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Kyle Fire Department Hays County ESD 5 Standard Operating Guidelines Title SOG SOP Section Subsection Active Membership and Associate Membership SOG A 1 Training Requirements SOG A 2 Suspension Dismissal SOG A 3 Appeal of Suspension Dismissal SOG A 4 Fitness for Duty Career Staff SOP A 5 Personal Appearance SOG A 6 Use of Department Credit Cards and Charges to Accounts SOG A 7 Health


Kyle Fire Department Hays County ESD 5,Standard Operating Guidelines. Title SOG SOP Section Subsection,Vehicle Fires SOG F 1. Traffic Control SOG F 2,Controlled Burn Response SOG F 3. Natural Gas and Propane Emergencies SOG F 4,Swift Water Water Rescue Response SOP F 5. Wildland Fire Response SOG F 6,Tanker Response SOG F 7.
Carbon Monoxide Emergencies Response SOG F 8,Lockout Alarms SOG F 9. StarFlight Response SOG F 10,Bee Swarm Response SOG F 11. Dangerous Weather and Hazardous Plan SOG F 12,HAZMAT Response SOG F 13. Bomb Threats SOG F 14,Mass Casualty Incidents SOG F 15. Weapons of Mass Destruction SOG F 16,Apparatus Response Protocol SOG G 1.
Driving Policy SOG G 2,Backing Fire Apparatus SOG G 3. Vehicle Maintenance SOG G 4,Collisions in Kyle Fire Department Hays County. ESD 5 Apparatus,Civilian Riders on Department Vehicles SOG G 6. Drive Up Incidents P O V s SOG G 7,First Responder Calls SOG H 1. Kyle Fire Department Hays County ESD 5,Standard Operating Guideline.
Subject Active Membership and Associate Membership. Effective Date July 1 2013,Authorized By Chief Clay Huckaby Section A 1. To establish the criteria for membership and to define the amount of active. participation members shall maintain in order to remain with the. Department, Voluntary membership with the Department shall be open to all individuals. who desire to serve have a reasonable potential to serve are physically. capable of performing the firefighting and EMS services we provide and. have a clear criminal history Members who do not remain active in the. judgment of the Chief shall be required to return all issued equipment until. they return to active status,III Procedure,All Volunteers Must. Complete an application that is approved by the Fire Chief As requested a. copy of current driver license and Social Security Card may need to be. Shall be provided a copy of the rules and policies of the Department must. sign a statement that he or she has read such rules and policies and must. agree to abide by the rules and policies stated in the manual. Shall complete a six month probationary cadet period during which the. individual s performance and retention with the Department will be. evaluated by his her Officers, During the probationary period the member will be provided two. Department T shirts and one uniform shirt and any PPE required by the. After completion of the six month probationary period the member will be. reviewed by his her Officer and the Chief for active membership status. To maintain active status in the department members must perform twelve. 12 hours per month of station stand by and or call response 50 of all. training sessions and must respond to a minimum of 5 calls each month. Firefighter EMT shall meet the following additional criteria. Must be 18 years or older, Must sign an agreement stating that he she will return all issued gear and.
equipment and that failing to do so will be subject to criminal prosecution. During the probationary period the FF EMT will also be provided any. necessary turnout gear All gear will be assigned as available after. completion of required training,Auxiliary Support Members. Must be 18 years or older, Must abide by all the rules and regulations set forth by the department and. the Support Auxiliary, During active operations all support auxiliary members work under the. direction of the IC or Rehab officer, Associate Members AM shall meet the following additional criteria. An AM is a member who is a non resident of the Department s response or. contract area or who is not employed within same To be considered for. Associate Membership a candidate must have a strong desire to. participate have the potential to serve the area in light of the individual s. status and or have prior fire rescue or EMS training that will be beneficial. to the Department The Chief retains full authority to allow membership of. AM s may have Firefighter Firefighter EMS or EMS status. All volunteers must notify their company officers if they will be. unavailable to respond to calls and meet their volunteer commitment. for an extended period of time,Kyle Fire Department Hays County ESD 5.
