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BAGGERMODELLE 2 2012 2 Translation of page 3 Toy fair whisperings For me the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg has three dis tinctive emotional aspects About two months before the fair the unpleasing process of organizing the trip brings up the question of why do I want to do this to mys elf again when only a couple of


Translation of page 3,Editorial Toy fair whisperings. For me the International Toy has already been printed in several. Fair in Nuremberg has three dis places over the last weeks. tinctive emotional aspects About Literally only a few minutes. two months before the fair the from the print deadline Klaas. unpleasing process of organizing de Vries from Mahler Partner. the trip brings up the question of Norscot Europa explained to me. why do I want to do this to mys that the blocked die cast moulds. elf again when only a couple of have been released After the sche. days before the fair I can read all duled move to a new production. the news about it on the Internet site in China and the training of. However when I step through the the new production staff produc. doors of the halls were the fair is tion will start again It probably. held my enjoyment is great as I will take months until the promised. once again meet all the people with new models will appear Collectors. whom during the remainder of the will have to practice a bit more pa. year I exchange only an occasio tience,nal email When I am sitting in the. train on my way back home star Despite this drawback friends of. ting to write my fair report I know the Caterpillar brand do not have. that it was imperative to have been to despair it is a special privilege. at the fair yet again This is be to introduce the new Cat 385C and. cause the most important bits of 390D models from CCM an ex. news besides the new models of clusive report for BAGGERMO. course is gleaned only from direct DELLE I am convinced that these. conversation or from that given new models with sweeten the wai. out with baited breath as strictly ting time for now. between us and to be kept off the,record I would like to wish all reader a. This year Norscot was the do lot of fun when reading the current. minant topic of discussion in hall issue,seven However I do not want to. repeat here what transpired and Daniel Wietlisbach. BAGGERMODELLE online,www baggermodelle net,www facebook com baggermodelle.
www youtube com baggermodelle,BAGGERMODELLE 2 2012 2. Translation of pages 6 7,New on the market,NZG 1 50 scale. GigaSpace and StreamSpace cabin there is a set with Delta Bloc high. Immediately after the Nurem versions The concrete mixer truck way lane dividers Included in the. burg toy fair NZG delivers the in the Fischer Kies Staffelbach set is a grappling hook for Herpa. first new items As well as the version is painted blue and finished loading cranes. new Terex AC200 1 was a group with an intricately printed decal. of colorful excavators from the,GMTS 1 50 scale,Netherlands The Volvo EC460C. Herpa 1 87 scale, L in the van Dalen and Loock The series of Golden Oldies gets. color schemes and the Hitachi The new Mercedes Actros Giga a wonderful addition with the B s. ZX1000K 3 with an 18m long 2011 is now available as a single sing Commodore FK3 6x6 dump. boom in the van Vliet and van tractor unit and combined with a truck As one of the first front axle. Groningen liveries semi lowbed trailer in red To up driven trucks it was not very po. Also ready to deliver are all three grade the heavy load trucks from pular with drivers they preferred. versions of the very finely detailed MAN and Mercedes a set of anti the large engine hood found on. Dynapac the SD2500 CS and skid fenders is available It is pos most trucks of the time as it gave. SD2550 CS with tracks and the sible to adapt lowboy trailers for drivers a greater feeling of safety. SD2500 WS as a wheeled version the transport of wind turbine parts However the model of an out of. The new Actros appears in full using the new pipe adaptor kit Fi the ordinary prototype turned out. chrome paint as tractor unit with nally for the builders of dioramas very nicely It has the usual high. Collector s guide, So that you do not miss any of the new model announcements the latest releases are listed here in short form.
