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SMART WASTE GUIDE A guide for commercial and residential builders subcontractors and clients in metropolitan Perth and Peel regions APRIL 2014 PREPARED BY MASTER BUILDERS WA This project is funded by the Waste Authority through the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Account Avoid wasting money on landfill disposal Cut transport costs Reduce purchasing costs Create a safer workplace Lead


01 We have our cabinet makers conduct onsite,measurements and then fabricate offsite. which reduces the amount of waste we create,HIGHBURY HOMES. 03 BENEFITS OF WASTE REDUCTION, As builders and contractors we face increasing The Western Australian Waste Strategy Creating the Right 05 HOW TO REDUCE WASTE. pressures to reduce construction waste going to Environment has landfill diversion targets for municipal. landfill in WA solid waste of 65 per cent by 2020 for commercial. AVOID REDUCE REUSE AND RECYCLE, and industrial waste of 70 per cent by 2020 and for 07 RECYCLING. We are confronted by increasing costs of disposing construction and demolition C D waste of 60 per cent. to landfill The landfill levy has increased so cutting by 2015 and 75 per cent by 2020 up from 38 per cent in ONSITE SOURCE SEPARATION AND OFFSITE. waste will save you money 2012 Currently half the material being wasted in landfills CO MINGLED RECYCLING. in Western Australia is C D waste It is clear that the WA. We have contractual planning and government, construction industry has significant scope for reducing.
HOW TO IMPLEMENT AN ONSITE SOURCE, tendering requirements to reduce wastes going to SEPARATION RECYCLING PROGRAM. waste by recycling material and using recycled products in. landfill There are also some clients asking for waste. construction HOW TO IMPLEMENT AN OFFSITE,management plans to demonstrate the environmental. credentials of their buildings I am very happy to hear reports of the increasing interest in CO MINGLED RECYCLING PROGRAM. recycling from builders in Western Australia There are some QUESTIONS TO ASK A RECYCLING COMPANY. I recommend that you read through this guide and see. notable recycling champions in the industry and the Waste. what you can do on your sites to avoid reduce reuse. Authority wants to promote their work and make it easier 11 WASTE MANAGEMENT PLAN. and recycle your waste materials, for others to follow their lead Many of them have been. open to guidance from leading sustainability consultants. WASTE MANAGEMENT PLAN CHECKLIST,It may be beneficial to implement your new waste. reduction processes gradually You will need to who have shown the way with practical advice on changing WASTE MANAGEMENT PLAN TEMPLATE. customise your initiatives as you determine what the way builders do business The Waste Authority. works best for you applauds this work 16 ILLEGAL DUMPING. The Waste Authority currently supports a range of awards 17 MEASURING WASTE REDUCTION. This guide will be available online via mbawa com Any. updates will be accessible online in the residential building sector and has itself awarded 19 HANDY HINTS FOR SUBCONTRACTORS. winner and highly commended awards to large commercial. If you succeed in reducing the amount of waste you construction companies for their initiatives in waste 21 RECYCLING FACILITIES IN PERTH. create and send to landfill you will assist our industry minimisation in the 2012 and 2013 Infinity Awards I hope. to avoid more onerous waste management regulations others in the construction and demolition industry will. FACILITIES THAT RECYCLE SINGLE MATERIAL, in the years ahead Plus you will be reducing the use this Guide and the fine examples already being set for LOADS.
industry s environmental footprint which you should reducing waste and ensuring valuable materials are not FACILITIES THAT RECYCLE MULTIPLE SINGLE. feel good about wasted in landfills,MATERIAL LOADS. My thanks to Master Builders staff contractors and The Waste Authority is pleased to have funded a two year CO MINGLED BIN RECYCLING CONTRACTORS. other contributors for the work they have put into program of work with the Master Builders Association for. producing a valuable guide for our industry a concerted and practical approach to making the industry WASTE TRANSFER LANDFILL STATIONS THAT. aware of reuse and recycling options and for achieving RECYCLE SOME MATERIALS. Your efforts in waste reduction initiatives will benefit long term behavioural change in the commercial and. your business and our community residential construction industries DEMOLITION COMPANIES. ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANTS,John Ripp Marcus Geisler 31. WA REGULATIONS IMPACTING CONSTRUCTION WASTE,FURTHER INFORMATION. PRESIDENT OF MASTER BUILDERS ASSOCIATION, OF WA AND DIRECTOR OF EMCO BUILDING CHAIRMAN OF THE WASTE AUTHORITY. 34 USEFUL WEBSITES,34 REFERENCES AND LINKS, DISCLAIMER This document is a guide only Users should conduct their own research into the material in this.
document Master Builders and its contributors take no responsibility for the contents of this guide make no. representation as to its accuracy or completeness and expressly disclaim any liability whatsoever for any loss. howsoever arising from the use of or in reliance upon the whole or any part of the contents of this publication. 03 We reused the bricks from the demolition of a home. as a feature wall inside a new home reused the,pavers for use in the courtyard and driveway and. reused the timber for the fencing and garden shed,BENEFITS OF WASTE. RIGHT HOMES, REDUCE YOUR COSTS REDUCE YOUR ENVIRONMENTAL FOOTPRINT. Enjoy lower disposal costs by reducing the amount of waste Divert waste from landfill and protect land resources. materials created,Reduce pollution and carbon emissions. Cut back on purchasing costs by understanding what materials you are. Help conserve natural resources eg sand by allowing materials to be reused. over ordering,in manufacturing or onsite, Enjoy lower disposal costs for some separated wastes.
