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Chirag Patel Co CEO amp Chairman Amneal Pharmaceuticals Chintu Patel Co CEO amp Chairman Amneal Pharmaceuticals Rajesh Gooty CEO M Corp Inc Soner Kanlier CEO Jasmine Universe Gautam Patel Managing Director Tarsadia Investments ekal FINANCIALS SCHOOL GROWTH 5 FIVE YEAR COMPARITIVE ANALYSIS


ekal TRANSFORMING,RURAL INDIA,PRIME MINISTER NARENDRA MODI. L ETTER FR O M EKAL G L O B AL CH AI RM A N,D R SUB H ASH CH AN D R A. It is an exciting time in the Ekal movement as we are working to. rapidly expand the reach of Ekal We are in 58 000 villages educating. over 1 5 million children Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. has applauded our work and now has set us on a mission to expand. our reach to 100 000 villages by 2022 when India will reach 75 years. of Independence At Ekal we know that Swaraj or independence. means nothing without economic empowerment Ekal schools have. provided education which is the first step towards empowerment. To reduce the Digital Divide we are bringing Digital Education to the. villages We are expanding our offerings to include health services. BAJRANG BAGRA CEO and skill development to provide income generation opportunities. Ekal Abhiyan Movement India I thank Ekal USA for playing a strong role in this development Each. At the Ekal Future of India Gala and every one of you is making a tremendous difference in the lives Dr Sub hash C hand ra. Held at Cipriani Wall ST of those who have been ignored for a very long time For your love. New York NY and support of Ekal villagers I sincerely thank you and I look forward. to working with you to attain the goal of reaching 100 000 villages by. ekal LEADERSHIP 8 REGIONS,70 CHAPTERS,LE T T E R F ROM EKAL USA LEAD ERSHI P. We sincerely thank each and every one of you for your support of Ekal Vidyalaya You have. not only been generous with your financial contributions but also have provided great. thought leadership With your support we have not only been able to pilot new ideas but. also scale them We are happy to report that the efforts on the Digital Education front have. expanded We now have 12 Ekal on Wheels mobile computer labs We are expanding our. pilot project for using tablets in our Ekal schools to 180 villages in Rajasthan Gramothan is. continuing to expand rapidly This year we hosted Ekal artists who entertained audiences all. around the USA as part of our fundraising efforts The appreciation they received gladdened. their heart We are thankful to our supporters Mohan Wanchoo and Chirag Patel for hosting. the first Ekal Gala in New York City We thank each and every one of you for coming with us. on this incredible journey and look forward to transforming India one village at a time. Board of Directors Executive Committee Regional Presidents continued. Ashok Danda Chairman Vinod Jhunjhunwala President Jyotindra Patel Mid Atlantic. Uma Gulani Vice Chairperson Viral Patel Vice President Shashi Srivastava Mid Atlantic. Dilip Kothekar Director Prakash Shah Exec Vice President Ambrish Bansal Midwest. Kalpana Fruitwala Director Parul Dalal Secretary Pragyakant Manglik New England NY. Arun Gupta Director Ashok Danda Past President Janakbhai Dalal Southeast. Ragini Murarka Director Subhash Gupta Chairman Advisor Kalpana Fruitwala Southwest. Prajna Khisty Director Hasmukh Joshi Treasurer, Prashant Shah Director Vikas Patel Treasurer Elect. Darshna Bhatt Director Aarti Aggarwal Youth Rep Working Committee Members. Naresh Jain EVFI Trustee Ranjani Saigal Exec Director. Dilip Kothekar Event,Board of Advisors Prakash Waghmare Media.
Regional Presidents Viral Patel Web,Subhash Gupta Chairman Subhash Gupta Operations. Ramesh Shah Advisor Pratibha Goyal Pacific Ashok Danda Operations. Sharad Gandhi Advisor Jytosna Shah Central Prajna Khisty Youth. Srinarayan Chandak Advisor Yash Desai VP Central Kalpana Fruitwala Communications. Yashpal Lakra Advisor Jawahar Taunk Florida Marketing 3. GAON VILLAGE TO GLOBAL,E k a l S u r E k a l Ta a l. FROM VILLAGE TO THE WORLD AROUND USA IN 128 DAYS, This year Ekal villagers from the remote rural Ekal villages were the. featured performers at the Ekal USA fundraising events The program. titled Ekal Sur Ekal Taal featured a unique combination of songs. and dances from different parts of India Ekal villagers who had a nat. MOHAN WANCHOO Chairman, ural artistic talent were chosen and trained in Delhi by famous music. and dance masters They travelled by bus coast to coast and Future of India Gala held on. presented over 70 shows in cities and towns around the US Nov 4 2017 at Cipriani. 55 Wall Street New York NY, Ekal artists received a standing ovation in every place they.
