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PCA has repudiated it own rule book broken faith with the membership and sponsors stultified and disqualified it s If Tying on to the World eries Goljdom the lt exhibition tag help spread the did have a commi ioner He mor hotly denied by the Albert V Gate a lawyer and former that the thr e player all under of the V tern GA The ar same management will take a


WEST VIRGINIA KENTUCKY,GOLF COURSE OWNERS,You don t see enough of this kind of scenery in. Golfdom but it is only because photos of this,type usually are purloined before they reach the. editorial department Anyway these young ladies,are residents of Decatur Ala and they are. testing acrilian acrylic turf Chemstrand s contri,bution to miniature golf It is a man made fiber. that is said to have quick drying properties and,won t rot mold or mildew and when dyed gives.
a grass green effect,on the PCA brainbund and Ron Smith s. column in the Clearwater Sun on the,PCA bundle of errors show a deterior. ation in esteem too serious to be re,garded lightly by majority of PCA mem. bers who are primarily businessmen,though not politicians. The PCA position in the conflict of,dates between the Denver Open which.
is PCA co sponsored and the TV World,Series really is pathetic After the. handling of the date mes of the Memphis,Open and the International Colf Assn. last year and threat ning Palmer Player, Complete Line of Golf Balls and Stan Leonard with su pen ion and. Equipment and Supplies fine and fining Snead for not going. across the country to play the associa, r IIIus ra ed Catalog On Reques tion virtually reversed its policy this year. and gave its bl ssing to its three top, EASTERN GOLF CO stars in staying out of the Denver Open.
to play in the TV how,2537 BOSTON ROAD BRONX 67 N Y Dept G. Red mith wrote Leader hip of the,PCA has repudiated it own rule book. P 97 broken faith with the membership and,P 99 sponsors stultified and disqualified it. s If Tying on to the World eries,82 Goljdom, the exhibition tag help spread the did have a commi ioner He. mor hotly denied by the Albert V Gate a lawyer and former. that the thr e player all under of the V tern GA The ar. same management will take a flat 25 0 rangernent didn t work out sati factorily. each instead of competing for 50 000 Gates or the PGA E perienced. first money 15 000 for second pro ay the commi ioner idea doe not. 10 000 for third fit the PGA need a member and club. That World Series deal has been would hav to come under a. ly handled and the PGA has been commissioner jurisdiction Club of. as the gullible yokel in the how cials and owner would not go for. PGA really doesn t deserve the t, it has been getting for not being The U GA po ibly i the be t oper.
to hit curve pitching That i n t ted port governing organization in the. PGA s game Palm 1 icklaus United States and it doe not n ed a. Player were not present at a V Th U GA t 11 it, Series of Golf party given by the er and all other golf r and the. show s promoter in Chicago and the what it is doing and hov it tand. I got blasted in Chicago by the pres Th USGA annual r port of th. vertising agents and spon or for Executive Committee including a de. howing polite preliminary int r t audit d financial r port i an ex. 75 000 for a couple afternoons for th PGA to Follov Any. But their manager aid th y never for the PG financial r port to. had agreed to show having been booked re tricted information. I ewhere at exhibition rate Iany per on think that the PG might. Ron Smith says the PGA need ve kept pace with th grov th of golf. commissioner That sucvestion has 1 IDusmess if the organization official had. b en advanced con ider d and turned d th am relation hip with. down several times b fore The PGA GA ex cutive ecretar and coun el. YOUR LABOR COST ON WATERING GREENSAND TEES,CAN BECUT UP TO 30. SEVEN OUT OF TEN SUPERINTENDENTSON AN AQUA,GRO PROGRAM REPORTSAVINGS OF UP TO 40 ON. WATER FOR GREENSAND TEES lIJ lItu cu uete 6ill,AQUA GRO HOLDS ROOTS AT A DEEPERLEVEL DUR. ING MONTHS OF HEAVY PLAY,GREENS PLAY BEITER J eJJ tlllII Jt1l kiIt9J.
TURF STANDS UP BEITER UNDER HEAVY PLAY,GREENS UNIFORM IN COLOR tic pctJ. EXCESSMOISTUREDRAINS RAPIDLY tic Put t leJ, AQUATROLS CORPORATION OF AMERICA 217 Atlantic Ave Camden 4 N J. eptember 1962 8,the Air Broom,NEW DESIGN,and construction. has eliminated,the previous high,pitch noise level. EARLIERMODElS,can be converted,to new type easily,Send for details on.
