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OHIO NATIONAL GUARD FAMILY READINESS AND WARRIOR SUPPORT Quick Desk Reference October 2013 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 0 Where we drill 4 2 0 Where we live 5 3 0 Overview of FRG 6 3 1 FRG Basics 3 2 Family Readiness amp Warrior Support Team 3 3 Leadership Team Descriptions and Responsibilities 4 0 Volunteer Categories 13 4 1 Statutory Volunteer 4 2 Specified Volunteer 4 3 Gratuitous Volunteer 4 4


TABLE OF CONTENTS,1 0 Where we drill 4,2 0 Where we live 5. 3 0 Overview of FRG 6,3 1 FRG Basics,3 2 Family Readiness Warrior Support Team. 3 3 Leadership Team Descriptions and Responsibilities. 4 0 Volunteer Categories 13,4 1 Statutory Volunteer. 4 2 Specified Volunteer,4 3 Gratuitous Volunteer,4 4 Volunteer for Private Organization. 4 5 Acceptance of Statutory Volunteer Services,5 0 FRG Training 15.
5 1 Regional Foundation Course, 5 2 FRG Additional Training and Professional Development. 6 0 Steady State 16,6 1 FRG Steady State Requirements. 6 2 Steady State Checklist,6 3 No Notice or Short Notice Mission. 7 0 Deployment Cycle Support 22,7 1 Deployment Cycle Events. 7 2 Roles and Responsibilities During Deployment,8 0 Meetings Activities Newsletters 28.
8 1 Meeting Checklist,8 2 Effective FRG Meetings,8 3 Membership Participation. 8 4 Icebreakers Activities,8 5 Family Readiness Group Newsletters. 9 0 FRG Tools and Documents 34,9 1 Family Readiness Binder. 9 2 Family Data Sheet,9 3 Phone Tree,TABLE OF CONTENTS. 9 4 Auto Call and School Messenger,9 5 JSS Website.
9 6 Key Caller,10 0 FRG Bank Account and Fundraising 37. 10 1 Setting up the FRG Bank Account,10 2 How to obtain an EIN. 10 3 Fundraising,10 4 Private Organizations,10 5 Community Support. 11 0 Auto Call School Messenger 42,11 1 Instructions for School Messenger. 12 0 FRG Sponsorship 44,12 1 Responsibilities,13 0 Frequently Asked Questions 45.
14 0 References 49,A Family Data Sheet Sample 51,B JSS Instructions 52. C Military Liaison Additional Duty Memorandum Sample 61. D FRGL Appointment Memorandum Sample 62,E Volunteer Agreement Form Sample 63. F Private Organization Request Sample Letter 64, G Private Organization Permission Sample Letter 65. H Commanders Checklist for Private Organization 66. I Key Caller Notebook 68, J Policy Memo Family Readiness Groups and Private Organizations 75. K Annual Report Awards Phone Tree Memo 76,L Annual Report Sample 78.
M Family Readiness Group Survey Sample 83,N Acronyms 85. O Newsletter Samples 86,P Additional Notes Pages 95. All forms are available in electronic format Please contact your BDE FRSA for a copy. Our Army and Air National Guard Facilities,OHARNG NEWTON FALLS CRJTC. SWANTON TOLEDO WALBRIDGE BROOK CLEVELAND GREEN RD,UNIT STATIONS. AS OF 1 NOV 2011 CAMP PERRY,W AIR Lake,MANSFIELD Lucas Wood Ottawa Ashtabula.
Henry CHAGRIN FALLS,Defiance Sandusky,BOWLING GREEN Erie Cuyahoga Summit. NORWALK Medina MEDINA,Paulding Huron,Seneca Trumbull. Putnam Hancock TIFFIN Mahoning,AKRON Portage,YOUNGSTOWN. Van Wert Wyandot Richland Wayne,PIQUA Allen,WOOSTER ALLIANCE. LIMA Hardin,Mercer Columbiana NORTH CANTON,Auglaize Marion Morrow Holmes.
