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HQ Army Retirement Services 251 18thStreet S Suite 210 Arlington VA 22202 3531 27 March 2020 Department of the Army Retirement Planning Briefing Army Policy AR 600 8 7 Retirement Services Program stipulates that Soldiers attend a Retirement Planning Briefing It is recommended that Soldiers attend such briefing 12 months before Transition Leave and Permissive TDY begins We have found


To provide Soldiers and Family members,information on retirement programs benefits. and entitlements,Retirement is a process NOT an event. Retirement Planning Briefing Topics,RSO Program ID Cards. Retired Pay Taxes Combat Related Special,Compensation CRSC. Cost of Living Adjustments,Concurrent Retirement and.
Transition Leave PTDY Disability Pay CRDP,Uniformed Services Former Retiree Mobilization. Spouses Protection Act Survivor Benefit Plan SBP,USFSPA Separate Brief. SGLI VGLI https soldierforlife army mil re,tirement survivor benefit plan. Shipment of Household Goods MyArmyBenefits,Ethics Visit websites for complete. Post Service Employment information on TRICARE VA,benefits Social Security.
Space A Travel, The topics listed above are covered in this briefing along with others. Here are the links, SBP https soldierforlife army mil retirement survivor benefit plan. MAB https myarmybenefits us army mil,TRICARE https tricare mil. VETERANS BENEFITS https www va gov,SOCIAL SECURITY https www ssa gov. Army Retirement Services,Retirement is a process Your mission has changed.
not an event but your duty has not,Retirement Planning Policy Post Retirement Policy. Active Retired Surviving,Army ARNG USAR Soldiers Spouses. 115 195 38 414 34 838 995 502 249 240, FY19 29 224 Soldiers retired FY18 20 9B in retired and annuitant pay. This slide summarizes Army Retirement Services policy and the population that policy. supports every day, Data is provided by the Defense Manpower Data Center and the Defense Finance and. Accounting Service, The slide aggregates supported populations into two categories that reflect the major.
policy areas within AR 600 8 7 Army Retirement Services. AR 600 8 7 includes Regular Army United States Army Reserve and Army National Guard. retirement services programs in an effort to provide ALL SOLDIERS a common level of. support during and after their final transition from the Army. Our key message for retiring Soldiers is that Retirement is a process not an event For. those who have already retired our key message is to know that they are still on the Army. team their mission has changed but their duty to the country has not. The Army Retirement Services Website,https soldierforlife army mil retirement. Former Spouse,Information,Benefit Plan, The Army Retirement Services website is a great source for information while retirement. planning and beyond,Change of Mission,U S Army s official retirement planning. newsletter for Soldiers in all three components,with 17 years of service. Published via myPay SmartDoc in,Jan Apr Jul and Oct.
Sent to 188K Soldiers quarterly If you didn t,receive it check your email address in myPay. Available at https soldierforlife army mil retirement change of mission. Applying for Active Duty,Length of Service Retirement. Officer Chapter 6 AR 600 8 24,Enlisted Chapter 12 AR 635 200. Maximum 12 months before desired retirement date, Minimum Officers 9 months before start date of transition leave. Enlisted 9 months before retirement date, General Officers Notify GOMO at 703 697 7994 9466 DSN 227.
COL LTC P Notify Colonels Management Office at 703 602 8529 DSN 332. JAG Retirements 703 545 2028,Chaplain Retirements 571 256 8764. Army National Guard State AGR Office T32 Human Capital Management T10. All others Local Military Personnel Office, Find instructions for applying for retirement in Chapter 12 AR 635 200 for enlisted members dated 6 Jun. 05 and Chapter 6 AR 600 8 24 for officers dated 12 April 2006. You can access these ARs via the Army Publishing Agency s website www apd army mil. Soldiers may apply for retirement up to one year 12 months prior to requested retirement date but not. 9 months prior to retirement date for Enlisted Soldiers. 9 months prior to projected start date of transition leave for Officers. Soldiers who wish to retire with less lead time should contact their Military Personnel Office to inquire. about an exception to policy, General officers should apply through the General Officer Management Office GOMO The. Retirement Promotions Technician s number is 703 697 9460. COLs LTC P should apply through the Colonels Management Office this includes Mandatory. Retirements Recalls Acquisition Corps officers will still be handled through HRC The Retirement Promotions. Technician s number is 703 697 4995, All others should apply through their Military Personnel Office. NOTE The Commander HRC Fort Knox is the retirement approval authority for officers except GOs. COLs LTC P who have completed 20 but less than 30 years Federal active service and for enlisted. members in rank SSG P and above not retiring at RCP. Non Regular Retirement,Retirement eligibility, 20 years of creditable service for a length of service retirement.
