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Pyroban Oil and Gas focuses on developments for CAT products The Pyroban project began A study into the effect of diesel engines ingesting hazardous atmospheres A blueprint for safety was created 1972 Company Incorporated First mining and offshore powerpacks were prototyped and successfully series produced 1983 Pyroban invents flameproof solutions for the then dominant Detroit


OF OIL AND GAS, Pyroban equipment can be found in all major oil and gas locations around the world. It is fitted in both safe and formally classified areas on drilling production and well. service equipment, The Pyroban brand and values are synonymous with safety and quality. OIL PRICES, The Pyroban project began A study into the effect of. diesel engines ingesting hazardous atmospheres A,blueprint for safety was created. 1972 Company Incorporated First mining and offshore. powerpacks were prototyped and successfully series. 1983 Pyroban invents flameproof solutions for the then dominant. Detroit Diesel 2 cycle engine range Systems were,manufactured for the expanding North Sea industry.
1999 First electronic diesel engine conversion kit. and safety shutdown system developed by, 2000 HERITAGE Pyroban kits tested for EN1834 1 2000 ATEX. compliance,For nearly 50 years Pyrobanlaunches,Pyroban has been 3GP Gas Detection for diesel. delivering complex hazardous,engines area active gas detection principles and. and brings, engineering solutions to solve exhaust flame trap maintenance. technology,In 2011 Caterpillar Inc acquired the Pyroban.
Group and invested in people safety, Caterpillar buys Pyroban Significant investment in people. systems and infrastructure through their, processes and facilities Pyroban Oil and Gas focuses on. developments for CAT products,In 2017 SEA Equity invested in Pyroban and. the company continues to offer Explosion,Pyroban becomes an independent business owned. proof systems and components for all,segments of the Oil and Gas industry.
Pyroban again offers ATEX solutions for all engine brands and re ignites. its heritage of innovation,EX SAFETY KITS,COMPONENTS. EX SOLUTIONS,CERTIFICATION,ENGINES IN HAZARDOUS AREAS OVERVIEW. THE SCIENCE,OF EXPLOSIONS,There is always a risk of a flammable. hydrocarbon release in the oil and gas,industry When the release comes into contact. with air and an ignition source an explosion is,a real risk.
Pyroban Ex Power solutions are designed,to eliminate the ignition risk and keep your. workers and assets safe, Potential ignition sources on unprotected diesel engines include. electrical mechanical or static sparks overspeed or flame. transmission from inlet or exhaust and hot surfaces. PYROBAN PROTECTION,CRITICAL CONSIDERATIONS, Air inlet shut off Valve Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger. Flammable gases in the atmosphere can be drawn in through Cools the engine exhaust below 200oC T3. the air intake along with air for combustion This can result in. flashbacks through the inlet and backfires in the exhaust 6 Exhaust Flame Traps. If the engine consumes flammable gas mixed with air and diesel Prevents back fire from the explosion proof exhaust system Can be. fuel engine overspeed can occur which can lead to the engine eliminated by using our certified SCS system. running out of control This can result in catastrophic failure of. the engine creating unprotected ignition sources 7 Spark Arrestor. Ensures that no exhaust born hot particles escape into the. Air inlet flame arrestor atmosphere, When Gas is ingested there is risk of the engine misfiring. leading to unburnt fuel mixture entering the exhaust system This. 8 Radiator, can be detonated from the heat of the exhaust and ignite the A choice of industrial or marine solder dipped radiators providing.
surrounding now flammable atmosphere additional cooling capacity and corrosion resistance is available. Water cooled Turbocharger Exhaust Manifold, Many surfaces on a diesel engine can exceed safe limits and. become sources of ignition These surfaces need to be protected Kit and Package solutions may also include. to avoid the danger of explosion by ensuring surface temperature Ex Battery. is below 200oC T3,Ex Starter,Thermal control treatment. Ex Electronic Control System,Thermal signature of engines and. ancillary parts can be further reduced Ex Certified ECM and engine electrical system. using our proprietary thermal coatings Enclosures,Certification. All Pyroban products are certified with some,having tri certification to ATEX 2014 34 EU.
IECEx and NEC 505 NEC 500,PYROBAN ENGINE SAFETY KITS. FOR HAZARDOUS AREAS,Pyroban safety kits for engines intended. for Zone 2 areas include explosion proof,inlet system and exhaust gas cooler with. certified spark arrestor,Additional components are added. according to the application,Zone 2 explosion,protection kits are available for.
the following engines,CAT C2 2 C7 C9 C15 C18 C32 3406C 3500C. Cummins KTA 19 QSM 11 6BT,Deutz 1013 1015,MTU 2000 and 4000 series. Volvo D7 D12,DDC Series 60 and all 2 Cycle engines. Perkins 400 1000 and 1100 series,KIT INTEGRATION EXAMPLES. Cat C18 Air compressor Perkins 1004 DGS,C15 Cementer JCB Vaccum unit.
