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Blackline Master 5 is a Crossword Puzzle to be used as a class activity or a take home assignment Blackline Master 2 Vocabulary List will help stu dents become familiar with some of the terms referred to in the video 4 Blackline Master 6 is the Quiz for this video presen tation The questions and answers are given below


Exploring The Renaissance, 1350 1650, Cont, ent, s. All material in this program is the exclusive,property of the copyright holder Copying . transmitting or reproducing in anyform or by,any means without prior written permission. from the copyright holder is prohibited Title,17 U S Code Sections 501and506 . 1994Chariot Productions, Exploring The Renaissance.
1350 1650, Time 20 17, Program Summary, This program uses live action footage from Italy and. England photographs of museum materials plus some,dramatized segments to provide 7th through 10th. grade students with information about the Renais ,sance . Because the Renaissance was in large part inspired. by the rediscovery of a long lost way of life a, significant amount of this program is devoted to a. historical review of the 1400 years that preceded the. Renaissance Life in ancient Rome is contrasted to life. among the barbarians during the Dark Ages Next , feudal and religious life during the last part of the.
Middle Ages is presented The Renaissance is viewed. as an emergence from a prolonged period of introspec . tion that occurred during the M iddle Ages as the,glories of classical Roman and Greek culture are. rediscovered ,Renaissance art and architecture are compared to. medieval art and perspective is discussed , Shakespeare s contributions to Renaissance theater. and literature are presented Different aspects of, science and the effects of the invention of moveable. type printing during the Renaissance are explained . Finally Renaissance exploration and the Reformation. are examined , 1, Student Objectives maximum instructional benefits afforded by the mate .
rials , After viewing the video and participating in the lesson. activities students should be able to Introducing the Program. Briefly contrast life in ancient Roman times to life. during the Dark Ages Introduce this program by describing the city states of. Describe some of the most important aspects of the the Italian peninsula and the economic climate of this. late medieval way of life area around the year 1350 Talk about the plague and. Summarize some of the changes that occurred in art problems being encountered by the papacy around this. literature science architecture communication and time Talk briefly about the fall of Rome and the. exploration as a result of the Renaissance decline of learning especially during the Dark Ages . Discuss some of the reasons why the early humanists Discuss the medieval world and contrast it to the new. might have become interested in the lost cultures of Renaissance ideals . ancient Rome and Greece , Explain some of the factors that led up to and resulted Distribute to the students the blackline masters you ve. in the Reformation chosen to use as reference if any and present the. video Viewing time is 20 15 , Teacher Preparation. Follow Up Activities,Before presenting the video to your students we. suggest you preview the video and review this guide Discussion A general discussion of the topics cov . and the accompanying blackline masters in order to ered in the video would be appropriate Discuss what it. become knowledgeable about their content You may must have been like to live during a time of great. decide to duplicate some of the blackline masters you cultural rebirth . intend to use See pages 4 8for a description of the Topics covered art literature architecture science . blackline masters supplied with this program and the religion government communication and land explo . answer key ration , As you review the instructional program outlined in The fall of Rome was brought about in part by the.
this guide and the blackline masters that accompany attacks of the barbarians The barbarians took plea . it you may find it necessary to make some changes sure in destroying artwork and buildings of great. deletions or additions to fit the specific needs of your beauty Todays vandals were named for an ancient. class W e encourage you to do so for only by tailoring German tribe that sacked Rome in 455 A D It appears. this program to your students will they obtain the that a new culture dedicated to vandalism is increasing. 2 3, in popularity today Discuss the motivation of the Blackline Master 3 Centers of the Italian Renais . modern vandals compared to those of the ancient sance is a map of Italy in 1350 showing the cities. barbarians where the Renaissance began , Discuss whether modern western culture is in de Blackline Master 4 Perspective shows the art of. cline What are the signs of decline Will there be a picturing obj ects on a flat surface so as to give the. new Renaissance If so when will it occur and what appearance of distance or depth Explain and illustrate. form might it take the concept of perspective then have the students create. their own scenes using perspective ,M useum Visit A very helpful follow up activity. would be to visit an art museum that houses collec Blackline Master 5 is a Crossword Puzzle to be used. tions of Roman Greek Medieval and Renaissance art as a class activity or a take home assignment . or artifacts In this way students will be able to obtain. direct experience of the culture of these historical eras . Research Paper Students could be assigned library, research in order to write papers on some of the most. famous artists writers scientists and political figures. of the Renaissance , Blackline Masters , Answer Key.