EKAL ARTISTS FEATURED performed The audience was amazed to see the caliber of the. performers The artists who came from very humble backgrounds in. IN USA TOUR 2017 from remote rural villages have firmly established themselves in the hearts. and minds of Ekal supporters in the USA Ramesh Shah. JHARKHAND Dileshwar Yadav, Radhey Shyam Sandeep FUTURE OF INDIA GALA IN NYC A ONE OF A KIND EVENT LIST OF CO CHAIRS. Chirag Patel,SIKKIM Tilak Chandra Co CEO Chairman, Over 450 people attended the Future of India Gala that was held. MADHYA PRADESH Johan,Amneal Pharmaceuticals, at the historic Cipriani banquet hall in New York city The event Chintu Patel. attracted several leading community leaders including Dr Subhash. Singh Sumitra,Co CEO Chairman, Chandra founder of Zee TV Mitze Perdue daughter of the found Amneal Pharmaceuticals. Rajesh Gooty, ASSAM Gitmala Sampa Shill er of Sheraton hotels Akhil Gupta former CEO of Blackstone India.
CEO M Corp Inc, Robyn Meredith and others Mohan Wanchoo CEO of EC Infosys Soner Kanlier. HIMACHAL PRADESH Neena tems served as the gala chairman and worked tirelessly CEO Jasmine Universe. Gautam Patel Managing Director, Kumari with a small core team to create this beautiful event. Tarsadia Investments, The funds raised at the gala will help Ekal move closer to the goal. of reaching 100 000 villages said Dr Subhash Chandra. ekal FINANCIALS SCHOOL GROWTH ANNUAL,FIVE YEAR COMPARITIVE ANALYSIS COLLECTIONS. YEAR 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016, Number of Schools supported by EKAL USA 10 989 11 544 12 536 16 048 16 997.
Contribution 3 930 541 4 395 562 5 600 717 6 131 663 6 809 883. Income from Investment 16 192 24 430 38 572 2 694 8 191. Total Revenue 3 946 733 4 371 132 5 639 289 6 128 969 6 801 692. Program Service India Schools Projects 3 830 000 3 670 387 4 669 721 5 685 375 7 366 577. Management General 219 705 266 456 448 392 513 170 545 774. Net Fund Raising Expense 58 722 22 895 91 672 122 534 49 230. Total Expense 3 990 983 3 959 738 5 209 785 6 321 079 7 961 581. Management General 5 57 6 10 7 95 8 37 8 02,Net Fund Raising Expense 1 49 0 52 1 63 2 00 0 72. Total Expenses to Revenue 4 08 6 62 9 58 10 37 8 75. Some of the project money collected in earlier years was released in year 2016. SCHOOL GROWTH PLANNED USE OF DOLLAR FUND DISTRIBUTION. E X PA N S I O N TEACHER SALARY LOCAL OWNERSHIP,120000 TEACHER TRAINING GLOBAL PHILANTHROPY. 100100 TEACHING AID INDIAN PHILANTHROPY,87410 SUPPORT OPERATIONS. 60000 33 33,40000 30 60, 2005 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 5. ekal PRIMARY,EDUCATION IN ALUMNI Kalpana Mahato,REMOTE INDIA.
As a child she had to stay home to,take care of her siblings from the. age of five and could not go to,school When an Ekal school came. EKAL SCHOOLS AN INNOVATIVE SOLUTION to her village they allowed her. FOR RURAL REMOTE VILLAGES to bring her siblings and thus she. started her education,CHALLENGES FOR EDUCATION IN REMOTE RURAL VILLAGES. No viable access to a formal school An exceptional student she is. now studying Electronics and,No trained teachers,Telecommunication in Ranchi. Children have to work at home during the day Jharkhand. No roads to the villages, Girls face additional cultural barriers I would like to use my technical.
training to bring development to,my village KALPNA MAHATO. SOLUTION EKAL VIDYALAYA S CUSTOM,MONTESSORI SCHOOL FOR RURAL INDIA. Single teacher multi grade class for grades 1 3,Local youth trained extensively to be a teacher. School runs in the afternoon so children can do,chores in the morning. Core Reading Writing Arithmetic Science, Beyond the basics Health and Hygiene Arts EKAL ALUMNI.
Physical Education Value Education Join armed forces. police merchant navy,Work in government,Pursue diploma degree. SCHOOLS 58 672 courses,Run a small business,STUDENTS 1 544 486 or farms. Participate in sports at,BOYS ENROLLED 7 68 981 state and national levels. GIRLS ENROLLED 7 75 505,ekal HYGIENE HEALTH, EKAL S HEALTH INITIATIVE WORKS TO PROMOTE BETTER HEALTH AND HYGIENE. Medical Camps General Eye Dental Bring Health Services to the Villages. 5000 VILLAGES 100 000 PATIENTS, Ekal s health initiative works to promote better health and hygiene.