Tuscarawas,SPRINGFIELD ST MARYS MARION Jefferson,Knox DOVER. Logan Union,Coshocton Harrison,BELLEFONTAINE Delaware. Darke Shelby,DELEWARE COSHOCTON,Licking NEWARK,Champaign MARYSVILLE. GREENVILLE Madison Franklin,Clark Guernsey,Miami ZANESVILLE. Preble Fairfield Perry BEIGHTLER SULLIVANT AVE,Montgomery Franklin.
EATON Pickaway Morgan,XENIA Fayette,Butler Warren Washington. LEBANON McCONNELSVILLE,Highland CHILLICOTHE Vinton. MIDDLETOWN,Jackson Meigs,Brown Gallia,Clermont Scioto. HAMILTON RANGB,PORTSMOUTH,Where We Live,3 0 Overview of Family Readiness Group. Family Readiness is a key component of mission readiness A Family Readiness Group. FRG is a command sponsored organization of Family members volunteers and Service. Members that together provide an avenue of mutual support and assistance It is a network of. communications among the Family members the chain of command chain of concern and. community resources The commander s leadership and concern for Families before during. and after a deployment directly impacts the success of the unit s Family readiness efforts It is. vital for the commander to articulate goals a vision for Family readiness information about. the unit mission and a plan to link unit and Family members with community resources Clear. and direct communication is essential The FRG also provides feedback to the command on. the state of the unit Family Command support for Family readiness as shown by time at. tention and resources helps to enable Families to be self sufficient during times of mobili. zation and training, Ready Families Anytime Anywhere is the key focus of the FRG The formula for a.
steady state FRG encompasses education on military life and continuous training that devel. ops a capacity for mental toughness FRGs encourage open and honest channels of commu. nication between the command and Family members while promoting confidence cohesion. commitment and a sense of well being among the unit s Service Members A successful. FRG boosts the morale of its Service Members and their Families allowing the Service Mem. ber to focus on military training mobilization or deployment Finally a successful Family. Readiness Program at the unit level will impact the quality of Military Life for our Service. Member Families,3 1 FRG Basics, In accordance with the Ohio National Guard State Family Readiness Program Vision Mission. and Values Statements the FRG fulfills many important responsibilities to include. Educate Families to become self sufficient, Introduce core Army National Guard values and encourage resilience especially among. our suddenly military kids, Prepare Service Members and Families for separation and reunion. Allow Service Members to focus on their mission during deployments. Build Service Member Family cohesion and morale, Provide a conduit for sharing timely accurate information. Welcome and sponsor new Families,Acts as a conduit to resources.
Maintain confidentially and professionalism,3 2 The Family Readiness Warrior Support Team. Brigade Family Readiness Support Assistant FRSA, Provides family readiness and support including direct services to Soldiers and Family mem. bers and liaison with other support entities including Rear Detachments Family Readiness. Groups FRG Troop Family Assistant Centers TFAC and Employer Support for the Guard. and Reserve ESGR representatives The FRSA will provide guidance assistance and day to. day support and continuity for the Commander s Family Readiness Program operations and. initiatives,Troop and Family Assistance Specialists TFAC. Provides information resources referrals and assistance to all Service Members and Families. before during and after deployments or whenever there is a need Facilitates Regional Inter. Service Family Assistance Committee RISFAC meetings to continue strengthening the com. munity partnerships within each region, Airmen and Family Readiness Program Managers AFRPM. The AFRPMs are the liaison to the Airmen and Families for information resources referrals. and assistance as well as the community partners in their location. Military OneSource Consultant MOS, Serves as the MOS specialist on resources programs and services for Military Families Con.
