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advanced engineering degree differentiate you from the rest of the workforce but in different ways A technical background instantly helps you relate to other employees who work on product engineering or research and development With an MBA you can act as a bridge between the tech experts and senior management team who make business decisions Being able to speak these two lan guages both


Working engineers who want to Engineers are problem solvers They are strategic and analytical examining complex. issues from all angles The qualitative and quantitative skill sets of an engineer. advance their education are faced, already differentiate them when they leave school and start a career in the business. with two potential options an MBA world From the start an engineer s academic background and technical skills allow. them to easily understand product design and build enabling them to speak with. or an advanced engineering degree, customers consult clients and lead teams in a business setting. Ultimately the choice depends, But many engineers are faced with an important question Should I get an advanced. on the individual and their career degree to move my career forward Today nearly a third of employers across the U S are. bumping up education requirements for new hires according to CareerBuilder Compa. aspirations, nies are looking for candidates with a master s degree or higher to be innovative leaders. with an eye towards strategy, Two possible education paths are offered to the engineer working in industry a master s.
in business administration MBA or an advanced engineering degree master s and or. Ph D And there are several factors to consider when making the decision. Today nearly 1 3 of,employers are bumping up,education requirements for. CareerBuilder,Gain a Competitive Advantage, An engineering undergraduate degree already makes you an attractive. employee companies are looking for people with a technical back. ground who can understand complex problems But adding another. degree to your education really gives you an edge Both an MBA and. advanced engineering degree differentiate you from the rest of the. workforce but in different ways, A technical background instantly helps you relate to other employees who. work on product engineering or research and development With an MBA. you can act as a bridge between the tech experts and senior management. team who make business decisions Being able to speak these two lan. guages both technological and business adds value to the team. My engineering degree and MBA enable me,Shay Ashmon. to understand the technology implications of, B S ECE MBA what a company does but also allow me to.
manage teams and make high level decisions, Regional Manager NCR said DeAndre Jones consultant at CapGemini. I can lead a team of developers and confi,dently speak about our work to clients or senior. leadership,As an engineer you re an analytical thinker and. familiar with looking at issues from all angles,said Shay Ashmon regional manager at NCR. An MBA adds even more viewpoints so it s,complementary I can speak to the design.
and tech aspects but at the same time speak,about accounting and finance to executives. My degrees bridge the gap between technical,and non technical departments. An engineering degree coupled with an MBA,provides a great mixture of education and. creates a well rounded employee Some,engineers feel they need to return to business. school to learn a few of the skills needed to be,a manager or team leader.
After getting my undergrad in Civil Engi a master s degree or Ph D to even At Pratt Whitney when. neering from Tech I joined the U S Coast apply for the job A thesis or dissertation. complex engineering, Guard as a program manager said Trevor experience also gives you technical. Clark The technical skills are extremely writing abilities a critical skill set in the challenges arise my. important for problem solving but I want engineering industry name always comes up as. to move into consulting and I know I will,a person who can deal. need those business skills too A huge Everyone applying to the research. component of an MBA is management and development jobs I m interested in. with it A master s means, soft skills and networking which will be has a master s at least said Matthew you spend less time doing. instrumental in the consulting world Orr Ph D candidate at Georgia Tech I standard analysis and more. needed the advanced degree to stay com,time developing tools and. Alternatively some choose an advanced petitive with my peers The research and. engineering degree to gain an advantage writing aspect of my degree enhances my methods to solve problems. over other job applicants Many research communication skills as well and makes outside of the typical. and development positions today require me a well rounded candidate. scope of everyday work,Phil Varney,Senior Structures Engineer.
Pratt Whitney,Key Takeaway, Once you return to industry an advanced engineering Ultimately having more education on your resume. degree can ensure you re assigned to more complex,and interesting projects or customers Having the. sets you apart from the competition giving you a, additional engineering expertise alerts management more marketable skill set While an MBA enhances. that you are up to the task, soft skills with leadership and management training. At Pratt Whitney when complex engineering chal a technical degree provides the advanced skills. lenges arise my name always comes up as a person,needed for product development and research.
who can deal with it said Phil Varney senior struc. tures engineer A master s means you spend less Either degree will serve you well as your career. time doing standard analysis and more time devel,oping tools and methods to solve problems outside. of the typical scope of everyday work,Advance your career. For many people after working a few years they consider returning to school. for an advanced degree to enhance their career Both an MBA and advanced. engineering degree afford that opportunity In fact with an advanced degree. you can earn an up to 30 percent higher salary versus only having a bachelor s. degree according to the U S Census Bureau, Many engineers feel an MBA will give them the management skills needed to prog. ress in the workplace They gain experience in marketing strategy accounting and. finance disciplines needed to get promotions at their current jobs or even pivot. their careers, After my undergrad I started out in cement manufacturing said Katie Baldwin. who now works as a logistics manager at Amazon I decided I wanted to get into. consulting or business and an MBA was a way to get there At Scheller 95 percent. of our professors come out of industry so you learn from their experience My goal. is to be a Fortune 500 CEO and the MBA was,necessary to get there.
