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Sunday School Ages 3 and Up we can do with it In addition the kids are asking members of our congregation to provide a favorite verse to be included in our studies We look forward to a wonderful year of enrichment for all Back to Basics Our Sunday School Program will serve children from age 3 through 18 This year we will be studying the


NEW LIFE NEWSLETTER,Greetings from Pastor Mary, My mother in law who passed away last year was born in a small house in the UP with an artesian well a. pit toilet and a kerosene lamp Before she died my husband who loves the latest gadget bought her. Alexa Alexa is a black cylindrical gadget that could talk to her and turn on her living room lights upon. command My mother in law was usually good humored about the latest gadget dragged in by her son. but this talking black box was a bit too much She never even tried using it When my husband went over. to his mother s church to arrange for her funeral he found that the church building where there was once. a vibrant congregation was nearly empty Steve found this change very disheartening. We live in a world of extraordinary change Everything is changing even the church In a changing world. and in a changing community being the church can be a challenge It often feels as though the game has. been changed It is like we show up on the field wearing our equipment ready to play football but. everyone there is playing soccer instead We find ourselves wearing the wrong equipment lacking the. necessary skills and not even knowing the rules of the game It often feels that way in today s church but. our situation is actually very different FOR we are not alone God is with us. Just as Jesus called Peter and Andrew James and John to follow in his footsteps God has called each of you. to follow the ways of Christ in our changing world today God has called this church family to this place. and this time to be his witness to the community around you Even though we might find our changing. world confusing God does not God understands our world God understands our community and God. understands us God knows what we need to do in order to witness to our changing community We. therefore need to listen carefully for God s guidance Understanding this a group of you have indicated a. willingness to gather together as FAITHFUL LISTENERS on behalf of this church family These FAITHFUL. LISTENERS will listen for the Spirit speaking through the voices of the community around us Through. prayer and creative dialogue they will seek to lead this church family toward more effective witness Such. faithful listening will however also require a response from you FAITHFUL FOLLOWING of the Spirit s. guidance Indeed it will require stepping out to witness in more courageous and creative ways. In the brief six months that I have been with you I have already seen you stepping out more courageously. and more creatively In June the Bell Chimes performed a concert for Presbyterian Village residents. where they showed that our music program is on fire with the Holy Spirit We served meals of homemade. BBQ for the homeless through MCREST twice this summer Our Blood Drives have become so successful. that the regional director recently visited our facility to observe and see what it is that we do differently. We know the secret is serving homemade pie which is now served personally by our hosts and. hostesses Just last week my husband observed that there is far more energy and enthusiasm in our. worship We have sent out over 400 invitations to people living in the neighboring community and invited. them to join us for our Harvest Party on Saturday This coming month we will invite some of God s. creatures from Howell Nature Center to worship with us We all are making a more concerted effort to. personally greet the visitors who come into our church building Indeed in a few weeks we will be. welcoming a group of new members into our church family. The future of the church is every day dependent upon the generosity of its people It needs people who. are willing to share their time bestow their energies contribute their financial resources and embrace the. changing needs of their community It is clear to me that you all have a sincere love of God you all have a. tremendous love for one another and you all have a fervent desire to share God s love with the community. around you I believe that God still has much to say through you all to a world desperately in need of God s. love So during this Stewardship Season listen to God s guidance and continue to let God speak through. you by stepping out courageously and creatively as followers of Christ in our changing world. I am yours in Christ s Service,NOVEMBER 2017,Sunday School Ages 3 and Up The Discipleship. Growth Committee, Back to Basics we can do with it In addition the will meet on. Our Sunday School Program will Wednesday,kids are asking members of our. November 1, serve children from age 3 through congregation to provide a favorite.
18 This year we will be studying the verse to be included in our studies. Bible and finding our way through We look forward Please join us. it Our studies will include verses to a wonderful to see where you can. songs interpretations games and year of help out,fun so the children will learn why enrichment. the Bible is important to us and what for all,Prayers of Jesus. 11 00 am NOON What can we learn from the prayers, Prayer was the backbone of Jesus life that he prayed Come and explore. and ministry From his baptism to his the prayers of Jesus to gain new. crucifixion the Gospels portray Jesus insights into prayer the character. as a man of prayer who knew and of God and how to deepen your. deeply valued intimate communion relationship with him. with his heavenly Father,Faith Lessons Video Series. 10 30 am 11 45 am these illuminating faith lessons. offer a new understanding of the,Filmed on location at Israel s historic.
Bible that will ground your,sites Faith Lessons is a unique video. convictions and transform your life,series that brings God s Word to life. We will explore the turbulent,with astounding relevance. history of Israel s prophets and, Whether you can quote Biblical kings and learn from their story. verses from memory or you have how to build your own devotion to. never opened the pages of a Bible and trust in God. Thanksgiving Eve Worship,Join us for a time of thanksgiving and.
celebrating God s goodness at our,Thanksgiving Service on. Wednesday November 22,at 7 00 PM,NEW LIFE NEWSLETTER. Backyard Friends, New Life Presbyterian Church will on how to help our wild neighbors. be hosting a representative from thrive,the Howell Nature Center on. Please be sure to join us that,Sunday November 5 The.