Lower volumes of waste will cut waste transport costs. Receive payment for some separated wastes potentially metals. aggregates and sand MEET CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS AND. RATING ACCREDITATION TARGETS, Cut back purchasing costs by re using existing waste materials onsite. Improve efficiency with a tidier site giving workers easier access to Comply with WA Government tendering requirements. their workspace Help achieve Master Builders Green Living program accreditation. Ensure clients meet corporate social responsibility CSR commitments. Assist developers achieve EnviroDevelopment certification leaf icons. MEET REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS Gain a higher Green Star rating. Create a safer workplace as required under safety legislation. Comply with planning approval requirements in some local. government areas PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS WASTE REDUCTION SUCCESSES. Limit risks of littering and subsequent clean up costs and fines. A clean site gives existing and potential clients a good impression. Avoid environmental protection penalties, Highlight waste reduction initiatives to existing and potential clients and use as a. business differentiator, Inform others in the industry or the community through print or other media. including via the Master Builder magazine,YOU WILL REDUCE ONSITE RISKS. Celebrate achievements with your staff and contractors. Decrease the chance of worker injuries due to waste left onsite. Enter awards for recycling to promote your business. Improve the visual impact of your project on the surrounding. Reduce the risk of illegal dumping, Comply with any quality assurance obligations HELP TO AVOID ONEROUS NEW COMPULSORY REGULATIONS.
Reduce the risk of theft on site By minimising waste and encouraging recycling now the construction industry. can help avoid more punitive regulations or higher waste levies in the future. 05 We process waste and surface water onsite and use it for dust. suppression BROOKFIELD MULTIPLEX, REDUCE As a builder or subcontractor it is 2 REDUCE. WASTE recommended that you follow these steps to,reduce the amount of waste created on your. by limiting waste when purchasing You can,Purchase materials with minimal packaging. Control purchasing to limit over ordering and to, 1 AVOID 2 REDUCE encourage buying of recycled or recyclable materials. SOME MATERIALS WITH A RECYCLED CONTENT where appropriate. 3 REUSE 4 RECYCLE, THAT CAN BE USED ON SITE Improve site security to reduce theft of materials thus.
sand and soils aggregates allowing the reduction in the over ordering margin. reinforcement concrete 1 AVOID, bricks paving waste by careful planning at the design drawing and. timber products insulation documentation stages It is at this stage that the greatest by finding available recycled materials from demolition. plastics reductions in waste can be achieved works civil works suppliers or nearby locations. especially sand, Select building materials and systems with low waste. rates In particular consider modular and prefabricated Identify source and specify recycled materials or. construction materials that minimise onsite waste materials with a recycled content to be used during. construction, Choose a method of construction to minimise cut and. fill Materials that can be reused or used on future. projects include surplus sand soil siteworks PVC, Design with life cycle assessment in mind considering plumbing fittings pre lay formwork accessories. end of life uses slab waterproof membrane WPM reinforcement. accessories bricks bags of cement lime brickwork, Use dimensions that suit standard material sizes Plan hardware windows door frames timber treated.
the use of materials better to reduce the volume of. untreated timber fixings accessories metal roof,waste especially off cuts. sheeting roof tiles fascia gutters downpipes fibre. Reduce waste allowance in the planning stage eg cement sheeting doors plasterboard accessories. decrease concrete waste allowance from 5 to 3 paints paving bricks and reticulation. Appropriate storage and management of materials 4 RECYCLE. onsite will minimise damage from weather or, machinery or theft and will eliminate the need for by implementing a waste management plan incorporating. replacement and waste generation bins and any space on your site drawings. Minimise the time between delivery and installation of Determine whether you will separate your waste. materials to reduce the risk of damage and subsequent materials onsite use a co mingled recycling company. waste and place all waste in one bin or employ a combination. of both methods,Check quantity condition and quality of goods on. delivery Reject inferior goods if their quality will. result in additional waste Refuse over supply as,compensation for inferior quality or condition. 07 Site Managers use all of the suitable left over. materials from the previously constructed homes,before ordering new materials HOMEBUYERS CENTRE.
RECYCLING Onsite source separation and offsite,co mingled recycling what is the difference. Onsite source separation waste is separated onsite and. placed in separate bins bags or piles It is then either. deposited at recycling facilities or collected by recyclers or. Offsite co mingled recycling all waste streams generally. apart from hazardous materials are placed in one bin and. are separated at an offsite recycling facility, Onsite source separation Offsite co mingled recycling. Number and size of bins Will usually require multiple smaller bins Majority of waste materials. Smaller bins may allow for more are placed in one bin. flexibility on smaller lots Single bin location usually used. Onsite area Requires more planning to coordinate Requires less planning to coordinate bins. multiple bins especially on smaller lots, Education Greater training is needed to educate on Less training is required however there. what materials are placed into each bin are always some waste materials that. cannot be placed in the single bin,which workers need to be aware of. Public image General public and client can see General public often doesn t know that. that builder is recycling the materials are being recycled offsite. Payments Can receive payment for some waste Will not receive payments for co. materials like metals Some materials will be mingled waste materials. free to dispose of under certain conditions, Suppliers Separated waste streams can be Suppliers do not take mixed waste back.
