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FUNDAMENTALS OF QUALITY CONTROL AND IMPROVEMENT Fourth Edition AMITAVA MITRA Auburn University College of Business Auburn Alabama


FUNDAMENTALS,OF QUALITY CONTROL,AND IMPROVEMENT,FUNDAMENTALS. OF QUALITY CONTROL,AND IMPROVEMENT,Fourth Edition,AMITAVA MITRA. Auburn University,College of Business,Auburn Alabama. Copyright 2016 by John Wiley Sons Inc All rights reserved. Published by John Wiley Sons Inc Hoboken New Jersey. Published simultaneously in Canada, No part of this publication may be reproduced stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or. by any means electronic mechanical photocopying recording scanning or otherwise except as permitted. under Section 107 or 108 of the 1976 United States Copyright Act without either the prior written permission. of the Publisher or authorization through payment of the appropriate per copy fee to the Copyright. Clearance Center Inc 222 Rosewood Drive Danvers MA 01923 978 750 8400 fax 978 750 4470 or. on the web at www copyright com Requests to the Publisher for permission should be addressed to the. Permissions Department John Wiley Sons Inc 111 River Street Hoboken NJ 07030 201 748 6011. fax 201 748 6008 or online at http www wiley com go permission. Limit of Liability Disclaimer of Warranty While the publisher and author have used their best efforts in. preparing this book they make no representations or warranties with respect to the accuracy or completeness. of the contents of this book and speci cally disclaim any implied warranties of merchantability or tness for a. particular purpose No warranty may be created or extended by sales representatives or written sales materials. The advice and strategies contained herein may not be suitable for your situation You should consult with a. professional where appropriate Neither the publisher nor author shall be liable for any loss of pro t or any. other commercial damages including but not limited to special incidental consequential or other damages. For general information on our other products and services or for technical support please contact our Customer. Care Department within the United States at 800 762 2974 outside the United States at 317 572 3993 or. fax 317 572 4002, Wiley also publishes its books in a variety of electronic formats Some content that appears in print may not be available.
in electronic formats For more information about Wiley products visit our web site at www wiley com. Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data. Mitra Amitava, Fundamentals of quality control and improvement Amitava Mitra 4th ed. Includes index,ISBN 978 1 118 70514 8 cloth,1 Quality control Statistical methods I Title. TS156 M54 2008,658 4 0 13 dc22,2007036433,Printed in the United States of America. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1,To the memory of my parents,who instilled the importance of. an incessant inquiry for knowledge,and whose inspiration transcends mortality.
PREFACE xix,ABOUT THE COMPANION WEBSITE xxiii,PART I PHILOSOPHY AND FUNDAMENTALS 1. 1 Introduction to Quality Control and the Total Quality System 3. 1 1 Introduction and Chapter Objectives 3,1 2 Evolution of Quality Control 4. 1 3 Quality 7,Quality Characteristics 8,Variables and Attributes 8. Standard or Speci cation 9,Quality of Design 10,Quality of Conformance 10. Quality of Performance 11,1 4 Quality Control 12,Off Line Quality Control 12.
Statistical Process Control 12,Acceptance Sampling Plans 13. 1 5 Quality Assurance 13, 1 6 Quality Circles and Quality Improvement Teams 14. 1 7 Customer Needs and Market Share 15,Kano Model 15. 1 8 Bene ts of Quality Control and the Total Quality System 16. Total Quality System 17,1 9 Quality and Reliability 18. 1 10 Quality Improvement 18,1 11 Product and Service Costing 19.
Activity Based Costing 20,viii CONTENTS,1 12 Quality Costs 23. Prevention Costs 23,Appraisal Costs 23,Internal Failure Costs 24. External Failure Costs 24,Hidden Failure Costs 24,Quality Costs Data Requirements 24. Process Cost Approach 26,1 13 Measuring Quality Costs 27. Impact of Quality Improvement on Quality Costs 29,1 14 Management of Quality 31.
1 15 Quality and Productivity 34,Effect on Cost 34. Effect on Market 34,1 16 Total Quality Environmental Management 37. Green Supply Chain 39,Summary 40,Key Terms 41,Exercises 41. References 46, 2 Some Philosophies and Their Impact on Quality 47. 2 1 Introduction and Chapter Objectives 47, 2 2 Service Industries and Their Characteristics 47.
