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GRADE 12 SEPTEMBER 2012 BUSINESS STUDIES MEMORANDUM MARKS 300 This memorandum consists of 27 pages 4 BUSINESS STUDIES Memo SEPTEMBER 2012 2 2 LO1 AS2


2 BUSINESS STUDIES Memo SEPTEMBER 2012,SECTION A COMPULSORY. QUESTION 1,1 1 1 1 1 B 2,1 1 10 C 2,1 2 1 2 1 Job specification 2. 1 2 2 Rehabilitation 2,1 2 3 Grievance 2,1 2 4 Signs the contract 2. 1 2 5 Retrenchment 2,1 3 1 3 1 D Indemnity 2,1 3 2 E Commission 2. 1 3 3 B Creative thinking 2,1 3 4 A Lockout 2,1 3 5 C Lower level management 2.
TOTAL SECTION A 40,SEPTEMBER 2012 BUSINESS STUDIES Memo 3. SECTION B COMPULSORY,QUESTION 2, 2 1 PESTLE Challenges from Appropriate Motivation for. LO1 FACTOR the external strategy to the choice of,AS2 environment overcome the strategy. related to the strike challenge,Political Strike causes a SUPERSPAR SUPERSPAR. lack of confidence needs to ensure will stabilise,in South Africa investors that investor.
International internal operations confidence and, investors and local were not affected therefore share. investors could by strike They prices will also,develop a bear need to rectify any be stabilised. market mood aspects for,concern by for,organising, Economic Many labourers SUPERSPAR can If SUPERSPAR. make use of taxis try to organize has temporary,as method of temporary staff transport. transport labourers transport they will not, If they stay away as they knew of have to close for.
from work SPAR the strike well the day,cannot operate ahead of time Losses will. and will therefore The distribution therefore be,lose out centres could reduced. A country wide make sure that all In this way,strike causes orders are distribution. many losses in a attended to before centres will not. day the time lose out even,Lost time can be though they had. made up by to close due to,working overtime the strike.
Accept any other relevant answer 12,4 BUSINESS STUDIES Memo SEPTEMBER 2012. 2 2 Element form Challenges in the market Strategy to deal with. LO1 Porter s FIVE environment the challenges,AS2 model 4 4. The level of There are other retail outlets SUPERSPAR must. rivalry in the available such as create better value of. Market CHECKERS SHOPRITE their products to,OK PICK N PAY consumers than those. WOOLWORTHS of competitors by,having competitive,Build It has several other pricing or a more. hardware stores as creative approach than,competitors such as competitors.
CashBuild Builders,Warehouse Mica,Tops have local bottle stores. as competitors Rebel as,well as alcohol products,available in chain stores. such as Checkers and Pick, The power of Consumers do not have Decrease orders of. buyers sufficient finance to spend luxury items and drop. and therefore cuts on prices of necessities in,luxuries order to attract. SPAR distribution centres SPAR distribution,will not be used if their centres need to make.
prices are too expensive as sure that SPAR outlets. every SPAR has the right to will benefit when,choose their own suppliers buying through them. creating value in the,distribution channel,Build It will not attract Build It needs to make. customers if economy is in sure that they offer,recession customers more value. for money such as,cutting wood size than,competitors so that. they will be chosen,above competitors,Accept any other relevant answer 8.
SEPTEMBER 2012 BUSINESS STUDIES Memo 5, 2 3 2 3 1 THE EMPLOYMENT EQUITY ACT ACT 55 OF 1998. Eliminate unfair discrimination and promote equal,opportunity and fair treatment. Promote efficiency in the workforce to promote economic. development, To attain a diverse workforce broadly representative of the. people of South Africa, Give effect to the obligations of the country as a member of. the International Labour Organisation, Any other relevant function relating to Employment Equity Act.
2 3 2 OUTLINE THREE POSITIVE OUTCOMES FROM THE,IMPLEMENTATION OF THE BEE ACT. Act as mechanism to transform all business in SA to. distribute wealth amongst all South Africans by encouraging. businesses to employ black South Africans,Promoting access to finance for black economic. empowerment, Achieving substantial change in the racial composition of. Management structures in the skilled occupations of existing. and new enterprises, Empowering rural and local communities by enabling access. to economic activities land infrastructure ownership and. Increasing the extent to which black women own manage. and have access to business,Any other relevant answer Any 3x2 6.