Blackline Master 1 is a Time Line showing important. dates in European history beginning with the Roman. Peace and ending with the beginning of the 17th, century This blackline master can be used for refer . ence and discussion ,Blackline Master 2 Vocabulary List will help stu . dents become familiar with some of the terms referred Blackline Master 6 is the Quizfor this video presen . to in the video tation The questions and answers are given below . 1 The is the name historians have given to, the events that led to the formation of many types of. 4 Protestant churches during the 16th century , 5. Answer Reformation sailed around the world for the very first time . Answer Magellan, 2 The Italian astronomer who proved the theories of.
Copernicus was named Answer Galileo 10 The invention of allowed. books to be mass produced and this resulted in a more. 3 The entire historical period between the fall of the rapid flow of new ideas than was possible when books. Western Roman Empire and the Renaissance is called were copied by hand Answer moveable type. the Answer Middle Ages printing, 4 The German tribes that settled in Britain after the 11 Both the microscope and the telescope were in . Roman departure were called the vented in the country of between 1590 and. Answer Anglo Saxons 1608 Answer Holland, 12 Between 1347 and 1349 25 to 30 of the. 5 The plays of the Renaissance English writer population of Europe died as a result of . are still very popular today , Answer W illiam Shakespeare Answer The bubonic plague. 6 In the beginning the Renaissance movement was 13 By using Renaissance artists were. greatly inspired by scholars called who able to create the illusion of depth in their drawings. were devoted to the study of the lost cultures of ancient and paintings Answer perspective. Greece and Rome Answer humanists, 14 The Renaissance interest in the human body re . 7 The paintings of the Renaissance are more vived the science of that had not been. than those produced during the studied seriously since ancient Roman times Answer . Middle Ages Answer realistic three dimensional anatomy. looking , 15 One of the greatest Renaissance artists and inven .
8 The Renaissance began in the country of tors was called Leonardo . around 1350 Answer Italy Answer da Vinci, 16 Essay Describe five Renaissance innovations that. 9 In 1522 the Spanish explorer changed European civilization . 6 7, Answers will vary but should include Perception these ruins the leaders of the Renaissance rediscov . or depth of field dimensions true to life art forms ered some wonderful ideas that had been all but lost for. stressing the beauty of the human body bright and nearly 1000 years . light colors religious influence in architecture use. of color symbolism and statues the invention of The Historical Background of the Renaissance. the telescope and microscope the study of anatomy Because the Renaissance was founded on the redis . earth science and space the Reformation the covery of a long lost way of life it is important to. growth of Protestant churches the phasing out of spend some time comparing life in ancient Roman. feudalism more power to the kings less power of times to life during the nearly 1000 years of the Middle. the papacy the invention of moveable type printing Ages that immediately preceded the Renaissance for. and the spread of literature world explorations only in this way can this marvelous period of history. by Columbus Magellan and others be understood , Ancient Rome. At its peak around the year 120 A D Rome ruled a, Exploring the Renaissance great empire that encompassed all of western Europe . Script of Video Presentation and much of north Africa and the near East . Every province of this vast empire was linked to, The historical period called the Renaissance began in.
Rome by over 50 000 miles of roads paved with,Italy around the year 1350 and for the next three. stones for wherever the Romans conquered they, centuries Renaissance innovations in art architecture . brought civilization to a very primitive people , science and religion spread slowly across the Euro . pean continent , Rome itself was a city of marble temples triumphal. arches and glorious palaces ,The word Renaissance means rebirth for it was.
during the Renaissance that European civilization, The Romans just like the older Greek culture they so. began to move away from the somber medieval ideals. freely borrowed from formed a highly civilized society. so well symbolized by that age s dark castles and, bound together by a well developed system of. brooding cathedrals into the light of a new era , government and law . The Renaissance was a unique historical period for. However over the centuries Rome s fantastic wealth. the leaders of the Renaissance found much of their. led to corruption complacency and decadence , inspiration in the great art and literature of the ancient. civilizations of Greece and Rome and here among, 8 9.