recycled by some suppliers eg bricks, Subcontractors Individual trades can see their Recycling is offsite and is not visible. waste stream being recovered, Contamination separation Multiple bins increase scope Co mingled bin systems cope. for contamination better with contamination, Visibility Can see at a glance which type of More difficult to observe which waste. waste stream is most wasted streams are creating more waste. HOW TO IMPLEMENT AN ONSITE SOURCE HOW TO IMPLEMENT AN OFFSITE QUESTIONS TO ASK A. SEPARATION RECYCLING PROGRAM CO MINGLED RECYCLING PROGRAM RECYCLING COMPANY. 1 Decide if you would like to follow the steps in this guide 13 Decide what wastes will be separated Some options 1 Incorporate a team approach involving the client WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED. or engage a consultant to undertake the work for you are designer and builder Allocate staff responsible for. Remember to factor in the distance you or the recycler if. See p 29 introducing and overseeing a waste management plan. Heavies sand bricks tiles concrete rock plaster they offer a pick up service will need to travel to dispose. 2 Adopt a team approach engaging the client Lights packaging bags and glass of the waste materials The closer a recycling company is. designer and contractor Allocate staff responsible for Timber 2 Prepare a waste management plan p12 before tender located to your site the lower the transport costs will be. introducing and overseeing a waste management plan Paper cardboard so any waste avoidance or management costs are. See p12 Metals factored into the price, Plastics including brick straps DO YOU PROVIDE BINS OR BAGS. 3 Prepare a waste management plan p12 before tender 3 Employ a co mingled bin contractor and investigate AND A COLLECTION SERVICE. Plasterboard, so any waste avoidance savings or management costs their claimed recycling rates Determine what materials.
are factored into the price cannot be placed in the single bin An integrated bin collection transportation and recycling. service will reduce your workload Recyclers may not offer. 4 Identify the materials likely to be discarded and at what 14 Implement processes to ensure the separation of 4 Visit the recycling facility collection but can recommend a skip company who will take. stage of the project This should be carried out prior chosen wastes by contractors Ensure that everyone is material to them Alternatively you can ask your usual skip. aware of their obligations and responsibilities Conduct 5 Allocate adequate space on the site for the co mingled. to the commencement of the site works This involves operator to take the material directly to the recycling facility. training during site inductions if possible Inductions recycle bin and general waste bin and clearly sign them. looking at your construction program and the project. design and identifying material in flows and outflows should cover the materials to be separated explaining 6 If possible secure bins at night and weekends to. Estimate the quantities by using normal ordering the importance of removing contaminants and getting prevent rubbish dumping in recycling bins especially WHAT MATERIALS DO. margins This will give you the information you need to any ideas from staff as to how sorting can best be done at Christmas time DON T YOU ACCEPT. schedule bin numbers sizes and likely changeovers onsite Master Builders staff can help you with your. 7 Ensure that everyone is aware of their obligations and It may also be useful to find out what the tolerance to. inductions, 5 You may be able to share the costs of recycling with responsibilities Conduct training during site inductions contamination in the bins is. other builders on adjacent sites by sharing space and 15 Include waste minimisation and recycling performance if possible Inductions will cover the materials that. bins clauses in subcontractor contracts Consider back cannot be placed in the co mingled bin Master Builders. charging a contractor who doesn t separate their staff may be able to help you with your inductions. DO YOU RECYCLE ALL OF THE, 6 Estimate the amount of waste that will be avoided wastes or reward those for proper separation MATERIALS YOU ACCEPT. reduced reused and recycled See p17 for details 8 Oversee the plan to ensure its success throughout the. 16 Oversee the plan to ensure its success throughout the Just because a company accepts a certain material stream. project and make adjustments if needed, 7 Evaluate the options for recycling in the area of your project and make adjustments if needed it doesn t mean they recycle it Check what materials the. site You may need to talk to a number of recycling 9 Compile reports on the amount of waste that has been company actually recycles. facilities to find out what opportunities exist to lower 17 Measure the amount of waste that has been avoided avoided reduced reused and recycled See p18 for. disposal costs See p22 for a list of recycling options in reduced reused and recycled See p17 for details details. Perth ARE THERE DIFFERENT COSTS, 18 Review the program after completion Share findings 10 Review the program after completion Share findings. with staff and contractors Celebrate any successes FOR ANY SEPARATED WASTES. 8 Allocate adequate space on the site for the storage of with staff and contractors Celebrate any successes. recyclables and the access required to collect them Consider displaying outcomes on a notice board on site Consider displaying outcomes on a notice board on site Do your collectors implement litter management controls at. for all to see You can publicise outcomes through the for all to see You can publicise findings through the all times Eg covering loads during collection handling and. 9 Provide recycling bins with clear signage Colour code or Master Builder magazine and other media transportation of materials. Master Builder magazine and other media, label waste bins and protect them from contamination.
rain and wind where feasible,CAN YOU PROVIDE ME WITH DETAILS. 10 Provide regular waste bins for food scraps and,household waste during construction. OF YOUR RECYCLING STATISTICS,AND THE PROPORTION OF RECEIVED. 11 Work with suppliers consultants recycling companies. or Trade365 com au to take or sell separated waste. MATERIALS THAT ARE RECYCLED, streams This will allow you to determine how much effort they. actually put into recycling and diverting waste from landfill. 12 If possible secure recycling bins at night and weekends Recycling companies use percentage of residual to landfill. to prevent rubbish dumping in recycling bins as a KPI Ask about offsite recycling procedures and facilities. especially at Christmas time Your load could become you may be able to access reports. contaminated and rejected from a recycling company. 11 Rather than adding to landfill we have an offsite storage unit. that houses leftover materials for later use on construction. sites The stock is reviewed regularly and surplus or damaged. items are recycled VENTURA HOMES GROUP,MANAGEMENT What is a waste management plan.
