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Hornet Special Newsletter Issue 44 March 2011 WHS Club Contacts Secretary Bill Russell ph 03 9349 2262 President Howard Kenward ph 07 3267 6046 Editor Henry Hancock ph 07 3878 280 3 Gilia Court Indooroopilly Qld 4068 hlaevtaanet com au Two 1933 Engines Started Highlights this issue G e n t l e m e n START YOUR ENGINES Coupe and Saloon diferences Roller Bearings for Front Axle


Peter Baker s 1933 WHS is nearing completion with wiring now underway and then the bodywork to be refinished Having ridden. in the car your editor can report that it starts smoothly pulls nicely and the brakes work well on the steep driveway Jo those. black marks are definitely the aging rubber, Of particular interest are the smooth swoopy lines on Peter s car which will look beautiful when the body s completed. Two pictures of Lyle Cooper s engine running smoothly after the ceremonial starting watched by the three wise men Gerry Dunford. Peter Baker and Lyle Howard Kenward attended the previous weekend when the engine wouldn t start Eventually it was found that the. Bendix gear possibly from a later model was 1 8 larger in diameter than the correct one and was jamming in the ring gear. Lyle s ignition concealed within the distributor It is a. Lumenition Magnatronic System Part No 030 340 6 from. Holden Vintage Classic Spare Parts,The RACQ Journal 1 Oct 1935. A matching coil is recommended,found by Gerry Dunford. Search Holden UK parts,Page 2 Hornet Special Newsletter. Coupe differences to Saloons, An email discussion edited for clarity by the Editor.
From Henry Hancock,Bill Happy New Year, I was idly glancing through the 1933 Wolseley Hornet spare part list that was Charles Andersen s Howard Kenward passed. it on to me last year when it was given to him by Charles son before Christmas when I saw that there were different. parts listed for a Coup model These included a different bonnet gear lever doors windscreen windows apparently a. 3 window coupe and rear guards, I hadn t realized that the factory produced coup s on the saloon chassis as well as chassis for Specials. This is unlikely to be relevant to Australia as most cars whether saloons coup s or specials were imported I understand. as chassis CKD and without bodywork for Australian coachbuilders but some may have been imported with coup guards. I had a quick look at the WHSC UK Member and Car List but didn t see any Coup s listed under Wolseley only un. der specialist coachbuilders A question is did the factory produce the special bits and provide them to coachbuilders or. did Wolseley assemble coup s themselves Indeed were any built at all. Following is the list of differences It s probably only a curiosity but in your research for your Australian coup booklet. did you come across this, The Hornet 6 Cylinder Spare Part List No 921 2nd Edition 18662 1 33 4m 1933 Model. The Spare Part List identifies differences between the Saloon and the Coup as follows. Page Part No Description Coup Different Part,17 M2671A Jet Control Knob Rod and Dial Saloon. V652A Jet Control Knob Rod and Dial Coup Jet Control. M2690A Slow running Control with Knob and Dial Saloon. V682A Slow running Control with Knob and Dial Coup Slow running Control. 19 M4723 Change Speed Hand Lever Saloon,M4723 1 Change Speed Hand Lever Coup Gear Lever.
29 M3241 1 Steady Bracket for Steering Column Saloon Steady Bracket for Steering Column. M3241 3 Steady Bracket for Steering Column Coup,33 M5468 Tie Bar for Rear Bumper Saloon. M5469A Tie Bar for Rear Bumper Coup Tie Bar for Rear Bumper. 35 M3516A Bonnet complete 4 door Saloon,M3516A 1 Bonnet complete Coup Bonnet. 36 M3612A Bonnet Ledge Offside 4 door Saloon,M3613A Bonnet Ledge Nearside 4 door Saloon. M3612A 1 Bonnet Ledge Offside Coup Bonnet Ledge Offside. M3613A 1 Bonnet Ledge Nearside Coup Bonnet Ledge Nearside. M3621 Rear Wing off side 4 door Saloon,M3622 Rear Wing near side 4 door Saloon. M3621 1 Rear Wing off side Coup Rear Wing Off side. M3622 1 Rear Wing near side Coup Rear Wing Near side. M3641A Rear Apron 4 door Saloon,M3641A 1 Rear Apron Coup Rear Apron.
