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grammar items can be taken from any class up to 10th It is a real brain teasing task for many students Contextual meanings synonyms antonyms parts of speech articles phrasal verbs tenses concord rule and correction of sentences are to be practised Model papers practice helps you to score more PAPER 1 Q No 13 17 This is a passage


2 Subject Special ENGLISH l l 19 l 2015,Prepared by. D Hanumantha Rao,English Faculty ZPHS,Suraram Hyderabad A1 GRADE MADE EASY. Winners always say I can do it A planned tern of the exam in detailed Henry They ll be very small for me my dear her hands stained yellow from the juice. preparation always helps to get success We As you know English subject has two Mrs Slater They ll stretch won t they I m cut an onion fine and cooked. need not memorize the questions and answers papers with 40 marks each Every paper has not going to have them wasted She has the whole thing in the pot. anymore in this new CCE system So feel three sections finished laying the table Henry I ve been over the stove. easy to score high Section A thinking about that bureau of my father s shielding her face from the heat. For an average student this new system is Reading Comprehension 15 marks that s in his bedroom You know I always. easier than old one Following the Textbook Section B wanted to have it after he died The usual words came and beat. is not enough in this new system Thorough Vocabulary and Grammar 10 marks their wings against her the money spent. understanding of the exam pattern only helps Section C Now answer the following questions Each curses heaped upon her parents. you to get good marks So let us see the pat Creative Writing Discourses 15 marks question has four choices Choose the cor who had sent her out. rect answer and write A B C or D in to darken other people s doors. your answer booklet 4 1 4 marks Ms Imtiaz Dharkar,1 In The passage D ye hear means. A Daddy and you hear Now answer the following questions Each. B Do you hear C Dear boy hear question has four choices Choose the cor. D Deaf or dead hear rect answer and write A B C or D in. 2 What do you mean by they in the expr your answer booklet 3 1 3 marks. ession What are they coming for 8 Why did the woman crouch on the floor. A Amelia and Slater A because there is no one to support her. B Slater and Jordan B It is a custom in Eastern Countries. C Victoria and Abel C because of poverty, D Elizabeth and Jordan D In order to protect herself. 3 Where was the bureau 9 The phrase as usual suggests. A In the hall B In Abel s bedroom A not useful B repeated usage. C In Slater s bedroom C useless D regular, D In Jordan s drawing room 10 The symbolism of the poem depicts.
4 What type of text is this passage A a low class woman. A Biographical sketch B a middle class woman,B Description C One act play C a high class woman. D narration D a feminist, Answer the following questions in two or Write answers for the given questions in. TB Textbook three sentences 3 2 6 marks one or two sentences 2 1 2 marks. 5 Who sent a telegram To whom he sent 11 What does the phrase mother in law s. SECTION A dress before your Aunt Elizabeth and your that dark looks suggest. READING COMPREHENSION Uncle Ben come It would never do for 6 Mrs Slater had been thinking about a fur 12 The usual words came and beat line. 15 marks them to find you in colours with grandfa niture item of her father s what was that 18 Where did the words come from. Two passages will be given for assessing ther lying dead upstairs 7 Do you support the behaviour of Slater s Why. reading comprehension Of these two will be Victoria What are they coming for They couple Why or Why not Answers. from Text book for paper 1 and two unseen haven t been here for ages 8 A 9 D 10 B. passages for paper 2 The chosen text may be Mrs Slater They re coming to talk over poor Answers 11 Mother in law s dark looks suggest that. different genres i e story description conver grandpa s affairs Your father sent them a 1 B 2 D 3 B 4 C she was angry with daughter in law that. sation poem etc There will be one 10 marks telegram as soon as we found he was dead 5 Mr Slater sent telegram He sent to she spent more than needed. question about 200 250 words length and A noise is heard Elizabeth and Jordan 12 The words came from the mother in law. one 5 marks question about 100 120 words Henry Slater a stooping heavy man with 6 She had been thinking about a bureau to beat the heart of her daughter in law. length for both paper 1 and paper 2 One a drooping moustache enters He is wear That was her father s and it was in his bed. among the 5 marks questions will be from a ing a black tailcoat grey trousers a black room Section B. poem either seen or unseen tie and a bowler hat 7 I don t support their behaviour because VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR. First passage Q No 1 7 comes from Henry I m wondering if they ll come at all their behaviour is irresponsible They 10 marks. Reading A part of any unit in the Text book in When you and Elizabeth quarrelled she were interested in sharing properties of This section will contain questions related to. paper 1 Second passage Q No 8 12 comes said she d never set foot in your house Abel but not his responsibilities vocabulary and grammar Two passages will. from Reading B C part of any unit in the Text again be given under this section Textbook passages. book in paper 1 Every passage contains two Mrs Slater She ll come fast enough after her READING COMPREHENSION come in Paper 1 and unseen passages in. analytical questions For them you have to share of what our father s left You know Questions 8 12 Paper 2 Each passage will contain 5 items. answer on your own how hard she can be when she likes Read the following passage with one mark each The vocabulary and. Read entire Textbook once Try to Where she gets it from I can t tell This morning she bought green methi. understand the theme of every unit Take any Henry I suppose it s in the family pause in the market choosing the freshest. passage from lower class Text books and Where are my slippers bunch Spend much time. frame questions If you can prepare questions Mrs Slater In the kitchen but you want a picked up a white radish on the tasks you feel. by yourself you can also answer them easily new pair those old ones are nearly worn imagined the crunch it would make. difficult After few days of, out Nearly breaking down You don t between her teeth the sweet sharp taste. Look at below model questions seem to realize what it s costing me to bear then put it aside thinking it. preparation you can feel, Questions 1 7 Read the following conver up like I am doing My heart s fit to break an extravagance counted her coins comfortable while solving. sation from The Dear Departed I when I see the little trifles that belonged to out carefully tied them a small bundle the model papers It. Mrs Slater sharply Victoria Victoria D ye father lying around and think he ll never into her sari at the waist gives you confi. hear Come in will you use them again Briskly here You d bet came home faced her mother in law s dence. Mrs Slater I m amazed at you Victoria I ter wear these slippers of my father s now dark looks took. really am Be off now and change your It s lucky he d just got a new pair the leaves and chopped them. l l 19 l 2015 Subject Special ENGLISH 3, grammar items can be taken from any class up C an D no article 18 A has B have C had D having found people running towards the bazaar.