Typ Scale Producer Available at Additional information. Caterpillar 631E 1 48 CCM dealers www ccmodels com. Liebherr PR 754 Colas 1 50 Conrad dealers www conrad modelle de. Liebherr LR 1750 Wiesbauer 1 50 Conrad dealers www conrad modelle de. Terex AC 100 4L Felbermayr 1 50 Conrad dealers www conrad modelle de. Actros with vessel bed trailer Spedition Bender 1 50 Conrad dealers www conrad modelle de. MAN TGS with Doll 5 axle Semi low loader Eurovia 1 50 Conrad dealers www conrad modelle de. Actros with Schmitz Cargobull tipping trailer Eurovia 1 50 Conrad dealers www conrad modelle de. MAN TGS 8x4 tipping body Koch 1 50 Conrad dealers www conrad modelle de. Mercedes Benz Sprinter Geis 1 50 Conrad dealers www conrad modelle de. Mercedes Benz Sprinter BF3 Scholpp Sped Bender 1 50 Conrad dealers www conrad modelle de. Liebherr LTM 1200 5 1 Kanson 1 50 Conrad HTM www heavy transport models de. Sandvik TH550 with new tipping body 1 50 Conrad Sandvik Shop www 3pr se merchandiseshop. Komatsu D65 two different versions 1 50 First Gear dealers www firstgearreplicas com. Komatsu 960E 2k 1 50 First Gear dealers www firstgearreplicas com. Roadtec SB 2500E feeder 1 50 First Gear exclusive Roadtec. Mercedes Benz Zetros 4x4 with platform orange 1 87 Herpa dealers www herpa de. Mercedes Benz Actros M 08 tandem dump truck red 1 87 Herpa dealers www herpa de. Volvo FH16 with Nooteboom Pendel X Max B gl 1 87 Herpa dealers www herpa de. MAN TGS M tandem dump truck Max B gl 1 87 Herpa dealers www herpa de. VW Crafter double cabin with platform Max B gl 1 87 Herpa dealers www herpa de. MAN TGX XXL low boy semitrailer Wacker 1 87 Herpa dealers www herpa de. Mercedes Benz Sprinter BF3 Wacker 1 87 Herpa dealers www herpa de. Scania R 09 with dump semitrailer Hubert Schmid 1 87 Herpa Haertle www haertle de. Scania R 09 6x2 low boy semitrailer Hubert Schmid 1 87 Herpa Haertle www haertle de. BAGGERMODELLE 2 2012 3,Translation of pages 6 7, degree of detailing that includes welcome models the MAN TGX Kibri 1 87 scale. a very finely etched front radia 33 680 comes with a five axle semi. tor grille The new casting for the lowboy trailer painted convincin Builders of dioramas will like. dumping skip is impressive gly in the colours of the construc the re release of Kibri s set with. tion crane firm of Affolter from construction containers and barri. Sch pfen near Berne Switzerland ers Self sticking labels for the firm. Heavy Transport Models, The series is limited to 100 pie of Strabag are included. 1 50 scale,ces The Liebherr R 924 Compact, The exclusive Swiss Line will be painted in the Kibag colors com. augmented with two new and very pliments the fleet of excavators. BAGGERMODELLE, The magazine for collectors of Yes I would like to subscribe to BAGGERMODELLE magazine. construction machine models cranes and from the next issue 6 issues per year for. heavy haulage 49 Germany Austria,55 other countries.
Subscription renews automatically after one year without. cancellation,First Name,Street Address,Zip Post Code. For more Information visit Please mail to BAGGERMODELLE Daniel Wietlisbach. Gueterstrasse 6 CH 3008 Bern,www baggermodelle net. Translation of pages 8 11,Timo Bachhuber collects 1 87 scale models. A Perfectionist, by Daniel Wietlisbach Timo Bachhuber is 32 years old this makes him. T imo Bachhuber was born at,about the same time that Kib.