Medical Camps Bring Trained Doctors to Ekal Villages. Health workers provide information and basic health services to the villages. Anemia and malnutrition are the focus of the health initiative. Cultivation and consumption of fruits vegetables and leafy greens is promoted. Home remedies are used to provide treatment for simple ailments. CLEANLINESS SWACHHATHA PROJECT, 8500 soak pits installed to help drain water and prevent. stagnant pools that are breeding ground for mosquitoes. 30 000 waste pits constructed for the proper disposal of solid waste. 7000 toilets built,TECHNOLOGY AIDED HEALTHCARE, Telemedicine kits given to health workers to help connect villages. to trained doctors in the cities,PRE MEDICAL INTERNSHIP. The second Health Foundation Of Rural India HFRI internship for premedical. students was held at Ranchi from December 27 2016 to January 7 2017 Five. students from well known universities in USA joined this program in India. Dr Veena Gandhi Chairman HFRI led the team of students. It was one of the most enlightening experiences of my life Kriti Badola MA. ekal SKILL AND,ENTREPRENEURSHIP, Income generation opportunities are critical to lift people out. of poverty Ekal has skill development centers that provide. a wide variety of skills Students are given entrepreneurship. training to help start a small business Farmers are trained in. using agricultural methods to enable the growth of organic. produce and significantly improve agricultural yield. DIGITAL LITERACY, Provide Data Entry Word Processing Spreadsheet Training.
7 Training Centers,818 Students Trained, Average Income For Graduates Rs 12 000 15 000 month. 10 Training Centers,1400 Women Trained,Average Income Rs 2 000 Rs 5 000 month. ORGANIC FARMING,7 Training Centers,2119 Farmers Trained. 1273 Nutritional Gardens Established,10 12 458 Trees Planted. Average Income of Farmers INR 3 Lakhs Annum,Mushroom Farming.
Handicraft,Solar Panel Maintenance,ekal DIGITAL TRAINING. EKAL BRIDGING THE DIGITAL DIVIDE,EKAL ON WHEELS a mobile computer lab travels to. villages and provides basic digital literacy to the villagers. IN A SINGLE DAY EKAL ON WHEELS,Covers 3 villages,Provides 6 hours of digital literacy training. Engages 50 youth,OVER 2000 STUDENTS HAVE RECIEVED,DIGITAL LITERACY TRAINING SINCE JANUARY 2016. E LEARNING PILOT AT EKAL, In order to expand the breadth and depth of learning at Ekal digital tablets.
with high quality educational videos and animated books were made avail. able to children in an Ekal school in Nanakmatta Uttarakhand A wide range. of topics academic and nonacademic was covered The experiment was a. great success, Use of tablets had a very positive effect on the learning outcomes. at the Ekal school The success of the experiment in Nanakmatta. has now given us the confidence to expand the program We will. begin use of tablets in our schools in Rajasthan and Gujarat. Bajrang Bagra CEO Ekal Abhiyan,ekal EMBRACES INNOVATIONS. RURAL WOMEN ARE,REPLACING CHUHLA,WITH TERI DESIGN,PARTNERING WITH OTHER ORGANIZATIONS EKAL IS BRING. ING NEW AND INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS TO,IMPROVE THE LIVES OF THE VILLAGERS. SOLAR POWER TO HOMES IN EKAL VILLAGES, Partnering with The Energy Research Initiative TERI Ekal has brought.
Solar power to the homes of the villagers in Permadih in Jharkhand As. part of the Lighting a Billion Lives program TERI is providing a small. solar powered system to bring light to the village home A solar powered. cookstove provides for a safe and more efficient cooking alternative. SOLAR POWERED MOBILE COMPUTER VANS, Partnering with SELCO Ekal has powered the Ekal on Wheels their. TERI SOLAR KIT,TO POWER A, mobile computer labs with solar panels SELCO is training the villagers. VILLAGE HOME on the installation and maintenance of the panels so that the project. can be self sustaining while providing skill training to the villagers. SPOKEN TUTORIALS PROVIDES DIGITAL LITERACY TRAINING. Ekal is using the Spoken Tutorials developed at IIT Bombay as the. training platform to provide digital literacy training to villagers. The tool is installed on the mobile computer lab Ekal on Wheels MOBILE COMPUTER LAB. that travels into the villages to provide digital literacy training. BIODEGRADABLE SANITARY NAPKINS OUT OF WASTE BANANA. TREE FIBER, Partnering with Saathipads a startup by alumni from Massachusetts. Institute of Technology MIT Ekal is providing a fully biodegradable. sanitary napkin to women in Ekal villages in Jharkhand The pad uses. banana tree fiber a highly absorbent waste material as the filler. In conjunction with Saathipads the impact of the use and ease of. disposal of the pads is being studied,TELEMEDICINE. Partnering with Intelehealth a startup by alumni from Johns Hopkins. TELEMEDICINE University Ekal is using mobile app to improve access to comprehensive. TRAINING FOR primary health care for the villagers through telemedicine. HEALTH WORKERS,ekal CSR PARTNERS DONORS AWARDS,WE THANK EV E RY ON E OF OUR SUP P ORTE RS.