to 10th It is a real brain teasing task for many Answers 19 A any B no C every D some shouting Fire Fire I then rushed to that place. students Contextual meanings synonyms 18 A 19 B 20 C 21 D 22 A 20 A are B were C is D was The building on fire was a big stationary. antonyms parts of speech articles phrasal 21 A become B can shop There was a large crowd of people I. verbs tenses concord rule and correction of PAPER 2 C have D may heard the crackling sound made by the burn. sentences are to be practised Model papers Q No 13 17 It is an unseen passage Few 22 A will conduct B conduct ing articles within the shop By and by the fire. practice helps you to score more words phrases will be underlined and C conducting D conducted was trying to spread to the neighbouring. numbered from 13 to 17 in the passage Answers buildings People there tried to put out the fire. PAPER 1 Depend on the numbered question s direc 18 B 19 A 20 C 21 A 22 D by sprinkling water Due to the power cut in. Q No 13 17 This is a passage with numbers tion you have to choose the correct answer their efforts were limited Another luckiest. before few sentences The number indicates an from the choice thing was only articles were burnt but not peo. CREATIVE WRITING DISCOURSES, error in the sentence We have to find out the ple Actually Owner and three workers. error and write correct sentences in the answer For example 15 marks escaped the fire. booklet This is nothing but correction of The members of this board were very wise Creative Writing is an interesting part of the Just then I heard the fire engine rushing. errors 13 and philosophical men As they exam Any piece of writing is called a dis to the spot The police also arrived in trucks. For example turned their attention to the workhouse course We have to write according to the The fire men in their dark uniforms and hel. 13 Father wanted to say something or the they discovered that it was a regular place question Every discourse has its own fea mets struggled hard to control the fire With in. bus started moving 14 I saw my father of public entertainment 14 for the poorer tures Follow the distinct features to get more ten minutes another Fire engine also came. gradually receding in the distance 15 I classes It was the place where they had marks This part of the practice really enrich They put out the fire in about three hours. saw that the road we had come by look on breakfast dinner tea and supper 15 all es your languages and also useful in your People praised the brave men of the fire. a giant motionless rope 16 Father would the year and free where it was all play and future Students enjoy practicing these dis brigade. use the same road go back to home 17 no work This was really shocking state of courses Prepare a model for every kind The Then I remembered my teachers words. Simultaneously our journeys started in affairs they were of the opinion that the model discourse helps you to construct new Fire is a good servant but it is a bad master. two opposite directions with me seated in poorer 16 should be given only two one on any topic Have a look at this table Everything in the shop was burnt The shop. the luxurious seat of a bus and Father walk alternatives Either to starve quickly out. back with weary legs on the pebble strewn side the workhouse or gradually inside Q No Paper Nature of Discourse Details of the discourses marks Choice. road the house View they decided that the 23 I Major Discourse A Story Narrative Conversation 10 Internal. inmates of the workhouse would be issued Description Drama Script Play Choice. Answers 17 three meals of thin gruel a day with Interview and Choreography. 13 Father wanted to say something but the an onion twice a week 24 I Minor Discourses A Message Notice and Diary 5 No Choice. bus started moving, 23 II Major Discourses B Biography Essay Report News 10 Internal. 14 I saw my father gradually receding into 13 Choose an appropriate antonym from the. report Letter and Speech Script Choice,the distance given options. 15 I saw that the road we had come by looked A foolish B unwise 24 II Minor Discourse B Poster Invitation and Profile 5 No choice. like a giant motionless rope C wiseless D wisefree. 16 Father would use the same road to go back 14 Choose the verb form from the given keeper was crying bitterly He did not insure. home options the shop After discussion I realized that a. 17 Simultaneously our journeys started in A entered B entertain fool s cigarette stub caused this fire accident. two opposite directions with me seated in C enter D entertainmented Another thing is no shopkeeper is following. the luxurious seat of a bus and father 15 What is the appropriate meaning for the fire safety rules. walking back with weary legs on the peb word supper. ble strewn road A super lunch B night meal CONVERSATION. C light food in the evening 1 Writing dialogues with five to ten. Q No 18 22 It is a cloze test This is a pas D suffer with fasting exchanges. sage with blanks Every blank will have a 16 Choose the correct form of the word 2 Using proper sequence of exchanges. numbers from 18 22 You have to choose A poorest B pooring 3 Sustaining the conversation with social. the correct word from the given four mul C poored D poor norms being polite reflecting relation. tiple choices 17 Choose an appropriate synonym from the Assessment Indicators for Creative ships etc. options Writing Discourses and Models 4 Using discourse markers well precisely. For example A quarreled B designed etc, The story 18 is woven around the C served D delivered Major Discourses Group A 5 Using short responses and tags wherever. love of Sasirekha Abhimanyu With Answers necessary. NARRATIVE STORY, Krishna and Balarama 19 differ 13 A 14 B 15 B 16 A 17 C 6 Using dialogues apt to the context.
