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V Course Purpose The purpose of this course is to complete the two part Anatomy amp Physiology series required for advancement into allied health programs VI Learning Outcomes Upon successful completion of the course students will have demonstrated proficiency in the following areas 1 Practical and working knowledge of basic human anatomy


INSTRUCTOR Dr Kathy Baxter,EMAIL katbaxnd yahoo com kbaxter ranger edu. OFFICE Online,PHONE 602 300 5659,HOURS Mon Thur 7 9pm and as needed. I Texas Core Curriculum Statement of Purpose, Through the Texas Core Curriculum students will gain a foundation of knowledge of human. cultures and the physical and natural world develop principles of personal and social. responsibility for living in a diverse world and advance intellectual and practical skills that are. essential for all learning,II Course Description, Study of the structure and function of human anatomy including the neuroendocrine. integumentary musculoskeletal digestive urinary reproductive respiratory and circulatory. systems Content may be either integrated or specialized Credit 4 semester hours. III Required Background or Prerequisite, Recommended prerequisite BIOL 2401 or approval of instructor Medical terminology is.
strongly recommended but not required,IV Required Textbook and Course Materials. Hole s Human Anatomy Physiology 15th Edition ISBN 126016523x. David N Shier Washtenaw Community College Jackie L Butler Grayson Community. College Ricki Lewis Contributing Editor, The required textbook package includes an eBook version of the textbook included in the. Connect PLUS package ISN It comes as an access card code. For those of you who prefer a hard copy of the textbook it is available in hard copy with. Connect PLUS included as well at the college bookstore. McGraw is offers an upgrade to loose leaf pages when you enter your access code for Connect. PLUS at a very low rate The bookstore may also have this option. Required Lab Access Anatomy Physiology Revealed 3 0 Included in the Connect PLUS. package You absolutely MUST HAVE Connect PLUS in order to complete your lab. assignments for this course The lab portion of the course is 25 of your grade. V Course Purpose, The purpose of this course is to complete the two part Anatomy Physiology series required for. advancement into allied health programs,VI Learning Outcomes. Upon successful completion of the course students will have demonstrated proficiency in the. following areas, 1 Practical and working knowledge of basic human anatomy.
2 Understanding of the inter relations of the human body systems. 3 Basic physiology of human body systems taught in this half of the course. 4 A general knowledge of understanding medical terminology. VII Core Objectives, This course meets the following of the six Core Objectives established by Texas. Critical Thinking Skills CT Creative thinking innovation inquiry and analysis. evaluation and synthesis of information, Communication Skills COM effective development interpretation and expression of. ideas through written oral and visual communication. Empirical and Quantitative Skills EQS The manipulation and analysis of numerical. data or observable facts resulting in informed conclusions. Teamwork TW The ability to consider different points of view and to work effectively. with others to support a shared purpose or goal, Social Responsibility SR Intercultural competence knowledge of civic responsibility. and the ability to engage effectively in regional national and global communities. Personal Responsibility PR The ability to connect choices actions and consequences to. ethical decision making,VIII Methods of Instruction. This course is completely online in an asynchronous class with flexible activity time therefore. completion of assignments can be done prior to due dates in order to accommodate schedules. and responsibilities All assignments and exams are completed utilizing Black Board and. McGraw Hill Connect PLUS Proctored exams will be taken at an approved testing facility or. via Proctor U online,IX Methods of Assessment,Grades and Completing Assignments.
Graded items consist of 12 lab assignments found in McGraw Hill Connect utilizing Anatomy. Physiology 3 0 12 Lecture assignments Learn Smart also in Connect and 4 major exams. taken in the McGraw Hill Connect program one of which are proctored. The Final Exam must be taken at a proctored testing facility or via Proctor U NO. EXCEPTIONS Proctor U allows you to take exams for a 25 fee from your desired location. utilizing an online proctor, Exams cover three chapters each and the final is NOT comprehensive. If you are a VCT student you need to provide me with the testing facility information for your. college so that I can send them the exam information. All assignments will be due on the assigned due date that can be found in this syllabus. Point deductions for late assignments will be as follows lecture assignments 10 deducted for. each day late lab assignments 10 deducted for each day late You will not receive credit for. assignment submitted more than 10 days late but it is in your best interest to complete all. assignments, Please communicate with your instructor if you have extenuating circumstances that you would. like to have considered regarding the late policy Exceptions to this policy are at the discretion. of the instructor and will be made on an as needed basis. Overall Grading Policy, Students are graded primarily on the degree to which they meet learning outcomes not just how. much time and effort is put forth in the course,Grade distribution will be as follows. Lecture Assignments 20 89 5 100 A,Lab Assignments 25 79 5 89 4 B.
