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English Language Paper 2 Booklet 2 Practice Papers Use this booklet to help you revise for your mock exams in December Name Class 2 Contents of Extracts Poverty 1 A description of the Irish Potato Famine by a traveller 1847 2 A newspaper article on the plight of farmers 2011 Sport and Entertainment 1 An extract from a book about learning to cycle 1895 2 A newspaper article


Contents of Extracts, 1 A description of the Irish Potato Famine by a traveller 1847. 2 A newspaper article on the plight of farmers 2011. Sport and Entertainment, 1 An extract from a book about learning to cycle 1895. 2 A newspaper article describing a visit to a Theme Park 2012. Crime and Punishment, 1 An extract describing the new prison at Pentonville 1842. 2 A website article on the overhaul of prisons 2016. 1 Mock paper Poverty, In this extract James Mahoney describes what he saw when he travelled around. Southern Ireland during the Irish Potato Famine of 1847. I started from Cork by the mail for Skibbereen and saw little until we came to. Clonakilty where the coach stopped for breakfast and here for the first time the. horrors of the poverty became visible in the vast number of famished poor who. flocked around the coach to beg alms amongst them was a woman carrying in her arms. the corpse of a fine child and making the most distressing appeal to the passengers. for aid to enable her to purchase a coffin and bury her dear little baby This horrible. spectacle induced me to make some inquiry about her when I learned from the people. of the hotel that each day brings dozens of such applicants into the town. After leaving Clonakilty each step that we took westward brought fresh evidence of. the truth of the reports of the misery as we either met a funeral or a coffin at every. hundred yards until we approached the country of the Shepperton Lakes Here the. distress became more striking from the decrease of numbers at the funerals none. having more than eight or ten attendants and many only two or three. We next reached Skibbereen We first proceeded to Bridgetown and there I saw the. dying the living and the dead lying indiscriminately upon the same floor without. anything between them and the cold earth save a few miserable rags upon them To. point to any particular house as a proof of this would be a waste of time as all were in. the same state and not a single house out of 500 could boast of being free from death. and fever though several could be pointed out with the dead lying close to the living. for the space of three or four even six days without any effort being made to remove. the bodies to a last resting place, After leaving this abode of death we proceeded to High street or Old Chapel lane and.
there found one house without door or window filled with destitute people lying on the. bare floor and one fine tall stout country lad who had entered some hours previously. to find shelter from the piercing cold lay here dead amongst others likely soon to. follow him The appeals to the feelings and professional skill of my kind attendants. here became truly heart rending and so distressed Dr Donovan that he begged me. not to go into the house and to avoid coming into contact with the people surrounding. the doorway, A specimen of the in door horrors of Scull may be seen in the annexed sketch of the. hut of a poor man named Mullins who lay dying in a corner upon a heap of straw. supplied by the Relief Committee whilst his three wretched children crouched over a. few embers of turf as if to raise the last remaining spark of life This poor man it. appears had buried his wife some five days previously and was in all probability on. the eve of joining her when he was found out by the untiring efforts of the Vicar who. for a few short days saved him from that which no kindness could ultimately avert Our. Artist assures us that the dimensions of the hut do not exceed ten feet square adding. that to make the sketch he was compelled to stand up to his ankles in the dirt and. filth upon the floor, This extract looks at the plight of farmers in a newspaper article of 2011. We must not ignore the plight of our farmers Rowena Davies reports on one. farmer s struggle to cope, Dave is not his real name He s too scared to tell me that in case his family farm. becomes a target for animal rights activists just because he agrees with the. government s plan to cull badgers as a way of stopping the spread of tuberculosis TB. a serious disease in cattle He s been a farmer in Devon for over fifty years His family. works an exhausting fourteen hours a day seven days a week to look after their dairy. herd of 1 000 cows nursing them through birth and hand feeding them when they re. When Dave started farming fifty years ago he used to shoot badgers and none of his. cows suffered from TB When badgers became a protected species he stopped. shooting them Now there are badgers on his land and regular cases of TB in his herd. This picture has been repeated at a national level TB is now devastating herds of. cattle across the countryside In 1998 fewer than 6 000 cows were killed because they. had TB In 2011 the figure rose to 34 000, To deal with the huge number of cattle being infected with TB the government is. planning to allow farmers to shoot badgers It believes that badgers are responsible. for spreading this devastating infection that is killing cattle and driving farmers out of. Science is very much on the side of culling badgers because TB was under control in. the 1970s and 1980s and has only become a problem since 1992 when it was made illegal. to kill badgers Since then the badger population has grown considerably and TB in cows. has increased dramatically, Farmers don t want to kill all badgers just those that have TB says Dave It s only.