ence of opinion over it their wives too 1 Containing a sequence of events and dia 7 Using appropriate cohesive devises. take sides as is inevitable in any family To Q No 18 22 This is an unseen passage with logues 8 Using well formed constructions. introduce the theme the director blanks Each blank will be numbered from 2 Evoking sensory perceptions and images 9 Maintaining conventions of writing. 20 a magic box an equivalent of a TV 18 to 22 You have to choose the correct 3 Evoking emotions spelling. screen which displays whatever is dear to answer from the choices 4 Writing about setting and other details 10 Using proper punctuations. the viewer s heart Sasirekha 21 5 Using characterization. sees Abhimanyu and Balarama gets to see For example 6 Maintaining coherence Note All indicators except 1 carry one mark. his sishya Duryodhana on it His wife Amateur Radio Operators 18 to 7 Reflecting point of view each indicator 1 carries 2 marks. laps up the sight of an array of jewellery qualify in an examination conducted by 8 Using well formed constructions. and 22 audience laughed heartily Ministry of Communications 9 Maintaining conventions of writing. because they knew that someone back Government of India and obtain license spelling. Prepare at least, home was equally attached to the riches for operating possessing a Radio Station 10 Using proper punctuations. 18 A it self B himself 19 individual above the age of 12 Note All indicators carry one mark each two model papers on. C herself D themselve 20 permitted to appear for your own Setting your. 19 A have B having Amateur Station Operator License Model Narrate any fire accident you wit. C had D has Examination and No Educational qualifi nessed. own model paper makes, 20 A used B use cation is prescribed It takes just two A Fire Accident you to understand. C uses D using months say two hours a day training to Last Sunday when I was walking along the pattern. 21 A generally B usually 21 eligible for the examination the Shapurnagar road I saw black smoke. C rarely D naturally One should qualify a simple test going up over some buildings I understood. 22 A the B a 22 in three subjects that there was a fire accident in that area I. 4 Subject Special ENGLISH l l 19 l 2015, Model Priest You are not looking like Savarnas 4 Using discourse markers K S No It is already started when I was a. What are you actually Are you Dalits 5 Using well formed construction student I saw inequalities I asked my. 100 Dalits arrested for Dailt 2 Yes sir we are dalits But we all are 6 Appropriate language class mates to donate text books and. trying to enter temple devotees of lord Vishnu Kindly give an 7 Appropriate questions no of exchanges money to the underprivileged After my. opportunity for darshan 8 Framing questions with relevance to the engineering I started my engineering pro. Priest How dare you to enter this sacred tem responses appropriateness fession But it did not give much satisfac. ple You are untouchables You are not 9 Maintaining sequence in interaction tion So I gave up I started working on. allowed 10 Appropriate closing ending the interview child labour. Dalit 3 Sir We are also human beings We Note All indicators except 1 carry one Student Did your parents accepted to that. are also Hindus Why shouldn t we enter mark each indicator 1 carries 2 marks K S My mother saw me being attacked She. the temple cried when I left engineering for this, Priest I don t accept Go to hell This is the Model cause She understood my fight encour. custom here aged me I remember all those who were, People went and came with a leader with me in this struggle including two.
Leader Who stopped these devotees entering colleagues who were killed Whenever I. into the temple Untouchability is a crime free children from slavery and take them. All India NDTV Correspondent All are equal Dalits have same right as back to their mothers the tears of happi. Updated January 31 2011 13 56 IST others One can not deny their constitu ness in their eyes are like blessings of. tional right God When I see the faces of liberated. CHENNAI A hundered Dalits were arrest Priest Sir These people are dalits according children I find their smile of freedom is. ed after they tried to enter a temple in the to temple customs we don t allow them divine and it gives me divine strength I. Madurai district of Tamil Nadu on Monday Leader Who are you to stop us Come all of never feel I m liberating them rather it. morning us let us enter the temple by force feels like they re giving me freedom. Police van comes there Student Tell me about your organisation. The Dalits were being led by a politician Police officer Arrest all these people Here BBA. into a temple in Uthapuram village the place is under 144 section Gathering K S I started a journal The Struggle Shall. or shouting slogans is a crime Continue in 1980 in order to create. Anticipating trouble between the Dalits Policemen arrested dalits and their awareness I gathered like minded people. and upper caste village the police had leader We formed Bachpan Bachao Andolan. imposed Section 144 which bans any gath Dalits We want justice we want justice BBA and started raids on factories to lib. ering of more than four people erate bonded child labourers The success. DESCRIPTION of BBA led to the creation of the South. For decades Dalit families were not 1 Creating vivid images Asian Coalition on Child Servitude. allowed into the temple which is managed 2 Using variety of sentence forms Kailash Satyarthi born 11 January 1954 is SACCS in 1989 It liberated thousands. by non Dalits 3 Proper sequencing of ideas avoiding an Indian children s rights advocate and an of bonded labourers. digression activist against child labour He founded the Student You received many awards also for. In 2008 a wall which separated a colony 4 Giving personal reflections on the event or Bachpan Bachao Andolan lit Save the your work. where Dalit families lives from the rest of persons Childhood Movement in 1980 and has acted K S I am working in 144 countries So I. the village was demolished on the orders of 5 Using appropriate cohesive devices such to protect the rights of more than 83 000 chil received awards from many nations. Chief Minister M Karunanidhi as pronouns connectives etc dren from 144 countries It is largely because Kennedy Human Rights Award 1995. 6 Using syntactically well formed construc of Satyarthi s work and activism that the Freedom Award US 2006 and Nobel. Story Print Published tions International Labour Organization adopted Peace Prize 2014 are very few among. January 31 2011 12 22 IST 7 Using proper word forms tense aspects Convention No 182 on the worst forms of them. PNG agreement markers affixes child labour which is now a principal guide Student What is your message to the civil. 8 Maintaining conventions of writing line for governments around the world His society. Even in 21st Century Dalits are not allowed spelling work is recognized through various national K S Consumers can boycott goods and serv. to temples in some parts of India Look at 9 Maintaining conventions of writing and international honours and awards includ ices that involve children in manufactur. the above news report Imagine that there Note All indicators except 1 carry one ing the Nobel Peace Prize of 2014 which he ing products Don t accept hospitality. was heated argument before arrest Write mark each indicator 1 carries 2 marks shared with Malala Yousafzai a female educa from eateries and from shops employing. an imaginary conversation on this tion activist from Pakistan children Have the courage to tell them. DRAMA SCRIPT PLAY that you refuse to take their services. CONVERSATION 1 Writing dialogues relevant to context Write an imaginary interview with Kailash because they employ children which is a. Priest Stop who are you Where are you 2 Describing the feelings and emotions of Satyarthi crime This will put psychological pres. from the main characters Student Congratulations sir Whole India is sure on the industries too Demand a guar. Dalit 1 We are neighbouring village people 3 Including the stage directions moments proud of you antee from shops you visit that they don t. We came here to pray and offer pooja to and settings Kailash Sathyarthi Thank you very much employ children Use social media to pre. our beloved God 4 Continuing the dramatic conflict Student How do you feel after being hon vent exploitation. 5 Maintaining proper beginning rising oured Student Thank you very much for giving an. actions and ending K S It is a great recognition and honour for opportunity to talk to you sir I wish you. 6 Suggesting costumes and props required millions of children in the world I hope all success in the future. 7 Using discourse markers well precisely many more people will join the fight. etc against child slavery This isn t just about, 8 Using well formed constructions in the India It s a global phenomenon We ll. sentences work for this globally I ve been working Practice makes. 9 Uses appropriate cohesive devises in 144 countries and my responsibility is. perfect So practice as, 10 Maintaining conventions of writing with all the world s children. including spelling Student Tell me about your childhood and many model papers as. Note All indicators except 1 carry one Education possible Write them as. mark each indicator 1 carries 2 marks K S I was born on 11 January 1954 in tests with in time limit. Vidisha Madhyapradesh I studied Then analyze, INTERVIEW Electrical Engineering My parents looked where you got. 1 Proper introduction context after me very much They took care of. 2 Relevant to the context theme everything, 3 Maintaining proper beginning Student Did you start your work after study. l l 19 l 2015 Subject Special ENGLISH 5, MAJOR DISCOURSES GROUP B forcibly kept and made to work he decided it 6 Maintaining coherence 8 Using well formed constructions.