PLAN A waste management plan is an important document. to assist builders to meet contractual budgetary and. environmental goals by reducing waste from their projects. It sets out responsibilities and targets for waste. management through the project from the design stage. through to completion,Waste management plan checklist. This checklist can be downloaded from,www mbawa com. Project Name,Project Location,Responsible Manager,Project Tick if. Checklist questions Action proposed Tips, Internal Have you internally agreed on the Responsible staff need sufficient. Planning need for a waste management plan enforcement powers to make sure. and allocated staff responsibility others comply with the plan. Have you checked any Check with the tendering documents. tendering contractual or Green Building Council or other. rating tool requirements for a rating body to determine what is. waste management plan required to meet any targets. Have relevant subcontractors Share responsibility for waste. agreed to follow the waste management with subcontractors. management plan, Design Have material quantities been Minimise wastage allowances.
selected to minimise over ordering, Has consideration been given Consider ordering from. to the use of secondary and recycling facilities,recycled materials Investigate whether you can. reuse materials from your,other construction jobs, Can unwanted packaging be returned Choose suppliers who will. to the supplier for recycling or re use take back packaging and off. Can unused materials be returned to cuts and recycle them Ask. the supplier or used on another job suppliers to backload wastes. Design Have designers used standard,material sizes wherever possible. 13 We recycle 8 820 tonnes of waste each year SUMMIT HOMES GROUP. Project Tick if Project Tick if, Checklist questions Action proposed Tips Checklist questions Action proposed Tips.
stage yes stage yes, Project Has responsibility for waste Documentation in subcontract Have toolbox talks or inductions Include a waste training. Planning management planning and orders is desirable been planned for all site personnel component in site inductions. compliance with environmental Provide for back charges if about waste management onsite. legislation been communicated to all waste is not separated. staff and identified subcontractors Are selected waste materials. separated to allow best value, Have you identified likely Use bills of quantities and to be obtained from recycling. waste arising how much previous experience waste management practices. when and what types, Are containers bins clearly labeled Locate bins for different waste. Has an area of the site This may require more to avoid confusion contamination streams close to the work places. been designated for waste planning on small sites generating material for recovery. management and bins, During operations have you Make sure the bins do not overfill. Has the time between delivery Check quantity condition and monitored that waste is being and ensure that all workers. of materials and installation quality of goods on delivery reject placed in the bins correctly know their obligations. been minimised to reduce the inferior goods if their quality will. risk of damage to materials result in additional waste Refuse During site operations are barriers. which turns into waste oversupply as compensation for to good waste management. inferior quality or condition noted for incorporation into the. post completion review,Have waste targets been set for.
the different types of waste likely Have you made sure that the Take special care to secure bins. to arise from the project bins are where possible around Christmas time when illegal. removed from view to help avoid dumping becomes more frequent. Have measures been put in place to Note obligations under the illegal dumping of rubbish. deal with any hazardous waste Contaminated Sites Act to report. sites containing material harmful Post Has a final report of use of recycled. to humans or the environment materials waste reduction and. separation with costs and savings, Controlled wastes which include identified been completed. asbestos clinical or related waste, tyres and batteries cannot be Have key waste management. disposed of at many landfill sites successes been considered for. and should be separated action at future projects, Have you considered the implications Set aside an area for wash downs Have you considered promotional Submit successes to. of the disposal of liquid wastes such Protect storm drains opportunities for any successes mba mbawa com Distribute. as wash down water and lubricants from liquid wastes eg awards programs local media media releases to local newspapers. industry media eg Master Builder or organise an interview with. Have you checked any requirements It is best to prevent any silty or magazine or in staff newsletters a local radio station to discuss. for water wastes with the other discharge at source rather your achievements. Water Corporation or Swan than causing a problem The. River Trust if applicable best way to prevent discharge is. to ensure that stormwater and,drainage is properly managed. Have opportunities been Consider having onsite crushing or. considered for re use or compacting equipment Government. reprocessing of materials onsite approval may be required. Have opportunities been Consider using unwanted,considered for re use or fill on other sites.
reprocessing of materials offsite, Project Have you researched disposal Remember that there may be. Planning costs for separated waste that lower disposal costs for separated. may have a commercial value wastes Some wastes will be. accepted at no charge by recyclers,and some waste streams may. even attract a rebate eg metal,Recycling Has responsibility for waste. management onsite and compliance,with environmental legislation. been assigned to a named,individual regularly onsite.
Waste management plan template,This template can be downloaded from. www mbawa com ILLEGAL DID YOU, Note that you will need to tailor this plan to allow for the. type of waste that your job is likely to produce and to suit. the type of wastes that you decide to separate if you use. the source separation recycling system,DUMPING KNOW. HOW TO REDUCE YOUR RISK 1 155 411 tonnes of construction. Project Clean building sites are less likely to be targeted by demolition C D waste was recycled. illegal dumpers,Site Address,in the 2011 2012 financial year. Display warning signs on your building site Building. sites with no warning signs to deter illegal dumping are. in WA Hyder Consulting, Subcontractors involved far more likely to be targeted by illegal dumpers.
Responsible site manager If you are concerned about where your waste is being The C D sector made up the highest. deposited ask for weighbridge tickets to be produced proportion of recycling activity by. Be aware that Christmas and holidays see spikes in weight during 2011 12 accounting. Material Quality illegal dumping,for over 45 of the material. Total Reused Reused Recycled Recycled Sent to Sent to Contractor. waste onsite offsite for use for use recycling landfill used. recovered for recycling in WA,WHAT DO TO IF YOU ARE A VICTIM. onsite offsite facility Hyder Consulting,OF ILLEGAL DUMPING. Soil fill sand The Environmental Protection Act provides for fines. for individuals or corporations of up to 62 500 and. 125 000 respectively for illegal dumping,Between 2009 2010 and 2011 2012. Rock rubble, If you are a victim you can call your local council or the illegal Western Australia s recovery rate for.
