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pring 2011 Nonprofit Org U S Catastrophes Earthquakes Tsunamis Tornadoes Floods that wash out whole regions earthquakes that level a single country


See page 4,Follow us on,New Titles 1 60,Woodrow Wilson Center Press 61 62. New in Paperback 63 66,Recently Published 67 70,Project Muse 71. Journals 72 73,Online References 74 75,Sales Representation 76 79. Title Index 80,Author Index 81,American Studies 34. Ancient Studies 46,See page 18 Chesapeake Bay Region 17 19.
Education 32,Higher Education 13 29 31,Gerontology 57. Health 6 9 12,American History 17 18 20 23 32 34 64. European History 35 36 65,History of Medicine 37,History of Science 38 40 66. History of Technology 41,Literature,American Literature 42 43. British Literature 44 45 65,European and Comparative Literature 44.
Medical Ethics 54 55,Neuroscience 53,Poetry 14 15,Political Science. Comparative Politics 58 59 62,Foreign Policy 60,Health Policy 54 58. International Relations 61 64,Psychiatry 10 11 28 56 57. See page 5 See page 15 Religion 66,Science 1 5 24 27 47 52. Cover Sports 16 63, Bird and Egg by Wade Schuman Oil on linen on panel 2006.
Courtesy of the artist and Forum Gallery New York, Wade Schuman is the head of the painting department at the. York Academy,JOHNS of ArtUNIVERSITY,HOPKINS in New York City www press jhu edu 66. Catastrophes,Earthquakes Tsunamis Tornadoes,and Other Earth Shattering Disasters. Donald R Prothero, Devastating natural disasters have profoundly shaped human history. leaving us with a respect for the mighty power of the earth and a. humbling view of our future Paleontologist and geologist Donald R. Prothero tells the harrowing human stories behind these catastrophic events. Prothero describes in gripping detail some of the most important. natural disasters in history, the New Madrid Missouri earthquakes of 1811 1812 that.
caused church bells to ring in Boston, the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami that killed more than. 230 000 people, the massive volcanic eruptions of Krakatau Mount Tambora. Mount Vesuvius Mount St Helens and Nevado del Ruiz. His clear and straightforward explanations of the forces that caused these. disasters accompany gut wrenching accounts of terrifying human expe. riences and a staggering loss of human life, Floods that wash out whole regions earthquakes that level a April 400 pages 6 x 9. single country hurricanes that destroy everything in their path all 80 b w photos 37 line drawings 16 color plates. 978 0 8018 9692 7 0 8018 9692 4, are here to remind us of how little control we have over the natu 30 00 15 50 hc Science. ral world Dramatic photographs and eyewitness accounts recall the. devastation wrought by these events and the people both heroes and. fools that are caught up in the earth s relentless forces. Eerie fascinating and often moving these tales of geologic his. tory and human fortitude and folly will stay with you long after you put. the book down,Donald R Prothero is a,professor of geology at.
Occidental College and coeditor,or author of many books including. Horns Tusks and Flippers The,Evolution of Hoofed Mammals and. The Evolution of Artiodactyls both,also published by Johns Hopkins. Advance reading copies,Author appearances,International media. International advertising, THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY PRESS 1 800 537 5487 1.
A Field Guide,to Coastal Fishes,From Maine to Texas. Val Kells and Kent Carpenter, A Field Guide to Coastal Fishes is a comprehensive current and. accurate identification guide to the more than 1 000 nearshore. and offshore fishes that live in brackish and marine waters from. Maine to Texas, Val Kells and Kent Carpenter bring decades of experi. ence to this project With Kells detailed vivid illustrations and. Carpenter s deep knowledge of biology taxonomy and nomen. clature this book captures the stunning diversity of species along. America s eastern shores Key features of the book include. more than 1 000 full color illustrations,set side by side with descriptions of each fish. details about the biology of each species,habitat distribution and size information.