ducts outreach and partners with organizations to develop resources to address unmet needs. Identifies catalogs and publicizes resources to the Military Family assistance networks. Military Family Life Consultants MFLC, Provides life skills education and counseling The MFLCs conduct outreach and provide refer. ral services to community resources as well as direct short term solution focused counseling. to individuals couples families and groups,Personal Financial Counselor PFC. Connects Service Members and Military Families to financial programs resources and ser. vices Conducts outreach to units and Commander to provide needs assessments and finan. cial counseling Provides financial education briefings works to build coalitions and catalog. finance and tax programs,Transition Assistance Advisor TAA. Serves as a first line of support for returning Veterans to understand their State and Federal. Veteran Benefits and any other issues they may encounter when they return from deployment. to transition back into civilian life,Civilian Employment Support. Connects Service Members with employment resources and tools including resume writing. and interview techniques,Survivor Outreach Services SOS.
Provides long term support for Surviving Family Members of the Army Guard Reserve and Ac. tive components within Ohio, 3 3 FRG Leadership Team Descriptions and Responsibilities. Commander CDR The commander is the primary member of this special team The Family. Readiness Group is his her program and he she will need to ensure that it is an organized and. productive asset to the mission and the goals of the Ohio National Guard The commander will. appoint a Family Readiness Military Liaison and host elections or appoint officers for the FRG. leader team All of these team members will be a part of his staff. Responsibilities,Establish and actively support a unit FRG. Provide orientation for statutory volunteers in the FRG. Complete appointment memorandum for FRGL Assistant FRGL Secretary and. Identify and facilitate Family Care Plans for single Service Member or dual military Ser. vice Members as required, Coordinate regularly with FRGL team to gauge effectiveness provide resources and re. solve issues, Provide your comments for the FRG newsletter in a timely fashion. Plan and execute unit level volunteer recognition, Support and attend FRG meetings during steady state and ensure the military liaison at.
tends during deployment, Take the lead in developing command support of the FRG by attending the RISFAC. Regional Inter Service Family Assistance Committee. Access to one third of the unit hero board, Ensure sponsorship of new soldier s Families and FRG information. Prepare authorization letter for official FRG volunteers to open FRG informal fund bank. account If you need a template or assistance with this letter contact your BDE FRSA. Schedule and ensure that all Service Members and Families attend annual Family Readi. ness Brief, Ensure that all Service Members complete or update Family Data Sheet FDS annually. Ensure FRG has accurate manual and automated phone tree and that it is updated in the. auto call School Messenger system, Ensure that Commander Family Readiness Military Liaison and FRG Team attend RFC. within 90 days of appointment and State Family Readiness and Warrior Support Profes. sional Development Workshop, Submit annual report and awards nominations to the Brigade Family Readiness Support.
Assistant BDE FRSA Time line will be provided by each BDE. Appoint a rear detachment officer when command is deployed. Ensure that vital FRG information is relayed to Families and Service Members. Encourage all Service Members Families and Friends to participate in FRG activities. Promote diversity within the FRG, View FRG as a work in progress that demands continuous attention and improvement. Include FRG Leadership Team in Yearly Training Calendar YTC planning. Ensure maintenance of two identical FRG Binders one at unit one with FRGL This in. formation is for official use only FOUO, Establish a working relationship with FRSA and TFAC. Empower the FRG You pick the right team and they will do the heavy lifting. Family Readiness Military Liaison FRML Appointed by the commander to serve as the. conduit between the FRG and commander when the commander is unavailable or deployed. This appointment is an additional duty During deployment the FRML and RDO is often the. same Service Member The intent is for the deployed status FRML to be a full time member of. the unit s rear detachment staff who will maintain the FR unit binder and Family Data Sheets. FDS The commander cannot serve in this role,Responsibilities. Conduit of information between the Commander and the Families. Assist FRG in improving awareness and understanding of the military unit its. mission training and operations, Serve as the Family Readiness point of contact for the unit Commander. Identify and assist Commander with Service Members that need to complete. Family Care Plans,Assist in rumor control and problem solving.
