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Seattle Department of Transportation RAINIER AVENUE SOUTH SAFETY CORRIDOR S Alaska Street to S Kenny Street Rainier Pilot Project Evaluation CONTENTS 3 Project Overview 4 Background 5 Speed 6 Collisions 7 Data and Modeling 10 Street Design Modifications and Enforcement 10 Rechannelization 11 Transit efficiency measures 12 Signal timing changes 12 Left turn signals 12 Speed limit 12 Geometric


3 Project Overview,4 Background,6 Collisions,7 Data and Modeling. 10 Street Design Modifications and Enforcement,10 Rechannelization. 11 Transit efficiency measures,12 Signal timing changes. 12 Left turn signals,12 Speed limit,12 Geometric adjustments. 12 Enforcement,13 Before and After Results,15 Collisions.
16 Travel times,19 Next Steps,PROJECT OVERVIEW, In 2014 the Seattle Department of Transportation In August 2015 Seattle moved forward with the. SDOT launched the Rainier Avenue South Rainier Avenue Pilot Project a multifaceted plan. Corridor Safety Project to address the frequency to reduce collisions Significant street design. and severity of collisions occurring all along this changes consisting of a 4 to 3 rechannelization. principal arterial street Engineering enforcement with transit efficiency and pedestrian safety. and educational efforts were employed to achieve elements were installed in mid August and. the project goals which were to concentrated enforcement efforts began shortly. Make Rainier safer for everyone after road work was complete. Reduce excessive speeding, Improve conditions for pedestrians Data show that the Rainier Pilot Project improved. Maintain efficient transit service safety by reducing speeds improving pedestrian. Improve intersection safety crossings and improving turning movements at. Reduce injuries intersections,Project study area, SDOT studied Rainier and developed design The following report provides SDOT s approach. alternatives based on a variety of transportation to this project including street design changes. data modeling public input and neighborhood enforcement and a before and after evaluation. plans From November 2014 through July 2015 Additional information including data outreach. SDOT and our partners gathered feedback about information project plans and modeling. these design alternatives from residents and summaries can be found on the project website. businesses in the Rainier Valley www seattle gov transportation rainieraves htm. 4 SEATTLE DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION,BACKGROUND, Rainier Avenue South runs eight miles long installed between S Alaska Street and S Kenny St. within the City of Seattle to the southeast of See the map for more information. the center city As a principal arterials street, Rainier also facilitates regional transportation Rainier was previously classified as State Route.
for cities southeast of Seattle The study area for 167 and was operated in partnership with the. this multi year project includes the segments of Washington State Department of Transportation. Rainier Avenue South between Martin Luther King WSDOT On April 1 1992 Seattle took. Jr Way S and the city limits Countermeasures ownership of Rainier Ave S and the route was. deployed during the Rainier Avenue Pilot were decommissioned as a state highway. MT BA KE R Project Study Area Since then land uses along the corridor evolved. Rainier Pilot Project significantly to support retail shopping restaurants. schools parks residences and light industrial uses. G E NE S E E This array of land uses generates robust volumes of. drivers bicyclists transit riders and pedestrians,S G E NES EE S T. S A LA SKA ST,While the land uses alongside Rainier have. C O LUMBIA,changed the basic design of the roadway. HILL LA KE W O O D remained the same As early as 1976 there were. public requests for channelization changes,C IT Y S O RC A S S T. on Rainier which were eventually formalized,in neighborhood plans In the late 2000 s.
SDOT s Southeast Transportation Study SETS,S G RA HA M S T. recommended channelization changes to the,S E WA R D. BR IG HT O N,roadway and a study was conducted to assess. the feasibility of a rechannelization of Rainier,S O THE LLO ST. between S Alaska Street and S Cloverdale Street,SET recommendation 29 p 122 The analysis.
used projected traffic volumes exceeding 30 000,RA INIER AV E S. vehicles per day which was projected to induce, DUNLA P major delays on the corridor However traffic. volumes have not increased as anticipated in the,R A INIE R BE A C H. study In fact average daily traffic volumes on,S HENDE RSO N S T. Rainier have remained near 20 000 vehicles per,day for the last decade.
