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1 4 Cup Sugar 6 Tbsp 3 4 stick Unsalted Butter melted For the filling 4 Extra Large Egg Yolks at room temperature 1 4 Cup Sugar 1 14 oz Can Sweetened Condensed Milk 2 Tbsp Grated Lime Zest 3 4 Cup Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice 4 to 5 limes Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F How to make it For the crust break the graham crackers and place


RULE THE KITCHEN, Congratulations on your purchase of the Ninja Master Prep Professional. the Ultimate Food and Drink Maker Unlike any product you ve owned. the Master Prep Professional is high powered and versatile allowing you. to transform fresh ingredients into extraordinary meals and beverages. This recipe book gives you some great ideas for ways to use both. the pitcher and bowl for all of your food and drink needs. for more recipes visit www ninjakitchen com,Recipes for. Master Prep Pitchers Bowl,Frozen Drinks Desserts Dips Marinades. Strawberry Banana Smoothie 4 Tuscan Bruschetta 18,Banana Whip 5 Babaganoosh Grilled Eggplant Dip 19. Frozen Mojito 6 Tzatziki Cucumber Yogurt Dip 20, Frozen Pomegranate Margarita 7 Orange Mojo Marinade 21.
Creamsicle 8 Traditional Guacamole 22,Frozen Hot Chocolate 9 Fresh Tomato Salsa 23. Watermelon Slush 10,Ninja Snow Cone 11 Entr es Soups. Frozen Peanut Butter Cup 12,White Gazpacho Soup 24. Frozen Toffee Delight 13,Country Chicken Salad 25,Caramel Banana Smoothie 14. Skirt Steak With Chimichurri Sauce 26,Mocha Frozen Fusion Lite 15.
Creole Shrimp Po Boy 27,Fresh Fruit Batidos 16,Smokey Black Bean Soup 28. Key Lime Pie 17,Broiled Salmon with Herb Glaze 29,Curried Chicken Salad 30. Table of Contents,Strawberry Banana Smoothie,What you ll need. 1 Ripe Banana,4 oz Frozen Strawberries,Frozen Drinks 6 oz Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice. 2 oz Frozen Strawberry Sherbet optional,How to make it.
Add all ingredients into the 48 oz pitcher and use long. pulses until you ve reached the desired consistency. Makes two 8 oz Glasses,Banana Whip,What you ll need How to make it. 1 Extra Large or 2 Small Ripe Bananas peeled and frozen Cut the bananas into 1 inch pieces and add to. Cup Low Fat not fat free Milk or as needed the 48 oz pitcher top with the milk and vanilla. 1 Tsp Vanilla extract Using short pulses blend until the banana is fully. 1 Tbsp Chocolate Chips pureed it will have the consistency of frozen. 1 Tsp Cinnamon Sugar yogurt Pour into 2 small bowls and sprinkle with. chocolate chips and cinnamon sugar, Combine 2 Tbsp sugar and 2 Tsp cinnamon in small bowl. Store in air tight container,Frozen Mojito,What you ll need How to make it. 2 Limes Juiced Add all ingredients into the 48 oz pitcher and use. 10 12 Mint Leaves long pulses until well blended Serve in 2 tall. 2 oz Simple Syrup rocks glasses garnish with mint, 6 oz White Rum Combine 4 Tbsp Sugar and 4 Tbsp Water in saucepan. 2 Cups Ice cubes on warm stove until sugar dissolves. Frozen Pomegranate Margarita,What you ll need How to make it.