ri launched its line of construction,the youngest collector we have had the pleasu. re to introduce Some of his scratch built mo,machine models in 1 87 scale His. father was a passionate model buil dels leave even older hands breathless. der specializing in formula 1 ra,cing cars in 1 12 scale As a side in. terest he collected cars in the same What a discovery it was when were painted to look more realistic. scale from Wiking and Herpa the boy collector spied the Kibri Soon the entire model was painted. It is clear that Timo Bachhuber Liebherr R974 already assembled weathered and finally upgraded. inherited his passion for model buil in a shop window in Nuremberg with tiny hand rails made from. ding from his father As far back as The model was speedily elevated brass wire To present his models. the collector can remember his pas to the top of his Christmas wish favourably in prototypical surroun. sion has always been for construc list That very year it was found dings he built his first dioramas. tion machines The most exciting under the Christmas tree This He created dioramas of quarries. thing for him as a small tyke was was the first kit that 12 year old from Styrofoam and plaster of Pa. to spend time at construction sites Timo Bachhuber assembled and ris enhanced by the addition of real. watching the machines at work it would not be the last Over the dirt and stones that he collected on. At home the very few construc years he assembled all of the Ki his walks The creative urge was. tion machine toys available at the bri models with prototypes from almost limitless If a new idea ap. time had the place of honour on the Atlas Kaelble Liebherr Faun and peared during the construction of a. nursery toy shelf He has clear me Komatsu Finally his main interest diorama he would start a complete. mories of owning two special two became the modern machines The ly new one His parents were when. wheeled loaders the Zettelmeyer favourites were machines used for Timo Bachhuber thinks back not. Europ L 2000 loader from Siku and the movement and handling of soil enthused about the ever increasing. a Michigan L320 from Joal Due to the unavailability of many number of dioramas and the const. At the age of 10 inspired by his newer construction machines a ruction mess connected to them. father he discovered the 1 87 sca few truck models joined the ever Later on he tried his hand at as. le models from Wiking Available growing collection Timo financed sembling the more challenging kits. at the time were a Liebherr 531 his acquisitions with his allowance from D K Modelbau The parts. wheeled loader and an O K Hy Gifts on birthdays and Christmases for these kits are resin and pewter. draulic excavator that had thick augmented his collection castings Kits for Cat D11N Cat. rubber tracks and was rather Spar 789 Wabco 170C dump truck. tan in its detailing These models and a Demag H 485 were built. Improved models, were designed for model railroad The relatively simple detailing on. layouts They did not inspire the He was a perfectionist even then them required a substantial amount. collectors interested in construc This led to upgrades on many of of additional work However the. tion machines his models At first only the tracks reward for the builder was that he. BAGGERMODELLE 2 2012 5,Translation of pages 8 11,now had some unique models in.
his collection However that was The Collector,not enough for him He used the. parts in the kit for the H 485 S to Timo Bachhuber 32 apprenticed as a gardener and works for a. make a Liebherr R996 a complete large construction supply company He features his new model con. ly scratch built effort Unfortunate struction efforts regularly on his home page www baumaschinen. ly most of these early models were modelle com To expand his horizon and for relaxation he builds. given away since they no longer models from other market segments Now he is working on a con. passed scrutiny as his modeling tainer ship from Revell in 1 700 scale He is also a passionate cyclist. skills increased and loves to play billiards He is single and lives in Schwabach. During his apprenticeship he,discovered a classified ad for the. model of the Cat 922G from CCM model of the O K RH400 This the Liebherr excavators came into. Together with the Cat 777D this model can be admired in Timo s being By using kits from Kibri and. was the last model in a small series collection in the red Syncrude co models from Herpa Timo built the. of 12 models from the market lea lor scheme as well as in the white following models R964B 974B. der The sensational quality inspi Electro version as RH400 E Both 984C and R922 None of these. red him to such a degree that he sa are exact scale models and are pro models has to take second place. ved up the price of the model from totypically correct Overall OHS behind the brass models. his rather limited apprenticeship released six different versions in a The absolute masterpiece how. salary It was much later when he very small and limited series The ever is the Liebherr T282B The. was able to add the matching 777D se models were followed by mo world s largest dump truck was. to his collection From then on he dels from Classic Mint for examp on show for the first time at the. watched the offerings from CCM le the world s largest bulldozer 2004 Bauma Visitors to the show. very closely Therefore he was able the Komatsu PC450LC The Euro including Timo Bachhuber were. to add the following models to his pean version appeared only due to able to get a close up look at the. collection the Cat 797 large dump an initiative by the very involved giant Timo used the opportunity. truck 583R pipe layer D11R CD dealer shop Spiel Modellkist l to take hundreds of pictures even. and 994D They made their way Not at least among the mo from below the unit Construction. into to his display cabinets over a dels in his collection is the P H started a little bit later and consu. few years Only because he had fi 4100XPC the larger 1 50 model med two years of modeling time. nished his apprenticeship and was of this machine was released a few The unique model is comprised of. still living at home was it possible years after the smaller scale one 1345 individual parts the highly. to finance these models A shiny green Terex Titan 33 19 detailed engine can be detached. A discovery destined to make a by EMD is the only historical ma from the model and admired sepa. great impact in his collection was chine in his collection but it was rately The Liebherr T282B is wi. the discovery Bachhuber made a real must have machine for the thout a doubt the masterpiece of a. when he was visiting a dealer s collector of heavy duty construc perfectionist. shop There he found a brown Ter tion machines,ex Unit Rig MT4400 large skip. dump truck made by OHS This,His Masterpiece,maker s resin and pewter models. released in 1 50 scale were not free The collector would not be able. of controversy However the pure to call himself a model maker if he. brass models in 1 87 scale from the did not build his own models from. same maker can be counted among scratch or kit bashed existing kits. the best ever made Legendary and into new models in addition to coll. today very much sought after is the ecting finished models This is how. BAGGERMODELLE 2 2012 6,Translation of pages 12 13,Cat 385C L 385C FS and 390D L.