In addition Martin Luther King Jr Way S a, principal arterial street nearly parallel to Rainier. remains underutilized with volumes lower than,the roadway s capacity. RAINIER AVENUE SOUTH SAFETY CORRIDOR RAINIER PILOT PROJECT EVALUATION 5. Speeding has been a long standing concern on Speeds Prior to Pilot Project. Rainier and speed data confirmed that speeding,Average Number. was an issue on this street Speed studies,of High End. showed that 1000 to 2000 vehicles per day would 85th Speeders 10. travel the corridor at 40 miles per hour or faster Percentile mph Over Posted. posted speed limit was 30 mph Higher speeds Location Speed Speed Limit. increase the likelihood and severity of collisions. S Hudson St 35 mph 611 weekday,and numerous studies show that pedestrians hit.
at 40 miles per hour have a 10 percent chance of 42nd Ave S 38 mph 1812 weekday. surviving S Holly St 37 mph 1083 weekday,S Cloverdale St 36 mph 1083 weekday. 6 SEATTLE DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION,COLLISIONS, Between January 2011 and October 2014 CRASHES PER MILE. there were 1243 collisions within the four mile,study area resulting in 630 injuries and two. deaths In the last ten years 11 people were,killed and another 1700 individuals sustained. injuries Compared with other principal arterial,roadways in Seattle Rainier has a per mile crash.
rate higher than streets that carry more than Aurora Lake City Way Rainier. ADT 37 000 to ADT 34 600 to Project Area, two times the traffic volume making it a top ADT 19 700 to. 74 400 40 400,candidate for street design modifications 26 600. SDOT s Transportation Operations Center TOC AVERAGE INCIDENT DURATION MONTH 6 AM TO 10 PM ONLY. monitors Seattle streets and significant incidents 80. TOC data show that the frequency of collisions and 70 66. severity of collisions often led to lengthy delays 60. on Rainier Prior to implementing street design,changes the average time to clear incidents on. Rainier was 47 minutes Prior to the Rainier Pilot 32 29. Project collisions contributed to significant delays. on the corridor three to ten times per month 20,Jan Feb Mar Apr May. Number of Incidents,Average Duration,Figure 1 Rainier Incidents Monitored by SDOT.
Transportation Operations Center 2015, RAINIER AVENUE SOUTH SAFETY CORRIDOR RAINIER PILOT PROJECT EVALUATION 7. DATA AND MODELING, SDOT collected an immense amount of data Model outputs indicated that the design. on Rainier and nearby streets to model design alternatives would induce delays for general. concepts and create baseline data Data collection purpose traffic from a minimum of 33 seconds. included and a maximum of 2 minute and 25 seconds For. Turning movement counts at every transit model outputs estimated 19 seconds to a. intersection during the morning peak maximum of one minute of delay Modeling also. hours off peak hours and the evening suggested some traffic diversion to Martin Luther. peak hours King Jr Way S Anticipated delays and potential. Pedestrian bicycle freight and transit diversions were presented to the public during. counts outreach,Floating car travel times where staff verify. model baseline travel times by driving the 400,corridor and recording travel times Monday SB. Transit travel times Tuesday SB,300 Wednesday SB,Thursday SB.
15 Min Volume, Design concepts were assessed using the Vissim 250 Friday SB. dynamic simulation model to better understand 200, the potential impacts of each design The Vissim 150. model allowed us to consider possible traffic,diversion as well as transit and general purpose. vehicle travel times SDOT focused on modeling, the peak periods on Rainier when traffic volumes 0. 12 AM 3 AM 6 AM 9 AM 12 PM 3 PM 6 PM 9 PM,are highest so that we could understand the Time.
highest potential delay of each design concept,Figure 2 Southbound Rainier traffic volumes by. All designs were developed to reduce speeds time of day Southbound traffic has the highest peak. enhance pedestrian crossings and turning hour volumes on the corridor. movements ensure transit efficiency and reduce,collisions Bicycle lanes were considered for this. project but were ultimately not installed due to, the high frequency of collisions and street design. challenges in Columbia City,8 SEATTLE DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION. SB Cumulative Travel Time seconds SB Cumulative Travel Time seconds. ia St tit e,An ar ia St,to An to ar,ve do An t,r do ve do.
Ge to G ver,se es ne n,Al e ee se es,as to Al e ee. ka Al as to,Ed to as ka Al,un un E dm,Da to ds un,w D Fe to ds. so aw rd Fe,n so in rd,to n an in,Br Br d an,an an to d. do do Hu Hu,Pilot Project Limits, Figure 4 Southbound Transit Travel Times Model Output. Pilot Project Limits,Gr G r ah ah, ah a ha Figure 3 Southbound General Purpose Travel Time Model Output am am.