Reliable and up to date A Field Guide to, March 448 pages 5 x 8 Coastal Fishes is the most complete book ever pub. 1 085 color illustrations 192 b w illustrations 1 map lished on East and Gulf Coast fishes perfect for. 978 0 8018 9838 9 0 8018 9838 2,25 00 13 00 pb Science. boat home or classroom Its beautiful design and, accessible format make it an ideal guide for fisher. men divers students scientists naturalists and fish. enthusiasts alike,Val Kells is a marine science,illustrator whose clients include. publishers designers museums,nature centers and aquariums.
Her work has appeared in over,30 public aquariums and museums. and numerous publications Kent,Carpenter is a professor in the. Department of Biological Sciences at,Old Dominion University He is author. and editor of numerous publications,including the multivolume FAO. Species Identification Guide for,Fishery Purposes,Author appearances.
National media,National advertising, THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY PRESS press jhu edu 2. Saving Sea Turtles, Extraordinary Stories from the Battle against Extinction. James R Spotila,Advance reading copies, In April 2007 eleven leatherback turtles captured the imagination of the Author appearances. public worldwide as they raced from Costa Rica toward the Gal pagos. Islands Known as the Great Turtle Race this event tracked these critically en International media. dangered sea turtles drawing attention to their fragile status and generating data International advertising. on the turtles vital to efforts to study and protect them. But the Great Turtle Race is just one of many tools marine conserva. tionists use to inform people about the status biology and lives. of the seven sea turtle species Due to human actions once plen April 224 pages 5 x 8 12 color plates. tiful sea turtle population levels plummeted throughout much 978 0 8018 9907 2. 24 95 13 00 hc,0 8018 9907 9, of the twentieth century stabilizing somewhat only after Archie. Carr and Jacques Cousteau popularized their plight With Sav. James R Spotila Betz Chair, ing Sea Turtles award winning author James R Spotila picks up where Carr.
Professor of Environmental, and Cousteau left off going inside the modern day conservation movement. Sciences at Drexel University is, to tell the tales of today s sea turtle conservationists He provides a complete. one of the world s leading sea, overview of sea turtle biology and life cycles discusses the human and natu. turtle researchers and conser, ral world threats they face and examines the new methods and technologies. vationists and the author of the, humans are using to save them Throughout Spotila dots the narrative with.
award winning book Sea Turtles, stories of real life heroes who risk life and limb to understand track and. A Complete Guide to Their Biology,conserve sea turtles across the globe. Behavior and Conservation also, Spotila has been at the forefront of sea turtle research and conservation. published by Johns Hopkins, for decades His inspirational story of dedicated individuals creative endeav. ors and adventure reveals what is being done and what else we must do in. order to ensure that these fascinating animals continue swimming in the oceans. THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY PRESS 1 800 537 5487 3. The Animal Answer Guide,Mike Dorcas and Whit Gibbons.
Frogs are amazingly diverse ranging from the massive. Goliath frog which weighs several pounds to the recently dis. covered gold frog which measures a mere three eighths of an. inch when fully grown Frogs have inhabited the earth for more. than 200 million years Today however these amphibians face. more challenges than any other vertebrate group In this fun. and informative book herpetologists Mike Dorcas and Whit. Gibbons answer common and not so common questions peo. ple may have about these fascinating animals, Dorcas and Gibbons reveal how frogs evolved what spe. cies currently exist in the world and some that have gone ex. tinct that toads are just a type of frog what they eat and what. eats them the role of frogs in cultures across the globe. June 208 pages 7 x 10,27 color photos 70 b w photos. why many frog populations are declining and what we. 978 0 8018 9935 5 0 8018 9935 4 can do to reverse this dangerous trend why there are. 45 00 s 23 50 hc,978 0 8018 9936 2 0 8018 9936 2,deformed frogs and much more They answer expect. 24 95 13 00 pb Science ed questions such as What is the difference between a. frog and a toad and Why do some people lick toads, and unexpected ones such as Why do some frogs lay their eggs. Mike Dorcas is an associate in the leaves of trees and Do frogs feel pain. professor of biology at Davidson The authors easy to understand yet thorough explana. College and the author of several tions provide insight into the amazing biology of this amphibian. books on amphibians and reptiles group In addressing conservation questions Dorcas and Gibbons. Whit Gibbons is a professor highlight the frightening implications of the current worldwide. emeritus of ecology at the Univer amphibian crisis which many scientists predict will bring extinc. sity of Georgia s Savannah River tion rates experienced by frog species to levels not seen in any. Ecology Laboratory and the author vertebrate animal group in millions of years. coauthor and coeditor of several Featuring two color galleries and 70 black and white. books most recently Turtles The photographs Frogs The Animal Answer Guide is packed with facts. Animal Answer Guide also pub sure to address the questions on the minds of curious naturalists. lished by Johns Hopkins Gibbons,and Dorcas coauthored three other.