Variations,on an excavator,Not considering the O K Bucyrus excavators. from Caterpillar the new 390D with its ope,rating weight of 90 4 t is the largest hydraulic. excavator in the Caterpillar sales line up, 390E or a 395E will soon leave the boom ME or the 8 4 m standard. by Urs Peyer production line in Belgium boom and the 10 0 m extended. A s successors to the 385C the,390D and its companion the. 374D were officially introduced to,reach boom If the requirement.
is to maximise the loading capa,bility then the combination of. the trade in a Belgian quarry in No Depending on the size of the the ME boom of the smallest size. vember of 2010 boom chosen and the width of the 2 920 mm with the largest ca. However the 385C remains in track base plate the 385C L brings pacity shovel 5 2 m3 is ideal. the line up for us as a front shovel an operating weight between 83 9 t If the goal is to have the greatest. excavator model Since machines and 87 7 t to the scales The pro possible reach then the long boom. of this size are generally used only pulsion system for this machine 5 5 m and an arm equipped with. in German quarry operations the is a C15 Acert diesel engine with a small shovel capacity of 2 0 m3. number of machines sold is small a displacement of 18 1 litres that is called for This gives a reach of. Therefore Caterpillar decided not produces 390 kW 530 hp For the 17 04 m and an excavation depth. to re design the FS version Front under carriage track base plates of 11 55 m total For de construc. shovel However eventually the with widths of 650 750 or 900 mm tion purposes Caterpillar is offe. new engines conforming to the are available The under carriage ring three different outrigger versi. emission control protocol IIIB can be mechanically reduced by ons with heights of 30 36 or 40 m. with particle filter will be required up to 760 mm The working width The short version for example. and will have to be used It remains of the machine has a track width is at work in Switzerland with the. to be seen if the model designation of 3 510 mm and maximum track firm of Eberhard Bau AG It can. will change when this occurs The support length of 5 120 mm L be operated with an attachment. same question can be asked about long under carriage Depending that weighs a maximum of 5t The. the 390D this machine still has one on the field of application for the 385C L UHD on the other hand is. engine that is equipped with IIIA 385C the owner has a choice bet capable of hoisting just about half. emission control features Maybe a ween the 7 25 m mass excavation of its own weight to the height of. BAGGERMODELLE 2 2012 7,Translation of pages 12 13, 40 m and has an operating weight use in Germany They usual work weight is between 86 2 t and 92 4 t. of 98 7 t in combination with the 775F rigid The new version has an improved. frame dumpers that have a loading hydraulic system The engineers. capacity of 63 t were able to increase the pressure. in the system and mounted a heavy, For the mining industry Cater counter weight 12 4 t This achie. pillar builds the 385C FS with an ves higher breakout forces shorter. operating weight of 90 6 t The As with most updates on large work cycle times and higher loa. hinged loose rock shovel has a ca construction machines the new ding capacities in the quarries The. pacity of 5 7 or 6 5 m3 depending 390D L is heavier than its prede DEM100 a demolition excavator. on the optional wear parts There cessor is Depending on the attach based on the 390D L is not yet. are several of these machines in ment options the new operating available. BAGGERMODELLE 2 2012 8,Translation of pages 14 16,Cat 385C and 390D from CCM in 1 48 scale. Versatile excavator,Great was the joy of collectors upon the an.
nouncement of the models of the CAT 385C,and 390D Even greater were the expectations. of the producer CCM, de wheels are present on the model that was equipped with only the. by Daniel Wietlisbach, and all work Thanks to the very simple skirt as shown on this mo. T he delivery of all three versi softly sprung suspension on the. ons coincides with this issue guide wheels the model moves. of our magazine CCM was very light footedly and very smoothly. del The twin standard track links,have a scale width of 650 mm as. on the original and again are cor, kind in loaning us production sam To achieve maximum functiona rect in number.