BIOGRAPHY was time to take action 7 Reflecting relationship 9 Using proper word form. 1 Presenting the details of the person He joined hands with a group of like 8 Using well formed constructions 10 Maintaining conventions of writing. 2 Presenting relevant ideas and information minded people and conducted raids on facto 9 Maintaining conventions of writing Note All indicators carry 1 mark each. 3 Organizing the information and data ries from where he rescued several children spelling Model Prepare a speech on Personality. 4 Considering reflections thoughts and feel and their parents who were held as bonded 10 Using proper punctuations Development. ings laborers This was a dangerous idea and he Note All indicators carry one mark each You may use the following hints what is. 5 Quote anecdotes events and achievements often got beaten up He formed the Bachpan personality confidence positive attitude. of the person Bachao Andolan BBA a movement dedicat Model Write a letter to the editor to any failures are stepping stones to success. 6 Maintaining coherence ed towards eradication of human trafficking leading News magazine about old age prob. 7 Using cohesive devises and bonded child labor lems and human relations PERSONALITY. 8 Using well formed construction BBA was the first organization of its kind Letter to the Editor DEVELOPMENT SPEECH. 9 Maintaining conventions of writing in India which worked to enlighten the socie Hyderabad Good morning Teachers and My dear friends. Note All indicators except 5 carry 1 ty about the rampant evil of child labor and 25th January 2015 To day I am going to talk about an inter. mark each Indicator 5 carries 2 marks highlighted the importance of rescuing these To esting topic Personality Development. Model Look at the profile of Kailash children and providing them the chance to live The Editor Our thoughts and deeds become our per. Satyarthi a normal and healthy life The success of the Indian Express sonality If we develop these in right direction. BBA led to the creation of the South Asian Banjarahills Hyderabad they make us successful people Every indi. Born Kailash Sharma Kailash Coalition on Child Servitude SACCS in vidual in the world is equal But few people. Satyarthi 1989 SACCS has till date liberated several Sir always feel inferior and fail in their lives Ha. 11 January 1954 age 61 thousands of child laborers working in differ I would like to explain the readers about ve you ever seen a person without problems. Vidisha Madhya Pradesh India ent industries an important issue through your esteemed No never Everyone gets obstacles in life We. Nationality Indian He has served as a member of the daily Old age become a curse to the senior cit have to overcome the obstacles with our con. Education Electrical engineering UNESCO s Education for All and has izens fidence Perhaps they are real opportunities. Alma mater Samrat Ashok Technological addressed the U N s General Assembly Now a days most of the parents are living Positive attitude makes us winners Be. Institute Vidisha International Labor Conference and U N in old age homes or away from children The positive learn everyday a new thing Dream. Occupation Activist Human Rights Commission so called modern generation is neglecting their big choose a high ambition in life Try to. Known for Activism for children s rights He received many Awards 2009 parents The old people parents are deserved achieve that Read good books meet success. and children s education Defenders of Democracy Award US 2008 to be treated with a great love and care It is ful people Respect elders Follow truth and. Religion Hinduism Alfonso Comin International Award Spain the responsibility of the children honesty One day success comes to you Use. Awards The Aachener International 2006 Freedom Award US 1995 Robert F Unfortunately many sons and daughters your brain think innovatively Take every. Peace Prize Germany 1994 Kennedy Human Rights Award 1985 The are not looking after parents In this mechani thing as opportunity Learn from failures. Robert F Kennedy Human Trumpeter Award US 1984 The Aachener cal life money is loved but not relations because failures are the stepping stones to. Rights Award 1995 International Peace Award Germany are few Where ever you go temples cross roads bus success. Alfonso Comin International among them stops you can see number of old people beg Discipline is the great value Follow it. Award 2008 ging This is practical situation of every town Improve your skills Maintain good human. Medal of the Italian Senate and city of India Health problems poverty relations Smile in every situation Even in. 2007 helplessness and loneliness are compelling your problems smile at them Definitely you. Defenders of Democracy them to commit suicides It is definitely a will get success. Award 2009 crime The land of the values is becoming Thanking you for giving me this opportu. Nobel Peace Prize 2014 value less nity,One should take care of their parents at old. Depend on the given profile write biogra age There should be a clear cut government MINOR DISCOURSES GROUP A. phy of Kailash Sathyarthi act on it There should be a mechanism to fol MESSAGE. Biography low up 1 Presenting relevant ideas and context. Kailash Satyarthi is a renowned Indian child I request you to focus on this and publish 2 Maintaining brevity. rights activist He has been honored with sev articles to inculcate moral and ethical values 3 Using appropriate language to the context. eral awards for his relentless humanitarian Yours truly 4 using well formed sentences structures. work including the Nobel Peace Prize for XXXX 5 Maintaining conventions of writing. 