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teaching history We will work together to undercover the hidden stories of history from the bottom up Thank you for allowing me to lead you on this journey into American history Course Description This course is a chronological survey of American history from 1877 to the present focusing on


9 Summarize and analyze the development of American foreign policy since 1890 including. imperial expansion and the rise of the United States as a world power and leader among a large. community of nations, 10 Trace and evaluate United States diplomacy and armed conflict through isolationism. imperialism and collective security policies of the 20th century. 11 Compare and contrast the core political and philosophical ideas and modes of expression in. American culture in the 20th century,Student Learning Outcomes. Upon completion of United States History 1877 to the present students will be able to develop. and persuasively argue a historical thesis in a written assignment that identifies and explains. major social economic political and or cultural historical themes or patterns in United States. history from 1877 to the present and apply appropriate historical methods to analyze and use. primary and or secondary sources as evidence to support the thesis. Required Readings, Alan Brinkley The Unfinished Nation A Concise History of the American People vol 2 7th. edition ISBN 978 0 07 741230 2, Lizabeth Cohen A Consumers Republic The Politics of Mass Consumption in Postwar. America ISBN 0 375 70737 9, Howard Zinn and Anthony Arnove eds Voices of a People s History of the United States.
Supplemental materials lectures handouts and course syllabi will be posted on myetudes org. Logging in to Etudes is simple and easy,1 Have your user id and password ready. 2 Your user id is your first name underscore last name This should all be in lower case. and no spaces For example the username for Francis S Key is francis key Your initial. password has four characters based on your birth month and your birth date For example. August 1 is 0801, 3 Open a browser Firefox works best with Etudes download Firefox Internet Explorer. may be used Safari will not work with some Etudes functions. 4 In the address bar type myetudes org and press Enter You will be taken to the Etudes. Login Page, 5 In the upper right hand corner type your user id and password Then click the Login. 6 You should now see the tabs for each of your classes on top of the page Click a tab to go. to a particular class,Grade Scale, There will be no curve in the class The points for an A and B in the course follows a. standard 10 There is a generous range for a C in the course Please keep track of your. points I will not give any points away at the end of the semester You earn your grade. Short Essay 3 50 Points 150,Reaction Papers 2 25 Points 50.
Research Paper Topic 1 10 Points 5,Research Paper Outline 1 15 Points 20. Research Paper 1 150 Points 150,Presentation 1 25 Points 25. In class Assignments 25 Points 25,Participation 25 Points 25. 1 Essay 1 Friday 9 4 at 10 PM via Etudes, 2 Reaction Papers 1 Friday 9 25 at 10 PM via Etudes. 3 Research Paper Topic Friday 10 9 at 10 PM via Etudes. 4 Essay 2 Friday 10 16 at 10 PM via Etudes, 5 Research Paper Outline Friday 11 6 at 10 PM via Etudes.
6 Research Paper Friday 11 20 at 10 PM via Etudes, 7 Reaction Paper 2 Friday 11 27 at 10 PM via Etudes. 8 Presentation Tuesday 12 8 in class,9 Essay 3 Thursday 12 10 at 10 PM via Etudes. 10 In class Assignments TBA,11 Participation Every class meeting. I understand that there may be technical difficulties that arise when using technology There will. be a 15 minutes grace period that I will set that will allow for you to submit until 10 15 PM on. the due date without penalty Furthermore if you cannot access the site you can email me your. assignment before the due date and bring me a hard copy to the next class meeting You must. do both to get credit, Late work will not be accepted without consent of instructor Being unaware or losing sight of. due dates is not a viable reason to turn in late work It is your responsibility to check Etudes. course syllabus or the instructor if there is any confusion with instructions or due dates. However if there is a situation that arises in which you cannot complete an assignment that is. out of your control please come talk to me I am more than happy to work out an amicable. Reaction Papers, There will be two 2 reaction papers 250 words roughly 1 page in length that will be worth 25.
