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EXCAVATION HANDBOOK YOUR TICKETS ALL IN ONE PLACE GET STARTED TODAY AT E TICKET PROGRAM USANorth811 org DAMAGE PREVENTION ACADEMY BY USA NORTH 811 GET STARTED USANORTH811 TRAINING CREATE RENEW MANAGE Get certi ed in California Government Code 4216 Industry Best Practices and the 811 Process FREE Table of Contents USA North 811 Center Overview 1 General Excavation Information 3 5 Steps


E TICKET PROGRAM,CREATE RENEW MANAGE,YOUR TICKETS,ALL IN ONE PLACE. GET STARTED TODAY AT,USANorth811 org,PREVENTION,BY USA NORTH 811. Get certi ed in California Government Code 4216,Industry Best Practices and the 811 Process. GET STARTED,USANORTH811 TRAINING,Table of Contents. USA North 811 Center Overview 1,General Excavation Information 3.
5 Steps to SAFE Digging 4,No Response Notification 6. Renewal Notification 6,Re Mark Notification 7,Damage Exposed Notification 7. Emergency Notification 8,Electronic Positive Response 8. Electronic Positive Response Codes 9,Online Options for Submitting Tickets 20. Contacts at USA North 811 21,CGA Best Practices Appendix B Uniform 22.
Color Code Marking Guidelines,USA NORTH 811 CENTER OVERVIEW. USA North 811 provides a free and effective damage prevention ser. vice that protects our citizens communities environment essential. public services and underground facilities in Central and Northern. California and Nevada, Our objective is the continued overall safety and protection of those. working in the field of excavation the surrounding communities and. the underground lines themselves Striking an underground line. can result in expensive down time repair costs property damage. environmental contamination personal injury or even fatalities We. accomplish this objective by serving as a central hub of communica. tion between anyone planning to dig and our over 1 500 utility mem. bers the owners operators of underground facilities so that those. members can mark their lines before the digging begins Each utility. member notified of a planned excavation will respond by either. 1 Marking or staking the horizontal path of their facility. 2 Providing information about the location of their facility or. 3 Advising the excavator about the clearance of the facilities. that they own operate and or maintain clear no conflict. Underground Service Alert of Northern California and Nevada. USA North 811,Available 24 7 online or by phone,www usanorth811 org E Ticket Program. www 811express com single address tickets,811 800 642 2444. Serving the following 49 counties in California, Alameda Alpine Amador Butte Calaveras Colusa Contra Costa.
Del Norte El Dorado Fresno Glenn Humboldt Kern Kings Lake. Lassen Madera Marin Mariposa Mendocino Merced Modoc. Mono Monterey Napa Nevada Placer Plumas Sacramento San. Benito San Francisco San Joaquin San Luis Obispo San Mateo. Santa Clara Santa Cruz Shasta Sierra Siskiyou Solano Sonoma. Stanislaus Sutter Tehama Trinity Tulare Tuolumne Yolo Yuba. California Excavation Manual, Underground Service Alert of Southern California DigAlert. 6AM 7PM Monday Friday closed holidays,direct digalert org. 811 800 422 4133,Serving the following 9 counties, Inyo Imperial Los Angeles Orange Riverside San Bernardino San. Diego Santa Barbara Ventura,CGA Best Practices Appendix B. GENERAL EXCAVATION INFORMATION, Be knowledgeable of all federal state county city or local.
requirements,Construction code,Contractor license code. Safety code,Franchise code,OSHA regulations,Federal state county city or local ordinances. Others that may apply, Prior to starting an excavation examine the excavation site for. physical evidence manholes valve covers water meters fire. hydrants sewer cleanouts storm drains vaults utility mainte. nance boxes pole risers etc that would indicate the existence. of subsurface installations Always excavate as cautiously and. prudently as possible, USA North 811 accepts notifications for excavation work on pub. lic or private property military bases Indigenous Peoples reser. vations and even waterways in California, Our members will locate field mark or stake the horizontal path.
provide information about the location or provide clearance. for the subsurface installations that they own operate or main. tain Excavators should be aware that private or non member. utility lines may be present NOTE CalTrans and operators of. non pressurized sewer lines storm drains and drain lines are. exempt from being members, Limit your excavation location description to a site that can be. completed within a 28 calendar day period from the date you. submit your ticket to USA North 811,California Excavation Manual. Dividing larger excavation areas into smaller manageable. sites helps our members respond to your excavation site more. As work in one excavation site nears completion contact 811 to. get a ticket for your next excavation site and continue this pro. cess until your entire excavation area is complete. When working on private property the excavator should deter. mine what subsurface installations belong to the property owner. CGA Best Practices Appendix B, water well sewer septic tanks gas propane lines electrical. etc and what easement s may exist on the property if any In. general responsibility of underground facilities transfers to the. property owner behind the curb sidewalk or clean out or at the. meter or point of demarcation USA North 811 only notifies our. utility members of your excavation work For your safety you. should notify any non member s directly, USA North 811 recommends that the excavator that created the. notification remove all markings upon completion of the project. Utility markings serve a vital role in safety while the job is active. but can be viewed as unsightly to the community once the work. has finished,FIVE STEPS TO SAFE DIGGING, 1 Survey and Pre mark Examine your proposed excavation site.