2014 which he shares with the Pakistani including spelling. activist Malala Yousafzay ESSAY NEWS REPORT Note All indicators carry one mark each. He was born on 11 January 1953 in 1 Writing suitable title and introduction 1 Using appropriate headline. Vidisha a small town in Madhya Pradesh a 2 Making appropriate thesis statement 2 Writing appropriate lead sentence NOTICE. state in India He noticed that some children 3 Maintaining appropriate paragraphing 3 Presenting the body of the news the gist 1 Showing the context. did not go to school like me and instead with main ideas 4 Organizing the information 2 Using appropriate format layout and. worked under harsh conditions to earn money 4 Providing supporting details and exam 5 Putting the events in a logical order design. Disturbed by the inequalities he witnessed he ples 6 Using cohesive devises 3 Using persuasive language. decided to do something about it He asked his 5 Organizing of ideas and use of cohesive 7 Using appropriate language reporting sty 4 Organization. classmates to donate textbooks and money to devises le passiviziation appropriate tense etc 5 Using well formed constructions. the underprivileged so that the poor kids too 6 Maintaining coherence 8 Maintaining appropriate paragraphing and Note All indicators carry one mark each. got a chance to study He studied electrical 7 Presenting a point of view sub heads. engineering in a Bhopal college and went on 8 Giving appropriate ending 9 Presenting a point of view. to earn a post graduate diploma in high volt 9 Using well formed constructions 10 Using well formed construction. age engineering 10 Maintaining conventions of writing Note All indicators carry one mark each Spend much time. After his graduation he began working as Note All indicators except 1 carry one on writing rather than. an engineer A lucrative career lay ahead of mark each indicator 1 carries 2 marks SPEECH SCRIPT. reading Generally students, him but the young man s heart was not in an 1 Contextual relevance. PERSONAL FORMAL LETTERS spend much time on reading. engineering job He wanted to help people 2 Organisation of ideas. for the exams But for this, especially the poor children who worked as 1 Using language appropriate to the context 3 Use of argumentative persuasive interac. English exam you, bonded laborers and thus he quit his job He 2 Using appropriate format layout tive language. started a journal called The Struggle Shall 3 Using appropriate conventions salutation 4 Use of discourse markers have to spend. Continue in 1980 in order to create awareness endorsement etc 5 Citation of examples quotations etc much time on. about the problem of child labor When he 4 Expressing ideas sequentially 6 Coherence writing. learned of a factory in which children were 5 Using persuasive language 7 Presenting a point of view. 6 Subject Special ENGLISH l l 19 l 2015, Model Prepare a notice on cleanliness in MINOR DISCOURSES GROUP B in December 2014 She was 17 MODEL PAPER.
your school to create awareness POSTER In 2009 at age 11 many people got to PAPER I. 1 Showing the context occasions and pur know her through a weblog of the BBC News. Summative Assessment, CLEANLINESS IS poses Urdu language service The BBC published. Time 2 Hours 45 Minutes Marks 40, NEXT TO GODLINESS 2 Using appropriate format layout and translated writings about her life under. design Taliban rule On 9 October 2012 Yousafzai Section A. Dear friends 3 Maintaining brevity was shot in the head and neck in an assassina READING COMPREHENSION. We learn many new things in the 4 Using rhythmic language tion attempt by Atta Ullah Khan a Taliban Questions 1 7 Read the following pas. school School is a temple for us Rough 5 Using well formed constructions gunman She was given emergency treatment sage. papers waste materials and garbage mak Note All indicators carry one mark each in Pakistan and then moved to England for I saw it now It was indeed a game a game I. ing our school dirty Model Imagine that you are secretary for more medical treatment She had titanium had played as a child Each boy took it in turn. Our Headmaster has arranged dustbins Youth Organisation Your organisation is plate put over hole in skull and cochlear every alternate day to be the boss the other the. to each class Throw waste papers and conducting a seminar on National implant to restore her hearing slave It had been great fun to me as a young. other waste materials in the dustbins only Integration Prepare a Poster for that occa In May 2012 David Trumble an award ster I smiled as I remembered I looked at the. Today onwards let us take an oath to main sion 5 Marks winning artist made a cartoon of Yousafzai as man standing by the gate He was a white. tain cleanliness in our school a Disney princess as part of a drawing of other man I remembered what I had thought yester. Oath There are many languages religions feminist icons that he had made into princess day He no doubt I thought to myself was. Now onwards I do not throw any castes but Indians are one Come let us es that was in the Huffington Post wondering if the black race is superior to the. waste outside the dustbin I will keep my prove our patriotism On 12 July 2013 at age 16 she made a white I laughed gently to myself How silly. school clean and green speech at headquarters of the United Nations grown ups are how clever we are how won. Youth Organisation Cordially invites you stressing the right to education for all and for derfully able we are to impute deep motives. Clean and Green committee to human rights and peace and non violence to childish actions This man I said to myself. Z P High School Warangal Seminar on against terrorism and intolerance citing the will puzzle all day on whether the blacks will. Dt 01 01 2015 National Integration proverb the pen is mightier than the sword eventually rise and rule the world because he. Speakers Prof Borra Govardhan She was nominated for the 2013 Nobel thinks he sees a little black boy realizing at a. Head of the Dept History JNU Peace Prize She has won a lot of prizes She tender age his superiority over the white I will. Prof N R Rashdi is the 2013 recipient of the Sakharov Prize save him his puzzle I will explain it to him I. 1 Using expression of personal reflections Head of the Dept Political Sc O U She was one of the winners of Glamour mag went across to him. thoughts and feelings Venue L B Stadium Hyderabad azine s Women of the Year Lady Gaga who I know what you re thinking I said. 2 Using language appropriate to the mood Date Time 13th February 2015 10am was also a winner and was on the month s You re thinking that may be the black race is. 3 Self criticism and future plans And cover said that Yousafazi should have been on superior to the white because you just saw the. 4 Coherence Unity Rally November s cover of Glamour instead of her little dark youngster on the lawn ordering the. 5 Using well formed structures After the seminar On October she met President Obama little white boy around Don t think that it s a. Note All indicators carry one mark each To prove that we are united and Michelle Obama and their daughter Malia in game they play Alternate days one is the boss. Model Everyday is a special day Everyday Indianness flows in every Indian the Oval Office the other the servant It s a grand game I used. we come across many new things May be From L B Stadium to Indira Park The Taliban have said that they still want to play it and may be so did you Yesterday I. happy or unhappy Diary is a