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Timesaver Phrasal Verbs and Idioms Reading Grammar Activities London Plays Customs and Lifestyles in the UK and Ireland Newspaper Articles Speaking Activi ties Reward Resource Packs EFL SILLABUS There is a separate teaching syllabus for our lower and higher level students This cle


English language programmes in the UK, AC Travel Management is very proud to present a series of products all dedicated to foreign students who wish to improve their English knowledge. Our partner is a leading incoming youth tour operator to the UK with experience dating back to 1986 and a reputation for quality safety and attention to detail. The staff are recruited for their ability to work with children and for their flair qualifications on the teaching and or activity front they are present on site 24 hours and are com. mitted to a high level of personal service,Synopsis of Products. pag 3 Residential International Summer Schools including option English PLUS. pag 22 Family stay programmes ministays immersion stays one to one home tuition. pag 23 London stays London Extension stays,pag 24 Discover London. pag 25 Academic Year and Boarding School Placement programmes. pag 26 UK School integration programmes,pag 28 IB Programmes in Oxford. See Separate Sport Academy Brochure Elite Sports Academy featuring intensive soccer in partnership with Watford FC dance in partnership with DAPA tennis and. golf camps,International Summer Schools, The International Summer Schools Programmes attract students from all over the ge is made which is dependent on number in group and distance There are standard.
world and the international environment enables students from different parts of the entrances too listed on each centre page in this brochure that are included be aware. world to exchange ideas and experiences and to communicate in English that if a different entrance is required and can be accommodated then a supplement. The aim is to provide an educational recreational social and cultural experience filled may be payable Please also bear in mind that we have to maximise the occupancy of. with happy memories where new friendships are fostered and where returning the fol the coaches on excursions and therefore cannot send groups individuals wherever they. lowing year is a top priority choose to go, There are senior staff specifically responsible for English Activities Excursions Social For groups going to a centre where London is not a standard excursion a London over. Activities and Welfare Pastoral Care Welfare and pastoral care are top priorities too night stay may be ideal We can organise it at the end of the stay prior to departure and. and a doctor is always on call A huge emphasis is also placed on safety and security it will allow the group far more quality time in the capital with the possibility of a theatre. and these vital areas are constantly reviewed trip as well as sightseeing Please see the London stays section for more information. Each day is structured so that the students are occupied morning afternoon and eve. ning There is appropriate variation and always an emphasis on fun and all round EVENINGS. enjoyment and we have found over the years that this makes for a truly memorable. programme for all concerned There is a Director of Social Activities whose job it is to lay on a varied and popular. schedule of evening entertainment These include discos karaokes BBQ s Blind Date. DATES Talent Shows Fashion Shows Film Shows Lucky Numbers Olympics etc On certain. evenings there are two different activities one aimed at the younger students the. Different schools have different changeover days Three weeks is the advised length other at the older ones. of stay though it is possible to book stays of less than three weeks or more as long. as stay falls within the above dates and subject to availability Please see each school. section for changeover day or ask for further details. EXCURSIONS, Students are taken on escorted coach excursions twice a week Normally these are. Wednesdays for half days and Saturdays for full days Sundays are days when extra. excursions can be organised and it is popular to lay on recreational rather than cul. tural trips on such days There is a Director of Excursions who liaises with foreign. group leaders regarding their planned trips coaching etc We cannot guarantee to. send groups exactly where they want to go but we do our utmost The more warning. we have the better Please also bear in mind that there are standard excursions from. each school if groups want to go further afield from these destinations an extra char. MEALS Students can sign up for preferred activities in the mor dents A laundry facility NOT necessarily service is. nings or make their selection when the students con provided in all our centres However this should not be. Meals are carefully planned with our on site Chef Ca gregate for activities at 2 15pm The afternoon activity taken to mean that a bespoke laundry service is done. tering manager A mixture of English and Continental programme is designed for maximum participation and for students Some schools will do the laundry for the. Breakfasts are served At lunch and dinner there is al enjoyment it is NOT a coaching establishment althou students others just provide the facility. ways a salad bar with choice of hot meal including a gh for an extra charge we can organise 1 1 tuition in Please note the recommended airports for appropriate. vegetarian option and plenty of fruit Students and le certain activities with coaches we bring in specially for centre given under relevant centre Supplements may. aders alike are urged to give us feedback on the meals this purpose Activities included in the weekly fee are apply if a different airport is chosen. there is scope for flexibility and change many and varied and normally include aerobics arche. All food is freshly prepared on site and all dietary requi ry art craft badminton boomerang basketball drama. rements are catered for providing advance warning is frisbee football golf handball hockey horse riding. given kwik cricket lacrosse netball pool rugby shooting. Please bear in mind that the chefs are often having to short tennis squash table tennis tennis treasure trail. cater for as many as 10 nationalities which is particular unihoc volleyball water polo etc. ly difficult when children are involved as cultures tastes supplement payable at some of the centres. vary so much For those who wish to concentrate on a single afternoon. activity and wish to have professional tuition please see. the section English Plus options These are available. AFTERNOON ACTIVITIES, with a supplement and each campus offers only a limited. number of English Plus options, There is a wide range of activities on offer and the Direc. tor of Activities plans each afternoon according to the. demands of the students and in liaison with group leaders CENTRE INFORMATION. General information on each school is given on the ap. propriate campus page More detailed information i e. telephone numbers will be sent out a month or so prior. to departure Please note that most schools provide a. full internet service for staff students but this cannot. be absolutely guaranteed some schools have emergen. cy work to do on their networks others are loathe, to let outside groups onto their network In the main.