4 lO BlO Models,Polly Riley 1 non playing U S captain re. BLAST OF AIR quickly removes aaranon plugs ceives the Curtis Cup from Mrs Henri Prunaret. easily handles your leaf problem prolonging play chairman of the USGA s women s committee Ameri. thru late Fall Cleans leaves litter around club can women amateurs overwhelmed British team. house and parking areas sweeps right under in August at the Broadmoor Hotel course in Colo. cars LO BLO the Air Broom is walked wind rado Springs. row fashion blowing to central gathering point,ATTACHMENTS Water hose allows quick wash. of areas walks excellent snow throwing blade,Tom Crane that the USGA executives. ATWATER STRONG CO ATWATER OHIO,Ph WH 7 2344 have with Joe Dey Dey functions. usually as eyes and ears of the USGA,not very often as its arms and mouth.
and then very discreetly,A PGA sectional official recently. OEl N ON1 E said If we don t have a big change in, GREENS ot remoV the way the PGA handles its business. d es the 0 from,1his rake 0,d grass an,the pro we need as president won t con. ing dea re thoroug il sider taking the job Bringing PGA. greens mo h d to a cO y, your ke is attae e Wire tines problems out into the open is the first. The ra handling move in getting them solved Gen, tor e SY and stitt d NOW erally members are good businessmen.
are hne Send your or er,Outsiders may be surprised to learn. that tournament prize money is less than,2 per cent of the annual revenue of pro. fessionals at clubs PGA membership,in all classes is about one tenth of one. per cent of the U S golfing population,Robt F Floyd and others talking about. building 9 hole course in Fairmont N C,Pine Lake CC 18 at Broadway Lake.
Anderson S C to open this month,Jim Shirley designed and built the course. and will be the club s pro rngr,Cooper City community with golf course. residential sites etc between Ft Lauder,dale and Hollywood Fla got started. with a big ballyhoo about three years,ago but went nowhere ow ew. Jersey interests have taken over the prop,erty and reorganized the venture as Coop.
er Colony Golf Course Inc Pres,84 Goljdom,Schedule GCSA Convention. for February 6 15,The 34th international turf conference. and show of the GCSA will be held in,the El Cortez Hotel San Diego Calif. Feb 6 15 1963,The educational sessions which will,run for four days are scheduled to start. on the 11th They will be preceded by,the annual golf tournament which will.
be held in Palm Springs on the 7th and,8th and meetings of the executive com. mittee The opening of the exhibits is,scheduled for Feb 11 The GCSA s an. nual banquet is to be held on the 14th,Three post convention tow S are being PELLETIZED. planned Supts who take advantage of,anyone of them will get a chance to visit. Hawaii travel north through California,PLANT FOODS.
or visit Las Vegas,is Benjamin Esposito,Philip Tantillo. S c treas is NUTRO,Building second nine at Locust Valley broadcast. CC Coopersburg Pa to plans of Bill,and Dave Gordon Rocky Ridge GC spreader. Inc near Burlington Vt owned by,Ernest E Farrington of Burlington and. Alfred W Doenges of Shelburne is get, ting first nine completed ahead of sche SAVE as much as 75.
dule JeITY Sandal former mgr in spreading costs,Mountain View nine at Olympia Wash. is one of a group building I8 hole Capi REDUCE TIRE TRACKS. tal City course near Lacey in Olympia on greens tees fairways. area Norman Wood is the architect, Mountain View site is to be used as ELIMINATE STREAKS. retirement community Ockie Elia spread plant food more. son named pro rngr at the new Capital evenly,City Al Feldman will go from Meadow. NUTRO TURFGRASS FOOD one of the,Park to Capital City as teaching pro. many NUTRO pelletized plant foods meets, Jackie Gleason one of the three fun the special requirements of greens super.
niest guys in show business heads a intendents faced with high phosphate con. syndicate planning to build and operate ditions on greens tees and fairways Ten. several courses Tierra Verde Corp units of nitrogen 25 in Urea organic. Wm T Roberts pres St P tersburg form plus ample phosphorus 3 and. Fla planning to build 18 on Pine Key potash 7 assures a complete feeding. Hawthorne CC La Plata Mo De NUTRO TURFGRASS FOOD also contains. Sales Mudd pres building 9 holes MN MicroNutrients required for healthy. Al Cap of Cap s Amacoy Lake resort plant growth,south of Bruce Wis building 9 hole. layout For golf course prices and, Marion T Brant Cincinnati building nearest distributor write. 9 hole course in center of subdivision at SMITH DOUGLASS Co Inc. Waynesville O Taylor Boyd Cin Norfolk Va,cinnati handling the job for Brant. Mason City Ia to add 9 to its High,September 1962 85. The Real Beauty of AS cir J I As,Turf Lies Hidden,To obtain the beauty of lush dense.