Coordinate all military support required by the FRG for special activities and. Report to the Commander on FRG activities concerns and issues. Inform the FRG of the Commander s guidance and decision concerning support. initiatives, Assist in sponsorship of new Service Members ensure awareness of FRG to new. member and Family, Attend RFC within 90 days of appointment and State Family Readiness and Warrior. Support Professional Development Workshop, Assist Commander with FR Binders FDS and Phone Tree. Support and attend all FRG Meetings and activities opening armory coordinate. necessary supplies and technical support to include Commander s Call and VTC s. during deployed FRG meetings, Coordinate necessary briefs i e annual Family Readiness Brief etc. Exhibit a caring attitude towards Family members of unit Service Members. Support and attend all FRG Meetings and activities opening armory coordinate. necessary supplies and technical support to include Commander s Call and VTC s. during deployed FRG meetings,Advocacy on behalf of the FRG with the Commander.
Assist in setting up accurate phone tree and auto call roster. During deployment inform FRG of requests for care package items or equipment. needs from deployed unit,Maintain confidentially and professionalism. Family Readiness Group Leader FRGL The FRGL serves as the commander s primary. Family member representative and point of contact POC The FRGL represents the com. mander at Family readiness meetings or functions He she serves as the primary liaison be. tween the commander the Troop and Family Assistance Center TFAC Specialist and Fami. lies The FRGL displays the ability to work well with Service Members and Families and has. a working knowledge of all Family readiness programs procedures and services He she. maintains the FRG Binder FRG Leader establishes effective communication systems with. Families through meetings newsletters email and phone calls. Responsibilities, Support the intent of the program under current Commander s guidance. Develop a relationship that enables effective communication between Commander. FRG Leadership Team and Family members, Establish a communication network to ensure that all Family members receive informa. tion in a timely and accurate manner, Provide access to resources information and community organizations promoting self. Educate Family members on the missions goals of the unit to include Chain of Com. mand Concern, Coordination between the commander and FRG for social events holiday parties.
open houses to be placed on the YTC including all Family members and significant. others allowing unit and Families to plan ahead for these events. Organize and maintain effective internal fundraising events to support FRG activities. that are approved by the Commander, Submit for Commander review annual report and award nominations by 31 Oct. Enter all volunteer hours to the JSS website on a quarterly basis. Assist with rumor control and problem solving, Promote and encourage Family participation within the FRG. Maintain a strong relationship with your FRSA for FRG related training and. Maintain a strong relationship with your regional TFAC for resource related. Assistant FRG Leader AFRGL Assists the FRGL in planning and execution of FRG. meetings and events Be prepared and available to run an FRG meeting if FRGL is. unavailable, FRG Treasurer The treasurer serves as the custodian of the FRG informal funds Main. tain account for and document spending of FRG monies Provides the commander regular. financial reports Ensures that the use of the FRG fund is limited to expenses that support. the purpose and mission of the FRG and that the fund will not be spent in any way that ap. pears improper or contrary to Department of Army Regulations These funds may NOT be. commingled or mixed with any other monies Assists FRGL when needed. FRG Secretary Prepares and records accurate minutes of meetings and distributes infor. mation and correspondence to FRGL company commander and BDE FRSA Ensure confi. dentially and act in a sensitive manner Assists in completion of Annual Family Readiness. Key Caller Will assist the FRGL with calling Family Members who are noted on the Family. Data Sheets FDS with timely and accurate information from the command This provides. the FRG an opportunity to introduce and welcome Families notify and encourage Families to. attend unit FRG sponsored activities and maintain communication. Additional Informal FRG Positions Newsletter editor welcome hospitality child activity. coordinator refreshments health and welfare events planner and publicity Commanders. and FRGL s will tailor FRG roles responsibilities and job descriptions to the needs of the. 4 0 Volunteer Categories, Within the Family Programs there are four different levels of volunteers or participants Each. level has different duties and responsibilities The following will describe the different catego. 4 1 Statutory Volunteer Those volunteers who serve in an official capacity and record their. volunteer hours on the Annual Report that is submitted to the Brigade Family Readiness Sup. port Assistant Statutory volunteer job descriptions are outlined in paragraph 3 3 along with. the responsibilities and expectations The CDR FRML and FRG leader must attend the Re. gional Foundation Course RFC The Commander will provide informal evaluation or feed. back to these volunteers annually, At the company level these positions at a minimum include the FRG leader assistant.