3 Section Exams 10 ea 30 69 5 79 4 C,Final Exam 25 59 5 69 4 D. 100 59 4 or F,X Course Classroom Policies,GENERAL POLICIES AND PROCEDURES. Major Course Requirements, 1 Do your own work If you have someone else do your work for you you will not be. prepared for the exams Study groups are encouraged It sometimes helps to understand a topic. when another person is there to dialog with Copying another person s assignment is. discouraged as you will fail to benefit from not doing your own work and once again it is. considered intentional plagiarism Sharing the responsibility is also discouraged This means. one person doing half the assignment and another doing the other half then sharing answers. once again plagiarism on both parties involved If you are going to work together work on. the same question together and discuss any questions that arise along the process Attempt to. understand the material you are working on as you can be assured that you will likely see it again. on exams and possibly a future board exam Be prepared learn as you learn. 2 All students are expected to turn in assignments by the due date Any student who cannot. turn in and assignment by the due date must communicate with the instructor before the due date. except in case of an emergency, 3 Make up assignments and tests are at the discretion of the instructor I understand that. unforeseen circumstances occur that inhibit completion of assignments by the due date or. interfere with test scheduling It is the responsibility of the student to inform me when such. circumstances arise, 4 Assignments that are received more than 12 hours past the due date will be considered late.
and will be subject to point deduction In other words you have a 12 hour grace period on. assignment submissions Exceptions to this rule will be addressed on an as needed basis. 5 The final exam is proctored and must be taken at an approved testing center or via Proctor U. the others may be taken from your home computer It is the student s responsibility to schedule. his or her own testing arrangements at the testing center DO NOT wait until the last minute to. schedule your testing times Students are responsible for providing me with contact information. to the testing center of choice if it is a location other than a Ranger testing site. All exams must be taken in order to pass this course. 6 If you are not doing well in the class and you think you might need to drop it please contact. me first If you choose to drop it is your responsibility to complete the necessary paper work. and submit it to the registrar Do not expect me to drop you or ask me to drop you You must. initiate the drop If you don t initiate the drop and you are on my final roster the only choices I. have as far as a final grade is F and WF If you want a W you must do the paperwork and. drop the class, 7 If no assignments are received and you do not respond to email messages I will assign a. grade of F as your final grade in the class If you wish to avoid this showing up on your. transcript please drop the class as soon as you know you can t handle the required work. 8 I will give incomplete grades I under special circumstances only Additionally you must. have completed 90 of all the assignments and the first three exams taken Exceptions will be. considered on an as needed basis, 9 Should you or a family member become ill during the semester or if you are involved any. event that might prevent you from completing your work on time you need to let me know. immediately If you miss an exam or need to drop the course with a grade of incomplete because. of this you will need to supply documentation of the injury accident etc in the form of a. doctor s note or hospital admission release forms,Communications. It is vital that students read the DISCUSSION BOARD and new ANNOUNCEMENTS every. time the course is entered ALL OF IT PLEASE I read every single comment and I request. that students do the same This practice will prevent me from repeatedly answering the same. question but only if students read all posts and announcements Please do not post in multiple. venues but use the discussion board as the venue if other students may benefit from the. response I read all posts emails and text messages therefore I sometimes end up reading the. same message 4 times Should urgent issues arise remember that text message is the quickest. way to reach me and is always acceptable as a means of contact ALWAYS CONTACT ME. VIA TEXT IF YOU HAVE AN ISSUE WITH AN EXAM so I get the message right away. Plagiarism, Ranger College recognizes the seriousness of plagiarism which is defined as turning in someone. else s work and calling it your own At Ranger College plagiarism is treated as a dishonest. action an issue of dishonorable behavior There are two types of plagiarism to beware of. intentional and unintentional plagiarism Intentional plagiarism is an obvious type of cheating. that includes turning in work that you are falsely presenting as your own It may be work that. was produced by a roommate a spouse or material copied from the Internet Copy and Paste is. considered intentional plagiarism Allowing another student to copy your work is another type of. intentional plagiarism Unintentional plagiarism will not be addressed for this course Penalties. for plagiarism according to Ranger College s Violations of the Student Code of Conduct can be. severe They may range from failure of an assignment to failure of a course to referral to the. Dean to dismissal from a program of study These actions are not meant to be threatening but. to ensure that students understand that the school takes plagiarism seriously The underlying. message of the Ranger College plagiarism policy is that instructors are committed to. encouraging students to use source material correctly. Prior to beginning each course a required plagiarism quiz is to be taken The plagiarism quiz is. found under the Plagiarism Quiz tab in Blackboard Although a requirement the quiz is not. considered as a course grade but is instead awarded as extra credit toward your lowest exam. score at the rate of 1 point for each 10 points scored on the quiz. Early Alert Report, This class uses the Early Alert Report service By week six of the semester I will notify the.