however internet should be fully accessible to all stu. INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOLS SAMPLE WEEKLY PROGRAMME. DAY 09 15 12 45 14 15 15 15 15 45 16 45 16 30 17 30 20 00 22 00. 1 Arrival at airport transfer to school Arrive orientation tour talk Settle in games. 2 English placements tests Activities EG Basketball Tennis Volleyball Drama Arts Crafts Campus quiz. 3 English lessons Activities EG Football Unihoc Kwik Cricket Volleyball Arts Crafts Disco or Karaoke. 4 English lessons Half day excursion Filmshow, 5 English lessons Activities EG Rugby Tennis Badminton Aerobics Drama Team Challenge. 6 English lessons Activities EG Basketball Tennis Volleyball Drama Arts Crafts Talent show. 7 Full day excursion Full day excursion Disco, NOTE this is a sample programme possible excursion destinations are given under the appropriate centres pages. Tuition The English programme, The English programme is a central part either communicative language use or grammatical development Our teachers follow. the syllabus however there is sufficient flexibility to allow teachers an opportunity to. of the overall package we provide integrate their own ideas and materials. Students have 15 hours contact time per week normally Monday to Friday inclusive. and there are generally no more than 15 students in a class A lot of emphasis is placed. CERTIFICATES, on trying to get students to interact and converse in English as much as possible This. is facilitated by providing students with interesting communicative activities that help to An end of course certificate is awarded to each student with some added comments by. stimulate and encourage language use his her teacher. DIRECTOR OF STUDIES TRINITY COLLEGE SPOKEN ENGLISH EXAM. Each centre has a Director of Studies who coordinates the English programme It is possible for groups to take the Trinity College Spoken English Exam though we. He she organises the testing monitors the day to day teaching provides advice would ask for plenty of prior warning Students who take the exam are given assistance. and assistance to teachers and meets regularly with representatives of the various and didactic support during the English course to ensure that they are well prepared for. groups at the centre There is also an overall English Coordinator who visits each the exam Many Trinity exam topics are covered in the EFL syllabus. centre to check that the English programme is running well. A TYPICAL TEACHING DAY,TEACHING MATERIALS, Classes begin at 9 00 and finish at 12 30 There are three 10 minute breaks.
We have a wide range of communicative resource materials available to our teachers. These include an array of interesting and exciting language activities Some of the 09 00 10 00 The teacher introduces a new grammatical structure or language. EFL resources found at each centre include the following Jet Primary 1 2 and 3 function to the class which is then reinforced either through a. Timesaver Phrasal Verbs and Idioms Reading Grammar Activities London Plays writ ten or spoken activity This may often include role play situations. Customs and Lifestyles in the UK and Ireland Newspaper Articles Speaking Activi 10 00 10 10 Break. ties Reward Resource Packs 10 10 11 10 The focus here is to get students to work together on a project. By setting an interesting task we feel it encourages students to. communicate and is also more enjoyable,EFL SILLABUS. 11 10 11 20 Break, 11 20 12 20 In the final hour students are often encouraged to prepare a short. There is a separate teaching syllabus for our lower and higher level students This cle. play in groups or get involved in a class discussion on a. arly states which topics the students cover and how much of the course is devoted to. topic of interest to teenagers,English Plus Options. To those students who do not wish to follow the stan ENGLISH PLUS TENNIS. dard afternoon activities we are offering our highly with our own live in fully qualified LTA coaches. popular English PLUS options see under each school. as to what is offered where Here the student can Group tuition in all aspects of the game Please enquire first. choose from a wide range of different activities and if applicant is a beginner Available at Sherborne Stonar. he she will receive top quality professionally quali Royal Wolverhampton Dover Bruton Wymondham Ab. fied tuition in this field on 4 normally afternoons a botsholme Brecon Cranbrook For those wanting intensi. week It will enable the student to go home feeling ve tennis we would recommend our Elite Tennis Academy. he has genuinely achieved something in a particular at Epsom Total of 8 hours a week. field and has something to show for it,ENGLISH PLUS MUSIC. The options are, 1 1 instrumental or singing tuition with a qualified mu.