Differences in the Manufacturing and Service Sectors 49. Service Quality Characteristics 50,Measuring Service Quality 52. Techniques for Evaluating Service Quality 52,2 3 Model for Service Quality 53. 2 4 W Edwards Deming s Philosophy 56,Extended Process 57. Deming s 14 Points for Management 58,Deming s Deadly Diseases 72. 2 5 Philip B Crosby s Philosophy 75,Four Absolutes of Quality Management 76.
14 Step Plan for Quality Improvement 76,2 6 Joseph M Juran s Philosophy 78. Quality Trilogy Process 79,Quality Planning 79,Quality Control 80. Quality Improvement 81,2 7 The Three Philosophies Compared 82. De nition of Quality 82,Management Commitment 82,Strategic Approach to a Quality System 83. CONTENTS ix,Measurement of Quality 83,Never Ending Process of Improvement 83.
Education and Training 83,Eliminating the Causes of Problems 84. Goal Setting 84,Structural Plan 84,Summary 85,Key Terms 85. Exercises 86,References 88, 3 Quality Management Practices Tools and Standards 89. 3 1 Introduction and Chapter Objectives 89,3 2 Management Practices 90. Total Quality Management 90,Vision and Quality Policy 92.
Balanced Scorecard 94,Performance Standards 96,3 3 Quality Function Deployment 99. QFD Process 100,3 4 Benchmarking and Performance Evaluation 106. Benchmarking 107,Quality Auditing 110,Vendor Selection and Certi cation Programs 112. Vendor Rating and Selection 112,3 5 Health Care Analytics 115. Health Care Analytics and Big Data 116,Uniqueness of Health Care 116.
Challenges in Health Care Quality 121,3 6 Tools for Continuous Quality Improvement 124. Pareto Diagrams 124,Flowcharts 124,Cause and Effect Diagrams 126. Scatterplots 126,Multivariable Charts 127,Matrix and Three Dimensional Plots 129. Failure Mode and Effects Criticality Analysis 131,3 7 International Standards ISO 9000 and Other. Derivatives 137,Features of ISO 9000 137,Other Industry Standards 138.
Summary 139,Key Terms 140,Exercises 140,References 144. x CONTENTS,PART II STATISTICAL FOUNDATIONS AND METHODS. OF QUALITY IMPROVEMENT 147, 4 Fundamentals of Statistical Concepts and Techniques. in Quality Control and Improvement 149,4 1 Introduction and Chapter Objectives 150. 4 2 Population and Sample 150,4 3 Parameter and Statistic 150.
4 4 Probability 151,Relative Frequency De nition of Probability 151. Simple and Compound Events 151,Complementary Events 152. Additive Law 153,Multiplicative Law 154,Independence and Mutually Exclusive Events 154. 4 5 Descriptive Statistics Describing Product or Process Characteristics 156. Data Collection 156,Measurement Scales 158,Measures of Central Tendency 159. Measures of Dispersion 161,Measures of Skewness and Kurtosis 166.
Measures of Association 169,4 6 Probability Distributions 173. Cumulative Distribution Function 175,Expected Value 175. Discrete Distributions 176,Continuous Distributions 180. 4 7 Inferential Statistics Drawing Conclusions on,Product and Process Quality 189. Sampling Distributions 189,Estimation of Product and Process Parameters 190.
Hypothesis Testing 199,Summary 212,Appendix Approximations to Some Probability. Distributions 212,Binomial Approximation to the Hypergeometric 212. Poisson Approximation to the Binomial 212,Normal Approximation to the Binomial 213. Normal Approximation to the Poisson 214,Key Terms 215. Exercises 216,References 228,5 Data Analyses and Sampling 229.
5 1 Introduction and Chapter Objectives 229,5 2 Empirical Distribution Plots 230. CONTENTS xi,Histograms 230,Stem and Leaf Plots 231. Box Plots 232,Variations of the Basic Box Plot 234. 5 3 Randomness of a Sequence 235,Run Chart 235,5 4 Validating Distributional Assumptions 237. Probability Plotting 237,5 5 Transformations to Achieve Normality 240.
Some Common Transformations 240,Power Transformations 240. Johnson Transformation 241,5 6 Analysis of Count Data 244. Hypothesis Test on Cell Probabilities 244,Contingency Tables 245. Measures of Association 247,5 7 Analysis of Customer Satisfaction Data 248. Customer Needs and Their Level of Satisfaction 248. Displaying Survey Results 253,Analysis of Survey Results 255.