M3645 Wood block for Spare Wheel 4 door Saloon, M3645 1 Wood block for Spare Wheel Coup Wood block for Spare Wheel. M5653 Cover for propeller shaft front 4 door Saloon. M5654 Cover for propeller shaft rear 4 door Saloon. Continued page 6,Issue 44 Page 3,ROLLER BEARINGS F. During the 2009 AGM Wolseley Hornet S,I mentioned that I had put roller bearing. bearing numbers and fitting instructions,Within days of the said publication He. newsletter,Greetings from a chilly UK,I have just received your newsletter I n.
bearings to the stub axles my advice D,The MG racing boys did this on TC typ. a fatality led to a detailed research into,The conclusion from research engineers. the taper roller bearings imparted caus,I personally not being aware of this did. plate Fortunately the flying wheel just m,For safeties sake please make your mem. This put the cat amongst the pigeons an,that they had never heard of any proble.
from MC City and he said that any MGs,bearing with ball bearings as this stiffen. I pondered this for a while and realised,between the bearings whereas with the. needs to spin freely This means that the,and would flex when put under load wh. I still wanted to use Roller Bearings as I,tension up the stub axles but still be abl. By my calculations this would make the,have the tension of the axle nut which w.
sleeve is really only the original spacer,and a very sung sliding fit to the origina. Timken X30205 with outer race Y302,bearings then the hub and the new slee. with the axle nut The only thing I was,Tite and not a split pin. After completing the job I assembled the wheel and thought of an alternative arrangement where you could use a spring pin to. on the road as yet but will update you when I do This hopefully will be about a year away. I have a Wolseley book that covers Wolseleys up to 1956 Series III and they used the ball bearing arrangement right up until. come up with a larger stub axle that almost every other manufacture used with roller bearings. I am interested in other people s comments,Page 4 Hornet Special Newsletter. FOR FRONT WHEELS, Special Club visit to Brisbane the group visited members workshops.
gs into my front wheels I was asked to do a small article giving the. s It was duly noted in the next Newsletter that I would do same. enry Hancock received an email from England after receiving our. noticed a reference to a forthcoming article on fitting taper roller. DONT DO IT, pes in the 70 s 80 s after several accidents due to broken stubs. o the problem, s was that the design of the stub axles could not cope with the forces. sing failure between the two bearings, d the conversion lost a front wheel complete with brakes back Axle nut lock nut bearing nut and sleeve. missed an oncoming car,mbers aware of the dangers, nd so I set about investigating the matter The bearing suppliers said. ems but then they are selling bearings I also spoke to Rod Hiley. s that come into his workshop with roller bearings they replace the. ns up the stub axle, that with the Ball Bearing the nut locks up tight as there is a spacer.
e Roller Bearings the nut is not tensioned up as the Roller Bearing. e stub axle is relying on the size of the material for its strength alone. hich would lead to metal fatigue and fracture, I was sick of wobbly wheels and so I made up sleeves to be able to. le to adjust the roller bearings drawings below, e stub axle 56 stronger by the diameter alone and then you would Components assembled. would be equivalent to the original Ball Bearing arrangement The. r with a bearing component added I use 4140 high tensile steel. al bearing surfaces I used two bearings of the same size each being. 205 The inner bearing is installed in the original place of the ball. eve with the roller and lock nuts attached slid in place and fastened. s disappointed with was that I had to secure the axle nut with Lock. o fix the axle nut under the two lock nuts I have not run the Hornet. l then I am amazed that the Wolseley engineering could not have. Locknut spanner and pin to hold bearing nut,Issue 44 Page 5. M5653 2 Cover for propeller shaft front Coup Cover for propeller shaft front. M5654 2 Cover for propeller shaft rear Coup Cover for propeller shaft rear. M3655 1 Front Screen Complete 4 door Saloon,M3656 1 Glass for Front Screen 4 door Saloon. M3655 2 Front Screen Complete Coup Front Screen, M3656 2 Glass for Front Screen Coup Glass for Front Screen.