Concrete dumping hotline on 1300 766 541 Alternatively you can report. the complaint online at www kabc wa gov au illegal dumping. C D waste increased by more than, You will need to report the following information 31 Interpolated from Hyder Consulting. Plasterboard,Street location of illegally dumped material. Types of dumped materials and whether you believe,Bricks pavers that this may be a hazard. Timber Date and time of dumping,Plastics PVC, Name addresses and car registration if applicable of. the people responsible, Metal Photograph of the incident to assist in any investigation.
or prosecution,Green waste, It is also helpful if the dumped material is left in the. state it is found if possible because it is evidence that. could be used in court,Hazardous paint,oil asbestos. of total 100,17 We use a Computer Assisted Design CAD. system that allows us to calculate exact,quantities of materials needed such as bricks. timber concrete and steelwork to ensure,accuracy when ordering We are able to operate.
at a waste level of 2 5 CELEBRATION HOMES,WASTE REDUCTION WHY MEASURE WASTE REDUCTION. Demonstrate what and how much waste has been, reduced to demonstrate the success of your efforts. HOW TO CALCULATE RECYCLING RATES,Recycling rates can be measured by weight and. are calculated out according to the equation, Keep staff engaged and motivated by providing regular Recycling rate R tonnes x 100. updates on achievements You could demonstrate, recent and ongoing achievements by displaying a graph W tonnes.
or a set of figures,Where R material recycled tonnes i e all of. Meet possible recycling requirements as part of your the recycling streams added together. contract or requirements to achieve Master Builders. W total material collected in tonnes,Green Living Program accreditation or Green Star. for both waste and recycling,It is important that R and W are calculated over. the same time frame and should include all,HOW TO MEASURE WASTE REDUCTION. waste streams, The following steps can be followed to measure the amount of.
waste that is reused and reduced on site In order to allow credible robust reporting of. the recycling rate data should be collated each, 1 Quantify materials used in the project month that detail. 2 Compare to amount that would have been produced if. normal ordering margins had, Total waste and recycling deposited at a recycling. facility or landfill given in tonnes, 3 Estimate the amount of waste that is avoided reduced The percentage of contamination where this data. and reused onsite and record these amounts in your relates to recycling streams and is available. waste management plan,A summary of total waste in tonnes and total. The following process can be followed to measure the recycling in tonnes collected. amount of waste that is recycled, 4 You can consider appointing a quantity surveyor or.
consultant to undertake this work for larger projects. SOURCE SEPARATION, 1 The data must be collected in the form of invoices or CO MINGLED WASTE. dockets received from the recycling facility at the point. 1 You can ask your co mingled recycling company to. of material drop off at each facility for each load. provide you with reports, 2 The quantity by weight should be recorded for all waste detailing what materials were recycled and what. and recyclables leaving the site Some facilities are percentage of the material they received was recycled. unable to provide tonnages and instead provide the. 2 You will also need to estimate the amount, quantity in cubic metres This data must be converted. of waste if any that could not be sent to the co,to weight so that a standard measure is used The. mingled recycling company, calculation used to convert a known volume of material.
to weight is specific to the waste stream type and level. of compaction Consult your recycler, 3 I t s useful to store the information in a simple. spreadsheet so that you can track how much is being. recycled and calculate recycling rates as a percentage. of all waste removed from site, 19 We keep materials in their packaging for as long. as possible and store them on flat solid ground,to reduce the risk of them being damaged and. turned into waste BROOKFIELD MULTIPLEX, HANDY HINTS FOR Always form up an area of path or low grade slab ready. SUBCONTRACTORS,Make sure you are aware of any waste.
to accept remnants,reduction initiatives the builder is. undertaking before starting the job Use the designated area for mixing and washdown. BRICKLAYING ELECTRICAL SERVICES, Have bricks dropped around the perimeter to save Use sub boards and plan wiring to reduce wiring. damage in transporting to place of use and to minimise distances quantities waste and cost. Recycle off cuts Strip insulation from copper which can. Use appropriate mortar strength softer mortar saves be sold. cement and helps in recycling, Use PVC free insulated cable it lowers leachate toxicity. Set aside brick straps for recycling, Consider pulse switching and intelligent controls to. Use a brick supplier who actively recycles their waste reduce cabling and energy use. and uses recycled materials in their packaging eg,stickless packs.
Use the designated area for mixing and washdown Separate construction glass from other glass such as. drink bottles, CARPENTRY Glass can also be recycled as aggregate talk to your. Use engineered timber products that make efficient use recyclers. of materials where possible, Please note that glass recycling is currently limited in WA. Use sustainably sourced timber, Prepare accurate cutting lists before ordering PAINTING. Give joiners a copy of the cutting list Ensure that Never clean brushes or rinse paint containers into a. street gutter or drain, carpenters have a complete cutting list to allow efficient. timber use,When you are finished working squeeze out excess.
paint back into the paint tin, Use joinery profiles that can be easily and invisibly. joined to reduce off cuts, Seal the lid securely and store the paint upside down. which creates an airproof seal around the lid Keep. Use off cuts wherever possible,excess paint for future touch ups. CONCRETING,PLASTERING PLASTERBOARD, Use concrete with recycled aggregate where possible. Buy plasterboard from suppliers who recycle,Utilise reinforcement made from recycled steel.
Sort off cuts and store on site for return to recycler. Form up accurately and minimise wastage Up to 10, percent is regularly wasted Keep off cuts clean and dry. Return surplus to the supplier for recycling Carry useful sized off cuts to other work areas. Buy from plants that wash out cement to allow recycling Metal screws and fixings should be kept out of. separated bins,of sand and aggregate, Crush smash remnants into small pieces before final. set to allow later use as backfill or recycling, We carry out regular waste audits to identify areas where we are. 21 over ordering CELEBRATION HOMES,FACILITIES THAT RECYCLE SINGLE MATERIAL LOADS. View the most up to date recycling facilities at mbawa com. Material that can be recycled Contact Waste accepted. Aluminium and metal is 100 ALLIED METAL RECYCLERS All metals of metallic nature lead. RECYCLING FACILITIES, percent recyclable Recycling FERROUS YARD based batteries brass copper.
aluminium reduces embodied aluminium all clean steel. 35 Felspar Street Welshpool WA 6106, energy by 95 percent Offers a bin collection service. P 9451 6818,Tin and other metals can Charges may apply. be recycled too ROCKINGHAM, Payments are sometimes made 22 Crompton Road Rockingham WA 6168. for metals by recyclers,P 9591 2424, Steel Recycling furnaces produce www alliedmetalrecyclers com au. reinforcing bar mesh and sections,from steel scrap Recycling steel.