when their numbers get out of control that they start causing infections Because they. have no natural predators it s up to us to keep the numbers down or they take over. Working so closely with infected animals meant that Dave s son in law came down with. TB himself His family stood by as he lay in bed rapidly losing weight and coughing but. they still want to keep going My family want to carry on farming says Dave They. love it and their children love it It s in our blood. Animal rights groups and charities say that the answer is vaccines But there is no. suitable vaccine for cows The National Farmers Union says vaccinating badgers is. incredibly difficult because to be effective each badger has to be caught in a cage and. needs to be vaccinated once every year for four years This makes it a very expensive. It s difficult to explain how difficult life in the countryside already is Back in Devon. one of Dave s neighbours has recently gone out of business The price of milk paid to. farmers has been slashed by 4p a litre this year and supermarkets now sell milk at. barely the cost of production It s been too wet to graze the cows outside so feed. supplies have been used up and the increased price of grain is hitting farmers hard. Britain has lost 40 per cent of its dairy farms over the last ten years and TB is. increasing that percentage every year Something has to be done. Exam style questions,Question 1, Read paragraphs 1 3 Shade the four statements below that are true. A The writer is from Cork,B He stopped for breakfast in Clonakilty. C A lady is begging for money for a coffin for her dead child. D More than 20 people attended all the funerals the writer saw. E The writer stopped at Shepperton Lakes,F The writer went to Skibbereen after Bridgetown. G The writer was attending a funeral in Skibbereen. H The writer ate porridge for breakfast,Question 2. Use details from both sources, Write a summary of the similarities of those people who are suffering in these two.
extracts 8 marks,Question 3, Refer only to Source B the newspaper article on the plight of farmers. How does the writer use language in this article to present her views on the plight of. farmers 12 marks,Question 4, For this question you should refer to both Source A and Source B. Compare how the two writers convey their views on the suffering of those described in. these two extracts 16 marks,In your answer you should. compare their views about the suffering of those they are describing. compare the methods the writers use to convey their views. Support your ideas from quotations from both texts. Question 5, Climate change and global warming is having an impact on everyone It is the. responsibility of young people to take action to protect the planet Write an article for. a newspaper that gives your viewpoint and perspective on this topic. 2 Mock paper Sport and Entertainment, Towards the end of the nineteenth century cycling became much more popular.
Although it was unusual some women also began to cycle In her book A Wheel. within a Wheel Frances Willard writes about why and how she learned to ride a. Not a single friend encouraged me to learn to ride the bicycle except a young. schoolteacher who came several times with her bike and gave me lessons But at fifty. three I was at more disadvantage than most people for not only had I the problems. that result from the unnatural style of dress but I also suffered from a lack of. exercise Those who loved me best and who considered themselves largely responsible. for me did not encourage me but thought I should break my bones and spoil my. future It must be said however to their everlasting praise that they raised no. objection when they saw that I was firmly set to do this thing. Many doctors are now coming to regard the bicycle as beneficial to the health of. women as well as of men and I agree entirely with them One doctor said As an. exercise bicycling is superior to most if not all other activities It takes one into the. outdoor air it is entirely under control can be made gentle or vigorous as one desires. is active takes the rider away from the thoughts and cares of his daily work and. develops his attention and independence Moreover the exercise is well and equally. distributed over almost the whole body and no muscle is likely to be over exercised. Needless to say when I was learning to ride a bicycling costume was necessary This. consisted of a skirt and blouse of tweed with belt rolling collar and loose cravat the. skirt three inches from the ground a round straw hat and walking shoes with gaiters. It was a simple modest suit to which no person of common sense could take exception. If I am asked to explain why I learned the bicycle I should say I did it because my. doctor kept telling me Live out of doors and take much exercise but I have always. hated walking and horseback riding which does promise vigorous exercise is. expensive The bicycle meets all the conditions to keep healthy Therefore I learned to. ride I did it from pure natural love of adventure and because a good many people. thought I could not do it at my age As nearly as I can make out it took me about three. months with an average of fifteen minutes practice daily to learn first to pedal. second to turn third to dismount and fourth to mount independently this most. mysterious animal In just three months I had made myself master of the most. remarkable ingenious and inspiring machine ever devised upon this planet. This newspaper article from 2012 describes a trip to a theme park. THORPE PARK how to scare your teenagers, Thorpe Park Rollercoaster Central the thrill capital of England the most terrifying. location inside the M25 holds a special place in the affections of all teenagers in the. south east of England and a kind of horrified fascination for their parents It is where. the teens want to go for their first independent day out and although their parents. may wonder why they are unlikely to issue a blanket ban The high speed rides are. billed as scary and most are certainly that but it s a pretty safe destination. There really isn t anywhere like it so close to London Legoland has rides and the London. Dungeon has scares but the former is hardly likely to set a teenager s pulse racing and. the latter is creepy rather than thrilling You can tell from the names of the rides what. Thorpe Park is about Nemesis Inferno Colossus and Slammer are not designed for the. very old the very young or the very timid Which is just the way the customers