ENGLISH PLUS HORSE RIDING sic teacher Available at Dover Bruton. Total of 4 hours a week is standard longer available. Tuition in riding itself as well as stable management if required. etc This is not suitable for total beginners and it is. vital correct attire is worn Any age within the range at ENGLISH PLUS GOLF. the given school Available at Sherborne Bruton Dover. Wymondham Abbotsholme Stonar Group tuition from a club professional with a mixture ENGLISH PLUS OUTWARD BOUND. Total of 8 hours a week of time on the range and on the course Not suitable. for beginners Available at Bruton Abbotsholme Brecon A course that combines the best in outdoor pursuits at one. Royal Wolverhampton Wymondham Stonar of the internationally recognised top outward bound areas. Total of 8 hours a week in the UK Activities with top level tuition to include kaya. king abseiling climbing rafting assault course etc. Available at Brecon,ENGLISH PLUS DANCE Total of 12 hours a week. Specialist tuition in both jazz ballet Available at Bru. ton Dover Cranbrook Royal Wolverhampton Stonar, For those wanting an intensive course our Elite Dance. Academy at Epsom is highly recommended,Total of 12 hours a week. ENGLISH PLUS SAILING ENGLISH PLUS RUGBY, Top quality tuition at local water sports centre Students With the 2011 World Cup almost upon us we are again. will have access to a range of boats from Taz s to Toppers offering this popular sport With top qualified coaches all. to Topaz s Larger dinghies will also be used Students will aspects of the game will be covered. work towards the RYA Level One Certificate Available at Abbotsholme. Available at Dover 8 hours a week,Three hours a day for 4 days.
ENGLISH PLUS SOCCER, For those not wanting a really intensive soccer program. me this is ideal Coaching from a Level 1 or 2 coach in. all aspects of the game finishing with small sided games. a tournament Available at Wymondham Brecon July,and Cranbrook August. ENGLISH PLUS BASKETBALL 8 hours a week, Basketball camp with professional coaching from the. Reading Rockets and matches locally where possible. Not suitable for beginners Suggested age range 12 16. Available at Breacon,Total of 8 hours a week,ENGLISH PLUS DRAMA ENGLISH PLUS FILM. TV workshops with coaching from professional directors. Drama workshops ideally leading to a production at. Students will learn how to use the latest cameras and. the end of each week Qualified drama teacher with, editing equipment before creating their very own films.
experience of children s workshops Available at Dover. Intermediate to Advanced English students only,Abbotsholme Cranbrook Wymondham. Available at Dover,Total of 8 hours a week,8 hours a week. ENGLISH PLUS SURFING ENGLISH PLUS ULTIMATE ADVENTURE satisfactory suitable level of participants Without this. we reserve the right to cancel a particular option in a. A fantastic opportunity to surf one of the best We have teamed up with the Ultimate Adventure Com particular week Obviously any monies paid will be fully. beaches Westward Ho in the UK with top tuition from pany to offer a fantastic selection of adventure activities reimbursed. the North Devon Surf School All equipment wetsuit including Ultimate Wipe Out Mountain Boarding Mountain. provided and all levels catered for Available at Kingsley Biking High Ropes Climbing Coasteering etc A really ac For further details regarding supplements payable and. 8 hours a week tion packed programme Available at Kingsley other details please contact our Head Office Always. 12 hours a week check with Head Office first rather then assuming an. option is available,ENGLISH PLUS KAYAKING,Should students decide against the English PLUS. ENGLISH PLUS ENGLISH, option they will of course participate in the usual. Introducing kayaking with the highly established Ultima. English plus multi activity programme, te Adventure Centre based in Bideford just 5 minutes Option of intensive English tuition with qualified tea.
from our North Devon Centre All levels catered for in chers in small classes Available at Dover Abbotsholme. this scintillating sport Highly recommended Cranbrook Bruton Wymondham Stonar Royal Wolver. Available at Kingsley hampton,12 hours a week Total of 8 hours a week. Maggiori informazioni verranno fornite su richiesta. With the English PLUS options,please note the following. A supplement will apply,Early booking is advisable When we reach the. maximum advisable for each option we will close bo. okings for that particular week, It is NOT possible to pull out of an option that has. been pre booked without forfeiting 100 of the monies. paid This is because we commit to teachers in most op. tions based on a minimum number, English PLUS options are wholly dependent on a Cottles Park Atworth Nr Cottles Park.