C D DODD SCRAP METAL RECYCLERS All metals and batteries. reduces embodied energy by, an estimated 72 percent 521 Dundas Road Forrestfield WA 6058 Offers a bin collection service. P 9352 8014 Opening hours,cindy recyclers com au Mon Thurs 7 30am 4 00pm. www recyclers com au Fri 7 30am 3 30pm, COLLINS RECYCLING All metals electrical cables copper. 16 Kembla Way Willeton WA 6955 tubes and brass tap wear. P 9457 3973 Builder or contractor must take, wisey2001 bigpond com recyclable materials to facility. www collinsrecycling com au Will pay builders for non ferrous materials. GO RECYCLE Ferrous and non ferrous scrap, 69a Windsor Road Wangara WA 6065 metals and batteries.
P 0487 337 886 Offers a bin collection service or, mike gorecycle bigpond com builder can take recyclable materials. www gorecycle com au to facility Call to discuss,Will pay for some metals. Opening hours,Mon Fri 7 00am 4 00pm,Sat 8 00am 12 00pm. SIMS METAL MANAGEMENT All ferrous and non ferrous metals. PERTH including steel aluminum copper lead,brass cable car bodies car batteries. 200 Barrington St Spearwood WA 6163,white goods and many more items.
P 9434 2222 I F 9418 5030,Offers a bin collection service Free of. PERTH charge if quantities are sufficient,150 Welshpool Rd Welshpool WA 6106. P 94519877 I F 9458 5919,KALGOORLIE,100 Forest St Kalgoorlie WA 6430. P 90211041 I F 90913326,PORT HEDLAND,15 Peawah St Wedgefield WA 6721. P 91722460 I F 91723213,2526 Coolawanya Rd Karratha WA 6714.
P 91852277 I F 91441193,In all cases e mail is,simswa au sims group com. www au simsmm com, Material that can be recycled Contact Waste accepted Material that can be recycled Contact Waste accepted. Bricks and tiles can be AUSTRAL BRICKS Bricks and bristle and clay tiles but Glass can be cut and GLASS SANDS Currently accepting container glass Expect. re used where appropriate or Armadale and Bellevue must be strictly uncontaminated reused or recycled as aggregate for 13 Glassford Rd Kewdale WA 6105 to be accepting plate glass Please ring. crushed on site or offsite for Brickworks Offers a pick up service cost concrete Recycling glass reduces to ascertain their acceptance of glass. M 0450682902, backfill aggregate and gravel shared with builder embodied energy by 20 percent Also accept steel and aluminium 35 tonne. P 9261 9999 karl keywee com au, Portable crushing plants can Please note that construction. Builder must take recyclable, be used for large projects glass recycling opportunities.
MIDLAND BRICK Clay bricks clay pavers clay roof tiles materials to facility. For information on brick strap in Perth are limited. and clean brick rubble Also accepts, recyclers in Perth please see the MAIN RECYCLING FACILITY. a small amount of plastic strapping,plastics section of this directory MIDDLE SWAN. that is used to pack bricks PERTH GLASS RECYCLERS Container glass. 102 Great Northern Hwy, It is a requirement that all returned product is 53 Felspar Street Welshpool WA 6106 Soon to be accepting and recycling. Middle Swan WA 6056, free from contaminants such as cement wood Mitch 0400 848 658 construction and demolition. Takes trailer loads or small paper including lunch wraps and newspaper glass Please call for details. trucks up to 5 tonnes cardboard metal and other building materials. Note container glass needs to be kept, Builder must take recyclable materials to separate from window glass If ceramic.
facility No cost in taking bricks back material is included with container glass. 4 Armadale Rd Jandakot WA 6164 it is contamination and the whole load of. Takes one standard trailer or glass may be rejected from recycling. utility load per person, Paper Cardboard Uncontaminated ORORA RECYCLING Cardboard all types of clean cardboard. JOONDALUP paper and cardboard materials and cardboard boxes Newsprint clean not. Deliveries, 16 Franklin Lane Joondalup WA 6027 can be recycled in Perth 3 Bell Street Canning Vale WA 6155 sunburnt. Takes one standard trailer or Magazines magazines books brochures. Head office, utility load per person Office paper photo copy scrap envelopes. 3 Madison Street Canning Vale WA 6155,computer printouts etc Aluminium and Steel. OSBORNE PARK P 9256 6103 I M 0418 306 002 Plastics some grades of clean plastics. annette debenham ororagroup com including PET HDPE LDPE. 8 Parkland Rd Osborne Park WA 6017,www ororagroup com.
Enquires welcome for other grades,Takes one standard trailer or. of recyclable product,utility load per person,Collection of most products can be. For larger quantities of material that is arranged Rebates paid at market prices. suitable for recycling please contact Alf, D Angelo on 0401 896 840 prior to making RECYCLING WASTE SOLUTIONS Paper and cardboard. any arrangements or arriving at the main yard 53 Felspar Street Welshpool WA 6106 Offers a bin and pick up service. P 13 15 40 Mitch 0400 848 658,www recyclingwastesolutions com au. RED SAND SUPPLIES Clean clay bricks colours separated. 92 Hope Valley Rd Hope Valley WA 6165 clean terracotta roof tiles clean Plasterboard C WISE Plasterboard off cuts must. limestone blocks and steel be completely clean, P 9417 9068 I M 0418 896 655 139 Nambeelup Rd Nambeelup WA 6207.
redsands amnet net au Does not accept demolition,waste clean fill or asbestos P 08 9581 9582. www redsandsupplies com au info cwise com au, Materials can be co mingled however www cwise com au. higher charges will apply, Builder can deliver recyclable materials REGYP Gyprock plasterboard virgin gypsum. to facility or company will provide a board off cuts gypsum ceilings. Bushmead road Hazelmere WA 6055, collection service for large loads floors walls and cornice and chemical. P 1300 473 497,precipitate gypsum eg FDG, Concrete set concrete can be Rubble concrete bricks bitumen orders regyp com au.
