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Leading District and School MTSS Implementation What Does It Take Courtney Buck amp Tawny Smith 4 12 18 miblsi org 2 Acknowledgments Kim St Martin Claire MacArthur Our Panelists Michael Bob Grover Chippewa Hills School District Simone Margraf Portland Public Schools Michael Porco Godwin Heights High School Rebecca Rotary Fowler Public Schools 3 Group Expectations Be


Acknowledgments,Kim St Martin,Claire MacArthur,Our Panelists. Michael Bob Grover Chippewa Hills School District,Simone Margraf Portland Public Schools. Michael Porco Godwin Heights High School,Rebecca Rotary Fowler Public Schools. Group Expectations,Be responsible,Attend to the Come back together signal. Active participation Please ask questions,Be Respectful.
Please allow others to listen,Please turn off cell phone and pagers. Please limit sidebar conversations,Share air time,Please refrain from email and Internet browsing. Take care of your own needs,Identify resources that may be adapted to fit. your local context,Develop next steps based on ideas and. strategies shared to support local,implementation efforts.
1 0 MIBLSI District Model Overview,2 0 Panel Discussion. 3 0 Questions from the Audience,4 0 End of Session Evaluation. MIBLSI District Model Overview,We are an intensive technical assistance. program for the implementation of an,integrated behavior and reading MTSS model. that focuses on research based practices in,behavior reading and implementation science.
to ensure sustainability and scalability,MIBLSI s District Wide Approach. Schools need to be supported across the,implementation process. District create an implementation infrastructure to. support schools,It encompasses,Forming a District Implementation Team. Ensuring there is a conduit from central office called a. Liaison who is represented on the team,Identifying a MTSS Coordinator. Implementation Infrastructure Components, Comprised of three components with distinct functions.
and two distinct roles,1 Executive Leadership,2 Administrative Team. 3 District Implementation Team,2 MTSS Coordinator,District Implementation Infrastructure. The District Implementation Infrastructure is comprised of three entities with distinct functions and. two distinct roles The entities include Executive Leadership an Administrative Team and a District. Implementation Team or DIT One distinct role is a Liaison who is part of both the District Executive. Leadership Team and DIT and understands the important functions of each team The other distinct. role is a MTSS Coordinator who provides coordination and support of implementation across the. The role of each team is as follows, District Executive Leadership vison policy priority allocation of resources and barrier removal. Administrative Team Execute the district s vision provide oversight and governance for school. policies quality assurance in the use of curriculum materials instructional methodologies and. assessments and barrier removal, District Implementation Team K 12 perspective for EI use provides input and assists with shaping. district processes and procedures that will ensure good selection and sustained use of Eis data. analysis and on going planning communication of successes and barriers impeding EI use The. DIT is responsible for overseeing implementation supports to the schools which includes the use of. processes and procedures designed to ensure high quality use and sustainability of Eis. communication of barriers and effective use of data. Educational Cascade,Framework for Addressing Practices and Supports.
McIntosh and Goodman 2016,Activity 1 1,Turn and Talk with Partner. Does your district have structures in place to support. school level implementation, If so what structures does your district currently have in place. Is there alignment from the classroom to the district. level of the educational cascade,Implementation Drivers. Intentional supports in three critical areas that,will drive the use of the effective innovations. 1 Leadership,2 Organizational infrastructure,3 Competency.
Implementation Stages,Focus Stage Description, Should we Exploration A decision is made regarding the commitment to adopting a. do it Adoption practice or program effective innovation and to support its. successful use, Work to do it Installation Set up the infrastructure so the practice or program. right components can be successfully used Attend initial PD. Complete initial activities like establishing a team and the. data system develop an implementation plan, Work to do it Implementation Initial Implementation Begin to try out the program or. right practice components Work out the difficulties. Full Implementation Learn from the difficulties and improve. efforts Use of the program or practice is more routine. Work to do it Elaboration Expand the use of the practice or program to other. better locations settings or contexts taking into consideration the. learning from initial implementation, Work to do it Continuous Continue to refine and use the program or practice so its use. better Regeneration becomes easier Embed it within current practices.

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