FOR THEIR GE N E ROUS CONTRI B UTI ON,EKAL USA DONORS. Chirag Patel Niswarth INTL Foundation Amrit and Shashi Mittal. Himanshu Shah Shah Capital Rina and Bharat Parikh,Girish Mirpuri Neera and Deen Tulshian. Shachi and Neelam Rattan Ravindra and Vandana Tilak. Pankaj and Rupalee Maheshwari Falguni and Harish Patel. Avadhesh and Uma Agarwal Suresh and Rohini Gupta,Divyesh Das Palace Inn Maya Advani Foundation. Venkataramana Rao Arimilli Herbert Kurz,Shekar and Shylaja Reddy Swapnil Aggarwal. Ken and Bela Bahl Vinod and Prabha Jhunjhunwala, Manmohan and Kavita Wanchoo Donors who contributed the equivalent.
27TH GROUP INC of 50 school or more JAN 2016 OCT 2017. Ramesh and Kiran Bhutada, Mukund Padmanabhan Guru Krupa Foundation OPERATIONAL PARTNERS. Satish Mullick Perfection of Man Foundation TERI SELCO. Manu Shah Sarva Mangal Family Trust NMO National Medico Organization. Ajay and Ranjini Poddar,Rotary International,Chintu Patel Irada Foundation. CII Confederation of Indian Industries,Tarsadia Foundation. IIT Mumbai and,Sant Singh Chatwal,CIDC Construction Industries. Yeshawant and Padmaja Ginde,Rakesh and Sneh Gupta Development Council.
Alok and Celeste Lathi,Subrahmanyam and Anuradha Dravida. Vivek Vandana Sharma Best CSR Practices in, Prashanth and Anuradha Palakurthi Tribal Areas Nav Bharat. Gopal and Urvashi Savjani and Nav Rashtra Group,Alok and Sangeeta Agrawal. Pravasi Bharatiya Samman,Avinash Vandana Ghanekar,Awarded to Ekal Pioneers. Meena and Sunder Subramanyam,Ramesh Shah USA,The Chirag Foundation.
Kamal Gandhi Susheel Saraf Thailand,ekal CHAPTERS,CENTRAL REGION. www ekal org,Bloomington IL Cherry Hill NJ Kansas MO. Chicago Metro North Delaware DE McAllen TX 1 855 352 5872. Chicago IL Edison NJ New Orleans LA,ekalusa ekal org. Milwaukee WI Fairfax VA San Antonio TX,Des Moines IA Harrisburg PA Shreveport LA. Ekal Vidyalaya USA, FLORIDA REGION Philadelphia PA PACIFIC REGION 1712 Highway 6 South.
Pittsburgh PA,Tampa FL Bakersfield CA,Suite A Houston. Scranton PA, Jacksonville FL Washingtion DC Bay Area CA TX 77077. Lakeland FL Wayne NJ Greater LA Irvine CA,Orlando FL West Chester PA Las Vegas NV. South Florida West Virginia Portland OR,Ft Lauderdale FL Sacramento CA. Ocala FL NEW YORK NEW Salt Lake City UT,Tallahassee FL ENGLAND REGION San Diego CA.
Seattle WA,MIDWEST REGION Boston MA North LA,Connecticut CT Trivalley CA Make a financial. Cincinnati OH Long Island NY contribution,Cleveland OH New York NY SOUTHEAST. Columbus OH Wappinger NY,Start a fundraising,Dayton OH White Plains NY Alabama campaign. Indianapolis IN Atlanta GA,Yonkers NY Donate your car. Louisville KY Charleston SC,Detroit MI SOUTHWEST Charlotte NC Volunteer.
Columbia SC w w w e k a l o rg, MID ATLANTIC Austin TX Fayetteville NC 501C 3 Tax Id 77 0554248. REGION Beaumont TX Knoxville TN,Corpus Christi TX Lexington KY. Allentown PA Dallas TX Nashville TN,Baltimore MD Houston TX Raleigh RTP NC.

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