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EFFECT OF YOGA Sharma Aman 1 Lecturer in the Department of Panchakarma CDL College of Ayurveda Jagadhri Yamuna Nagar INTRODUCTION Premature ejaculation PE is the most


Sharma Aman Kapil Piyush Effect Of Yoga In Premature Ejaculation. cal intervention There are many types of examination of all systems was performed. Yoga Hatha yoga is an element of Raja After establishing the diagnosis using. yoga and deals mainly with physical pos Classical Lakshanas signs and symptoms. tures and breathing Karma yoga empha of Shukragatavata and Premature ejacula. sizes spiritual practice to help the individ tion using Diagnostic and Statistical. ual unify body mind and heart through Manual IV the patients were offered to. certain practices in daily life and work choose between pharmacological Nar. Bhakti yoga a devotional form generally simha Churna group and non pharmacol. encompasses chanting reading of scrip ogical Yoga group treatments. tures and worship practices We focused Inclusion Criteria. mainly on Hatha yoga by various Asanas 1 Intra vaginal ejaculatory latency time. An Asana is a particular posture of the IELT less than two minutes. body which is both steady and comfort 2 Ejaculation before ten penile thrusts. able In Yoga there are more than a hun 3 Consistent inability to delay or control. dred classical poses and these probably ejaculation as he wishes to. have as many variations These can be 4 Unable to satisfy partner in at least. subdivided into two categories active and 50 of the coital incidences. passive Active poses are supposed to tone 5 The problem should be persistent or. specific muscle and nerve groups and recurrent and cause marked distress. benefit organs and the endocrine glands anxiety and interpersonal difficulties. The passive poses are employed primarily Exclusion Criteria. in meditation relaxation and Pranayama 1 Individuals not living together with. practices We employed both active and their sexual partner. passive poses during the present study see 2 Persons with a very short post ejacula. Figure 1 Each posture or Asana is held tory refractory period. for a period of time and is synchronized 3 Those receiving treatment for PE or. with the breath Generally a Yoga session erectile dysfunction. begins with gentle Asanas and works up to 4 Persons taking antidepressant therapy. the more vigorous or challenging postures 5 Heavy smokers and Drug abusers so. A full Yoga session includes exercises of that problem should not be exclusively. every part of the body Pranayama relaxa due to the direct effect of a substance. tion and meditation Eg withdrawal of opiods, Yoga is a popular non pharmacol 6 Persons with major psychiatric ill. ogical treatment method for a number of nesses, conditions and there are claims of it being 7 Patients suffering from heart disease. effective in bodily disorders including the S T D s or any organic defect in the. sexual ones we thought it worthwhile to penile region. investigate its efficacy and to compare it to The wives of the patients were briefed. Narsimha Churna8 about starting the stopwatch once the pene. Materials and Methods tration began and then to stop it once the. We studied 38 patients between the husbands ejaculated They were asked to. age group 25 55 years attending the OPD note down the intra ejaculatory latencies in. of Dept of Kaya Chikitsa CDL College of seconds in a diary. Ayurveda Jagadhri A detailed history of Those who opted for drugs were given. each patient was taken A general physical Narsimha Churna group 1 in dose of 6 g. 1040 www iamj in IAMJ Volume 3 Issue 4 April 2015, Sharma Aman Kapil Piyush Effect Of Yoga In Premature Ejaculation. twice a day with cows milk while for relaxation was taught to the patients once. those who opted for Yoga group 2 the they finished their daily Yoga protocol. protocol was explained Table 1 with a breathing technique called as Anu. The patients were briefed about the lomviloma breathing via alternative nos. protocol they had to follow over 8 weeks trils and Shavasana shav a dead body. Table 1 They were told to practice 12 lying dead That means in the end the pa. Asanas and 2 Pranayanams for 1 tients performed breathing as mentioned. hour day The patients were examined af and laid still for few minutes In this they. ter 3 and 6 weeks respectively Their in were able to relax those muscles which. travaginal ejaculatory latencies were noted were stretched during yoga That is why. and analyzed this is named as differential relaxation. Although the average suggested All patients were told to practice Mehab. duration was 1 hour it was not rigidly heda Mudra which included doing perin. fixed and the patients were told to practice eal and pubococcygeal exercises for 10 15. Yogasanas depending upon their stamina seconds at a time and for 15 20 times a. This was because in Yoga the advice gen day, erally given was that the patients should Table 1 Yogasanas followed in the proto. not exert themselves Three repetitions of col,each Asana were suggested Differential.
