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MR amp MS PHISMETS Guidelines and Mechanics A Over all Guidelines 1 The candidates and his her school must be a bona fide member of PHISMETS National 2 Each School must only have one male and one female representative for the pageant The participating school shall be responsible for screening the candidates in accordance to the rules and guidelines set by the PHISMETS National


c All over Poise Bearing and Projection 25,i Beauty and physique. ii Bearing and attire,iii Stage Presence,d Question and Answer 30. ii Relevance of the answer to the question,e Audience Impact 10. i The only subjective part of the criterion,ii Applauses and cheers of the Audience. Note The Best in Casual and Talent would consider special awards on final pageant. TALENT PORTION, 1 The Talent and casual competition shall be held on a separate date but prior to the.
pageant day The presentation of the talent and casual shall heed the following. guidelines, The presentation is in a pair form but they can have back up dancer s if they. This portion is limited to a maximum of two to three minutes per contestant. Contestants are not able to wear and to use harmful props materials which can. harm them and other people They can wear whatever they feel comfortable in. performing their talent, 2 Points Breakdown for the Talent Portion will be as follows. a Talent 20,i Ability to do the activity or skills required. iii Appropriate gestures,iv Memorization,v Artistic delivery. b Uniformity 20,i Synchronized movement,ii consistency in formation.
c Creativity 20,i Uniqueness,d Showmanship 15,i Stage personality. iii Confidence,iv Expression,v Gestures,v Stage presence. e Costume 15,i Appropriate for youth audience,ii Fits the performance well and is flattering. f Material Chosen 10,i Appropriate for youth audience. ii Ability of performer to carry the costume,Sub Total Score 100.
CASUAL WEAR, 1 The presentation of the casual wear shall heed the following. guidelines, Contestants will wear their casual attire right after the talent portion. Delegates must be able to project their own personal sense of style. The value of the outfit should complement the contestant s individuality. Modeling should be simple and not overly complicated Turns and poses are. fine but no Pro am modeling, 2 Points Breakdown for the Talent Portion will be as follows. a Stage Presentation and Modeling 25, i Attention given to contestant s ability to walk to the beat of the. music modeling turns,ii Having FUN,b Personality Stage Presence 25.
i Attention given to natural smile and eye contact. c Interaction with the judges 25,i Ability to connect to audience. ii Ability to draw people to them by their presence and charisma. d Overall Appearance Personal style and grooming 25. TRASHionshow, 1 The following are the guidelines for the TRASHionshow. Design must be made by the Med Tech MLS students of their respective school. A complete outfit must be worn by each model male upper and lower wear. female upper and lower wear or dress, The design must be 100 recyclable materials like papers plastic and etc. Sharps broken glass metals and other materials that could harm the model are. strictly prohibited, All design must be descent and not revealing as well as could support the. weight of the materials to be used, All submitted outfit include the lining for the safety of the models preferably.
katcha but this lining must not be seen, Models are not allowed to strip remove any clothing during the run away show. Remember that they shall be modeling the clothing they are wearing. Exemption when the clothing to be strip off remove is an out wear like jackets. Violation to this rule shall lead to automatically disqualification. 2 Points breakdown foe the TRASHionshow are as follows. a Creativity and Theme relevance 50,b Stage presence 50. Evening Gown, 1 The presentation of the talent and evening gown shall heed the following. guidelines, Gowns for Top 5 Candidates will be provided by the pageant organizer through. sponsorship, Delegates must carry themselves with dignity grace poise and elegance.
Judges will not be evaluating the cost or designer label of the gown but rather. how well it suits the delegate e g fit color style as well as delegate s on stage. presentation, Contestants will follow a runway pattern when modeling Judges will be made. aware of the pattern,2 Criteria for the Evening Gown are as follows. Confidence Choice of Evening Gown Poise Posture Personality Charm Style. Charisma Grace Execution and Overall Appearance, How well did the contestant model her gown in terms of technique and. How well did the contestant s gown flatter her figure. How well did the contestant convey confidence with body type and choice of. Program Proper, 1 The final pageant shall be divided into four parts. I Production number,II TRASHion Show Competition,III Evening gown competition.
IV Question and Answer Portion, 2 Two elimination process will happen first in choosing magic 10 the first ten highest. score in production number plus the TRASHionshow show will proceed to gown. competition second is choosing the magic 5 from gown competition first top five in. gown competition will proceed to question and answer portion where winners will be. 3 The judges must not be in anyway related to any of the candidates. 4 The judges decision shall be made public only on the final pageant. 5 The candidate and or her sponsor shall provide take care of. Shoes or sandals and accessories to be used during the pageant. Casual wears during the Pre pageant,Costume and props for talent presentation. TRASHion attire during the final pageant, 6 The candidates shall be judged in two 2 instances. 1 During the pre pageant day Talent and casual Competition on January 17 2013. Thursday and 2 during the pageant day on January 18 2013 Friday at 1 o clock in. the afternoon, 7 Major and Minor Awards shall be given on the following aspects for both male and. female category,Best in Casual wear,Best in Talent.
Best in Production number,Best in TRASHion attire,Best in Evening Gown. Darling of the Crowd,2nd Runner up,1st Runner up,Mr and Ms PHISMETS 2013.

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