5 8 Concepts in Sampling 257,Sampling Designs and Schemes 258. Sample Size Determination 260,Bound on the Error of Estimation and Associated. Con dence Level 260, Estimating the Difference of Two Population Means 262. Estimating the Difference of Two Population,Proportions 262. Controlling the Type I Error Type II Error and,Associated Parameter Shift 263.
Summary 264,Key Terms 265,Exercises 266,References 272. PART III STATISTICAL PROCESS CONTROL 273, 6 Statistical Process Control Using Control Charts 275. 6 1 Introduction and Chapter Objectives 275,6 2 Causes of Variation 277. Special Causes 277,Common Causes 277,6 3 Statistical Basis for Control Charts 277. Basic Principles 277,Selection of Control Limits 279.
xii CONTENTS, Errors in Making Inferences from Control Charts 281. Effect of Control Limits on Errors in Inference Making 285. Warning Limits 286,Effect of Sample Size on Control Limits 286. Average Run Length 287,6 4 Selection of Rational Samples 289. Sample Size 289,Frequency of Sampling 289,6 5 Analysis of Patterns in Control Charts 290. Some Rules for Identifying an Out of Control Process 290. Interpretation of Plots 292, Determination of Causes of Out of Control Points 294.
6 6 Maintenance of Control Charts 294,Summary 295,Key Terms 295. Exercises 295,References 298,7 Control Charts for Variables 299. 7 1 Introduction and Chapter Objectives 300, 7 2 Selection of Characteristics for Investigation 301. 7 3 Preliminary Decisions 302,Selection of Rational Samples 302. Sample Size 303,Frequency of Sampling 303,Choice of Measuring Instruments 303.
Design of Data Recording Forms 303,7 4 Control Charts for the Mean and Range 303. Development of the Charts 303,Variable Sample Size 309. Standardized Control Charts 309,Control Limits for a Given Target or Standard 310. Interpretation and Inferences from the Charts 313,Control Chart Patterns and Corrective Actions 315. 7 5 Control Charts for the Mean and Standard Deviation 321. No Given Standards 322,Given Standard 323,7 6 Control Charts for Individual Units 326.
No Given Standards 327,Given Standard 328,7 7 Control Charts for Short Production Runs 330. and R Charts for Short Production Runs 330,Z MR Chart 330. 7 8 Other Control Charts 332, Cumulative Sum Control Chart for the Process Mean 332. Tabular Method 333,CONTENTS xiii,V Mask Method 336. Cumulative Sum for Monitoring Process Variability 340. Moving Average Control Chart 341, Exponentially Weighted Moving Average or Geometric.
Moving Average Control Chart 343,Modi ed Control Chart 347. Acceptance Control Chart 350,7 9 Risk Adjusted Control Charts 352. Risk Adjusted Cumulative Sum RACUSUM Chart 353, Risk Adjusted Sequential Probability Ratio Test RASPRT 354. Risk Adjusted Exponentially Weighted Moving Average RAEWMA. Variable Life Adjusted Display VLAD Chart 356,7 10 Multivariate Control Charts 359. Controlling Several Related Quality Characteristics 359. Hotelling s T 2 Control Chart and Its Variations 362. Phase 1 and Phase 2 Charts 363,Usage and Interpretations 365.
Individual Observations with Unknown,Process Parameters 366. Generalized Variance Chart 367,Summary 372,Key Terms 373. Exercises 374,References 387,8 Control Charts for Attributes 389. 8 1 Introduction and Chapter Objectives 390, 8 2 Advantages and Disadvantages of Attribute Charts 390. Advantages 390,Disadvantages 391,8 3 Preliminary Decisions 392.
8 4 Chart for Proportion Nonconforming p Chart 392. Construction and Interpretation 393,Variable Sample Size 400. Risk Adjusted p Charts in Health Care 404,Special Considerations for p Charts 408. 8 5 Chart for Number of Nonconforming Items np Chart 409. No Standard Given 409,Standard Given 410, 8 6 Chart for Number of Nonconformities c Chart 411. No Standard Given 412,Standard Given 412,Probability Limits 414. Applications in Health Care When Nonoccurence of Nonconformities Are.

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