15 years of creditable service for a medical retirement. If you completed 20 years of service before 25 April 2005 you will have a. reserve component service requirement, Retirement Points Retired Pay verify yours are correct now. Reduced Age Retirement, Eligibility age reduced below age 60 in 90 day increments for qualifying. periods of service within a fiscal year on or after 29 January 2008 After. 1 October 2014 90 day increments CAN cross fiscal year boundaries. May not be reduced below age 50, When to Apply to HRC Request retirement application or download from. https www hrc army mil content Gray 20Area 20Retirements 20 GAR 20Br. anch 12 months prior to eligibility date Submit to HRC NET 9 months and NLT. 90 days prior to the date retired pay is to start, The MyArmyBenefits retirement calculator automatically pulls your points from. Since 25 Apr 05 there is no longer a requirement for serving a mandatory number of years in the RC before being eligible. to retire Prior to that the 6 or 8 year rule may apply See Title 10 USC 12731 for additional info. NOE Notification of Eligibility NOE for non regular retired pay at age 60 commonly referred to as the 15 year letter. medical retirement with 15 or more years of creditable service but less than 20 or 20 year letter. Retirement eligibility age may be reduced based off of qualifying periods of active duty service. On or after 29 Jan 08 each day on that AD tour counts toward a reduction in retirement age for Reserve Component. Service Members AD orders that qualify for the reduction in retirement age fall under section 101 a 13 B and. performed under section 688 12301 a 12302 12304 12305 12406 or chapter 15 insurrection or under section. 12301 d of Title 10 USC, Days are credited in aggregates of 90 days within a Fiscal Year see change below A day of duty shall be included in only.
one aggregate of 90 days, NDAA 2015 allows time to cross into the next fiscal year However this is not retroactive so only applies to deployments. that started after 30 September 2014, AD under section 12301 h 1 to receive medical care for the wound injury or illness each day of AD under that order. for medical care shall be treated as a continuation of the original call or order to active duty for purposes of reducing the. eligibility age of the member, Active Guard Reserve AGR duty under section 12310 of Title 10 USC will not be included as service on active duty for. determining eligibility for reduced age retired pay for non regular service. In order to apply for a reduced age retirement you will need your DD Form 214 s and AD orders for the qualifying service. The NGB Form 23 RPAM Statement and DA Form 5016 Chronological Statement of Retirement Points the. RPAM RPAS systems are the systems of record for recording retirement point credit and years of creditable service for. retired pay for a non regular service for USAR and ARNG Soldiers To earn a good retirement year you must earn a. minimum of 50 retirement points within an anniversary year. If you are missing any of the following documents DA for 5016 20 Year Letter DD Form 2656 5 or DD Form 1883 your. retirement order last promotion order DD Form 214s or AD orders you can go to the following website and sign into. your record using your DS Logon https www hrcapps army mil portal. Reserve Component Resources POCs,DIEMS UPDATE,Army Reserve TPU and AGR Soldiers. Contact your Troop Program Unit and provide supporting documentation. IRR IMA Army Reserve Soldiers,Email usarmy knox hrc mbx tagd ask hrc mail mil.
Phone 888 276 9472,Personnel Actions Branch, Enlisted Personnel Management Directorate AGR Enlisted. usarmy knox hrc mbx rpmd ord enl agr actions mail mil. 502 613 5964,All other Enlisted TPU IRR IMA GREY AREA RETIREE. usarmy knox hrc mbx rpmd ord enl non agr actions mail mil. 502 613 5977,Officer Lifecycle Management Team, usarmy knox hrc mbx rpmd ord ofcr ret pts mail mil. 502 613 6727,Officer Health Services Personnel Support HSD. usarmy knox hrc mbx rpmd ord health svcs ofcr actions mail mil. 502 613 6846, Army National Guard See unit administrator State Joint Forces Headquarters.
