write down worries during the night if they keep you up. Counting exercises, If you have followed the suggestions above and worrying is not a problem but. you still have trouble falling asleep try some counting exercises For example direct. your attention on counting your breaths or sheep or any other object of your choice. or try counting backwards If your mind is directed off the counting simply redirect your. attention to the counting when you realize you have done so Do you not get agitated or. angry with yourself as this feeling is in direct opposite to sleep Although this exercise. may seem trivial remember that the purpose of this exercise is not to help you become. a professional sheep counter but to help you fall asleep soon after you go to bed. 2 HOW TO DEVELOP A REGULAR SLEEP CYCLE, In order to feel refreshed and function well throughout the day it is important that. we have a regular sleep cycle These means that your body is used to going to sleep. and waking up at a regular time e g going to sleep between 10 11pm and waking up. between 7 8am In some cases an individual may have developed an irregular sleep. cycle or a sleep cycle that is shifted in time e g going to sleep between 4 5am and. waking up between 10 11am Thus this section is for those individuals who want to re. establish a normal and regular sleep cycle,Here are some hints. Use all the tips I ve just provided above, In addition you will need to shift your sleep cycle back one hour every few days.
until you have re established a regular sleep cycle For example let s say you go to. sleep at 5am and wake up at 11am For the next few days go to sleep at 4am and. wake up at 10am After this becomes habitual go to sleep at 3am and wake up at. Repeat this procedure until you have established you regular sleep cycle e g. going to sleep at 11pm and waking up at 7am,Do not forget to include the tips above. Danny Gagnon PhD Psychologist 514 605 7610,www montrealcbtpsychologist com. 3 WAKING UP OFTEN DURING THE NIGHT, If you wake up frequently during the night remember that many people do and it. does not necessarily mean you have a sleep problem Try to not give it too much. importance or get anxious remember anxiety is incompatible with rest and sleep. There are two main reasons why you may wake frequently These are 1 to pass urine. or 2 to worry, If you wake to urinate frequently and this interferes with sleeping pay particular. attention to the Do s and Don ts listed above go back and read them now Do not. drink alcohol consume stimulative products e g caffeinated beverages treats with a. cocoa or high sugar content or exercise In addition do not drink any fluids 2 hours. before going to bed Also make a trip to the bathroom and urinate before going to bed. to empty your bladder, If you wake up and worry use the tips above about worrying If worrying is not an.
issue try using the counting exercises above to help you get back to sleep. A FINAL WORD, I hope you will find this primer on improving the quality of your sleep useful My. goal was to provide you with a quick and comprehensive reference in case you wanted. to review this material or if I was not available for consultation I d also like to mention. that the topic of sleep is not out of bounds in therapy just because I provided you with. this handout In fact I d like it to be an important part of our sessions and a goal that we. work towards weekly if this is important to you Finally please ask me any questions. you may have if any of the material in this handout is not clear. Danny Gagnon PhD Psychologist 514 605 7610,www montrealcbtpsychologist com.

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