wonderful Organised by to assassinate Yousafzai saw the little white boy bossing the dark one. record to preserve our feelings and opin Hyderabad Youth Organisation In October 2013 a book about her life I am and I worried all day over the dark boy s real. ions Write a Diary entry from your life Telangana Malala The Girl Who Stood Up for Education isation of his inferiority so young in life We. 5 marks and Was Shot by the Taliban was published are silly we grown ups aren t we. Diary Entry For details Contact with her help The book was banned in The man was surprised at my outburst He. Jayasimhareddy Cell xxxxxxxxxx Pakistani private schools looked at me smiling I know all about the. Email youthorg org in You can visit us On 27 November 2013 Yousafazi was game he said The boys are brothers my. at www youthorg org in given the GG2 Hammer Award at the GG2 sons He pointed to a handsome brown. Garavi Gujarat2 Leadership Awards 2013 woman on the verandah who had just come. Yousafazi was chosen by TIME magazine as a out to call in the children That s my wife he. INVITATION candidate for 2013 s Person of the Year She said. 1 Showing the context occasion event was nominated for the World s Children s I smiled My spirit laughed within me. details and purpose Prize for the Rights of the Child in 2014 In This is Jamaica I said in my heart this is my. 2 Using appropriate format layout and 2014 Yousafazi has won Nobel Peace Prize country my people I looked at the white. design and will be given a Doctor of Civil Law man He smiled at me We ll miss the tram if. 3 Maintaining brevity degree by the University of King s College we don t hurry he said. Sunday 4 Using persuasive language Now answer the following questions. 30th November 2014 5 Use well formed construction Depend on the write up prepare a profile of Each question has four choices Choose the. Today we went out on a picnic to Note All indicators carry one mark each Malala 5 marks correct answer and write A B C or. Indira Park Our class teacher arranged a Answer D in your answer booklet. special bus I also paid Rs 75 along with PROFILE Name Malala Yousafzai 4 1 4 marks. other students 1 Giving necessary details of the person Born 12 July 1997 Mingora North 1 What is the meaning of the word impute. I took my lunch box and snacks We 2 Presenting relevant ideas and presentation West Frontier Province Pakistan in the passage. started in the morning at 7 am and reached 3 Organization of the data Residence Birmingham England A Thinking oneself. Tank bund 9 am After taking breakfast on 4 Using appropriate cohesive devises Nationality Pakistani B Typical imagination. Tankbund we had a walk on the tank bund 5 Using well formed sentences Ethnicity Pashtun. We saw all the great people s statues there Note All indicators carry one mark each Occupation Blogger and activist for rights to. At 12 30 pm we went to Indira Park Model Read the biographical sketch of education and for women Write all the. There we had our lunch We all enjoyed Malala Known for Female education activism answers in the same. the scenery We played many games there Malala Yousafzai born July 12 1997 is Religion Islam order 1 24 Don t jumble. I imitated cinema actors Everybody a Pakistani student and education activist She Parents Toorpekai Yousafzai mother the order Leave space if you. appreciated me I shared my pocket is known for her activism for girls and Ziauddin Yousafzai father don t know the answer You. money with my fried Rani At 4 pm we got women s rights especially for being allowed Awards Nobel Peace Prize 2014 can fill them in the last. into the bus and started We returned home to go to school Yousafzai is originally from Sakharov Prize half an hour For mul. by 6 pm the town of Mingora in the Swat District She Simone de Beauvoir Prize tiple choice ques. It is a memorable day I should collect was a victim of a gunshot attack in October Honorary Canadian citizenship tions write capital. a group photo from class teacher 2012 Yousafzai is the youngest person to have National Youth Peace Prize. letters only, X X X X won the Nobel Peace Prize She won the prize others. l l 19 l 2015 Subject Special ENGLISH Model Paper 7. C Claim that someone has done some A selfishness B bickering The contractor was sorry to see his good forcing governments to look for new answers. thing unjustly C regional and caste feelings worker go and asked if he could build just one to conservation Then prices of food are sky. D Logical explanation to happened things D creating problems more house as a personal favour The carpen rocketing which in turn is leading to conflict. 2 The man was surprised at my outburst ter agreed But over time it was easy to see in poor countries dependent on imports. The man means Write answers for the given questions in that his heart was not in his work He resorted Added to these two pains is the beginning. A White man B Black man one or two sentences 2 1 2 marks to shoddy workmanship and used inferior signs of climate change in many parts of the. C Son of Black White Couple 11 Poet asks us to do few things What are materials It was an unfortunate way to end a world in the form of intensified tropical. D Brown man they dedicated career cyclones variable and extreme weather events. 3 According to the passage which race is 12 Is all this violence needed with the peo When the carpenter finished his work his like heavy rains leading to floods bitter cold. superior ple being cheated Why the people are employer came to inspect the house Then he spells and frost that fails crops. A White race is superior being cheated handed the front door key to the carpenter and The world search for answers is leading to. B Black race is superior said This is your house my gift to you new problems The rising price of oil and its. C No race is superior The carpenter was shocked politics of ownership is leading governments. VOCABULARY GRAMMAR, D Brown race is superior What a shame If he had only known that to discuss the imperative of national energy. 