Volvo D7 HPU Cummins QSM 11 N2 Unit, Kits are provided with component level certification to enable the integrator to complete the certification and test. process Installation assistance and thermal imaging is also available and full training can be provided. EX COMPONENTS,FOR HAZARDOUS AREAS,Ex Alternators,Catagory 2G IECEx and ATEX DC Battery charging. alternators are designed for operation in classified. hazardous areas to recharge your Ex Battery for,starting and or ECM operation. Ex Alternator power,The AC alternator power is Catagory 3G IECex. and ATEX certified brushless totally enclosed,fan cooled non sparking and twin bearing AC 400v.
Alternator with an output of 60kVA or 80kVA,Ex e Battery. Catagory 2G Tri certified ATEX IECex and NEC 505,Increased Safety offshore battery with flameproof. isolator Designed with corrosion and impact resistance. in mind The 12V 110AH and 24V 55AH units contain deep. cycle batteries protected with a 50A MCB isolator,Airshut off Valve. The SVH Valve is a category 2G inlet shut off valve available. in 3 and 4 diameters and a choice of pneumatic hydraulic. and electronic actuation and available with and with out. integral inlet flame arrestors These can be installed in. Zone 2 and Added Safety applications, ExSit is an EN1834 1 2000 certified double skin exhaust duct. which allows the safe ducting of hot exhaust gases from an. engine without the need for exhaust gas cooling, It can be deployed as part of an Added Safety risk.
management system or as part of a solution for Exp Diesel. generators, PCS2 is our entry point Category 2G SIL2 certified. ATEX and IECex Control system It features HWT HET, OS LOP inputs in a rugged Exd enclosure and simple. indication lights replacing Pneumatic systems, Ex SCS is our flagship category 2G SIL 2 rated safety control. system It answers a number of industry problems and prevents. duplication of systems by offering flametrap elimination. Safety control and engine control in one PLC based system. Customisation and process control available on request. Bespoke enclosures, Our bespoke aluminium and steel Exd enclosures are. available design to order If you have a requiment to. house starting contactors battery chargers or any,arcing or sparking aparatus we can design supply.
and test the enclosure and it s contents,Starter motor. Category 2G starter motors We can offer standard designs. for the most popular engine makes with ATEX and IEC Ex. Certification,Spark Arrestors, A comprehensive range of spark arrestors suitable for a. variety of applications We supply three categories to a. variety of lengths diameters pipe sizes and power ranges. HAZPAK RANGE,PACKAGED ENGINES FOR HAZARDOUS AREAS,Pyroban HazPak engines are fully. packaged engines all ready for use,in hazardous areas. CERTIFICATION,AND TESTING,All Pyroban HazPak engines are certified where.
applicable to ATEX 2014 34 EU and NEC 505,With in house test facility procedures and. approval to national standards Pyroban ensures,quality at every step in the process. Pyroban offers fully packaged Caterpillar Cummins Deutz John Deere MTU and Scania engines. Below are some examples of our recent HazPak models. C4 4 TA C4 4 NA,HazPak HazPak,CCNR Stage 2 EPA T2 M CCNR Stage 2 EPA T2 M. 96bkW 128bhp 1500rpm 45bkW 60bhp 1500rpm,112bkW 150bhp 1800rpm 44bkW 59bhp 1800rpm. Emissions non current Non current EU II,92 bkW 123bhp 2200rpm 52 bkW 70bhp 2200rpm.
HazPak HazPak,IMO II EPA T2 M EPA T3 NR EPA and CARB T3 NR. 158 bkW 211 bhp 2200rpm EU IIIA NR EPA T2 M IMO II. 227 bkW 304 bhp 2200rpm,HazPak HazPak,Emissions non current IMO II EPA T3 M. 336 bkW 451bhp 2100rpm EU IIIA NR,376 bkW 504bhp,1800 2100rpm. 64kW 50 Hz,80kVA 0 8pf, Power rating shown are Net inclusive of fan losses. All power ratings are approximate and are non binding. QUICKLY MOBILISED,24 7 365 Engineers carry all necessary.
medical certificates and,survival training for local and. international mobilisation,ENGINEERING SUPPORT PARTS. In addition to offshore support engineer training can be provided and all. customers are fully supported by Pyroban s technical team and parts supply. MANUFACTURING EXCELLENCE, Pyroban products are manufactured in accordance to ISO9001 2015 quality. standard certification Driving a Zero Defect culture. Caterpillar ownership has brought many benefits to our business The. investment in our people processes and facilities has elevated our capabilities. Pyroban looks forward to the next chapter serving customers directly with class. leading Ex products services and support delivered on time. Enabling people to work safely,44 0 1273 456800 www pyroban com.

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