CAPITAL RECYCLING www regyp com au perth Materials must be clean. crushed and recycled as aggregate sand glass and rocks. for new concrete or road base and BAYSWATER Offers a collection service. Builder must take recyclable, fill Un set concrete can be washed materials to facility. out at the plant to remove cement 34 Jackson Street Bayswater WA 6053. Sand and stone can be reused,Lot 313 Abercrombie Rd Postans WA 6167. 39 Briggs Street Welshpool WA 6106,P 9279 4599,www capitalrecycling com au. On one site we had our organic materials stripped from site and. taken to an organic fruit farm for composting and reuse HIGHBURY HOMES. We level and cut sites when the slab is laid to remove any excess sand. 25 so that it can be used as clean fill rather than becoming contaminated. waste CELEBRATION HOMES, Material that can be recycled Contact Waste accepted FACILITIES THAT RECYCLE MULTIPLE SINGLE MATERIAL LOADS. Plastics including brick straps CLAW ENVIRONMENTAL Plastic Codes 2 4 5 and 6 Material that can be recycled Contact Waste accepted. Many plastics can be granulated 5 Forge Street Welshpool Please feel free to enquire for other codes. Multiple waste materials Accepts ALL EARTH GROUP Cardboard plastics steel rubble sand and. and re used to make new plastic WA 6106 rear factory Charges and rebates vary depending on multiple separated waste streams concrete Clean fill sand free of charge. products and include cleanliness of the material and whether 42 Kelvin Road. P 9333 4888 Offers a bin delivery and pick up service. High Density polyethylene there are multiple plastics mixed together Maddington WA 6109. admin clawenvironmental com, HDPE rubbish bins buckets www clawenvironmental com CLAW Environmental is available to visit P 08 9459 9588.
and traffic cones your site and advise on the plastics www allearth com au. Low Density polyethylene LDPE available for recycling Shredding and. shrink wrap and bubble wrap granulation services are available EARTH CARE Metals timber paper and cardboard. Strapping needs to be clean free from 10 Whyalla Court Bibra roof tiles gyprock plastic cement. Polystyrene containers insulation, contaminants and metal clips etc Lake WA 6163 must be separated. UPVC pipes fittings and flooring,Commercial companies with a large P 9434 2500. quantity of ongoing plastic waste francis earthcare net au. may consider employing compacting www earthcare net au. technologies onsite that could save, the builder money in the long term INSTANT WASTE Rubble sand brick and concrete. MANAGEMENT, DCG RECYCLING Plastic bulk or baled Recycling codes. 2 4 and 5 Must be clean and free of all 50 Clune Street. 4 Hyne Rd South Guildford WA 6055, contaminants and segregated by code Bayswater WA 6053.
P 9277 1500, Cardboard bulk or baled Must be clean and P 9379 2111. gavin damiencole com au,free of all contaminants www instantwaste com au. www dcgrecycling com au,Provides a bin and collection service. SOLO RESOURCE RECOVERY All waste materials except liquid waste. FIBOPOST Code 1 plastics including brick can be placed in bins Can organise. straps and loose bottles 59 Burlington Street, Unit 1 8 Iron Street Malaga WA 6090 for removal of liquid waste Offers a. Naval Base WA 6165, P 9341 8306 I M 0433 182 278 Provide bag and pick up service bin delivery and pick up service.
at central location P 0437 205 761,ajw fibopost com. www solo com au, www fibopost com Builder can also deliver recyclable. materials to facility, VEOLIA ENVIRONMENTAL Timber steel cardboard general. Free of charge for collections over two tonnes waste etc must be separated. SINO PLASTIC RECYCLING Accept and recycle Code 1 PET P 9418 9300 Can organise for removal of hazardous waste. 157 159 Welshpool Road including brick straps Code 2 HDPE www veoliaes com au. Welshpool WA 6106 Code 4 LDPE and Code 5 PP, P 9451 5005 Provide a bin bag and pick up service ADVANCE WASTE DISPOSAL Bricks sand concrete timber scrap. admin sinoplasticrecycling com au Builder can also deliver recyclable Malaga steel paper and cardboard large. materials to facility volumes and plastics large volumes. P Nth 9249 8289, Soil Can be stockpiled See multiple waste recyclers P Sth 9339 1491.
for reuse as fill Irene advancewastedisposal com,Trevor advancewastedisposal com. Timber Can be reclaimed reused RJD CONTRACTING All timbers apart from H3 and H4 and www binhireperth net. or re processed into flooring MASTER BUILDERS MEMBER green timbers fallen trees etc. or horticultural mulch where Offers a pick up service JUMBOBAG Accepts all waste streams. Ryan Davies 0439 703 010,permitted under local regulations. rjdcontract gmail com P 03 9681 7838 Bags can either be collected from a. www rjdcontracting net au jumbobag com au retailer or sent from Jumbobag. EMRC Grade 1 separated untreated timbers Offers a pickup service. HAZELMERE RECYCLING CENTRE softwoods and hardwoods separated. including pallets packaging and THE BIN GUYS Accepts timber that is not painted or. 77 Lakes Road Hazelmere WA 6055 CCA copper chromium arsenic treated. crates off cuts 1 5m and particle 9 Rogers Way Landsdale WA 6065. P 9274 7807 board chip board and low pressure paper and cardboard gyprock green. P 1800 884 884 9300 3400, www emrc org au hazelmere laminated board 80 tonne waste metals plastics bricks concrete. thebinguys westnet com au, resource recovery park html and sand Offers a bin pick up service. Grade 2 Large and heavy separated www thebinguys com au. untreated timbers softwoods and hardwoods,separated 90 tonne.
