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Gas Log 101 Troubleshooting Ernie Haupt RH Peterson Company Course Description In this session we will discuss the basics of gas log troubleshooting


Welcome To, Gas Log 101 Troubleshooting Sizing Burner to Fireplace. Technical Training,Hosted by Ernie Haupt,Sizing the Fireplace. Is Gas Supplied To Fireplace,Where Is The Gas Stub. What Is The Line Size,Gas Pressure Reading For Supply. What type Of Gas,ANSI Burner Systems Specialty Burners.
Glass Burner,ANSI Sizes 16 19 to 36,Optional ANSI Controls. Unregulated Listed Sizes 16 to 60,Special Designed Glass Screen. Some Available in See Thru, G45 ANSI Certified Burner Factory Installed Valve Stainless Steel Outdoor Burners. Controls Manual On Off Millivolt Applicable for Freestanding fireplaces. Variable Electronic IPI IPI With Variable Stainless Heat Shield Box. ANSI Sizes Range 16 to 36 Outdoor Safety Manual Valve. Many Available in See Thru Models Push Button Battery Piezo Igniter. Pilotless System With Thermocouple,Some Available in See Thru. Unregulated Burner Pans Included Parts, Make sure all included parts are in the box correct gas type.
Basic On Off Remote Kit,Remotes Wall Switches,Includes Receiver Box Shield. Transmitter with Batteries Harness, Thermostat On Off Remote Kit Basic Variable Remote Kit. NOTE Vent Free Only Includes Receiver Transmitter,Shield Batteries Harness. Variable Thermostat Remote Kit On Off Wall Switches. Applicable For Millivolt,NOTE Vent Free Only Automatic Pilot Valves. NOTE Vent Free Vented,On Off One Hour Timers Variable Wall Switches.
NOTE Vent Free Vented,Variable Wall Switches Include. Rocker Switch Battery Pack,Applicable For Millivolt Control. Pilot Valves Only,NOTE Vent Free Vented,Vent Free Burner Features. Certified Heating Appliance Z21 11 2B 2010,Equipped with An Oxygen Depletion Sensor ODS. Use in Listed Solid Fuel Burning or Vent Free Firebox. Active Natural Flames Glowing Embers For Realism,Vent Free Burners On Most Sets.
99 Heating Efficiency Which Means Less Gas,Available for LP or NAT Gas. Logs or Contemporary Glass Styles to Choose From,Vent Free Burners. Manual Valve Control Option,Available In LP or Nat Fuel. Bedroom Burners Under 10 000 BTU s,Most VF Up to 40 000 Max BTU s. Sizes Range 16 20 24 30 Sets,See Thru Models Available.
Contemporary Styles Available,ANSI Certified Z21 11 2B 2010. No Flame Impingement,Vent Free Controls, Manual Control Valves Vent Free Millivolt Control Valve Vent Free. On Off Millivolt Control Valve,Remote Manual Function. Compatible On Off Remote Kits, Manual Control Function Optional Thermostat Remotes. Toggle On Off Switch Manual Function,ODS Pilot with Thermocouple.
Thermopile Generated 325mv Minimum,On Off Control,Standing Pilot. GV 34 Control Valves Vent Free GV 60 Control Valve. On Off Variable Control Valve,Remote or Manual Function. Compatible Variables Remote Kits,Optional Thermostat Remote. Built in Piezo Igniter Knob,ODS Standing Pilot with. Thermocouple,Receiver Module,GV 60 Features GV 60 System Features.
Vent Free Electronic IPI System, Features Low Battery Receiver Low battery power in the receiver the system. shuts off the fire completely,Battery Operated 6 Volt System. 6 Hour No Motor Movement, On Demand Pilot Electronic Ignition System Manual Temp Timer Modes The valve will turn to pilot if there is no. change in flame height for a 6 hour period,Defaults to Manual Mode After Ignition. Temp Timer Mode If the ambient room temp changes the flame height. Flame Height Control will adjust automatically to maintain set temp and the fire will continue. to function normally Valve will turn to pilot flame if the set temp. Learns the Room System Measures Room Temp ambient temp remain the same over a 6 hour period. Compares it To Set Point Temperature, Remote Transmitter Sends Signal Every 4 Minutes to the.
MFL Male Flare Fitting,Gas Rated Tape or,NPT Rigid Pipe Thread. Pipe Compound on,pipe thread fittings,Only Not on flared. Burner Installation FPT Female Pipe Taper Thread,Procedures. NPT National Pipe Thread FPT Female Pipe Taper Both Require Joint Sealing Compounds or Joint Tape US Standard. Installing Flame Diverter,Safety Pilot Kit,Installation. Installing Pilot assembly Installing Burners With Safety Control Valve. Most Regulated Burners Include Factory,Installed Safety Pilot Flex Line.