PLANT FOOD,New lluNotl V6 L, turf a healthy active and productive Q ONG LoST NG. root zone is essential True Organic DOR ECCWOMICAI. containing billions of living soil or,ganisms goes to work improving this. resilient deep root structure so neces,sary for superior turf. True Organic a composted and v,digested combination of animal chick. en manures and activated sludge im, proves soil structure and reduces leach fMi1 to Sci.
S lw ditioner,ing Non Burning Economical It is,not a fast shot gives long lasting re. Adds Life to Soil,PAUL E ALLEN CO PALM HARBOR FLORIDA. HECTOR TURF GARDEN SUPPLY CO Miami Tampa R W STITT Pittsburgh Fa. Brief Notice land Park public course Open Me, SARANAC INN PROPERTIES Chord Air Force Base course near Ta. 1 n The Heart of The Adirondacks coma Wash Capt Willis P Lyle. AUCTION in charge of course work Cedar City, TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 18 11 00 A M Utah building Painted Hills course. Forenoon Promptly, Location Saranac Inn New York on Upper Williamsport Pa Recreation Commis.
Saranac Lake some J86 mi from Syracuse N Y sion building 18 at former Susquehanna. Famed Convention Resort Hotel Ordnance Depot Apen Tunxis Plan. Selling Equipped Furnished,tation 18 in Farmington Conn. With Priceless View of Lake Mountain Range,SELLING SEPARATELY AT AUCTION. Vic Svenberg is pro Associates Enter, SARANAC INN GOLF COURSE 10 COTTAGES prises Wilmore Bremmer pres build. PARCEL No 1 SARANAC INN ing 18 at Moody Farm near Wayn sville. PARCEL No 2 GOLF COURSE N C E J Bowe considering build. Championship 16 Hole Course ing 18 and residential development in. Considered by many the outstanding and,Eau Gallie Fla. scenic Adirondack golf course 6 535 yards, Par 72 Beautiful practice putting green Roseville City Calif building munici.
driving range Clubhouse and several,pal 18 Open Green Hills CC first. other buildings estimated 150 acres,An Unusual opportunity And at Auction. 9 at Fairmont V Va Eddie Ault, PARCELS Nos 3 THRU 12 TEN EXCEPTIONAL was the architeot Green Hills pres. COTTAGES Each Selling Separately is Anthony Dattilo George Velosin. What A Location is pro Building Sun n Sky Club, TERMS ON REAL ESTATE 30 on each parcel 8 at Barstow Investment Corp develop. by certifiecs check or substantial arrangements ment in Lenwood Calif Th odore. with auctioneers before sale day G Robinson Palos Verde Calif is archi. PICTURED BROCHURES AVAILABLE,tect Frank R Hunt is Barstow pres.
INSPECTION WElCOME ANYTIME,Write or Phone,Willie Barber has Signed as club. CHAS VOSBURGH SON, Owners Auctioneers At a recent meeting of Iowa GCSA at. Cortland N Y Dial SK 6 8133 Twin Pines Muny course in Cedar Rapids. LAKE LINDA PEAT MOSS AND HUMUS CO,R D 1 Dalton Pennsylvania. For healthier longer lasting green tees and fairways use. scientifically prepared,LAKE LINDA PEAT AND HUMUS,call us hefore you buy and save. TELEPHONE area code 717 LOcust 3 6771 Dalton Pa,86 Goljdoui.
Ia Jim Holmes Midwest agronomist for,the USCA explained how one of the. greens at the new course was being built,exactly to USCA specifications Bala. CC in Philadelphia which has resisted,the city s offer to buy its property in the. last year or two has a program of im,provements underway That indicates. the club will stav where it is Henrv,McQuiston the pro has a nev shop and.
the clubhouse entrance has been reno,vated Fairways are being fully con. verted to U 3 Bermuda and plans call for,redecorating the clubhouse interior and in. stalling air conditioning Bala 325,playing members turn in 30 000 rounds a. Tom Dawson Jr recently of Rehobeth,Beach in Dela is the new upt of the CC. of Birmingham Ala succeeding Joe Wil,der Big Tom who weighs 290 pounds.
has been a supt for about 12 year LAWN,His father is the grcenmaster at Palm. Beach Fla ec Pearl Malone who,helps Clarence Doser run the Washington. ian CC pro shop in Washington D C,owns and operat s a driving range during. the winter in Sebring Flu Bob Wyatt,SHARPENERS, sunt at International Town ee Chan a complete sharpening. tilly Va recently suffered a heart attack shop in one machine. and his members staged a benefit for, him while he was recovering in an Arling Here s an opportunity to save time and gain.