Contaminated 250 tonne,Builder must deliver recyclable. materials to facility, CO MINGLED BIN RECYCLING CONTRACTORS WASTE TRANSFER LANDFILL STATIONS THAT RECYCLE SOME MATERIALS. Contact Waste accepted Transfer Station Accepts Recycles. ALL EARTH GROUP All materials can be placed in the bin except liquid waste BAYSWATER RECYCLING All construction materials except Metals cardboard plastic and glass. including oil and paint asbestos and food scraps FACILITY CLEANAWAY asbestos or hazardous waste bottles Metals should be placed on top of. 42 Kelvin Road Maddington WA 6109 waste and cardboard must be clean and. 271 Collier Road Bayswater WA 6053 Charges for all waste apart. P 08 9459 9588 from clean cardboard separated from the rest of the waste. www allearth com au P 9272 5572,Mon Fri 7 30am 4 00pm and. All materials can be placed in the bin except Sat Sun 10 00am 4 00pm. INSTANT WASTE MANAGEMENT, 50 Clune Street Bayswater WA 6053 oil paint asbestos and food scraps WASTE STREAM MANAGEMENT CLASS All construction and demolition waste Concrete bricks bitumen clean. 1 LANDFILL AND RECYCLING CENTRE Charges for all waste applies sand limestone and steel. P 9379 2111, www instantwaste com au Ratcliffe Road Kwinana WA 6167.
33 Kew Street Welshpool WA 6106, ADVANCE WASTE DISPOSAL All materials except asbestos tyres paint liquids P 9439 1300. MALAGA large tree stumps food or hazardous waste, NON ORGANIC DISPOSALS Bricks sand metal concrete Bricks sand metal and concrete. P Nth 9249 8289 CLASS 2 LANDFILL,P Sth 9339 1491 Lot 1441 Furniss Road. Irene advancewastedisposal com Landsdale WA 6065,Trevor advancewastedisposal com. P 9302 1205,www binhireperth net, CITY OF ARMADALE LANDFILL All construction materials Cardboard scrap metal sawn timber.
CLEAN SITE BINS All materials can be placed in the bin except sand AND RECYCLING FACILITY Either sorted or unsorted however clean sand brick rubble and concrete. Mike Moore 0429 907 565 concrete and asbestos however they can arrange for Hopkinson Road Hilbert WA 6112 unsorted is much more expensive. www cleansitebins com au these materials to be removed from your site P 9399 3935 Scrap metal and cardboard. Mon Sun 8 00am 7 45pm flattened and clean if separated. JUMBOBAG Accepts all waste streams www armadale wa gov au can be disposed of for free. P 03 9681 7838 Only accepts asbestos between,jumbobag com au 8 30am and 12 30pm. MATERA WASTE Accepts all materials except asbestos food waste RCG TECHNOLOGIES All construction materials except Clean fill. 23 Lionel Street Naval Base WA 6165 oil paint gas bottles tyres and batteries P 9407 5069 plastics timber tin green waste. P 1300 246 766 All materials can be brought in same trailer. apart from asbestos which must be wrapped, RSV GROUP All materials placed in the one bin except liquid waste and taped securely and transported legally. Lot 1314 Great Northern Hwy Bullsbrook WA 6084 tyres batteries chemicals or poisons and asbestos. ECO RESOURCES Bricks concrete timbers metals Bricks concrete timbers metals. P 08 9443 3777 Also has a drop off facility does not accept loads with more than. 165 Postans Rd Hope Valley WA 6165 cardboard plastics glass polystyrene cardboard plastics glass polystyrene. 2 timber cardboard products or 2 general rubbish plastics. sand and green waste sand and green waste,P 1300 798 785. THE BIN GUYS All materials except hazardous wastes liquids M 0488 011 108 Does not accept asbestos liquids. asbestos tyres and LPG cylinders ecores bigpond com paint oils etc hazardous chemicals. 9 Rogers Way Landsdale WA 6065 municipal waste food scraps. www ecoresourceswa com au,P 1800 884 884 9300 3400 30 00 m3 gst please. thebinguys westnet com au call for current prices,www thebinguys com au.
CITY OF CANNING All construction materials except Scrap metal and green waste. CARRAMAR RESOURCE INDUSTRIES Concrete bricks topsoil green waste and clean fill from putrescibles waste capable of if easily separated. Lot 502 Ranford Road, Neerabup No bin or bag service Builder must take waste materials to facility Canning Vale WA 6155 decomposition food waste wet waste. P 9405 3877 asbestos flammable liquids explosive,P 08 9231 0716. www crisands com au material contaminated material. bburnett canning wa gov au, www canning wa gov au W waste Inert waste neither chemically or biologically. transfer station reactive and will not decompose 145. 7 days 8 00am 4 30pm per tonne Mixed waste 167 per tonne. WELSHPOOL CENTRAL WASTE All class one products and green waste Loads Concrete bricks road base sand. TRANSFER STATION can be mixed or separated It is cheaper to steel tyres and clean green waste. 33 Kew Street Welshpool WA 6106 dispose of loads if they are separated. P 9439 1300,admin wastestream com au, During construction we use recycled sand under our housing slabs. which is important as the amount of basic raw materials in Perth is.

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