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PUBLIC WORKS REGION AMARAVATI PUBLIC WORKS CIRCLE AMRAVATI PUBLIC WORKS DIVISION AMRAVATI B 1TENDER PAPERS e Tendering System FOR THE WORK OF Construction of Tahsil Office Building at Warud Tq Warud District Amravati Amount put to Tender Rs 5 25 45 655 Earnest Money Deposit Rs 2 63 000 ETENDER NOTICE NO E TENDER NO


NAME OF WORK Construction of Tahsil Office Building at Warud Tq Warud. District Amravati,Sr DESCRIPTION PAGES,Disclaimer,1 Brief Tender Notice. 2 General information of contract,3 Details of works. 4 Detailed Tender Notice,5 Scope of work,6 Agreement Form B 1 Conditions of Contract. 7 Price Variation Clause,8 Additional General Conditions. 9 Additional Specifications,10 Quality Assurance and Maintenance.
11 General Specifications and Guide line for Waterproofing work. 12 Model Form of Bank Guarantee Bond for Security Deposit Guarantee Bond for. Waterproofing Treatment And Anti termite treatment European stone plaster. 13 General condition for Plantation of trees,14 Schedule A. 15 Additional conditions for Materials to be brought by Contractor. 16 Schedule B Civil Works,17 Schedule C Item wise Specifications. 18 Bar Chart,19 Drawings Tender Drawings,Contractor No of Corrections Executive Engineer. DISCLAIMER, 1 Detailed Time Table for the various activities to be performed in e tendering process by the renderer for. quoting his offer is given in this Tender Document under Tender Schedule Contractor should. carefully note down the cut off dates for carrying out each e tendering process activity. 2 Every effort is being made to keep the website upto date and running smoothly 24 x 7 by the Government. and the Service Provider However Government takes no responsibility and will not be liable for the. website being temporarily unavailable due to any technical issue at any point of time. 3 In that event Public Works Department will not be liable or responsible for any damages or expenses. arising from any difficulty error imperfection or inaccuracy with this website It includes all associated. services or due to such unavailability of the website or any part thereof or any contents or any associated. 4 Tenderer must follow the time table of e tendering process and get their activities of e tendering processes. down well in advance so as to avoid any inconvenience due to unforeseen technical problem if any. 5 Public Works Department will not be responsible for any incomplete activity of e tendering process of the. renderer due to technical error failure of website and it cannot be challenged by way of appeal arbitration. and in the Court of Law Contractors must get done all the e tendering activities well in advance. Contractor No of Corrections Executive Engineer,GOVT OF MAHARASHTRA.
PUBLIC WORKS DIVISION AMRAVATI,Phone No 0721 2662829. Web www mahapwd com E mail amravati ee mahapwd com. E TENDER NOTICE NO FOR 2016 2017, Sealed online B 1 e tenders for the following work are invited by the Executive Engineer Public Works. Division Amravati Telephone No 0721 2662829 from the contractors Registered with Government of. Maharashtra Public Work Department in appropriate class. e Name of Work Estimated Earnest Time limit Cost of Class of. tender Cost Rs Money Rs for e tender Form Contractor. work Completion Fee Rs, 1 Construction of Tahsil Rs 5 25 45 655 Rs 2 63 000 18 calendar B 1 Class II. Office Building at Warud months Rs 15 000 Above,Tq Warud District Including. Amravati Monsoon,E TENDER TIME TABLE, 1 Download Period of online Tender Pl refer online schedule on portal.