As the Roman empire weakened from within it began to European history between the Roman Empire and the. collapse under the continued attacks of barbaric Renaissance Additionally historians named the first. tribes such as the Ostrogoths the Visigoths and 500 years of the Middle Ages The Dark Ages to. Vandals And by the year 476 A D the Western reflect the rapid decline of a more civilized way of life. Roman Empire finally disintegrated Its army was during this era . shattered the once beautiful city of Rome lay in ruin . Christianity During the Middle Ages, Life After the Romans As Europe entered the Dark Ages the ancient religion. What happened in the former Roman province of of the Romans finally died out The old gods and. Britain with the arrival of three Germanic tribes the goddesses of Rome and even the Norse gods of the. Angles the Jutes and the Saxons was typical of what barbarians were soon forgotten as Europe embraced. happened whenever the barbarians stepped in to take Christianity . the place of the departing Romans Roman towns, were torn apart for their stones and bricks the beautiful As Christianity took hold the new Christians became. sculptures masterfully carved from solid marble that increasingly concerned with the welfare of their souls. once adorned their homes and temples were and with the consequences of their deeds both good. smashed beyond recognition and the engineering and bad And as their concern grew their thoughts. skills that had brought running water paved roads turned inward and it was not until the Renaissance that. warm public baths and excellent drainage systems to this inner exploration of the soul shifted into an out . Roman towns did not exist among the barbarians and ward exploration of the world . soon all these reminders of a more civilized way of life. were forgotten During the Middle Ages nearly everyone believed. that life on earth was of little value in and of itself Life. The new Anglo Saxon villages that began to appear was seen merely as a doorway leading either to the. across Britain were quite primitive compared to the eternal pleasures of heaven or to the demons of hell . Roman towns and because many artistic skills were, lost the art that adorned their simple dwellings ap Medieval artwork reinforced these beliefs taught Bible. pears very crude by Roman standards stories and acted to inspire a deep sense of religious. devotion among the mostly illiterate population of. The Middle Ages Europe During the last part of the Middle Ages . The collapse of the highly Roman culture and its known as the High Middle Ages this powerful devotion. replacement by a barbarous uncivilized society was expressed by an enormous upsurge of religious. marked Europe s entry into the Middle Ages the building as stone masons carved delicate ornaments for. name historians have given the middle period of the huge new cathedrals and monasteries. 10 11, that sprouted up across the countryside death of nearly one quarter of the population of Eu . rope ,And by the 1200s more than ten percent of the.
population of Europe lived the religious life as monks At the same time the Catholic Church had become. nuns or priests very worldly and in need of reform Bishops lived like. princes and the Church sold religious favors called. Castles and Feudalism indulgences for money During the 1300s two or for. Yet strangely enough this time of intense religious awhile even three men each claimed to be the true . devotion was a period of almost continuous warfare pope and these disputes created much confusion. and the many castles constructed during the last few among the Christians at that time . centuries of the Middle Ages stand as lasting reminders. of this fact The Dawn of the Renaissance, Amid this medieval background of religious confu . Under Rome most of Europe was united under a sion plague and warfare a new direction for society. central government and its laws and Rome s powerful was born in Italy around 1350 and this new direction. military maintained peace in Europe for over two has come to be known as the Renaissance . centuries With the collapse of the Western Roman, Empire many small independent kingdoms emerged Primarily here in Florence and in Siena Milan and. and relentless warfare was the order of the day as rival Venice small groups of artists writers and scholars. kingdoms battled to increase their wealth by winning came together They sought to find a new course for. land from their foes And because of this constant the civilization of western Europe the one that truly. warfare society in the Middle Ages organized itself reflected mankind s enormous abilities abilities they. according to the principles of feudalism believed had been too long suppressed or just plain. forgotten ,Under the feudal system the powerful noblemen who. controlled the land exchanged protection for the labor Because the leaders of the Renaissance had lost their. or military service of their subjects for example the respect both for the hierarchy of the Church and for. serfs who worked the noblemen s lands exchanged the feudal lords who ruled their lives they turned. some of the crops they raised for the protection the lord elsewhere in their search for new ideas . provided from the hostile forces of other kingdoms . These leaders of the Renaissance were called humanists. But the feudal system began to collapse as the bubonic because their interest focused on the people whose. plague struck Europe in the mid 1300s resulting in the works had brought greatness to the cultures of ancient. Greece and Rome , 12 13, These humanists began to explore and study the mys of converging guidelines that can later be painted. terious ruins of ancient Rome and to retranslate the over The illusion of depth created by using perspective. few ancient Greek and Roman books that had survived in painting seemed almost magical to people who lived. the barbarians during the Renaissance almost as magical as the first. photographs were to people in the 19th century , Renaissance Art Renaissance Architecture.
