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iBMD Series iBMD 2 7 Motor stall torque 2 7 Nm size 82 3 8 Nm size 82 5 1 Nm size 102 6 2 Nm size 102 14 5 Nm size 145 18 5 Nm size 145 29 Nm size 170 36 Nm size 170 K Shaft keway K with key NK without key CAN Communication interface CAN CANopen interface ETC EtherCAT interface Absolute encoders S1C Single turn 16 sin cos S1O Single turn 128 sin cos M1C Multi turn 16 sin


Bonfiglioli,Bonfiglioli one name,for a large international group. It was back in 1956 that Clementino Bonfiglioli This commitment can be seen too in the Group s. established in Bologna Italy the company that new trademark made up of three shapes and. still bears his name Now some fifty years later colours identifying Bonfiglioli s three main business. the same enthusiasm and dedication is driving areas Power Control Green Solutions and. Bonfiglioli to become the world s top name in symbolising a set of values that includes openness. power transmission and control solutions and respect for other cultures. Through directly controlled subsidiaries and, production plants around the world Bonfiglioli In a market in which excellent product quality. designs manufactures and distributes a complete alone is no longer sufficient Bonfiglioli also. range of gearmotors drive systems and planetary provides experience know how an extensive sales. gearboxes and boasts the most integrated network excellent pre sales and after sales service. offering on the market today and modern communication tools and systems. to create high level solutions for industry mobile. Now to emphasise its commitment to health machinery and renewable energy. safety and environmental sustainability Bonfiglioli. is adding the term green to the description of its. Innovative solutions,for industrial field, Bonfiglioli Riduttori today is one of the top brands Over the last several years automation industry. in the power transmission industry has undergone significant development The. The company s success is the result of a business constant demand for higher performance in an. strategy that relies on three fundamental factors area where mechanical and electronic sectors work. know how innovation and quality in synergy to achieve reliability performance. The complete range of Bonfiglioli brand cost effectiveness and ease of installation has. gearmotors offers excellent technical prompted Bonfiglioli Riduttori to develop an. characteristics and guarantees the highest integrated product in which the mechanical speed. performance Substantial investment and technical reducer brushless motor and electronic frequency. expertise have enabled the company to achieve an converter coexist in a single compact unit. annual production output of 1600000 units using, completely automated processes Bonfiglioli Vectron MDS delivers products and. Certification of the company s Quality System services for completely integrated inverter. by T V is proof of the high quality standards solutions. achieved These solutions complement Bonfiglioli s power. With the acquisition of the Vectron brand transmission and control offering to the industrial. Bonfiglioli is now established as leader of the sector. industrial automation sector,Since 1976 Bonfiglioli Trasmital s know how in.
Bonfiglioli offers excellent and integrated the power transmission industry has focused on. solutions for power transmission and control We special applications offering 100 reliability in. design manufacture and distribute a complete the manufacturing of gearmotors for mobile. range of motors gearmotors drive systems and machinery. planetary gearboxes This includes the full range of slew and wheel. Our solutions are used in a vast range of drive applications and gearboxes for wind turbine. applications all over the world in industry mobile pitch and yaw drive systems. machinery and automation to improve the quality Today Bonfiglioli Trasmital stands at the. of life and work on a daily basis forefront of the industry as a key partner to top. manufacturers worldwide,Advanced drive system,for industrial automation. Servo systems in industrial automation fields The drive has 14 on board I O s that are. exploits successfully the integration of each 4 digital IN 24Vdc general purpose configurable. servomotor and the relative drive as PSTOP NSTOP Enable Home Capture Step. The servomotors with integrated drives provide 3 digital OUT 24Vdc 250mA general purpose. higher flexibility for automatic machine 2 digital IN 24Vdc or 1 BTB OUT. manufacturers in terms of space optimization and 1 digital IN OUT 24Vdc with configurable. installation simplicity Benefits of this distributed function. system include reduction in both installation time 3 differential I O s configurable as Master. and cable and electrical cabinet costs incremental encoder or Absolute encoder input. The integrated solution reduces the total unit size Encoder emulation output PWM IN or OUT. by more than 35 compared to classical servo Auxiliary RS485 I O s extension port. drive solutions 1 Analogue IN 10V, In addition the servo motor with integrated The safe torque off STO function is integrated in. drive is provided of local I O for easy wiring of the drive The drive software has the following. distributed signals and proper interface for bus integrated movement features device profile. communication DS402 interpolated mode positioning extended. gearing function Ecam homing capture, The iBMD servo motors with integrated drive are Drive and motor protection are managed by the. available in four frames covering a stall torque combination of different controls I2t overload. range between 2 7 36 Nm The servomotors are short circuit overtemperature motor drive and. manufactured using class F insulation materials encoder overvoltage. Each servomotor has a KTY protective temperature, sensor integrated in the motor windings These servo motor drives are available with 560Vdc. operating temperature is constantly acquired voltage supply and degree of protection IP65. and monitored by the drive to prevent all risk of Plugged connectors are mandatory to assure IP65. damage to the motor irrespective of operating degree. conditions The housing is painted RAL 9005 black,Depending on the iBMD size the cooling method.