http maharashtra etenders in or sub portal of Public Works. Department http pwd maharashtra etenders in, 2 Last date and time for online raising of Pl refer online schedule on portal. technical points for clarification http maharashtra etenders in or sub portal of Public Works. Pre bid Meeting Department http pwd maharashtra etenders in. 3 Submit Hash to Create online Tender by Pl refer online schedule on portal. Contractor Technical and financial Bid Last http maharashtra etenders in or sub portal of Public Works. date and time Department http pwd maharashtra etenders in. 4 Period for online Super Hash generation Pl refer online schedule on portal. http maharashtra etenders in or sub portal of Public Works. Department http pwd maharashtra etenders in, 5 Period of online Decryption and Re Pl refer online schedule on portal. encryption for tender details by Contractor http maharashtra etenders in or sub portal of Public Works. Department http pwd maharashtra etenders in, 6 Date palce of submission of D D as D D shall be submitted within 5 working days from the. mentioned in clause 5 A date of receipt of tender in the office of the Executive. PERFORMANCE SECURITY if required Engineer Public Works Division Amravati. 7 Place Date and timing of opening Technical Pl refer online schedule on portal. bid http maharashtra etenders in or sub portal of Public Works. Department http pwd maharashtra etenders in, 8 Place Date and timing of opening Financial Dt 2017 at 12 00 am to Dt at 17 30 p m in. bid the office of Superintending Engineer P W Circle. Amravati If Possible,Contractor No of Corrections Executive Engineer.
1 All eligible interested Bidders who want to participate in tendering process should compulsory get. enrolled on e tendering portal http maharashtra etenders in and further need to empanelled online on sub portal. http pwd maharashtra etenders in in the appropriate category applicable to them. Contact details for difficulties in submission of online tenders if any. 2 Sify Technotigies Ltd Nextenders India Pvt Ltd On 020 25315555 25315556 Pune. 3 It is compulsory for all participates to submit all documents online It is also compulsory to submit. 4 Other term and condition displayed in online e tender forms Right to reject any or all online bid of work. without assigning any reasons thereof is reserved In respect of above works Post Qualification Criteria. is applied, 5 Above Tender Notice is displayed on P W D website www mahapwd com. Office of the Executive Engineer,Public Works Division Amravati. Executive Engineer, No TC 2017 Date 2017 Public Works Division Amravati. Contractor No of Corrections Executive Engineer,GOVT OF MAHARASHTRA. PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT,GENERAL INFORMATION OF CONTRACT.
Original Agreement No B 1 2016 17, Name of Work Construction of Tahsil Office Building at Warud. Tq Warud District Amravati,Name of Contractor,Number Date of Work Order. Amount put to Tender Rs 5 25 45 655,Percentage quotes. Amount of Contract,Date of Commencement, Time stipulated for completion of work 18 Eighteen calendar months including monsoon. Date of completion as per Agreement,Actual date of completion.
Reference to sanction of Tender,Contractor No of Corrections Executive Engineer. DETAILS OF WORK, Name of Work Construction of Tahsil Office Building at Warud Tq Warud District Amravati. Estimated cost of work Rs 5 25 45 655, The EMD applicable amount shall be paid via Online mode using NEFT RTGS or payment gateway mode. only As per Govt of Maharashtra Public Works Department Govt Resolution Marathi No CAT. 06 2014 CR 242 dated 24 02 2016 E M D Exemption Certificate will not be allowed. Total Security Deposit 4 four percent Rs 21 02 000. 50 in cash at the time of Agreement and 50 from R A bills Time sitpulated for completion 18. Eighteen Calendar months which will include the monsoon period. i Initial Security Deposit Rs 10 51 000,ii Balance Further Security Deposit Rs 10 51 000. To be deducted from R A Bills,Total Security Deposit Rs 21 02 000.
Registration Class of Contractor II and above,Validity Period 90 days from the date of opening. Time limit for completion of work 18 Calender Months including monsoon. Cost of Blank Tender Form Rs 15 000,Contractor No of Corrections Executive Engineer. GOVERNMENT OF MAHARSHTRA,PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT,INVITATION FOR TENDERS. DETAILED TENDER NOTICE TO CONTRACTOR, Name of Work Construction of Tahsil Office Building at Warud Tq Warud District Amravati. 1 0 Online percentage rate tenders in B 1 Form are invited by the Executive Engineer Public Works. Division Amravati for the following work from Contractors registered in appropriate class of the Public Works. Department of Maharashtra State The name of work estimated cost earnest money security deposit time. limit for completion etc are as under, Sr Name of work Estimated Earnest Security Class of Time limit.