Kapal bhati Veerasana,Vajarasana Ardhmatsyendra mudra. Yog mudra Viparita karani mudra,Bhujangasana Sarvanga Asana. Dhanurasana Halasana,Paschimottoansana Mehabheda mudra. Gomukasana Agnisara mudra,1041 www iamj in IAMJ Volume 3 Issue 4 April 2015. Sharma Aman Kapil Piyush Effect Of Yoga In Premature Ejaculation. Figure 1 Various Yoga postures employed Statistical Analysis Statistical analysis. during the study figures run from A to K was performed using Sigmastat 3 5 Ver. from top left sion Paired t test was used to calculate the. Trial Drug Review Narsimha Churna is p value A p value of less than 0 05 was. a herbal formulation which is described in considered significant. Bhaishajya Ratnavali Vajikarna Results We found that all 18 patients in. Adhyaya The contents of the formulation the Yoga group had subjective Table 2. are Shatavari Asparagus racemosus and statistically significant p 0 001 im. Gokshura Tribulus terrestris Varahi provement Table 3 16 of 20 patients of. kanda Dioscorea bulbifera Guduchi Ti Narsimha Churna 80 had clinical im. nospora cordifolia Shuddha Bhallataka provement in PE Table 3 p 0 001 The. Semecarpus anacardium Chitrakamula patients were interviewed at the end of the. Plumbago zeylanica Tila Sesamum in 3rd and 6th weeks Results in both groups. dicum Shunthi Zingiber officinale Pip at the 3rd week did not achieve statistical. pali Pipper longum Maricha Piper ni significance while those of the 6th week. grum Sugar Madhu Honey Goghrita were significant A subjective evaluation. and Vidarikanda Pueraria tuberosa 8 was carried out by asking the wife to rate. Source of Drug Narsimha Churna is pre the husband s performance and her satis. pared in the pharmaceutical division of faction after the end of the study period. CDL College of Ayurveda Jagadhri All Yoga was well tolerated by patients who. the drugs were taken in specific amount as chose to enroll themselves for this form of. mentioned in Bhaishajya Ratnavali and treatment, pulverised and mixed well Table 2 Subjective responses of patients.
with Yoga n 18,Satisfaction type Number Percentage. Good 12 66 6,Fair 06 33 3, Table 3 Intravaginal ejaculatory latencies of study groups Scores are expressed as mean. standard deviation,Group Before After p value,1 29 9 15 1 64 1 29 4 0 001. 2 33 2 17 9 112 8 35 6 0 001,tic response but for drug prescription re. DISCUSSION quires a visit to a Doctor an idea with. PE is an extremely common disor which many patients of PE may not be. der affecting young males Narsimha fully comfortable This is due to stigma. Churna is a commonly used treatment op with PE It has been said that most patients. tion for PE8 Although Narsimha Churna remain unaware that PE is a medical con. offer several advantages like convenience dition A non pharmacological treatment. of administration and acceptable therapeu,1042 www iamj in IAMJ Volume 3 Issue 4 April 2015.
