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Ministering To the OPPRESSED Volume 3 of the Satan Demons and Demon Possession Series By Kenneth E Hagin Second Edition First Printing 1983 ISBN 0 89276 027 3 In the U S write In Canada write Kenneth Hagin Ministries Kenneth Hagin Ministries P O Box 50126 P O Box 335 Tulsa Oklahoma 74150 Islington Toronto Ontario Canada M9A 4X3


4 Discerning of Spirits,5 Ministering to the Oppressed. The Satan Demons and Demon Possession Series, Volume 1 The Origin and Operation of Demons Volume. 2 Demons and How To Deal With Them Volume 3, Ministering to the Oppressed Volume 4 Bible Answers to. Man s Questions on Demons,Discerning of Spirits, In this third volume in a series on the devil and demons. I want to teach particularly about demon oppression and. the operation of the spiritual gift of discerning of spirits. 1 Cor 12 10, We know from the Scriptures that demons have to do.
with the fall of Satan God did not create the devil as he. is now We read in Ezekiel 28 15 that he was perfect until. iniquity was found in him God did not create him a devil. We read that he was lifted up because of his beauty Ezek. We also read that in the beginning of time before man. was created Satan ruled and had a kingdom He said he. would exalt his throne Isa 14 13 14 It is possible that. demons on the earth today could be the spirits that Satan. ruled upon the earth in that pre Adamic kingdom In my. opinion this is the case Remember that when God made. man He told him to be fruitful and multiply and to. replenish the earth We do not have as much light on this. subject as we would like but we have all we need to know. Evil spirits are here and they want to manifest, themselves in the sense realm in this world Working from. the outside they can oppress You can sense their presence. Evil spirits are fallen beings who seek embodiment. The reason demons want to embody man is so they can. work through him and do their greatest harm and evil. in the world When a demon embodies a man it makes,that man what it is. The Word of God speaks of people with lying spirits. The lying spirit will make a liar out of a person It is. obvious that these spirits oppress the physical body Jesus. spoke one time to a man who had a deaf and dumb spirit. and He told the spirit to come out of the man,The Holy Spirit on the other hand can manifest. 2 Ministering to the Oppressed, Himself through us to do the greatest good in the world. That is the reason we are to be filled with the Holy Spirit. I m glad that the Lord Jesus has not left the Church. helpless but He has given the Church supernatural equip. ment to accomplish the work of God And included among. the supernatural equipment God has made available to the. Church is the gift of discerning of spirits, Jesus told me when He appeared to me in a vision in.
1952 Discerning of spirits is supernatural insight into. the realm of spirits It has to do with spirits not with. people The spirit may be oppressing a person or it may. be behind a certain manifestation but even then you deal. with the spirit and not the person, Too often we haven t gotten to the real cause of our. problems We deal with the person instead of the spirit. who is behind a situation and we miss the whole thing. Some people say I have the gift of discernment But. the Bible speaks of no such thing as the gift of dis. There is a spiritual gift called discerning of spirits. There is another gift called the word of knowledge and. that is really what some people call the gift of discernment. but it isn t Too often what people call discernment is. nothing but a gift of suspicion and fault finding Too. many have that gift whether they are saved or unsaved. much less filled with the Holy Spirit They are always find. ing something wrong with someone else, The true spiritual gift discerning of spirits has to do. with spirits and not people As Jesus said to me Dis. cerning of spirits is supernatural insight into the realm. of spirits One meaning of the word discern is see, Jesus told me I would be able to see into this realm and. would see these spirits, Before that I d never had the gift of discerning of. spirits operating in me although the gift of the word of. Discerning of Spirits, knowledge had begun to operate immediately after I.
received the baptism of the Holy Spirit in April 1937. The word of knowledge is supernatural revelation con. cerning facts in the mind of God about people places or. things When dealing with demons you can have, knowledge of the presence of spirits through the word of. But if the gift of discerning of spirits is in operation. you will actually see into the realm of spirits Since 1952. when Jesus appeared to me I have seen into that realm. again and again I have seen not only evil spirits but at. times angels as well,Buddy s Demon Problem, I tell the story of my son in law Buddy Harrison quite. often as an illustration of seeing in the realm of spirits. Reverend Harrison is at this writing founding pastor of. Faith Christian Fellowship in Tulsa Oklahoma He is also. president of Harrison House Publishers But in 1963 he. had problems,He was unable to stay with anything He would not. keep a job he d just quit and walk off He wouldn t stay. in church One time we d see him in church leading the. choir and everything would be fine The next time we d. see him he would be out of church and he would walk up. to me and blow cigar smoke in my face I never said. anything I just loved him I knew the devil had hold of. him He was a roller coaster or a yo yo Christian Up and. down In and out, In October 1963 the Spirit of God spoke to me about. Buddy I had come to Tulsa to speak on a Saturday night. at a Full Gospel Business Men s banquet and then to. teach a Holy Spirit seminar the following Monday through. Friday for the FGBMFI We held the seminar in a local. 4 Ministering to the Oppressed, church God began to move and instead of five nights.