Retention Coordinator if you have struggled with excessive absences incomplete work or. difficulty with the course content This warning is not an official grade yet it indicates concerns. about your progress that need to be addressed immediately If you are contacted about an Early. Alert Report please respond to the Retention Coordinator and respective campus personnel i e. athletic coach Dean of Students instructor campus administrator to discuss action strategies. and resources for academic improvement and ultimately success. XI Course Outline Schedule, The due dates are found in the course calendar and are ACTUAL DUE DATES they are NOT. suggested due dates Due dates are DUE BY DATES so don t wait till the day they are due to. start them or you may not have time to complete them by midnight Many are lengthy and. require several hours to complete Waiting till a few hours before they are due to begin working. on them is not advised, First Day of Class The plagiarism quiz needs to be taken immediately upon entering the. course and prior to beginning assignments,Connect Lab 1 Orientation to APR3 0. Connect Lab 2 Endocrine System, Lecture 1 Learn Smart Module Chapter 13 Endocrine System. Connect Lab 3 Cardiovascular System Part 1,Lecture 2 Learn Smart Module Chapter 14 Blood.
Connect Lab 4 Cardiovascular System Part 2, Lecture 3 Learn Smart Module Chapter 15 Cardiovascular System. Connect Lab 5 Cardiovascular System Part 3,Connect Lab 6 Cardiovascular System Part 4. Exam 1 Chapters 13 15,Connect Lab 7 Lymphatic System. Lecture 4 Learn Smart Module Chapter 16 Lymphatic System Immunity. Lecture 5 Learn Smart Module Chapter 17 Digestive System. Connect Lab 8 Digestive System, 7 12 Lecture 6 Learn Smart Module Chapter 18 Nutrition Metabolism. Exam 2 Midterm Chapters 16 18, Lecture 7 Learn Smart Module Chapter 19 Respiratory System.
Connect Lab 9 Respiratory System, Lecture 8 Learn Smart Module Chapter 20 Urinary System. Connect Lab 10 Urinary System, Lecture 9 Learn Smart Module Chapter 21 Water Electrolyte. Acid Base Balance,Exam 3 Chapters 19 21, Lecture 10 Learn Smart Module Chapter 22 Reproductive Systems. Connect Lab 11 Reproductive System Part 1, Lecture 11 Learn Smart Module Chapter 23 Pregnancy Growth Development. Connect Lab 12 Reproductive System Part 2, Lecture 12 Learn Smart Module Chapter 24 Genetics Genomics.
Proctored Final Exam Textbook Chapter 21 24, MAKE SURE TO SCHEDULE YOUR FINAL EXAM WITH THE TESTING CENTER. Testing Center Available Dates and Times will be presented in an announcements close to. midterm and final exam times Make sure to be aware of and schedule exams on the dates and at. times available at the testing centers If you choose to take your exam via Proctor U your time. options are much broader as they offer proctoring 24 7. Assignments and exams are accepted early All assignments and exams are available open. beginning the first day of class You may submit any and all assignments early but submissions. received after 10 days late will not be given a grade unless prior arrangements have been. negotiated with the instructor, Note to Students The Instructor reserves the right to change the delivery of course content based. upon the needs of the class,XII Non Discrimination Statement. Admissions employment and program policies of Ranger College are nondiscriminatory in. regard to race creed color sex age disability and national origin. XIII ADA Statement, Ranger College provides a variety of services for students with learning and or physical. disabilities Students are responsible for making initial contact with the Ranger College. Counselor Gabe Lewis glewis rangercollege edu It is advisable to make this contact before.

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