ton hospital accuracy in maintaining your lawn mowers. The sponsors of the American Golf The simplicity of the Modern Sharpener makes. Classic played in Akron 0 in August it ideal for anyone to operate and turn out. paid substantial prizes for the last rounds perfect jobs. and to the leaders of each of the first three Modern precision grinding in ure uniform. rounds to give the pros extra incentives contact of reel blades and bed knife over the. Arnold Palmer playing one of hi most entire length of the mower Your mowers are. consistently good tournaments ran away sharpened true to one 1 1000lh of an inch 0. ith most of the bonus offerings in ad hand filing is neces ary blade are ground. dition to winning the big prize Akron sharp to their extreme edges The Modern has. idea is a good on but it cost the sponsors a combination grinding head that sharpens. 5 000 to put up th extra divid nd prizes both the reel and bed knife with mower intact. Completion of newest cour e in aples If you re sending your mowers out for sharp. Fla the Big Cypress G ce set for mid ening you ll save as much a 8 00 per reel in. December William Diddel nov a some parts of the country With a Modern. aplcs resident designed it Phil Dar there s no time lost waiting for out ide work. byshire is to he pro manager and Paul to be completed Your lawn maintenance men. 1 rvers w ho super iscd the building of can keep the mower harp between cuttings. the course i1l stay on as supt Tom Send the COUpOIlbelow for complete details 01Z. Valsh r SOl1 of the owner of Vestgat Modem Lawn Mower Sharpeners. ce in the Chicago dist will serve as an,assistant professor of Chemistry at the U. I FOLEY MANUFACTURING COMPANY,I 3451 5th St N E Minneapolis 18 Minn I. of Georgia this fall He ha been,Please send Modern Lawn Mower Sharp I. spending the summer helping his father I ener folder I. a former PCA prcs run the estgatc,operation Young Tom is a graduate I Name I. of iotre Dame got his Ph D at the U I Address I,of California and has done r earch work JL I.
Continued Oil pagi 102,eptember 1962 87,Ol UlGDr tlJarb mud Nurseries. G m rrlJarh C 52,CREEPING BENT STOLONS,Ralph R Bond P O Box 350 Madison 1 Wisconsin. West Coast Branch Cal Turf Nurseries Inc Camarillo Calif. THE GREENS ARE THE FOUNDATION OF ALL SUCCESSFUL GOLF COURSES. coin plungers can be adjusted to operate with,out coins for no charge dispensing Complete. Golf information can be obtained from Dunlop s,Business Aleo Acquires New Subsidiary. Alco Chemical Corp Philadelphia has acquired,the common stock of Goulard and Olena Inc.
News Skillman N J oldest manufacturer,and garden products in the New York area. The marketing of G 0 products will be han,dled by Miller Chemical and Fertilizer Corp. Baltimore another recent acquisition of Aleo,Pros Can Use Dunlop Tee. Dispenser for Promotion,Dunlop Tire and Rubber Corp 500 5th Ave. International Harvester Catalog, New York markets a dispenser for tees that International Harvester Co has released a.
not only returns a sub new 20 page catalog on its complete line of in. Q stantial profit but enables dustrial tractors together with mowers loaders. the pro to get in a per blades and scrapers backhoes etc Copies of. sonal plug for himself the catalog CR 1001 M1 are available at lo. The T Paks used in the cal offices of IHC equipment dealers The. dispenser demonstrated tractors described range from 7 to 95 maximum. here by Bruce Crampton engine hp and for the 13 4 to 66 hp units there. come in 10 and 25 cent are matching loaders,sizes and each can be im. printed on one side with,a message from the pro Demaret with Ball O matic. The dispenser carries the Jimmy Demaret former golfing great and. name of the pro and the known to TV fans as the voice of the All Star. club on the front panel golf show has become a director and stockhold. decal It takes a mini er of Ball O Matic Denver Colo according. I mum initial order for to G W Jensen pres of the ball dispensing. 25 000 tees to get prepackaging of the tees plus machine firm He also serves as chairman of the. the coin operated T Pak dispenser If desired the company s advisory staff. Complete Goll Course Construction,MOORE KELLY REDDISH Inc. EARTHMOVING,Roads Lakes Playing Fields Irrigation Systems. Box 606 Orange Va Tel 7355,88 Goljdom, MacGregor Balloons DX Tourney of improved de ign in it custom quality irons.