Ho am m Ho to,lly to l Ho,SB GP TRAVEL TIME ON RAINIER AVE S. SB TRANSIT TRAVEL TIME ON RAINIER AVE S,c na da Cl. Ot to c le ov,he He to da,llo nd He l,to er nd e,Ho H so er. Field Data,Field Data,se to st 51,to Ro e Av,Cl se to e. Existing Conditions,Existing Conditions,Pilot Project Model Output.
Pilot Project Model Output, RAINIER AVENUE SOUTH SAFETY CORRIDOR RAINIER PILOT PROJECT EVALUATION 9. RAINIER AVE S S EDMUNDS ST EXISTING,13 AVE S S9 EDMUNDS. 9 ST EXISTING,STREET DESIGN MODIFICATIONS AND,ENFORCEMENT. After studying,Parking the,available at corridor, some locationsand vetting Project plans can be viewed on the project. Parkingdesign,availableconcepts with the public SDOT.
at some locations website The following describes the street design. implemented the Rainier Pilot Project in August elements and enforcement techniques used for. 2015 the Rainier Pilot Project,RAINIER AVE S S EDMUNDS ST NEW. RAINIER 11 AVE S 10 S EDMUNDS ST NEW 11,Street design changes focused on a one mile. Rechannelization, segment that encompasses the neighborhood SDOT removed one lane of traffic in each direction. commercial districts of Columbia City and and added a center turn lane along most of the. Hillman City Retail restaurants and convenient corridor Rechannelization has been proven. access to transit generate heavy volumes of all effective for reducing speeds high end speeding. modes of traffic in this area 10 mph over the speed limit and collisions. ONLY ONLY involving turning movements This rechannelization. ONLY except, ONLYbus reduces the number of lanes pedestrians must. except bus,cross and provides a center turn lane to enhance.
left turns and traffic flow efficiency,TYPICAL CROSS SECTION EXISTING. 7 11 11 11 11,Parking available at some locations,Parking available at some locations. TYPICAL CROSS SECTION NEW,8 12 12 12 8,10 SEATTLE DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION. Transit efficiency measures,More than 13 000 people ride transit on Rainier. daily and ensuring that transit service remained, an attractive travel option was a key goal for this.
project A transit queue jump signal and bus and,turn lane was installed southbound on Rainier. approaching S Edmunds Street to help keep,transit moving through the project area Left turn. restrictions were also installed at S Edmunds, Street to enhance traffic flow for general purpose. traffic entering Columbia City,RAINIER AVE S S EDMUNDS ST EXISTING. RAINIER AVE S S EDMUNDS ST EXISTING,Parking available at some locations.
RAINIER AVE S S EDMUNDS ST NEW,11 10 3 10 11,Parking available at some locations. RAINIER AVE S S EDMUNDS ST NEW,11 10 3 10 11,except bus. TYPICAL CROSS SECTION EXISTING,except bus,7 11 11 11 11. TYPICAL CROSS SECTION EXISTING AFTER,7 11 11 11 11. Parking available at some locations, RAINIER AVENUE SOUTH SAFETY CORRIDOR RAINIER PILOT PROJECT EVALUATION 11.
TYPICAL CROSS SECTION NEW,8 12 12 12 8,Signal timing changes. With up to 1100 vehicles travel through Rainier,Pilot Project area during the afternoon peak. hours SDOT determined that signal timing,changes would be needed to manage traffic flow. The efficiency of the rechannelization design,along with longer signal cycles substantially. offsets the loss of travel lanes In addition a,leading pedestrian interval was installed at.
Rainier and S Ferdinand St to give pedestrians a,head start when crossing Rainier. Signal Cycle Length seconds,AM Peak Hour Off Peak Hours PM Peak Hour. Location Existing Proposed Existing Proposed Existing Proposed. S Edmunds St 60 120 60 60 65 130,S Ferdinand St 60 120 60 60 65 130. S Hudson St 60 120 60 60 65 130,39th Ave S 60 60 60 60 65 65. Brandon St 60 60 60 60 65 65,S Orcas St 60 120 60 60 65 130.