ENGLISH PLUS OPTIONS,Horse Riding,Basketball,Age Changeover Day Airports. BATH Stonar School,10 16 years Sunday BRS EXT LHR STN LGW. BRECON Christ College,12 17 years Sunday BRS CWL BHX. BRUTON Bruton School,10 16 years Wednesday LHR BRS. CRANBROOK Cranbrook School,12 17 years Sunday LHR LGW STN.
DOVER Dover College,12 17 years Sunday LGW LHR STN. HARROGATE Ashville College,12 17 years Monday LBA MAN. NORTH DEVON Kingsley School,11 16 years Saturday EXT BRS. NORWICH Wymondham College,10 16 years Saturday STN LHR BHX EMA. SHERBORNE Sherborne Prep School,9 14 years Tuesday LHR BRS.
STAFFORD Abbotsholme,10 16 years Sunday BHX EMA MAN. WOLVERHAMPTON Royal W School,12 17 years Sunday EMA BHX. LHR London Heathrow STN London Stansted LGW London Gatwick BHX Birmingham BRS Bristol. CWL Cardiff EMA East Midlands EXT Exteter LBA Leeds Bradford LPL Liverpool MAN Manchester. BATH STONAR SCHOOL, Atworth Nr Melksham Wiltshire SN12 8NT ENGLISH PLUS OPTIONS. Golf English Dance Horse Riding Tennis London, 10 16 years boys girls July 8 August 5 Changeover Day Sunday. POSSIBLE EXCURSION DESTINATIONS,Half day Bath Bristol Cheddar Wells.
CENTRE FACTS,Full day London Cardiff Windsor Oxford Exeter. Stonar School is set amid 80 acres of private parkland right in the heart of the Wiltshire. countryside providing a picture perfect location and idyllic panoramic views Situated very. RECOMMENDED AIRPORTS, close to the World Heritage City of Bath and with London being only 90 minutes away Stonar. Bristol Exeter London,is in a great position geographically. The school was founded in the early 1900s and moved to Wiltshire during the second World. War The facilities on offer include an indoor heated swimming pool sports hall Astroturf. dance studio multi gym tennis courts theatre IT suites and music studio All the facilities. are close together ensuring the students safety and overall enjoyment. ACCOMMODATION, Accommodation is arranged over 5 houses York Curnow Hart Ganbrook Fuller. and all of them provide very homely accommodation with lounge areas comprising TV. kitchen and IT suites Bathroom facilities are plentiful All houses are situated around. the campus close to all the amenities and classrooms Rooms are a mixture of single. twin and triples with a number of dorms offering up to 5 beds making them ideal for. younger students The standard of accommodation is excellent. BRECON CHRIST COLLEGE,Brecon Powys LD3 8AF Christ College.
12 17 years boys girls July 8 28 Changeover Day Sunday. CENTRE FACTS, Christ College is situated very close a 2 minute walk to the centre of the market town. of Brecon in the heart of South Wales The majority of the school buildings are set. around 2 quads with generous sports fields adjoining the campus Facilities include. a heated swimming pool tennis courts modern sports hall The school was founded. by royal charter in 1541 and has a rich history It is also set in a beautiful location with. views of the Brecon Beacons and Usk valley making it a picturesque campus The school. is less than an hour from Cardiff and Bristol and has easy access to the M4 motorway. ACCOMMODATION, Accommodation is provided in the school boarding houses which are centrally loca. ted on campus There is a mixture of singles doubles triples as well as some larger. rooms which are ideal for the younger students All houses have ample toilet shower. facilities as well as common room areas,ENGLISH PLUS OPTIONS. Tennis Outward Bound Basketball Golf Soccer,POSSIBLE EXCURSIONDESTINATIONS. Half day The Big Pit Museum Swansea Plantasia Tintern Abbey National Showcaves. Full day Bath Roman Baths Bristol at Bristol or SS Great Britain. Cardiff Cardiff Castle, NOTE this course lasts 20 nights for those staying 3 weeks.