ples for this article The three mo lity the running gears are 2mm. dels in question are not three dif longer then the prototype The pro. Upper carriage, ferently painted and finely detailed pulsion wheel is engraved with all. models but are three different details The simple protective skirt The upper carriage housing is. excavator models with different for the running wheels is modelled identical on all three models The. equipment options The 385C L as are the separately applied steps convincing air intake grills are. has the standard boom and dipper A separate chassis had to be made deep precise engravings Many. the 385C FS has a front shovel for the face shovel version of the handrails and grips made most. bucket and the 390D LME has an excavator as it has only eight run ly from wire further enhance the. oversized backhoe bucket for mass ning wheels Most of the original look of the upper part of the mo. material excavation A check of the machines have a full covering dels however the plastic moun. models against prototype measure protective skirt over the running tings are a bit oversized It is pos. ments shows no discrepancies wheels however there are some sible to look at the fine mock up of. exceptions one being the FS 385C the C18 Acert engines through the. finely etched mesh cover There,Lower carriage,are three service box lids that al. The convincingly modelled low a look at the hydraulic pump. At a glance, functional chassis for both back and air filters The bank of hydrau. hoe versions of the excavator is Detailing at true to scale lic valves is centrally placed Un. identical and looks true to the Functionality derneath are two housings for the. original The 900 mm wide metal Great variety of optional swivel motors As on the originals. track segments 51 on the original equipment shown the counterweights on the 390D. are twinned and are transposed Hand rails made partly and 385C are different. exactly onto the model The three from plastic All three models share the same. carrying wheels and the nine gui operator s cabin however that on. BAGGERMODELLE 2 2012 9,Translation of pages 14 16, the 385C FS is elevated All win tion version can be observed nice equipment this must have been a. dows are set in and flush with the ly The latter paired with the 6m3 challenge for the model enginee. outside of the cabin The rubber scoop gives the 390 LME a really ring team On the under side of. mouldings are painted on in a flat chunky look The boom and the jib the jib and boom there is a jumble. black colour The sky light on the are extremely well detailed and all of hydraulic lines just like on the. cabins is protected with a plastic hydraulic lines down to the control original Only on the upper part of. grille on the FS version there is an valves on the cylinders are sepa the boom is there a missing cross. additional grille for the front win rately applied parts True to the connection leading to the outer lif. dow The absolute detail highlight prototype the cylinders have visi ting cylinders By the way the pis. on the cabin is the doors that close ble bolt heads and chromed piston ton rods on the four cylinders have. so exactly that a special tool inclu rods It is nice to note that there are protective sheet metal coverings. ded is needed to open them The no distracting bolts showing How that run in and out on tracks The. first class multi coloured interior ever it gets better the bolts used paint job and lettering are as al. has a simulated steering control to attach the bucket scoops are at ways from CCM first class It does. monitor on a colour printed label tached with bolts that are the same not take a prophet to forecast long. Spotlights rear view mirrors and size and shape as on the original lasting success for these models. window wipers complete the de Finally the beautifully engraved. tails of the cabins shovels have the appropriate teeth. and wear and tear parts The 3 7 m,long jib on the 385C L is actually.
according to the prospectus meant, The difference between the nor only for the 390D Equally excel. mal version and the mass excava lent in all details is the optional FS. BAGGERMODELLE 2 2012 10,Translation of page 17,Faun dump truck. by Robert Bretscher This large Faun dump truck by GAMA was of. S trictly speaking this model,does not fit into the tinplate. period because only the chassis,fered as the number 339 Today it is an espe. cially rare model,is made from solid steel For the.
upper carriage and the very nice,dumping bin with cross stiffeners. GAMA used the trendy plastic cas, ting popular during the 60s and interior The sliding door operates the bin secured The front oscilla. 70s Despite the otherwise robust prototypically The two air filters ting axles are a further refinement. construction the rather brittle plas on the side of the model and the to the model The model is steered. tic was prone to cracks and chip huge tires give it an authentic look by a steering rod that is located just. ping especially in the bin part due The headlights and warning be above the bumpers in the front. to rough treatment in the sand box acons of colored plastic materi The whole under carriage is very. and particularly with the loading of al are protected behind the front sturdy and is equipped with double. large stones steel bumpers The engineering rear tires that sit on stainless steel. The huge dump truck is very of the fully functional dumping axles as do the single front tires. pleasing to look at and has a great mechanism is very impressive This strong construction made it. design It is equipped with many A hand operated lever releases a impossible to bend the axles even. details remarkable for the time strong spring that dumps the bin when used in rough play To sum. The partially glassed in operator s out The same spring is wound up marize a super toy for its time in. cabin is equipped with a mounted again when the bin is lowered and history. ladder steering wheel and cabin a hook clicks into place to keep. BAGGERMODELLE 2 2012 11,Translation of pages 18 20. Gottwald AMK 1000 from YCC in 1 50 scale,The Legend is alive. by Carsten Bengs For a very long time the legendary Gottwald. T he crane rolls on nine axles,all of them sprung and with.