Make a list of affected operators of underground installations. utility operators their needs and their requirements Delineate. the excavation site on paved surfaces with white spray chalk. water based UV paint or an equivalent non permanent marking. medium Alternatively white flags stakes whiskers etc can be. used on unpaved surfaces NOTE Temporary markings should. be clearly visible functional and considerate to surface aes. thetics and the local community Please be advised of local ordi. nances regarding delineation, 2 Contact 811 Before You Dig Contact USA North 811 at least. two 2 working days not including the date of notification and. up to 14 calendar days before you dig Only operators who are. members of the notification center will be notified Compare. your list of affected operators determined in Step 1 with the list. of operators notified by USA North 811 For your safety con. tact any operator at your job site that is not a member. 3 Wait the Required Time The legal minimum notice of two 2. working days gives the operator of the subsurface installation. time to respond to your request and mark your site as neces. sary Although USA North 811 will still issue a ticket if less than. two 2 working days notice is given keep in mind that the. utility member still has the minimum legal time to respond and. the excavator may be liable for any damages or incidents that. occur if excavation begins before the legal start date and time. 4 Confirm All Members Have Responded Excavators are re. quired by law to wait until all operators of subsurface instal. lations in the proposed dig area have provided a positive re. sponse before digging can begin even if the start date and. time shown on the ticket has passed The positive response. can include members locating and field marking their facilities. providing information about the location of their subsurface in. stallation or advising the excavator that the delineated dig site. is clear of facilities owned by that facility operator. 5 Respect the Marks Dig with Care Preserve the marks for the. duration of the job If any facility markings are not reasonably vis. ible you must contact USA North 811 to submit a re mark request. for fresh markings Excavation must cease in the vicinity until all. affected facilities have been re marked Use hand tools only to. expose and determine the facility s exact location when digging. within 24 inches on either side of the outside diameter of the. marked subsurface installation that is in conflict with your exca. vation Notify the affected operator s of any contact scrape. dent nick or damage to their subsurface installation as speci. fied in 4216 4,California Excavation Manual, Note A ticket is active in California for 28 calendar days from. the date of issuance You must have an active ticket for the en. tire duration of your excavation,NO RESPONSE NOTIFICATION. If a member has failed to respond to your ticket and both the. legal two 2 working day notice and the start date and time. on your ticket have passed these may be the same contact. USA North 811 to submit a No Response notification with the. CGA Best Practices Appendix B, name s of the member s failing to respond This notification. will be documented on the ticket If after one hour there is still. no response you may contact 811 again and submit another No. Response notification You can continue this process every hour. after your last notification, Warning There may be unidentified underground facilities.
at your job site The excavator should review the job site for. physical evidence of subsurface installations not located e g. manholes valve covers water meters sewer cleanouts vaults. storm drains fire hydrant utility maintenance boxes pole risers. or other indicators such as pavement patches etc,RENEWAL NOTIFICATION. A ticket is active in California for 28 calendar days from the date. of issuance If work is continuing beyond the 28th day and. markings on the ground are still clearly visible your ticket can. be renewed online with the E Ticket Program or by calling USA. North 811 by the end of the 28th day,RE MARK NOTIFICATION. If the markings are no longer reasonably visible contact USA. North 811 to request re marks from the corresponding utility mem. ber s Members have two 2 working days not counting the date. of the request to re mark their subsurface installations Excava. tor s delineations must also be re marked if no longer reasonably. visible All excavation in the area to be re marked shall cease until. the facility operator has responded and the two 2 working days. have passed You can request re marks for all or only a portion of. your site but all work within the re mark area must cease. DAMAGE EXPOSED NOTIFICATION, An excavator discovering or causing damage to a subsurface. installation shall immediately notify the operator of said installa. USA North 811 accepts damage exposed notices from the exca. vator and will transmit said notice to our members in the area of. the damage We will also provide the excavator with the Emer. gency or Damage phone number for the member s whose sub. surface installation was damaged, If the damage results in the escape of any flammable toxic or. corrosive gas or liquid or endangers life health or property the. excavator responsible must immediately notify 911 and the sub. surface installation owner operator, The excavator should take reasonable measures to protect them.
