IBM MobileFirst Hands on Labs environment with Linux on z

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MobileFirst Lab,environment with Linux on z Systems and z OS. Part1 BASIC, Install IBM MobileFirst Server in Linux on z Systems in WebSphere Liberty Profile. Install IBM MobileFirst Studio to import and deploy a MobileFirst app. Deploy the Mobile app from the development environment to a production environment. Test the functionality in the Mobile Simulator included in MobileFirst Studio. Part2 ADVANCED, Familiarize with the concept of MobileFirst Adapters and structure. Experience with a CICS adapter to access a CICS service via JSON Mobile2CICS App. Make use of a SQL adapter and app for a DB2 MobileFirst App. Move the CICS and DB2 App into production and test the z OS access functionality. 2 2014 IBM Corporation, IBM positioning to solve the Mobilizing challenges. MobileFirst Platform An Enterprise Blueprint,Industry Solutions.
Banking Insurance Retail Transport Telecom Government Healthcare Automotive. Development Integration Services,IBM Partner Applications. Strategy Design Services,Application Data Platform. Management Security Analytics,Devices Network Servers. Cloud Managed Services,2014 IBM Corporation,IBM MobileFirst Foundation overview. IBM MobileFirst Studio,The most complete extensible environment with.
maximum code reuse and per device optimization,IBM MobileFirst Server. Unified notifications runtime skins version,management security integration and delivery. IBM MobileFirst Device Runtime Components, Extensive libraries and client APIs that expose and. interface with native device functionality,IBM MobileFirst Application Center. The Worklight Application Center can function as an. enterprise application storage to deploy mobile,applications across mobile platforms.
IBM MobileFirst Worklight Console,A web based console for real time analytics and. control of your mobile apps and infrastructure,2014 IBM Corporation. IBM MobileFirst Platform Server in WebSphere,Linux on z. MobileFirst Platform Server in WAS,Server side Java App Application Center SAP. Code WAS Enterprise App Store,Worklight Console JSON Translation.
Push Notifications Authentication z VSE z OS,Device Runtime HTTP REST CICS. Analytics Adapter Library,Application Code,Security and. Authentication,Back end Data,Integration, Worklight Video http www youtube com watch feature player embedded v zHnFw70XXXo. 2014 IBM Corporation,Mobile application overview diagram. Mobile Device Mobile Enterprise Application Platform MEAP. Caching Service Optional,Caching Service Optional,IBM MobileFirst Platform.
Client Side Server side App,Security Layer 1,Security Layer 2. App Code code,The App Application logic Portal,interaction Security access end. present authorization transaction,logic on Application logic and. Applications mobile Integration logic data,devices Push logic services Web Services. Salesforce com,Any SOAP service,A mobile application needs.
end to end consideration for zLinux z OS,Transactional integrity. Data integrity,Security HiperSocket, Mobile application integration is realized with Worklight Adapters. 2014 IBM Corporation,IBM MobileFirst Foundation Components Overview. MobileFirst Studio iOS MobileFirst Application Device Runtime. HTML5 Hybrid and Android Center Cross Platform,Native Coding Compatibility Layer. Development Team Provisioning,Optimization Blackberry Server Integration.
Application Code,Build Engine,Enterprise App Provisioning Framework. Integrated Device Phone and Governance,Encrypted and. Syncable Storage, 3rd Party Library Windows 8 App Feedback Management. Integration,Java ME Runtime Skins,WYSIWG Editor,and Simulator. Public App Stores Location based,Mobile Web Reporting for Statistics.
event handling,and Diagnostics,Functional,Testing Desktop Web Enhanced crash. platform level,exception capture,MobileFirst Server. Enterprise Backend Systems,Stats and Logs Aggregation. User Authentication Client Side,and Mobile Trust App Resources. Cloud Services,MobileFirst Console,Mashups and Service Direct Update.
Composition Unified Push and SMS Notification,JSON Translation Web Apps. Development and Operational Analytics,Geolocation Services. Unified Push App Version Management,Adapter Library for Notifications. Backend Connectivity,2014 IBM Corporation,IBM MobileFirst Studio Device Runtime. MobileFirst Studio iOS,HTML5 Hybrid and,Native Coding.
Optimization Blackberry,Build Engine,Windows Phone. Integrated Device,3rd Party Library,Integration,WYSIWG Editor. and Simulator,Mobile Web,Functional,Testing Desktop Web. Eclipse based mobile Integrated,Development Environment IDE. 2014 IBM Corporation, MobileFirst Lab environment with Linux on z Systems.
Linux on z Systems z OS,MobileFirst,MobileFirst,Studio CICS CICS. Core Adapters Appl,Application,shipped with,MobileFirst.

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