books Snakes of the Southeast,Frogs and Toads of the Southeast. and North American Watersnakes Advance reading copies. Author appearances,International media,International advertising. THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY PRESS press jhu edu 4. The Animal Answer Guide,Susan Lumpkin and John Seidensticker. Did you know that there are more than 90 species of rabbits hares. and pikas rabbits little known cousins And that new species are. still being found Or that baby rabbits nurse from their mothers. only once a day How about that some people brew medicinal. tea from rabbit pellets Wildlife conservationists Susan Lumpkin. and John Seidensticker have all the answers from the mun. dane to the unbelievable about the world s leaping lagomorphs. To some rabbits are simply a docile pet for the classroom. or home To others they are the cute animals munching on clover. or the pests plaguing vegetable gardens Whatever your interest. in Rabbits The Animal Answer Guide you will discover that they. are a more complex group than you might have first imagined. Lumpkin and Seidensticker take these floppy eared creatures out. of the cabbage patch and into the wild answering 95 frequent. ly asked questions about these familiar and fascinating animals. With informative photographs and an accessible format. Rabbits The Animal Answer Guide is the one resource you will need. to learn about rabbits anatomy and physiology evolutionary his. tory ecology behavior and about their relationships with humans. Lumpkin and Seidensticker also talk about conservation. because while rabbits may breed like well rabbits several. species are among the most endangered animals on Earth. Susan Lumpkin is a freelance,writer and editor specializing in. Also in The Animal Answer Guides series,natural history and conservation.
Frogs The Animal Answer Guide by Mike Dorcas Between 1990 and 2008 she was. and Whit Gibbons see p 4 director of communications at. Turtles The Animal Answer Guide by Whit Gibbons Friends of the National Zoo and. and Judy Greene editor of its ZooGoer magazine,She is now consultant to the. Squirrels The Animal Answer Guide,Global Tiger Initiative John. by Richard W Thorington Jr and Katie E Ferrell,Seidensticker is a conservation. scientist and head of the,March 272 pages 7 x 10, 35 color photos 74 b w photos 6 line drawings Conservation Ecology Center at the. 978 0 8018 9788 7 0 8018 9788 2 Smithsonian Conservation Biology. 45 00 s 23 50 hc,978 0 8018 9789 4 0 8018 9789 0,Institute He serves as chairman.
24 95 13 00 pb Science of the Save the Tiger Fund Coun. cil and is an affiliate professor of,environmental science and policy at. George Mason University Lumpkin,and Seidensticker have collaborated. on numerous publications including, Advance reading copies Cats Smithsonian Answer Book. Author appearances,International media,International advertising. THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY PRESS 1 800 537 5487 5. Beating Melanoma,A Five Step Survival Guide,Steven Q Wang M D.