Standard Operating Guideline,Subject Training Requirements. Effective Date July 1 2013,Authorized By Chief Clay Huckaby Section A 2. To establish a policy regarding minimum training requirements for members to. maintain active status with Kyle Fire Department Hays County ESD 5. II Background, Training is the single most important element for a safe professional and. effective fire department It is imperative that all members are properly trained. on all aspects of firefighting to help safeguard his her life the lives of other. firefighters and the lives of those we serve,III Policy. A To maintain active status as a firefighter with Kyle Fire Department Hays. County ESD 5 all members must attend at least two training session per. month Failure to do so may result in the member being placed on. probation at which time active status may only be regained after approval. of the Chief or the Training Officer If after three months of probationary. status a member does not satisfactorily meet training requirements the. member s status with the department should be terminated. B Member s whose status has been terminated due to failure to meet. training requirements may reapply to the department after a period of not. less than six months from time of termination,IV Procedure.
A A member whose active status is in jeopardy due to failing to meet training. requirements will receive a verbal and written warning from the Chief or. Training Officer, B A member whose status is changed from active to probationary status will. receive a written notification from the Chief or Training Officer At this time. a meeting will be scheduled with that member and the Chief or his her. designee to discuss requirements and necessities to regain active status. C Exceptions and petitions for minimum training requirements may be made. to the Chief Under special circumstances the Chief may alter minimum. training requirements,Kyle Fire Department Hays County ESD 5. Standard Operating Guideline,Subject Suspension Dismissal. Effective Date July 1 2013,Authorized By Chief Clay Huckaby Section A 3. To establish a policy regarding suspension and dismissal of Kyle Fire. Department Hays County ESD 5 members, For the purpose of this policy the following definitions will be applied.
Suspension a set period of time not to exceed 1 one year as. determined by the Chief in which a member s status is inactive The. member may not respond to Kyle Fire Department Hays County ESD 5. incidents and will not represent him herself as a member of the department. Dismissal a member s status is changed to inactive and he she is no. longer a member of Kyle Fire Department Hays County ESD 5 The. member is responsible for returning all Kyle Fire Department Hays County. ESD 5 issued equipment and gear The dismissed member will not. represent him herself as a member of the department The suspended. member may re apply with the department after no less than 1 one year. from the date of suspension, A Any member may be dismissed or suspended as determined by the. Chief for actions and or behaviors that are not within the best interests or. reflect negatively on the fire department These actions and or. behaviors may or may not be associated with actual fire suppression. These activities may result from actions that take place outside the. confines of an emergency incident or scene, B The Chief will be the only person with the power to dismiss or suspend. members although any officer may make suggestions or. recommendations, C Any member who ignores disobeys or refuses to abide the standing. rules set forth by the Kyle Fire Department Hays County ESD 5. Standard Operating Guidelines should be cause for suspension or. D Intentionally disobeying a direct order from a ranking officer without. sound reason and or showing disrespect to a ranking officer may be. cause for suspension or dismissal, E Possession and or use of illegal narcotics or the misuse of legal. narcotics while in the performance of duties with the fire department will. be cause for suspension or dismissal, F Responding to an incident and or representing the department while.