2 4 LIST THREE BENEFITS THAT SPAR WILL DERIVE FROM BEING. INVOLVED IN A DYNAMIC CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. PROGRAMME LO1AS3,BENEFITS FOR THE BUSINESS,Improved health for its workers. Sustained Conservation of the environment may lead to reduction in. costs which could be channelled elsewhere, May attract experienced employees which could benefit the. enterprise in terms of increased productivity, The community supports the business by purchasing its products and. thereby contributing to the business profitability. The business enjoys goodwill,Improves the image of the company. Any other relevant benefits for the business Any 2x2 4. 6 BUSINESS STUDIES Memo SEPTEMBER 2012, 2 5 THE NATIONAL CREDIT ACT 2005 ACT 34 OF 2005 PROTECTS.
THE CREDIT PROVIDER DO YOU AGREE WITH THE STATEMENT. MOTIVATE YOUR ANSWER LO1AS4,Motivation Credit provider. Protects the credit provider against bad debts, Allowed to charge interest and other fees for the provision of credit. Credit providers will be controlled by a regulatory body. The credit agreement must be in writing, Any other relevant answer to benefit of the NCA to credit providers. Motivation Credit provider,Loss of business,Must be NCA compliant. Proper credit vetting approval procedures must be in place. Retrenchment of workers, In the event of non payment by the consumer the credit provider.
could also bear the loss, Must provide the credit agreement in the preferred language of the. Any other relevant answer related to disadvantages of NCA to the credit. provider Any 1x2 2, 2 6 2 6 1 IDENTIFY THE TYPE OF GRAPH DEPICTED ABOVE. Bar Graph 2,2 6 2 There is a decrease and increase in sales. Consumers spend more in November and December as this. is the festive season some buying them as gifts, There is also an increase in sales in June and July as it is. winter 3x2 6,SEPTEMBER 2012 BUSINESS STUDIES Memo 7.
2 7 2 7 1 ANALYSE ANY THREE QUALITIES OF THANDI AS A. SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR LO2AS3,Positive approach committed self confidence. determination and dedication, Example Have passion even if you do not have money. Have high level of energy, Example You can work long hours without it feeling like an. effort enthusiasm and energy,Have high degree of commitment. Example You need to have passion and dedication in order. to achieve what you want, Accept any other relevant qualities of an entrepreneur 9.
2 7 2 BRIEFLY EXPLAIN PROFITABILITY AND CUSTOMER BASE. AS KEY SUCCESS FACTORS IN A BUSINESS LO2AS7,a Profitability. Money is managed in such a way that a sound return on. investment can be guaranteed to investors, This attracts even more investors which enables the. business to expand its activities and to become even. more profitable, Accept any other relevant explanation on profitability. b Customer base,Successful businesses are sustainable. This means that the business can continue to exist. despite of all the challenges and threats that it is. confronted with, Accept any other relevant explanation on customer base 4.
8 BUSINESS STUDIES Memo SEPTEMBER 2012,QUESTION 3, 3 1 Impact of taxation and management issues on the success failure. of the partnership LO2AS8,3 1 1 Taxation,SUCCESS Partnership Companies. Partners pay tax in their,Companies have,capacity on the profits more opportunities. earned from the to pay less tax This,partnership is achieved through. allowances etc,FAILURE High tax rates may lead Companies are.
to financial hardships subject to double,3 1 2 Management. SUCCESS Partnership Companies,Partnership is usually Companies appoint. managed by partners directors who are,who are the owners of specialists in. the business and they managing business,ensure the business is and can lead the. well managed because company to a,they have personal success.
interest in it,FAILURE Partners are not Directors do not. specialists and have personal,therefore this could interest in the. lead to the company and this,underperformance of could lead to the. the business failure of the,Any other relevant answer 16. SEPTEMBER 2012 BUSINESS STUDIES Memo 9, 3 2 DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP.