From the earliest days of the Renaissance artists The magic and beauty found in Renaissance painting. began to be inspired by the realistic portrayals of the could also be found in the wonderful buildings con . human body they saw in the Roman sculptures they structed during that time The great Renaissance. unearthed for the artists of the Middle Ages had cathedral of Florence seen here shows how ornate. viewed the human body mostly as an obstacle to a detail and delicately colored marble were combined to. religious life and made no attempt to show its beauty inspire a deep religious feeling Much of this cathedral s. Partially for this reason the figures in medieval art ornamentation also shows the design influence of the. usually have a very flat unlifelike appearance Moslem culture that was gaining in strength around. the Mediterranean during this era ,But soon the great Renaissance artists like. Michaelangelo Leonardo da Vince and Raphael Changes were also occurring in the way that houses. were creating lifelike paintings of human beings by were being built during the Renaissance and these. using rich colors and subtle shading that actually changes reflected the decline of feudalism and the rise. glorified the human body of trade with the stability this brought . These artist s interests in accurately portraying the In England as in much of the rest of Europe the. human body led to the first really scientific studies of houses of the great feudal lords were being trans . human anatomy since the work of the Roman scientist formed from medieval fortresses into places of beauty . Galen over 1300 years earlier Again bodies were comfort and elegance . being dissected in an attempt to understand how they. functioned This Renaissance house called Burton Agnes Hall . appears very civilized when compared to the rooms of. Renaissance artists also had discovered how to create this tower that housed the feudal lords who had first. the illusion of three dimensions on the flat surface of a settled here in the 12th century When construction. painting by using perspective Perspective is created began on Burton Agnes Hall at the end of the 16th. when figures in the foreground are made taller than century it was considered to be a very modern building . those in the background The correct heights to paint. the figures are determined simply by following sets. 14 15, Copernicus in the preceding century namely that the. Unlike the original medieval house the new hall had. earth rotates on its axis once a day and rotates around. no fortifications at all instead its large windows let. the sun once a year , the comfortable rooms inside be flooded with light . and at the same time allowed those inside to admire. Another marvelous late Renaissance scientific ac . the lovely gardens and fountains outside And like, complishment was the invention of the microscope. any Roman palace this fine Renaissance house was, around 1590 in Holland The microscope revealed a.
adorned with marble statues of gods and goddesses . hidden world no one had even imagined to have, existed before where just a single drop of water was. Renaissance Theater William Shakespeare, discovered to be filled with tiny living things one early. As the first bricks of Burton Agnes Hall were being. microscopist called cavorting beasties ,cemented together in 1599 William Shakespeare. watched the walls of his new theater go up 300 miles. The invention of the microscope allowed an enormous. to the south in London , increase of scientific understanding to occur in the. studies of biology and medicine , The plays of Shakespeare considered to be the greatest.
writer in the English language revitalized the art of. The Moveable Type Printing Press, theatrical performance which had been a major source. The growth of scientific knowledge during the Re . of entertainment in ancient Rome but had declined, naissance had been fueled by the invention around. tremendously during the Middle Ages To this day , 1450 of a printing press that used moveable type . Shakespearian plays are performed in many countries. Because this new invention resulted in the mass pro . around the world and remain very popular because of. duction of inexpensive books scientists and other. the timeless themes that Shakespeare employed in his. educated people of the Renaissance were able to share. writing , ideas in ways that had not been possible in the past . Science During the Renaissance, Besides improvements in the arts great things were Up until the mid 1400s books were copied by hand.