the meeting lasted eight weeks, I ministered in two services a day morning and night. for those eight weeks One afternoon between services. I was in one of the Sunday School rooms praying about. the night service I had grown tired praying on my knees. and was lying flat on my back on the carpet praying in. other tongues, Suddenly the Spirit of God spoke to me about Buddy. He said There are three demons that follow Buddy, I had a quick spiritual vision I saw Buddy walking. down the sidewalk I saw three spirits following him like. little dogs would follow a person except they didn t look. like little dogs They were monkeylike about that size. and wiry One was on the right edge of the sidewalk one. on the left edge and one in the middle, The Spirit of God said He will turn to the right and. yield to the demon on the right Then he will turn and yield. to the demon on the left Then he will yield to the demon. in the center It seems at times that he is almost a dif. ferent person,Whatever the demon was that he yielded to Buddy.
would act that way Relatives had even remarked I don t. understand Buddy Is he schizophrenic, Buddy was a born again Spirit filled Christian But. just because you are filled with the Holy Spirit does not. mean you are incapable of yielding to the devil You still. have a will of your own, You can yield to the devil and let the devil dominate. you anytime you want You can yield to the flesh and let. the flesh dominate you You can yield to the world and. let the world dominate you, The Bible teaches that you have to deal with the world. the flesh and the devil But you do not have to yield to. Discerning of Spirits 5,any of these thank God, The Lord said to me You speak to those spirits Com. mand them in my Name the Name of Jesus to desist,in their maneuvers Command them to stop.
I said I m in Oklahoma Buddy is in Texas He, said In the spirit realm there is no distance I said. Tell me again just how I do that He said You, say In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ I command. all three of you foul spirits following Buddy around to. desist in your maneuvers and stop in your operations. I rose to a seated position and said that Then the. Word of the Lord came unto me saying Within ten, days he will have a job He will stay with that job until he. does something else I have for him, I wrote it down on a piece of paper dated it and put. it in my billfold The next time I saw Buddy he said Dad. I got a job I said I know it I pulled that piece of paper. out and handed it to him He said That s the very day. I got the job as he counted ten days from the day it was. He stayed with that job and made a success of it They. made him an assistant manager and wanted to make, him manager of another business But God called him to.
Minneapolis to be a choir director in a church, His boss told someone I don t understand that young. man He went off to Minnesota to be a song leader for. 100 a week I offered him 20 000 a year to manage,this business I guaranteed him 30 000 within 18. months There is no doubt that in five years he could be. making 50 000 or 60 000,But Buddy wanted to obey God and he s been going. with God ever since And it was through the gift of dis. cerning of spirits that his deliverance came,6 Ministering to the Oppressed. Four Kinds of Demons, Jesus went on to say in that vision of 1952 There are.
four divisions of the forces of the devil Paul lists them. in Ephesians 6 12 For we wrestle not against flesh and. blood but against principalities against powers against. the rulers of the darkness of this world against spiritual. wickedness in high places, He added Paul is starting with the lowest class pro. gressing toward the highest in respect to their division. and work Satan is well regimented in his work And yet. some don t want Christians to have any regimen to their. lives But we re battling a spiritual army, The four classes are 1 Principalities the lowest class. 2 Powers the next class 3 Rulers of the darkness of. this world the highest type of demon we have to deal with. on the earth and 4 Wicked spirits or spiritual, wickedness in high places This highest class exists in the. heavenlies not on the earth, The lower classes of demons do very little thinking for. themselves for the rulers of the darkness of this world. rule over them and tell them what to do, Jesus continued It s always a ruler of the darkness.
of this world who possesses a person as in the case of the. man at Gadara Notice the Bible says the Gadarene was. possessed of the devil and had a legion Somebody said. 2 000 demons possessed him but that isn t right read it. again Only one of them possessed him and this is always. The possessing one will let the others come in with. him but only one will ever possess a person It is always. one of the rulers of the darkness of this world who does. the possessing and then it will let others in with it. Jesus added These rulers not only rule in the realm. of these wicked spirits but they are exactly what Paul says. Discerning of Spirits, they are rulers of the darkness of this world Eph 6 12. They are ruling in this world The only place they aren t. ruling is where the light has come,What light The light of education The light of. science No The light of the Gospel The Word says that. we believers are the children of light not of darkness We. are born again The Word says in Colossians 1 13 speak. ing of God and His great plan of redemption Who hath. delivered us from the power the Greek word translated. power means authority of darkness and hath translated. us into the kingdom of His dear Son One translation. says the son of His light,Paul said in Second Corinthians 6 14 16. 2 CORINTHIANS 6 14 16, 6 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers. for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteous. ness and what communion hath light with darkness, 7 And what concord hath Christ with Belial or what part.
