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Dance The Most Total Act on Earth Why do your meditations always seem to include dancing Osho The Discipline of Transcendence Vol 2 Talk 8


dance totally then in that dance your being comes out of the body The body will go. on moving in rhythm but you will experience that you are out of the body And then. your real dance begins below the body will go on dancing above you will dance. The body on the earth you in the sky The body in the earthly you in the celestial. The body will dance the dance of matter you will dance the dance of. consciousness,Osho Enlightenment The Only Revolution Talk 8. My insistence is always on a dancing meditation It is not only an outward dance. The outward is nothing but a training for the inner You dance outwardly you go on. dancing outwardly By and by an inner dance arises and then you can dance inwardly. and move towards the innermost center the very core of being. Osho Absolute Tao Talk 7, Only in dance do you start falling with the heartbeat of the whole Only in dance. does the moment of grace arrive when you are not and the whole is Only in dance. does the separation between the mind and the body disappear And you are one. whole one piece all together no more fragmentary,Osho The Perfect Master Vol 2 Talk 5. There is nothing better than dance for dropping the ego hence I insist that all. meditators should dance Because if you go really in a whirlwind if you are really a. whirling pool of energy if you really are in the dance the dancer is lost. Osho The Discipline of Transcendence Vol 2 Talk 8,I have heard you say that life is a dance. In many meanings life is a dance First life is not constituted of matter but of. energy And energy is never static it is always dancing Now the physicists also say. that there is no rest in the world nothing like rest exists Everything is moving. dancing A tremendous dance is on The electrons are dancing the neutrons are. dancing and from those invisible electrons up to the greatest star there is. continuous dance Only man has forgotten how to dance Trees are dancing in the. breeze the birds and the animals are dancing Only man has forgotten how to. dance and by forgetting the language of dance man has forgotten the language of. religiousness Dance is the basic language of religiousness. Osho The Buddha Disease Talk 16, I often feel uncomfortable and self conscious about dancing.
Sometimes it happens that the meditation you feel most uncomfortable with. maybe is the one that is going to help The discomfort may be because it fights. against certain of your habits and deep rooted things This is my observation that. the meditation you like is not always the best and the one you dislike most is not. necessarily the worst because you like something that fits with your mind. Osho Hammer on the Rock Talk 8, We are afraid of the body so we don t allow it to be really alive We have made it. half dead If it is half dead it is controllable If it is totally alive it is not controllable. We are afraid of it The mind is always afraid And afraid of only one thing what will. happen if the mind is not in control The mind can control only a dead body or a. half dead body If the body is fully alive the mind becomes afraid The energy is so. much that the mind is thrown off,Osho The New Alchemy To Turn You On Talk 18. So is dancing a better place to start to experience meditation than just sitting. The foundation of meditation involves only your periphery and the periphery of. your personality is the body Hence the periphery of meditation involves only the. body So the first step towards meditation begins with your body. Osho The Path of Meditation Talk 2, Sitting in a buddha posture is the last thing to do really it should never be done in. the beginning Only after you have begun to feel identified totally with movement. can you begin to feel totally identified with non movement. So I never tell people to begin with just sitting Begin from where beginning is easy. otherwise you will begin to feel many things unnecessarily things that are not. If you begin with sitting you will feel much disturbance inside The more you try to. just sit the more disturbance will be felt you will become aware only of your insane. mind and nothing else It will create depression you will feel frustrated You will not. feel blissful rather you will begin to feel that you are insane And sometimes you. may really go insane, If you make a sincere effort to just sit you may really go insane. Osho Meditation The Art of Ecstasy Talk 5, When your body has become active dynamic a movement suddenly you become.
aware of a point which is still absolutely still the unmoving center of the whole. moving world That is effortless No effort is made for it No effort is needed it is. simply revealed Effort on the part of the periphery no effort on the part of the. center Movement on the periphery stillness at the center Activity on the. periphery absolute inactivity at the center,Osho My Way The Way of the White Clouds Talk 4. If you give your body joy then the shadow of your bliss will fall onto the heart that. lies behind the body Gradually it will also become blissful it will also begin to sway. When the heart sways its shadow will fall onto your soul that is hidden behind the. heart and then the soul too will sway the soul too will dance. Osho The Last Morning Star Talk 8, P S And if you really dance totally on a regular basis you might be also interested to. know that it may slow brain aging by ten years,2016 OSHO International. Copyright Trademark Information,OSHO International Meditation Resort Impressions. My name is Prem Jharna and although,originally from Colombia I live in Toronto.
I am participating in the Work as Meditation,Living In Program at the OSHO International. Meditation Resort working as a Spanish,translator To support this meditative life. style the meditation team designed a 3 day,OSHO Meditation Intensive to which. workers were also invited outside their,working hours We also received techniques. every day to remind us to be more aware, more present and more alert especially while working.
Meditation is the essence of this place In the OSHO Auditorium the day starts at 6. am with OSHO Dynamic Meditation and ends with a beautiful night meditation at. 9 30 pm usually in Chuang Tzu amounting to ten meditations a day People can. participate in as many meditations as they want to. Something was opening flowering inside expanding I felt more energetic The body. was not as heavy as it had been before it became light It was a unique experience. which proved that it is never too late to start anything to jump into the unknown to. take the risk Now after this powerful experience I feel more alert more aware in. whatever I do I would recommend everybody to participate in this program because. it helps drop the old luggage and grow vertically which means growing up instead of. growing old,2016 OSHO International,Copyright Trademark Information. News Updates,Meet the City Mindful Living,2016 OSHO International. Copyright Trademark Information,News Updates, The Speaking Tree Let s Be the First to Renounce Nationalism. 2016 OSHO International,Copyright Trademark Information. News Updates,The Speaking Tree When All Longing Disappears.
2016 OSHO International,Copyright Trademark Information.

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