MANAGEMENT LEADERSHIP, Exercise control over personnel Influence and motivate personnel. Instructional in their approach Seek to empower people. Follows the vision of the enterprise Provide a vision for the enterprise. Minimise and control risks Always on the lookout for business. opportunities, Ensure adherence to rules and Change rules to improve efficiency. regulations, Ensure that tasks are completed Provide better ways to do tasks. Ensure that profit targets are met Strategies to increase profitability. Accept any other relevant answer differentiating between Management. and Leadership Management 2x2 4,Leadership 2x2 4,Note Does not have to be in a table form. 3 3 DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN AUTOCRATIC AND DEMOCRATIC. LEADERSHIP STYLE,Autocratic style, The leader gives directives and instructions as a way of.
communicating with subordinates, He makes all decisions alone with little or no consideration of the. needs of subordinates, Subordinates are told what to do and how to do it without being. given the opportunity to give inputs or make suggestions. Accept any other relevant answer regarding autocratic style 2x2 4. Democratic style, The leader involves subordinates in the decision making. formulation of policies and problem solving, The leader seeks the opinion and ideas of the subordinates. however the leader remains accountable and has the authority to. make the final decision, This leadership style improves employees motivation and helps the.
leader to win the support of the subordinates who are made to feel. part of the team 2x2 4,10 BUSINESS STUDIES Memo SEPTEMBER 2012. 3 4 3 4 1 Do you agree with this statement Motivate your answer. Motivation,Dissatisfaction can lead to low morale, Any other relevant answer on disadvantage of discrimination in. the workplace,Motivation, Workers may prefer security and high remuneration in. comparison to satisfaction morale, Consider any relevant answer relating to dissatisfaction. Mark allocation,Agree Disagree 1, NOTE If only Agree Disagree is given without any explanation No marks.
3 4 2 What the business can do to avoid discrimination in the. workplace LO2AS9,Prepare a code of ethics for the company. Recognition of the collective agreement between the. management and labour, Provide for the training role play and simulation of various. acts of discrimination so that stakeholders are aware of the. basic human rights of workers,Reference must also be made to the Equity Act. Any other relevant answer for resolution Any 2x2 4. 3 5 Function of workplace forum LO5AS6, Promoting the interests of all workers not only trade union. Enhancing workplace efficiency,Consulting with employees.
Taking part in decision making, Encouraging worker participation in decision making. Accept any other relevant answer regarding the function of workplace. forum Any 3x2 6,SEPTEMBER 2012 BUSINESS STUDIES Memo 11. 3 6 DISCUSS ANY THREE WAYS THAT A MANAGER CAN IMPLEMENT. TO IMPROVE THE WELL BEING OF EMPLOYEES IN THE,WORKPLACE LO3AS10. Pay a fair wage salary e g above industrial average. Provide fringe benefits e g car allowance, Provide healthy and safe working environment e g air. conditioners, Provide support programmes to employee s e g counselling.
HIV Aids education, Any other acceptable answer on the well being of employees 3x3 9. 3 7 CHARACTERISTICS OF SUCCESSFUL TEAMS,Show mutual respect and trust. Support one another,Has a clear task and deadlines. Has the necessary skills,Has a common desire to accomplish its goal. Has the correct team composition,Has clearly defined realistic goals and objects.
Respect one another s skills,Accept any other relevant answer Any 3x2 6. QUESTION 4, 4 1 4 1 1 EXPLAIN THE ADVANTAGE OF THE SALARY STRUCTURE. COST TO COMPANY FOR THE SUCCESSFUL,APPLICANT LO4AS2. The salary amount is earned even if the benefit is not. The employee may use this amount as he she feels fit. provided the legal requirement are adhered to e g It. comes in handy especially in cases where one partner. husband or wife has medical aid that covers the entire. family Any 1x2 2,12 BUSINESS STUDIES Memo SEPTEMBER 2012. 4 1 2 SUGGEST THREE BENEFITS THAT COULD HAVE BEEN,INCLUDED IF A BASIC PLUS BENEFITS SALARY.
STRUCTURE WAS OFFERED,Housing allowance,Company car or transport allowance. Education or study allowance,Discounts on goods purchased. Loans at reduced interest rates,Clothing or uniform allowance. 13th or bonus cheques,Entertainment allowances or travel allowances. Accept any other relevant answer Any 3x2 6,4 1 3 MICHAEL FREY S FRESH MEAT CAN MAKE USE OF.