4 How many people were mentioned in the Questions 13 17 Read the passage given he was building his own house he would have security Climate change is forcing the same. passage below Five sentences in the passage are done it all so differently issue by demanding alternatives to fossil fuel. A Four B Five C Six D Seven numbered 13 17 at the beginning Each of So it is with us We build our lives a day use The answer from both fronts has been to. Answer the following questions in two or these sentences has an error Correct and at a time often putting less than our best into subsidise the growing of bio fuels ethanol. three sentences 3 2 6 marks rewrite them in the answer booklet the building Then with a shock we realize from maize and sugarcane and biodiesel from. 5 The boys played same game in both days 5 1 5 marks we have to live in the house we have built If edible oil crops The scale and pace of this. What was the game What is the differ Mr Sunday Nana stopped frowning a trou we could do it over we would do it much dif change are phenomenal In the last few years. ence between first day and second day bled look on his face 13 In the last five ferently the US alone has diverted about 20 percent of. 6 Narrator said the grown ups are silly Do years 13 people have die in this village my But you cannot go back You are the car its maize crop to biodiesel and so the price of. you accept Justify your answer own elder brother one of them They have penter and every day you hammer a nail maize has increased by 60 percent Similarly. 7 Do you believe White supremacy Why or been in pain terrible pain 14 We have never place a board or erect a wall Someone once a European Union mandate of a 6 percent use. Why not seen deaths like that after Lots of our children said Life is a do it yourself project Your of bio fuel in the transport sector by 2010 is. are sick 15 We have asked the Government attitudes and the choices you make today diverting land from food to fuel and increasing. Questions 8 12 Read the following poem to take the drums away but they do every help build the house you will live in tomor volatility of the prices of oilseeds and their. A Plea for India thing We have written to Italy but they do row Therefore build wisely substitutes. We Indians are proud to be a strong nation nothing The Chief says we should move our Now answer the following questions. our roots we declare cannot be shaken houses to another place 16 But we has no Each question has four choices Choose the. then why these fights money to buy land We have no choice We correct answer and write A B C or. which leave us in poor plight have to stay here 17 And they pointing D in your answer booklet. Irrespective of our region to the mountain off death in the clearing are 4 1 4 marks. forget the castes our neighbours 1 According to the passage things. which makes us lose our charm are defining our economy. let s ignore the selfish call of each region Questions 18 22 Complete the passage A domestic problems. and listen for once to the call of the nation choosing the right word from those given B environmental problems. why do we spend our time bickering below it Each blank is numbered and for C tropical cyclones. when so many tasks need finishing each blank has four choices A B C or D sudden demand of biofuels. Don t we have better things to do D given Choose the correct answer from 2 What is the main reason for the hike of. Than indulge in creating problems a new these choices and write A B C or D maize price in US. Is all this violence needed in your answer booklet A increase of population. with the people being cheated 5 1 5 marks B farmers shifted to another crop. Who will return this only son Bayaji s wife was sobbing her heart out cry C climatic conditions. Whom she loves a ton ing 18 Who s done this evil to us Write the story as one act play D divertion to biodiesel. Who will bring back his brother Let the house burn to cinders Save 19 10 marks 3 What is not the appropriate reason for. Whose ashes he is still to gather husband first The entire family was shattered Or sudden increases of food prices. Where has all the love gone 20 the calamity The spirits of all the Give a detailed description of any movie A imports and exports of the nation. Which resided in the heart of all men 21 dampened like a cooking fire you liked most B intensified tropical cyclones. there is no reason to be proud on which water has been poured In the morn C bitter cold spells and frost that fails. and be on high cloud ing the village officers and witnesses visited Question 24 Women rights have been vio crops. we have to go a long way the place to record the facts of 22 lated everyday There is a need to aware the D heavy rains leading to floods. we have to think seriously accident Bayaji s death was the result of an public on this topic Write a message on 4 What type of text is the passage. Else we end up miserably accident due to a petromax flare up was their women rights 5 marks A an article B an essay. conclusion C description D message, Now answer the following questions Each 18 A repeat B repeated PAPER II.
question has four choices Choose the cor C repeatedly D repeating Answer the following questions in two or. Summative Assessment, rect answer and write A B C or D in 19 A her B my C one s D mine three sentences 3 2 6 marks. Time 2 Hours 45 Minutes Marks 40, your answer booklet 3 1 3 marks 20 A by B from C of D about 5 Why nations are shifting from food to. 8 What is the meaning of the word bick 21 A is B are C was D were Section A fuel. ering 22 A a B an C the D no article READING COMPREHENSION. A wasting time Questions 1 7 Read the following passage Start. B argue about unnecessary things Section C,the discourses. C speaking more and working less CREATIVE WRITING DISCOURSES Manorama Year Book 2009 Q No 23 24 in a. D waiting for government help Question 23 Read the passage given The Year of Environment fresh page Do not start. 9 Whom she loves a ton In this expres below Sunita Narain them in the middle of the. sion she means An elderly carpenter was ready to retire He This is the age of environment I say this pages Do rough sketch in the. A mother who lost his son in violence told his employer contractor of his plans to because environmental concerns domestic last pages of the answer. B a sister who lost his brother in violence leave the house building business to live a and global are defining the way of our econ booklet Making. C symbolizes the Indian woman more leisurely life with his wife and enjoy his omy and our everyday life We know that the rough sketch is. D Mother India extended family He would miss the pay check world is battling different but linked develop always helpful. 10 What are the things make us lose our each week but he wanted to retire They could ments The oil price is rising every week crip. charm get by pling economic growth as we know it and. 8 Subject Special ENGLISH Model Paper l l 19 l 2015. 