The servomotors are equipped with single turn is IC410 free ventilation or forced ventilation of. absolute or multi turn absolute encoders the sole drive thanks to integrated fans. Digital encoders with HYPERFACE protocol are,available according two operating principle. capacitive and optical with different resolution,An optional electromechanical holding brake. is available for all models as well as an internal. additional flywheel mass,The drive system can be controlled by a master. controller through EtherCAT or CANopen,interface or it can work in stand alone mode. for the application that do not require a strict,synchronism among the axes.
The iBMD is provided of an internal PLC that can,manage the entire machine cycle. The programmability uses ST language of IEC61131,environment with additional motion function as. interpolated mode Gearing Function ECAM or,Capture Thanks to its internal programmabity. every user can create its movement algorithm,allowing complex trajectories. Machinery system configuration, The new iBMD series of servomotors with sensitivity ensuring high quality position signal.
integrated drive represent a successful solution thanks to the close proximity of the encoder and. for space optimization and installation simplicity the interpolating drive The iBMD motor drives can. in complex automatic machinery architectures be supplied from a common DC bus allowing the. The iBMD servomotors are autonomous servo axis braking energy from any drive to be intrinsically. building blocks that allow the design integration recycled on any other axis on the network. and operation of large multi axis systems with, significant reduction of the cabinet size drastic As highlighted in the following system. reduction of wiring work and significant increase configuration the iBMD servomotors with. of flexibility and modularity integrated drive are controlled by a CANOpen or. EtherCAT controller linking together groups of, The integration of the motor and the drive servomotors and stand alone drives on a single bus. minimizes the electromagnetic compatibility system. System configuration,MOTION CONTROL,CONTROLLER BMI. 560V 24V DC SUPPLY,ACTIVE ACTIVE,BMD TQ BMD TQK,SYNCHRONIZED AXIS. Product range and designation of Bonfiglioli,servomotors with integrated drive.
The Bonfiglioli servomotors with integrated All motor variant and drive variant fields can. drive are available in seven sizes with stall torque assume only one value at a time These values are. comprises between 2 7 36 selected from a limited set of pre defined values. for each field in the designation,iBMD servo motors with integrated drive are. technically identified by their designation Is mandatory to select one of the possible choices. This consists of a succession of alphanumeric in all variants fields The variant can be missed. characters whose positions and values conform to only where a blank is a possible choice. precise rules and define the characteristics of the. product Housing of iBMD servomotors is painted RAL 9005. The complete designation provides a unique Silver dressing has to be intended for marketing. identification of the exact servomotor with and promotional purposes only. integrated drive configuration,Servomotors with integrated drive. Product designation,Designation of servomotors with integrated drive. Motor Variants Drive Variants,iBMD 82 2 7 3000 560 115 11 K S1C F24 CAN. Communication interface,CAN CANopen interface,ETC EtherCAT interface.
Brake or Flywheel,F24 Brake 24Vdc,F1 Flywheel,Absolute encoders. S1C Single turn 16 sin cos,S1O Single turn 128 sin cos. M1C Multi turn 16 sin cos 4096 turns,M1O Multi turn 128 sin cos 4096 turns. Shaft keway,K with key,NK without key,Shaft diameter. 11 size 82,14 size 82,19 size 82 102 145,24 size 102 145 170.