No Cost Money Deposit Contractor in Tender,Rupees Rupees Rupees Calendar. 1 Construction of Tahsil Office Initial,Building at Warud Tq. 5 25 45 655, Warud District Amravati 2 63 000 Rs 10 51 000 II and 18. Through RA above Eighteen,Bills Calendar,Rs 10 51 000 Months. Total including,Rs 21 02 000 monsoon, 1 1 Tender form conditions of contract specifications and contract drawings can be downloaded.
from the eTendering portal of Public Works Department Government of Maharashtra i e. https pwd maharashtra etenders in after entering the details payment of Rs 15 000 Rupees Fifteen Thousand only. should be paid online using payment gateway The fees of tender document will be non refundable Further information. regarding the work can be obtained from the above office. 1 2 The EMD applicable amount shall be paid via Online mode using NEFT RTGS or. payment gateway mode only Affidavit on Plain paper in prescribed form given in FORM III Additional Security. Deposit regarding machinery If required should be uploaded online in Technical Bid and Original copies shall be. produced before opening of Technical Bid The Original FDR of Additional Security Deposit shall however be submitted. along with initial security deposit at the time of work order by the Lowest bidder Bids will be opened as per the Tender. Schedule in the presence of such intending Tenderer or his their authorized representatives who may be present at that. 1 3 The offer of the Contractor shall remain valid for acceptance for a minimum period of 90. days from the date fixed for opening of Envelope No 2 Main Tender and thereafter until it is withdrawn by. the Contractor by notice in writing duly addressed to the authority opening the tender and sent by Registered Post. Acknowledgement Due, 1 4 The tender notice shall form a part of the contract agreement. 1 5 The tenders are invited on the Departmental design and drawing only. 1 6 The tender if firm or company shall in their forwarding letter mention the names of all. the partners of the firm or the company as the case may be and the name of the partner who holds the power. o f attorney if any authorizing him to conduct transaction on behalf of the Firm or Company. 1 7 Right is reserved to revise or amend the contract documents fully or part thereof. prior to the date notified for the receipt of tender Such deviations amendments if any shall be. communicated in the form of corrigendum or by a letter as may be considered suitable. 1 8 The t enderer shall enter his percentage rates in words and figures below above. In case there is difference between percentage written in figures and words the lower offer will be taken as. Contractor No of Corrections Executive Engineer, 1 9 No pages should be removed from added in or replaced in the Tender. 1 10 Right is reserved to reject any or all tenders without assigning any reason thereof. 1 11 Tenders which do not fulfill all or any conditions or are incomplete in any respect are. liable to summary rejection, 1 12 The Tenderer may in the forwarding letter mention any points he may wish to make clear. but right is reserved to reject the same of the whole of the tenders if the same become conditional tender thereby. 1 13 For all concrete works For all concrete works Mini Concrete Batching Plant Or Moveable Concrete Mixer. with Integral Weigh Batcher of at least 8 Cum per hour capacity with computerized Controls and. automated water dispenser of any standard company is required for this work. 1 14 Submission of Monthly bill in electronic form. E Measurement Book, E bill shall be submitted by the contractor in each month on or before the dated fixed by the Engineer in. charge for all works executed in the previous month all E measurements of all items having financial value shall be. entered by the contractor and compiled in the shape of the Computerized E measurement Book as per the format of the. department so that a complete record is obtained of all the items of works performed under the contract. The contractor would initially submit draft computerized E measurement sheets and these E measurements. would be got checked test checked from the Engineer in Charge and or his authorized representative The contractor. will thereafter incorporate such changes as may be done during these checks test checks in his draft computerized E. measurements and submit to the department a computerized E measurement book The Engineer in Charge and or his. authorized representative would thereafter check this MB and record the necessary certificates for their checks The. contractor shall also submit to the department separately his computerized Abstract of Cost and the bill based on these E. measurements duly bound and its pages machine numbered along with two spare copies of the bill Thereafter this bill. will be processed by the Division Office and allotted a number as per the computerized record in the same way as done. for the measurement book meant for measurements, The contractor shall without extra charge provide all assistance with every appliance labour and other things.