RECOMMENDED AIRPORTS,Bristol Cardiff Birmingham,BRUTON BRUTON SCHOOL. Sunny Hill Bruton Somerset ENGLISH PLUS OPTIONS, Tennis Horse riding Dance Golf Music English London. 10 16 years boys girls July 4 August 8 Changeover Day Wednesday. POSSIBLE EXCURSION DESTINATIONS,CENTRE FACTS, Half day Cheddar Gorge Wookey Hole Longleat Safari Park Bath. Bruton is situated 2 hours south west of London and about 40 minutes from Bath and. Roman Baths Wells Cathedral Salisbury Cathedral Stonehenge drive past. Salisbury The school founded in 1900 is set on a beautiful 40 acre campus in the. Full day Oxford Oxford Castle or Oxford College Cardiff Castle London River Cru. heart of the East Somerset countryside The old Saxon town of Bruton is 5 10 minutes. ise Portsmouth D Day Museum Exeter Cathedral Bristol at Bristol. walk from the school and has a selection of shops banks and restaurants The facili. ties include a beautiful 25 metre swimming pool tennis courts gymnasium theatre. RECOMMENDED AIRPORTS, art craft studio as well as extensive playing fields and other recreational areas. Heathrow Bristol,ACCOMMODATION, There are 3 boarding houses Highcroft Cumberlege and Old Vicarage Each house.
is extremely well equipped with a common room with TV video kitchen facility and. modern bedrooms which are of a very good standard Rooms are single double triple. and quadruple with a few occupying 5 6 persons,CRANBROOK CRANBROOK SCHOOL. Cranbrook Kent, 12 17 years boys girls July 15 August 12 Changeover Day Sunday. CENTRE FACTS, The school is situated near to the centre of the town of Cranbrook which is a pleasant mar. ket town in the heart of rural Kent Founded in 1518 by John Blubery it has developed into. a thriving co educational grammar school which serves over 700 students including over. 200 boarders The campus boasts some excellent facilities including an astroturf pitch a. state of the art theatre swimming pool and sports hall. Cranbrook is situated about 1 hour south of London between Tunbridge Wells and Ashford. and is easily accessible from all the London airports as well as Ashord International Railway. Station for Eurostar services to Europe,ACCOMMODATION. Accommodation in the school is split across 6 boarding houses Blubery Scott Ram. mell Cornwallis Crowden School Lodge Rooms vary but consist mainly of singles. doubles triples There are some larger rooms which are ideal for younger students. All boarding houses are well furnished with kitchens large common room areas and. all have a warm homely feel about them,ENGLISH PLUS OPTIONS.
Tennis English Dance Drama Soccer August,POSSIBLE EXCURSION DESTINATIONS. Half day Canterbury Tales or Cathedral Hastings Smugglers Adventure Hever Castle. Full day London River cruise Greenwich Royal Observatory Cambridge King s. College Brighton Sea Life Centre Windsor Eton College. RECOMMENDED AIRPORTS,Heathrow Gatwick Stansted,DOVER DOVER COLLEGE. Effingham Crescent Dover Kent CT17 9RH, 12 17 years boys girls July 8 August 19 Changeover Day Sunday. CENTRE FACTS, Dover College is situated just outside the town centre of Dover famous for its to. wering white chalk cliffs and medieval castle Dover is located on the south east tip. of England about 75 miles from London The college itself is in the Old Town and is. within a leisurely walk of both the town centre and the railway station The college. and the grounds have a lengthy and interesting history The college itself was ope. ned in 1871 with the aim of giving first class education at moderate cost However. some of the buildings are far older and formed part of a Benedictine Priory which. in 1130 had been reconstituted from a collegiate church founded in 696 There is. a stunning lawned quad around which the buildings are situated The quad has 6. grass tennis courts soccer pitch and volleyball court There are other hard tennis. courts and a large sports hall,ACCOMMODATION, We use a number of boarding houses at Dover College and each house is equipped with a.
television room games area and homely bedrooms which vary in size from single to ro. oms with 4 5 beds Bathrooms are situated on all floors and these comprise wash basins. lavatories and both separate showers and baths Each house sleeps about 50 students. ENGLISH PLUS OPTIONS, Tennis English Sailing Horse riding Drama Music Dance Film. POSSIBLE EXCURSION DESTINATIONS, Half day Canterbury Tales or Cathedral Dover Castle Leeds Castle. Full day London River Trip Greenwich Royal Observatory Windsor Eton College. Cambridge Kings College Hastings Smugglers Adventure Brighton Sea Life Centre.

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