under the influence of alcohol or otherwise mentally altered is expressly. prohibited, G Any member who is caught stealing or misusing Kyle Fire Department. Hays County ESD 5 s equipment will be suspended or dismissed. H Intentional falsification on a Kyle Fire Department Hays County ESD 5. application form Kyle Fire Department Hays County ESD 5 incident. report or an EMS patient run form will cause for suspension or. I Use of profanity or unlawful messages over a two way radio will be. cause for suspension or dismissal, J No Kyle Fire Department Hays County ESD 5 member shall accept. monetary gratuity or other compensation while in the performance of. activities associated with or resulting from their association with Kyle Fire. Department Hays County ESD 5 Any offer by an individual will be. referred to the officer in charge The gratuity will be accepted as a. donation to Kyle Fire Department Hays County ESD 5 and a receipt. may be offered The Chief must be made aware as soon as possible. whenever a donation is accepted Any member violating this will be. subject to suspension or dismissal, K Any member convicted of a felony or a Class A misdemeanor during. active status will be subject to suspension or dismissal depending upon. the circumstances surrounding the conviction The member may or may. not be suspended from his her normal duties following arrest but prior to. a final verdict,IV Procedure, A If any of the above circumstances occur the Chief will have a meeting. with the member At this time the Chief will discuss the related events. and the suspension or dismissal The terms of the suspension or. dismissal will be given both verbally and in writing Once the terms are. given the suspension or dismissal will be effective immediately. B Any member placed on suspension or dismissed may appeal this ruling. in accordance with Kyle Fire Department Hays County ESD 5. Standard Operating Guideline Appeal of Suspension Dismissal. Kyle Fire Department Hays County ESD 5,Standard Operating Guideline.
Subject Appeal of Suspension Dismissal,Effective Date July 1 2013. Authorized By Chief Clay Huckaby Section A 4, To establish a policy for the procedure of appealing a suspension or. dismissal by the Chief, Any person wishing to appeal a suspension or dismissal set forth by the. Chief has the right to do so to the Kyle Fire Department Hays County ESD. 5 Board of Commissioners,III Procedure, A The person wishing to appeal shall make the request in writing to the. Kyle Fire Department Hays County ESD 5 Board of Commissioners. This person has the right to speak on his own behalf at the Board of. Commissioners meeting prior to the Board of Commissioners decision. B The Chief will make every attempt possible to attend the meeting to. explain the circumstances and reason for suspension or dismissal If the. Chief is unable to attend he she must submit a written statement. explaining the circumstances and reasons for the suspension or. C The Board of Commissioners has three options to address the appeal. These options are,1 Affirm the Chief s action with a majority vote.
2 reverse the Chief s action by a 2 3 ballot or, 3 take no action thereby affirming the Chief s action. D The Board should deliberate this issue in Executive Session prior to. voting in open session, E If the Board cannot come to a decision the Chief s action is affirmed. F The Board of Commissioners decision will be final If the Chief s action is. approved or affirmed the suspension or dismissal will be carried out. immediately with time served If the Chief s action is reversed the person. will be allowed back onto the Fire Department at the same status and. rank he she was previously,Kyle Fire Department Hays County ESD 5. Standard Operating Procedure,Subject Fitness for Duty Career Staff. Effective Date July 1 2013,Authorized By Chief Clay Huckaby Section A 5.
To assure the health and safety of all personnel it is imperative that all. personnel report to work rested and in good mental condition. All employees and particularly those who respond to fire and EMS. emergencies shall report to work prepared to respond with 100 of their. mental and physical capabilities intact,III Procedure. In order to be prepared to respond with full capabilities to situations where. the safety of the firefighter EMT and others is dependent on clear thinking. and full physical ability each individual reporting for duty at 8 00 shall. Get at least six hours of sleep during the ten hours prior to. reporting to work, Recommended to cease all alcohol consumption 12 hours prior to. shift start, Arrive at work not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Arrive at work in uniform showered shaved and prepared to. respond to calls immediately upon arrival at the station. An individual who reports to work and appears to his her supervisor to be. impaired due to lack of sleep or other reasons will be sent home without. pay for the duration of the shift, All personnel need to arrive at the station in uniform presentable to the. public and ready to respond to emergencies immediately. Kyle Fire Department Hays County ESD 5,Standard Operating Guideline.
Subject Personal Appearance,Effective Date July 1 2013. Authorized By Chief Clay Huckaby Section A 6, To establish and promote a standard uniformed appearance for all members of. the Department, The Personal Appearance Standard Operating Guideline shall apply to all. members of Kyle Fire Department Hays County ESD 5, All Company Officers will be directly responsible for maintaining a standard. uniform appearance for all members,III Procedure,Dress Code.