the exception of one are steerab,AMK 1000 was one of the world s largest te. lescoping cranes Twenty seven years after its,le The boom trailer truck has the. same configuration The very fine,conception YCC took a gamble and now pre. mechanical solution for the axles sents this ambitious model. deserves mention Even the logo of,the tire maker Michelin is visible. on the scale tires The many super,structures and the massive exhaust.
Upper carriage and boom, stack have safety tread surfaces as fixed the problem in no time The. on the prototype The first thing observed when same bolts are used to attach the. Small Allen screws must be looking at the model is the superb seven parts of the counter weight. undone to detach both trucks from detailing The hoses and pipes run ballast The very little bolts with. the crane super structure This is along the outrigger foot and can little handles that are used to attach. an interesting feature one rare be connected to the boom On the parts are remarkable However in. ly used in real life Extra repla prototype these lines would hand order to attach them I had to drill. cement screws are included with le the telescoping motion A small out the openings. the model The crane is anchored magnet secures the lines in their The technique used in the const. with massive telescoping supports holders which is a nice detail ruction of the telescoping boom is. attached to the crane from below The massive outrigger is attached very interesting It features a very. with Allen screw that are hidden to the bottom plate with some stout smooth step less adjustment The. from view Rather massive bolts bolts that are operated with a pivo outrigger can be fixed at any positi. are used for this but they secure ting pin to secure the boom YCC on using the Allen key that is inclu. the unit so that it can stand safely has the possibility here to optimi ded The Allen screws are hidden. Little hydraulic lines complete the ze the model further as one of the in the erecting cylinder It would. details bolts was lying loose in the bottom be nice to see this system used in. The Low Line drivers cabins of the box A little drop of ACC other crane models The outrig. typical for these units are easily ger boom has the distinctive HPC. recognized The doors open wide profile designed by Gottwald This. making it easier to gaze inside both At a glance allows the machine to reach high. cabins The hinges are noticeably carrying and lifting thresholds. compact Lettering and registration Choice of prototype The AK 1000 introduced as an. plates are modeled as are window Detailing 800 tonner was upgraded later on. wipers lights rear view and other Winch is stiff and hard to turn All the dollies that guide the lif. mirrors and radiator grille all the Loose parts hard to use bolts ting cables are very nice They run. se are made from photo etchings freely without making the cable. BAGGERMODELLE 2 2012 12,Translation of pages 18 20. drag on the boom The lowest dol As a nice touch there are three sign mounted on the opposite wall. ly wheel can be folded downwards different block hooks included with of the cabin. out of the way while in transport the model one 11 roll for a lifting Overall it can be said that YCC. mode All telescoping sections of capacity up to 350t a five roll for has produced a fantastic and im. the outrigger can be secured with 150t capacity and a small one roll pressive model of this the most. the small bolts and are very stable All hook blocks come with swivel legendary crane in the world Even. On the pulley head there is a noti ling hooks and securing clips On though there is still some room for. ceable detail the rear drumhead the prototype the clips prevent the improvement on some points the. cable leads over a hydraulic cylin slipping of the lifting cables AMK 1000 is a milestone in mo. der that brings the pulley head to The driver s cabin tilts and stows del making This is especially true. working position The wind gauge away behind the ballast receptac if one considers that this model. detail is very nice The cables le when being transported The was made without any commission. for the hooks run on metal dolly little door opens easily Window from the industry. wheels and operate very smoothly wipers and simulated lights round. The drum cables are stiff and need off the detailing of the cabin The. a drop of oil when they are run up re is even a tiny but typical white. for the first time triangular Gottwald D sseldorf,BAGGERMODELLE 2 2012 13. Translation of page 25, Here you can challen Recognized Then send us the a draw will be held to determine. exact manufacturer s name and the winner, ge your know how the model number on a post card This time the three prizes are.