necessary for checking of E measurements levels by the Engineer in Charge or his representativeThe contractor shall. give not less than seven days notice to the Engineer in Charge or his authorized representative in charge of the work. before covering up or otherwise placing beyond the reach of checking and or test checking the measurement of any work. in order that the same may be checked and or test checked and correct dimensions thereof be taken before the same is. covered up or placed beyond the reach of checking and or test checking measurement and shall not cover up and place. beyond reach of measurement any work without consent in writing of the Engineer in Charge or his authorized. representative in charge of the work who shall within the aforesaid period of seven days inspect the work and if any. work shall be covered up or placed beyond the reach of checking and or test checking measurements without such notice. having been given or the Engineer in Charge s consent being obtained in writing the same shall be uncovered at the. Contractor s expense or in default thereof no payment or allowance shall be made for such work or the materials with. which the same was executed,Preparation of E Bill, To discharge this responsibility the contractor shall. a Appoint system integrator, b System integrator shall be registered at ITCC Nagpur. c System integrator shall provide his services to the department as and when required. d Data generated through E Bill payment will be the property to the department and access will be only to the. department, e No claim of what so ever nature will be entertained by the department. f Payment to the system integrator will be the responsibility of the concerned contractor. g Payment to the system integrator will not exceed 0 02 of the contract amount which will include payment. towards generating of E Bill In case of contractors do not submit the bill within time fixed the Engineer in. charge may prepare the bill as per provision of Clause10 of the conditions of Contract but deduction 0 20. of amount of such bills shall be made and credited to the Revenue on account of preparation of bill. h In support to the bills required measurements drawing quality control reports field lab and VQCC lab as per. clause of Additional general condition site supervision data SCADA shall be submitted in electronic form the. data so submitted shall have a facility to tightly integrate it with the contract conditions provisions in. Maharashtra Public Works Manual Maharashtra Public Works Account Code updated to date of submission of. this tender and current general engineering practices issued through various Govt Resolutions Govt. Circulars Chief Engineers Circulars etc issued up to date of submission of this tender followed in Public. Contractor No of Corrections Executive Engineer, Works Department measurements shall be taken in accordance with the procedure set forth in the. specifications notwithstanding any provision in the relevant Standard Method of measurement or any general or. local custom, i The offer of contractor shall be inclusive of all He shall not be paid separately his offer shall be inclusive of all.
cost required for submitting bill in e format mentioned as above. j The measurement of this work shall be recorded in electronic measurement book There shall be only on. electronic measurement book, k The unique I D code generated while processing of this tender shall be the E Measurement book number. 1 15 The contractor shall install compression Testing Machine CTM for the testing of cement mortar. concrete at site,1 16 Material obtained from Dismantling. i Before start of building work construction contractor shall collect the dismantled material as described. in scope of work Schedule A Dismantled items are included in the Schedule B. ii The value of dismantled materials likely to be obtained from the dismantling of above mentioned structures. is Rs 6 55 067 Rupees Six lakh Fifty Five Thousand Sixty Seven Only as decided by the Department It is. obligatory on the part of contractor to pickup copy and dispose off the said materials at his own risk and cost. iii An amount of Rs 6 55 067 Rupees Six lakh Fifty Five Thousand Sixty Seven Only. towards the cost of dismantled materials will be recovered from the I st R A Bill payable to. him This amount is not refundable, a Time limit The work is to be completed within time limit as specified in the Notice. inviting tender which shall be reckoned from the date of written order of comme ncing the work and shall be. inclusive of monsoon period,Contractor No of Corrections Executive Engineer. b Tender Rate No alteration in the form of tender and the schedule of tender and no. additions in the scope or special stipulation will be permitted Rates quoted for the tender shall be taken as applicable. to all leads and lifts, c Tender Units The renderer should particularly note the unit mentioned in the Schedule.