personnel or AGR manager,Some Planning Thoughts,Two Years Prior to Retirement. Make fundamental life decisions and consider retirement locations. Confirm when your active duty service obligation ends. Review the Pre separation Counseling Checklist with your SFL TAP Counselor. Identify Army and other service providers who will assist you. 24 12 Months Prior to Retirement, Attend installation RSO Retirement Planning and SBP briefings. Attend a SFL Transition Assistance Program SFL TAP Employment Workshop. Evaluate family requirements education care employment etc. Develop your Individual Transition Plan with action dates. Investigate health and life insurance alternatives. Consider whether you will take transition leave or cash in unused leave. 12 Months Prior to Retirement, Receive post government service employment restriction counseling. Begin researching the job market and developing a resume. The Planning Timeline,From the 2020 U S Army,Retirement Planning Guide. The 2020 US Army Retirement Planning Guide is available at. https soldierforlife army mil Documents 2020 20US 20Army 20Retirement 20Planning 20Guide pdf. Employment Restrictions,Designated Agency Ethics Official DAEO.
Located in Installation JAG Offices, Source of answers on topics related to post employment. restrictions,Federal Employment,Foreign Government Employment. Negotiations with Employers,Switching Sides,Rules for Procurement Officials. Rules Specific to General Officers,Working During Transition Leave. Use of Title Wearing of Uniform after Retirement,https ogc osd mil defense ethics.
Recommend you direct your detailed post retirement ethics questions to a Designated Agency Ethics. Official DAEO located at installation legal assistance offices Use any branch of service. Post retirement employment restrictions are covered in DOD 5500 7 R Joint Ethics Regulation found at. https ogc osd mil defense ethics, https www esd whs mil Portals 54 Documents DD issuances dodm 550007r pdf. Federal employment There is a 180 day wait after retirement for DoD employment. Foreign Government Work In any capacity this requires permission from the SecArmy and the. Secretary of State Failure to get permission before starting employment could result in forfeiture of. retired pay, Conflict of Interest To determine the right course of action ask yourself if your discussion could. embarrass DA if made public If you think it might stop your discussion immediately and seek guidance. from a DAEO And when terminating a discussion don t leave the door open. Switching Sides FOREVER you can t try to influence a federal employee on any particular matter. involving non federal parties in which you participated personally and substantially as a federal official. FOR TWO YEARS you can t try to influence a federal employee on a matter involving non federal. parties that was under your supervision during your last year of active duty. Miscellaneous You may accept reimbursement for travel meals and the like from a prospective. employer IF the employer provides that reimbursement as a matter of course to all others in the same. situation You may also work for the federal government while on transition leave but not while in. Permissive TDY status,Procurement Get details from your DAEO. General Officer Specific GOs have specific additional restrictions plus must file a statement of public. financial disclosure SF 278 within 30 days after retirement. This list is NOT an all inclusive set of rules Again visit your DAEO or the Web site above. 180 Day Restriction, How does the 180 Day Restriction on Hiring Retired. Military Impact Me, The Department of Defense DoD has restrictions on hiring military.
members for DoD Federal civilian positions within 180 days of retirement. This includes and impacts military members on transition leave. Military retirees may not be appointed within 180 days after the effective. date of military retirement as an appropriated fund GS or non. appropriated fund NAF civilian employee unless the position is covered. by a special salary, The 180 day restriction is in place unless the hiring official requests and. receives an approved waiver, The 180 day restriction is in law under Title 5 United States Code Section 3326 as follows. 3326 Appointments of retired members of the armed forces to positions in the Department of. a For the purpose of this section member and Secretary concerned have the meanings given. them by section 101 of title 37, b A retired member of the armed forces may be appointed to a position in the civil service in or. under the Department of Defense including a nonappropriated fund instrumentality under the. jurisdiction of the armed forces during the period of 180 days immediately after his retirement. 1 the proposed appointment is authorized by the Secretary concerned or his designee for the. purpose and if the position is in the competitive service after approval by the Office of Personnel. Management or, 2 the minimum rate of basic pay for the position has been increased under section 5305 of this. c A request by appropriate authority for the authorization or the authorization and approval as. the case may be required by subsection b 1 of this section shall be accompanied by a statement. which shows the actions taken to assure that, 1 full consideration in accordance with placement and promotion procedures of the department.
concerned was given to eligible career employees, 2 when selection is by other than certification from an established civil service register the. vacancy has been publicized to give interested candidates an opportunity to apply. 3 qualification requirements for the position have not been written in a manner designed to give. advantage to the retired member and, 4 the position has not been held open pending the retirement of the retired member. Soldier for Life Transition,Assistance Program SFL TAP. You may initiate the SFL TAP process 24 months before retirement. You MUST complete the mandatory Pre Separation Counseling at. least 12 months prior to your effective retirement date. Benefit for Retired Soldiers Eligible for SFL TAP services on a. space available basis FOREVER,Consists of,Pre separation counseling. Job assistance workshops,Individual counseling,Job search resources.