points each This assignment is designed to allow you to reflect on the text and class. discussions Each paper must incorporate and utilize both text and lectures for full points. A paper that summarizes or simply states information that the student found interesting or did. not know previously is not acceptable The format is informal but will require you to proof read. and write in a logical and coherent manner No outside research is done. Essay Papers, There will be three 3 short 500 750 words roughly 2 3 pages worth 50 points You will have. a pool of questions where you will select one question to answer Prompts will be made. available on Etudes at least 1 week in advance of the due dates Each paper must incorporate. and utilize both text and lectures for full points This is a formal paper that requires you to. critically assess and apply course themes and ideas to contemporary events You will do some. outside research and cite for the contemporary examples. Research Paper, The research paper will be 1 250 1 750 words 5 7 pages in length and is worth 150 points. You will utilize both traditional research methods and 3 original oral histories that you will. conduct Conducting oral histories will provide you and give your paper important insight from. a different perspective This will allow you to ask your primary sources direct questions about. the topic you are interested in You will use both primary and secondary research to support and. contextualize your oral histories,1 Family Oral History. This option allows you to interview members of your own family I would recommend choosing. members that lived and experienced watershed moments in history For instance you may want. to interview family members who were active during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. You can interview your mother and gain a female perspective your father for a male perspective. and then a grandparent to see how a different generation that lived through the period without. actively participating viewed the period You must then fit their stories into the larger historical. narrative and conduct research and see how their experience aligns or challenges your research. I do not want you to interview members of your own generation without my consent. This is not a personal history essay You interject insight from your narrators but it remains. formal in nature,2 September 11 2001 9 11, September 11 2001 is a defining moment in the 21st century that greatly alters American life I. want you to focus on the impact of 9 11 has had on the lives of Americans thereafter I do not. want a military history conspiracy theories or a summary of the planes crashing etc You. should consider the policies laws and government agencies that were created in the aftermath. and how it changed American identity and lives You could interview from a marginalized. perspective Muslim Americans or perhaps interview Japanese Americans during World War II. after the bombing of Pearl Harbor to compare and contrast. 3 socialjustice, This options allows you to address the evolving realties of race relations in the United States.
since 1877 For example you can compare the contemporary race relations to other periods of. racial strife such as the Watts Riots 1965 or L A Riots 1992 to the various movements in the. 21st century and interview those who witnessed these event You must historically contextualize. the formation and function of race and connect it to the contemporary period Again I do not. want you to interview members of your cohort and have them express their opinions of the. situation You need to have some distance from your narrative in order to critically assess the. information they are providing,Presentations, You will give a brief five minute presentation of your research paper with the class Details to. be discussed in class,Attendance Policy, Your attendance is mandatory and will be recorded at each class meeting this may occur at the. beginning or the end of the course Please arrive to class on time and stay the entire class period. Arriving late and or leaving early is disruptive and you miss out on important information that is. announced at the beginning and end of the class If you arrive after attendance has been. completed you will be marked as tardy And if you leave before attendance is recorded you. will be marked as absent unless you speak to the instructor where it will then be counted as a. tardy Three tardies will be counted as an absence, Remember per El Camino policy you can be dropped if your absences from class exceeds 10. of the scheduled class meeting time In this class that means if you miss more than 3 classes. you could be dropped If tardiness becomes frequent the instructor reserves the right to lock to. doors after class has begun The student in this case is still responsible for all reading and. assignments,Cell Phone Policy, Please refrain from using electronic devices in class This is distracting both to you and those. around you If you need to take a phone call discreetly excuse yourself from the class and take. the call outside If it becomes a problem you may be asked to put your device away or to leave. the class for the reminder of the class meeting,Academic Honesty.