Recognize the machi by mail We also accept email the Liebherr A 900C ZW Litronic. submissions contact information from NZG the MAN TGS 8x4. ne and win a model is on page 42 The contest ends with a Meiller dumping bin in. 15th April 2012 Should there be orange from NZG and the Scania. more correct answers than prizes 143M 4x2 tractor unit from WSI. by Remo Stoll,Solution from BAGGERMODELLE 1 2012,U nfortunately vandals got to. it before the photographer,Lamps and windows had already. It was quite a challenge to identify the Weserh tte W 100 dragline. excavator in the last contest However there were more correct entries. been smashed which is a shame than prizes so a draw was held The winners are Carsten Land who. because the machine still looks won the Goldhofer low boy trailer and MAN TGX XXL Bohnet from. pretty good This wheeled loader Conrad Uwe Hensler from Berlin D who won the Liebherr A924 Li. was made in two almost identical tronic Wurzel Bau from NZG and Bernhard Dorner from Neuhaus. versions with differing type desig D who won the Ginaf 10x4 dumper model from WSI. nations A small hint we are looking We congratulate all the winners. for the older model variant,BAGGERMODELLE 2 2012 14. Translation of pages 26 31,News from the Nuremberg Toy Show 2012. An interesting year, After a very difficult year for some most pro slightly simpler version Omitting.
the detailed engine tilting cabin, ducers now look with cautious optimism to the photo etched exhaust cage. and including a simplified chassis, ward the future without oscillating axles makes it. possible to lower the cost of these, dy to run model unfortunately it models This was a request made. by Daniel Wietlisbach, has an unsuitable grapple hook by industrial customers Two new. and Carsten Bengs cranes, Kibri also makes the mobile exca models fall into the simplified cate.
T here where few new const,ruction machine models to be. found at the last toy fair however,vator from Weimar with a smaller. grappler hook,gory The MAN TGS with a Putz,meister M42 5RZ concrete pump. attachment and the Mercedes Ac, the year ended better then expec tros four axle truck with Liebherr. ted This year some very interes HTM 904 concrete drum. ting new models were on display With the manufacturing of the The Terex Demag AC100 4L was. Additionally some makers let it be Komatsu PC 8000 taking the full shown with a new unique cabin de. known that more new items would capacity of the factory in Bosnia sign The AC1000 was also shown. be introduced at the Intermat Fair the Michigan 475B will be manu but the model will only be available. in Paris in the middle of April factured in China a series of 500 once the prototype has been deli. This means that collectors can look units is expected to be ready by this vered A very interesting new versi. forward to a variety of new items summer The very promising sam on is the Palfinger PK 150002 with. throughout the year ple will undergo some modification a fly jib Now a list of more new. in the areas of exhaust stacks and items from the Kalchreuthers Link. dumping cylinders An upgrading Belt 800 X2 MAN TGX 6x4 with. Busch 1 87, kit with new metal tracks and guide flat deck mounted at the rear of a.
The narrow gauge underground wheels will be offered for the De Palfinger PK 53002 SH TGX 10x4. mining railroad from last year has mag H485 S from NZG 375 it will with Faymonville Variomax TGS. grown and is now expanding to in be easy to switch to the new tracks 6x4 with Palfinger PK 53002 SH. clude a palette of light industrial and wheels Unfortunately the PC in red black TGS 10x4 with Lieb. railway models As well as trains 8000 shown loading a dump truck herr HTM 1204 concrete mixer. track and switches there is a bridge is only available as a print The high TGS recovery truck EMPL Bison. system and a loading ramp In ad quality prints in A3 to A0 formats Eichenseher s Mercedes Actros. dition three buildings depicting a may be ordered directly with Schmitz Cargobull tipping. brick works are offered Matching trailer Actros 10x4 with Moser two. the light industrial rail theme is way tipping body Senn Brunnen. Conrad 1 50, a turf works with a couple of out Actros 10x4 with Liebherr HTM. buildings A good match for both is Conrad offers new models in the 1204 concrete mixer Actros 4x4. the resurrected model of the Fuchs L Version The L behind the or with snowplough and sanding bin. 301 excavator as a weathered rea der number signifies a lighter and Orange Hamm three wheeled.

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