selves those in immediate danger the public any property and. the environment until the subsurface installation operator or emer. gency responders have arrived and completed their assessment. California Excavation Manual,EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION. The regional center accepts emergency notifications California. Government Code Section 4216 f defines an emergency as a. sudden unexpected occurrence involving a clear and imminent. danger demanding immediate action to prevent or mitigate loss. of or damage to life health property or essential public ser. ELECTRONIC POSITIVE RESPONSE,CGA Best Practices Appendix B. California Government Code 4216 states that on January 1st. 2021 all California utility members of USA North 811 will be re. quired to use the Electronic Positive Response system when re. sponding to excavator tickets Electronic Positive Response is. a system that encourages communication from member utility. companies to USA North 811 notifying us of the status of the. ticket or the method they chose to respond to a ticket Current. ly an excavator must rely on receiving a response from each. member on the ticket by either marking the site providing the. excavator with information about the location of facilities in the. area maps drawings etc or notifying the excavator that the. site is clear of their facilities Members typically communicate. this through email or a phone call or by simply marking the site. without notifying the excavator directly Electronic Positive Re. sponse allows excavators to visit www USANorth811 org to see. every response by the members on their ticket in one location. For 2020 Electronic Positive Response will still be voluntary. for members in California and Nevada We encourage all util. ity member companies to use the Electronic Positive Response. system in both states if for nothing more than to get used to the. system before it becomes mandatory in your state,Electronic Positive Response Codes Descriptions. Description,000 Reserved for system use only,001 Clear No Conflict. Clear No Conflict But Privately Owned Utility On,Property Contact Private Utility Owner For Locate.
003 Existing Markings Adequate,004 No Markings Requested. 010 Locate Area Marked,Locate Area Marked But Abandoned Facilities May. Be In The Area,Locate Area Marked Up To Private Owned Utility. Contact Private Utility Owner For Locate,013 Locate Area Marked Up To Private Property. 014 Partially Marked More Time is Needed, Provided Facility Location Information To Excavator.
4216 3 a 1 A ii,Bad Address Incorrect Street Location Info Re. send Ticket Requested,No Access To Locate Area Resend Ticket Request. 022 No Delineation Resend Ticket Requested,Delineated Area Does Not Match Location Request. Resend Ticket Requested,California Excavation Manual. Description,030 Contact Facility Owner For Further Info.
Requires Stand By At Time Of Excavation Con,tact Facility Owner. Visible Or Exposed Facility Contact Facility Own,er If Crossing. CGA Best Practices Appendix B,High Priority Line in Area On Site Meeting Re. Field Meet Required Contact Facility Owner to,035 Traffic Control Required to Mark Facilities. 040 Excavator Completed Work Prior To Due Date,041 Excavator No Show For Meet.
042 Excavator Canceled Request,050 Negotiated Marking Schedule. Mutually Agreed To a Later Start Date and Time,4216 3 a 1 a. Unable To Located Using Standard Locating,Techniques. Scheduled Meet With Excavator At Requested Date,and Time Confirmed. Extraordinary Circumstances Exist No Locate Due,To Weather Emergency Safety Conditions.
Electronic Positive Response Code Definitions and,001 Clear No conflict. Definition The members lines are not in the area to be exca. vated This does NOT mean that the member doesn t have any. line in the area A member may have lines nearby but based on. the delineation and the location on the ticket they are clear for. that area If for any reason the excavation area or type of work. changes the excavator MUST contact the notification center. and get a new ticket issued for the changes, When to use ONLY when there are no underground facilities. within the area of delineation and or the location on the ticket. 002 Clear No conflict but privately owned utility on property. Contact private utility owner for locate, Definition The members lines are not in the area to be exca. vated but the member knows there are privately owned facil. ities on the property This does NOT mean that the member. doesn t have any line in the area A member may have lines. nearby but based on the delineation and the location on the. ticket they are clear for that area If for any reason the excava. tion area or type of work changes the excavator MUST con. tact the notification center and get a new ticket issued for the. When to use ONLY when there are no underground facilities. within the area of delineation and or the location on the ticket. and there is knowledge of private lines in the area. 003 Existing markings adequate, Definition The markings on site are reasonably visible and. marked to the extent of the delineation and or ticket location If. for some reason the excavation area or type of work changes. California Excavation Manual, the excavator MUST contact the notification center and get a.
new ticket issued for the changes, When to use When the existing markings on site are complete. and accurate,004 No markings requested, Definition The excavator is asking certain members or all. members not to mark The most common use the centers see. CGA Best Practices Appendix B, for this is on emergency work where the job was completed but. the excavator needs a ticket number to make the permit valid. When to use ONLY when the excavator is not asking for any. 010 Locate area marked, Definition The area of delineation and or the ticket location. area has been marked completely and accurately, When to use After the entire area of delineation and or the.
ticket location area has been marked completely and accurate. 011 Locate area marked but abandoned facilities may be in the. Definition Active lines are marked and the member has. marked with an A in a circle to indicate the presence of known. abandoned lines The marking of the A in a circle is to make the. excavator aware that an abandoned line is in the area and is. not subject to accurate marking, When to use If BOTH active and known abandoned lines are.

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