also happening in the world of science during the instead of being printed on a printing press Hand. Renaissance copying was a slow process and as a result books. were very rare and expensive , In 1610 near the end of the Renaissance and six years. before the death of Shakespeare Galileo Galilei s use During the Medieval era because of the scarcity of. of the newly invented telescope allowed him to prove books new ideas did not travel very fast from one. the astronomical theories proposed by Nicolaus location to another but with the large scale adoption. of inexpensive printing methods after 1500 new, 16 17. ideas began to move across Europe fairly rapidly Luther called for its complete reform . Exploration During the Renaissance Luther questioned the right of the Church to sell. The enthusiasm that led people of the Renaissance to indulgences He also questioned the authority of the. publish new books analyze the movement of the pope as well as the accuracy of many of the Catholic. planets develop exciting new techniques in art and to interpretations of the Bible and this movement now. study life under the microscope also led them to called The Reformation led to a breakup of the. undertake an unprecedented exploration of the earth Catholic Church s total control of the Christian faith. itself and led to the formation of many different Protestant. churches , Christopher Columbus sailed west in 1492 in a search. for a direct shipping route from Europe to Asia and One of the most significant results of the Reformation. accidently discovered North and South America and was that the power of kings increased as the power of. by 1522 Ferdinand Magellan had sailed all the way the popes decreased The clearest example of this. around the world increase of kingly power can be found in the English. Reformation of 1534 that was led by King Henry the. As a result of this burst of exploration many of the Eighth . native cultures of the Americas suffered near total. destruction as they confronted not just the superior Henry had decided he needed a new wife since his first. weapons but also the diseases brought by the Europeans wife had failed to give him a son and heir Because the. Church forbid divorce Henry needed to obtain an, But as Europeans began to settle in the Americas they annulment from the pope in order to remarry But. also brought with them European culture and the when the pope denied his request Henry stripped the. Christian religion pope of his authority and declared himself to be the. head of the Church in England , Christianity During the Renaissance Henry seized all the Church s property dismantled.
The Reformation every monastery in England and went on to marry. Not only were Europeans in the Renaissance exploring five more times . the unmapped regions of the world they were also, exploring new ways of expressing their Christian And so it was that during the Renaissance sovereign. faith In 1517 in response to corruption within the nations all across Europe began to steer a new course. Catholic Church a German monk named Martin that gradually freed them from domination by the. papacy , 18 19, Conclusion, About three centuries after it had begun the Renais . sance with its fantastic vision of cultural rebirth had. come to a successful conclusion having produced a, new sense of freedom in religion in thought and in. government as well as leaving behind a rich legacy of. art literature science and exploration , European civilization had travelled far during the. Renaissance Feudalism had been exchanged for a, new way of life that centered on trade that resulted in.
the growth of cities ,And when the Renaissance came to a close around. 1650 much of Europe stood at the threshold of a new. era ready to meet the great challenges that were to lie. ahead in what historians were to call The Age of,Reason . 20, 1a Name , EXPLORING THE RENAISSANCE, Timeline. 27 B C 180 A D Time of the Pax Romana Roman Peace and the peak of Roman power . 395 A D Division of the Roman Empire into eastern and western halves The Eastern. Empire was ruled by an emperor in Constantinople and the Western Empire. was ruled by another emperor in Rome , 410 A D Visigoths sack Rome Romans leave Britain After their departure the. Germanic Angles and Saxons invade Britain and establish settlements . 432 A D St Patrick brings Christianity to Ireland . 447 A D Attila and the Huns invade the Eastern Roman Empire . 455 A D Vandals ravage Italy ,470 A D Huns driven out of Europe .
476 A D The collapse of the Western Roman Empire and the beginning of the Dark. Ages rapid decline in learning and art Germanic Chief Odoacer becomes. the king of Rome ,771 814 A D Empire of Charlemagne . 814 1025 A D Peak of the Byzantine Eastern Roman Empire . 1066 A D The conquest of Britain by the Norman French . 1100 1350 A D High Middle Ages and the peak of religious and castle building activity all. across Europe , 1215 A D England s King John signs the Magna Carta that limited kingly power . 1294 A D Pope Boniface VIII is elected His quarrels with the King of France lead to. the beginning of a decline of papal power ,1347 49 A D First bubonic plague strikes Europe . 1338 1453 A D The Hundred Years War between France and England . 1350 A D The dawn of the Renaissance in Florence Siena Milan and Venice Italy . 1439 1450 A D Johann Gutenberg invents moveable type printing in Germany . 1444 A D Birth of famous Italian Renaissance painter Sandro Botticelli . 1452 A D Birth of Italian artist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci . 1453 A D The Turks capture Constantinople The Eastern Roman Empire collapses . 1994 Chariot Productions, Distributed by AGC United Learning. 1560 Sherman Av Suite 100 Evanston IL 60201 1 800 323 9084 Fax 847 328 6706. www agcunitedlearning com e mail info agcunited com.

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