M3658 Glass for Front Door 4 door Saloon,M3668 1 Glass for Door Coup Glass for front Door. M3659 Glass for Rear Door 4 door Saloon No Rear Door and No Glass for Rear Door. M3660 Glass for Rear Quarter light 4 door Saloon No Rear Quarter light. M3661 Glass for Back Light 4 door Saloon, M3671 1 Glass for Back Light Coup Glass for Back Light. Bill Russell,Henry this is a really interesting discovery. When you think about it some of those parts do need to be different in a coup the tunnel for example and the rear. window glass, I have never seen a UK coup that is not a Special but no doubt our UK colleagues can comment on this. It also raises the interesting question of what was and what was allowed to be in a CKD kit in order not to attract tariffs. Maybe the bonnet and the other parts mentioned were in coup kits that came to Australia If so an interesting exercise. would be to compare the dimensions of the relevant parts of your coup with other known 1933 coup s such as that of. John Summerfield Standardized bonnets radiators and wings would of course ensure that the cars had a common ap. pearance and maybe such parts were classified as part of the chassis. An interesting problem to start the New Year with,John Ireland.
A very interesting topic to start the year indeed Cars sent to Aust were surely not CKD which I believe means Completely. Knocked Down as they were after WW2 and assembled in factories here Between the wars as I understand it The chassis. were sent complete but without tyres or batteries The wheels were in a separate packing case and the tyre fitters arrived at. the wharf and set about fitting the tyres the wheels then being fitted to the chassis along with a battery and they were then. driven or towed off to the distributor This seems plausible as my car manufactured in Sept 1930 would not have arrived. until 1931 and has two Magna wheels stamped 1930 and two stamped 1931 indicating that the wheels were just in one. big pile and taken five at a time for each chassis I have always assumed that the bonnet came with the chassis as mine is. identical to the factory bonnet and has the Wilmot Breeden bonnet catches that would have been on the factory cars. The guards are not factory and were certainly made here. I have no doubt that Wolseley offered a coupe body as Morris was a major shareholder in The Pressed Steel Company and. their various bodies turned up on all sorts of cars The 32 Hornet saloon body was used on both the Morris 10 and the. Rover 10 so a Pressed Steel Coup body used by Morris would certainly have turned up on Wolseley chassis The crucial. point being were the chassis sent to Australia differentiated as to Standard and Coup and bodied accordingly. Bill Russell, John Yes I think we shouldn t apply the term CKD to the Hornet era which really as you say involved the importation of. chassis and running gear,Dick Serjeantson, Bill Henry and all Wolseley did market fixed head coup s on the CF3 Sanction 50 and Sanction 107 chas. sis The CF3s had the standard bonnet of the saloon with the three groups of seven or sometimes eight louvres on. each side while the 50 and 107 seem to have had the Sanction 50 saloon bonnet The bodies of the latter two may. have been built by Morris Motors they were very similar to that of the Ten Four coup with two split windows. per door It appears that the Wolseley coup s were slow sellers and remained on the market until 1934 Years ago I. seem to have encouraged the myth that they were built by Martin Walter but it s not so I don t know what the CF3. Page 6 Hornet Special Newsletter, coup kits sent out to Australia comprised but the front end of the Dalgety coup was pretty similar to that of the fac. tory offering so I would guess that the bonnet was included Of course any enterprising coachbuilder with principles. could throw away the bonnet and produce his own but that would erode the pretty slim margins that were to be had. Happy New Year,Henry Hancock, Dick Thank you for your most interesting information it s something that I didn t know something to keep our eyes out. for here if we re comparing coup s, Bill Thanks also probably not something that we ll ever resolve but Dick s advice on the CF3 is interesting I ve always.