Acceptable Line Connections Media Placement,Filling Burner Pan Completely With Correct Media. Cover Burner Tubes,Acceptable Lines,Sand NAT or,Vermiculite LP. 1 Aluminum Tubing,2 Black Coated Flex,3 Stainless Flex. Completely, Glowing Embers Grate Placement Ember Media Placement. Glowing Ember,Note Some Burners Use No,Centering Log Grate Sand or Vermiculite.
Ember Placement,Always End With A,Leak Test To Ensure. Gas Sniffer,Liquid Leak,Grate Logs Corrected,What Do You See. Grate Pushed Back,Improved log,stack pattern,Make it look good You want. satisfied customers No front flame,Is This What They Saw In the. Front flame,Installers Up sale,Accessories,Wood Chips Pine Cones Lava etc.
What Not To Do,How About This,How About This Installation What Do You See. Communication Is Key, Service Calls Consumer Calls With An Issue Write Down All Information. Record The Date Time of Call,Make Sure to Get Model Serial Number. Make An Appointment with the Consumer Present, If You Know Related Issue Go With Parts So No Extra Visits. Analyze Installation,Does the system look too big for firebox.
Once There Make Visual Inspection Before Touching Unit. Check for required damper opening Is it open Damper clamp in. Have Customer Show You How They re Lighting Unit place. Then Try It Yourself Maybe Not Being Used Correctly Burning logs with glass doors closed Must be fully open. Determine If Complaint Is Indeed A Mechanical Plumbing or Termination cap installed Check for blockages or correct cap type. Electrical Issue Under Warranty Not User or Installation Error. Look for excessive soot around fireplace opening insert and mantle. Make Sure You Have Stocked Parts Related To Issue In Truck. Avoid Multiple Visits Take The Consumer Out Of The Picture. Analyze Installation Continued Be Prepared,Have all the necessary tools for troubleshooting. Chimney venting correctly Check flue size Damper,Tool Box Screwdrivers nut drivers socket set all. plier types etc,Is the system setup for correct gas type. Multimeter for Electrical Diagnosing,Is the burner centered correctly Check placement. Gas Manometer for Proper Gas Pressure Readings,Confirm log placement in correct.
Look for signs of damage red heat marks burner,warping logs cracking or deteriorating. More Tools Be Prepared Parts, Thermocouples Pilots Modules Valve Bodies Batteries Remotes. Leak Detectors Sniffer or Liquid,Smart Phone Camera. Important Things to Remember,Techs Take Before After Pictures. Places to Find Serial Numbers,Front Cover Back Cover Page of Manual.
Pictures say 1000 words Protect yourself Job,Thermocouple Thermopile How Safety Pilots Work. Seebeck Effect,Two dissimilar metals are,Cold Junction heated Thus creating. temperature differences,Hot Junction measurable by low voltage. between metals A B,Troubleshooting Pilot Symptoms,Staying lit Pilot Will Not Light. Obstruction in pilot tubing or pilot gas supply line is kinked. Inadequate gas supply check gas pressure Air in line Bleed line. Check electrode wire IPI system check batteries or power source. Pilot Will Not Stay Lit, Pilot hood not aimed at thermocouple Thermocouple cracked or.
worn out Inadequate gas supply Thermocouple either too tight or. Pilot Troubleshooting Steps loose at valve Check millivolts on thermocouple with multimeter. Noisy Pilot, Check pilot hood for burrs or obstruction Pilot adjustment. Purging Air Adjusting Pilot Flame Screw, If applicable first remove the protective cap screw. The Line From Gas Control Valve, Turn the pilot screw clockwise to reduce the pilot flame Counterclockwise to. increase pilot flame Do not turn all the way, Replace the protective cap screw and washer if applicable. Note Pilot flame should encircle the generator tip which is preset at the. factory See figure below,1 Turn main gas on and proceed to next step.