28 size 145 170,32 size 170,Mechanical interface,100 size 82 102. 115 size 82 102,165 size 145 170,Nominal DC voltage. Motor rated speed,3000 min 1,Motor stall torque,2 7 Nm size 82. 3 8 Nm size 82,5 1 Nm size 102,6 2 Nm size 102,14 5 Nm size 145. 18 5 Nm size 145,29 Nm size 170,36 Nm size 170,Motor size.
82 102 145 170,Mechanical interface, Concerning iBMD servomotors with integrated univocally defined by its geometrical dimensions. drive fixing dimensions for coupling motor with The flanges and the shafts of iBMD are described. other transmission components gearboxes joints by fixed geometrics according to standard IEC. is named Mechanical Interface 60072 1,Therefore the Mechanical Interface is a part of. the motor and includes both flange and shaft,Mechanical interface. of servomotor,Servomotor with integrated drive Gearbox. Transmission member, Mechanical interface connection flange trasmission shaft.
According to IEC 60072 1 the interface geometry is defined by quantities D E P M N S published in the. following drawing whose numerical values mm depend on motor size. The basic mechanical interface of iBMD servomotor with integrated drive is defined by the. dimensional sketch,Basic Mechanical Interface,iBMD 82 iBMD 102 iBMD 145 iBMD 170. 11x23 19x40 24x50,Shaft diameter x shaft length 14x30 24x50 28x60. 19x40 28x60 32x60,Flange square 82 100 102 102 145 170. Flange pitch holes diameter 100 115 100 115 165 165. Diameter of the spigot 80 95 80 95 130 130,Fixing holes diameters 6 5 9 7 9 11 5 11 5. Mechanical tolerances, Dimensions and tolerances of shaft extension key Component Dimensions Tolerance.
and flange are in accordance with IEC 60072 1, Shaft extension features an axial threaded hole in 9 28 j6. accordance with UNI 3221 DIN 332 Shaft end D mm, Tolerances for the different parts are reported in. the table Key F mm h9,Flange N mm 250 j6,Shaft loads. The loads in the following tables have been, calculated using ISO 281 calculation L10h 20 000h FR. The loads and speeds used are considered to be,constant throughout the life of the bearing The.
radial load FR is applied to the half shaft end, Size Maximum radial load FR N Maximum axial load FA N. 2 7 Nm 470 94,3 8 Nm 500 100,5 1 Nm 610 120,6 2 Nm 650 130. 14 5 Nm 1150 229,18 5 Nm 1200 240,29 Nm 1400 285,36 Nm 1500 305. Standards and directives, iBMD motors are manufactured in accordance with IEC TS 60034 25. applicable standards and Directive listed in the Rotating electrical machines. following tables Part 25 Guidance for the design and performance of. a c motors specifically designed for converter supply. IEC 60034 1 EN 60034 1 IEC 61800 5 1 EN 61800 5 1, Rotating electrical machines Adjustable speed electrical power drive systems.
Part 1 Rating and performance Part 5 1 Safety requirements Electrical thermal. and energy,IEC 60034 5 EN 60034 5, Rotating electrical machines IEC 61800 3 1 EN 61800 3 1. Part 5 Degrees of protection provided by the Adjustable speed electrical power drive systems. integral design of rotating electrical machines IP Part 3 EMC requirements and specific test methods. code Classification,IEC 60068 2 27,IEC 60529 EN 60529 Environmental testing. Degrees of protection provided by enclosures IP Code Part 2 27 Tests Test Ea and guidance Shock. IEC 60034 6 EN 60034 6 IEC 60068 2 6, Rotating electrical machines Environmental testing. Part 6 Methods of cooling IC Code Part 2 6 Tests Test Fc Vibration sinusoidal. IEC 60034 14 IEC 60034 14 Directives, Rotating electrical machines Low Voltage Directive 2006 95 EC. Part 14 Mechanical vibration Measurement, evaluation and limits of vibration severity Electromagnetic compatibility EMC 2004 108 EC.
IEC 60072 1, Dimensions and output series for rotating electrical. machines Part 1,Symbols and units of measure,Symbol U m Description. nn min 1 Rated speed,M0 Nm Stall torque,Mn Nm Rated torque. Mmax Nm Max torque,Upw Vdc Rated DC voltage of power module. Ipw Adc Rated DC current of power module,I0 pw Adc Maximum DC current of power module.