INTERNAL OR EXTERNAL RECRUITING WHEN FILLING,THE VACANCY LO4AS2. Internal recruiting means that Michael Frey s can notify all. employees of a vacancy they can search all employees. files or have recommendations of outsiders by present. External recruiting means that Michael Frey s can use. sources such as this newspaper article schools,universities radio and window display or internet. recruitment to find an employee who can fill the vacancy. 4 1 4 LIST TWO DISADVANTAGES OF INTERNAL,RECRUITMENT LO4AS2. The business tends to stagnate because staff members. often think like their predecessors There are therefore no. Staffs appointed at lower levels do not necessarily have. the potential to fill senior management posts If people with. high potential are appointed at the lowest levels they. might not be prepared to wait long for promotion,opportunities. There can be a lot of personal competition among, colleagues to the detriment of cooperation among them.
SEPTEMBER 2012 BUSINESS STUDIES Memo 13,4 2 FUNCTIONS SERVICES OF JSE LO2AS6. Serves as a link between investors and entrepreneurs. Serves as a barometer of economic conditions, Encourages small investors to obtain a share in the commerce of a. country by buying shares, Enables financial institutions to invest their surplus funds in shares. Shares of companies are valued and assessed by experts. Share prices are published daily this keeps investors informed. about tendencies in the market Any 4x2 8,4 3 4 3 1 a Conciliation. Parties to a dispute bring their dispute to a,neutral third party who acts only as a go.
Process aims to bring peace, Conciliation works where the parties have a fairly. good relationship where neither is extremely,defensive nor aggressive and where conflict has. not yet reached a very high level Any 2x2 4,b Mediation. In labour disputes mediation takes place when,an impartial third party is apparent to encourage. agreement between a labour union and,management by counselling each side and.
facilitating negotiations,A mediator can only make recommendation. unlike an arbitrator,Mediation is effective where both parties are. serious about finding a mutually acceptable,solution where a positive settlement range. exists where conflict has escalated because one,or both of the parties are inexperienced and have. overcommitted themselves but where the conflict,is not yet extreme.
Both parties should also have faith in mediator,Mediation does not work well where there is a. very high level of conflict and where matters of,principle are at stake Any 2x2 4. 14 BUSINESS STUDIES Memo SEPTEMBER 2012,c Arbitration. Arbitration involves the appointment of a third,party the arbitrator who will adjudicate in a. dispute between the other parties The arbitrator,will take the role of a decision maker.
The arbitrator listens to and investigates the,demands of the employee and employer before. making a final settlement Whatever settlement,the arbitrator imposes is binding by both parties. 4 4 EXPLAIN THE STEPS THAT MUST BE FOLLOWED WHEN DEALING. WITH GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE LO3AS6, The aggrieved employee must first bring his her problem to the. attention of his her supervisor who must try to resolve the issue. Should the employee not be satisfied with the resolution then he she. may address the problem with the next level of management in. consultation with his her Trade Union, The employee must complete a Formal Grievance Form for. submission to management and the Trade Union, The management must arrange a meeting with the employee the.
trade union and itself to resolve the grievance, This meeting must be attended by the employee his her supervisor. the trade union representative and management, Minutes of the meeting must be recorded and any resolutions. passed must be recorded on the formal grievance form. Should the employee not be satisfied then he she should refer the. matter to the highest level of management, Top management meeting arranged with all parties concerned. Minutes of the meeting must be filed and decisions recorded on the. formal Grievance Form, Should the employee be not satisfied he she may refer the matter. to the CCMA who will make a final decision on the matter. Accept any other relevant grievance procedure Any 6x2 12. SEPTEMBER 2012 BUSINESS STUDIES Memo 15, 4 5 DISCUSS THE PURPOSE OF LABOUR RELATIONS ACT LO4AS2.
Make provision for collective bargaining,Make provision for settling of labour dispute. Make provision for trade unions and discussing the roles and rights. of trade unions, Regulate the right to strike and the recourse to lock out. Promote employee participation and decision making. Provide simple procedures for the resolution of labour disputes. through CCMA, Provide a simplified procedure for the registration of trade unions. Establish the labour court and labour appeal court as superior. Accept any other relevant answer Any 6x2 12,TOTAL SECTION B 180.

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