SFL TAP Home Page,https www sfl tap army mil, There are 54 ACAP Centers located at major installations worldwide They provide extensive transition support services. to retiring and separating Soldiers and their family members ACAP services can be maximized if begun two years prior. to retirement Services typically provided by ACAP Centers include. Pre Separation Counseling including completion of the DD Form 2648 Pre Separation Counseling Checklist. Soldiers are informed about transition benefits and services that are available to them Additionally they receive. assistance in identifying their needs and developing an Individual Transition Plan ITP By law Soldiers must. receive required pre separation counseling a minimum of 90 days before retirement or separation. Job Assistance Workshops provide clients with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to plan and execute a. successful job search This includes selection of a job search objective networking resume and cover letter. writing identification of job opportunities interviewing and salary benefit negotiations. Individual Counseling is provided using the information discussed in the workshops Counselors help clients. identify an objective write resumes and cover letters complete job applications find job opportunities prepare. for interviews and job fairs and negotiate salary and benefits. Job Search Resources available for client use include automated job listings such as the ACAP Job Hot Leads. America s Job Bank and the Transition Bulletin Board which contains job listings and news regarding events. such as job fairs automated resume writer Application for Federal Employment software and job assistance. Services After Retirement are available to Army Retired Soldiers for life on a space available basis ID card. carrying family members are also eligible, For more information go to https www sfl tap army mil. Other Retirement Considerations,Retirement date, Always the 1st day of the month if for length of service. any date for disability retirement,Active Duty Service Obligation. due to promotion PCS completion of military or civilian schooling etc. In lieu of PCS, apply within 30 calendar days of alert for a retirement date no more.
than 6 months from the date of the PCS alert or the first day of the. month after the officer attains 20 years AFS whichever is later. Transferring of GI Bill, Service obligation incurred by transferring Post 9 11 GI Bill benefits to. a dependent is not an ADSO therefore it may not be waived. Reassigned on a PCS, must wait 1 year to retire Officer AR 350 100 Enlisted AR 635 200. A length of service retirement date is always the first day of the month A disability retirement can occur on. any day of the month, The Active Duty Service Obligation ADSO for a commissioned officer other than Warrant officers and Majors. is 36 months Majors have a 6 month ADSO upon promotion The Active Duty Service Obligation ADSO for. Warrant officers promoted to CW3 CW4 or CW5 is 2 years see AR 350 100 Enlisted Soldiers in the grades of. E 7 through E 9 incur an ADSO of 36 months see AR 600 8 19 For the procedures to request a waiver see AR. 635 200 for enlisted members or AR 600 8 24 for officers. If you are notified of a permanent change of station PCS and have at least 19 years 6 months active federal. service you may retire in lieu of accepting the PCS but you must request a retirement date not later than 6. months from the date you were notified of the PCS The retirement request must be submitted within 30. calendar days of the alert Soldiers who wish to apply for an exception to this policy should contact their. Military Personnel Office, If a Soldier is reassigned on a PCS from an overseas location to CONUS or from a CONUS location to another. CONUS location he she would incur a 1 year ADSO before requesting retirement. A question that is asked frequently is Will I get the benefit of using the AD pay raise on 1 January if my. retirement date is THAT DAY The answer which only impacts those retiring under the Final Pay Plan is. Commissioned officers under the FINAL pay plan You must have completed at least 20 years and 1 day of. service by the day before the effective date of the pay raise e g by 31 Dec. Enlisted Members Under the Final Pay Plan are eligible to use the new pay scale There was never a. requirement for you to have been retirement eligible at least 30 days before the date of the AD pay raise to use. that pay scale, Warrant Officers have never been able to use the new AD pay scale if you retire on that date Must wait until.
the first of the following month to retire in order to get the benefit of using the new AD pay scale.

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