B on which the rates are based No change in the units shall be allowed In the case of difference. between rates written in figures and words the correct rate will be the one which is lower of the two. d Correction No corrections shall be made in the tender documents Any corrections. that are to be made by crossing the incorrect portion and writing the correct portions above with the initials of. the renderer, e Income Tax The Income Tax 2 or percentage in force from time to time or at the. rate as intimated by the competent Income Tax authority shall be deducted from bill amount whether measured. bill advance payment or secured advance, f Insurance The insurance cover note as envisaged in Conditions of Contract clause. no 56 should be drawn before the first running account bill of the contract. g Vat As per the MVAT 2005 act 2 VAT will be deducted for VAT TIN. holders However 5 will be deducted for Non VAT TIN holders. h ISSUE OF FORMS Information regarding contract as well as blank tender forms can be downloaded from the. eTendering website upon providing the details of the payment of cost as detailed in the N I T. 3 0 TENDERING PROCEDURE,3 1 Blank Tender Forms, Tender Forms can be purchased from the e Tendering Portal of Public Works Department Government of Maharashtra. i e https pwd maharashtra etenders in after paying Tender Fees via online mode as per the Tender Schedule. 3 2 Pre Tender Conference, 3 2 1 Contractor may raise any points regarding the work Online or in the office of the. Chief Engineer Public Works Region C a m p A m r a v a t i on Dt 10 2017 15 00 Hrs Pre tender. conference is open to all prospective renderer who have downloaded tender form before the date of Pre tender. Conference wherein prospective Tenderer will have an opportunity to obtain clarifications regarding the. work and the Tender Conditions The prospective renderer may also post their queries only using post query. option for the tender, 3 2 2 The prospective renderer are free to ask for any additional information or clarification.
either in writing or orally concerning the work and the reply to the same shall be uploaded on the portal. http pwd maharashtra etenders in and this clarification referred to as Common Set of Conditions Deviations. C S D shall form part of tender documents and which will also be common and applicable to all renderer. The point points if any raised in writing and or verbally online by the contractor in pretender conference and not. finding place in C S D issued after the pre bid conference is are deemed rejected In such case the provision in. NIT shall prevail No individual correspondence will be made thereafter with the contractor in this regard. 3 2 3 The tender submitted by the renderer shall be based on the clarification. additional facility offered if any by the Department and this tender shall be unconditional. Conditional tenders shall be summarily REJECTED, 3 2 4 All tenderers are cautioned that tenders containing any deviation from the contractual. terms and conditions specifications or other requirements and conditional tenders will be treated as non. responsive The renderer should clearly mention in forwarding letter that his offer in envelope No 1 2 does. not contain any conditions deviations from terms and conditions. Contractor No of Corrections Executive Engineer,stipulated in the tender. 3 2 5 Tenderers should have valid Class II III Digital Signature Certificate DSC obtained from any Certifying. Authorities In case of requirement of DSC interested Bidders should go to. http maharashtra etenders in mah DigitaICertLasp and follow the procedure mentioned in the document Procedure. for application of Digital Certificate, 3 2 6 The Tenderers have to make a payment of Rs 1038 online as service charges. for the use of Electronic Tendering during Online Bid Data Decryption and Re encryption stage of the Tender. 3 2 7 For any assistance on the use of Electronic Tendering System the Users may. call the below numbers Landline No 020 25315555 56 Mobile No 9167969601 04. 3 2 8 Tenderers should install the Mandatory Components available on the Home. Page of http maharashtra etenders in under the section Mandatory Components and make the necessary Browser. Settings provided under section Internet Explorer Settings. 3 3 Guidelines to Bidders on the operations of Electronic Tendering System of Public Works. Department, All the contractors registered in appropriate class and willing to participate in e. tendering process shall enroll their name Firm on the portal http maharashtra etenders in for download of tender. documents etc, 3 3 1 Pre requisites to participate in the Tenders processed by PWD.