hath he that believeth with an infidel, 8 And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols. for ye are the temple of the living God as God hath said. I will dwell in them and walk in them and I will be their. God and they shall be my people,One thing he said was And what communion hath. light with darkness v 14,Then Jesus said to me Every person who is unsaved. is more or less dominated and ruled by demons and evil. spirits He is in the kingdom of darkness Many times even. people who are saved yield to these spirits and let them. dominate If you let them they will dominate because they. are real That s the reason people do things and don t know. why they do them,Domination by Evil Spirits I was,preaching in California one time when I read in. 8 Ministering to the Oppressed, the newspaper that a young man 28 years of age had.
drowned his own 4 year old son in the bathtub When the. authorities questioned this young man they found he was. all right mentally He had no record of wrong doing had. a good job and lived in a fine home He had no financial. worries came from a good family from whom he had in. herited part of his wealth and had worked in the family. business They couldn t find one thing wrong with him. He himself said there wasn t anything wrong with him. mentally he wasn t worried had no problems and the. child was good But he said while I was bathing him. I suddenly had an uncontrollable urge to harm him and. a voice told me to do it I yielded to it and when I came. to myself I was holding the child under the water I cried. O God why did I ever do it, You see he was dominated by evil spirits rulers of. the darkness of this world They rule people who are in. darkness But we are the light Jesus is our Lord He is. the One who dominates us He is the Ruler over us He. is our Head, Satan is the head of those who are unsaved You know. if the unsaved really knew the truth they would be knock. ing at our doors begging us to pray with them and help. them We wouldn t be begging them to get saved,Then Jesus said I m going to teach you how these. demons get hold of people even Christians if they,will permit them to do so. Some people preach that if you are a believer you are. automatically safe Friends these things don t work. automatically Man is a free moral agent he is not a robot. or a machine Some have imagined that since they are a. blood covered Christian the devil cannot cross the blood. line Now he can t if the individual in faith appropriates. that blood but if that individual wants to listen to the. devil he can listen to him I don t care if you are saved. Discerning of Spirits 9, if the devil talks to you about robbing a bank and you want.
to listen to him you can go rob that bank People are not. going to be protected automatically You have to work. together with God We walk by faith and not by sight. Then Jesus said to me concerning believers not, unbelievers as they are already under the dominion of. Satan The only way in the world that the devil can get. into the spirit of a believer is through his mind,Jesus said That s the way Satan got into Eve He. said Yea hath God said Ye shall not eat of every tree. of the garden He showed her that fruit she could see. that it was good Her eye told her head Then the devil. injected a thought a question a doubt in her mind Why. has God said Because when you do eat it you will be like. God yourself And she listened to him,The only avenue the devil has Christian men and. women is through your mind No wonder the Bible says. Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed. on thee Isa 26 3 No wonder the Bible says What, soever things are true whatsoever things are honest what. soever things are just whatsoever things are pure what. soever things are lovely whatsoever things are of good. report if there be any virtue and if there be any praise. think on these things Phil 4 8, It does make a difference what you do with your mind.
We need to know this In some places people get upset. because we mention something about the mind I ve had. pastors say to me That seems like Christian Science. No as one medical doctor said This is not Christian. Science this is Christian sense It does make a difference. what you do with your mind Keep it closed to Satan s. thoughts and suggestions Keep your mind on Jesus,Someone said I don t have peace Then we know. what is wrong with you Your mind isn t on Him You give. yourself away Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace,10 Ministering to the Oppressed. mind is stayed on thee Isa 26 3, The Bible says in Proverbs 3 5 Trust in the Lord with. all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understand. ing You can t let your mind wander off anywhere you. want it to and expect to have peace You have to shut your. mind to Satan and his suggestions Keep your mind on. God and the Word of God,2 CORINTHIANS 10 4 5, 9 For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but. mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds. 10 Casting down imaginations and every high thing that. exalteth itself against the knowledge of God and bring. ing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. The margin of my Bible says casting down reason, ings and later it says bringing into captivity every.