Ppw kW Rated electrical power,Pn kW Rated mechanical power. Jm kgm2 x 10 4 Motor moment of inertia without brake. Jmb kgm2 x 10 4 Motor moment of inertia with brake. mM kg Motor mass without brake,mMB kg Motor mass with brake. Jb kgm2 x 10 4 Brake moment of inertia,mb kg Brake mass. Mb Nm Brake torque,Pb W Brake electrical power at 20 C. Vb V Brake DC voltage,Ib A Brake current,t1 ms Brake engaging time.
t2 ms Brake release time,Ulog Vdc Logic DC voltage. Ilog Idc Logic DC current with digital output off,Tamb C Ambient temperature range. Torque speed characteristic, The permissible operating range of a brushless The voltage limit is usually lower than the. servomotor with integrated drive is limited by mechanical limit. thermal mechanical and electromagnetic limits The voltage limiting characteristic curve is. determined by the motor nominal speed,The thermal limit of the servomotor with. integrated drive is dependent on both the thermal Therefore the performance characteristics of a. class of the motor insulation system F and the servomotor with integrated drive are described by. thermal limit of the drive components To adhere a torque and speed operating area. to the temperature limits the torque must be The continuous duty zone is bordered by. reduced as the speed increases starting from the maximum continuous torque curve up to. stall torque M0 The maximum permissible torque the intersection with the voltage limit curve. is then dependent on the operation mode The Continuous duty in the area above the S1. characteristic curves are assigned for continuous characteristic curve is not thermally permitted for. duty S1 and intermittent periodic duty S3 20 the motor. S3 50 A transient high overload capacity up to The intermittent periodic duty zone is bordered by. Mmax is provided the peak torque line and the voltage limit curve. The speed range is limited by the maximum,mechanical speed and the voltage limit.
Voltage limit curve for,motor with rated speed,nn1 and nn2. Intermittent Periodic Duty,Continuous Duty,Speed min 1. iBMD 82 2 7 Nm,Parameter Symbol Unit,Motor rated speed nn min 1 3000. Standstill torque M0 Nm 2 7,Rated Torque Mn Nm 2 4. Max Torque Mmax Nm 8 4,Rated DC voltage of power module Upw Vdc 560.
Rated DC current of power module Ipw Adc 1 7,Maximum DC current of power module I0 pw Adc 7 4. Rated electrical power Ppw kW 0 91,Rated mechanical power Pn kW 0 75. without brake Jm kgm2 x 10 4 1 40,Rotor inertia,with brake Jmb kgm2 x 10 4 1 58. without brake mM kg 4 0,Motor mass,with brake mMB kg 4 7. Intermittent periodic duty,Continuous duty,0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000.
Speed min 1,iBMD 82 3 8 Nm,Parameter Symbol Unit,Motor rated speed nn min 1 3000. Standstill torque M0 Nm 3 8,Rated Torque Mn Nm 3 3. Max Torque Mmax Nm 11 0,Rated DC voltage of power module Upw Vdc 560. Rated DC current of power module Ipw Adc 2 1,Maximum DC current of power module I0 pw Adc 7 2. Rated electrical power Ppw kW 1 20,Rated mechanical power Pn kW 1 04.
without brake Jm kgm2 x 10 4 1 70,Rotor inertia,with brake Jmb kgm2 x 10 4 1 88. without brake mM kg 5 1,Motor mass,with brake mMB kg 5 7. Intermittent periodic duty,Continuous duty,0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000. Speed min 1,iBMD 102 5 1 Nm,Parameter Symbol Unit,Motor rated speed nn min 1 3000. Standstill torque M0 Nm 5 1,Rated Torque Mn Nm 4 5.
Max Torque Mmax Nm 16,Rated DC voltage of power module Upw Vdc 560. Rated DC current of power module Ipw Adc 2 9,Maximum DC current of power module I0 pw Adc 14 5. Rated electrical power Ppw kW 1 60,Rated mechanical power Pn kW 1 41. without brake Jm kgm2 x 10 4 3 70,Rotor inertia,with brake Jmb kgm2 x 10 4 4 24. without brake mM kg 6 3,Motor mass,with brake mMB kg 7 5.
14 Intermittent periodic duty,4 Continuous duty,0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000.

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