and redesigned persimmon and laminated woods,at Western Open Event in its 1963 models. To promote the 1acGregor DX Tourney ball, at the Western Open this summer 53 men New Protective Package. tied 10 000 balloons, representing souvenir What is said to be a major improvement in. replicas of the ball to club packaging has been developed by the. as many automobiles National PGA Distributor for hipping and dis. The balloons were filled,with helium The 53,men who worked on the. project had to be up,plied with lunches and,drinking water while.
working the parking lots, and the operation turn play of it wood and irons Molded styrene in. ed out to be an exercise erts are used to form a nest for the club The. in logistics similar to styrene is molded to fit heads and grip and i. those staged by the Army according to Bill in erted in a rugged corrugated box Clubs can. Ford MacGregor ad manager The promo be easily removed from or replaced in the box. tion was so uccessful that MacGregor is plan and when shipment are received di plays of. ning to use it at other big future tournaments the PG woods and iron can be quickly set up. Sachs with Pedersen Penn Chern in Merger, Pedersen Sales Co Wilton Conn ha ap Penn Chern Products Box 575 Lan dale Pa. pointed Dick Sachs to represent the company ha merged with Doggett Pfeil Co Springfield. in N J and eastern Pa Pedersen s 1963 woods N J The latter firm manufacture an exten ive. have face inserts of wood and are constructed line of in ecticides fungicides herbicide and. without the use of screws Iron head are water oluble fertilizer and is well known in. made of mild carbon steel with revolutionary the N Y N J area fain office of the merged. alchronizing chrome ca e hardening The com firms will be in Springfield although Penn. pany will continue to feature stainless steel Chem will retain its present office in Lansdale. ELIMINATE FUNGUS,newest broad spectrum turf fungicide I. ELIMINATE SILVER CRAB GRASS,use KRO FOOT KIL,for speedy long lasting control. write for our free brochure and information on our. COMPLETE LINE for IEVERY TURF NEED or PROBLEM,AMERICAN LIQUID FERTILIZER CO INC.
and ROKEBY CHEMICAL COMPANY,p o ox 267 MARIETTA OHlO phone 373 1394. september 1962 89,WITTEK MAGIC FLUFF,for the best of the latest in Floor Covering. Spike Resistant,RANGE PAR 3 NEW,MINIATURE MAGIC FLUFF. EQUIPMENT SUPPLIES FIXTURES Keeps clubs from marring. Wlite fOI complete catalog,Wittek Golf Range Supply Co Inc H M WISE. 5128 W North Av Chicago 39 III 212 Helen Ave Mansfield Ohio. Toro to Introduce 25 lnch winter operation There is optional equipment. a set of tire chains for locations where steep,Snowhound This Fall.
terrain or frequent ice conditions pose special,A 25 inch snow thrower the Power Snow problems. hound which will move more than a ton of,snow 20 feet in a minute will make its market. Ardco Baro Spreader,Has Numerous Uses,Ardco Roto Wed Spreaders Box 113 vVest. Point Pa points out that its Bare Spreader can,be used to distribute fer. tilizer seed and salt in,addition to serving as a,wheelbarrow It has a.
stainless steel flow gate,corrosion resistant cast. aluminum rotor and ad,justment setting attach,ment A handy golf course. utility unit the Baro,Spreader spreads in a five, debut this faU It is manufactured by Toro foot swath The rotor is. Manufacturing Corp Minneapolis The Snow mounted against the wheel. hound has finger tip 270 degree directional as in Arden s larger turf. chute control and exclusive 2 in wide F lexi and farm Ir rtilizc r spread. Scraper which scrapes cle an chives and walks ers,continuously during operation l rick s easily. over rough surfaces and gravel TIl unit is a,single stage feeder throwe r and has a 4 lip.
engine specially designed for winter starting and,Cla oi jfjed Ads Page 99. STOLONS HERE S YOUR BeST BUY IN,CARS FOR RENTAL USE. Congressional C 19 Arlington C 1 250 Re manufactured Cushman 36 Volt. Stolons available for Fall delivery electric golf cars ABSOLUTElY LIKE. We have had many years experience in NEW New batteries cables seats bod. production of fine stolons as contract ies mats etc Mechanically perfect Re. grower for Old Orchard Turf ursery finished original 2 tone DULUX enamel. Madi on Wis We are Licensed grow NEW CAR WARRANTY 450 00 Price in. ers of O b Drdlur cludes reconditioned charger Free C elivery with. in 1500 miles on our transports Write or call,Address Turf Dept collect. Rider s Nurseries and Floral Co H Coster Electric Car Sales Indianapolis Ind. Farmington Iowa P O Box 40083 Phone FL 6 6388,90 Goljdom.

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