Sunday for a caring informative,presentation will be meshed with. experience with a warm fuzzy,our worship service that day This. is an opportunity to appreciate and,learn about the wildlife living in. our own backyards as well as tips, Because of the visit from our animal friends that day Communion will. be held on November 12 instead of the traditional first Sunday. Stewardship Sunday, Our 2018 Stewardship Campaign is The luncheon will be held.
well underway leading us to following the Annual, Stewardship Sunday November Congregational Meeting that day. 19th You should have received a and will be a time of celebrating. letter last week marking the our newly elected church. kickoff Pastor Mary s letter in this leadership as well as the promises. month s newsletter offers more of support made by our members. insight into the goals for the future and friends Please be sure to. of New Life Presbyterian Church sign up to bring a dish to pass and. Please carefully consider your prepare to enjoy a wonderful. contribution to helping achieve meal and fellowship with your. those goals in the coming year church family, You will receive another letter Those who are not able to attend. shortly that will include a promise the potluck can mail the card to. card Please complete the card the church office in the envelope. and bring it to the Stewardship provided,Potluck Luncheon on Sunday. November 19,Annual Congregational Meeting, New Life Presbyterian Church will The meeting is for the purpose of. hold our annual congregational electing new elders and deacons. meeting on November 19th to lead our church into the future. following worship service that day Please plan to attend. NOVEMBER 2017,November Fellowship Gatherings,Dorcas Circle Rachel Circle.
New Life Presbyterian,The Rachel Circle will,Women meet on Thursday SrA Shawn Konikson. The ladies of Presbyterian November 9th at Noon at the US Air Force. Women and Dorcas Circle Honey Tree Restaurant It is Mike Stroud US Air. will meet at 7 00 PM on located in the Walmart Plaza at Force Shirley Coar s. Mound and M59 All ladies are grandson,Tuesday November 14th. in the church library Our welcome to join us for a tasty lunch Jason Barr Booth s. hostess is Amy Shoults We will and friendly conversation. have a lesson from our new study Kendra Requested by. Fred Walker,book Cloud of Wellness The PFC Julian Lee. Community of Christ in Hebrews US Army,and dessert will be served Please Private Michael. come and join us Hempton US Army,Col Jason Hollaran.
Family Christmas Potluck, New Life Honey Doers are We will be making ornaments for. hosting the New Life Agape Hall Christmas trees, Family Christmas Potluck decorating trees and caroling in. on Sunday December 3 the sanctuary,Please look to sign up on the. This year our celebration will bulletin board outside the church. begin immediately after worship office to say you will attend. service that day,Sincerest Thanks,Dear Church Family. I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for all the gifts you sent. to me to help set up my home Words cannot begin to express my. thankfulness for the kindness and love shown to me over the last. several months I take this chance to thank most especially the Tuck. family Sandy Day the Kunz family the Gough family Shayla Hansen. Sharon Gire Pastor Mary and Pastor Jill for their immeasurable. contribution to my life and the lives of my three children. May the good Lord bless you abundantly in Jesus name. Yours faithfully,The Ekpo Family,NEW LIFE NEWSLETTER.
Red Cross Blood Drive, New Life Presbyterian Church is Volunteers Needed to bake. hosting a Red Cross Blood Drive on desserts pies and cookies and to. Thursday November 16 from host the Canteen on November 16. 2PM 7 45PM Help us support the for 2 hour time slots Sign up on. Red Cross and their lifesaving the mission bulletin board to. program by donating blood that volunteer or call Bruce Short. day To make an appointment sign,Thank you to all who are able to. up on the bulletin board across,volunteer to make our drive a. from the church office call Bruce,Short at 586 264 5295 or contact. the church office,Holiday Office Hanging of the Greens.
Please make a Please join the deacons on,note that the Saturday November 25 at. church office will 10 00 AM to decorate the church. be closed on for the Advent Holiday season,November 23 Decorating will be followed by a. and Friday luncheon in Agape Hall Sloppy,November 24 Joes will be provided by Lynn. for the Booth Please sign up to bring a,Thanksgiving dish to pass Everyone is invited. Holiday to participate,Regular hours,November 27,NLPC September Finance Report.
9 30 2017 Cash Balance Monthly Change YTD Change,53 737 38 4 901 03 5 741 85. YTD Budget YTD Actual,Income 149 031 00 127 668 75. Expense 145 035 00 133 345 85,Total 3 996 00 5 677 10. NOVEMBER 2017,Children s Page,NEW LIFE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. 11300 Nineteen Mile Road Website,Sterling Heights MI 48314 www newlifepresby org.
Phone 586 731 6133,Fax 586 731 6629 NOVEMBER 2017,office newlifepresby org. www facebook com newlifepresby,New Life Presbyterian Church. NLPC Mission Statement June 2016, Assured of the new life we have received in Christ we will live out our faith together. through worship prayer education fellowship and mission. Being called to love all people we will use our gifts to serve God in an imperfect world. Equipped with our faith and filled with the Spirit we will. reach out in acceptance to a diverse community,embrace the marginalized and show love to all. feed the hungry and care for the sick,search for peace and work for justice.
Reverend Mary Bahr Jones Interim Pastor, Wendy Mueller Secretary Edyta Jaros Music Director. Shelley Claeys Secretary Sana Mansour Child Care Supervisor. BOARD OF SESSION, Moderator Rev Mary Bahr Jones Clerk Valerie Robbins. Sharon Gire Phil Cunningham Dave Konikson Dorothy Harrington Jeff Turner Marge Kunz Lori Haralson. Matthew Hurst,BOARD OF DEACONS,Moderator Joyce Harrison Secretary Shayla Hansen. Francis Booth Bruce Duff Lynn Booth Carlene Kneebone Shirley Coar Randy Tuck Sue Gough Jodie Horan.

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