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Dr Steven Q Wang a world renowned skin cancer expert pro. vides an essential guide for people with melanoma and their. The book s unique practical format approaches the disease. in two phases just as people with melanoma need to do First. comes a step by step guide for what Dr Wang calls the mad rush. phase an intense and stressful period from diagnosis to com. pleting initial treatment Dr Wang s calm guidance helps readers. through this critical time utilizing an easy to understand plan. for ensuring optimal treatment and survival outcomes Once the. mad rush phase is over the marathon phase begins life re. sumes its normal shape but with lingering concerns about new. melanoma and metastases Here Dr Wang addresses common. questions about prevention and prognosis, Beating Melanoma offers current research in the diagnosis. treatment and prevention of melanoma a large sampling of pho. tographs of skin cancers and a readable narrative that demystifies. everything from the pathology report to the stages. May 128 pages 5 x 8, of cancer The only book to outline detailed instruc. 20 color illustrations 2 halftones 3 line drawings. 978 0 8018 9889 1 0 8018 9889 7 tions for melanoma patients at all stages of their dis. 40 00 s 21 00 hc ease it is a guide that people with melanoma will. 978 0 8018 9890 7 0 8018 9890 0,19 95 10 50 pb Health turn to with gratitude. Well written informative and,easy to read Dr Wang delivers.
the information with a fresh per,spective that will certainly em. power patients as they deal with, Steven Q Wang M D is direc this dangerous skin cancer Every. tor of dermatologic surgery and melanoma patient needs to read. dermatology at the Memorial this book, Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Harold S Rabinovitz M D. Basking Ridge New Jersey He University of Miami Miller School. has published widely in medical of Medicine,journals and academic textbooks. Dr Wang provides all the in,has lectured extensively in the.
formation necessary to intelli,United States Britain Italy Israel. gently and effectively confront,Spain Canada China Hong Kong. a melanoma diagnosis An es,and Mexico and has been featured. sential resource for those indi, as a skin cancer expert in The New Advance reading copies viduals recently diagnosed with. York Times,Author appearances melanoma,Tara G melanoma survivor.
National media, National advertising A Johns Hopkins Press Health Book. THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY PRESS press jhu edu 6. Pancreatic Cancer,A Patient and His Doctor Balance Hope and Truth. Michael J Lippe and Dung T Le M D, Difficult to detect quick to spread and resistant to treatment. pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer death. in the United States Michael J Lippe was diagnosed with it in. 2007 This is his story and the story of pancreatic cancer nar. rated by Lippe and Dung T Le the doctor who is treating him. The book takes place as a conversation with Lippe and. Le writing alternate chapters Lippe writes about the early signs. that something was wrong Le continues with a description of. pancreatic cancer its symptoms and its treatments Lippe talks. about his prognosis contemplates the prospect of death and. describes how he begins to cope Le explains the importance. for both doctor and patient of balancing hope and truth Lippe. speaks frankly about the toll the disease takes on his marriage. and family Le offers a general picture of what most patients. can expect with their illness The book concludes with what. Le and Lippe both draw from this experience and the positive. aspects that emerge from Lippe s struggle, Together the authors give readers an honest yet hope. ful perspective They offer clear explanations of what pancreatic. cancer is describe what people with the disease will feel physi. cally and mentally and discuss current treatments and future di. rections for research,Michael J Lippe now retired, Remarkable and reasoned Pancreatic Cancer follows the.
had a career in international, journey many patients and caregivers will experience when fac. development During more than, ing cancer The authors hope that this story will help the tens of. forty years in government and the, thousands of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer each year. private sector he worked,extensively on issues of local. A Johns Hopkins Press Health Book government shelter for the poor. and corruption He was diagnosed,with stage IV pancreatic cancer.
June 176 pages 5 x 8 6 b w illustrations in 2007 Dung T Le M D is on the. 978 1 4214 0061 7 1 4214 0061 8,medical oncology faculty at the. 45 00 s 23 50 hc, 978 1 4214 0062 4 1 4214 0062 6 Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive. 18 95 10 00 pb Health Cancer Center at the Johns Hopkins. School of Medicine Her clinical,interests include the care of patients. with gastrointestinal malignancies,and her research interests are. focused on immunotherapeutic,approaches to gastrointestinal.