A Officers shall routinely inspect the uniforms and other apparel of those. within their command for appearance and condition and shall take. corrective action if necessary Uniforms shall be clean and reasonably. wrinkle free, B One of the following is the minimum KFD standard uniform for members. Short sleeve uniform shirts,Duty KFD Shirt,KFD T shirts. C The following are uniform designations SOC ID card are required with all. Formal Short sleeve uniform shirt with patches trousers black belt. black polished footwear and approved insignia, Casual KFD Duty Shirt trousers black belt and black polished. Semi Casual KFD t shirts trousers black belt black polished. D KFD members are responsible for obtaining and maintaining the uniforms. and other apparel required for their assignment Members shall not remove. obliterate or alter any marking coding or other identifying sign placed on. clothing issued by the Kyle Fire Department Hays County ESD 5. E Kyle Fire Department Hays County ESD 5 shoulder patches left. shoulder and EMT patches right shoulder will be placed on uniform. standard dress shirts in a professional manner The Department uniform. supplier will install patches correctly at the member s expense This is. normally done when shirts are ordered, F KFD members shall not wear uniforms or any other issued apparel when off. duty except when authorized Members will not allow non KFD persons to. wear KFD issued clothing Under no circumstances will members wear KFD. uniforms when consuming alcohol or at any function where alcohol is being. consumed except during emergency response or at Department approved. Uniform Regulations,A KFD members shall wear the formal uniform.
1 When representing the Kyle Fire Department Hays County ESD 5. at a funeral award ceremony parade civic function or similar. 2 When designated by the Chief Officers or their designee. B KFD members shall wear the standard Duty Uniform between the hours of. 09 00 until 18 00 Monday through Friday and casual uniform at all times. when on duty and not in Duty Uniform All uniform shirts shall be neatly. tucked in the pants KFD members shall wear the standard or formal. uniform for any scheduled public interaction i e building inspecting pre fire. planning public education events or any assignment or detail requiring. meeting with or interacting with members of the public KFD members shall. wear the Duty Uniform while at the station and when responding to. emergencies In the event of a Department related court appearance. awards or other ceremonies and statements to the press KFD members will. make every effort to wear the standard dress as a minimum. G Badges and pins will be worn on the formal or standard uniform shirt as. 1 The breast badge will be centered over the left pocket and pinned to. the stitching as provided, 2 The nametag will be centered on the top edge of the right pocket flap. 3 Officers shall wear appropriate collar insignia in symmetrical pairs. one on each side and centered three quarters of an inch above the. bottom edge of the collar and three quarters of an inch from the from. the front edge of the collar The bell end of the bugle insignia shall. point toward the tip of the collar, 4 One Length of Service pin may be worn centered on the right pocket. 5 Awards bars including Phoenix bars may be worn centered on the. top edge of the left pocket flap, Note Only KFD issued badges or pins shall be worn Any exceptions must be. approved in writing by the Chief or Assistant Chief. H The SOC ID card will be worn on the casual or standard uniform at all. times It will be clipped in the right front quadrant of the shirt. I While in uniform members must wear black shoes or boots with the. following features,1 Round toes cowboy style boots are prohibited. 2 Leather uppers must be capable of being polished. 3 Standard lace on lace up shoes zipper inserts are permitted. 4 Buckles or tassels are not permitted,5 Must not have leather soles.
J While in uniform members must wear black navy blue or white socks. White socks may only be worn with boots or high top shoes. K While in uniform members will wear a black belt Other belts or unusual. buckles may only be worn with the written authorization of the Chief or. Assistant Chief, L While on duty members shall not wear earrings or other body piercing. jewelry Necklaces are discouraged due to safety concerns and if worn. shall be placed and remain inside the uniform shirt Other body adornment. such as piercing and tattoos must be kept covered by the uniform at all. times the member has contact with the public, M While wearing the standard duty uniform or casual uniform members may. wear the issued cap No caps shall be worn with the formal uniform except. special hats for memorial services,Personal Appearance Grooming. The overriding concern of the KFD is to ensure the proper seal of an SCBA. face piece and to project a professional appearance to the public shall govern. all rules regulating members grooming standards, A Partial beards and unshaven faces will not be allowed Moustaches. and small goatees will be permitted as long as they are neat and do. not interfere with the seal of an SCBA mask, B Mustaches shall be kept neatly trimmed at all times and shall not.
