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HISTORY 101 WESTERN CIVILIZATION FROM RENAISSANCE TO REVOLUTION Semester Joshua Cole and Carol Symes Western Civilizations


the appearance of a social class system based on largely on wealth and. the spread of education, All these transformation played some role in bringing about the most important event of modern. times the French Revolution which serves as a culmination of this course All students will. hopefully have some understanding by the end of the course concerning the origins of the French. Revolution the key characteristics and players associated with each stage of the revolution and. the lasting impact of the Revolution for Europe,Course Objectives. To meet the goals of the course students will take three exams which will test their knowledge. of a key ideas movements and historical figures associated with the early modern era b. important events and trends that helped to give shape to Europe between the fourteenth and. eighteenth centuries and c the cause effect relationships that help to explain the flow of. events from the Renaissance to the French Revolution Students will also write one short paper. in which they prove that they have read and grappled with one book dealing with a single. dimension of the early modern period,Courses Relationship to Department Goals. This course helps the history department reach its goals by covering the following dimensions of. history widely perceived as crucial for a well rounded view of the world. political developments,significant intellectual movements and debates. socio cultural issues of class,and gender, Students will also gain some exposure to how history is practiced by.
examining primary sources,Technology Skills, Students will need some basic knowledge of web browsers in order to be able to find and utilize. material on the on line version of this syllabus They will also need some basic working. knowledge of using a computer word processor in order to write the short paper in this class. Instructional Format, This course will be largely a lecture based course with some time set aside for discussion of the. text material, Joshua Cole and Carol Symes Western Civilizations 18th Edition Volume 2 1400. Present W W Norton 2013 This is abbreviated WC in syllabus. Geoffrey Parker The Military Revolution Military Innovation and the Rise of the West. 1500 1800 2nd ed Cambridge Cambridge 1996, Linda Colley Britons Forging the Nation 2nd edition Yale 2005. Readings on the library s e reserve system, The readings listed under each day should be done before the assigned day.
Attendance and Participation 5,Quizzes 10,2 Tests 20 each. 5 page essay 20,Final exam 25, There will be many quizzes nearly one every day at the beginning of class There will be no. make up for the quizzes two quizzes will be dropped from the grade which normally cover. any absences,ATTENDANCE POLICY, Absences will be penalized by taking 10 points off the attendance grade This means that you. can safely skip class once and still have an A for the attendance grade After that though this. portion of the grade will quickly decline I reserve the right to forcibly withdraw someone who. does not attend regularly, Excused absences of course will not count against the grade Excused are those due to. approved college related activities e g sporting events documented illness and family. emergencies Students have the responsibility to make up missed work. LATE POLICY, Students with a doctor s excuse or another suitable excuse can make up the exam up to a week.
after the exam date Papers are due at the beginning of class the day for which it is assigned. Requests for extensions should be made prior to when the paper is due. OTHER REMARKS, Electronic devices iphones laptops ipads etc are not to be used during class All cell phones. must be turned off at the beginning of class Do not of course take phone calls during class. Please be on time If you must arrive late or leave early do so as quietly and unobtrusively as. All work must be yours Plagiarism and cheating will be punished with an F for the. assignment Plagiarism we should note is defined in the following way according to Wofford. College s Faculty Handbook VII 6, 1 the verbatim repetition without acknowledgement of the writings of another author. 2 Borrowing without acknowledging the source, 3 Paraphrasing the thoughts of another writer without acknowledgement. 4 Allowing any other person or organization to prepare work which one then submits as his or. You should pay close attention to the third definition especially when referring to ideas. borrowing from a website,CLASS SCHEDULE,Week 1 Class Assignment. Introduction,Outline The Middle Ages,Read Living by Wofford s.
Honor Code,Loys le Roy The Excellence,of This Age,The Renaissance part 1 Lorenzo Valla The Glory of. Feb 5 the Latin Language,Leonardo Bruni Study of,Greek Literature and a. Humanist Educational,Start reading Parker s The,Military Revolution. The Renaissance part 2 e reserve Pico della Mirandola. Feb 10 Oration on the Dignity of,Exploration and Empire. e reserve Toby Lester Putting,America on the Map,Smithsonian 40 no 9 Dec.
2009 78 96,Feb 17 Ice Day,The Reformation,Feb 19 WC Ch 13. No reading,Feb 24 The Reformation cont, The Commercial Revolution Niall Ferguson The Ascent of. Money A Financial History of,Quiz the World New York Penguin. Books 2008 18 65,Discuss Parker s The Military Revolution. Mar 3 Quiz Finish Parker,Study for test,Mar 5 Test 1.
Start reading Colley s Britons,introduction Ch 5 only. Society in Early Modern Europe,e reserve selections from. Norbert Elias The History of,The Rise of the Royal State. Mar 12 e reserve Bossuet s Politics,Quiz Derived from the Words of Holy. Examples of Building Absolutism, Mar 17 Handout Rulers of Early Modern Europe WC Ch 15.
The English Revolution Continue Colley,Finish assigned reading in. Discuss Linda Colley s Britons,Get Paper Topic,Mar 26 Discuss Colley. The Scientific Revolution,Apr 2 Test 2 study,Apr 7 Spring Break No reading. No reading,Apr 9 Spring Break,e reserve Readings on the. The Enlightenment part 1,Enlightenment,The Enlightenment part 2 WC Ch 17.
Quiz Paper on Britons Due,The Coming of the French Revolution. Graham Robb Parisians An,Adventure History of Paris. New York and London W W, The Making and Unmaking of the Constitutional Norton Company 2010 45. Monarchy 59,Quiz Ruth Scurr Fatal Purity,Robespierre and the French. Revolution New Yor Owl,Books 2006 177 217,Christopher Hibbert The Days.
of the French Revolution New,York Quill Books 163 189. R R Palmer Twelve Who,Ruled The Year of the Terror in. the French Revolution,The Terror,Princeton Princeton University. Press 1941 44 77,Ruth Scurr Fatal Purity,Robespierre and the French. Revolution New Yor Owl,Books 2006 177 217,Gunther Rothenberg The Art of.
Warfare in the Age of Napoleon,May 5 The Directory Empire. Bloomington Indiana,University Press 1978 126,Golo Mann The History of. Germany since 1789 trans, May 7 The Napoleonic Era cont Marian Jackson New York and. Washigton D C Praeger,Publishers 1968 21 44,Final Exam Monday May 11 9 12 AM. Dates to Learn for Final Exam, Note This syllabus is tentative and subject to change upon notice.

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