Advance reading copies,malignancies with a particular. Author appearances,National media,National advertising. THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY PRESS 1 800 537 5487 7. When Your Spouse,Has a Stroke, Caring for Your Partner Yourself and Your Relationship. Sara Palmer Ph D and Jeffrey B Palmer M D, A stroke can alter two people s lives in an instant For the person. who has had a stroke simple tasks suddenly become difficult or. impossible For that person s partner life seems to revolve mostly. around the stroke survivor s needs Such a drastic change natu. rally requires making a series of sometimes taxing adjustments. In this book two experts in stroke recovery help couples deal. with the impact of stroke on their lives and relationship. Drs Sara and Jeffrey Palmer explain how to successfully. confront three major challenges,providing quality care for your partner.
maintaining or rebuilding your relationship,caring for yourself as an individual. The book invites you into the lives of real couples who. are themselves coping with these challenges Through the ex. periences of these couples readers will learn strategies for im. proving essential aspects of their relationship including. April 192 pages 6 x 9 communication accepting roles and responsibilities. 978 0 8018 9886 0 0 8018 9886 2 and sexuality A list of practical tips summarizes the. 45 00 s 23 50 hc, 978 0 8018 9887 7 0 8018 9887 0 main points of each chapter providing a handy refer. 19 95 10 50 pb Health ence for dealing with each day s challenges. More than just a discussion of the medical and, practical aspects of stroke and stroke recovery this book. focuses on the psychological and social consequences of stroke. and the deeply personal side of caregiving When Your Spouse. Sara Palmer Ph D is a psycholo Has a Stroke will relieve some of the couple s burden and help. gist and an assistant professor in reinforce a healthy partnership. the Department of Physical, Medicine and Rehabilitation at the A Johns Hopkins Press Health Book. Johns Hopkins University School,of Medicine Jeffrey B Palmer.
M D is a professor and Director,of Physical Medicine and Reha. bilitation at the Johns Hopkins,University and Hospital Both are. coauthors of Spinal Cord Injury A,Advance reading copies. Guide for Living also published by,Johns Hopkins Author appearances. National media,National advertising, THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY PRESS press jhu edu 8.
A Loving Approach,to Dementia Care, Making Meaningful Connections with the Person Who Has. Alzheimer s Disease or Other Dementia or Memory Loss. Laura Wayman, Caring for someone with dementia means devotedly and patiently. doing a hundred little things each day Many care providers have. little or no training in meeting the challenges of dementia however. They need the guidance in this book which shows them not only. how to overcome the obstacles they face but also how to cultivate. more meaningful relationships with loved ones who have demen. tia and memory loss, Laura Wayman s program of care emphasizes communication. affirmative response and empowerment transforming the care. giving process from a burden into a fulfilling journey Real stories. illustrate the principles of this loving approach giving readers the. tools they need to connect with people who have dementia. In addition to offering valuable lessons on how to provide. the best possible care Wayman urges caregivers not to neglect them. selves If you take care of yourself you will have more physical and. mental energy to care for your loved one The practical tips in this. book will help you balance your own needs with those of your. loved one so both of you have a more positive experience. Wayman s innovative approach nurtures relationships be June 112 pages 5 x 8. tween persons who have dementia and family members friends 978 1 4214 0033 4 1 4214 0033 2. 40 00 s 21 00 hc, and professionals who are caring for or working or living with 978 1 4214 0034 1 1 4214 0034 0. them A Loving Approach to Dementia Care is a special guide filled 14 95 8 00 pb Health. with respect calmness creativity and love,Laura Wayman holds an associ.
ate in arts degree in gerontology,and is a certified Social Services. Designee She has over a decade,of experience in and a strong. dedication to quality aging She is,the resident dementia expert and. grant writer for Seniors First a,nonprofit organization that helps. seniors live independently the CEO,of The Dementia Whisperers and a.