want it. You don t have to be scared witless There are some gentle rides but these are aimed. at the wimpiest in teenage parties You could aim for the water based rides in which. case you won t die of fright but you will get very damp or in the case of Tidal Wave. soaked to the skin, But raw thrills are the name of the game Rollercoaster purists will aim for Colossus. where they will gain mighty satisfaction from the sheer number of loops Nemesis. Inferno dangles its participants as it whips them through gravity defying swoops and. swirls Stealth probably the fastest rollercoaster in Europe is all about ultimate. speed and Saw Alive adds a supremely creepy horror movie to a route crammed with. stomach challenging action The latest and by all accounts the scariest attraction is. Two of the more basic concepts are still staggeringly effective Detonator is. essentially an enormous multi person seated freefall and Slammer is almost artistic in. its simplicity It is just a gigantic platform which rises and then rotates around its. halfway line Many teenagers scoff on approach but they have all changed their tune by. the time they stagger away jelly legged Saw Alive is very scary indeed but that is. down to the ancient expedient of having actors to do the scaring rather than. machinery based thrills, It s good stuff and there is plenty enough for a day s entertainment which makes the. admission charge good value It s particularly good value if the teens are alone because. we are reliably informed long queues are very much part of the fun allowing endless. opportunities to anticipate the thrills ahead and dissect those already experienced. Adults may find the prospect of such queues too much so Fastrack queue jumper. tickets are the answer In summary teens will enjoy themselves immensely and talk. about it for weeks afterwards but adults who are only present as supervisors or. chauffeurs should be prepared to make sure that they book in advance and arrive in. good time for the queue for the Fastrack tickets,Exam style Questions. Question 1, Read paragraphs 1 to 3 and shade the four correct statements below.
A A school teacher gave the writer lessons on how to ride a bike. B The writer tried to ride a bike again when she was 54 years old. C The writer was very fit and healthy for her age, D The writer broke her bones when learning to ride a bicycle. E The doctor said that riding a bicycle is good for people s health. F The writer thought appropriate dress for riding a bike was a skirt and blouse. G The writer wore a straw hat when riding her bicycle. H The writer wore trainers when riding her bike,Question 2. Use details from both sources, Write a summary of the similarities between the extract on learning to cycle and the. visit to a theme park 8 marks,Question 3, Refer only to Source B the newspaper article describing a visit to a theme park. How does the writer use language in this article to present his views on theme parks as. a place to visit 12 marks,Questions 4, For this question you should refer to both Source A and Source B.
Compare how the two writers convey their views on their experiences in these two. extracts 16 marks,In your answer you should,compare their views about their experiences. compare the methods the writers use to convey their views. Support your ideas from quotations from both texts. Question 5, Young people have nothing to do in their spare time Government cuts to local services. diminishing pocket money and little free activities available mean that most teens have. little options to enjoy themselves Write the text for a speech to your local council. that gives your viewpoint and perspective on what young people need in your local. 3 Mock paper Crime and Punishment, The following extracts are from Sir James Graham describing the newly built. prison at Pentonville which was opened in 1842, Instruction and probation rather than oppressive discipline. The first thing that strikes the mind on entering the prison passage is the wondrous. and perfectly Dutch like cleanliness pervading the place The floor which is of. asphalte has been polished by continual sweeping so bright that we can hardly believe. it has not been black leaded and so utterly free from dust are all the mouldings of the. trim stucco walls that we would defy the sharpest housewife to get as much off upon. her fingers as she could brush even from a butterfly s wing In no private house is it. possible to see the like of this dainty cleanliness and as we walk along the passage we. cannot help wondering why it is that we should find the perfection of the domestic. virtue in such an abiding place, The separate system is defined by the Surveyor General of Prisons as that mode of.
penal discipline in which each individual prisoner is confined in a cell which becomes his. workshop by day and his bed room by night so as to be effectually prevented from. holding communication with or even being seen sufficiently to be recognized by a. fellow prisoner, The object of this discipline is stated to be twofold It is enforced not only to prevent. the prisoner having intercourse with his fellow prisoners but to compel him to hold. communion with himself He is excluded from the society of the other criminal inmates. of the prison because experience has shown that such society is injurious and he is. urged to make his conduct the subject of his own reflections because it is almost. universally found that such self communion is the precursor of moral amendment. In this website newspaper article from 2016 the overhaul of prisons in the United. Kingdom is discussed, Six reform prisons are to be created in England and Wales as part of a pilot to tackle. high levels of violence and re offending David Cameron has said. The governors would have autonomy over their operation and budgets he said. The PM also announced new powers to speed up the deportation of foreign inmates and. plans for all jails to be assessed through league tables. Penal charities said reforms would not work if prisoners were crammed into filthy. institutions with no staff, Mr Cameron said current levels of prison violence drug taking and self harm should. shame us all with a typical week seeing 600 incidents of self harm at least one suicide. and 350 assaults including 90 on staff, In what he described as the biggest shake up of prisons since the Victorian era he. said prisoners should be seen as potential assets to be harnessed and the failure of. our system today is scandalous,In other developments.