Sharma Aman Kapil Piyush Effect Of Yoga In Premature Ejaculation. option in PE should thus presumably be a popular with good acceptability non. welcome idea pharmacological has no costs involved. An online medical dictionary de and patients could be treated without. fines Yoga as a way of life that includes medical or psychiatric intervention Addi. ethical precepts dietary prescriptions and tionally it could offer other associated. physical exercise health benefits as well to the patients6 Al. Pranayama is the method of though Yoga was found to be a well. proper breathing The way we breathe tolerated and effective treatment option for. is supposed to have an effect on the nerv PE the therapeutic response was delayed. ous system By regulating the breath and by 8 weeks This is in contrast to Nar. increasing oxygenation to the brain cells it simha Churna which produce sympto. is supposed to strengthen the voluntary matic relief by the 3rd or 4th week. and involuntary nervous systems At the PE involves both psychosocial and. beginning of each of yoga Pranayama physiological components both should be. practice is performed in order to prepare addressed It is hoped that such a combina. patients for the Asanas that follow The tion approach would result in prolonged. present study is an attempt to explore the ejaculatory latency improved treatment. therapeutic potential of Yoga as a non satisfaction and superior long term out. pharmacological treatment in PE and to come We have tried to explore the possi. compare it to Narsimha Churna a known bility of yoga as a non pharmacological. treatment option treatment in PE This is because as stated. Although we do not know an exact earlier10 non pharmacological treatments. mechanism by which Yoga is useful in PE have been important treatment options in. several postulations could be made about this condition A significant therapeutic. its putative mechanisms of usefulness benefit of Yoga is reported in the study. Yogasanas and breathing exercises have, long been considered in obtaining the op CONCLUSION. timum mental and physical health state PE is the most common male sex. Yoga could perhaps be causing better anxi ual disorder that is both underdetected and. ety control promotes well being and im undertreated It is often distressing and pa. proves quality of life This assertion is tients do not come forward for treatment. supported by several studies5 6 easily This is due to shyness stigma feel. The Yogasanas selected in the pre ing of inferiority and shame in front of the. sent study in addition to their general pu partner Yoga seems to be a well tolerated. tative health benefits were primarily safe and effective non pharmacological. aimed at improving the muscle tone and treatment option for PE The present study. plasticity of the pelvic and perineal mus reinforces that the mind body interven. cles Asanas supposedly improve blood tions could be beneficial in stress related. flow to these muscles and thus aid in their mental and physical disorders Because. better contraction This is probably re ours is a pilot study with a small sample. sponsible for local effect of Yogasanas in size it would be worthwhile to do more. the present study Studies have shown that studies involving a large number of pa. Yoga can improve muscular efficiency4 tients in a double blind manner to establish. What are the potential advantages Yoga as a non pharmacological treatment. of Yoga as a treatment option in PE It is option for PE. 1043 www iamj in IAMJ Volume 3 Issue 4 April 2015, Sharma Aman Kapil Piyush Effect Of Yoga In Premature Ejaculation. REFERENCES, 1 The psychology of premature ejacula CORRESPONDING AUTHOR. tion Therapies and consequences Alt Dr Sharma Aman. hof S 2006 J Sex Med 3 4 Lecturer Department of Panchakarma. suppl 324 31 CDL College of Ayurveda Jagadhri, 2 Charaka Samhita Chakrapani Teeka Yamuna Nagar Haryana India. 4th edition Varanasi Chaukhamba Email aman sharma223 gmail com. Sanskrit Samsthana Chi 27 35 36,3 Sushrutha Samhita with the Niband.
hasangraha commentary of Dalhana,Varanasi Chaukhamba Surabharati. Pratishthan Ni 1 29,4 The effect of yoga training on neuro. muscular excitability and muscular re,laxation Bhatnagar OP Anantharaman. V 1977 Neurol India 25 230 2,5 Effect of yoga based lifestyle in. tervention on state and trait anxiety,Gupta N Khera S Vempati RP.
Sharma R Bijlani RL 2006 Indian J,Physiol Pharmacol 50 41 7. 6 Yoga as a therapeutic intervention A,bibliometric analysis of published re. search studies Khalsa SB 2004 In,dian J Physiol Pharmacol 48 269 85. 7 Ashtanga Hridaya with Sarvanga,sundara and Ayurveda Rasayana. Teeka Varanasi Chaukhamba Su,rabharati Prakashana Ni 15 13.
8 Bhaisajya Ratnavali written by Kaviraj,Sri Govinddas Sen 2007 2nd. Edition Chaukhamba Surbharti Praka,shan Varanasi Vajikarna. Adhikara 47 36 46 Page No,9 Diagnosing premature ejaculation A. review Shabsigh R 2006 J Sex Med,3 4 suppl 318 23,10 Diagnosis and treatment of premature. ejaculation The physician s per,spective Sharlip I 2005 J Sex Med.
2 2 suppl 103 9,Source of support Nil,Conflict of interest None Declared. 1044 www iamj in IAMJ Volume 3 Issue 4 April 2015,.

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