thought to the obedience of Christ,Jesus reminded me of an incident that shows how. wrong thinking can mislead a person I was ministering. once and through the word of knowledge I knew someone. in the healing line had an evil spirit I knew he was actually. possessed by it and not just oppressed, I kept looking around to see who it was Finally the. Lord told me I knew it was the third man back in the heal. ing line I intended to wait until he stood in front of me. before telling the foul spirit to come out of him in the Name. of Jesus But the devil knew what I was about to do. Before I ever said a word he spoke up and said You. can t cast me out I told the foul spirit I could but he. answered that I couldn t He said the man wanted him to. stay and that made it impossible for me to cast him out. I admitted he was right and passed on to another person. I talked to that man a few days later when I met him. on the street I knew he had this spirit in him Although. he appeared very religious and quoted Scripture he was. Discerning of Spirits 11, all tangled up He believed almost everything you could. think of He didn t actually believe what the Bible teaches. As I talked to him he started quoting Scriptures to. me I told him he wasn t scriptural as he was taking verses. out of context I told him what he was saying wasn t what. those Scriptures meant I told him he was misled and that. it wasn t Bible it was false doctrine, The Bible plainly says that in the latter times some. shall depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits. and doctrines of devils 1 Tim 4 1 This is what had hap. pened to that fellow He said he wanted to believe that. way I told him if he wanted to be free I could help him. But he said he didn t want to be free He wanted to believe. what he was believing, Thank God though if people want help they can have.
it Yet as Jesus told me you can t cast the devil out of. people if they don t want help,How Demons Possess People. Jesus then told me he was going to show me how, demons get hold of people even believers if they will let. He showed me a man in a vision I didn t recognize the. man I saw an evil spirit come and sit on his right shoulder. There s no significance to the right shoulder at all If there. had been the Lord would have told me The evil spirit. began to whisper in this man s ear and the man began. to entertain its thoughts, Then in the vision the man became as transparent as. if he were made of glass Something seemed to go into his. head It looked like a black dot and it was almost as large. as a baseball Jesus told me that this thing first came from. the outside to attack the man but because he had listened. to it and had opened his mind to it it had entered his think. 12 Ministering to the Oppressed,ing He had become obsessed. Then I saw this black dot go from the man s head down. into his spirit He told me that it now possessed him. wholly Then I saw a whole group of evil spirits come in. I saw the first spirit holding a door open as it were for. all these other spirits who were swarming in There were. so many I couldn t count them all They looked like big. flies The first one looked like a little monkey or elf. Jesus talked to me about that He reminded me of the. Bible account in Matthew 12 24 which tells how Jesus was. accused of casting out devils by Beelzebub the lord of flies. He said these spirits were lower classes of spirits The. higher class demon got in there first and got control and. then let the others in,Remember the man whose house was swept clean but.
the evil spirit came back with seven others and they all. entered into him Matt 12 44 45 The one spirit knew how. to get in and he took the others with him Jesus told me. this man was possessed of the first spirit which went into. him and then he let the others in All of them were in there. but only one fully possessed him He then told me the. madman of Gadara had a legion of demons, Jesus told me in the vision to walk up to the man I. saw in the vision I walked up to him and the Lord told. me that from that night on when I was in the presence. of one who was fully possessed these spirits would. recognize me They would recognize that I had power over. He said when a person is fully demon possessed the. demon can use his voice and state that he knows who you. are The demons will know you as much as they knew who. He said that through discerning of spirits which is an. inward revelation I would know what kind of a spirit. possesses a person He told me that if the spirit did not. Discerning of Spirits, come out when commanded to I should ask what his name. is and how many there are within Some won t come out. until you do this,Then Jesus showed me some things I hadn t under. stood before He talked to me about the man who came. out of the tombs at Gadara Mark 5, Jesus said if I had been there that day I would have. heard with my physical ears this man talking But it was. really the demon who possessed the man doing the talk. ing A person present wouldn t have heard all the demons. speaking unless he had discerning of spirits This was. what Jesus told me He said because I had this gift at. times I would see and hear into the realm of spirits That. scares some people I d be lying if I said it weren t so. Sometimes I ve had spirits speak to me before I ve ever. said a word I hear them People can hear me telling them. to leave but no one else hears them talking Sometimes. they say to me very emphatically I don t intend to go. I say Yes you do and out you go in the Name of Jesus. I ve seen them go People will be delivered I ve seen too. much of it not to believe it and I know it works, I don t just run and jump into something I stop and.
think it over for a long time before I start using it The. Lord told me one time when He appeared to me in a vision. that He would rather I be too slow than too fast He said. some people receive a little revelation and they grab it. and run They usually end up with everything messed up. It s better to be careful, I do not believe that God is going to take novices and. new Christians who know little or nothing equip them. with these things and send them out to turn the world. upside down That s out of line with His program, He plainly said even concerning the office of a deacon. not to put in a novice Someone who is new in the things. of the Spirit might be lifted up in pride I know ministers.

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