Pilot Hood, 2 Loosen inlet tap screw until you hear the air Make sure flame points to. coming out of the tap until gas odor is evident generator tip only Pilot Adjustment Screw. 3 Close tap and check for gas leak Next follow,pilot lighting instructions to light pilot. Checking Millivolts Using Multimeter 1st Things First Gas Pressure. 1 Most Manometers Don t Read Good or Bad Lol,1 Un thread thermocouple 2. fitting at control valve Most Issues Are Gas Pressure Related. We Need Static Load Pressure Reading Not What We Want To Hear. Checking Decent,Thermocouple,2 Clip black lead to the TH 1 Bulb. Red lead to the copper line,3 Apply flame to the TH 1 tip for 2 5.
minutes Verify factory specs are met, Troubleshooting Pilot Symptoms Cleaning Vent Free ODS Pilot. 1 Make sure gas is off and system is cool, Log Set Extinguishes After Lighting 2 Lightly brush off pilot opening around air intake. Inadequate gas supply causes pilot flame to reduce after burner 3 Blocked ODS openings will not operate properly. 4 Using an Air Duster insert the flexible straw into. lights May have to increase pilot flame Check gas pressure either air intake hole make sure air is pointed. towards the pilot opening See Figure Below,Log Set Extinguishes After 10min to 1hr. Thermocouple is Overheating Check for glass doors closed must be. open Thermocouple overheating cold junction Check for flame. diverter installation or position Logs could be deflecting flames to. 5 Relight pilot to make sure it burns,Valve Will Not Turn Off With Remote properly. 6 IF pilot does not stay lit using wrench, Valve Over heated Make sure heat shield is installed Check disconnect the pilot tubing from the valve.
Batteries and Relearn remote kit 7 Insert flexible nozzle blow air into the. tube and the direction of gas flow,Never from pilot opening. 8 Reinstall tubing and relight pilot,Note If still does not stay lit Replace ODS. Cleaning Vent Free ODS Pilot,IPI Systems,After Cleaning ODS you re still. having shut downs remove the,orifice and inspect for any. remaining obstructions,Silk spider web in this case Required Tools.
was causing pilot outage, clean with rubbing alcohol Wiring Diagram Color Codes. Troubleshooting Pilot Module Symptoms,Troubleshooting Valve Symptoms. Required Tools For Testing,Digital Manometer,Pilot Is Not. IPI Troubleshooting,Screwdriver 2 tip 4 long Philips round blade. Screwdriver 3 16 tip width 3 long slotted narrow,round blade for pressure taps.
Screwdriver 1 4 tip width 4 long slotted round blade. to access regulator cap screw and regulator,adjustment screw. Digital Multimeter,Test Jumper leads, Multimeter for testing voltage current and continuity. Low pressure reading device, IPI Wiring Diagrams System is Turned ON But Not Sparking. Make sure leads are on tight When testing the 2 D batteries for. voltage set multimeter to VDC and test for 2 8v to 3 4 volts. If voltage reading is lower then 2 8 volts replace the batteries. Note Always inspect the wires for good connections and no heat damage. System is Turned ON But Not Sparking Pilot Is Not IPI Troubleshooting. Verify continuity from the 2 brown switch wires You will hear a tone. verifying wires connections are good If you are hearing a broken tone. verify wire harness is fully engaged If no tone this indicates a faulty. connection and the wire harness needs to be replaced. Note Always inspect the wires for good connections and no heat damage. Check Batteries Voltage Testing The Valve,The Appliance will Not Light With The Transmitter. Testing IPI Valve Intermittent Operation, The Appliance will Not Light With The Transmitter Test Gas Pressure.
Result If Burner Lights Manually Bad Module,Troubleshooting Burner Symptoms. Burner Not,Staying Lit Burner Shutting Down, Check incoming gas pressure under load Check manual for gas. requirements Check for other appliances on same gas line could drop. gas pressure to set Check damper size requirement Log set too big. Low Flame Height,Check gas pressure Propane tank may be low. Burner Troubleshooting Steps Not Burning Evenly, Burner orifice clogged Clean orifice Check for sand or vermiculite. compaction Loosen with screwdriver or hack saw blade. Remote Not Communicating, Check batteries Relearn remote kit Remote receiver overheating May.
be able to hear audible beeps at shut down,Remote Not Turning On Burner. Remote Receiver Placement No,Communication,Check Switch Position Remote. Check Batteries For,Voltage Placement Switch Heat Shield. Check Wiring,Check Receiver Location in Firebox,Check Receivers Heatshield. 6 8 Min Clearance from burner needed is being used. Note Never place receiver in back of firebox due to. overheating always place forward of the burner as shown. above Overheating Receiver Will Shut Unit Down,Re Learning Remote Kit 01V Remote.
Communication Receiver Module 4 AA 6,Communication. Volt AR 01V 2,Transmitter 9 Volt Battery,1 Make sure switch is on Remote. Code will not learn in On or Off position,2 Push release the learn button Should hear. a beeping sound,3 Next press release any button on the. transmitter A change in the beeping pattern at,the receiver indicates transmitter s code has.

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