4 oz White Tequila Add ingredients to the 48 oz pitcher use long pulses. 2 oz Triple Sec until well blended Run a lime wedge around the rim. Cup Pomegranate Juice of the glass and dip the glass in salt. 1 Lime Juiced Pour the frozen Margarita into 2 tall glasses. 3 Cups of Ice,Salt for Glasses,Lime wedges for Garnish. Creamsicle,What you ll need How to make it, 12 oz Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice Fill one 16 cube ice tray half with orange juice and. 6 oz Low Fat Vanilla Yogurt half with low fat vanilla yogurt Freeze 4 6 hours. or overnight Combine frozen cubes with 6 oz,of orange juice in the 48 oz pitcher Pulse 6 8. times until mixture has the consistency of a thick. Quantity depends on size of molds,Frozen Hot Chocolate. What you ll need How to make it, 4 oz Milk or Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips Put chocolate chips in a double boiler over simmering water.
2 Tsp Store Bought Hot Chocolate Mix Stir occasionally until melted Add the hot chocolate mix. 1 1 2 Tbsp Sugar and sugar Stir until completely melted Remove from heat. 1 1 2 Cups Milk and slowly add cup of milk until smooth Cool to room. 3 Cups Ice temperature In the 48 oz pitcher combine the remaining. Whipped Cream cup of milk the room temperature chocolate mixture and. Chocolate Shavings the ice Pulse until smooth and the consistency of a frozen. daiquiri Pour into 2 giant goblets and top with whipped cream. and chocolate shavings,Watermelon Slush,What you ll need How to make it. 4 Cups of Diced Seedless Watermelon Using the 48 oz pitcher add all the ingredients. 1 Tbsp Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice and blend using short pulses at first then follow. Pinch of Salt brings out flavors with 2 long until the fruit is pureed Taste and correct. 1 Tbsp Sugar or to taste the flavor with sugar or lime juice if necessary. 1 Cup Ice Pour into tall glasses add ice if desired. Ninja Snow Cone,What you ll need How to make it, 3 4 Cup White Sugar Make basic simple syrup by combining sugar. 3 4 Cup Water and water in a saucepan and bringing to a boil. 1 Pkg Unsweetened Fruit Flavor Reduce heat to medium and simmer for 3 minutes. Drink Mix 13 oz each Remove from heat and stir in flavored drink mix of. 4 5 Cups Ice your choice Make Cherry Grape Orange and Fruit. Punch by following the same recipe and changing,the powdered flavor Place in resealable 12 oz. squirt bottle Note can be stored in the refrigerator. for up to a month,For Snow Cone place 4 5 cups of ice cubes in. the 48 oz pitcher and use long pulses until fine snow. is formed Scoop into desired serving dish,Pour on flavored syrup and serve.
Makes 4 Snow Cones,Frozen Peanut Butter Cup,What you ll need How to make it. 2 Cups Vanilla Ice Cream Add all ingredients to the 48 oz pitcher. Cup Milk Pulse 5 to 6 times until blended, 2 Tbsp Chunky Peanut Butter Scoop into 2 ice cream float glasses. 2 Tbsp Chocolate Syrup Makes two 10 oz glasses,6 Frozen Mini Peanut Butter Cups. Frozen Toffee Delight,What you ll need How to make it. 1 Frozen Toffee Bar Break up Toffee Bar while still in wrapper Add all. Cup Milk ingredients in the 48 oz pitcher and pulse 5 or 6. 2 Cups Vanilla Ice Cream times until blended,1 Tbsp Fudge Sauce Makes two 10 oz Glasses.
Caramel Banana Smoothie,What you ll need How to make it. 6 oz Low Fat Vanilla Yogurt Add all ingredients into the 48 oz pitcher. 1 Cup Soy milk and pulse 6 8 times until smooth,1 Ripe Banana Makes 2 Glasses. 1 Tbsp Caramel Fat Free Topping,Pinch each of Cinnamon Ginger and Clove. Mocha Frozen Fusion Lite,What you ll need How to make it. Cup Strong Coffee Add all ingredients into the 48 oz pitcher and. 4 Cup 2 or Fat Free Milk use long pulses until smooth. 2 Tbsp Lite Chocolate Syrup Makes two 10 oz cups,Tsp Artificial Sweetener.

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