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iServe Africa MTC1 August 2016 James Imbo Youth amp Music Pastor Praise Chapel Kenya Music Ministry in the Local Church Definition of Christian Worship


iServe Africa MTC1 August 2016 James Imbo Youth Music Pastor Praise Chapel Kenya. Praise and Worship, Praise is joyful melodious demonstrated and declared praise directed toward God. The energy of praise is toward what God does the energy of worship is toward who God is. Praise is concerned with God s performance worship is occupied with God s personage. Praise is more concerned about God s presents than God s presence. Praise is an exuberance in the human soul spirit that is expressed to God while worship flows. from God s Spirit Who is resident in the spirit of man. Praise is an expression of our life worship is a lifestyle. Praise is an act of our will and it can be stirred into action by the working of our emotions but. worship involves the entire life, Christian worship is not singing slow paced songs with slow beats although this might be part of. worship And praise is not necessarily singing fast paced songs with dancing and jumping and. doing all manner of things I do a lot of these but it is important to realize that praise is much. more than that, Worship is not music music is just a vehicle used in worship. Think about this, In Genesis 4 when Cain and Abel offered worship through bringing their offerings to God it was an act of. worship Do you think they came singing and dancing before the Lord. In Genesis 22 5 When Abraham told his servants to wait for them as him and Isaac go to worship. What do you think he was telling them Do you think he was telling that they are going to sing some. slow paced songs then come back, In Exodus Moses was told by God to go and deliver the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt so that.
they may go and worship God Was Moses being instructed to go and sing If we reduce worship to. singing and music then it is only for a limited number of people who are able to sing. Jesus and the Samaritan Woman at the well in John 4 When Jesus told her that the true worshiper will. worship the Father in true and spirit do you think Jesus was referring to making music. Worship is bigger than singing and making music, However there is a place of Music in Christian Worship. What is the Place of Music in Christian Worship, Music is the most universal means for expressing human emotions Music often exceeds the. spoken word in expressing moods and feelings of the soul Psalm 150 3 5 Revelation 14 1 3. iServe Africa MTC1 August 2016 James Imbo Youth Music Pastor Praise Chapel Kenya. Unfortunately in the modern church praise and worship has become synonymous with music. and song Whenever we talk of worship service or worship experience we refer to a. congregational gathering comprised largely of music and song. It s interesting that In the New Testament music is given a much less prominent role than it. receives in the church today It is important that our dependence on music as a part of our. worship of God may likewise need to be reduced so that we can sincerely praise God without. distraction or purely superficial emotional displays www biblestudying net worship html. There are 13 Greek words used in the New Testament to refer to worship or any derivative thereof. These 13 Greek words for worship appear a total of 80 times in the New Testament Linguistically none. of them inherently invoke any reference to or for musical accompaniment or singing. Of these there are only 3 passages when worship involves music and singing These passages are. accounts of angelic beings the 144 000 and others praising God singing and playing harps Revelation. 5 8 9 14 Revelation 14 2 3 and Revelation 15 3 None of these passages are instructional for church. gatherings to include music or singing, Similarly we can do a word study on praise and its derivatives There are a total of 9 words used in the. New Testament that refer to praise appearing a total of 33 times. Basing on the above surveys we can conclude the following. 1 From a definitional point of view biblical praise and worship do not necessarily involve or require. music or singing, 2 There are 4 places in the New Testament where singing and playing music harps are involved in. specific instances of praising God Acts 16 25 Revelation 5 8 9 17 Revelation 14 2 3 and Revelation. 3 There are 3 places in the New Testament that instruct us that we can sing to one another using. spiritual songs in a corporate setting 1 Corinthians 14 15 Ephesians 5 19 and Colossians 3 16. This biblical study reveals that music and singing had a pretty minimal role in New Testament church life. and corporate gatherings, In contrast there is a lot of emphasis on proclamation teaching and understanding of sound doctrine.
For example Jesus in His ministry to the disciples and other people Its only after the Last Supper that. Jesus and his disciples sang a hymn before they went to the Mount of Olives. In addition the Greek word for teaching didache and the related verb didasko are used 130 times in. the New Testament There are also numerous direct and indirect commands in the New Testament. regarding the importance and centrality of the Word of God to the life and growth of Christians both. corporately and personally, This comparison should clearly and conclusively demonstrate the imbalance in emphasis that the. modern church has placed on singing and music as a significant element of our church meetings. iServe Africa MTC1 August 2016 James Imbo Youth Music Pastor Praise Chapel Kenya. Justin Martyr a Christian writer of the middle of the second century reports that typical church. gatherings included reading the scripture teaching prayer collecting and distributing support for. persons in need in the church community and the communion meal Music and singing are not. Music is not essential to worship but it is a useful and effective aid in assisting believers in sincerely. worshipping God Music should point us to the object of worship Jesus Christ not a distraction. Music should be Christ centred biblically sound and God glorifying. Music should therefore be aimed at sharing the Gospel teaching the oracles of God So if music is. devoid of the Gospel it has no value in Christian worship. Constituting a Music Ministry Team,Change is a process Be patient. Instil the culture you would like to see in the team You must lead by example. You must be a servant leader, Recruiting members of a team God is a God of excellence There s a difference between perfectionism. and excellence Excellence simply means giving your best Insist on excellence Psalm 33 3. Set rules and regulations, Set a vision for the team in line with the vision of the church organization. Be clear about the expectations before one joins the team. Grow leaders Equip your team Expose them to new things Grow them musically but also grow them. spiritually,Plan Plan Plan,The Worship Leader, The main role of the worship leader in a worship service is to create an atmosphere where the oracles.
of God the Gospel of Jesus Christ can be taught and received with gladness. The leader not only speaks God s Word to the congregation and speak on behalf of the congregation. the leader is also part of the congregation, Prepare for the service as the leader Have a definite plan for the flow of the worship service. Don t just appear a few minutes to the service and think that you will go as the Spirit leads. May the Spirit lead you to prepare before He leads you on the pulpit Prepare through practice. and prayer Soak yourself your team and the songs in prayer. As a leader you must develop relationships with the people you lead This relationship is not. developed on the pulpit but in the small groups and on one on one. iServe Africa MTC1 August 2016 James Imbo Youth Music Pastor Praise Chapel Kenya. Be authentic Be yourself and speak in your natural tone of voice Your pronunciation of words. that you use on a daily basis should not change immediately you go on the pulpit Your main aim. is to communicate to God and to the people, Be time conscious The term as the Spirit leads is an excuse for lack of preparation I have to. admit that there are occasions when the Holy Spirit might prompt the leader to continue. lingering in His presence in worship Start and end in time. Be sensitive to the congregation and to the leading of the Holy Spirit Vertical and horizontal. Avoid any format of distraction dressing words used funny facial expressions etc I think I. need a lot of help in this area especially facial expression. The worship must worship before and while leading others You don t ask people to kneel down. you yourself aren t You don t ask people to sing while you watch them. Encourage congregational participation The primary musical expression in worship is. congregational participation not the choir and instruments As you plan for worship service. provide an opportunity for the congregation to express itself through singing. Every Blessing in Christ,Other resources Why Sing,Part 1 Wanamuziki ni watumishi wa neno pia. Part 2 African beats,Part 3 Gospel reasons for worship. Part 4 New Covenant worship,Part 5 Pilgrim affections.
Part 6 True worship, Part 7 The role of music and quality songs in church life.

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