S Kenny St 60 60 60 60 65 65, Signal cycle length is the amount of time you wait when you just arrived to a traffic signal that just turned. red until it turns green,Left turn signals Geometric adjustments. Left turn collisions were an issue at the Low cost approaches to safety were used along. intersection of Rainier and S Orcas Street in the corridor At the intersection of Rainier and. Hillman City In the three years prior to the Pilot S Brandon Street paint and posts were used. project 63 percent of collisions at this arterial to enhance sight lines entering Rainier This. arterial intersection involved left turns The treatment also benefits pedestrians by reducing. rechannelization provided left turn pockets on the street crossing distance. Rainier and new left turn signals help facilitate,left turns Enforcement. The Seattle Police Department SPD conducted, Speed limit frequent patrols on Rainier Avenue S Warnings. The speed limit on Rainier was reset using were issued for more than two weeks to allow. federal guidance set forth in US Limits 2 Taking users to adjust to the new design SDOT and SPD. into account daily volumes of pedestrians worked together to focus enforcement efforts on. bicyclist and vehicles along with existing street aggressive driving and special emphasis patrols. features like driveway openings the speed limit were set up to enforce new turn restrictions. was adjusted from 30 mph to 25 mph This is in,line with the 25 mph design speed for the project.
as a whole,12 SEATTLE DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION. BEFORE AND AFTER RESULTS, The Rainier Pilot Project has enhanced safety Speeds. on Rainier and travel times for both transit and Speeds have been reduced within the project. general traffic have outperformed expectations area The most substantial speed reductions. occurred in Columbia City at S Hudson Street,Speeds remain higher than the posted speed. limit between Columbia City and Hillman City and, additional street design changes in Phase 2 of the. project will address this issue,Speeds at S 42nd Street.
50th Percentile Speeds,30 mph speed limit 25 mph speed limit Change. Northbound 33 4 28 0 16 2,Southbound 33 5 30 0 10 4. Speeders Percent speeding,Northbound 84 1 40 0 52 4. Southbound 82 4 59 3 28 0,Top End Speeders Drivers exceeding 40 mph. Northbound 4 1 0 8 80 5,Southbound 6 2 1 7 72 6, RAINIER AVENUE SOUTH SAFETY CORRIDOR RAINIER PILOT PROJECT EVALUATION 13.
MT BA KE R,Lake Washington Blvd s o Horton,LAKE WA AWDT 7 929 before. I AWDT 7 104 after,Rainier s o MLK,AWDT 34 449 before ON B Change 825 vehicles. AWDT 27 915 after,Change 6 534 vehicles,G E NE S E E. S G E NES EE S T,Rainier s o Alaska,S A LA SKA ST AWDT 21 600 before. AWDT 15 732 after,Change 5 868 vehicles,BE AC O MLK n o Edmunds CITY.
AWDT 21 900 before,HILL AWDT 30 665 after LA KE W O O D. Change 8 765 vehicles,S O RC A S S T,S G RA HA M S T. S E WA R D,BR IG HT O N,SE WARD PARK AVE,S O THE LLO ST. RA INIER AV E S,Seward Park Ave S n o Kenyon,AWDT 9 486 before. AWDT 9 072 after,DUNLA P Change 414 vehicles,R A INIE R BE A C H.
S HENDE RSO N S T,14 SEATTLE DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION. Volume Volumes on nearby arterials like Seward Park Ave. SDOT continually monitors volumes on Rainier S and Lake Washington Blvd have not significantly. and streets in close vicinity to Rainier Traffic changed SDOT has not found evidence of. volumes on Rainier within the project area significant cut through traffic on intersecting. remain within historical norms As anticipated non arterial streets. some diversion from Rainier to MLK Jr Way S is, occurring SDOT has documented a 5870 vehicle Collisions. per day decrease in daily traffic on Rainier and a Collisions have decreased 15 percent overall with. 8765 vehicle increase in daily traffic on MLK This injury collisions down 30 percent and pedestrian. diversion is accepted as positive since MLK is and bicycle collisions down 40 percent There. under capacity and better suited for freight traffic have been zero serious collisions since the. and through travel project was implemented This is in contrast to. the national trend of increasing serious injury and. fatal collisions, Collisions on Rainier Avenue S between S Alaska St and S Kenny St. Before Redesign 9 1 2005 Change Before and,8 31 2015 After Redesign After Redesign. Collision Type average over 10 years 9 1 2015 10 years. Total Collisions 95 80 15,Angles 12 2 10 18,Cycles 0 6 0 100.
Head On 1 8 0 100,Left Turn 13 7 7 49,Other 9 5 10 5. Parked Car 13 1 9 31,Pedestrian 3 3 3 9,Rear Ended 26 5 33 25. Right Turn 0 8 1 25,Sideswipe 13 0 7 46,Total number of serious. injury collisions,Total number of fatal,collisions. RAINIER AVENUE SOUTH SAFETY CORRIDOR RAINIER PILOT PROJECT EVALUATION 15.

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