Advance reading copies,sought after speaker on issues. Author appearances of aging,National media,National advertising. THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY PRESS 1 800 537 5487 9. Heal Your Brain,How the New Neuropsychiatry Can Help You Go. from Better to Well,David J Hellerstein M D, Over 45 million people currently experience some form of de. pression or anxiety in the United States alone For these people. and their loved ones Heal Your Brain offers a practical guide to. better outcomes in the treatment of these often disabling dis. Heal Your Brain is based on principles of the New Neu. ropsychiatry a model emerging from advances in neurosci. ence and related scientific disciplines This revolutionary way of. thinking applies new insights about mind brain body interac. tions to various treatment options including medication psy. chotherapy and behavioral intervention to bring about the best. possible results, Here Dr David J Hellerstein a psychiatrist at Columbia.
University s College of Physicians and Surgeons puts the New. Neuropsychiatry to the test Depression and anxiety damage the. brain but as Dr Hellerstein explains the right treatment can. change the patterns of brain activity brain cell connections and. even the brain s anatomy To illustrate Dr Hellerstein follows. people through various phases of treatment from evaluation. March 304 pages 6 x 9, to therapy to remission The book s compelling narratives. 978 0 8018 9883 9 0 8018 9883 8 show that in many cases it is possible to achieve a stable. 25 00 13 00 hc Psychiatry,recovery and a return to normal life. Engaging scientifically accurate and clinically astute. HealYour Brain leads those suffering from depression and anxiety. disorders toward a meaningful and satisfying recovery. Advance reading copies,Author appearances,National media. National advertising,David J Hellerstein M D is an. associate professor of clinical,psychiatry at Columbia University s.
College of Physicians and, THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY PRESS press jhu edu 10. Shrink Rap,Three Psychiatrists Explain Their Work,Dinah Miller M D Annette Hanson M D. and Steven Roy Daviss M D, Finally a book that explains all you ever wanted to know about. psychiatry, In Shrink Rap three psychiatrists from different specialties. provide frank and informed answers to questions such as. What is psychotherapy how does it work,and why don t all psychiatrists do it.
When are medications helpful,What happens on a psychiatric unit. Does Prozac make people suicidal,Why do many doctors not like Xanax. Why do we have an insanity defense,Why do people confess to crimes they didn t. Based on the authors hugely popular blog and podcast se. ries the book engages the concerns of patients psychiatrists and. the general public alike Through compelling patient vignettes. Shrink Rap explains how psychiatrists think about and address. psychiatric problems from the mundane how much to charge. to the controversial involuntary hospitalization The authors Dinah Miller M D a psychiatrist. face the field s shortcomings head on revealing what other doc and writer is in private practice and. tors may not admit about practicing psychiatry is a consulting psychiatrist for the. Candid and humorous Shrink Rap is a bird s eye view of Johns Hopkins Hospital Community. psychiatry peering into technology treatments and the business Psychiatry Program Annette. of the field If you ve ever wondered how to negotiate the com Hanson M D is a forensic psy. plicated mental health arena let Shrink Rap lead the way toward chiatrist with appointments at the. understanding how psychiatry really works University of Maryland and Johns. Hopkins Hospital Steven Roy, May 256 pages 6 x 9 Daviss M D also on the faculty. 978 1 4214 0011 2 1 4214 0011 1,45 00 s 23 50 hc at the University of Maryland is.
978 1 4214 0012 9 1 4214 0012 X a hospital based psychiatrist and. 19 95 10 50 pb Psychiatry,medical informatician and is chair. of the Department of Psychiatry,at Baltimore Washington Medical. Center All three created Shrink,Rap a blog by psychiatrists for psy. Advance reading copies chiatrists and My Three Shrinks a. Author appearances podcast series on the same subject. National media,National advertising, THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY PRESS 1 800 537 5487 11. Kidney Disease,A Guide for Living,Walter A Hunt, foreword by Ronald D Perrone M D Tufts Medical Center.