thought that the Sanction 55 coup John Atkins on page 8 of Newsletter No 33 looked long in the bonnet and scuttle. but maybe just an illusion, John I did not at first have CKD in my email because I knew from your previous advice that they were chassis with. guards and maybe bonnets not CKD which would imply a whole vehicle but I added it following a review of the letter. which my uncle who gave me the car had received from BMC BMC would have only generalized if as they said they had. lost all their records in the War,Bill Russell, Hi all Attached is an extract from a thesis which mentions how various things were excluded from the definition of a. chassis at the end of the 1920s for the purposes of import tariffs to encourage import substitution by Australian producers. it mentions tyres batteries bumper bars etc but not bonnets. Attached for interest,2 2 The Second Phase 1918 1944. After the conclusion of WW I the Federal government launched additional measures to expand the industry as they were. still not satisfied with the degree of protection that guaranteed local body builders fifty percent of the market. In 1920 the actual rate of tariff protection on car bodies was lifted to double that of the prewar era Table 2 5 details the. composite structure of flat rate and ad valorem duties that remained in force over the 1920s and thereby provided a very. high rate of effective protection for the local bodybuilding industry. At the same time the Government also introduced rates of duties that differentiated between assembled and unassembled. chassis imports Assembled chassis were subject to higher import duties so as to encourage the assembly of these items. in Australia In addition as shown by Table 2 6 although the rates of duty payable on both assembled and unassembled. chassis then fell between 1920 and 1925 the rates discriminated heavily in favour of Britain. Continued next issue,Subs are due again, Subscriptions to both the Australian and UK clubs for 2011 2012 are due on April 1 To assist with funding the. Australian Club s operating expenses most of which are incurred in producing this newsletter we encourage. all newsletter recipients to subscribe a nominal yearly sum. The committee has managed to keep the Australian subscription unchanged for several years and due to the. improved exchange rate and the generosity of the UK Club your options once again are to. 1 Pay 25 which helps to cover the costs of this Australian newsletter. 2 Pay 70 which gets you this newsletter Membership of the Wolseley Hornet Special Club UK copies of. their excellent magazine and access to their parts service. 3 Pay nothing We ll still send you this newsletter but please let us know if you no longer wish to receive it. Cheques should be made payable to WHSC not to any individual person and should be sent to the club trea. surer John Ireland 83 Riverside Resort Riverbrooke Drive Coomera Qld 4209. Issue 44 Page 7, This charming booklet has been table at the end lists all those who drove.
published on the 80th anniversary one of Wolseley s little six cylinder. of the introduction of Wolseley s sports cars there together with the. famous Hornet in 1930 and also in details of their particular Hornets and. the year that the Wolseley Hornet the events they entered. Special Club celebrates its 60 th Well produced on good paper including. birthday Produced mainly for the a wonderful cover illustration front and. benefit of club members a limited back of Edward Erith s EW Hornet. quantity is available to others winning the LCC Relay Race in 1932. In an affectionate foreword Bill this informative and enjoyable booklet. Boddy reminds us that Kay Petrie is a must for Hornet or Brooklands. began her racing at Brooklands with enthusiasts JR. a Hornet given to her by her husband,Along with George Abecassis. A copy of the generous review by,Douglas Briault and others the. The Automobile July 2010 of the,Hornet was to become for her just the. first in a long line of competition cars Hornets at Brooklands booklet. raced at Brooklands and elsewhere, Many of the images reproduced in The WHSC UK have booklets. the booklet have not been published,for sale via our Treasurer John.
HORNETS AT BROOKLANDS before and all give something of. Author Dick Serjeantson Ireland at 10 each including. the flavour of Brooklands in the, Publisher The Wolseley Hornet 1930s The text mainly consists post and packing Please contact. Special Club of extended captions with self him at the address for newsletter. 32 soft back pages 5 8 x 8 3 contained sections on tracing the subscriptions on page 7. in with dozens of mainly b w team cars and the special cars of F S. illustrations Hutchens and Henry Laird A useful,1934 Wolseley Hornet Coupe. Complete but needs total restoration,6 cyl 1271cc SOHC. Coachcraft body by WH Oldings of Sydney, Engine turns over and was run by previous owner before I purchased. Twin carb manifold available if you wish but will then need extractors or similar made 34 Hornet Special exhaust manifold. available to copy, Comes with reproduction makers body plate Thanks to Gerry Dunford plus original factory ID plates.
Missing one side light plinth tooth on diff broken but suitable non original diff with approx 4 5 1 better ratio is. available to go with the car, Full set original wire wheels will go with it plus spares you may wish to lace as knock ons for more sporty appearance use. MG P type to TC hubs both wheel and axle will explain if you wish to go this route as have done it for my 33 coupe. Copies of Handbook parts book brochure etc to go with it Plus suppliers machinists addresses etc. Technical help on tap as best I can to help with restoration. Have a price in mind but open to sensible discussions. Inspection by appointment slightly difficult as housed in Tenants garage so need to make time with him and lots stuff to. climb over at this stage,John Summerfield,horneteertoo hotmail com. 02 46 819 751,PO Box 17 Tahmoor 2573,Page 8 Hornet Special Newsletter.

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