development management skills and leader,ship along with rounding out your business. With an advanced, knowledge regarding marketing finance and degree MBA or. engineering you, Jason Alcedo who was previously in the commercialization. Peace Corps is also pursuing an MBA to,further his career After spending time in. Ghana he gained an interest in the funding,Sam Gollin a current Scheller MBA student.
believes that the skills gained in his program,can earn up to a. aspect of the Peace Corps He saw that fund offer a more holistic understanding of the 30 higher salary. raising really depended on leadership respon business While my engineering undergrad. sibility and a strong set of management skills uate degree provided me the opportunity to. U S Census Bureau,be successful as a project manager at Delta. My MBA has enabled me to grow my career the leadership development that goes on at. with a toolkit that includes data analytics Scheller reinforces the skills companies want. operations and process optimization said to see and continues to help me grow in a. Alcedo That combined with my undergrad leadership capacity he said. uate degree in Civil Engineering from Tech, puts in me in a good place to lead a non profit Stephanie Kalman who currently works at. focused on the developing world The Home Depot as a manager sought an. MBA so she could understand the big picture, People skills are another important factor for She realized she was using her ISyE degree. career advancement While engineers are to propose systems that could costs millions. expert problem solvers they do not always to implement but it was those with general. learn the soft skills required for the business business knowledge and expertise that got to. world An MBA allows you to focus on people make the final decisions. My MBA has given me the Stephanie Kalman,business expertise that will.
B S ISyE MBA,position me to be a leader,Manager Home Depot. and decision maker at The,Home Depot My MBA has,been fantastic to move. my career forward and I m,able to better communicate. with team members make,more well rounded decisions. and gain a broader view,of how a company runs,Stephanie Kalman.
Home Depot,Wassim Selman,President Arcadis, My MBA has given me the business expertise that holds a lot of weigh in the engineering world Under. will position me to be a leader and decision maker at standing the technical side of any business helps. The Home Depot said Kalman My MBA has been improve your job performance You can relate to other. fantastic to move my career forward and I m able to employees while leading teams based on the expert. better communicate with team members make more knowledge you gained from your degree. well rounded decisions and gain a broader view of how. a company runs My Ph D has helped me understand the technical. side of our business said Wassim Selman infrastruc. An advanced engineering degree also opens doors to ture business line president at Arcadis I know what. advance your career and a Tech degree in particular our people do and have an appreciation of it In turn. Key Takeaway, I earn respect as a leader because I can converse An advanced degree will get you farther in your field. with them in technical terms The same applies to, clients when I talk to them I understand the project. An MBA gives you the tools to lead and manage, and can communicate the big picture while an engineering degree positions you as an. expert and company standout, Engineering consultants especially benefit from the.
advanced degree when interacting with clients The, problems that many firms tackle today are becoming. increasingly diverse and unique and with that firms. are looking for employees that have specific capa, bilities only learned in a master s or Ph D program. The problem solving methodologies you develop,when you get a master s or Ph D predispose you to. look at problems with originality and an eye to com. pletion said Mike Houlihan principal Geosyntec,Consultants You can apply a practical eye even. though it s an uncommon problem That makes you, a viable consultant increasing the value of your firm.
and opening up career opportunities,Follow Your Passion. When deciding which degree to pursue it s critical to consider. what you re passionate about Both an MBA and advanced engi. neering degree take considerable time and money Working before. going back to school can help you determine the best career path. For some it s about rising to the C suite of corporate for others. it s about starting their own company The degree you pursue. depends on your focus, My end goal is to start my own business after CapGemini said Jones. I knew that as an engineer I wouldn t be fully equipped with the knowl. edge I needed to understand the business side of things That s why I. got my MBA, Craig Green CTO at Carbice is also an entrepreneur. leveraging his master s and Ph D in engineering to create. commercially viable products to help prevent electronic. devices from overheating With my engineering degrees. from Tech I m not limited in what I can accomplish Grad Craig Green. school was essential for me to be doing what I do now. at Carbice,CTO Carbice, Ashmon is passionate about leading global teams at. NCR Right now I m assigned to U S accounts but I,Key Takeaway.
would like more global responsibility With Scheller s global Regardless of the degree pursue your passion. business program I m well equipped to expand my role. When you commit to what you re passionate about, For Alcedo it s non profit work Cameroon needed civil either through an MBA or advanced engineering. engineers to help run clean water projects so that s where I. went My MBA helps me make an even bigger impact from. degree program you pursue a path to achieve your,a high level career goals. My end goal is to start my own busi,ness after CapGemini I knew that. as an engineer I wouldn t be fully,equipped with the knowledge I needed. to understand the business side of,things That s why I got my MBA.
DeAndre Jones Consultant CapGemini,C o n c lu s i o n. It s important to decide if you want to be a subject matter expert or a manager That also helps make your decision If you. love engineering and being on the technical side of things then an advanced engineering degree puts you at the top of your. field But if you are excited about working at a macrolevel in business and managing teams or considering an entrepreneurial. endeavor an MBA is for you Regardless of the path your undergraduate engineering background provides problem solving. skills and critical thinking methodology that serve you well in any career. Gain a Competitive Advance your Follow Your,Advantage career Passion. learn more aBout advanced degree programs at georgia tech. College of Engineering coe gatech edu graduate academics.

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