Walter A Hunt knows all too well what it means to live with. kidney disease Here he shares his experience and knowledge. to help people with kidney disease overcome the challenges of. diagnosis and treatment, When Hunt learned he had kidney disease he was over. whelmed by the prospect of facing kidney failure He had so. many questions Why are my kidneys failing Is there anything I. can do to save them How will I know when my kidneys have. failed What will it feel like Is there a cure for kidney failure. The good news as Hunt found out is that kidney fail. ure is highly treatable People with the disease can lead full and. productive lives and this book will help them do just that In an. accessible and compassionate narrative Hunt discusses the latest. scientific and medical issues related to kidney disease including. what kidneys do the underlying diseases that cause failure di. agnosis treatment and prevention dietary factors clinical trials. and the future direction of research on kidney failure. People with kidney failure face a difficult disease Hunt s. personal insights will help them take control of their lives By. understanding kidney failure what causes it how it may affect. their lives and what treatment options they have people can. Walter A Hunt holds a bach, take an active role in their disease improving their quality of life. elor s degree in chemistry from,and achieving the best outcome. Bethany College and a doctorate, in neuropharmacology from West Walter Hunt has provided careful and understandable explana. Virginia University As a medical tions and he s offered his personal experience with and perspec. researcher for thirty years he tives on how kidney failure has affected his life I congratulate. examined the biological basis of him for providing this excellent guide for people with kidney. diseases never considering that disease Ronald D Perrone M D Tufts Medical Center. one day he would have to deal with,June 224 pages 5 x 8 31 line drawings.
a serious disease of his own,978 0 8018 9963 8 0 8018 9963 X. Having polycystic kidney disease 45 00 s 23 50 hc, PKD the fourth leading cause of 978 0 8018 9964 5 0 8018 9964 8. 19 95 10 50 pb Health,kidney failure he suffered seven. and a half years of dialysis and two,dozen stays in the hospital before. receiving a transplant Now free of,kidney problems Dr Hunt serves.
on the Board of Trustees of the,PKD Foundation and travels Advance reading copies. the world Author appearances,National media,National advertising. THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY PRESS press jhu edu 12. Dean s List, Eleven Habits of Highly Successful College Students. John B Bader, With a solid GPA numerous extracurricular achievements to. your name and an acceptance letter from an excellent college. it seems that all of your hard work in school has paid off Now. what What can you expect from university life and how can. you get the most out of it This book answers your questions. to help you excel in college, Deans at America s top institutions tell you what you.
need to know to have a rich and rewarding college experience. With wisdom reassurance and an insider s perspective the es. says in this book will help you develop habits critical for col. lege success including,Focusing on learning not on grades. Building an adult relationship with your parents,Working the system by understanding the system. Learning from diversity at home and abroad,Coping with failure. Planning boldly for life after college, Dean s List offers a thoughtful common sense approach. June 272 pages 6 x 9, to higher education that allows every student to achieve While 978 1 4214 0080 8 1 4214 0080 4.
many books out there will tell you how to get an A in class 45 00 s 23 50 hc. 978 1 4214 0081 5 1 4214 0081 2, this book encourages you to do more to explore college life 19 95 10 50 pb Higher Education. embrace new challenges and become an independent adult. and thinker, Includes expert advice from deans at top U S colleges. Barnard College Brown University Bryn Mawr College. Columbia University Cornell University Dartmouth, College Duke University Georgetown University Harvard. University Mount Holyoke College Northwestern University. Oberlin College Pomona College Princeton Universi, ty Rice University Smith College Stanford University. University of Pennsylvania University of Rochester. Wellesley College Yale University,John B Bader is Associate.
Dean for Undergraduate Academic,Affairs at the Johns Hopkins. University and author of Taking the, Advance reading copies Initiative Leadership Agendas in. Author appearances Congress and the Contract with,National media. National advertising, THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY PRESS 1 800 537 5487 13.

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