i Enrolment and Empanelment of Contractors on Electronic Tendering System. The Contractors interested in participating in the Tenders of Public Works Department processed using the. Electronic Tendering System shall be required to enroll on the Electronic Tendering System to obtain User ID. After submission of application for enrolment on the System the application information. shall be verified by the Authorized Representative of the Service Provider If the information is found to be complete. the enrolment submitted by the Vendor shall be approved. For participating in Limited and Restricted tenders the registered vendors have to. apply for empanelment on the sub portal of PWD in an appropriate class of registration The empanelment will. have to be approved by the respective officer from the PWD Only empanelled vendors will be allowed to. participate in such tenders, The Contractors may obtain the necessary information on the process of enrolment and. empanelment either from Helpdesk Support Team or may visit the information published under the link Enroll. under the section E Tendering Toolkit for Bidders on the Home Page of the Electronic Tendering System. ii Obtaining a Digital Certificate, The Bid Data that is prepared online is required to be encrypted and the hash value. of the Bid Data is required to be signed electronically using a Digital Certificate Class II or Class III This is. required to maintain the security of the Bid Data and also to establish the identity of the Contractor transacting on. the System, The Digital Certificates are issued by an approved Certifying Authority. authorized by the Controller of Certifying Authorities of Government of India through their Authorized. Representatives upon receipt of documents required to obtain a Digital Certificate. Bid data information for a particular Tender may be submitted only using the Digital. Certificate which is used to encrypt the data information and sign the hash value during the Bid Preparation. and Hash Submission stage In case during the process of preparing and submitting a Bid for a particular Tender. the Contractor loses his her Digital Signature Certificate i e due to virus attack hardware problem operating. system problem he she may not be able to submit the Bid online Hence the Users are advised to store his her. Digital Certificate securely and if possible keep a backup at safe place under adequate security to be used. in case of need, In case of online tendering if the Digital Certificate issued to an Authorized User of a Partnership Firm is. used for signing and submitting a bid it will be considered equivalent to a no objection certificate power of. Contractor No of Corrections Executive Engineer, attorney to that User to submit the bid on behalf of the Partnership Firm The Partnership Firm has to authorize a.
specific individual via an authorization certificate signed by a partner of the firm and in case the applicant is a partner. another partner in the same form is required to authorize to use the digital certificate as per Indian Information. Technology Act 2000, Unless the Digital Certificate is revoked it will be assumed to represent adequate authority of the Authority. User to bid on behalf of the Firm for the Tenders processed on the Electronic Tender Management System of. Government of Maharashtra as per Indian Information Technology Act 2000 The Digital Signature of this. Authorized User will be binding on the Firm It shall be the responsibility of Partners of the Firm to inform. the Certifying Authority or Sub Certifying Authority if the Authorized User changes and apply for a fresh Digital. Signature Certificate The procedure for application of a Digital Signature Certificate will remain the same for the. new Authorized User, The same procedure holds true for the Authorized Users in a Private Public Limited Company In this case. the Authorization Certificate will have to be signed by the Director of the Company or the Reporting. Authority of the Applicant, For information on the process of application for obtaining Digital Certificate the Contractors may visit the. section Digital Certificate on the Home Page of the Electronic Tendering System. iii Recommended Hardware and Internet Connectivity. To operate on the Electronic Tendering System the Contractors are recommended to use Computer. System with at least 1 GB of RAM and broadband connectivity with minimum 512 kbps bandwidth. iv Set up of Computer System for executing the operations on the Electronic. Tendering System, To operate on the Electronic Tendering System of Government of Maharashtra the Computer System of the. Contractors is required be set up The Contractors are required to install Utilities available under the section. Mandatory Installation Components on the Home Page of the System. The Utilities are available for download freely from the above mentioned. section The Contractors are requested to refer to the E Tendering Toolkit for Bidders available online on the. Home Page to understand the process of setting up the System or alternatively contact the Helpdesk Support. Team on information guidance on the process of setting up the System. v Payment for Service Provider Fees, In addition to the Tender Document Fees payable to PWD the Contractors will have.
