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into the line of the horizon and behind me palm trees and a dense tangle of trees plants shrubs In the background one could see the green of the earth stretching upwards climbing toward a rocky peak I spent a few minutes studying the surface of the ocean there were no signs of the storm nothing was left of the ship Only the piece of wood that saved my life rested 2 Borges Projet


Borges Projet, against the damp sand covered in iodine Water I thought I have to find water. And then I spoke I repeated the same sentences over again until they began to calm my. mind I did not know that the blind monologue was the first of many long conversations. with myself The I began to transform itself into a he I spoke to myself as though I. were talking to another to an ungraspable being that had nevertheless contorted itself. into my shell, What does he have to do today I would ask myself out loud He was I in a slowed. but inexorable sense, He resolved to walk along the perimeter of the island in order to get a sense of its. terrain hoping to find a spring of fresh water or some remains of the shipwreck. Following the path of the sun he estimated that it took two hours Nothing was found. on the excursion only the incessant landscape of palm trees and dense vegetation the. wood plank which he had dragged into the brush was the only thing that allowed. him to differentiate the place of his arrival from any other corner of the island. He decided to go in a few meters with a stick in hand in case wild animals or vermin. appeared The words of his father and his grandfather experienced men of the sea. brought him strategies for survival in case of shipwreck Find wide leafed plants in the. morning to drink their dewdrops or coconut trees or pools of water or containers of. plant or stone that might allow you to collect the rainwater Ten meters into the jungle. he encountered a surprise a few palm trees shorter than the ones on the beach but with. some fruit that seemed similar to coconuts, Man lives off of starry eyed hopes and is punished by time and destiny The fruits in. the palm trees were real they called out to him screaming He climbed the trunk 2. forgetting his exhaustion and the weakness of his muscles Only survival mattered He. arrived at the objects of his desire and he hit them knocking a good many down. His heart was beating hard He breathed in deeply and then he his body climbed slowly. back down His knotted hands picked up a coconut and broke it open against a rock it. contained a transparent viscous liquid A finger touched it absorbed it The mouth of. the man tasted it a slightly sweetish flavor like coconut milk He drank a short sip. anticipating a lethal bouquet After waiting a few interminable minutes desperate that. Borges Projet, man who had once been me drank with abandon with fury swallowing down the holy.
water of all the coconuts, A spiraled euphoria awaited him it raced across his body shaking it He trembled with. happiness And he cried as one being born, Four months and four days later he was still enclosed within the circular sphere of the. island within its continuous geometry In that time he had constructed a cabin among. the trees the shrubs and the brush He had recovered from the edge of the ocean three. chests that held clothing and unexpected items such as matches a mirror a comb a. knife soaps a compass silverware crystal wineglasses a few bottles of sherry He had. established also with some reticence that he was the only living being on the island. The only areas left to explore were on the mountain a rocky green crest holding. dominion over a piece of earth flung into the ocean by some indifferent god. It was then on an excursion across the mountain when he discovered the cavern. The solitude of the castaway is incommensurate it knows no distances and. approximates insanity Perhaps this is why the copper colored man with his sinewy. muscles surprised himself speaking alone discovering the different inflections of his. voice why his nights were populated by dreams delivering contorted images of loved. ones Night to day day to night Him The only one without measure. He would wake up startled thinking that they were at his side just as ten years before. But no Only the perfect silence of the island broken every once in a while by the wind. that pushed against the plants Or the snapping of a branch that would fall bringing him 3. to his feet in a feral pounce lance in hand ready to face the unknown animal that he. longed so much to see Not to eat it to stab it but rather to feel life stirring there by his. Regardless nothing Still the man sought out life he hunted it among the sounds the. silences the mist,Borges Projet, One night he woke up in anguish He had drunk to excess after his routine diet of fish. crabs roots and tubers roasted among embers A heavy fog warped his mind The man. could see himself from a strange distance that was nevertheless an intimate one He. could see himself from the trunk of a palm tree surprised and mute He was a castaway. on the shore a lost being living in the immensity of the universe. The man decided to complete his survey of the island He made his way around the hill. to discover the other side He climbed cutting his hands A voice from elsewhere. whispered advice in his ear He arrived at a ledge as dry as sunbaked leather It was. there where he discovered the caverns They were holes in the stone hammer strikes in. The caverns could be a shelter the guarantee of a life waiting for the arrival of a rescue. ship They could protect the man of knotted arms so that every morning he could set. fires along the coast scrutinizing the horizon where at any moment the castaway said. to himself out loud they might emerge from within the vapors and burnt iodine of the. He entered the cavern with a torch The fearful steps of the man feared the attack of. unrecognizable creatures No horror is heard in the presence of what he found lined up. against the wall seated the skulls of twenty human beings shone in the half light The. man cried out fell to his knees pulled at his hair his beard He fell prostrate The. skeletons were dressed in clothing that began in the sixteenth century and extended. forward in time and tragedy It was a grotesque fashion parade prepared by a madman. for an absent public The message was clear it was inscribed in the undulations of fire. projected upon the rocks no one had been able to escape the island alive and so the 4. man miserable and abandoned moaned for his destiny and his misfortune His own. skeleton would be placed there by the next castaway by the miserable being forced to. be the successor of his dynasty, For several days several nights he stayed in his cabin Weeping for his inevitable. Borges Projet, Some men know this we are beings of change We move through a world in movement.
We seek ourselves in irreconcilable losses Regardless in the island there were no. opportunities there were no options only survival until the moment of closing one s. eyes forever A mockery of life A ridiculous face made at the expense of an impossible. He decided to return to the cavern The skeletons were there waiting for him He stuck. the torch into the sandy earth and took off his clothes He dressed himself with the. vestments of a dead man from the sixteenth century He continued through the cavern a. few meters until the path began to narrow On his knees he advanced further for a few. minutes through a narrow tunnel that brought him to an enormous cave it was. impossible to see its ceiling The walls were covered in cylindrical crystals that as. though in an amusement park multiplied his image into infinity In certain moments. convex mirrors offered him warped and undulating figures at other times the concave. forms foretold unexpected urgent movements, A voice was heard the man did not know if it was his or the echo of that which once. had been He fell to his knees and without halting his song cut his veins His skeleton. he thought before dying would be placed first in the macabre procession at the. beginning of the infinite multiplication of cadavers He was already another the man.

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