Ministers will work with network operators to block phone signals to prisons to. target the problem of smuggled mobiles being used for criminal purposes. League tables will be published showing how successful prisons are at cutting. reoffending improving literacy and helping inmates find jobs Improved satellite. tracking will mean some convicted criminals only spend the weekend in prison. The processes used to establish free schools could help transform young offenders. institutions into secure academies with a focus on education. Mr Cameron said he wanted former prisoners to have a better chance of getting a. job interview by allowing them to apply for positions without declaring unspent. convictions straight away,Prisons in England and Wales in 2015. 85 641prisoners,147prisoners per 100 000 population. 14 247 prisoner on prisoner assaults,595 serious assaults on staff. 89 self inflicted deaths, 32 of offenders with one previous custodial sentence re offend. We need action now to tackle sentence inflation and the profligate use of prison Then. the prime minister s vision can become a reality said Frances Crook Howard League for. Penal Reform, Simon who was released from prison in June after serving 16 years of a life sentence.
told the BBC more professional staff more support and more education was. key Taking a humane and personal approach towards addressing offending behaviour. allows them to access support and build a better self to the benefit of all in society. We need prisons Some people including of course rapists murderers child abusers. gang leaders belong in them Mr Cameron said, I also strongly believe that we must offer chances to change that for those trying. hard to turn themselves around we should offer hope that in a compassionate country. we should help those who ve made mistakes to find their way back onto the right path. Exam style questions,Question 1, Read paragraphs 1 3 of source A and shade four true statements. A Pentonville prison was opened in 1842,B The prison is very clean. C The prison was cleaned by housewives,D Each prisoner is confined in a cell. E The purpose of the prison was for discipline, F Prisoners are not allowed to communicate with each other.
G Prisoners didn t have to do any work,H Prisoners should pray everyday. Question 2,Use details from both Sources, Write a summary of the similarities in the prisons and the conditions for prisoners that. are described in these two extracts 8 marks,Question 3. Refer only to Source B the website article on the overhaul of prisons. How does the writer use language in this article to present his feelings about the. current state of prisons 12 marks,Question 4, For this question you should refer to both Source A and Source B. Compare how the two extracts convey information on prison conditions in these two. extracts 16 marks,In your answer you should, compare the information conveyed about prison conditions they are discussing.
compare the methods the writers use to convey their views. Support your ideas from quotations from both texts. Question 5, Punishments aren t tough enough in society and young people think that the law is. lenient Write an article on this topic in which you give your viewpoint on punishment. for young people,Suggested answers, Some of the comments below might be seen with supporting references from both texts. Both articles are about conditions in rural areas and elements of suffering that are being faced. Both articles describe sympathetically the plight of these people with a series of case studies. Both articles have a purpose of bringing to the public notice those issues being faced by the local. people and have a clear message, Both articles use statistics expert opinion and eye witness accounts to evidence the plight of the local. Both articles look at cases of illness and near death situations. Both articles use description to highlight the issues being faced. Some of the comments below might be seen with supporting references from the text. The use of facts and figures the historical perspective eye witness accounts expert advice. anecdotes and individual case study to build up a view of the plight of farmers. The use of shock and emotive language to describe the farming conditions in Devon particularly shown. in the use of the anonymous farmer The importance of the heading of the article. The tone and mood of the piece the use of comments from the National Farmers Union and the clear. message of the final sentence, The use of language to create sympathy for the farmers linked to the case study of the family unit. The importance of audience and writer s purpose in the piece. Some of the comments below might be seen with supporting references from the text. The personal nature of both texts should be compared with evidence of the views on the situations of. the poor farmers The use of evidence and opinion is clear in both pieces. Both articles take moral stances and seek to inform and to a certain extent persuade the reader of. the seriousness of the situation Although written a time distance apart and on a different scale they. have similar conclusions, There are differences in the style of language used Mahoney s extract is diary like and highly.
descriptive in form with a degree of formality and a certain degree of remoteness whereas the. newspaper article is more informal and anecdotal in its approach. There are clear similarities in the tone and mood of both pieces which are both shocking to different. levels and both attempt to engage the reader but in different ways.

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