to pay Service Providers Fees of Rs 1 063 through online payments gateway service available on Electronic. Tendering System For the list of options for making online payments the Contractors are advised to visit the link. E Payment Options under the section E Tendering Toolkit for Bidders on the Home Page of the Electronic. Tendering System, 3 3 2 Steps to be followed by Contractors to participate in the e Tenders processed by. i Preparation of online Briefcase, All Contractors enrolled on the Electronic Tendering System of Government of. Maharashtra are provided with dedicated briefcase facility to store documents files in digital format The. Contractors can use the online briefcase to store their scanned copies of frequently used documents files to be. submitted as a part of their bid response The Contractors are advised to store the relevant documents in the briefcase. before starting the Bid Preparation and Hash Submission stage. In case the Contractors have multiple documents under the same type e g multiple Work. Completion Certificates as mentioned above the Contractors advised to either create a single pdf file of all the. documents of same type or compress the documents in a single compressed file in zip or rar formats and upload. It is mandatory to upload the documents using the briefcase facility Therefore the. Contractor No of Corrections Executive Engineer, Contractors are advised to keep the documents ready in the briefcase to ensure timely bid preparation. Note Uploading of documents in the briefcase does not mean that the documents are available. to PWD at the time of Tender Opening stage unless the documents are specifically attached to. the bid during the online Bid Preparation and Hash Submission stage as well as during. Decryption and Re encryption stage, ii Online viewing of Detailed Notice Inviting Tenders. The Contractors can view the Detailed Tender Notice along with the Time Schedule Key. Dates for all the Live Tenders released by PWD on the home page of PWD e Tendering Portal on. http pwd maharashtra etenders in under the section Recent Online Tender. iii Download of Tender Documents, The Pre qualification Main Bidding Documents are available for free downloading.
However to participate in the online tender the bidder must purchase the bidding documents via online mode by filling. the cost of Tender Form Fee, EMD Online Bid Preparation and Submission of Bid Hash Seal of Bids. Bid preparation will start with the stage of online details of EMD Payment which bidder has to fill online using any. gateway on the e tender system For EMD payment If bidder uses NEFT or RTGS then system will generate a challan. in two copies with unique challan No specific to the tender Bidder will use this challan in his bank to make. NEFT RTGS Payment via net banking facility provided by bidder s bank Bidder will have to validate the EMD. payment as a last stage of bid preparation If the payment is not realized with bank in that case system will not be able to. validate the payment and will not allow the bidder to complete his Bid Preparation stage resulting in nonparticipation in. the aforesaid e Tender, Note Realization of NEFT RTGS payment normally takes 2 to 24 hours so it is advised to make sure that. NEFT RTGS payment activity should be completed well before time. NEFT RTGS option will be depend on the amount of EMD. Help File regarding use of e Payment Gateway can be downloaded from e Tendering portal. Submission of Bids will be preceded by online bid preparation and submission of the digitally signed Bid Hashes. Seals within the Tender Time Schedule Key Dates published in the Detailed Notice Inviting Tender The Bid. Data is to be prepared in the templates provided by the Tendering Authority of PWD The templates may be either. form based extensible tables and or upload able documents In the form based type of templates and extensible table. type of templates the Contractors are required to enter the data and encrypt the data using the Digital Certificate. In the upload able document type of templates the Contractors are required to select the relevant document. compressed file containing multiple documents already uploaded in the briefcase. a The Contractors upload a single document or a compressed file containing multiple documents. against each unloadable option, b The Hashes are the thumbprint of electronic data and are based on one way algorithm The Hashes. establish the unique identity of Bid Data, c The bid hash values are digitally signed using valid Class II or Class III Digital Certificate issued any. Certifying Authority The Contractors are required to obtain Digital Certificate in advance. d After the hash value of bid data is generated the Contractors cannot make any. change addition in its bid data The bidder may modify bids before the deadline for Bid. Preparation and Hash Submission as per Time Schedule mentioned in the Tender documents. e This stage will be applicable during both Pre bid Pre qualification and. Financial Bidding Processes, V Close for Bidding Generation of Super Hash Values.