6 What happens by diverting the food crops B because they were top weavers of the for their lives leaving everything they had D given Choose the correct answer from. to fuel empire houses properties lands and cattle Heart these choices and write A B C or D. 7 Write mentioned This is the age of envi C They used golden threads to weave rending 14 sights welcomed them when they in your answer booklet 5 1 5 marks. ronment Do you agree Why or Why D to weave the most beautiful clothe in were back home after the flood catastrophe Bayaji s wife was sobbing her heart out cry. not the world Poor cattle cows and calves buffaloes and ing 18 Who s done this evil to us. 9 Emperor said Start weaving at once bullocks and other domestic animals unaware Let the house burn to cinders Save 19. Questions 8 12 Read the following pas What does the expression mean of what was to come had to die as they were husband first The entire family was shattered. sage A Start weaving and complete only one fastened 15 in their sheds The grief struck 20 the calamity The spirits of all the. Many years ago there was an Emperor piece of cloth people stood aghast at them 16 paddy fields men 21 dampened like a cooking fire. who was so found of new clothes that he spent B start weaving immediately which were about to be reaped engulfed by on which water has been poured In the morn. all his money on them One day two men C start weaving and stop not till the com the massive floods The government officials ing the village officers and witnesses visited. came to the Emperor s court We re weavers pletion and voluntary 17 organizations that arrived the place to record the facts of 22. they said We can make the most beautiful D start weaving in one day at the spot witnessed the badly damaged accident Bayaji s death was the result of an. cloth in the world The Emperor was very 10 According to the passage roads railways and collapsed bridges accident due to a petromax flare up was their. happy A The emperor was wise and the weavers conclusion. Our cloth is also very special said the were fools 13 Choose an appropriate verb form from. men Only wise men can see it fools cannot B The weavers were wise and the emper the given options 18 A repeat B repeated. That s very good thought the Emperor or was fool A is B was C are D be C repeatedly D repeating. When I wear clothes made with it I will know C The emperor and weavers were wise 14 What is the appropriate meaning of the 19 A her B my. who is wise and who is foolish D The emperor and weavers were fools word heart rending C one s D mine. The Emperor gave the men a lot of money A agonizing B heart attack 20 A by B from C of D about. Start weaving at once he told them Write answers for the given questions in C causing death D leaving village 21 A is B are C was D were. They set up two looms and pretended to one or two sentences 2 1 2 marks 15 Choose an appropriate synonym from the 22 A a B an C the D no article. be very busy though they had nothing at all on 11 As per weavers who could see the cloth given options. the looms They asked for the finest silk and and who could not see it Was it really A pasted B died C tied D left. CREATIVE WRITING DISCOURSES, the purest gold thread They put these in their true 16 Choose the correct form from the given. own bags and they worked at the empty 12 Something is the passage is illogical options Question 23 We celebrate Teachers Day. looms until late at night What is that A they B there C those D their on 5th September Write an essay on. Now answer the following questions 17 Choose an appropriate antonym from the Teachers Day. Each question has four choices Choose the given options Or. VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR, correct answer and write A B C or A compulsory B many Write a news report of Teachers Day.
D in your answer booklet Questions 13 17 Read the following pas C private D non profit celebrations held in your school. 3 1 3 marks sage given below focusing on the underlined 10 marks. 8 Why did the Emperor give lot of money to parts and answer the questions given at the Questions 18 22 Complete the passage Question 24 Prepare an invitation card. the two men end as directed 5 1 5 marks choosing the right word from those given for coming Independence Day. A To know who is wise and who is fool The pathetic plight were 13 that the peo below it Each blank is numbered and for Celebrations to be held at your school. ish ple of the villages hurried to the safer places each blank has four choices A B C or 5 marks. HD C f E V M S lN, l V Z g lM s l M Apply A l O A l V l H l u M B j M St l ty l l s l. y l P l Z A t s C f H D M S s D l M S l C l a l E W l M. E B V k M S l l l, C f E V M S s M S l l Which of the following motor is used in Com M M S A l V S V A l l l. y l l l l 19 48 puter printers j M S tO G l r t B j M St l l. 1 DC series motor 2 Universal motor l l M St l M S l l E y l l. HD E V 733 C f 3 Stepper motor 4 Compound motor JM S j M S t l l l l l M S l. E V l l A lM l Ans 3 l y lV M JM P j M S t Z,E V S M S r l M M V M S 500 B j M St l l M St l. Trouble shooting error corrections G M St M S l t l l 25 l G M St M S. G l l l C f V S A M S A M S l Z H r l s G M S l l l l 25 l M S G M St M S P r. C C s l O l B l V l M l l a l Z l G l l l A l 15 l W l l 35 l. E O s l P l a, M S l O l l E V S l l l M S Resonant frequency in RLC series circuit E V S l ID G V Ss Z l A l. 1 1 L If DC Shunt generator is failure to build up l l OV S l j M S t l l l. 1 2 LC Hz 2 R C Hz, G M St M S M S l M S l C l t l s l l M M S voltage then the reason is l l A l M M S y A j M S t O A l V l.
l Z s M S N l l HD E V M S 3 4 1 C 1 Presence of Residual Magnetism l M. A G M St M S l M S 70 l E V LC R L 2 Reversily the field terminals. W l l M S y M S 30 l E V Ans 1 3 Speed is less than critical speed l. A l r Z E y l a C f V y l l M l t B l 4 either 2 or 3 Network Theory. A C f E V M S A C f V S Z M l t O N Z r t Ans 4 Van valkenburg Hyte Kimberly. l C s M S l V S l l l a Power Systems Stevenson C L Wadhwa. l S E Ferranti effect in power system is due to G M St M S C f V S Z Electrical Machine. 100 l P M S l S E r y l V S r 1 Inductance 2 Capacitance G M St M S P r G M St M S l l l t l P S Bimbra Nagrath and Kotari. l l Z l V S B j M St l l t 3 both Induction and Capacitance A l V S P r M S sZ t l l s A Control Systems I J Nagrath Gopal. s lW s l l P E y l l 4 Resistance Inductance and Capacitance l Q O l l s O GM S P l l la l M S A l M Power Electronics Rashid. Ans 3 l Electrical measurements A K Sawhney,g l M f l B t r y l O s M s t l. C f V S j M S t Z l l l A M S l B l l M S G s f V S A O r t h l Oy l M St. M S l l s g q M S M S C f V S M l t l GM SPy l G l M S A l l j M S tM S lM S l M S l l O l.

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