leader secretary and treasurer, 4 2 Specified Volunteers Those statutory volunteers who work with the Child and Youth Pro. gram activities are designated as Specified Volunteers These volunteers are required to. have an initial Nationwide Criminal History Repository SCHR check fingerprint required. and every five years thereafter as well as an annual statewide criminal background check dur. ing years between national checks As well as receiving training feedback and recognition for. the efforts supporting the Youth Program, 4 3 Gratuitous Volunteer Those volunteers who offer to help support meetings events and. activities without any expectation of compensation and who do not wish to serve in an official. capacity Gratuitous volunteers do not require a formal job description Examples of a gratui. tous volunteer, A person who volunteers to set up tear down or clean a room in support of a FRG function. A person who heads up a committee for a special event activity. 4 4 Volunteers for Private Organizations PO These volunteers are not statutory volun. teers for the National Guard Family Programs As such they are subject to the policies and. procedures for the Private Organization they represent Examples of the Private organization. include but not limited to,USO United Services Organization. Veterans Service Organizations VFW American Legion AMVETS etc. To avoid any conflict of interest a volunteer in a leadership role for a PO which supports that. Military unit cannot simultaneously serve as a statutory volunteer for the National Guard Fam. ily Program Reference AR 600 20 NGB Memorandum 15 SEP 06 J1 06 022. 4 5 Acceptance of Statutory Volunteer Services Before statutory volunteer services can. be accepted a volunteer training must be provided This training at minimum will include vol. unteer status duties and responsibilities volunteer reimbursement policy and procedures. Upon completion of training a volunteer agreement DD Form 2793 must be signed Accep. tance includes completion of the Regional Foundation Course usually offered four to six times. per year by the state FRWS office,5 0 FRG Trainings.
In order to register for the training opportunities listed below please go to the Joint Services. Support Portal at www jointservicessupport org to register for events and training opportunities. see Appendix B for instructions on how to set up a free account. 5 1 Regional Foundation Course RFC, The RFC is the first training that the FRG leadership team will attend The main focus of this. training is the grassroots level FRG Within this one day event are guidelines for establishing. maintaining enhancing and operating the FRG The target audience for this training event is. the Commander CDR Family Readiness Military Liaison FRML and the Family Readiness. Group Leader FRGL The leadership team Assistant Family Readiness Group Leader. AFRGL FRG Secretary FRGS and FRG Treasurer FRGT is highly recommended to at. tend an RFC This is a required class for CDR ML and FRGL The Ohio National Guard re. quires attendance every four years,5 2 Additional Training. FRG Enhancement and Professional Development, State Family Readiness and Warrior Support Professional Development Workshop This work. shop conference will be held biannually on even numbered years The workshop will offer ad. ditional networking opportunities with other FRG s within the state a variety of topics that will. benefit the military Families within your unit and make ready Families at the unit level The. workshop goal is to make a good FRG a great FRG The annual FRG awards are also pre. sented at this time, Other trainings that can improve your ability to be an FRG Statutory Volunteer are. Applied Suicide Intervention Skill Training ASIST a training dedicated to empowering the. attendee to intervene when they think that someone they know or someone who is reaching. out to them might be suicidal and gives them the tools to ask the right questions to help. someone This training is offered several times throughout the year. Resiliency Training Assistant RTA training gives you the tools to improve yourself your. communication skills and to recognize that everyone needs to take a moment to break down. those topics so they can better deal with all of life s challenges This class is offered. School Messenger Auto Call Training for CDR FRML and FRGL This training will intro. duce the purpose and rules pertaining to school messenger auto call This training is of. fered by your BDE FRSA,Key Caller Training for FRG Leadership Team.

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