Contractor No of Corrections Executive Engineer, After the expiry of the cut off time of Bid Preparation and Hash Submission stage to be. completed by the Contractors has lapsed the Tender will be closed by the Tender Authority The Tender Authority. from PWD shall generate and digitally sign the Super Hash values Seals. VI Decryption and Re encryption of Bids submitting the Bids online. After the time for generation of Super Hash values by the Tender Authority from PWD has lapsed the. Contractors have to make the online payment of Rs 1 063 towards the fees of the Service Provider. After making online payment towards Fees of Service Provider the Contractors are required to decrypt their bid data. using their Digital Certificate and immediately encrypt their bid data using the Public Key of the Tendering Authority. The Public, Key of the Tendering Authority is attached to the Tender during the Close for Bidding stage. Note The details of the Processing Fees shall be verified and matched during the Technical Opening stage. At this time the Contractors are also required to upload the files for which they generated the Hash values during. the Bid Preparation and Hash Submission stage, The Bid Data and Documents of only those Contractors who have submitted their Bid Hashes Seals within the. stipulated time as per the Tender Time Schedule will be available for decryption and re encryption and to upload. the relevant documents from Briefcase A Contractor who has not submitted his Bid Preparation and Hash. Submission stage within the stipulated time will not be allowed to decrypt encrypt the Bid data submit. documents during the stage of Decryption and Encryption of Bids submitting the Bids online. VII Short listing of Contractors for Financial Bidding Process. The Tendering Authority will first open the Technical Bid documents of all Contractors and. after scrutinizing these documents will shortlist the Contractors who are eligible for Financial Bidding Process. The shortlisted Contractors will be intimated by email. VIII Opening of the Financial Bids, The Contractors may remain present in the Office of the Tender Opening Authority at the. time of opening of Financial Bids However the results of the Financial Bids of all Contractors shall be. available on the PWD e Tendering Portal immediately after the completion of opening process. IX Tender Schedule Key Dates, The Contractors are strictly advised to follow the Dates and Times allocated to each stage under the.
column Contractor Stage as indicated in the Time Schedule in the Detailed Tender Notice for the Tender All the. online activities are time tracked and the Electronic Tendering System enforces time locks that ensure that no. activity or transaction can take place outside the Start and End Dates and Time of the stage as defined in the Tender. Schedule At the sole discretion of the Tender Authority the time schedule of the Tender stages may be extended. 3 4 2 The successful bidder will have to signed the hard copy of downloaded tender document and drawings. at the time of agreement on each page by the contractor or his authorized signatory power of attorney holder in. case of Firm, 3 5 The Terms and Conditions contained herein shall apply to any person User using the services of PWD. Maharashtra hereinafter referred to as Merchant for making Tender fee and Earnest Money Deposit EMD payments. through an online Payment Gateway Service Service offered by ICICI Bank Ltd in association with E Tendering. Service provider and Payment Gateway Service provider through PWD Maharashtra website i e. http pwd maharashtra etenders in Each User is therefore deemed to have read and accepted these Terms and. Conditions,Privacy Policy, The Merchant respects and protects the privacy of the individuals that access the information and use the services. provided through them Individually identifiable information about the User is not willfully disclosed to any third party. without first receiving the User s permission as covered in this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy describes Merchant s treatment of personally identifiable information that Merchant collects when. the User is on the Merchant s website The Merchant does not collect any unique information about the User such as. User s name email address age gender etc except when you specifically and knowingly provide such information on.

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