hang down more than 1 past the bottom lip, C Sideburns will not extend below the bottom of the earlobe and will not. be more than 1 inches wide at the base Mutton chops or bushy. sideburns are strictly prohibited, D Members with long hairstyles will ensure their hair is restrained. above the bottom of the collar of the standard uniform shirt during. training medical response and contained inside their helmet and or. hood during fire suppression activities so as to not pose a danger to. themselves,E Members shall keep their hair neat and combed. F Supervisors will advise those within their command of the grooming. G All personnel shall maintain good personal hygiene when at work and. when representing the Department,Kyle Fire Department Hays County ESD 5. Standard Operating Guideline, Subject Use of Department Credit Cards and Charges to Accounts.
Effective Date July 1 2013,Authorized By Chief Clay Huckaby Section A 7. The law requires that all expenditures by a public entity have a receipt. invoice or sales slip to confirm that the funds were spent for a legitimate. purpose When receipts are lost it places an undue work burden on the. Bookkeeper to contact the vendor request a copy of the receipt and follow. up to make sure a copy does get posted to the vendor s payment. With our credit card accounts and to some extent our charge accounts. there is very little time between the receipt of the monthly statement and the. need to process a check for payment If we fail to acquire those receipts we. either incur late fees from the vendor or lose our ability to charge to. accounts at those suppliers neither of which is acceptable if we want to. continue to efficiently conduct business All receipts including Fuel receipts. must be turned in with the apparatus unit number and the employee name. written on the receipt No exceptions,II Purpose, It is the purpose of this SOG to standardize the methods used to make. purchases with the Department credit card and to the Department s charge. accounts in order to improve our accountability,III Policies. A The individual who fails to turn in receipts will be ultimately responsible. for the justification of the expenditure If the expenditure is deemed to. be not justified or questionable the individual will be held personally. responsible for payment of the invoice until such time as either the. receipt is found or the expenditure is justified, B If an individual continually has difficulty securing receipts they will not be. allowed to conduct business on behalf of the Department. IV Procedure,A Use of Department Credit Card Gas Card.
a When one of the Department credit cards is taken from. Headquarters or from apparatus it shall be placed in the plastic. sheet protector envelop hanging inside the cab of the apparatus. b At the point of purchase the credit card will be removed from the. binder and used for the purchase, c Once back at the station the receipt will be placed in the book. keeper s box so it can be collect by the Bookkeeper. B Use of Department Charge Accounts, a Immediately following the purchase the detailed receipt will be. placed into the sheet protector envelop for safe keeping. b Upon return to the station or Headquarters the detailed receipt. will be placed in the book keeper s box with a description of what. the purchase was for,C Lost Receipts Procedure, a When the Bookkeeper becomes aware of a missing credit card. receipt he will first check the vendor account folders and the. bottom of the file cabinet for the receipt, b If the credit card receipt or any other receipt cannot be found he. will contact the individual Captain or Chief Officer responsible for. the card to determine who the user of the card was. c The Bookkeeper will then contact the purchaser user of the card. to request the receipt It will be the user s responsibility to. produce the receipt, d If the receipt is not forthcoming by the due date for payment of the.
invoice the Bookkeeper will present the missing charge to the. Chief Officers for payment approval and will place the charge on. the Missing Receipt Report provided to the Department. Administrator That report will identify as a minimum the vendor. the user of the credit card and the amount of the charge. e Failing to obtain the receipt from the user of the card or the. purchaser the Bookkeeper will contact the vendor and ask for a. duplicate receipt Notations of all contacts and requests will be. documented on the Missing Receipt Report and the missing. receipt will be tracked and reported to the Chief until the matter is.

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