It is the responsibility of all members of the academic community to behave in a manner which. encourages learning and promotes honesty and to act with fairness toward others Students. should not seek an unfair advantage over other students when completing an assignment taking. an examination or engaging in any other kind of academic activity. Please refer to the Student Code of Conduct and Academic Dishonesty. http www elcamino edu studentservices activities codeofconduct asp. Remember I am here to help you learn and be successful If you need additional help. clarification on content comprehension or assignments or if an unforeseen situation requires. an extension please ask,ADA Statement, El Camino College is committed to providing educational accommodations for students with. disabilities upon the timely request by the student to the instructor A student with a disability. who would like to request an academic accommodation is responsible for identifying. herself himself to the instructor and to the Special Resources Center To make arrangements for. academic accommodations contact the Special Resource Center at 310 660 3295. Additional Notes, At times during this semester we will be discussing topics that may be disturbing even. traumatizing to some students If you are aware of particular course material that may be. traumatizing to you I d be happy to discuss any concerns you may have with it before it comes. up in class If you ever feel the need to step outside during one of these discussions either for a. short time or the rest of the class session you may always do so without academic penalty You. will however be responsible for any material you miss If you do leave the room for a. significant time please make arrangements to get notes from another student or see me. individually to discuss the situation, You may contact the Health Center if you would like someone to speak to regarding any of these. topics at 310 660 3643, Please do not record audio or visual or take pictures in class without consent of the instructor. Tentative Schedule, The instructor reserves the right to revise the reading and assignment schedule I will not move due dates.
without giving you at least 1 week notice,Date Topics Readings Due. Week 1 Introductions,8 25 Brinkley Reconstruction and. 8 27 the New South pgs 343 370,Zinn Lynch Law pgs 232. Week 2 Brinkley The Conquest of the Essay 1 Due 9 4 at 10 PM. 9 1 Far West pgs 371 394 via Etudes,Zinn The Expansion of. Empire pgs 239 256,Week 3 Brinkley Industrial,9 8 Supremacy pgs 395 416.
9 10 Age of the City pgs 417 443,Week 4 Brinkley From Crisis to. 9 15 Empire pgs 444 475, Week 5 Brinkley The Progressives Reaction 1 Due 9 25 via. 9 22 pgs 476 507 Etudes at 10 PM,Zinn Socialists and. Wobblies pgs 257 282,Week 6 Brinkley America and the. 9 29 Great War pgs 508 531,Zinn Protesting the First.
World War pgs 283 310, Week 7 Brinkley The New Era pgs Research Topic Due 10 9 at. 10 6 532 550 10 PM via Etudes,Zinn From the Jazz Age to. the Uprising of the 1930s,Week 8 Brinkley The Great. 10 13 Depression pgs 551 574 Essay 2 Due 10 16 at 10. 10 15 PM via Etudes,Cohen Chapter 1 2,Week 9 Brinkley The New Deal pgs. 10 20 575 598,Cohen Chapter 3 4,Week 10 Brinkley The Global Crisis.
10 27 pgs 599 614,Zinn World War II and,McCarthyism pgs 355 388. Week 11 Brinkley American in a, 11 3 World at War pgs 615 640 Research Outline Due 11 6. 11 5 at 10 PM via Etudes,Cohen Chapter 5 6,Week 12 Brinkley The Cold War pgs. 11 10 641 664 The Affluent,11 12 Society pgs 665 693. Cohen Chapter 7 8,Week 13 Brinkley Civil Rights,11 17 Vietnam and the Ordeal of.
11 19 Liberalism pgs 694 721 Research Paper Due,11 20 via Etudes at 10 PM. Zinn The Black Upsurge,Against Racial Segregation,pgs 389 420. Week 14 Brinkley The Crisis of, 11 24 Authority pgs 722 751 Reaction 2 Due 11 27 at 10. 11 26 No Class PM via Etudes,Zinn Vietnam and Beyond. pgs 421 452,Week 15 Brinkley From the Age of,12 1 Limits to the Age of Reagan.
12 3 pgs 752 776 The Age of,Globalization pgs 777 808. Zinn Women Gays and,other Voices of Resistance,pgs 453 480. Week 16 Essay 3 Due 12 10 at 10,12 8 Presentations PM via Etudes.

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